Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 7, 1911 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1911
Page 7
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WHAT SHALL I GITE. A present that gives pleasure not merely for a few days, but for long iT-^ntlis and years, la the Ideal Chrlst- u~.<( Gift That Is why Jewelry made by master workmen and soldr at mod- ierate prices Is fast growing in. favor. Oeaigns fuU-of beauty of art are found In profusion and our prices will astonish you. They are more than modern ate. they are extremely low. Let us help you in making your selections. Choosing will no longer be a task, but a- pleasure. LL. eBA£?r, LA HABFE DRUGGIST. ' Mra. Jesse Stansbury of north of town, very pleasantly entertained the N. S. club ycusterday afternoon. After the' regular work, dainty refreah- menU were served and a pleasant time reported. Following are the members of this thriving club: Mrs. J. P. Kohler Mrs. L. P. Malcom, Mrs. .1. A. McDonald. Mrs. J. R. Smith, Mrs. 0. D. Hartley. Mrs. J, Stansbury. Mrs C. H. Hackney, Mrs. G. A. Cowden. Mrs. F. S. Halm Mrs. F. E. Remington, Mrs. Thomas Leighty, Mrs. A. E. nines Mrs. A. N. Hnnsom. Mrs. C. H. Olson, Mrs. J. A. AVasson and Mrs. Phillip Coblentz. Tom Pratber of this place, and MISF Minnie Brown of COncreto, were mar rledXl^st evening at 6 o'clock at tho home 6f the brine's aunt, Mr.t. Clinton In Coi crcto. They will leave today for Mr. Prathrr'x fnrni near Bronson where 'th^ will make their home. Ad Brennan, who has been in Kansas City since Sunday, left that place today for Bartlesville to visit old friends. Mrs. Fred Rains, of Mets' Mo., is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. McDonald. From here she will jolr her husband at their new home it. Pittsburg, Kansas. C. «. Steele, of Uniontown, is visiting his daughter Mrs. C. J. Halm, this week. Mrs. George Donald suffered a pain ful accident the other day, when she ran a needle in the palm of her hand and at the same time breaking the needle, leaving a large piece of steel in her hand. She was compelled to have a physician cut it out The M. W. A. lodge met last evening in regular session. After the work further arrangements for the big rabbit hunt were made. G. F. Robins was in Lone Elm yesterday. —Uur store is one big house full of suitable presents, playthings, toys, dolls, games and good things that interest old folk as well as the little ones. Call in and look them over.— Waters & Danforth, Drugs and Jewelry. Mrs. D .H. Morrison was called to Xe^•ada Mo., yesterday on account of j the serious illness of her sister, Mrs. Roberts. till 3 p. m. on the 8th. CAS CITY h 4" 'i- 4- 'i- 1* 4 4 4 ^ 4* h I h h h u h 4- 4- FREE! FREE! TONE'S "RUSSETT COFFEE" Demonstration Saturday, Dec. 9th at Carl & Hunter's WE NEED THE BUSINESS And will make it InteresWg and to your advan^^ to give It to us. Try m aflii' sfl* •, . W«" "write Insurance, write Surety Bon^/'write Bm^glar Insurance, ';ataw" lieg^ Papers, take 'Ackn'oiirledsrementa, inake Loans .on.; Ay;^ Lands — and make themr iTf ulow Bj^ata as tiiose feUb^al advertise to make loans at 6%; so don't ior- get to comelaad Jet iis prove it to you. -Andiperbaps we may have some tracing propositions, that will interest you. Come in and look' ttjem over, and let's get busy on ^ometbbig. ALI^NCO REALH CO. B. l.'Tfcompisoii, Mgr. OFFICES EVANS BLDG. lOLA WANTED—XISCELLANEOCS. WANTED—WOMAN FOR KITCII- cn work; 202 East street. 