Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 7, 1911 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1911
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY .REGISTER, THURSDAY EVE^NING, DECEMBER 7.1911. A whole'store full of Christmas Goods ready for you. Goods and prices like these demand immediate action. Already the throngs that fill the store daUy show that the spirit of Christmas is in the air. Assortments will never be more complete than they are now, and more value could not be crowded into the goods. Every item stands for the best in quahty and style at the price. New Scarfs, new Ribbons, all kinds of new Neckwear, new Jabots, new Jew elry. Furs, Hand Bags, Belts, Gloves—everything new in Christmas Novelties. Grand Theati'e Tonight Ulinery, Coats, Suits and Furs 113 EAST MADISON RIC 11.3 EAST MADISON m Mltfff VWHTM ?rfw PERSONiliS A post-card to the Ur '.iiislcr today contains this hpyocriliial staloRH 'nt: "Governor Stubbs and all his iitlirrs should have a f;uurd of soldii^r:; the lime so as lo make it sai 'o far them." Is it a bit of sarcasm oi- u warning? —Fn-d Howdfn, I't-ridd Decora I nr. Fbone 'SC. A Missouri court of aiiiicals has n'- versed a lowor court iliat award-d $2 .r )00 damages for aIi<-nation of affections to a wife wliose liiisband was won away by liis mother. In other words the court uplield llic ri^lit of the mother-in -law to K-I busy. —It will be lo your intcnst to buy your flour and feed of II. Klauniann. 2J0G S. Jeffers'on. V Phone 2.".!). The estate of Ihk late ICiiseiH' \Var<' amounted to $20ti.iHio, It was all l< It to membiTs of his family, his widow being allowMl to Irave any pan or ail that she may want. A son is named as executor. Tliis son is ICtii: -lu Ware jr., who m.'irried :i sister of Mrs. f.'. n. Silencer of this city. The younK folk live on a iiij; stock raiK in Clierykec count (ITS TI:K (iK<K !:irs HII.I. IN HALF: Cd$T LIVING n a iiij; si 'niniiii^ and —f. \\V. Mile hell. Fttperlng. I'lione M7. The Wichita Il>acoti slatis thai "K. (J. GroviT with Iv T. I list lehorsl and wlty, of lola, Kas,." liavr ac(|ulrid the Inter -'Sl of .Mr. Kiik<r in tJir iiti- deriakinK firm of Kirkir K- in that city. Ci-oviT was foriiK'rly v- partner of Ki sli>> Ciiiiipb'll of tiii;- city. —Our ciMiimerfial atubiliuii i.^ satisfied ciisloiiurs (•.lilt be (IcU 'icl. Once tried, nalisfied. That's all. llan- na & Harvey Hurry f|i .l<'weleis for In the lanpua^e of the t:'re<i urrV.- in, "Aw Wat 's de us«'!" Aft<-r all our oonservaiion of resourcfs and our HiRh Cost of Living worry and Trust and Tariff cussinc, li'^re roiii'.s Misv Ivy Cole of Denver, and hands in<:r 3.000 dimes, which she had saved ii' tips In two y^ars while wiuiiTiR on table, to a dealer for a ?l<ii) fur coat —Don't forget th.e Salvation Army Free Christmas Dinner Kffort. Chanute is lanK-ntinc iliat ir v.-iii have no chance to dec'ib- :h-- football supremacy left in doubt by the fac; that the Ohaaute hish scbool tr".-. ami the Humboldt hiah school l <-ani each won onn jrame by tin* scnr" o;' 8 to 0. Some of the t^lav prs are back in thiir school -.vork. i' is said, and no post-season Kan)e w.'j be permitted. AN IMPORTANT I R. RULIN6 'ri :e Inlersialo Conimerc-e Coniniission liroiidens Us Jurisdiction I —(MirMnas Spi'nccr's. Postal?; '»P dozen tit Attorney General Dawsn-i t,-,;,: ih'- State Temperance I'nion that, v.'iil' the state had been rid of ojien saloons, It had not bivii rid of ;ii)|'eiit' = for b0O7,e and that liduor shipper' in from Missouri made a drink-r juFi as drunk as booze boucht ovi.