Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 7, 1911 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1911
Page 4
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4 ^ THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 7,1911._ THE lOtA^ OMU BLlilSkh Th« Itfia Dally Record and 1 Index. He lola Dally TH£ BEGISTEB FUBLISHIX6 CO. Entered at the lola Postorflce aa Second- Clnsc Mattrr. Advertising Kates Made Known un AppU- catiun. SUBSCRIPT!</ N RATES. By Carrier in lola, Qa* City, Lanyon- viile, Conereto, LaHarpe and Satsett: One Week 10 cents One Month 44 cents One Venr : JS.OU BY MAIL: One Year. Insld .r t_> One Year, oulsld'" t .-umy j :t.'Jc TELEPHONES: BustnesR OUIw I* Society KejwrKT Job and Btadeo" l>P< Official Paper of City of lola. Official Paper City uf BassetL Official Paper of Allen County. CH.lIMtTEUI.STIf: 3f»R£PBESIiX- TAsTIOS. During the Second District controversy a few mohtlis ago ex-Congress- muii Scott vras loud in his demands for a primary, and when he was accused of having opposed the primary aystem of nominations at the time it was proposed to adopt that system he flenied. and insisted that he had from the very beginning favored the primary nominations. Now that he has won out in the Second Kansas district and rnurned to his original stall' of iiiind he devotes a column of space in his lola Rfgisicr to di'iiounct.' lh-> j.rin;: ry sys'i.'m :ii;il VITB! llie R<- pub'.lcr.ns to return lo tl-.o oU! cunvc;- lion s,vs;em. .S;!» h hyiiov,r;?y ;inJ i;i- i,onsiJ'< ii.-y us Is fuui u;r.!itu pTi)- •-•.r«'dsi'.<- Ui-publiii;:is —Ft. Scott Tribune. And just such lyinj; misroprcsent::- tion as that is what hjis brought I 'pon the Fort Scott Tribuno t!;? conteir;-'. of all men who bcjjt->v<> in H 'lling t!i'- truth and ph-ying f;iJr. Th.' Ret;i.s ;iT lias not •'ui 'iiijuiuo:! pri.rary »jS- always KANS.IS IS .ILL RIGHT. You may have hrard that phrase before, the phrasr which appears at the head of tliis niiirlc, but it will not do you any h;irm to read it again Kansas is all right. Kansas 16 always, or nearly always, all right. Hut the immediate occasion of calling att<'ntion lo that fact Is Secretary Coburn's report of December B. It was frlghifully hot :iiid dry last June, ypu may nni'mbcr. and i;eurly everybody was sayiiin that we "woulr' n't raise anything," talking about th( "drouth"—which the siuuo Kansas never really had but one.,—and Indulging in other pessimistic observations. Well, here comes Old Man Coburn, (bless his heart) and informs a waiting and wondering world that the aggregate value of the farm i)roductf grown in Kansas this year, plus the value of thOjlivestocIt alive and well on the farms, is $534,SG0,000. That is to say if Uie value of what Kansas has grown out of the ground this "bad year," added to the value of the domestic animals on hand, could be divided among all the people there would be something like ?-iOO for every man, woman and child in lli< State.—and that would take care of us very comfortably, thank you. ' Of course Kansas has done better than that She did $5,000,000 bcue. last year. But that year broke th< record. She did »2 000,000 better thi-. year than sli^ did two years ago, and, that wasn't so bad a year. So Kansa.' is all right It must be admitted, though, tha' it Is the animals that have made it possible for this year to show up sr well. Our corn and wheat fell away $26,000,000 from last year, and othej crops were lighter. It is noticoablr though, that prices have maintained a level that has gone .far to make up for the