Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 7, 1911 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1911
Page 6
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This was the familiar call heard all throagh my Actual Sale since the opening last Tkies^y. It seems as ilf the entire male population of the country broke Idose all at once and made a rush for this store. The results were more than/our greatest anticipation. Now for EIGHT MORE! DAYS we are going to try to outdo ourselves. If you haven't already visited this sale you ought! If you have visited tliis sale yo uknow enough! 8 More Days --- Positively Closes December 16th DON'T MISS BUYING—7 pairs Rockford Socks for 25c; choice of Odd Vests as high in price as $3.00 for only 25c; 50c Fleece Underwear 35c; 4 pairs of Canvass Gloves for 25c; and hundreds of other articles—nothing reserved; or A $12.00 Suit for. ,..$7.50 A $15.00 Suit for .$10.00 A $22.50 Suit for .v .$15.00 In Boys' Long Pant Suits or Men's SiiitSj.out of one lot, your cjioice, as long as they last. Men's Fine Suits or Overcoats Alfred Benjamin and Sophomore makes. This fall and winter's styles! No better made. Your choice of any in the house of • $10.00 Suits or Overcoats..: .$8.50 $12.50 Suite or Overcoats.. .$10.00 $15.00 Suits or Overcoats.. .$12.50 $18.00 Suits or Overcoats.. .$16.25 $20.00 Suits or Overcoats.. .$17.00 $22.50 Suits or Overcoats.. .$21.00 $25.00 Suit or Overcoat $21.00 $30.00 Suits or Overcoats.. .$25.00 Visit the Shirt Department. Visit the Boys' Suit Departm't. Visit the Shoe Department. Visit the Hat and Cap Dept. Visit the Pants Department. No time or space to give prices but I will say I reserve nothing in this sale. Come! PERHAM. Perham's SaleiSnecess —Lasts— 8 MORE DAYS XANSIIS LtllDS THE WORLD JtfORE APPLE SEEDLiynS PKO- I»UC£D UEKE TJLLN AMiWUEKE. Slate HorlJcultnral Sockty Brinps Out Many Interesting and Valuable Reports. , — Topeka, Kas., Dec "(.—That Uie nur- serids of Kansas produce the greater part of the world's supply of apple seedlings was one of the facts brought out in the report of Prof. S. J. Hunter, state entomologist! to tho Kansas State Horticultural Society here to_day. Shawnee and Douglas counties raise most of the supply, distributed jseedlings, and the to all parts of the "world, is guaranteed free from insect and other orchard pests by the state's system of nursery inspection. In the year coTejred by the report Professor Hunter land his staff inspected 17 million truit trees in var: IpuB parts of the state, 300 acres of ; small fmitsand 67] million forest and _ fruit seedlings. The results of this .Inspection were enibodied in the report given to the Horticultural society today. "The pafit season: was one of severe codling moth injury," said Prof. Hunt" er. "^ur experiments showed that the hlossoin spray was ihe most important / Aictor in counteracjting the evlL Orchards which we sprayed at intervals through the summer produced a fair - crop, while others nearby in which no spray was used failed to produce an apple. Experiments carried on in Douglas, Franklin Shawnee, Reno . and Sedgwick counties showed that spraying Is nearly useless If not done ' at the rig^t time and also that an en; tire orchard must be sprayed. Othor- jvlse'diseases will be transmitted over Uie.entlre orchard from the un-sprayeJ •ecUon." , E4«fessor Hunter and his corp.'s of fhelpers trained lnith,e entomological 'Mboi^torles at the University of Kan- aas -bare completejd a survey of 28 counties covering the western end of Irthe state. From tihls territory they have4 :ollected and classified all forms |.