4*! WA.NTED—GUNNY SACKS AT ^' the 10c Feed Yard. 4' WA.NTED—POSITION AS NURSE. ' Address Mrs. Lee, Gas City. Kans. R. No. I. FREE! FREE! >).; W.WTED—MEN TO LE.ARN THE barber trade. Here is an offer that Includes tools with tuition. A method that saves years of apprenticeship. Posltons waiting in city or country shops. Write Moler Barber College, Kansas City JIo. 4* FOR SALE-^MISCELIAKEOUS. FOR SALE—WOOD In town $2.2ri a cprd. R. D. Horvllle. DELIVERED Phone 474-T. FOR SALE—SHOCK CORN SOUTH Martin street. La Grange. O. B. Chand ler, Gas City. FOR SALE—PAWNED SUIT cases; hand bags; Jiist like new. Bigus Pawn Shop East S|de Square, in fruit store. First door south of Kress store. .1- .i. .i. .-1. .1. 4. 4. 4. 4 Choir practice at the M. E. church Friday evening. Mrs. Minine Brown of this place and Mr. Tom Pratber of I^aHarpe were married last evening at C o'clock at the home of the bride's aunt Mrs. Clinton of Concreto. They will leave soon for near Bronson to make their home on a farm. Jliss Bessie Webb of Ft. Scott is the guest of Miss Genevieve Taylor this week. Prayer service will be held this evening at the Methodist church. Every one is invited. Dr. G. W. Moore is reporfrt quit* ill. Mrs. J. A. •V\TiIte is reported dan- Tomorrow when the windows at the • „o^^,T.>i^'m' postoffice open, the office will have , ^ 4 " „LKi; r,», - ^ T „ added another name to Itself that is • """^^"^ ^^""^ "'^ A Postal Savings Depository. La Harpe people should feel fortunate in securing such a favor and depositors should take advantage of it. By asking Postmaster Roberts, you may secure a pamphlet containing all necessary information for deposits. C. L. Er >in5 is In Parsons this week on business. —For a Christmas present make ; selection from our complete line of dishes.—Kohler Hardware. Lee Massengale, of lola, was Ir town calling on old friends yeKterday Mr. Massencate fnoen to St. Louis soon to begin bis new duties. J. P. Cbenault. after visiting th< Gracn and Kvnns families has returned to Fort Scott. James Brlster has purchased the "remains" of the west smelter. G. G. Dirk, of south of town, Is en- Joying a visit from his brothef of Dick inson county, Kansas. —I have a cash buyer for a good or house. Inquire J. A. Brown. Henry Taggart and Claud Sprague. the trappers .pitched game yesterday about ten miles south of Humboldt They write they ire enjoying a splendid outing. E. Eble went to Nevada yesterday for a week's \-islt w'tji friends. The Ladies' Aid of the M. E. church met this afternoon at the church and quilted. The La Harpe girls basket ball team easily defeated the lola girls last evening cn the court in the Wert building!. The lola team made a basket one-half minute after play began and that was all they got. La Harpe 16 and lola 2., When it comes to athletic work in La Hari>e regardless of the sex. a vlctorj- is booked most every time. —^No man eve'r successfully courted two girls at the same time and no jeweler can successful! gain the people's support-until he has proved con- clusivtiy that he is sincere in executing bis policy of selling the right kind of goods at the right kind of prices That Is exactly the secret of ortr suc- bess.- Hanna & Harvey, Hurry Up Jewelers for hurry up people. No. S North Jeftersoi;! street. —^This Is the last wee* for free trial package of Conkey's Laying Tonic and Big Popltry Book. Call at Morris & Howard. m 9«<ral Typewriter 4ce»cy Controls Exclnxlve Sale of the BOYAL STANDABD TYFEWBITEH S. H. ttCSSIHG, IGEKT. f ^'ort^rjup' BttUdinf .lol^'Kans. » Harpe basket ball girls defeat the Tola girls last evening IC to 2. Mrs. Cora Dial, who was called here some time ago on account of the illness of her mother. Mrs. E. McBride, -eturned today to her home in Man?um, Okla. At th«? mf^eflnp of the Ladies Ale' lociety of the M. E. church ypsterday Mrs. Claudp Brlner was eli-ctcd prns- 'dont to sucrced Mrs. Julia Corns vho roalpuod recently. —When buying meats you want thr best; you get the bt-st at