shortage In .the yield. Corn for example, averaged cents P^T bushel, and that*, Brother Coburn says. Is the highest price it has commanded for 37 years. In fact there have been only tlve years in all ih" history of the state when the pric was higher. The price of wlirat (SC) was higher also, than any year between 1881 and 1909, 80 there is no complaint on that score. Incidentally we raised nearly $15,000,000 worth of kaffir-corn, and about $12,000,000 worth of oat«. nearly $20 000,000 worOtof tame hay and half that much wild hay. It is worth mentioning, also that the poultry, eggs'and butter reached the very respectable aggregate of $25,000,000. Kansas is all right. to "ro- >v. .-linf ;•;>•ii <;ii^ p:-i- ••|.;.' :--..'r (li.-.ittr !•; :t i!!:s iv;-l"d in .oplr will tern," nor iir>;ed turn to the oUl <•( it has i:,oin!''ii (••.u es in tl'.o ;.i I '.w.v} • inary s:.,-.t <ii5.- MA . (he I:: ' : i. > '.!• . ihe 1• • , ;'iul (flVr?" ii . ::••',< ii: Itcpill.; ' II, l;. ; ii;: atifd Ii.' ;.;» II;: • these p:iri(<-nl:ir.< i repudlitti- it. 'I'll.- cdiK.:- i .f dil.i |.;- j)or has alwavH (i'.,iotl for tln' prim i- of ilic prlm.-ir;. : 1 .n he•\>;.iits t'n' IirlncIpU- cHrri''!! oi;i I y j .ii • l;;)iies! law. The prlncijilf uf t';«' priif.ary •vould rich and poor an '•ttuii' .-ihow and would perinit no v(,i'' to l-o ;:isl in :i itarty rrl-iuiry Jjut by ia tiers of. tlKit larty. Th.' priiTipl not carried out by :i law wlii<h p*.i; the i >cnr iiiiin out of tli - niriniiis ai« nits the iioiuinaUon <:f UvpubUcun •andidatos into the lumds of Demo ^riits or otliiT non -U"iiut;lic;ius. e Cook feels eiii of pure atidwiiolesottie attract attention. It Is easy foi; a girl to believe pertain young man Is her affinity—un til after they are marreld.' aking ? APiire,Grape Cream ^/'Tartar Baking Powder Made from, Grapes In iiis feank artirle on the insidi workings of his adniijiislration I'res Ident Taft says that he eonsuUed S^'n ator LaFoI!''(te about the duty on I'a per and that the Wisconsin Senator •Aould not stand for a duty-so low as ?2. The duty was in consequence raised to $3.7.^. The President con suited Gifford Pincliol about the dut m hiumber and Mr. Pinchot oi>posji 1 duty below $2. President Taft do rided he would not sUrn a bill tha •laced the duty over ?1.25. ?i look is if some of our groat rcfcrniers vere really interested in prolccliU}.' special interests.—I^awronce Journal LaFoIlottc spent an hour with th 'resident arguing that the duty oi »rint paper ought to be six dollars ton, and he voted for a duty of S2.0( I thousand on lumber. Mr. Pinchot •.vent before the Committee on Way ind Means and argued that a high luty on lumber was essential lo th •)rcservation of our own forests. of State Journal: Prc.sid«nt Tafi' strength with the f^ople will be Im nirasurnbly increased by his able dr fense of the Sherman law. That law- Is as dear to most of them ns is th eonstifution, or the Declaration Independence. It is a declaration of their Independence from the ruthless heels of the monopolies. The people know that now that a large succes has been achieved in the enforcf^men of this law, big business of the un reasonable sort, and its friends ar^the ones that are foremost for th law's repeal. The Osawatomie Graphic suggests that the Republicans ought not to nominate a candidate for Congress j next year from Allen, Bourbon ci j Douglas counties, presumably as A LITTLE DANDERINE WILL MAKE YOUR HAIR LUSTROUS; SOFT, FLUFFY, ABUNDANT Get a 25 Cent Bottle Now and Forever Stop Falling Hair, Itching Scalp and