The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 20, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1977
Page 5
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Thurstons Rout Risdon, 11-1 cd it Ttnirtitcin'M Icwrriuii tiriloiinh ivn>ru Unit InnlnK uitnck nuttol nlKhl i'unn iiml wont on tc c op their Illn slrnlirlit Moftbull vie lory over Uljulun'H of tlui V OuMCy I.OOP I)/ Ml H-l HCOl'O lit tho HOD rtiiitlon Hold l»Ht (ivonlntc. Tho Ici-nicn ruully unlumlud or K<m UpHtfht, 'KUclon hiu-|or, In [hut blx lli'Kt Inning whkh IncltitUK. iv home run by Kiltllo Mui-luno Into rlRht Ili'KI. ft dtiiirp cli'lvo liy Oiirby Into ci'jiti-r ttiiil tfot through for mi _ olhi'r four-biiKKOi'. u lon|; trlplo f (n i .« I.CIH CVcililo, ti clou bio by "Kip' Kucclii urul Hlnftluii tiy Krank Kdi-H Johnny bnvklmm urul Mmi und 111! Dunn. Whnn thu timulci' clourcd thi Thoi'.-dun vornlilnii hud nun 1 . II iniir to £«» pinto anil iitiorud cijrlit 01 them, which Jti.Mt uhout dvcldud ttilnjr.-' for the ovcnlny. "Hill" Ounn hunc 'tip his lit! tttraltfht hurllne' victory by nllott InK Itl.-Klun but llv« hlt>i whllu r<ui nlnn four with Dick PLstcriilH rloinj n ifririit Jf>!' Ixrhlrnl thu pliito. "l-iiicl dy" Diirin liulpinl out Illx tirotrini immftnsiily with nunim-uuti apurUI- Inii CKtchi'w (in third btiso. The MCUI-II: Itlmlon . 000 010 0-- I C ;) Thui'Mtonii . 810 020 X--H H 4 ('prltrlit nnil PVatfiHl; Dunn nm! flvlt-'i't'lll; Uniplro ••,\hlrpliy. ON IIONUYMOO.V Full Rlvor, MitNH., Aiijf. 0 -(l/l'i -An «a-yiiuv-old Rhodo Isliuul cou pin iiri' honeymooning In Full [Uv. nc following nn vlupn;nnnt :u nvoli *,A pornp und fiian. Alphoruiu D<ixrcjuh< J '* ur und ihn fonniir Mrn, Mut-y Anr. UtibliM. doth of l-Tovklunuo' Miik Ihi'V di'Cklod uKultist n weddlnj; U ttmlr IIOIIHI city tu Mhtiii u town culi Median a):» ut thu population o 1 tlm United Hiatus Increusutl tn 2.S.I yi.-ai-s In UNO, from thu L'C.'l yuiu inuik In IMO. DONALD DUCK CANDID CAMERAS $2.98 •M.I. MKTA1, ,-)3 MM •IMIJK I''ir,Ks ........ KKDKHAI, KNI.AUOKKM with I, i- us (\(\ .UU Wn liavi' a conililctc «l(iel( (if clioinlciil.H, |irlntli»K pupcr mill ihirK rofini iiuppllivM. Parker "51" Pens and Pencils in Stock Your I'hutu .Ve lt'« — Approved G. I. Training ,\(.| lllllIK, MlHlllPIt .MlK'llllll-". .Hin'fi'llirlnl l^M.I. TKIOI Itl'UN.S IN SMI'TI'lMMI'iK l.liullril Klirnlliiii'iil. THE PERRY SCHOOL WKDDING OI1-T SI'JUCl KMOCTltlO I'KKCOLA'rOH with uhruiuo truy, MUKur M. WOLFF 83 OlANO -ST., VV1T5KV FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co. 1WI Mouth Muln Ht, WEDDING CAKES Anil Other SjK-oliii nuking CITY BAKERY II. r, S'fOl'l'ANI, I'roji. (uiilii Stroct Ttilojihoiui ilinH CLOSING OUT ALL SUMMER MEECHANDISE SAVE UP TO 30% BENSON'S 1»0 SOUTH MAIN ST. Wiitrrlniry METAL SWINGS FOR CHILDREN For Indoor or Outdoor U» Special BEACON KIDOIB CKNTKB Tl GRAND BTIUKT Wutcrbury On The Air Today IIMMl n, m. WOP.— Kftiiy AC-OS ' Othur StuUcinx-— Nowu 0:10 (). in. vVBRY— Unsuljuii Sooi-os ():l. p . p. m. VVfiRY-Nylun Time; Lop.,* WABC— WiXHhlmfton Rupoi-t 'VHAf— Hurimuclu to Amurlca VVTIC— 1'rof. SctKinkft- WOR-On tliu Conlury /V,TX---KUiiil and Albert iVA.'1'H— A! Vi.'Htro, 8poi't« «:2() p. in, .VA'm-CocUlull Hcrc'nuclc IliHI) p. in. VVBRY— W. Clii-lHty -Krlj, Now •VAUC --Larry CHIT <VATU— Nt!W«; TntfirliKin VT[C-. Strictly Sporta WOW— NOWM (IMS [i. m. VRRY-WAI3C -Robert Trout VVTIC-WEAF-- .f-owull Thoi.inn wort—Stun iMmux VATR- • I'k'ii.sui'u unc.1 Profit VJJ5"-Hui'u'H Mui'Knn 7:00 |». in. WBRY-WABC -Puttl Clayton v'TtC-VVTIC-.Hupp':!' Club VATR-WOR.