Carl & Hunl- ;r'8. Mr. Potts of Iloso Hill n-cdvisl ,lh< lad nfvs this morning of ihf dt-iitb if his slHl '-r n<'ar riu-rryvalf. Hr vlll Ic'jivc this evening to attend the ruuerul wlilch will bfe held th«-ro tomorrow. Tho W. C. T. T'. will mwt tomorrow •ftemoon with Mrs. J. M. Rowden ai 122 North Taylor street. All members are urged to attend. Mrs. R. N. Faddls received word yesterday of the illness of her sister. Mrs. Roberts of Nevada. Mrs. Fad­ dls Is not able to go but her sister Mrs. Morrison of LaHarpe will go today. Mrs. Harry Cox of Warrensburg nnd John Narron of south of Wichita are visiting at the H. C. ElJIott home Th.ey are a brother and sister of Mrs Elliott A number from here attended thr sale given by J. W. Amett south of town .vesterday. Owing to ill health Mr. Arnett is compelled to leave thc fann. Mrs. Jennie/Griffith and son Ezekiel left this a^emoon for Burlington to visit until after Christmas with relatives. Otis Pitts, who has been visiting in Bronson returned home today. Mrs. Pitts will visit there the remainder of the week. To My Patrons: In order to have more room my ofHce will hereafter be In the front rooms (up-stairs) of the new lola State Bank Building. Entrance on the east side. Respectfully, Frederick L. B. Leavell, M. D. —We wish to call your attention to the fact that most infectious diseases such as whooping cough, diphtheria and.scarlet fever are contracted when' the child has a cold. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy will QuIdUy cure a cold and greatly lessen the danger of contractingthese diseases. This remedy is famous for Its.cures of colds. It contains no opium or other narcotic and may be jjlven to s child witb implicit confidence. Sold by »li deal-i ere, T« My f^tnnt, - Wi'I soon leave lola pe and kindly adc all who am to me or-to the fliin fit CottmaH Walker to plMM call and settle it' OB. & A. COmUN. ; WA.NTED—GRI.MES BALED HAY. Claiborne's .Mill. Phone 195. WANTED —PLATFORM SCALES for use in store. Must be in good condition. Parkhurst Grocery, La Hal-pe Kans. RAW FURS WANTED —TR.VPpers: Do you know I buy all kinds of raw furs and pay highest market price.'; and give a square deal in grading. Call on, phone or write for free price list to Wm. Works. Humboldt, Kans. FOR SALE—200 COOD SHOCICS OF fodder. Inquire at the Star Bam, 201 West street Phone 1051. ' "TlNSURBlSrTHEr^^ Largest company .in the world. Stewart {& Funk. Agents. TOR ANY CATERING WORK. CALL Mis's Miller 203 S. Chestnut Phone "1 UPHOLSTERING, FURNITUHB RE pairing, old mirrors resilvered houao- hold goods packed for shipment, general repairing and work of all kinds. Paper Hanging, etc. Phone 1175. A, E. Johnston, 211 S. Jeffersdn Ave. FOR SALE OR TRADE—FOUR room house and lot'; also fresh Jersey cow. Address Box 169, La Harpe, Kas. FOR SALE—ALMOST NEW BUGGY for less than half price. See Harry Davis, at the furniture store. FOR SALE—GLASS SHOW CASES counters, good safe. Cheap. Kelley Hotel Bldg. FOR SALE—PEKIN DRAKES AND Buff Rock chickens. Phone 489. WANTED—FOOD, FUEL, CLOTH- ing, toys, bedding, furniture for Xmas Dinner Effort and mid-winter relief work. The Salvation Arm}-, 214 W. Madison. Phone 943. WANTED—POSITION 0>( F.MtM by 3-oung man 19 years old. Phone 1409. POSITION WANTED BY YOUNG lady stenographer. Experienced In. office work. Phone Main 256. FOE SALE—MISCELLAJfEOUS. FOR SALE—320 ACRES 5 MILES from Moran. It's the cheapest farm In .Mien county. If you are Interested and really want a bargain, come in anj see us. lola Land Company. FOR BENT—MISCELJ.AinSQUS. FOR RENT—BY J. A. ADAMS , 7 room, modern house. 