-r ii bar. The B0ci"tv elect <'d o (Tir -«>r* for t'>< year as follows: W. \V. .Mills, president: Thomas Page and Uev. Robert Xorris, vjce-presldctits: Mrs, I. A King, secretary; F. D. roburn. treasurer, all of Toj)eka, and' liKht district vice -presldenlK. —Harlow .Ml r<-. f'o';. stor" is a!way • crowiletl. Yon can rave from one-lbird to |ini>-!ia !r en n<;<)<l up-to- date nierchanjlisc. A bowlInK .ieuiii conipo.sed of Mar' vin Cuiniiilnpi!, Thonii(i:i Cu'taiiiluutJ. AV. H nof >t. Waller Dcker and Dick . Busbgens, went to ates Center li-; • nlKht and defeated the i-aiii of ti at I city three psiities i>ut of (five. Tb<' ' ates Center team will come here for a series of return games iie.\t week. Mr. and Mrs. W. n. Burrows of Con creto are tiw parents of a girl born this daoming. \v York City, I 'l'C. 7.—Till- Hitusrl.ei-)).-.M :iii ;i 'i ( liib may bo n solution to the problem of the iiigh K'OS! of 'I 'lie iiiKanl /allnii is ^•o sl'i .pb- tl '.il It 1M- I asi ; ;.i .a ;iii .>':l In a:',, i ...i iiruiily .Mis i;li'i':|;iT llaligs ol liinnUlyn, .\ Y. h: llh- nriMtialiir of IIH ' .:rlii'iiii' v.liiili Ii wiiiliiiig out so s;illsfiu;!oi ily :i .Mis. Uiili!;: • "lull tlHTc ai"- : l.<'iiMi ilv .iy l'*il(lay Ii iii. iiMn i «i',i's In;- ;: llsi iif tin- tliilifs : lie watit.^ a 'lil Il ;.ii.;',s tlieii VI"-; ell iiijuUit ami Imy.i rvi-t yt liiii.', ;ii 'vholiMalr in,res. 'lli' j oiid. jin- ib-iivr.-i-i! at IHT liouii'. !i<'lilii-is iii tl ,i' dull I I'll t'li'. ;i'tl',' [irifiiiii'i., :ii|.| 'al;.' tl.eif lliltigs heli'i'. (By the A.ssoctated Press} V>'asliins;on, l/ti„. i. — rise lUier.sinte (•(uuuierce Coiiiuiis.ion today declared ii- iis .-umption oi'jiiri.-;diction over the practices of railroads, or railroads vinsti '.utini; .a through route "Af- r. .^ing the right of a shipper to the •:.ff and speedv transjiortation of his i.i :;;!ii.- T ;,e cicision given in a car shortage c ;:se in which the Missouri and 111- Coal Company complained of an .;!l .a;go e .^IabUshtd la^l winter by the Illinois Central Uailroad against movirnient of coal from thr I 'lims in it.s lines in Illinois to point:- iu .'ill. .-ouii. T:.. Cri'itiiir.'-ion holds tiiat an em- t;:.;;o ii 'r .y be jur^lified bccau .-e of liiv.viiii! in.-ibility of t'r.r- carrier tr lie.;! v.itii tiic triiffic wliicli over- vviii -ims it but an eiebargo placti: :--;:'.iii :l i: niiccting i-iiriii -rs becansi i:: iiiiir iailiiie pioiniiiiy to retiir: iMi.s i .s no! c:.n :i ;a ;inl with i!ie ;i'i- \!:i' wi.icli the caniers ale reiiuiiei: '.y la w lo give." COMMUNITY SEVER For Chriitmas! In j-'ivin;- a wi iii'-ii|) of ilie Wiiliiia irliiii'i l ..i.-k"l lal! I'iiiM ia cn 'i- 'iMiiiM Willi llie opi'Mim', of till' .\y- kali -a.'; ViiU-y llaski 't lliill \.<:<y.i" , tli.'i \.'i <liita Ileaioii disclo. IS !|ii- liiri i !iat j I 'liliiMt ;iiiil Walli :• (islmi iii', fniiiiiTJ lol.-i bfiys. who ai oio' time iilayi J on 'he lolii !ii";li SI lioo! li ".in. are play- i; i: f'lrwiuil:- for tlie Wiiliiia. im. \\:\\ s( I i'ir\(;i: iiKA»<ii'Ai!'i I:KS. Wheat Arreuiie Is Itcrfr.ceil. i::v i!if AssiK 'iui.ii ri -.:s( Vv'aahinglou. |)»<-. 