-oI insect life which are beneficial or harmful to crops and orchards. "That survey of the western pari of the state is useful tp all Kansas," said ;Profftssor Hunter, "because conditions arer more nearly natural there than ||«IsewheFe In the state. A threatened insect attack Is likely to show there 'fiooner tlmn anywhere else. And with "onr 8urv»»y completed, we know pretty weU fast what Insect Is causing trouble fa a given-locality." ThTrteea other counties, extending trom northeast Kansas to the south"west coriifer, have been surveyed with reference to insects beneficial or in- CJnrions, to- orchard and forest trees. xSlaborat* .arrangements Insure the accuracy^ of tjls work. Blue-print llBBapg based on the county survey are '.made-Of the "territory to be worked over. -Every farm or town lot on jwhidi there are fruit trees is care- >fnlly Inspected, the number and kind [•of froit trees are noted, together with their-condition and recommendations for treatment If diseases are found. All tbls. data the inspector enters on ^ blaalc A second inspector some pUme later Jots down the result of the Itrestment The blank then becomes ,i»krt of a permanent record and It is iposdble to learn the condition of the Knttt trees in any surveyed locality in li|t"gl*eli year. •.".>,Tbe details of tbe survey are so antffuUy kept by itieans t)f the map Icyate^that Profe^fior Hunter flndF •ft pmslble to direct] several parties in |ibe>z!eld. by teleiibqne fr3m his office lit the Coiversity. j ter I.ela helped cook for the threshers at I.on Mattock's Tuesday. Will Smith of Haniilton visited .Sun (lay and Sunday nipht with his brother-in-law Jim Uodgprs. Leslie Ford visited I'rairio Koso school Friday afternoon. Blanche Ford visited homo folks from Saturday until Wednesday. Jlrs. Moss of Bronson, Will .Moss and family of near I-alfarpe were r^psts of Mr. and .Mrs. Xolan ThaukS giving. Robert "Rngers and family were Sunday ?uosts at Lewis Stanley's. Mrs. Lena Miller and Mrs. Fannie Wood spent Thursday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. • Miss Round and pupils expect to give an entertninmont and box suy per at Grant Friday evening, Dec<-iu- ber 8. LEG.1IS. —m. O. L. COX, OcnUst. A FAII{ OFFElt. Yonr Money Hack If You're >ot .Satis- fled. We pay for all the medicine ured during the trial if our remedy fails to tompletely relieve you of constipation. We take all the risk. You arc not obligateil to use In any way whatever, if you accept our offer. Thai's a mighty broad statement, but we mean every word of it. Could anything lie more fair for you? A scientific, common-sense treatment is Rcxall Orderlies; whkh are eaten like candy. Their active prin ciple Is a recent scientific discovery that Is odorless, colorless, and tas'e- less; very pronounced, yet gentle and pleasant in action, and particulavlv, G*'o. L. .lones, election clerk ! agreeable In every way. They do not " " -'— j cause diarrhoea, nausea, flatu;en"e. I prilling, or any Inconvenience whatever. Rexall Orderlle.s are particularly good for clillUren, aged and delicate persons. If you suffer from clironic or I'abit- ual fonstlpaiion. or tlie associate or dependent clironic ailments, we urae you to try Rexall Orderlies at our rii'k Remeniber, you can pet them in Iula only at onr store. 