The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 20, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1977
Page 2
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PAOB 2-NAUOATUCK NKWS (CONN.). rmnAY. AUG DREW PEARSON • WASHINGTON MERRY-QO-ROUND Conference Drones On As Sides Are 'Chosen War- British General Harding, In Venezia Blasted LaOuordia To Washington And London; Separate Peace Commissions Are Loaded With Russian i stooges. ' Paris—(l.y win.'Irs.-O — Perhaps it has cuasuU to he nr-WH but,'even so, it can't hir omplmsi/.ed too often Hint tlHM W '-cHllcfl fc-Hftu Co.iten.nrc. is actually a choosing up of Mi,loM for anothLT war nnk-»s somrlhin- vital and electrifying in tho way oi 1 diploma^ steps in to prevent it, Kvcntf. nro movlnR with terrific , pnot l whllo thl ? conforonco movo» with humdrum slownoitB. In the R mmnn Stono of Onrmany twelve Metorlc* arc pourlmf out miml- r>n« for tho Rod army. In Cv.ocho- iS.,,. MOO.000,000 have boun up- , for munitions- all or a Btanclftrd lypc. Intorchangeablo with cither tho C/ooh> or thn Rod army Yugoslavia and Poland also ;,'« pouring out ntandardl/od m,s- ""Moa~U., this Poaon Contor- ,nco talks sonorously, of procndurn ami proHldBiUi.. Moan- whll", «l««. ' ho " ulc " nto ch ° '" rno Inn-i'l'. ""I 1 "" 4 ll " l ' C)1C m "" 8 ' ur.H head U oK-for tho next wftr. Tho llno-up of Rusiilftn wiiollltost never v M rl«». In all tho confurenco voting, from San Francisco through tho United Nations assembly In York to Paris today, Russia. only onco voted agalns In thn Kremlin, Thirt wn« when BolorunHlfi got Its slf.- ni.l.i orosiHCd. Russia can bo iibito- luioly i.uw of tho following voloi. on «vory rolloiill. como boll or high wntor; P-clorusslu, tho UKrnlno, j-olnnd. YuKOHlavla and Cs-.uohoHlci- vukla SiomatltniKi als" ruisslii nwlnK« tho votn or clofdnsoleHS Norway ' worried slrlt ovor Its nasy utriklnn distance from the Hod A 'rtin' llnn-up on the other side vnrlmi. It In significant that tho IirltlHh Domlnlonn frctiiumtly do- nrl't Knuland. This proves thorn n Some HAMILTON Watches Have Arrived! {Tot many — hub notno, K. n o n K h to hold fTth n promloo nf moro on the'way. [f you've hooii wnlti'iiK I0r • * Hamilton— it rnivy ho horo now, They're inorn bonuli- ful thnri dvcr nnd us fln» im only Hnmilton cnn mnko them. PIERPONT'S Iflft HANK STllfiKT .•ual Democracy In the British 13m- mre Australia nnd New Zealand votes more than half the time uKdlnst EnRlnnd; Canada about 50- C>0 South Africa and India are fro'fiuently aligned with EnRlantl, though not always. Tho moat (orthrlRht leaders of tho cinti-Sovlct bloc arc- Australia, tho Netherlands, Brazil nnd Bel*' Note — The most pathetic stitol- lltu In tho Soviet lineup is Jan Miimiryk Of Czechoslovakia, now nicknamed "Tho Prisoner of Zcn- da" Son or old President Tomas Mmuiryk, who founded the Cstccho- slovuk Republic In Pittsburgh in 1018 under tho godfathorshnp of Woodrow Wilson. Jan Manaryk'3 M.vmpathluM arc nil with tho United States and Britain. But with Mlii country solidly surrounded by YUistila, lie votes consistently with tho Russian bloc, I,r Gum-din Accused of Snooping It lnn't bnlnj,- advertised but Mout. Gc;n. Sir John Hsirdlnff. Commander nf Alllod Forces In Vone'/.lu Olulla, has sent !i hot cable to the Whcltc House and the British For- filKn Olllco against dynamic ex- Mayor r,aGuai-dla of Now York, accusing the fiery Florcllo of MnnripliiK In Trieste. Gem-ra.1 Hard- InK drmandod that tho White House and tho British crack down on La- Guui'dln and prveont him from Hlandorlnjc -thd American and British troops in Trieste. In fact, Gon- oral [fardlnK even threatened hln runlKniUlon unless he sot full sup- pfii't. As a result tho British, which have uomc jurisdiction over I^iGuardla because UNRRA Is In- trirnntlonal, snnt Now York's former Mayor an appeal to pfl>c' down. Apparently It did no Kood, how- ovur. Tt wan after receiving the London appeal that Florcllo bonat- od that 23 x (10 'l New York cops could rU-an up tho thlovlnf; in Tri- f:*tf!. r,aGuurdla previously had do- U S. To Sell Wartime Pipelines SALE to imturul BUS producers of. the govornmcnt-lmllti Big ami Uttlu Inch" plp.'llm'.s from Lcftigvluw .ind B.:in.niont, TOXUH, to the highly HiduHtrliillxccI Now Vork-Nmv Jorsc.v-rcnnH.vlv.ui » reslori as Hhown on map is foreseen us thn producers put in their! bld«.