Dandruff If you Wish to'Double the Beauty of your Hair in Ten Minutes surely Try a Danderine Hair Qeanse Your hair becomes light, wavy, fiufTy, abundant and appears as sofi, lu!:ti(u:s ami beautifiul ax a young pirl's aft -.T a D::i xicriu: hair cleanse. Just tn- »his~inoiili -;i a cluth with a little Danderine and carefully diaw it liirough your hair, taking one small strand at a time. This w ill cleanse the liair of dait, dirt and excessive oil and in just a few momenu you luve doubled the beauty of your hair. A delightful nirprise aVvaitj particularly those who luve been cireless, whose luiir has been neglected or h trra ^rn'i ladctl, dr)', brittle or thin. llviuKs l>eai:i:fyinu l!ie liair at once, Daiidcriiic I'isioKcs every |>ai1ide of dandruff; clcan.'cs, purities and inv!;;i)r- «tes the scalp, lorcvtr stoi'-inug itching and falling hair. Try as you wiil, tfter one applicaticm of • Cuderine yon cannot lind aiiy dandruff or a loc«e or falling hair, End your scalp will never,' itch, but v 'nl wili please you most will be adter a fe<v v.ceks* u:c xvhcn you will .actually sec new h:ur-lii.e and downy at first-j-yes—bin rcil'v i'?'v i,?.;r s;jrot:tirigaU ' pver jtlie tralp. J >;inJ '-ri:)c iiuJccs the hair -EriowiJ'MJg, l'r-jv\- r,.J iuxunant and »vc cau prove It. If you care for pretty, soft luir . and lots of it surely Rct a 2S «ccRt bot.-le of ' Knowhon's Danderiae from auy dnig)gist . or to^ couBicr, and juct uy it. penally upon iiins>< counties for giving; a iiKijorily ar.ainst .Mr. Onyer at the r(>c'iit tliciion. Wliy not extend the inhibition lo includ" Ai :il <rson rind .M;:iirii and Wyandotte? Tli. y also save adviTSi- majorities. Mr. Curtis of Kansas way eU-clcd pn -.-iident pro. torn, of the Senate y -'S- terday to s "-rvf one week during the absence of the Vice-President. Which may remind the Kansas politicians that John J. Ingalla" was elected president of the Senate the year before he was defeated for Senator in Kansas.— Kansas City Star. Which in its turn may serve as a reminder that the defeat of Ingalls was a thing tliat the people of Kansas have not been miKh given to bragging about. Had it occurred to you that you an; getting a good deal of pretty interesting news in the telegraph columns of the Register these days a good many hours before any other paper would pet It to you? Thero was the confcs- THK K.WS.VS L.\S (.rA <iK. Saiiie time ago Karry Kimp wrote a poi-in about Kansas concluding with "l''!Ui'r the wide-siiaced Kansas sky let me livi- and Ift m<' die." .Tlie au thorltles should duly consider thl hint that he and Mrs. I'pton Sinclai may be headed this way. —0— Secretary Coburn's lOil crop bulletin for Kansas shows a falling oft of $.".,000,000 from the banner yield of last year. Rut cheer up, there was *534,559,t;76 worth left, not bad for a "poor year." —0— The i)lan to publish the banns of all prospective weddings is a sort of i^eferendum of the purpose permitting any who wish to ol)joct, but tlie ini Uative will probably be left still to the young man. —0— ITpon learning of the flour merger in KansMs the Jonlin Globp exploded thus: Will .Mr. William Allen Whit.