215 N. Buckeye. Phone 569. ' FOB BENT. Eight room, motlem house, with barn; close In. Call 899. C. L. WHITAKER. -y FOR RENT—FIVE ROOM HOUSBt two acres of good land, by the year. A. H. Brown, 515 S. Cottonwood. FOR RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE, 505 .\. Chestnut. Phone 171. FOR SALE—A .4 HOLE "BUCK" foiik Rt »;v! ; burns .coal, wood or gas; 4'i <<l a- new. Will sell for half price. TOO K. .lackson. or;phone 477. Natlce of Annnal Meeting. There will be a nannnal meeting of. the members of the Allen County Agricultural Society in the Secretary's: office on Tuesday, December 12, 1911; at 2 o'clock p. m...fQr the.purpose of, electing the directors for the year 1912. J. A. WHEELER Pres. FRANK E. SMITH. Sec. Almost'1000 the recent popular novels-rQId Standard Books, Poetry and Juvenile Books at a uniform price of som There is no increased cost of living in the book line. PBITATE HOITET TO LOAN. We' have soine'.Pi^vate Money to •loaid on Farms. Low Rate. We also 'have Eastern Money at the lowest rate and best terms. Let us tell you about our terms and rate. Priviledge to pay at any time. For Sale—Improved 40 acres near car line, between lola and Gas. THE PETERSON LAND CO. Phone 97. Old Court House Bldg. FETEBSON LAND COMFANT. lolo, Kaosaa.. No. 201— Dally* Pasaebger.....;..l:tlSp."mJ' Xo. 203— Dally -B^ssengcr.:.'.. :i^Hiii-vu' No. 207— Dally (except Sunday) tfaaiien- I ger i... 8:60in.;: No. 215—DaUy (except Sunday) " W»y ir- Frelgbt. Arrive 12:01, p. ant;,: r>o- • i»rt;.; .-l-,05,pria. , North Bound. Jj:No. 202 -TDany Passenser. .»:2J p. m. No. 204—rDally B&asenger ;.. .2:2041. bu No. 205— Dally teKepTfiunday) B^^-^ Freight Arrive 11:15 a. m. •De- Part ...j..r :........^12.:<n. p. m. SISSDUBI PACIFIC EAILTfAT FOB S'VLE OB EXCHANGE. Eighty acres hardwood > timber, .for lola property, or acre tracts; $1200. ICO acres; 40 In cultivation, balance timber; fine water, bearing orchard cheap house and barn; for lola prop erty or stock of goods; $2,000. .Several' nice lola residences for land. 80 acres well improved in Elk Co. Kansas, for lola property; $4,800. 160 acres well improved in Elk Co., .Kansas, worth $50 per acre; trade for business property in lola. Five room house on paved street for rent. $5.00. Modem 8 room house close in, for sale or rent • \tTllTAKER & DON'N'ELL. lola, Kansas. -VmiTAKER ft DONNELL. TO TRADE—5-YEAR-OLD MARE, broke single'and double for first class milch cow. Inquire 915 E. Madison SHRTM PILE DT THE JAIL Commissioners .Decide to Give Exercise for Prisoners. Tbe JBppksellers. WEST OF THE KIVER. Dec. C.—Wo art! anxiously waiting for the threshing machine to thresh our kafflr corn. Mrs. Kinney of lola visited .Mrs Green tbe llrst of the wei-k and to- getlier tli^y called on .Mrs. Kldritlgc .Monday afternoon. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. James Uluk- ley Dec. 4th, a girl. All parties doing well. We hear J. C. RIggs has bckight property In Seldon, Texas. He got a house, barn, chicken house and .'I 'j^ acres of ground. A lady friend of Mr. Hicks from Hiawatha, Kansas, Is visiting them at present Walter and Bertha Crook have moved on the Puckett farm. Fred Beaty Is looking for a farm to rent O.'^R. Peck has sold his hay loose, and is hauling it to lola. . Jence Jenson made his relative.4 In Butler County a short visit, going out Friday and returning Sunday. Elder C. R. Blxler preached at J. .M. Preston's Saturday night and Mr. .White, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson. Lizzie .Weaver. Ellen Preston. Mabel Bliss and Jesse Rlggs remained all night. a mm * m ^« • • ^ a F,arUub.I, , Giowiudiacbea, WlOlfWillgBp. MiTt and Arzle llaye.s nre buying •liilte a lot of <'orn. Tlioy arc fei'il- Ing some cattle for market. Kdiiu Reaty and son called on Sarah Preston Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Jenson had, a very hard spell of sick headache Saturday night and was not able to attend church Sunday. STONY POINT. D?c. 6.