Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 7, 1911 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1911
Page 5
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THE lOIiA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, DfiCEMBER 7, l! S^uction Cleaner Q You Kc herein declricSt. which weigh* but ten poundi of lixly. With thii ZtST Qeaner you can dean your thorougmy—better than have ever been able to do it the part—and there'll be ni duit. Inttcad of hard work you wiU £od houie-dean- iB^a pleasure. This is not cnly the'lightest deaner made, but it is efficient— simple—durable—guaranteed for one year. 4 Youcan find out foryout- lell—tenJ > potul today for s free tntl lc»t In your awa home without oce penny of ezpute. Cleaner complete $65.00 — For rent $2.00 day K. C. Ming & Supply Co. HEATERS All. SdUTS Cojippr r .:ick. Lava Tijiiied. Ue- flcctors—(Iro kinil Ihut savu threc- fonrths of your sas bill, Ttie kind that have ilrof.s i;uards to keep woinon 'is nnd children's clothes from catching Arc. Till- rimt have the i»/iot HgJit .90 voii nii 'il iKit Kcr.iU'h yoiir linnd. Coji! .S !()Vrs •.•t'.il Cd.if Kfovi -a with liM.s Uii\K-- —t') liui-u luilh co:il unil l'J:Kli:(TU>N oil. MKAIKKS .Iv.rt Uifn;: for friiiill bed rooms lola Fumiliirc Store EOi Ice, Cold Storage, Coal, Di§tille«l Water —FOR SAtE— iOlA ICE, COLD STORAGE & FUq^ CO. Phone 116 OF iOLA AND Ft. Scott KANS. DOH'T HURT A B! T—That is what our patrons say. We do the best Dental Wor\ at VM most reisonablt prlce>. Deforc liavinK v;>iir wmk d^jno by others cull iiiioii iis. We nra 111 our U -illarpi- oUic-s |-Vi :iiY TCirusOAV. Oflico h.ju:s: S U> h'umlaya JO »o 12. KvMiirgs 7 to 8 An Air-O-Lite Lamp woiild make a nice Christmas present COLE HARDWARE i§/Shsi Market Prioet^ for Hides snei Furs also fine%umpCoai FOR SAL^ AT "Best tin Eurtli'' —Tills is the verdict of R. J. Howell. Tracy O., who beugit Toley's Hooey and i'ar CDir.jiour .d for his wife. "Her case wi's the worst I have ever seen, iisd locked like a sure case cf roii- k-tiinpiinn. Her lungs were sore and alie couehed almost incessanily and !'.cr voice v,as hoarre and weak. Foley's Honey aad Tar Ccaapound >rou!r!it reiicC at onco and lees tban three Ltillles effected a complete cure." J. ]). Mundls & Co. II FEmORE ^SIIIIi'LE GflSES ILLUSTRATIONS OF XEED OF STS. TEMATIC CHABITY. Uare Yonr Gift* ULeiij When' IfoyM Klow Tfaeir Homa S'ext Toeadny. the Good iieople ol (he town, under the direction or thu Uoard of ChariUea, urn itiakluK ayMtematic plana to c «a> vaaa the wty next Tueaday to secure (-lothing, Turulture and aupplies for ihe poor. In Tueaday'a Regiater the •ilan was briefly outlined and today the Doard completed some of the arrangements for the work of Tueaday. ConveyaHces will pnaa along every street in the city to collect the donations housekeepers may wish to make, in order to laclUtate the work and cause no inconvenience to donors each conveyance will be accompanied by several smaU boya who will carry the bundles to the wacon. Their approacb nill be heralded by blasts from horns -:o that every one will know lust when to have the bundle of clothing ir whatever article they wish to give, in rcailine-ss. .Mrs. Clyde Perham and Mrs. Lvv.ia CoffleJd -wljl solicit the 'nislness houses around the square. Tiie list of indigent families Is crowing as the Board and their assistants visit the poorer neighlior- hoods. Some one has discovered, a family of Ave living In one room, with •me bod and a straw pallet as furniture, A pic'-e of sheet Iron laid over brieks and wnlled aliont with bricks, with a top of sheet Iron, was thi 'tove. Tljere were no facilities for 'ieepluB clean, not even a broom or a • 'lb. Tlie sn :alle8t child, a Blf' of 'our years, wss taken to the home'of V charitably inclined woman who pVo- • ided her with an outfit of warn: •lothing. One of the most dlBtresstng' casei' s that of an old couple who are frail >.nd have only n little while longer o live. Both are blind and iu very ipedy clrcumstanres. Surely it onp mew he had In any way contributed o the comfort of those Iwo old folk, be Christmas season's Joy would be ncreaaed. An example