12 tablets 10 crnts; ne tablets 25 cents; SO tablets .".0 cmts. I Sold only at oiir store—The R.\all Store. Biirrell's Drug Store West Side Square. CLAI.MS allowed by the Board of County Commissioners at its regular meeting In December, 1911. S. D. Bartlett county survey..? 16.00 Mrs. E. W. Myler, salary, exp. and visits . 122.1G W. F. Young, salary and expense 7r >.90 .las. S. Taylor, salary and ex- ]iense 127.10 R. E. Culbertson, salarj- an<> expense —- 132.10 H. It. Goshorn salary and ex- pensp 3.").33 C. C. Ausherman salary l.">0.00 C. C. Ausherman, expense 4.20 R. O. Christian, coroner invest- igaUon 3.00 Hoover Kerr, sheriff Investigation death of D. Wlilto 2.C0 Hoover Kerr, attend jail and court 72.00 Hoover Kerr, board prisoners _ 76.r.0 Hoover Kerr, expense -3.2 .1 Frances Wilson, salary 100.00 Thos. C. Taylor, salary 7 .1.00 Lena Culbertson. salary Kifl.OO L. Morrison, salary "U-OO T. F. Zlegler Register vital statistics 22.00 Ethel L. Goodrich, register vital statistics J. E. Wakefield, .resisier vital statistics G. W. Smith, truancy work . Vide >l. Fetherng:'.! county examiner J. M. Kelley election clerk _ U. M. Leavitt, election clerk— 7.2.-; 7.4fi 49.00 6.00 3.00 —Dr. MIr(, Osteopalli, Tel 48', 3SS. WHY t'OKPSE WAS 5Ilt. SMITH'S. Farmer For Whom He Worked Kec- ognlzed Many Trinkets. ; - PBArair, HOSE. K Dec. C.—County Superintendent My B«r ylsitea Prairie IRose school Mon- l5lMrr .-Mable Smith and children VIB- |R«l7reIative» here Ithe last of the According to the Htitchlnson News the authorities of Rice county have two meagre clues as to the Identity of the man found dead in a straw stack near Lyons. The coroner's jury has adjourned to give more time for investigation. Joe Shank, a farmer near Littl^ River, said the dead man resembled a man named Smith, who came from Idia and worked for him last spring. Parts of the Clothing and a pair of steel bowed spectacles strengthen-jd this idea. Also a spoon and bottle were found near the body, and Smith was In the habit of taking medicine and carried a bottle and a spoon. Smith's husking peg was also found. Shank last saw Smith in Lyons several weeks ago.^nd he had ?250 on. him then. —Dr. McMillen. Phones 82 and 232. I The Thanksgiving Turk. At midnight, in his guarded coop. The turk sat, Anamiag of tlie boar, "Whea loud the dinner bell should ting With all its most insistent power. The boarders also dreamed of him. And how, for something like tifo weeks. They'd be reminded of tbe turk In tiash, whicli vometlmas almost speaks. W. H. Keefe election clerk— B. F. Wright election clerk— R. IL McCulley, election clerk .Albert Beal, election clerk l^'rry Lleurance election clerk .lerry Hackett. election clerk— E. .M. Hosley election clerk E. Cox, election clerk G. H. Ford, election clerk E. E. Miner, election clerk ___ Tlos Leighty. election clerk J. A. MacDonald. election clerk V. W. Heath, election clerk _._ Ed Leslie, election clerk Carl Cory election clerk S. D. Bartlett, election clerk .1 D. Sickly, election cierk „_ W. A. Wheeltr, election clerk- Frank Hel'e. e'ection 'Jerk—_ S. V. Updike, election clerk ___ M J. Murray, election clerk— Geo. W. Moon Jr. election elk A C. Carlberg, election clerk E. E. VanLaningham, election clerk . . 