- bestow the accollade of his approval on this nine-million-dollar corpora tion? W'ill Senator Bristow, hastily concoalinj; his notions nbont individu alism. admit that it's all right sinc^ it hanpened in Kansas? Will Victor Murdock fuss and fume about it, or since thp headquar'iTS of the eorimra tion will hi' in Wich'l:i, will he no' Mon of Heattle, and the plea of guilty ( j,,^ indignation? —n— "Clieers Rend Air as Many t Cod," Is the Wichita Kacle's h<adlln' over the story of how l .ii". convert." wetit forward one night at the Sunday revival, making I,'><i3 to date. —n— Travc 'fnct In n ri'frlK <r;ttor car b fast fr<i;'iil, M.ortO dn -s.sed rabbit from-near Beverly, Kansas, will go tr Now York soon. That's one pr6diie Wall Street will never be able, to cor ner. I Hutchinson News: Prof. Hnwortl ^ , . ^ I points out that we should have pre «ome time ago that he thought there, <,^rved fftc natural gas in Kansas and Fhould be no revision of the tariff un- , Oklahoma instead of doing all our of the McNamaras, and the President's message, to mention only a few recent instances. Pardon us for call- lug your attention to At. Bi 'ing unable to find any vulnerable iioint In the President's message the Democrats in Congress complain that in making trusts the subject of hlj first message he is trying to sidetrack ' the tariff question. Have they forgot- j ten that the President served notice til the Tariff Board made its report? A Ilolton man remarked with a good deal of pride that he saved tobacco tags enough to get his wife a fine rocker. His wife has it figured out that with the money he spent on the tobacco ho could have purchased a new bedroom suite, a range for the kitchen a parlor table and rugs each for the living room and hall. What a ^beautiful, big. Iridescent balloon that was which Lincoln Steffins exhibited to an admiring nation the other day; and what a pitiable, "labby little bit of busted bladder It vas a day or two later when Judge '^ordwell finished punching holes in it! Mr. Gompers declared that until he their plea of guilty he fully be- "levetl the McXamaras to be innocent. Hut when asked whether, had he known ihrra to be guilty he would lave urged them to make a plea he romptly answered "NO." And that answer measures the size of Samael Gompers as i. good citizen. "Mr. Capper will come out for Taft vhen the lime comes." writes one of \Ir. Capper's editors. But in th'' meantime ihe Topekn Capital continues to come out for I.,aFolIette. worrying about the coal up in AlasUe —0— The Paola Spirit declares thsrt ev ery resident of this country has a % interest in the Panama canal. 1 costs Miami county people as tpucl every two years in State taxeg sis i cost them to dig the canal, and th' Spirit is tired of "digging." • • —fl~ Between the $19,000 in fees fo prosecuting liquor cases which-wi' go to the state officials and the 510. 000 gJiaranteed to Evar^elist Stjijdav Wichita approaches holiday time with a chastened spirit. —0— Mr.s. W. W. Cook of Junction City has discovered a liew usn for ' th- vacuum cleaner. She said: "I. us- my cl«"»ner for ridding my dog o fleas. He was covered with them. M" husband ran the end of the tnbe'ov-- his hair close to the skin. W^heii th fozz'o touched a f'ea he was aucke' in. When he got through there wr not a flea on th? dog." —n-' Iowa State College won the hlu ribbon for the champion short hor* rattle at the international liyesfo.e' show in Chicago. . Kansas Xgrfcul tnral College was the only I pthc school winning in the compefjltion. .T. A, Hood of W'infield. hasja con tract with the Douglas Tribute tha his subscription becomes due apd pa' able each vear with the flratr 'sno'- storm. In comolianec with tliat cor tract he mailed his chock to th* Tr bnne when the'first snow fell; thi year. ! HEFLECTIOXS OF A BACHELOR. Prom the .