of heroic devotion is 'orni.shed by an aged grandmother, vho is doing all that she can to meet he needs nnd wants of two small grandchildren, nRed three and six • earlt-. respectively. The woman re- •enlly sn/fered the loss ot a lln»b so hat her Tlfe ot poverty is only one if her burdens. nernstoniilly one Bnds a "Iiome" vhere there arc'only a bed. a chair •nd a dry Roods tiox or sfmtlnr make- h\U for a table, ns furniture. In >ne pliicc the box did double duty •s a table nnd n rnplmard to enclose « small stork of dishes. So It win readily he seen that there s much neeJ of charity work here his winter. Xot that lol.i is an ex- •cption in tills way, for every com- uunliy has Its poor. If every- bouse teepcr In town will look over hor tock of stored-away garments, cast- i/r furniture, select thinus which can •e used and give them to the coUec- ors next Tuesday, a lot of people vill be made comforUble without any musual effort from anyone. Even the mallest (rift will be acceptable and he Board has sURgested that kltcher itenslls, china, knives, forks, towels nbs. brooms or any one of the thouai nd nnd one articles which are abso- utelv necc.s.sary to cleanliness- and omfcirt be included In the donations. Members of the Board of CharitleF rarmly approved the BeRlBter'a s«K -?stion that a Big Brothers' Band hf TKanlsed to make sure that Saute "»aus pays a visit to every child in 'ie town. Following the^suKsestlon f this paper a census will be taker nd a list prepared so that when the •leetlng is called it will be knowr •vartiy how many are to be provided for. The thing to remember Just now •'owever. is Donntion Day. Get your hine^ ready, and wiien you hear the nipll hoy blowing his horn, meet hin .'ith if at the front door— PUd he nnd •lo Board of Charities will do thr •est. nhi am! XATrRE'.-* WABXIXO rcojtle .Mnst Krrn^nbec Heed It. Kidney ills come mysteriously. But nat'iro always worns you. .Votice the kidney secretions. Kfo if the color Is unhealthy— If there are settlings and sediment Pa-ssages frequent, scanty, painful. It is time to use I)oan°s Khlne; IMlls. To ward olT serloua diseases. Hoan'B have done great work ii lola. Harry 0. Cott. 14 N. Fourth St.. oin. Kfl"*.. sa.vs: "My kidneys wen •ndly di-'ordered and I often .felt sf inorly that I was obliged to lay oR 'rom work. There was sediment Ir he kidney secretions and I an -oyed i>y their frequency In pas.sage. '^y bsrk arhed terribly and when I •tralchtened after stoopltig. I hat" hsrp jialna throughout my body. Thf •onfents of the f!r*t box of Doan't C^dney Pills belped me wonderfulb 'nd after I had used three bo^es. m? lalns ."Od oche<« <lisanpeared. Ther« >as not been the least recurrence o' ny trouble and I consider my cure ; •ermanent one." For pole hv all de'''er<!. Price "il'- •'os'er-MilbiJrn Co. PuTalo. .V. Y -ole agents for the ITnited StMss. Wemein»»r the name—Doan's—anr' •ake no other. Cnri ot Thanks. At this time when our hearts arr 'iroken •with sorrow. becQuse of thr 'o»R of our darling wife daughter am* ulster, we desire to exnress our sin-ere irratlfude fn our friends for their ••enaer •words of s^wnt^athv and alsr 'or •heir beautfrni floral Offerings nn. G. H. ORtEVE. MR. AND MRS. .1. O. w. HOWARD AND PAMIUES. MR. AND MRS. GEO. ORHSVE A.N7> FAMILIES. Always Hakes Good SegLstrr V.'ant Ads Get the BIi.' j "Toung" Lutr. the wrestler, left thif 'ftemnon for Colon .r. where tonlirtit win meet a wrestler of that city. •n-« match will be for b«st two falls out of three to a flnUh. •»I.>!.>IO.\.S BKITER TIIAX OLIVES VV Lensl That Is thr Ojilnten Ex- lirpNsed hj Veot. Ballry. Toiwka. Kus.. I>;a 7.