The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 20, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1977
Page 4
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,.„„„ Good News For Naugatuck -BUSINESS AS USUAL" The announcement, yesterday, I I' lf S. Rubber Company i;l»»* " " ' ." ; r ,,,st..rv millroom on its land on the onthside'of Maple strce, was good ,,e,s tf) H,,. people of On* l""'"'^ 11 ' T I ,t -he aew slrudure has been de.,„. I with a view to mee, the needs o t .ompany's rubber loolwear plan o, rs to come is apparent I rom l statement thai Us cost and l wm nmounl to approx,,aalel> * I. not), ( m,--, Tin- Luilding, wlnVh will I- ", r,.,.t will contain i:i,(«»> "quart- leel on ' 1 Do You Remember? From the Files of the Naugatuck New* 20 Years Ago Clayton P. DavlH of Hl K h atrect returned from hi,) Hummor vucatloti at Twin Lakes, o—O—o Mr and Mr». David O'Shea, Bethany road Beacon Falls, were motoring through New Yo.k and New Joi-Huy. o—O--o 30 Years Ago MlRfl Helen Tltlcy of Beacon Falls, wua visiting rulutlvoH In Mudford, MIIHS, o—O—o Local bnrbo,-». at a meeting, docldocI to raleo the price of haircuts from 25 to 35 cents. IU •' ..u-o...-. ",„.,,. mi(1 s ,eel constructH.n and will llt , 11S( , ( | for the mixing a,..! grinding o a , ,, ul)lll!l . s . The work of constructing .1 wi || he started as soon «•« l 1 "^ 11 ' l "r pLi.iv i.. ii..- i>»" r,,ii-nn. «;«» '»- r(IIIl -|oto ISmonlhs. \\I,.-M U is reads for occupancy, .1..- space now oceMipn, | |V mill workin I'-uihling 'J !«-, .... \\ ->te «,' ..... t, will be vacated to i ;(1I . ,,ew and improved rubber lootwear '..,, structure will mako ornplovraent op,)orlunilies available to an additional I ,:,(»(. In U,i««) persons-- wliicli will "lean greater prosperity toi this community. I, is ,,,, wonder Hint Hi- i.uuouncemeiit ,,r il,,, I'. S. Unbber Company's new pro,|- ,,t is being joyfully hailed by our ivsi- (l "coming on the heeU of a Xaugntuck Chemical'auy aiiiu'iiiii-«.tm-nt ol a $«>U(>(>ul'li (.oiistruction job, already under way, Ib" Ixul'ber Company's project sounds an additional optimistic note as In Nangal uck's industrial fill lire. It Happened In Munich That il is advisable for officers of the law, assi<;-n«d to the job of capturing a suspect, to be careful not to sliooUd the wrong man was shown recently in Munich. Two detectives, unknown to each other and each unaware that the other was on the same mission, spotted what they thought was the man they wanted, liolji felt the wh'r/,/ of bullets and engaged in a running battle through the streets. I'V •nnlly one of them went down— with bullet wounds in the neck and leg. The other shooter had gotten his man— but il was the wrong man, In I'acl, the human •target he was firing at was the other sleuth who had been sent out to get the suspect. The wounded man also thought his brother officer was the person who was wanted. The incident, undoubtedly, 1ms taught both "cops' 1 a valuable lesson. Around The Clock TIIIiUK AKE OTUICRS are many durk place. In llfol- , If we only K° about It right ti-y Homeonc else's life to brighten, Oi- your face will BERTHA M. HASTINGS —oOo— Mr and Mrs. John Krausi of Ansonia and Mrs. Mae Xraus of Spring street motored to Bainbridge, Md. over the weekend where they visited Joseph Kraus, who is stationed at the U.S. Naval Training Station. . . Joe expects to be in the borough about September 5 . . . Jim Moore and Dick Valence spent yesterday in New York, shopping and talc- ing in the ice follies. . . —oOo— \ Hurry »l' shoplifting cases, involvmf l( .,.,i-a"o l.ovs. many of whom have immvi.onrled in the act, 1m* l"t N .. ,, u ! k . >\!,,'C-ha,ils, greatly concerned l.v'tlu- problem, Imvo conferred with 1 o!',;,,, Chief .lolin .1. Gonnloy. . - Special !U ,ti,,n has boon tnkou by .the police do- pm . tl rtont to cope with tho situation, and s| ( ,n-s have taken steps toward Inrn.j? s ,,,,ial <h-.,,livos, .. Parents o the bo> j i-m-hl in the- act Imvo been called in »oi (.'.M.rm.m..* with authorities . . It's a vi.rimH situation - lake the word oi lm , al imM ,'hants who are well aware ol it. _oOo— \rrnv aircraft will have tlio use oF H, m . iiirfii-lils in Mexico as bases for WL'.illiiT observation phuu-'s this year diir- ;„,, hnn'iwuu'SL-ason. The Gulf and soutli- ( .