\ew York Press. Hope Is a promlsory note with poor Indorsements. A girl can learn to admire most any man unless he's her brother. A man changes a hundred dollu bill with an air as if it made two bun dred. Xo-matter how much a man loves wonmii lie has to learn from her how to express it to her. , A mother expects her boy to. become President of the United State^ because he carries a torch in a political parade. At a booster banquet at Independence the other night they built a University and half a dozen railroads. And Independence Is a dry town, too. bf S?n Quentin probably looks pretty ^ood, even if he never expects to see the butsido of it again, to A man who has been studying the anatomy of an eledtrlc chair for a few months. POI>TKD P.lR.iGR.lPHS. Prom the Chicago News. Practical Jokers are anything Joy makers. Judge not your neighbor tiijtjl y st.-nd in hlB shoes. ' ! ' Broken hcnds: 'ooB''nrd »iat«; partly football, partly "frats." A soft rpFwer w|M not turn* away an agent with something to IHC II. .4. woman's idea of making ja fifteen minnfe cn«l is to st.iy two h'iiirs. A girl I'kes fo be secretly!encagei' so that she can tell all her girlfidend? We can't all get rich ontcklv. Ir fact most of as can't g-;* rich slowly Only a man who is known to b" truthfal can tell a lie big enoQ |;ta to • •> •> •:• •> <• <• •> •;. .> .;. <. •> •:•.;. <' ST.tTE I'MVEKSITY AOTES • •> * •:• •;• •:• <..;. •> •> •:• •>.;. The medal for l)elng tiie best tifle shot in Kansas has gona to Theodore I tterl<aek, a l.awrence boy and soph oii.ore in the University. Ulterback won in the slioot at Kort Uiley last and the gold medal (rum the .N ' Kiflti Association pre tented to liiui this week. 1 he fact tlial prnctKji! men in bus in-rrt.s go to the collegeo lor young nie to lio thtiig.-: w.i.s iig .iin i.iiisiij.ted the oilitr day. when tiie eoit ;;t .-lifiio:! (-n gliieer ot the new.ligla and iiower plain at WIcliifa Wt'nt i,> tin- I'uiM'i . I;/ to get twenty yoiuig eiigln<Mis to iii.ike ll.e Html ollltit -nty 'I.'ie St(/ie lit Kan.saM lia.s ilnifted i'n <)tl:er <){ ilw University iirofcssor.'^ til do state work reiju 'riiig >-xpei- Iciiowledge. ProfeK .'<or II. .1. Daiton ot tlie de |iartment of radv.ay engineer ;ng. Is iieljiitig the slate utlHiie.s loui iiil.s ^'iun make a pliysii;:!! valii;iii<>n 'Of ilu; iallti)ad:i. it will take a yi -;r t finish the Job and Ptoto.:;-or Daitun' .salary will be paid l>y tin- llnivcrtiity ;n accordance wiili the same i-laiib \vliit-h nine otiier in'ofessurs are kepi .iiisy at .state work. Three parties started December Isl from the University of K ;;nsa3 to co i )perate with farmers and orchard j;rowers of the state and instruct then m orchard culture and management winter jtruning, spring .spraying, anci low to discover and destroy the Kan lose scale. The principal purpose o :lic e.\peditions, which are s" at out by ".he entomologist, is to eradicite thi:- uost serious menace to Kansas or- t;hards. The bte. according fo Prof. .S. .1 Hunter of the ntite university, de servos just hair flic credit, for th Inimper crops of Kansas. At the re ?ent convention of t !;e State Bee Xeepers Assoclatiim tiie .stale ^nto •iiologist told of experiinent.s conduct ;d by the university In Kinney county where it was found the fie )d.<5 whic! 'lees frequented produred twice as •ii\!ch alfa'fa as fields in which there vere no b "es. The bees are essential 'n fertilizing field and orchard bios soms. Prof. Hunter says it is i ;n- )Ossible to raise melons, cu- Mimbors. tomatoes and .sqn-slies un their blossoms are visite<l by th' 'loney bee or some other flower-fre pienfing in.scct. "The honey i )rr >diiccd by the r.O.OOf •tands of I;pe- in Kansas is only e •mail Ifcm of tJieir real value to flu' ;tate," lie pay.