—"Kat more persimmons and fewer, olives," advised Prof. I-^ II. tJ. Bailey of the University of Kansas In an address his evening before tlie State Horticultural Society, now In annual session here. "Persimmons are more nutritive and •• they are a home pro- iuct." To be sur«? I'rof. Bailey would have the pucker • carefully removed, which he says can be done by an arti- "Iclal ripening process, though he ad- nits the pucker helped him, as a boy, •p learn to whistle. "People should use rommon^scnse n the choice of fruits they eat," sold he speaker. "The thin person should Hold blackberries if be hopes to grow 'nt.and the person who would reduce lis Weight should eat other than the fleshy fruits, such'as bsn.tnas and 'pples. People should eat more fruit than they do. Tropical peoples live entirely on fruit and it makes them azy. Kansas people should eat it to 'teep down their natural over-abun- lance of nervous energy." Prof. Bailey alsq discussed the ef- Vct of cooking the different fruits ond heir comparative nutritive value raw ind cooked. He . said that people would enjoy better digestion If they would cuftlvate the habit of eating 'rults in the evenpgs. An Alarm at Mgfat —That strikes terror to the entire 'ousehdld Is the loud, hoarse and me- alllc cough or croup. No mistaking t. and fortunate then the lucky par- •nts who Keep Fojey's Honey and Tar "ompound on hand. H. W. Cassel•nan. Canton, N. Y; says: "It Is worth weight In gold. Our little children ire troubled with croup and hoarseness, and all we give them is Foley's loney and Tar Compound. I always 'ave n bottle of It In the house," J. D. \lundls & Co. lEXAS Sl'UI 'KIMCn E.\f.'Ll.S«.tf.\.\ I'hnught It Must Cnst a Beastly Lot to Kced Cuttle oh Cnke «nd I 'l'tir. San .\Dtonlo, Tex., l>ec. 7.—•'It is -ulRhiy queer, ilbn'l you know, how /ou people fatten youk^ cattle," said in Bi.Tll-''h tourist njiondlng n few weeks In the rlly. "In our locnl pa- .>er I SVC nearly every morning that ionie ciittlemnn baa penned a few housand steers nnd will fatten them m cake and pear. Just think of It; •okc nnd penrl , Why it :iiii .=!t cost a joastiy Int. "Ami yet I hepr the penile com;.lnlnlng< of the high cost of neat. How ran they e.vpiK -t the meat 0 be «Jipap when you fatten your cal- le on cake and pear? Why It is ab- ?urd. doyt you know."' Wht-ii li was explained that "pear" epresir.fed pritkly pear, a cactus rrowth that coivers the prairies of "?outhwest and tt'est Texas and is nuch relished ,Jjy cattle after the horns are burned off, and "cake" Is 1 cotton se?d meal that comes from he presses lii>big cakes and after- rards is groun^ Into meal, the Eng- ishman acknowledged^ that the Joke A-as on him. STAR DISTRIfT. Dec. 6.—S. M. Dfckerson and fAmlly, Miss nertrude Wilson and C. W. Matoon ate Thanksgiving turkey at Mra. '.t J. Dlckerson's In lola. Both the "RslKr man" and .the. "Rawley man'-' were canvassing tbta -'ection last week, as was a nuraery- Tian from Missouri. Our fine snow Is about gone, the warm sonAtnv of the past few days melting It rapidly. ' ' Mrs. Francis Pearson and children visited at & Diek«nion's Satnrday; Mid-Winter stock Distribution of Real Bargains! Big Bargain Selling Actional! Ready-to-Wear Department Bargains REVERSIBLE COATS— $13.00 values for r,4 Inch CARACUL COATe— ^ $15.00. values for 1^1 III CARACUL COATS with colored satin ^41% Tfl linings; SIS .OO values for..i ^IfcluU L.\D1ES' SKIRTS of best quality Panama ^4 |^fl l.'i .OO values for yOiwU LADIES' AND MISSES' SKIRTS of fancy QO mixtures; 15.00 values for... 0WlwO LAOIKS' AND MISSES' VOILE SivIUTS; nO $7.08 values I for . ^UlilU One-third Off on all Dancing Frobks! Onc-thirtJ Off on all Street Dresses One-third Off on all Fancy Sillcs! LADIES' SUITS— $20.00 values for . LADIES' SUITS— $25.00 and $30.00 values for. .$15.00 $18.50 Big Bargains in OiifMplinery Dept. This Bargain Sale is for little tots only! Sample Caps and Bonnets at less than cost. Note tlie prices: • - no INFANTS C.\PS in white .silk—worth up to 75c; sample price 125 Infants and Children's Bearskin and Fur Felt F.incy Caps and Bonnets; worth up to $l.5ft^ sample price, each r_ .25c ir Felt SOc ^icH, Reliable Furs A fur bought at the l^ew York Store is reliable, no matter what, the price. It is ^ rich in apearance and at all times is a source of satisfaction, to the wearer. Buying Furs is generally a matter of reliance. Few people know the actual difference in furs and their intrinsic values. For ten years we have sold furs wholly on the merits of each individual piece without misrepresentation and the steady consistent growth up to our present undisputed leadership is eloquent testimony that our goods and prices are right. BLACK. CONEY SETS—Large piiiow mufF and large sailor coIJar with tails, special price, only $4.98 FRENCH CONEY SETS—Large pillow muff and, f.havvl scarf collar—satin lined—.special price. .