— Wm. .McFarland and Harry Booth are bunding gas now from the Broughton well. Six families are using gas from (hl^ well and as soon as Mrs. Cook gets her property plumbed two more famlUds will be added. J. B. Harclerodc* has his cistern completed. 1 Albert Burrls has completed a foundation for an addition to his barn. Mrs. Charlie Heckenliable Is some bettor at present, '" Mrs. Grace Brandenburg ie on the sick list . J. B. Harclerod© vislte^^ with his brother Joe on Big Creek Sunday. S. D Brandenburg was out of the use of his phone a few days while it was being repaired. . <—. The Chanute Ti^lbune thinks that Bank Conunissione;|r Dolley has a fine chance to test hli bine sky law by applying it to the'stock of the pro-' posed new morning daily of Topeka which will advQQBte. resubmission. *If ever investor i needed protection." says the Tribune, ''it will be the gentlemen who will 1^ asked to put np the money for t|u(t pablication." Fiutm and KANSAS AND OKEAHOIU Low Rate; Annnal or .SenKAmiiial Interest—PriTflcKe to FAyln Fall Bedaced Botes on Fire InsaraBee! R.MXunningfhani Old Court Honse ^Idg. Itta, MMS. The board of county commissiloners have decided to fall In with the Roosevelt Idea and make np more Mollycoddles at the county Jail, but to substitute the strenuous for the simple life. Which means a rock pile. •; Time was when a rock pile was operated but for no good .Reason it was discon- linned. Steps have been taken to have Al Abramsiiaul ini a supply of raw material and the Cracker Factory where they "SMake little ones oat of big ones" will soon be working full blast, the list of employes being con-Is tingent on the activity of the policy The rock when cracked w^lU be tat a sale to anyone needing it, and.falling of sale will be available for use on street work. The commissioners believe that sound mor^ils are found in a sound body and that It is a proper part of their duty to qee that prisoners get an abuhdanca of healthy ex- ercles so they can appreciate their meala. The Davis liquor case was tried before a Jnrr yesterday afternoon and thfb -morning. Numerous witnesses were heard and the case argued and turned over to the Jurors this morning. They considered It so long that there is evidently a difference of opin Ion. Thf QuIelMa^ Surttt.Cbujh Rmedy for SOa SavM Vbu "fl'" ^^jBo bar*^ nerer. uMd^juqrtMBf Revolutionary ideas ai-e cootalned in the suggesticntof ah evangelist that the Christie i and Baptist church e» of BartlBBVllU «|oIte, ,ljiit it Is even mdre aatonndlm "fo .learn that the members are t ripnuiy thinking of tskjog. the excMdlDglr wine at^p of fgllowing tba ad^e. —When yon b m a bilivia at^iek, give jChamberlalrt Mjlets a trial.! TlwT ar» e:^eU(»t^^r nl« by all deaUri.' SPECIAL SESSION PBOBLE.V. Governor StOi Bofoses to Conmlt; HTrnMlf. Governor StUblis'was aslced pointf blank today if ho would call a special session of jthe legislature, and he replied that he had not yet made up his mind in the mattei*. Ho was informed, that it had been reported thaf he'had . taies hold of a bad'cra^'ud decided to issue the'call.for the .spec^ eo' .quickly, as Plnex'CmiKh'~ lai session about December 15. His :"»{m«wt Jnstant! relief and ^ . „ reply was characteristic. "This is the \ ^iS^ fS&t^ firSt I have heard of it." he said. I &r -r^uto^v^ta**c ^J ^SS .But it is tho general opinion that a .I K i ^ghT""*" "V"^ «onp aadwha». special session will be called this |>faicx is a nedal and hial winter. The idea is to, pass a preal-' - - ?>rw-.«>»..