3.00 3 IJ.OO 3.00 2.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.(10 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 2M 3.00 S.flO 3700 3.00 3.00 T^na Miller and Grandpa, and Inndma Miller spcbt Tuesday at El- rirlUllers. j...- t -Vn. Fknnle Wright and dnu^ter Ldatf-were calling]on Grandpa and ^aUxaa. Wller Friday afternoon. ^MML Uyrtle Mattocks receive^ word lumir«f the sud|den death of her itdniln-law Mrs. Stutevme. pie^.and Ifrs. Knapp Entertained a b ^amr ^jf relatlveis.and friends on funsgivjitg: day a^ong whom were |Bd'*iCrs. Brow]n and daughter /t^Mitf Epiing iand grabddaugh- ^ift^ehtOL and COm'le of Gas and mi£. anf ^Srs.' Jim Rpdgers. ^dii. Emma McFarland and daugb- TO CVnE A COLD OKK DAY. —TAO LAXATIVE BROMO QulDlno Tablet's. Druggists refund money If -I It fniln to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature Is on each box. 2Co. GOLD FISH 10c to 40c at TORES^ S. M. Knox election clerk 3.00 J. W. Tniomas, election clerk— 3.00 C. L. Mooney election clerk 3.00 A. M. Tipple, election clerk.__ 3.00 W. G. Taylor, election clerk._ 3.00 Geo. O. Johnson, election clerk 3.00 T. R. Adams, election clerk 3 .00 F. P. .Tohnson, election clerk.. 3.00 J. E. Walqulst, election clerk.. 3.00 Wm. Bland, elecUon clerk 3.00 P. C. Richardson election clerk 3.00 J. C. Beard, election clerk 3.00 Davis Wolf, election clerk 3.00 H. J. Fulton, election clerk... 3.00 J. B. Goshorn. election clerk... 3.00 Louie H. Klaumann, election clerk 3 .00 X. J. Brigham, election clerk.. 3 .00 G. T. Strawn election clerk—. 3 .00 Geo. Vaught election clerk 3.f )0 E. P. Slack, election clerk 3.00 G: E . McAllister, election clerk 3.00 J. H. Schuette clecUon clerk.. 3 .00 Geo. E. Davis, election clerk.. 3.00 J. M. Plouch election clerk... 3 .00 .1. T .Medlln, election clerk 3.00 Freil Torbett, election clerk.. 3 .00 S. B. Agee. election clerk 3 .00 Bennett Livingston, election clerk 3 .00 Geo. Hettinger, election clerk.. 3 .00 D. Kachtschatt, election clerk. 3 .00 Wra. Myers, election clerk 3 .00 H. P. Doty election clerk 3.00 Wm. Newman, election clerk.. 3.00 .1. E. Stanstaury. eloctloi^ dork '-l-OO J. W. Wood, election clerk... 3 .00 J. A. Reeves, election clerk— 3.00 P. 8. Grove, election clerk 3.00 r. II. Smith, election clerk 3.00 W. L. Clay election clerk «.ftO J .A. LIntner election clerk.. 3 .00 Vrmk C. Miller, election clerk 3.00 \. U Ryberg. election clerk— 3.00 *.*o. McGannon cicctlon clerk 3.00 J. H. Heryford. election clerk.. 3.0a Txmis H. Hess, election clerk 3.00 J. P. Osborn, election clerk 3.00 i:d Sutherland, elecUon Judge. 3.0 <J •lud Sherwood, election Judge. 3.00 ('.. W. Burtnett .elecUon Judge 3.00 i-:. W. Boulson, election Judge.. 300 J. F. Ryker, election Judge 3.00 H. L. Jenkins, election Judge.. 3.00 I W. W. Sprague elecUon Judge 3.00 1 F. P. Lombard, election Judge.. 3.00 jAmos Sbively, elecUon Judge_ 4.00 J. A. Cook, election Judge 3.00 C. W. Trimble, elecUon Judge.. 3.0O A. D. .fennings, election Judge.. 3.00 J. N. Thompson election judge 3.00 Geo. Barker elecUon judge 3.00 Willard liytle, election Judge.. . 3.00 C. A. Parker, election Judge.. 3.00 W. C. Crowell election judge.. 3.00 S. E. Wilson, election Judge... 3.00 C. R. Peck election judgeJ 3.00 C. A. Burck, elecUon Judge __. 3.00 J. W. Gavin, election judge ... 