-i"teni «lntos will be given plenty ot w; ;nm,g Nvli"ii it's time to Imltei, down for tlio big- winds. _ \nnual picnic of the St. Louis weal.luu l, Iir( ,;..i NVIIS held in UK; '•»'"'• Tin- lore- t .,ml,.rs blame it on their wives, who picked tho dati' without benefit of sc-i- once. Jo<e Itudriqmv, is a man who appreei- nti-s Anu-ricn and wants his family to share his «ni«l fortune. Tie's bringing dl relatives from Puerto Kico to Brooklyn. _oOo— Freddie TTennick looked slightly dis- .-•niiiLU'd the other day when he discovered that, of all lliintfs, his ear was suf- fei-in'" from a flat tire. It didn't aid his discomfiture any .either, wliuii a total of ten persons Informed him of the iaet. —oOo— John Ostroski, currently on vacation, will spend the latter part of the week in New York, calcliiui;' up on his baseball "ami's and si-htseein-. . . ,lim Patterson made a lot of friends at the Marine Dance Saturday ni^lil. . . Tie worked harder than anvono wu know. . . WALTER WINCHELL What's Doing In Naugatuck A calendar"^" events foi today, tomorrow and every day Tonight Meeting. Local 45 Plans Meeting Sunday A vice president will be tilecUd Sund.-jy al a mnotlAg of Local 45 United P.ubber, Cork, Linoleum and Plastic Workers of America, CIO .at. a meeting ut Linden Park Hall' President George Froehlich has aiv nounccd. Delegates will be elected to at. tend the Jnlernulonnl ronvenlon 3. San Francisco Supembitr IB, an< j plans will be completed for an outing of .'ill local rubber \vorkcra unions September 1. Meeting. AUGUST 10 Millville Athletic " ! John Wesley claw of M«U.odlat church outing at ZotUemoyer i evidence Hillside avenue, ntr , ~ , VFW Family Clambake ami Out- ins, Schlldgen's. 11 a. m. to 6 p. m.,,- People's society of ..lelbo- 0,1st church outinii ai Lake Qu.iss.i paug. _ ___ STYLE VENETIAN BLIND SHOPPE 85 Spring St., Union Qty Tel.'Nauc. 0111 — Wat 4-iKKM FELIX NARDRLLO, Mer. Klill mock Of Klrrl nnil wood !,l\rti, IlllmU r,%j!tlr*d. rr-tutM>d. rtr. GET A JEEP IMMEDIATB DELIVERY V,,,,r Wir.I.YK-OVKUI.ANI> I>-"1« LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. 21 llarrlHiin Avrnuc Ofr Kxcliimitf I'lnw. Wulerbury •1'hoDc S-H50S BOUGHT SOLD Coast-Td-Coast UMO. by The Hearat Corporation) ot into the hospital to see Howard Hughes ...And AnfT^a Green should be the next bride - she the bouquet from Dusty Anderson after her marriage to Jean Negulesco. Bent a Trailer and Do That Job Yourself: ORANGE TRAILER RENTAL SERVICE TBI.KI'HONK SnuriitiHik SIMM <1tn?r In i:nlnn Oily HiirilWttrK. Wide. REGISTER NOW KAt.I. TKKM IlKGINN SKIT. B Iln-lm-KM Adniliil«tniil(in, Arroaii ir. ,Si*f n-turlul. COLLEGE 24 Central Avc. Waterhurj WHITE FISH MARKET JOSKl'H CABRAL, Prop. 8 South Main St. Choicest selection of salt and fresh water fish at lowest prlcen. 10 Center St. Waterhury, Conn. ROYAU GOOD A POTERY Imported From Holland AUTOMOTIVE PARTS • For All Makes of Cars B-M MOTORS INC 80-82 SOCTH MAIN ST. Telephone 6441 Little Hof Brau 406 NORTH MAIN ST. "Al" and Vera Budrls, Prop*. Daily Luncheons, Dinners and A La Carte Menu Full TJquor License RODEO RA-MBLEJiS Here Friday, Saturday "IRISH" SHEEHAN Special Entertainment Thursday and Sunday Open Daily Until 1 A. M. Jack L.ail, Daily Mirror, NYC. I re-.Ld your piece nbiiut touijn tills morning. I »in't writ- Some wKitlrrTwere «» l »" d « B l ,° pruss amusement nvu .- iny bi lU account of the H«ed S oJ Outfy.the Goat, niu.-dc.-cr. *MK»r. ™^ "^ wnltenWMQul.