\,Tho plix-llnCN were constructed during the w»r by the government, ut ;> cost of *H5.000.00<> for tho shipment of 800,0011,000 barrels of crude oil when enemy .submarine* disrupted coastal nhipplng. The natural gas would h<- used to mix with commercial manufactured gas, (Int). Finland, can 1 sit on tho Finnish treaty commission. However, two Russian stooges—the Ukraine and Belorussla—never declared war on Italy or any other enemy country. They were only recognized ' by United Nations at San Francisco. Yet they will sit on all treaty corn- missions <\nd no one on the Ameri- i:in delegation has had tho nerve to •ow with Mblotoff over this. Bar Russia From C<nnmlnsloii 2, Russia never declared war on Bulgaria until tho war was over. Thus, by her own rule, she could be bnrrcd from sitting on'tho Bulgarian treaty commission. What happened was, after Bulgaria sur- •enderod to the United States and Groat Britain, Russia found she was still at peace with Bulgaria. She Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 iniitldud that thu Anglo-American troops in Trieste prevent the whole- iiald dtmippearricu of UNRRA sup- plli's. Note - During tho war, F. D, R. promised I.aGuartlln 11 commission as brigadier general and the. 1 Job of helping t<> govern Italy but the Army brass hats blocked It-Apparently they flgiirud they could nov- or hunelli' tho IVroclouM little Flower. Rrltl.ih fTBncnil.'i now think their AmOrican colleague:! were right. KiisNlium Don't Miss A Trlt;k The ehliU' trouble with the Ameri- I can duIngiLtlon at thlu Peace Con- \ tnrcnct! is that It lets the opposing tmim taUo too many bases on balls and nlonl second too many times. Meanwhile, the RuslKans are on the umpire's nock, yelling themselves hciarso over every close decision. Tlmy don't miss a trick, If a bunt down thn llr'it-baso lino Is called a I'nul, tho F'tiiHMUin.M \vill aryuc until blue In tho face thn'. It was a fair ball, Finally, tho opposing vide f;cts tired of wrangling and arguing and (,'lves In. Thus. Illtlr by little, the Jlusslans have won yt> many minor points that the score Is already In their favor-- even before tho gamo really uels going good, Here arc a few Illustrations: 1. Very quietly Russia flacked tho ti'-piirnte peace commissions with so nuiny Soviet stooges that M'he will have thn dominant voice on each commission. Kach peace treaty will be studied by a separate commission and If Rimnlii control;* the commissions. It will report the kind of treaty Russia wants;. The lHjilon rnpnrts will be hoiirtl to rrvei-,10 In the full conference. 2. Molotol'f put. across a ruling that no Allied na'.lon which failed to declare war on an enemy nnllon can nit on the commission writing Hie treaty for that nation. Thus Bra/.ll, not having di<?lnnxl war on frlcndslilp ^ pito this, with the war over, she belatedly declared'wur solely to have an excuse for dictating the Bulgarian poace treaty today. If t'ho American delegation wanted to be ns disagreeable tis Molotoff, it could raise coin with tho Russians' right to sit on tho Bulgarian commission, But tho Americans remain pollts and sportsmanlike while the Russians yell to rattle the pitcher and argue with the umpire over every play In the game. Note—It may be that Jimmlc lOyrnes' gentlemanly sportsmanship will win out In tho end, but ur.- fortunatcly the smallcf nation:) — who had looked to the United States ns their great, champion — i'ear we may lose the game on strike and unfair decisions before web avc time to score anyruns. Big Potato Crops Are Expected In State Of Maine Prosque Isle, Me., Aug. 0--CUF' —Aroostook county potato grower.-say they fear that rain, if it comes, combined with the new Insecticide D-D-T may boost their crops DC- yond the limits of storage facilities Growers predict that there will be ample storage providing no more rain comes this week. Meanwhile, construction of new potato houses exceeds all other types or construction In iho county. And »«s .,*... .*„ i - ~ « V nAvfQ nfr tho Maine Agriculture, had boasted to the world o her cxP^ts at Uic^ R^ ^^ friendship with Bulgaria but ties hnrvost w , n ,, c botwccn 7d and *l million bushels, an all-tlmo high. Police Want Right Of Way For Their Vehicles New London. Aug. 9—fUP)—The general assembly is going to be urged to give police vehicles the snmc right" of way as fire engines and ambulances. A resolution to this effect has been adopted at the •14th annual convention oC the Connecticut State Police association. The convention ronleotrd its slate of officers, headed by Chief John B. Brennan of Stamford as president. (Copyright, 39-1G, by The Boll Syndicate, Inc.) It Is estimated that from 1930 to 10SO, the proportion of the population of persons under 20 years of World's Fair Grounds Have Rebirth For UN New York .