3.00 Oran Adams, election judge 3.U0 Harry E. Duncan, election Judge 3.00 Jno. ller.'^tein, election Judge.. 3.W) M. L. Kirby, election judge • 3.00 J. S. Roggers, election judge.. 3.00 J. R, Powell election judge.. 3.00 Simon Klotzbach, election judge 3.00 E. II. M.ver.s, election judge _„ 3.00 H. H. Cox. election judge 3.00 .r. M. Hill, elecUon judge 3.00 Ne'.s Nelson, election Judge — 3.00 W. W. Moffitt election judge.. 3.0O J. B. Jolinson, flection judge.. 3.00 Ira Xoyes, election Judge .. 3.00 Geo. Mclntyre election judge.. 3.00 A W. Altord. election judge— 3.00 Chas. Cole election Judge 3.00 .VI. G. Robinson, election judge 3.00 G. W. Adams, election judge.. S.OO A. N. .Mitchell, election judge.. 3.00 l-ester Butterbaugh, election judgfe 3.00 J. M. Williamson, election judge 3.00 J. Ragle, election Judge 3.00 f. D. Luce, elecUon judge 3.00 S .T. Enfield elecUon judge — 3.00 Thos. Moran.'election judge _. 3.00 B. Abbott, election judge 3.00 Perry J. LItts, election judge.. 3.00 Fred Minder, election judge— 3.00 L. Moonaey. elecUon Judge ... 3.00 F. M. Welch, elecUon judge ... 3.00 I). R. Phillips election judge ^. 3.00 A. Watklns. election judge ... 3.00 a. Thiebaut. election Judge ... 2.00 Lewis Logan election judge 3.00 R. M. Burkett, election judge.. 3.00 S. A. Pettitt election judge ... 3.00 J. .\. Clark, election Judge ... 3.00 T. W. Jones, election Judg^ .. 3.oo I.. H. Wright, election juilge ... 3.00 A. Delancy, election Judge — 3.00 G. V. Seymour, elecUon judge.. 3,00 Wm. Hartwlg, election judge.. 3.00 J. S. Wolf, election judge ..— 3.00 J. W. Kelley elecUon judge... 3.00 Fred Hartwlg, election judge.. 3.'J0 Lute DeWitt, election judge.. 3.00 Wm. Peniston, election judge... 3.00 SamL J. Stewart, election judge 3.00 Peter Johnson, election judge.. 3.00 Cary Roush election cluik and returning ballotu 4.S0 L. S. Perkins, clectiim juilge and returning l)allots 3.00 L. W. Bates, election judge and . returning ballots 4.60 R. W. Penland elecUon judge and returning ballots C. W. Hegwood, election judge and returning ballots C.20 Menry Stainbrook election Judge and returning ballots. 6.00 E. D. Lace}-, elecUon judge and returning ballots 5.30 Walter Means, election judge and returning ballots 4.80 G. W. Bowden, elecUon judge and returning ballots 4.30 A. I'olkaer, election Judge and returning ballots 4.00 W. F. Shoaeman, election judge and returning ballots '>-()0 W. L. Conklln, election judge and returning ballots .^.20 J. T. Burkholder, election judge and returning ballots y.CO .foe Strubhart election judge and returning ballots .^.40 J. C. Ard, election judge and returning ballots 0.20 Wyatt Shipp. elecUon Judge and returning ballots 6.60 Manford Oslwrn, clecUon Judge and returning ballots o 40 Jno. Cation, election Judge and returning ballots i 5.70 W. T. Steele, election Judge and returning ballots _ 4.00 S. Heller, election Judge and returning ballots ' 4.00 J: Kshbaugh election Judge and returning ballots 4 .00 A. W. Cornell, election Judge und returning ballots 4 .30 C. M. Tonipklns, election Judge and returning ballou .. 4 .30 E. T. I^lcurance, elecUon Judge and returning ballots 4 .30 A. R. Adams clecUon Judge and returning ballots ... 