-IAilton t^uwls, Jc, WJK—Hc-iidllnu Edition 7:15 p, in. vruiY— BI-IISH City Votorans /ARC- -.Skyline Hoof ! /ATH ••Aclvc'iituniH In Rhythm /KAP-WTtC -..Vows /OR- -AnKWi'i- M«n 7:30 p. in. WURY-WAEC—Tommy Rises WJ5C—Lone VVEAF—Ciniro.s VVTIC—Quiz of Two Cities WOR—News • WATH—Phone Your Answer 7M5 p. m. WEAF—Morgan Eeutty WATR—WttlU Time; NIJWS VVOli—Inslclo of Sports K:(M) p. in. WBRY-WABC-Akli-lch Family WATK-WJS!—Sum Spade W12A1: 1 —Highways In Melody WOR—Passport, to Rcmuncu H:SO p. in. WEKY-WAEC—The Thin Mnn WTIC-WEAF—ISusy Money WOR—Voice ,ln the Nifflit WATR-WJZ—FBI 8:<o p. m. WHN—Dodgers vs. Phillies K:OI3 p. m. WERY-WAEC—News ft: 00 i>. in, WERY-WAEC—Pays to bo Ignorant WT/C-WEAF—Vacation With Mu WOR—Nuwa WATR-WJX—Bronlc tin; Bunk i):l!> p. in. WOR—Runl Stories 0:30 p. in. WBTIY-WAEC—Wnyno KinfT WOR—Harry James Orch, WATR-WJ2—The Sheriff VVTIC-WEAF—WultK Time 'Iron Lungs' Flown To Iowa TWO "IKON lA'.VGS" for lino In the tnmtinisnt of iiifiinlili! puriilysls am .shown liHnj; liiiulcd iilxmrtl n plunu at LuGilimlhi. Fluid, N. Y., to hi' flown In l)i>x Mdlnrs, luwa. The respirators will gi> Into a "pool" of this i'(|ul|>mi'iil, which Is hrlug fMtiilillKltuJ fur tln< treatment ol' p<illo In tin- iMiiMVi'Nt, Tim wtivi- of iMfunUlo paralysis now reiiulilnjf tipl- tlrmld proportions In soinn Idealities In the Smith, West, and -Middle Went Is repurteil to lie tlin worst tu hit tin; U. .S. slncu IfJIU. (Inter.) Peace Treaties to Sow Soodj of Disagrocmont? Tri-Lingual Pacts May Prove Stumbling Blocks Tho Capitol Special to Central Press • WASHINGTON"—Some cynical diplomats believe that many doora may be thrown open lor future international disagreement by the pe.'ico treaties drafted for Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Finland. These diplomats argue thnt the wording of the treaty drafts Is not premise enough to tflve any assurance of a generally accepted definition of the terms agreed upon by the Allies, In addition, It is pointed out that there are nu- meroii.s issues which the "Elg Pour" foreign ministers have yet to settle before work on the treaties is completed. These issues could affect International litigation for years to come. However, the treaties, even in their unAnlshcd form, are viewed by some diplomats as sotting the .stage for a world of trouble. They say that it will take International courts forever to interpret the treaties. The fact that the treaties arc drafted in throe official languages—French, English and Russian— merely complicates matters. Before World War 11, French was accepted as the official language of International documents. Some international lawyers feel that It would be more logical to write the present treaties in French and thus eliminate the prospect of dlsiigrccmeiu in the translation of the various languages, • « • » • AMERICAN DIPLOMATIC and military officials arc seeing eye- to-cyc on Spain and the insistence of Soviet Foreign Minister Via- choslnv Molotov that Franco's regime Is a menace to world peace. To a man, United "States Slate nricl War Department officials disagree with Molotov In fact, Army brass is privately comparing 1 Spain's military power to tlie bellicose powers of the legendary Ferdinand the Bull. Ferdinand was the to'.igh-looklng bull who pro/errcd to nibble ddlslss and sleep Die Hvc-!onfr clay, On paper. Spain has a good army, trained by Franco and tough- cned by the Spanish Civil war. But the Spanish army, the Spanish people nnrl even Franco, diplomats say, wa:it no war. Actually Spain's righting forces scarcely coulil do more than defend the homeland in event of an attack against r.he Iberian peninsula. The nation's industrial potential i-s !ow. Her air force Is ynmll and slio is not a we,;:'.Ifie country - • • • • THE COLLECTIVE BARGAINING ELECTION'S to be held soon at the Oak Rldgo, Tonn,, atom bomb plants represent thn most un- U-iual cose ever handled by the National Labor Relations Board. 