$8.50 GENUINE LYNX DYED OPOSSUM SETS—large pillow mijffs and shawl collar, trimmed with tails; price ^15.0O BLACK FOX SETTS—large pillow muff and whole skin scarf, fini.shed with large brush tail, siatin lined$25.00 JAP MINK SETS—Large flat muff and shawl collar, trimmed with tails; special . $l!3.50 RED FOX SETS—Large pillow muff and one animal scarf, satin lined and trimmed.with tails; special. .92S$.00 BLUE GOAT SETS—iisnally termed as blue wolf— larcc shawl collar and pillow muff; lined with good quality ' satin; .<;pecial $7.50 . WHITE ICELAND FUR SETS with extra large pillow muil am] large shawl collar. Special $20.00' Genuine Brook Mink Scarfs at Lynx Dyed and Sabltj Opossum Scarfs—trimmed with taiU | priced at »10.0& / Jap Mink, shawl collars with (ails and claws at.'.... .^T.SO ~i BlacU China Lynx Collar with tails at. .$3.98 • Erowfr Blended Muskrat, sailor collar, at $4.98 i evening. Word from Miss Kmcrson from Independence. Iowa, saying she will be home for the holidays is received with pleasure by her many friends. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Emerson entertained S. Dickerson and family and Mk?s Gertrude Wilson at dinner Sunday. * Mrs. Pearson and children called at C. li. Dlckerson's Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Emerson spent Monday in Colony the gupst of friends. Miss Lillle Payne visited at home over. Thanksgiving- Mrs. .tosle Emerson visited with Mrs. Anna Dickerson Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Harry Hay visited Star school one day last week. Miss Evaline Hay was a guest of Miss .Miller while her mother visited" the school. The Misses Payne were among the lola shoppers from here Saturday. Mrs. B. Dickerson visited Mrs. Emerson Tuesday. Miss Dorothea Dickerson was confined at honie Wednesday with a sore throat. Chas. Hay and wife have moved into the John West place recently vacated by Chester Culver. —^Without opiates or harmfu^ drugs of any kind Foley's Honey and Tar Compound stops coughs and cures colds. Do not accept any substitute. J. D. Mundls & Co. Cared In Her Own Home Town. Wichita Kas. Mrs. C. L. Gronnd.^ tells the wav for her fellow townsmen' to be cured of their kidney and bladr iler ailments, as .she w^s cured. "Some -r lime ago I suffered with Kidney trail* hie. I bad a severe pain In my back . and side and when I laid down it .seeined as if I could not straighten op.- Mother told m€l what good results my fattier was getting from Foley Kidney Pills, so I went to the drug store and got some and commenced taking them I began to get better very stxtn, ui8. how after taking two bottles the pidn- ; has left my back and side, and -I am : cured of all my kidney trouble." J. D, ~, Mundls & Co. Y' In. Jnsf Five Monfbs W V F TH S SAGE SULPHui^ HAIR REMEDV Grew a Fnll Gmvih of Hair onu Bald Head Here's (he Proof Mr, twB sr am* TiBis-wr teir tad bMB fcUlav aM aad SMUW fvtte thia. aadl Om t*s aC aiv bHd «u satlntf baU. ' ' aoMks w* Z vitar tow MOM 1 wMftKlr «3 It kM The bMhrlght of srety man. womnn and diild—• full* puaaxT faud of hair. U your balr la fallicg. if it is faU at daadntO, or It'ft Is faded or turning cnqrrlt la diaaaac^ and aiuMild be looked alter wttbout delay* V/TETH'S SAGB AND SULPHUR EIAIR REMEDY. Atfua Hair Tonic and .Restorer, remores dandruff in a ia«r dajra, stops hair fallinglln one week, and starts a nsw growth ; a month.' Wjr^'s Sags 'and Sulphur does not aoU the Skin nor' fniitro this lialr; but it to an ideal hair dressing that Will w'.-. 1SB»faded apafcatrta —fral aelas-and ksap Hi*; hair soft and glossy. SOcTand $1.00 a Bottle—At all DjruggMml or Beat Dlr «et. Express PrspeifdL Upoo SUftani «f ltt««ir«(M7. IMK ' W. EtAS,b Chem^ Companys ' A »• Caka ai'Wyctb's Sage asd ssspttax ToCct Soap Free to mnymm who via I ' flb CUa •dvactlsament with l pc In s ^.-irrt -•« ' > rover cost of wrappiaff aad —'-«n«j| g| Barren 's Braz Storv. lain.* Kas.

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