4 .30 C. F. Harris, election Judge and returning ballots 4 .C0 B. L. Wallls elecUon judge and returning ballots 4 .60 T. RoberUbaw, election Judge and returning ballots 4.60 J. M. Carpenter, elecUon Judjge y and returning ballots 4 .60 E. Callcntine, election Judge and returning ballots 5.00 J. H. Gardner, elecUon Judge ' and returning ballots 5.00 Chas. H. Schaffner, election Judge and returning ballots. 5.00 F. M. Wiilenburg. election Judge find returning ballots T.;'N .Funston, election Judge and delivering ballots A-' X. Swigart election Judge and delivering ballots -—. E. E. Russell, election judge and deUvering ballots Al Abfams, deliver and return ballotB" and election Judge. W. J. Huck, deliver and return ballots an* elecUon Judge— W. T. Smith, deliver and return ballots and elecUou Judge Evierett Beckes, deliver and return ballots and election judge C. L. Sutherland, delivering ballots Ira Townsend delivering ballots : G. F. Bates, delivering ballots M. Hewlitt delivering ballots.. Grant Lleurance delivering ballots J. A. Whitlow, delivering ballots A. W. Edwards delivering ballots B. 'A. Ewing, delivering ballots J. Fred Schmidt, delivering ballots L. ^Cliieken, delivering ballots C- F. Parker, delivering ballots J. D. Ard, delivering ballots^. C. V. Baker, delivering ballots F. W. Frevert, delivering ballots Mrs. V. L. Goodrich delivering ballots J. E. WakeUeld. delivering ballots .ino; W. Brown, in re Jurors.. J. P. Jensen, juror ...... Matt Gadarl, jilror 4.00 4.00 4.00 5.20 5.00 fi.OO 5.00 2.00 4.80 1.60 2.55 3.20- 2.30 1.80 1.00 2.00 2.C0 2.40 3.60 3.20 1.30 1.00 2.00 11.75 2.45 24.00 J. J. Creed, juror 16.00 22.60 10.90 22 .00 17.15 22.25 IC .OO IS.iM) «4.30 25.80 25.20 27.60 24.50 30.40 18;00 29.40 24.00 20.00 22.00 2.00 O. f:'. Ruckcr, Juror C. F. Miller juror U. G. Smith, Juror Frank Bale, juror L. Hardesty Juror R. .1. Coffey, juror K. R. Brotherton juror .ino. Applegate, juror A. M. Dunlap, Juror .1. \y. Beaver, juror T. C;atlon, juror Wm,- Knepp, juror C. A- SUnson, Juror T. A- Joyce, juror Jas. McDonald juror Dan Dressier, juror ^. Aldo Funstdn, Juror B. \y. .Arnold, juror C. S; Potter, drawing jury J. P; Duncan, drawing jury — Hooyer Kerr, drawing jury — R. K, Culbertson drawing jury .M. E. FuUenwIder, steno. State vs: Ellis Johnson Ilattie Shaiiel, steno. St. vs. Robt. Davis TS. li. .lackson steno. St. vs. Frank Schmidt Margaret E. Forney, copying. J. B, Smith lunacy .1. I. Abies G. W. Shadwiek, com. lunacy J. I. Abies E. C. Reynolds, com. lunacy .1. 1. Abies W. H. Anderson, counsel lunacy J. Abies F. S. Halm, witness lunacy J. I. .\bles •Ino.. Chat man, witness lunacy J. 3. Abies .1. ,1. Rorick witness luuacy J. 1. Abies Ed Lucky, witness lunacy J. I. Abies 2.00 Hoover Kerr, sheriff lunacy J. I. Abies 12-45 J. U. Smith juv. Luther K. Cot- trejl 4.90 J. C. Woodin, P. O. Luther K. CoUrell '-00 J, B,' Smitli, ,luv. Paul Bieb6 and C. Burkett 7..'.0 J. C.;Woodln, P. O, Juv. Paul Beebe and C. Burkett C.OO J. O. Ailttlebach, pauper mdse.. 9.40 J. H .Smith. pau|>cr mdse 45.47 Everett Beetles, pauper mdse... 22,6S K, K-,-Church paui)er mdse H.0« Lovell a Co. pouper mdse, ... 15.15 t. P,. Cllne, pauper mdiic. ... 4.7 J. II. Parkburst, pauper mdse.. 3.79 I,. E. Kosler pauper mdse. 22.50 .r. O.Huck, pauper mdse 18.15 H. Wj Steyer, pauper mdse. .— 8.90 New York Store, pauper mdse 5.50 UaHsett Oroc. Co., pauper mdse. 10.00 Cochran & Shellman. pauper mdi!e. : 9.00 Wcdtti & PIckell, pauper mdse. 16.00 I.. F.- Wilson, pauper mdse... 8.00 Floy4 Elliott pauper mdse— 6.20 J. B.-Rhoades & Son, pauper coaj . 