-CMW m $ vount,' y^rs na a ix-portoi-. DutCi, ^ 1 pointocl out, had u voracious appotltfi for publicity. I wm-.c nmny -piL-CL-s" about him, so he was my r ri*'nd ' ' He ri-ll into step with me one day lo express his appreciation ot ;l stcry in which I hud ™Iorrod W him UB "».o most vlc.oua kllloi in the rottencsl section of the cily. _ -D-it was swell, lie enl.huxid. "An is dore anything I c' 1 " t]o for i' ou ''" I couldn't think of anythinR. "Do you want unybody bumped off?" . . I could think of nobody, -Do you wint anybody's Icpr hrokc?" . . No—no one T could bring to mind just ihun. Ho wnlkcd nlonir siler'.ly for sev- oni! minutes, then ho said: "You sure- run your business in ;i funny way!" Deserted Desks Romance is creating a serious pnib- lem in employment. United States Km- ploymenl Service interviewers say that women who would have left jobs a lew at a time to be married have stacked^up during the war. N'ow they're all rushing off to the altar at once, and who's going to do their filing'.' This means that there are plenty oi jobs open for the young newcomers, but employers are getting fussy. They want experi'enced people, or al least well trained ones. The stenographers and typists and bookkeepers have to be good, or the employer will continue to struggle along with a small staff, which he is used to. Apparently standards of workmanship, which slipped during the war because of the general labor shortage, are being pulled higher again. The bigger pay checks will Imvo to be earned. A firm in Toronto lias ordered 500.000 rabbits' foot from Adelaide, Australia, luck must be a profitable corninodi- i" Cana'da. ' ... Saw Frank-Madden, back from the KTO and at present on terminal leave. Frank, who has been in the air corps for several years looks well in his uniform, hut the 'local youth says that as soon as he can obtain'some civvies hu'll discard (ho khaki. —oOo— Charles J. Ferrarese, of Waterbnry but very well known locally was one of 22 candidates Kraduntinj? in special ceremonies Aug. S .from officers training school at Camp Leo, Virginia. The popular youth, who is a graduate ol Leavenworth 'High School, worked in Olson's Drug store on Church street, for a year prior to his entrance into the Army. —oOo— Our sincere thanks to the Washington Park Community Club, Waterbury, for an invite to their outing Saturday, August 10 at Schildgen's Grove.- . . The' International Association of Ice Cronm Manufacturers is looking ahead to tlio production of one billion gallons in 195;"). That gives them plenty of time to break down the statistics in terms of how 7n«ny little boys eating for how many hours to consume it all. Monk tin- MUIOT was quite another type. The Moult (Mhoi-t for nion- l«i\v,' hecuuso he hart urni* so long, his potent fists IUIIIR: down l»;low his knocs) nuvnr carried n weapon. Ho wus sliirlit, but packed n punch that would have Knocked down City Hall, no was a profosslonul— Liu." hniinoer ut Hlcltcy's Gardens out "Imck of the Yards," whcro tlio stocr-klllors and iile-stlcknrs anil tht^lr tflrls made merry, after their toils In the nhatolrs. Hlckey's sold whiskey for a nick «1 a shot, and every pliiw. It slopped over the class it ate a knot out of the bar. When the brawny bo- hunks who stood all day on plat forms shiKcrlnK cattle on the hca< With Kleilue-liainnicrH turned t< play, they were Ui tho mood, am when they loaded up on Hlckcy'; hooch, they plnyed ron|jh. Well Unit was when it was the Monlc' assignment to maUe them keep th( l>eace or throw them out In thi, middle of the car tracks. He could do It, too. and with minimum of violence. But one Sunday mni-nlnp as vat (InneliiiR my "eels on the ser ceanl's desk In the Stook Yard police station, to my surprise, n obu pic of harness-bulls brought him li charged with assault. It appeare he had -belted unconscious one Bl Max, In dnflight, right on Halste .Street-. "Aw," the Monk told me, "I jni wheeler the clunk one, I left ^hir have It beons I like him." That puzzled me a bit, and ho ex plained: •'Lsin' nljrht I stop Max a couple o' times In the Gardens — he's swlngli! 1 oil anodder hunky — It's over some .dame, lie ain't a. bad bird when lie's half-way sober. So I handle him gentle. "Well, dls mornln* I'm comln' from church, all dressed up In me blue suit, when who <lo I sec comln' at me, acrost de street, but Big Max. I see he's crocked on" he's Hiiick, oiicetpan' I knock him out fin under his hat" "Because you like him'•Sun-'. If 1 let 'I'" °I )1! " his kl|sst ' I> ' ,...'d called mi' sometliin 1 —an' I'd o' 'had to kill 'tin'." A press representative sends me Ihe following ilem: "j-liinl Stromburir. Jr., has asl Lew Parker, who will play the editor in -Front- Pat,'c" to lose L> pounds, to keep 'in character. First of all, I don't, believe a word of it. Tin: patunt purpose was to j,a'i the names of Strombci'S and Parker in print; thu.t he accomplished. The "ordRr-to-reduce" part is sland- unJ, one of the bromides on which to nanK a client's name. But I don't sec it in connection with an editor, to keep in character." 