=?. .ILL .ST031 .\riI .MLSERY KNDS. :»dlges(l»n, lli'tirlburn, (Jus and I )ys- {.('lisltt Will Uo in Five .Minutes. The question ns to liow long yo\i ire going to cuntlntie a sufforer from ndlge.stion, dy>i )i ;i -i;i or. <mt-of-(>rder ;tomacli is nieieiy a mailer ot how oon you begin taking seme Uiapep- sin. if your .stomach is lac 'King in digcs- ve power, why not help the stom- ich to do its work, not with drastic Jrugs, but a re-enforcement of diget- ive agents, such as are naturally at vork in the stomach. People with weak .stomachs should ake a little Diapep.sin occasionally ;nd there will be no more Indigestion, lo feeling like a lump of lead in the tomach, no heartburn, sour risings, ,as on stomach or belching of undi- strd food, headaches, dizziness or dck stomach, and besides, wliat you at will not feiuient and iioison ycur .reath with nauseous odors. .\11 these ymptoius resulting from a sour, oii- if -order stomach and dj-.spepsia :.rt ;enerally relieved In five minutes af- er taking a little Diapepsln. Go to your druggist and get a 'lO- :ent case of Pape's Diapepsin now md you will always go "to the table A'ith a hearty appetite, and what yon ^at will ta.ste good because your •tomach and intestines will be clean md fresh and you will know there •.re not going to be any more bad lights and miserable days for you. "hey freshen yoii and make you feel ike life is worth living. You have read much and thrilled at he Growing Goodm-ss of the World, lue to the installaticn of the paper towel, but did you "ever use one': Were you ever compelled to use them? A sheet of nev/spaper is absolutely as good. You dare not rub; you Just blot jthe water off your fact and hands with the infernal things. Anyone who has used a prinishop towel has no stomach for reforms that force him to dry his face with tis sue paper. It's so rotten that one day's whiskers will tear it to shreds. —Tf you ere troubled with chronic ;.•.^.'•tipatlon, fhe mild and gentle ef- ecf of Chtniberlaiu's Tablets makes hem especially suited to your case, "or sale by all dealers. The Allen County Pension Bear:! was in session here today .ind exun- ned several applicants. The members of the board are Dr. Jewell, of .Moran. Dr. Wilson, of Humboldt, and Dr. Christian of lola. . ,iA woman often does not no&x iviiat a cold day it is so long as she ' is bustling around the house. Bttt wl)en she sits down to her sewing and mending, she soon feels chilly. It is then she needs a Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater. Its quick, glowing heat warms up a room in next to no time. That is the beauty of a Perfeclion Smokeless Ofl Heater. It it p * always ready for use; you can carry it wherever you please; and you ^ light it only when you want it M The Perfeetioa Oil Heiier i* imokeleti and odorless — a patented atttomatie device intuies that It is teliabla. safe and economical — bums nine hours oo one fijlini;. Haiuliome, too —drums washed either in blue enamel or plain steel, with nickel trimmings. Ottkn mrrwbeft. or write for docripiin drcaUr to uy »tetet o( Stanilard Oil Company tlocorporated) fit' Mt' B iTffi NORTHRUP NATIONAL BANK iOL.\, K.\.\S.\S OVER FORTY YEARS OF UOASJRV.iriVE R.INKIXO I>' lOl.V Repository for the InMcd States, Si >(e of Kansas, and .Ulcn County OFF^UTRS: I.. L. NORTHRUP, President D. P. .NORTHRUP, 2nd V-Pres. F. A. NOl'.TilUlP, Vicc-Pre.