1,95 ^. D.tRay, pauper coal 13 .50 Mrs. E. McGurk, pauper care .. 5.00 F. A. ^Anderson, pauper care .. 12 .00 Mrs. S. A. Neimeyer, pauper care 5 .001 i{. R. Drake, pauper livery 3,00 lola Portland Cement Co, pauper rent S. E. Myers, pauper rent Peter Dohl pauper rent Jno. Wilson, pawprv rent _ G. W. Dickinson, pauper:rent Mrs. L. S. Searles, pauper rent .Ino. W. Brown, pauper rent.. W. A. Wheeler, jiauper rent— Humboldt Gas Co. pauper gas City of lola, pauper gas I A Hariie Gas Co., pauper gas Alien County S\ipply Co. pauper gas —. Geo. .M. Reynolds, ' pauper transi)ortation ... Al Abrams, salary and Bragg &. Dildlne, county farm mdse. J. W. Trowliridge, care pest hou lola Ori)hans' Home, appi-oiirl- .ation H. L. Ilendrick.s, operation — Jno. R. Percy .'al. and e.\p.— Maggie Reuther, work dtifcoun- ty farm ! 10.00 .Morris & Howard, county mdse. 1.50 Brigham Hdw. Co. co. mdse... 14.2G T. B. Shannon, co. mdse.—— F. W. Amerman co. mdse J. C. Robinson, wood for jail— Burrogh's Adding .Machine Co.. rei)airs .'— .1. R. Laughlin, repairs at court house . Evans Bros., supplies Crane & Co. supplies Royal Typewriter Co., typewriter Mo. & Kan. Tel. Co.. phone..City of lola gas, water ami electricity ioia Concrete (;onstructIon Co., on bridge contracts — C. M. Smith, bridge work J. .\, Vlckers, bridge work — Paul Klein, bridge lumber ... Palace Garage, county livery— K. C. Plumbing Co. county . plumbing S. Heller, county livery .M. A. Sclilick, county livery.— Humboldt Auto Co. county livery Register Publishing Co., county - print 116.02 A. W. Cunningham county print ... Saml. Crumley, salary and extra work _ W. Z. Bartles, county plumbing C. A.' Reynolds county i>rint- ing A. 11. Hroun, iriiii tree,J. B. Smitli, juv. Sarah and .Mary Cotrell .r. C. Woodin P. O. juv. Sarah and M-iry Coitrell J. C. Woodin, P. O.. juv. Sarah and .Mary Cnttrell Al .^brums' witness juv. Sarah and Alary Cot;rell .75 .Miss Reap witness juv. Sarah and Mary Cottrell _. .75 C. W. Sylvester, witness juv. Sarah and Mary Cotivell — 2.75 Jno. W. Brown. St. vs J. S. Sv'- cliffe. - 16.80 Hoover Kerr sherifi' St. vs JS. Sutcliffe ^— 4.10 C. O. BolliBger, sheriff St.-^s. J. S. Sutcliffe ^ 1.34 Al Becker sheriff St. v.s. J. S. Sutcliffe 125 C. E. Adams, clerk St. vs. J. S. Sutcliffe 1 i-S Hi Clinton witness St. vs. .1, S, Sutcliffe 6.00 W. A. Umg. witness St. vs. J. S, Sutcliffe 6.110 G. W. Moore, witness St. vs. J. S. Sutcliffe 6.00 C. J. Peterson, witness St. vs. J. S. Sutcliffe 6.00 J. S. Walker, witness St. vs. J. S, Sutcliffe 6.r0 S, A, Coffinan. witness St. vs. J. S. Sutdirre 6.00 O. L. Garllnghouse wllness St. vs. J. .S. Sutcliffe 6<"> Total .— - $1,615.76 State of Kannas, Albfn County, M«. I R. E. CulbiMtson, (!<>unty Clerk In and for the slate and county aforesaid, do lierel)y certify tho forec<>l"i? to be a correct statement of all claims* allowed. In the amounts and for Uie 4.00 2.00 6.00 5.00 5.00 4.00 3.00 4.(10 7.O0 21.30 2.16 7..50 3.84 42.38 2.80 31.42 25.00 5 iiO 143.05 4.50 7.50 2.00 I 1.00 3..-50 17.93 21,70 21.00 73.19 71l2.(rO 11.-12 11.87 25.26 4.00 l!t.i;i 1..-.0 7.00 4,00 16.00 )roSItr -*S CURATIVE RGENT Ringing Teaches Correct Breathing, and Lively Waltzes Have Good Ef- i facts on Melancholia PaUents. ) 2.00 2.00 2.00 8.40 11 .CO 2.00 35.00 10.