7_Ylie govi rp t;;ini crop report toilay glvs tlie iic reage of winter wheal a.s L'i;!.oii. acres, compared wlih ;!2.r .4S .iiiiO acre: in I'lll. The condition of wjiiti i v.lie:il Is fixed at SCC, per c t.t. I(U,A tilHL.S AVKHK DDKIiATIin. The l.:>(' I' <J!rls Won from lol .t. IK lo '2, Lust .\iulii. in 1 •!!' \ 'it I : ! • 1 f ! I.. lUiiI 'T v,as 'rii'd (hi.^ mortiin;; polic' co;irl on the cliarg-- of dis- iiug tin- pi-i'i-e -..nil drunkcniies.^. .; fonad truiliy ami fia.d Jl .'i and ts. in d'-fauli of v>bich h" was com 'I .1 to jail. Hniiir is the nii'ii .'•i!) :i::id yi'.sti-rday ::f;irroon to t -s- al til • I'-ial of a iiiiiii charged WJIM 'iiiiti'! tie- proliiliiiory biw. but who tirialil' 11) do s.i li'(•ai:S'' of tint hi' \v;;.s i!i(oxi<atid. JLearn the Trulh AI»ont Coffw ^jr a change to POSTUM and better feeHugs "There's a Reason" 'I'lii- "i' <•'. .v. alii' <-.r.I Iliiv. Ii;if' 1 • ms will m •> ; tonii;lii lor .-: ;i s ^ cr. tii<' Itecor, .\!! !)r. I.. 1.. Amis r ''t-i:v ;r (l his- ii;-':'* n; '.•i^;:!;-SK \isi' of S' i r:!l ij; y = in Wichli .i. r ii^-tr- i-nd It. .M. Ciiitiiii:-- Irni r" (• iveil fn .m Kiins;;:; Ciiy li!". :--:.iri;ig a'l'v'' I'.-ir-s: n-.-.T f'lr-.ti-,-'- Civ riani! louring car. Mr;-. .1. \y. Fi;I !iT niiini.-'I v's- i-; e-'v fr .-i.-ii ri ,-uii ;t-- wb <;i' sill' lias I"- " visiting Mr. :inil Mrs IC. K .Myr..;. • A'f-ril Ii0< n r "ceivid here ti>:;, ''••t;ik (JiiiiltKr u (orimr loi.i It-i i' d'in;', vi;:r work on tin- football t. ,ia; of till- liiivirsity of Ciiicinnati. Card in r v ;;.K formi.rly :i i.n.mb'r of il:'- I'lia 1;! si-liool ; am and was a '-'lairl ii !ay,". Word was iiceived yi'Sl inlay bv Mrs. \V T. Sinil y thai I'r r iiii'f. lit- t!' si>'. I ii-yi :ir -.jld 11.-/.I IliiKsl.y. d.-iuglili r of Mr. iiiiil .Mrs. .1. ]'. lilai s- b V, 111 !; hnrg, 'ir;'., .iii il 'I'lr•.!'!!;.•. In r il .111 III liv lb' I'l .sii!! of si ili! ; T 'C '-iveil wllrll sill- f'"!l Into il Mil 111 b 'lilli .g .'. a: - r. \:r.- i: \^'. ^'y!l^ riiiirui'd last iii'.;li' from polllls it! till' iiorllnasl pan of tin- county \>lii-:<' she has beiii on busin. ss coiiiii.-ctid with tin- si.liools. Dispuhlii-s lec ntly told how a l-iw rince man has started In to give away a fiMiniie iif $111.11(111 to the Salvallo:) Ariiiv. ios.;ing coins on the drum nightly nt tln-ir meetings. I'niuikily for hint, the wife saw the slory and has taken legiil steps lo com|iel hliii to pay her a month alimony, as decrecti by the courts at the time they seiiarated, or go to jail. Fnd nigler. a wr'^tler from Solomon. Ktnsas and IJert Wright, a lUiit artist from Kansas City, are sch'd- UI'HI to meet tonight at the Grand theatre for a linish Ixmt. two falls in three. Blgler Is a well known, all- around athlete and is esiiecially good at wrestling. Wrig^ht lias shown his ability bv throwing many men much heavier than himself and has shown remarkable skill in several matches In this citv. The bout tonight will occur ifnmediately after the picture show. Uidics admitted free. T 'ii> Ciiit (lefe .Tt of l.":e ja a.on for lola i'l ba.sket ball \v;i:i sii.staiinil last iii .glit al Liillarpe wln-a the girls' 'ii of the lola high school lost In tlie Lalliirpi" girls by tin- scori- ol It; lo 2. 