'I don't know that odilors, in life r fiction .have been particularly vped as thin. Some are and some i-o not. They have cnriueh work nd worries to hold their weight own, but many seem to thrive and xpand. The editor in the original stage , /crsion was thin, and pprhaps that .. in the mind of Mr. StromberR. x don't know anything about Mr. Barker's shape or how much o 15- jound shrinking would help him ook the part. But, I have been an editor here and there, myself and, vhllo I have had some surprises, I can't remember that I was ever ordered to KO on a diet. I huve workctl around the clock many a time, but I dori't think the Durpose was to mnkc me.lighter. T. mve lost as muoh u.s live pounds iryinK to lead-pencil some sense into a clumsy job of writing, but I gained It back-with the next bright, succinct, tiffht story. If tho press agent, Mr. Stromberg-, Mr. Parker or Messrs. Hcoht and MacArthur.the authors, will enlighten me oh why an editor must have a 28-inch waist, I'll gladly let the world know. Until then, I shall not cut down on beer or butter. Where work and worries wither,.. fun®and freedom flourish! . . "So, as .he comes fop me, I swtnfi Reported Romancing — Mar : , » Montez'H kid sister, Con»iieli», c.x- pcctcd to wed Kenneth Carter, Los AiiRClcs society boy next month.. . Thelmu. Carpenter, chanter for Eddie Cantor and Garlnnd Wilson, accompanist Dr. Sidney Senfrld, psychiatrist, and Kit Hyde, model., Mulvih Wald, film-writer, and Sylvia Fluh, ex-model of Brooklyn.-.. Suzanne Mulligan, whose dnd owns hotels lind J:iy Faxon, whose family owns copper mines Djin Toppins; and his beauteous hrlde, concentrated In each other, lumd in hand, eye to nyc Lynn HoRan, of tlio .Carnival and Nat. Karson Carl Lesserman and his ex-wife.. Dr. Gregory, Zllhoorf,.. psychoanalyst, will wed his .research assistant, Margaret Stone; he's 52, she's 28.'. . Hello, Hollywood — Tom Gomez, after a tour with Maurice Evans' ".Hamlet," working:' in two films in one day — Columbia's "Johnny O'clock" and Mark Hellingcr's "Swell Guy," at Universal... MGM i's "pickfordizinp; Lana. Turner. Her plated and made into cuff-links, now normal, called "brownette" formerly known as "mud'dy blonde". .Joan Fontaine had her .wisdom teeth extracted. So, what-'do you guess she did with them, She had them gold- placd and made into' cuff-links, now proudly .worn by her husband; Wil- Jlanp Dozier:.. .Linda Darnell final- Imagine! T^'not only having enough ipace for your hobby ... but enough time left over from kitchen chores to enjoy it! Well, that's exactly what you do have in this latest "New Freedom Gas Kitchen" design ... with these three wonderful timesaving features: ••*'' New Freedom from "Pot Watching" thanks to the grandest, most automatic Gas range you ever saw. With a smokeless, quick-searing broiler .. . speed-demon top , burners . .. and an automatic clock control _, that goes on and off by itself — actually y . cooks a complete meal deliriously when i you're miles away! And that's just a "caste" 1 t of all the good things you get on your new . f Gas range built to "CP" standards! ^ New Freedom from market basket "blue*" . . . Y.OUT new, silent Gas refrigerator is arranged to store more foods. I« constant cold means they stay fresh longer. Economical too - because there arc no moving parts in the freezing system to break down or wear out! New Freedom from "tepid water troubles" - • • Just turn the tap and your new automatic Gas water-heater gives you hot water galore. Replaces the supply fast and economically enough for a new automatic dishwasher (and laundry)! Come in and let us help plan your " Freedom Gas Kitchen," today! THE WONDER FLAME THAT COOLS AS WH1 AS «ATS | .... . i * _ THE CoNNEcficuj®jjJ.iGHT & POWER Ca A BUSEraSS-MAX-AGED;..TAX-PAYTNQ COMPANY

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