-». dentlal primary law in tbe hope of taking Ihe state away from Taft^Topeka State Journal. —^Most disease comes from germs. Kill the germs and yon Iclll disease. Conkey's Nox-i-cida mixes with water and kills the germs. For Poultrymen. Stockmen Hotisekeepera Qnaran teed by Morris ft Howard. —Wanted, reliable lai p^ranee la I«Ia «r ti^e orders for seti sells readByt |M« epi Sup .for s4Jme i^QMi .Y ^ttiua. Ai< dKSft 'm'^ eiwlB^ter. •~The Register PubUibini^ Ro. toi^ Ins. A trial apUdtitd.' —Farmers Attention! Higb crude dUtijIiitB for ^e. Telephone 786 Jpla. rst.tPiV.*: r«d. or rttiniboldt Heflnonr. It Hnn««r-^'^'»* lOTd, 804 West itraet. tiited 'comixm^ of Marwir s4tr&e^ ridi ;in nalMSH^ fiir plM elehMD«: ' AWcentI a plat— a bunily: Mpply—of. the jmtt ooi ^'iaiedy Omt Mwy can bny. ata •a^ of ^8in ^'^BIr wlth -^loiBa- like Pine^ Cooi^.Syn'p—4t loid>:ta-sDaiU/'lazative'lbotfi>dr r^- A^.haqdy hausthold'^msdfcbw -iqvst ."-bTQBChltia,'etoi, and n.^&'^i:anadd^tb^s ^!i&y> nmedy. - '''f Flwz has often been imitate^ bat BMW %aoee«faliy,' for notfiiig' Ale MM pN4ntie=tht.s<aM .results. -Thafenains {Is out first class prfntinc iwd bbokbind-[j^Mianteed to give abaqinte Mtf^Kti£j moBoy refunded. Gactificate ot rasr- aatao is wrwMd.ia sad*. npckSM'-xoar .hak ftnax wIirS «3Ry it lf >o^ «and to TCt^iaifii.Oe^ Freight*— West Bound. V,,? 491—Local (dally ex. Sun) Iv.;. ..3:45 p. ««• v.k.* 451—Colo. Red Ball <dally) lT...8d8p. nuj^j, • FraJghtar^ai* Sound.'- : V 458—Red. BaU (dally).ar. ...lao a.m. ~:. 492—Local (daOy esc Bun) ar......8:00 a. nu X.. ,^ Paaaengera—West. Boan(i< • - v 407—Kansas tllty-Tates Center .Mall and Kxpress (daHy) Iv. 4:47 p ..Jn- vrj^ 409—St Louis-Wlohlta MaU and Rxpreee,. - .1 (dally) Iv....-.i.....;8:J» a. m.- Passengera—East Bound, r 410—StOoulS-Kansas City JlaUandKa-: ;v > press .(dally) ar. 7:17 p^m.. - 40S—St touJs-Kansaa Oty Mall and Ba-, press (daUy) ar. ....8133 a. m. X. E. £ t. BAILWAT > - South Bound. . j ' •No. E71—Way Freisht. (daily except. Sunday) No. TB^MIxed (dally) ........... 4:45 p: m. No. 7.1—PnasenBer (daJly) 12;19 p. m. » ; No. 25—Flyar (dafly) 5:80 a: mJM^ .^i North Bound. t; No. 54—PnaaengBr (dally) l:?S.p.,m. No. 7C—Mixed (dally) 2:80 p.m. •No. 072—Way Freight, (dally except Sunday) l]:l»p.m.' •571 and C72 will carry paaaengera. MEBCHANTABLB ABSIBACIflL Bvery Abstract made in our i^eo is gnarantieed to be 4 Bi^r0iHa|t> able abatrcTet or moner rafdndaC lOLA ABSTRACT GCOiPAJrt. Frank Wood. Uanager. "' TO EXCHANGE J2.500.00 Grocery vStock, BlUclwai goods, for small tract of land in. AUen or adjoining counties, of eqnal.'valao. Want to deal with owner of land. W* have other exchanges. Call on ns, CHAia.ES £POIT^ FBOFE88IONAL DIBICIfnX. -I- - --•-ir-^»-ir><-ir<>ry ><v >ryyu»j^ • • • • • • • • V « > will lend on bonaohold goois. • plaaog, organs, nwfn« na- .« m a 9 pm «.» BBM 9 • • • • 9 BEinSTS. - I •' BOOB VO. 1, Northrap • Fbbn&-df«C« 658: ^ BM. m • « S.S c .9#..fB ,s.«.eje «.9 9MM*- « WHT iroTi •' » ~y Have Tour Piano Tiined by aa » Experienced Tiiner<-^«. Ltr- •- ing in TOOT home .town. ..•'i Rob*taflu»ic 0$. ;Wtoi »»4Jl » « 9 » a as a«»»a»a«ft a.!^? '^il a F.L.B.I.EATELL,]Lg. » Dliewoa of tho ClUH. 9 • OisMsA ^f <3flfldrM£ * Fk«iidft^.4Mffe« MTi .BM.^U7. lOIA STATB BANlC'BLDa * a 9 .a.gAa .e .a a ;c a a a »«^|li; l^al Sstato and Llv " .Satjsfi!^, Vboneal ******** ****±f*^,ii^^f^t. • - .JlOJi.South Sti-: -r.. . HABHESS ANB 'SA]>$EUIX' 1 _ Inds of bouftebold gcfUr^^'--' or ]8wetry^--anytlitag-oe-vH3 Bigus Fawn. Staoi>,':Ea^ pdL .Square Cffflce'lli' lVaiC-8^^1 <» Ail ti^anwtetlons 8iri<Jtljf ?'<gfta^;& i Hound Trip;JSokots; Hot •SpriBpi, yAr]c;, Ifanlt of *Hte »WOif9m .ptwle. .tylth •toproyor i going wl .vetuxn^oit :in tbe yew, for -'nyr^v Tie one wa^^Oiro tti

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