'liios;- who s:!w the gaii' n •ii ;i.ii- thai th" Io!a girls v.ere ihi best looUin.g. but that tiiey were some w.f;at i .'if.-^rior in tip:i'. work and also In size tl'.eir op; 'jiients. Also thi local girls acted 'oo ladyiike. ;in>: could not withst.-iiid the oi'.^laugiit (,1 the Lallarpe five. v.-Jio \is<jd roughev tactics. The lola !ive- did not make one lii-ld goal their two i.oints rr- .-•itltlng from free throws fo'niwing fouls by their opponents. Tiie rcore at the end of the first half w,-.i S to 1. and In the second half the bii|"r dose v.a- reneated. Tim 'i >!a girls want to get Use l.allarpe live on 11;-' Ti -.irt Iierr in the near future, whe.n *'nv pro "'••"fident they ci:; tiirii tin- 'ab!es on (hem. The silver plated -ware tiiat is guaranteed for fifty years. An ideal gift for your home. We have it in severjil different patterns. AL'o the Rogerri 1847, and tiie beautifid Widhico Sii'/er Plated Ill addition to , thc^v.' \vc have a large assori- mmi of the woi'ld famous Gorham Solid Silver in vai'iou.^^ patterns. Me ML BROS. The Jewelers After the Motion Picture I Show a Wrestling Matctf.fee tvv -een F. H. EiGLER and BERT WPJGHT Finish Match — Two Falls Out of Three Will wear full tights an i shii-ts. ICither ci-Mif.-laia .nTn-i :^ to thro.v :i:iy local man ii; !."> iiiiaute:s or forfeit ?:o. Admission. 25; Ladies Free —Have you been to the liig Quitting l!t,i.-ine .=;s Sale now on at tiio Ilariow ill re. Co. store? If you h,"ven't. yoii .1- iiii .vsi 'il some big bargains. -H'-. Hull. HMfro;):illi. !'I«MI»'« - -Vv'iiat would he more aiipropri.T:., • a Cliristiins pniscnt—notiiing itn- dcr the sun—than a fine Photo of tlio .;.;i;st auil most up-to-date style.— llui'fman Studio. j Royal Standard Typewriter Tlie .Vetv .>Iodel T, AT SJ.l.OO 1,'iis tin Two -cniuf ifibhon. Back::Ct r. 'ii'liiiiiitnr atni other modern Kiiicieiir.V and INirahliitf All oltitely (.'iiiiniiitced -ASK TO SIJK OXE- I'oloj- Kidney Pills. —Tonic in action, iiuick in rc^uM.^. V.'i'l cure any of kidney or blad- ilr- 'i!-(M -i ;cr not beyond tlie reach of lic-ne. No need to say more. ,1. D. .Mi.ndis i- Co. • Or. I,ii<T 31. llnll, O.Ntcojiatli. Tc;epiio:ies 120 and ttil. ! E. H. Bussing, Agent \orlhrup lUdg. lola, Kast. Phones .VSo'or dil - - • • - v .f —Vou will find that druggists every •.v ;.i .;c speak well of Cham'berlaln's Cough U'-medy. They know froni long e >.ip ;ipnce in the sale of it that in, ca.-os of coughs and colds it can al- w:vv.^ dcepiu'.f d iipcn, and that it is. pk'.x'-ant and safe to take. For sale by nl! dcalcrsr Mis'? Nell Tiitt of Kansas C'i'y. i.i xisi'ing In r sisl;r -Mr.^. Fnink Wood. ' ;. .• •. 1. : ^ • 7 T : . . ,.;:..;;sl; V.'i::; i ,.t ..f i';.v.i noW I^' .', I 1.1... .; •.1 i.i.; ; • c-M. ! DM ! .'m fiii |,i..- 'it'.. The''ne-W : • - • •. . I : In.'.... ',\ Iv. .U!l I U: .•.!;.••-.<of ilw I'otttlcsil . Mi .;:i'y .ir:.;..'! I ' . 1 , .iiiii::-' .••c.jii:;. i'aiir:;:>; .nil ;:rl cl ,'ii -scs . : 1 1 ,1' I."hi .'ini r; d ..).. ii ' i;ii i s . i ; . nil at .• I 'oniinai pricv-Nlrs 1,. il. i'. n -.'n.oi;. ill I 'l ::.<• I'uiiiral lOiualiiy ociaiion of .N'l'W \i.i;: Cll;. I., in-il . :'i ..• t,i- i'.; i i- • v.iili a p.ililic r. ivpi lull. .Miid:iii.c .\o:.