-^ident .MEr>VI.N FKO.VK, Cashier. U. J. COFFKY. Afsistant Cashier CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000,00 Ii ' Paid oji Time RepOsMs Safety Deposit Ro.xcs for Rent • YOUR urSiXE.KS SOLICITED. I IWIIIMIiill • TIIOS. n. ROHLIS, P .-esident J. F. SCOTT, CtisIiJer: Alien Coisnty StateBaitk lOhA, I:ANSAS ^ ^ E.ST.VRLISHKD \ HVWilVM OF \ Ci;.\TUKY. Capital $30,000.00 Surplus $40,000.00 Deposits .$550,000.00 INTEREST P.\M) ON TI.HE 1)!I'0« ITS S.VFEIY DEPOSIT ROXE.S FOB REN'C lOLA STATE BANK WE L. E. Capital Stock $25,000.00 Surplus $12,500.00 . PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS nORVILLE, Pres. W. s. K.lUFJtfA.V, 2nd Vice Pres. J. H. C.V.«P»::LL , Cashier. A. W. BECK, Vice-Pres. F. 0. BEXSOX, Asst. Ca ^-Mer SAFETY REPOSi'T lOXt'S FOB BEXT. ELS.MORE. Saturday. .. ' : December 6.—.Mrs. -Nellie Lundgn n, Howard Hill and Lillle Mattson Idaho Falls, is visiting her sister ; were down from lAwrence speiii.i^Ing .Mrs. J. P. Decker. ': Thanksgiving with their folks. A. J. Darter, the Kiity telephoae i KImer Dahl Pete Martin and FVank man, was down from Strawn Wedncs- ; Donoho left last .Monday ftjr Floi^da (lay. ' v.liere they will sp4nd,.the winter. Bert Walson made a trip to lola; Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Krokstroin'are Saturday. 1 the proud parents of babybby. O. K. Donoho, who has been woik-, Mr. Colow who has'been here for ins in a butcher shop at Paola is now ; the last three weeks In the Interest of laying with his folks west ot tow:-., i tee Triple Tie Benefit- Association \V. c. Storms spent Thank.sgiving in ; h ft here last Monday for Stark' Kas. Klsmore. Miss Lucy Goyette is attending I 'ne Kansas City School of Pharmacy. Sae Visited 'home folks last week, retuin- ing to K. C. Monday morning. Miss Veima Shelly spent a few drys visiting her folks in lola. j W. T. Campbell was an lola \ -Miss Grace W^ood, oldest daughter of .Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wood and Mr. Geo. Unquist. were united Itt marriage at the home of the bride's parents Thursday, November 30th. Rev. Q. W. Bfakeblll officiated. The tqans rpuple.have the best wishes of'Els- luore and community. ' . No Man is Sire Than His Stomach A cfrcn,'! man ;.i strong nil over. K.> r.itn can be stronii who is su.Tt.nn^ from iveek si-j.ri.jch ^¥it!^ its CQnse<;ucnt i .idi .'e .tiuir^ or from siice ithcr d'.secco ol the stiimncb OMd iu Of'^ocistcd cv' i., «!-.Ich in:- pnirs dijctticfi nJiJ nutrition. For i thcbtumacli is Tvcal: or di^ca'cd tl:=re is a lo'in t!;c nutrition contained in loKci, -.vhi';!! is the roitr--; .1 n'd physio::! strength. WItci a man "Cocr.ii't .'..i jjiJ rit',!it," when he doesn't iiocp well, has n.j ;:ncnmiortab!o feclicj; iti llie storacch aftir catini!, ii ! ii »:'.i !id, nervou.*, irrlto&Is cat, lie !•> Ijjieji lac nutrition nccdcvi ti> make strcnglh. Ml m nod delctond> —Mr. Poultryman: When you sea our chickens moping wheezing, woUen-headed and rneezlng. we rec- mmend Conkey'S iRoup Remedy. For ! ale and guaranteed by Morris & \ Howard. Such s /.tan abov'a vse Zr. IKtrcc 's GoSden Hedle^tt Discovery. It carca t'fse ot the »totaL '>eH KASl other if vr^ans (>/ if:jo:>:!on Si ::1 i:. i, It c.tpl:bej tbc btood, Inyiiorsfca trio ll'te., t:'.' rr:;eA.'» i?£c tiaaeys, aoaetUits tlie BSf '.cs, .-•irf eo aXV-iO i. i..V -iiV// ^XO STmmGTH TO You CRn 't u.Tor-.l trv olcolunic u:idic-',»c -..r ^ TJVH OO*.!-..--! IJ.N, u.;t eveii (itoutits the ur^eitt_dealieir • l :;r ««'^«'^"nri printcnl on wroppc*. may thercr-y n i^.iie a I'n;* bir'it-r vn-.-.t^e.

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