'when the AFL asked two years,ago for an election among the atomic workers, its petition said: "Number of plants, unknown; type of Industry, unknown." War-time restrictions since have been sufficiently relaxed to permit the NLRB to hold the elections, But, they will not be conducted ft °T°ic union will not receive the usual list of all employes on the companies' payrolls; NLRB ballot boxes will bo set up Inside the gates with Army security officers present; and there will be no lionringM conducted on challenged ballots. Thu companies and an NLRB representative will compile a list of eligible voters, £ivc It to the unions a week before the election md tukc it back after 'the voting. ^ * THE SFTBACK ADMINISTERED Robert Murphy's plans for a bum-bal'l union by the Pittsburgh Pirates was only temporary. You c'ni look for the persistent young Boston lawyer to wring substantial concessions dl'roctly or indirectly from major league moguls before he Is through. The itraw in the wind is the owners' decision to listen to players' grievances from their elected representatives. ' These managcmcnt-plnyer conferences will have to thrash out the "reserve clause" in player contracts and the expected demand for a ?5,000 minimum annual salary for major leaguers. Murphy ostensibly Is remaining In the background during these talks But most observers know that he Is not too far away, Ho'nnd the Posquel brothers In Mexico, who lured some of baseball's top talent south of the.border with high salaries, are largely for tne club owners 1 Jitters. • Baioball Union Far From Dead 9:53 p. m. . '. WATR-WJZ—Sports 10:00 |). ml , ' ,WBKY-WABC— Mercury Theater WEAF-WTIC—Mystery Thoat'ur WATR-WJZ—Boxing Bouts WOR—Spotlight on America • '.' . 10:80 p. in. WBRY-WABC—Hawk Duran'go .WTIC-W')AF—Sports Newsrccl WOR—Symphonctte ' WATR-WJZ—Sports Page 11:00 p. m. ALL Stations—News 11:10 p. rrt. WBRY—John 3. Daly, City News 11:J5 p. in. WBRY-WABC—.Mormey Orch. WJZ—Joe!, Sports VVTrC-W5 AF--H.-u-k nnss WOR—News; 'Financial Report PAGE 5—NAUGATTJCK NEWS (CONN.), FBIDAV, AUG. 9, 19M 11:S() p. in. WBRY—NiRht Club of the Air WABC—Mclntyre Orch.' WATR-WJZ—Gems; Cool Orch. WTIC-WEAF—Service Talcs 12:011 Midnight AI.I. f>L:iS:nns- -News 1'.5 :flr, ii. m. WOn—Weather; Loinburdo Orrli. WRTtY—Ni;;ht Club of the Air "Waterbury's Friendly Deportment Store" Fashion Is "UP IN ARMS" This Season \ Fashion's silhouette for fall is lithe and long, slender as a shadow. The new sleeves are dramatic and eye-catching . . . Exciting, different, completely flattering too. That's the coat and suit story for 1946-47. $39.95 B BILLOW SLEEVE COAT starred for itn dusliiug Rood looks. Fiueil .•with full billowing sluevcs and. with-the gloam of nnilhemlii outlining tlie deep armholes. It closes with waist, nipping ties instead of buttons. Bluuk wool suecla in sixes ]2 to ]0. CARDIGAN NOTCHED NECK JUNIOR SUIT in lovely wool Shetland with faithion'ri string lied middle. Sleeves are full und Jeep 1 set, the skirt is slim with single kiclc plent front <\nd buck. Exciting new full shades of Choslnin:, and Red J£np!e. Sizes 0 to 35. TINY TUCKED CLASSIC CHEPE SUIT with a long and limber jacket that goufly dips in back.. Detailed with deep set sleeves, club collur, <J* 3 Q rows of tiny self tucks and narrow belt. Skirl, has six gores and Kipper «p3y. closing. Colors of. Spice and Black. Sixes 10 10 16. FLAEE HIP SUIT. With dash and style. Notice tho very full sleeves, tlie small collar, the soft hip fullness 'for a tiny wuisted look, and the novelty cat's eye button closing. In wool crepe. Colors of Black, While Birch, Forest Green and Chestnut, Sizes 12 to 16, $25.50 .SECOND FLO OR

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