|if.. w'l' i :.i;''- : . I !'!i ov-.- M • \JS-::I .-(a .-s. • • :. ;.'ol:!,i;y li.!! I'i.'i r II'.T:; tie la lliirii'- .io.:r:i:'.l v.hen IMilor Uorin i .starts i.T to be n;-.-e. Here i^i a r.ic neighborly, kindly noiite in tbisJ , week':; issue: "Tiie lola Kc.!;i-ter of i last I' rveuing showed real news- .' T ••nterprise. The .-Vssociiitod ' • i 'ri-ss r"|'Oit of the cc^fessior. of the) I McNamaraa and their plea of guilty, '-.ire to th' p"per after niuch of tiK-j issue !nd bei;n run. The force Ini-i U'euii-lely ji rked ti.e .story up In 12- I'c.itit Kii'c I' the place '.-f the iir- toou on '!e first pag" ai.d ran o/T .TI . extra • edition, copies of wbidi weie delivered in I-allarpe ul 7: to." ; — Tl.i \V I' T. :,i C.a'.iy Co > Two Uocera. f.'iMil in Kri 1 ^''tWiij. (Jlij.-.- 1111. .!:s | "I lore money on every meal" cora- plained the I-nndlady. T - - "So do I," iisserlcd the Captious - ;«> .Mill •i;an up ••• l.:!:gai!i when i3o „rj(,, ' 'r';s ':,i''^;i :;i :';;:,'V;:'M;a;:;n .;r;;,!^^^ whereupon they g.ared at each otll. the llailrw .\ierc. ('(.'s. :,'ii:e. er for some momeots. Great Coffin Trick Most Hazardous and Dangerous Trick Performed on Any Stage! Buried Alive! BABY DOTTIE —^NEW SONGS RAG CHEWING CONTEST AH the Time! Don't Miss It! - Admission I^ids 5c; Adults IQc .Attention has been cal'ed to I lust range fad t.'iat I here are very few ;!;i|i 'lc::n:s for iltnographic pissitions III the government service althougli (he salaries paid for this work by the govi'i nment would .«eelil to be very iPHipifng. A stenographer Is reipilred to write but e.'giity word.s a minute n sliort hand to I'ai's the civil, service examination, and he usuiJIy .''tarts with a talary not under ItiOO jier annum. i-'rank Saner, .-.omeiime butcher in lola, later in Chanute and now of UartlesviUe is (pioted by the Enterprise a.' telling the Booster Club of Baitlesvillo that the trouble with Chanute was due to tiie fact that the town was "afflicted with tightwads." The state tax commission yesterday called a meeting of ail the county asses.sors of Kansas tojneet in Topeka December 19, for the,'purpose of conr sidcring such matters as will tend to secure a uniform valuation throughf out the state. Conferences of thl^ kind have heretofore been held in .lanuary. ' A Hoptcn wc.-nan, says Charlie Browne, went Into a butcher shop and n^kcd lo see a twenty-five pound piece of meat. The butcher cut off a chunk weighing that amount and asi{ pd her where she wanted it delivered. "Oh, I don't want to buy It," £aid she. "The doctor told Die I must reduce my weight tliat milch and I only want ed to sec bow much it would be." For Christinas!' You couldn't find anything in town so certain to d e 1 i g h t vour v .'ifo as this la- bar saving raachine. The HOOSIER h hu.ilt of solid oak with piu'e aluminum sani- tai-y sliding table; a big rust pi'oof metal flf>ui- bin and scoi'es of other e .Kclusivo conveniences. THE HOOSIER itAKES THE MODEL, KITCHEN. You combine hei- pantry, cupboard and table into one compact spot with the Hoosier. You save her one or two hours work each day and miles of steps. Pick out your cabinet—have it set aside now. You can pay for it a dollar a week. North Washington Ave. Your Credit Is Gootf 1 \4

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