Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 4, 1974 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 4, 1974
Page 10
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Page fen SIDE OUNCES (ARK.) STAR By GILL FOX 1174 by NCA; IM, T.U. (Kg. U.S. PH. Of). "Your mail slowdown has gone on for years now. Aren't they EVER going to meet your demands?" OUT OUR WAY ByNEGCOCHRAN SO WHAT'S WROMG Tl WAS JUST WOMDER- j PEOPLE ARE 1 WITH A LITTLE /NO' WHY, WITH SUCH A / TALKIM'TO ' iSREEM VIMETR4IL- \ PEACEFUL EXISTEMCE ) PLANTS THESe IW 1 IM THROUC-JHTH' I OUTSIDE, IT CHOSE ^ nAVS--AM' 1 WIWPOW?.' I HAP" y TO COME IM TOTH 1 TTHIMK HE COMWEP CLAMS AM'CLATTER I THAT OMEIMTO COM- OF TH 1 SHOP.' ylM' IM OM ACCOUMT OFMISERVLOye^ COMPAWV.' HEgQES ARE MADE-MOT BORKJ lO"f OUR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOOPLE WE TOC, UNTIL WE MET Pf7. POWERS! BUT HE'S SMARTER THAN TME FIRST 6UY T<7 CUT THE BOTTOM OFF A BASKETBALL ANP THAT APMINIS- TRA.TI0N BUILPIN6 AT LEAKNM0RE INSTITUTE ISN'T EXACTLY A LEAN-TO! MAYBE I'VE BEEN WATCHING TOO MANY SUPER- S3- TV! JUST 5AME, I WANT TO 5LIPE A MA6NIFYIN6 6LA55 ACROSS THE PICTURE. — CHECKS EVEKYTHIM& ID 1974 by NEA. IIK . T.U. UK U.S. PH. OH EtK&MEEK Horses Answer to Previous Puzile ACROSS 1 Female horse 5 Saddle cushions 9 Horse command 12 Norse god 13 Respond correctly 14 Short sleep 15 Racehorse without a mount 17 Exist 18 Summer (Fr.) 19 Ever (poet.) 20 Name 22 Help 23 Soak flax 24 Was killed 27 Estates 31 High in stature 32 Afternoon parties 33 Antique car 34 Adjective suffix 35 Cultivated 36 Baby horse 37 Spotted horse 39 Mottled horse 40 Ordinance (ab.) 41 Bridle part 42 Drawing room 45 Anger 46 Hearing organ 49 Hasten 50 Fortitude 53 Harem room 54 Was observed 55 Sky dial.) 56 Evening (poet.) 57 Statute (ab.) 58 Plant ovule DOWN 1 Plentiful 2 Entrance CARNIVAL 3 Go by horseback 4 Mariner's direction 5 Propelled a boat 6 German conjunction 7 — Moines, Iowa 8 Organic wholes 9 Bothersome 26 Highly (Latin) insect 27 Act 10 Nobleman 28 Used in 11 Fencing sword branding 16 Bridle strap 29 Trim FUSH GORDON Friday. October 4, 1974 By DAN BARRY AN cure PRAETORIAN 6UARP IS USED TO TtMIP «* OBEDIENCE... 21 Greenland Eskimo 22 Be ill 23 Highway 24 Pace 25 Wool (comb, form) 30 Song for one person 32 Related 35 Horse's . equipment 36 Appropriate 38 Scary word 39 Breakwater 41 Heavy impact 42 Hoof protection 43 Assistant 44 Not fat 45 Thought 46 Grafted (her.) 47 Land measure 48 Peruse 51 Mesh 52 Roman bronze ,„ AMP /95 POUM5S OF HUMAN DYNAMITE , fXPLODES MHIS FACE! BUT HE TRIES PUSHING FLASH GORDON AROUNP.,. LITTIE MM. you 1 RE our OF /OUR tEASUE/ THE BORN LOSER ByARTSANSOM MOUNB 6OT A ERD SEWS OF HUMOR, StX> 10-4. By DICK TURNER ALLEY OOP By DAVE GRADE THEY ALWAYS ,,,TO WARN THE KINS'STHE CITIZENS UH, LOOK,,, DO NO, I /'NEITHER YvOUTWO \\OUMINDIPWE DIDN'T f DID I] ) MUST BE GO BACK AND COLLECTORS . fWMENTS READY.' f, OF COURSE. KNOW THAT/ START THIS CONVERSATION OVER ASAIN? CAPTAIN EASY By CROOKS & LAWRENCE "OK, OK! My allowance is adequate, Pop, but how about a retirement program?" OMK305H. EA^y 1 ...5O WHV T)PPV TIPTC7N IVA5 H/^RP/M' OW THO^E MAME5-- FROM t-ORD THE BARON'5 ^ANO HIS MOTHERi FIR&T NAME l& \ THE- TITLED DUTCH PR4KE-. WHICH ^SM l( !l^-aBT-,ff- They're changing our payroll system: No more checks. Out come the deductions and we get the small change in silver. Speaking of small talk, let's discuss wages. BLONDIE By CHIC YOUNG Sweep problems under the rug and you're going to have a mighty bumpy rug. It's so spooky around this shop that it always feels like Halloween. I III). LATELY HE'S SEEN / PUTTING MUSTARD *V ON HIS I' CANTALOUPE ^ SOMETIMES DAGWOOD DOES THE STRANGEST THINGS THAT'S NOTHING HERB PUTS KETCHUP ON PEACHES OURSELVES WINNERS OIDN'T VV/E-? By HOWIE SCHNEIDER WINTHROP I AlMOSTPIUBfT THEV JUST AT THE CAST MOME/JT IT TO RMISH ME 50 I FOUGHT BACK 7/o-f ByDICKCAVALLI WE BUILT A GREAT! B^CEfS/T/MMlE:,, AND WE WONT LETT ONE LITTLE V SETTBAOC STOP US. FRANK AND ERNEST BUT WHEN WE DE©I<3N THE NEW MODEL.... By BOB THAVES CAMPUS CLATTER .WE'D sei IIE=RTHINK ABOUT RUTTINS IN I'M *URE YOUR AtALBA HA5 A UOT TO LEARN^ FIISV, ffUf THIS THAT KIND OF BUGS BUNNY By HEIMDAHL & STOFFEL DID VOU NOKCE MV STATEMBNT THAT »I ABSOLUTELY NO HELP THIS THAT IS MOST /W£. SHARKEY. BUT HAROLY NECESSARY... By LARRY LEWIS HERE'S AN ATTRACTIVE ) Tl«= / j _ -^ I WEAK'EM IN GOOD K — HEALTH / ITLL GO NICELY SEE YA TOMORROW, FORKV/ WITH THE SHIRT I SELECTED/ WHATEVER SHE PIOX-S OUT GOING TO EXCHANGE' PRISCILU^ POP ... SINCE YOU NE0LECTED TO ANSWER EVEN ONE QUEST/ONI J By AL VERMEER •SO MV PRINJCESS") TOOTH •/ TONIGHT WE'LL PUT IT YOUR PILLOW AND THE TOOTH FAIRY WILL BRING YOU A DIME!! —^ / A DIME WWERE'S ALL THIS INFLATION I NEAR

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