(UP)— When the New York World's Fair, closed its doors In October, 1910, it was expected that Flushing Meadows would oncQ fr-iin revert to a swamp area over- own with weeds :ind thickets. , That is just about what happened But today, almost, six years later Flushing Meadows have new. life 'Thoy have new significance. They are Uhe site of the new Interim home cf the United Nations. Some 200 workmen are busy, trottlnfr the old fairgrounds ready for tihc meeting in September., of the UN's general assembly. The dcsolaion, the dccny. and .stubble of weedy arc disappearing. City Doiwles Building The main work is being done to '.he Now York City building, which "s being converted iixto on., auditorium. OITIciM-, lounges, committee rooms and cafeterias nlso are being built. 'The building has been donated In addition, the city, is spending to the United Nations by the city, mni-p t'han $2,000,000 to fix up the rounds and Improve the buildings. The improvements and landscaping are ' scheduled to be completed by the middle of August. And 11 visit to the grounds now discloses that Die UN home will be -i place of beauty. Extravagant flower beds,, are being planted, with the varieties including such popular beauties as petunias, marigolds and santolinas. In all, there will be 45,000 flowering plants and all will ho in full bloom when the general assembly convenes. Pool Becomes Garden The gardeners are concentrating their efforts in front of the former site of he Trylon ar.d Perisphcrc, the 'trade-marks" nf the IflSSMO World's Fair. There, the circular pool is being flllod to provide a warden 310 feet in diameter. Nearby is the New York City building, which is being converted into the auditorium. It is being divided into two parts. On the north side, an auditorium selling 2,500 persons is being constructed, The south side is being cut into moms' for conference and committee meetings. Not all the old fairgrounds is being restored, but the UN assembly headquarters takes in a sizable amount of the desolation. Chilean Town Smashed By Earthquake CHILE'S worst earthquake nlnoc 1022 virtUiilly wiped out tlic town of Copiapo, 425 mil™ north .of San- tuico Ruins of the town nre shown above Several persons were killed and hundred* were reported Injured At the Hume time, an earthquake and a tidal wave was smashing across the Caribbean Island. (Int) Extended Weather Boston, Aug. 9—(UP)—The temperature in' New England during 'lh'c"hcxt five days, from Saturday through -Wednesday, will average near .the .seasonal normal, very warm -and humid .weather Saturday, turning cooler Sunday. Cool Monday, but, rising temperatures Tuesday -and Wednesday. Some normals for this period arc Providence, 72; Boston and New Haven 71, Burlington 69, Nan- iuckct and Concord 68, Portland 67, -Presque Isle 65, Greenville 61, and Eastport 61. Scattered thunder showers Sunday and showers again about Wednesday with totals averaging between one-half and three-quarters of an inch. F'.vn states, Alabama. Florida, California, Iowa and Texas, limit 1 ™" ° r For A Snack, a Sandwich or a Full Meal, Try DUFFY'S Restaurant WATKlt STREET FULL LIQUOR LICENSE School Children Will Again Be Given Hot Lunches Hartford, Aug. 0—(UP)—The federal government-has allocated Connecticut nearly $363,000 -to provide Iiot lunchcB for public school children during the coming school year. And in addition the state is rc- | Vacuum Cleaners 5 J Ulcctricjil Specialists ? I AT } || SWAN'S | i i Tel, 2574 15 Church St. ccivinK $75,000 ns reimbursement for money wpenl in providing equipment to furnish the lunches. Last year more than 45.000 children wore served with hot lunches under the federal-sponsored project. NATIONALLY KNOWN Silverware 36 Pieces! $18- 95 Complete Service For 6 Service for 8 Available CCHNEERC ^CREDIT JEVm£RS«P '162 South Main St. — 4 3206 C.H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS Vor All Occnnlon* JfJLOWKHH TKI.KGTtAl'HEl) 1 EVKHVWllKUK MELBOURNE'S! PLOWER SHOP- 130 nCBBKR AVKNCK •*' T«l*phou« 6220 Styled to provide correct and charming backgrounds for your furniture. ,CS; N%S sJtaSf^ Guest At Opero WOOL BROADLOOM Fine prewar quality carpeting with a long wearing-, resilient all wool pile. Deep and luxurious underfoot. Assorted solid tones and figured patterns in colors that bring out the best in your furnishings, for complete coverage or room size rugs. Prices range from $5,10 to $12.50 per Square Yard. BROADLOOM CARPET at Naugatuck Store Only Stores Closed Mondays During August AMONG tho»o attending a npc<:- lul iMirformiuicn »t the Tiirld Oponi HOIIHO wero former ninyor of , Now York nnd currently UNURA Dlroctor General Fiorol- l<. 11. LuCunrdln .(If.fl), und:Coi(nt do llrrromoht, who wn.H-hls liost. (Intornntloiuil) Fu f. niture Co., inc 175-185 CHURCH STREET, NAUGATUCK 1760 WATERTOWN AVE. (OAKYfLLEinr Wqyside Store Open Thurs., Fri. and Sot. Evenings Until ;9.P.M. 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