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 2.10 2.30 2.30 H. E.'Smith, pauper board P. W,'Jury pauper trans. Camphell Untg. Co., pauper ambulance ^ 3.60 7.00 .25 3.40 08,00 46.05 3,80 i 12.30 6,00 35.30 Two English physicians of prominence have recently asserted that tflo exercise given to tbe lungs in singing is valuable in the prevention and cure of diseases of those organs. They consider that increased professional recognition should be extended to ttvls special therapeutic agency, as advisable In cases where pulmonary consumption is feared. Singing involves correct nasal breathing, atd this means that tue air admitted to the. lungs is practically germ free, and also the adequate development of the upper portions of the respiratory passages. Another effect Iii the maintenance of the elasticity and proper expansion of the chest. The necessary breathing exercises mean Increased functional activity of the lungs. Then, there Is the Improved oxygenation of the blood, which singing necessarily promotes. As we know, most singers and also those musicians who perform on wind Instruments are a healthy looking lot. Not many years from now music wiU be recognized as a most valuable curative agent, especially in cases of insanity or morbidity. What tired, overwrought, distressed man or woman does not know tbe value of music. How many beauUful stories could be told of the power of music to sustain and restrain? Doe of the greatest scientists living has testilled that be was once kept from thoughts of despair and suicide by suddenly hearing In the next house Bomcono playing Rubenstein's Melody in F. In tho Croydon Mental hospital, London, waltz music—particularly tbe bright, musical comedy pieces—is used in effecting a cure for melancholia patients. Woman's Relative Value. Once at the table of Sir JameS Knowles. editor of the Nineteenth century, the talk ran on the relaUve • physical and mental value of women. 12.00 i Turning to Sir Ray L^kester, the aged prime minister (Mr. Gladstone) said: "I am of the opinion that the relative value of a man and a woman is In all classes of society about iho same as it was in my grandfather'a time In Jamaica. When they wanted to buy a negro they gave one hundred and twenty pounds for a man and eighty pound? for a woman, and," ho added, "that is a fair" measure of their relaUve values tbe world over." A Blind Baroness. A short Ume flge the Baroness von Kranischfeld (Miriam Gardner) an English woman, died in Bucharest". The baroness, who was one of the queen of Rovitnania's peiaonal friends, was writing a poem one day when a mist ruaUciiiy spread over her eyes, and she thus "became, in her fiftieth year, totally blind. In spite of her age, however, the baroness attended an English school to learn the alphabet and the use of the typewriter, and in the end triumphed over her aflllc- tlon to the extent of being able to make her own clothes and bats with- opt any aid whatever. o —C' Money. |{. M. ('unnluithniii. puriioKcs UH above spi'clfied, at tho regular Deeenilier nicpiing of the Hoard "f County Commls .slonerH, In WltnesM Whereof. 1 Iiuvo hereunto set my hnml and official seal fhi.>! 7th day of December A. D, 19U. (Seal.) R. E. CUMIERTSON,^ • County Clerk. Protect Your Property We have the GALVANITE Prepared Roofing. 1-ply S2.00 per squark 2-ply $2.25 per square, 3-ply $2.50 perl square am Hardware Go. • ! I

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