Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 18, 1969 · Page 6
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 6

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 18, 1969
Page 6
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6—A THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS SATURDAY, JANUARY 18, 196D Dubois News 1^ A * . I - if rom Our Correspondents I Mr. and Mrs. Keil Sr., return- ] 5 • S ed home from the hospital one ! ^iit I llllllll t Mllllllllt lltllllll 11 HI t ttf lltlll II t till t If 11 f I If Ittt I tlllf It llMIICf llllltllllMllltl 111 11 llllllllttf III t III M lllil lilt MII t llUIIIIIli llllllllli^ day of last week Max Boczek w;>s a medical patient at Pincknoyville Hospital for a few clays, but returned home Friday. Chas. Parker Sr. is reported ill at this writing. Mr. and Mrs. Chris. Kilgore and family of Cherry Hill, New Jersey were weekend visitors at at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Ted Grabowski. Mrs. Marion Skabialk.i is il! and at Nashville Hospital. Mrs. Rosemary Leverault of Harrisburg, Pa., visited her parents Mr. and Mrs Ray Bowers. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Bowers and children of Rantoul visited his parents Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bowers. Mrs. Gertrude Ackermnn and jSt. Louis viisted'Mr. and Mrs. i Clarence Waldmar ! Mr. and Mrs. Paul Reidelber- ; gcr antl children of St. Louis visited his mother Mrs. Barbara • Reidelberger who is ill. I Miss Phyllis Bochantin of 3IU, J Carbondale, and Miss Donna Bochantin of Junior Collr ge of J Belleville were holiday guests ; at the home of their parents j Mr. and Mrs. Louis L. Bochan; tin. j Mrs. Ed Hoffman, Mrs. Leo Hollz, Mrs. Mike Konkel were guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Konkel and sons of Be Ueville Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence vis- ! ited with Mr. and Mrs. Jack ! Willis and family at Mt. Vernon FRANCIS FURNITURE 810 Dewey—1 Block North Of Park Avenue Church Mt. Vernon, III. Quality At The Most Reasonable Prices. daughter Mrs. JaeiDe Duggan of I la f r , „. ,. _ . '_. 1 Mrs. Arthur Pinskt and family and Mrs. Lester Johannes and Don visited her father Mrs. Ed Spotanski. Mr. and Mrs. Wally Waldman «nd family of Nashville visited Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Waldman. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Konkel visited Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ratajczh and son of Scneiler. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Pieszechal- ski and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Pie- szechalski attended the funeral of George Pieszeehalski of Granite City Saturday. . . . Mary Wisniewski, Cor. AN OPEN LETTER TO THE CITIZENS OF MT. VERNON Hello friends, my name is Jnck Sullivan, I am a candidate for mayor for the city of Mt. Vernon. Let's talk horse sense for the next few minutes. I won't spend a lot of time introducing myself because nearly everyone knows me, if you don't then ask your next door neighbor, they do. Another thing: I won't tell you what I am going to do If I am elected your mayor because a mayor can't do anything by himself. It takes three votes to get: a motion passed in our city council. I will tell you some of the things I will TRY to do If there are two more councilmen who agree with me and have the interest of the Mt. Vernon citizens at heart. Even though I am the owner of JACK'S HOME CLEANING SERVICE my employees will tell you that I work just as hard as they do, I know what It is to work hard as much as fifteen to eighteen hours a day. Therefore I believe it is time to have a working man as your mayor and not another white collar worker. One who understands the problems of the working man or woman and WILLING to help solve them. In my business I have been fortunate enough to know people who live on both sides of the railroad tracks and my office would be open TO ALL THE PEOPLE REGARDLESS OF RACE, SOCIAL POSITION OR THE SIZE OF THEIR POCKET BOOK. My main goal will be to stop TEMPORARILY of spending money on Mt. Vernon to make it beautiful, but instead make it a safer place to live. Some of our irresponsible youths and adults too, are making drag strips out of our city streets. Crossing Tenth street Is like playing Russian Roulette lately. Also East Broadway, 34th street and many others. Vandalism has gotten so bad a person doesn't know if their home will be intact if they leave it for any length of time. Burglary has reached an all time high in Mt. Vernon. I will try to put in effect what will be known as OPERATION SLOWDOWN. The Rend Lake Five Watters OB Club which has nearly sixty members have pledged their support to help patrol the streets and the city would only have to furnish gasoline for their mobile units. PLEASE DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND ME, I AM NOT CONDEMNING THE POLICE DEPARTMENT. Our City only has three police cars to cover the entire dry and any sensible person will admit that they can not be everywhere at once. Under my plan we would have from twenty to forty extra patrol cars, the cost would be less than the salary of two more policemen. These people will be given badges, not for the purpose of making an arrest but have the authority to stop cars and give them a warning ticket if necessary. When a person receives two warning tickets they will be facing charges. I will also ask the Judge to PROSECUTE NOT PROBATE. These speeders and vandals are a menace to the city, they also give ALL teenagers a bad name, which is far from the truth. I agree that the youth of Mt. Vernon needs an outlet for recreation. They need a legal drag strip and I believe I could get it for them in the near future without costing one red cent. Some of these fast drivers don't, even slow down in school speed scones. Are we going to let some child get killed before we put a stop to it? Now lets talk about progress of the city, Common sense will tell you that with the coming of Rend Lake, the college and super hi-ways, Mt. Vernon will grow no matter who is mayor, I think a good man is needed to head it in the right direction. All of these will attract new industries which is much needed here. If I am your mayor, (and I want to be), I will ask of any new industry wanting to locate here that they consider first in hiring people who maintain their home here but. have to work out of town to earn a living. Now about the city manager. I think it is an insult to the people of Mt. Vernon to hire someone from another city. We are known as THE KING CITY and a king has only the best, so has Mt. Vernon. We have the finest of Doctors, Lawyers, Electricians, Plumbers, Architects, Carpenters and skills of every trade. Also the best basketball teams in the state. Yet we don't have a man smart enough to run our city. I have been told that they always pick someone from out of town because he would remain neutral In all business deals. This is still a bigger insult. DO they mean that not one honest person is left in Mt. Vernon? I was born in this wonderful city and have spent my entire life here with the exception of my high school days in Shawneetown and three years in the Eleventh Infantry Band of the United States Army. Mt. Vernon is part of my life and I will never do anything to dishonor it. I am alone in this campaign, I am not affiliated with any councilman, political machines, nor do I have any backers (I would welcome some backing providing there are no strings attached). Please study this ad carefully because they cost a lot of money and I won't, print them as often as my fellow candidates probably will. If you agree that a-good safety program and civil defense are needed in Mt. Vernon then be sure and vote for... JACK SUtLIVAN CANDIDATE FOR MAYOR Primary Election February 25, 1969 (Pd. Pol. Adv.) DAHLGREN Those that called on Mrs. Ella Underwood Sunday afternoon were: Mr. and Mrs. Jim Willis, Ewing; Mr. and Mrs. Darre) Larkin and daughter Christy of Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Harris, Carbondale; Mr. .••nd Mrs. Earl Burkett, Keens, Don Underwood, Belleville; Harry Underwood, Bradley, 111.: Mrs. Maude Degenhart. and Mrs. Carrie Harrison, daughter Wilma of Dahlgren. Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Lowry of Cowden, III., has purchased the property owned by Henry Kennedy (the late Alva Trotter home) and plan on moving to Dahlgren in the near future. There is to be a Revival meeting at the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in the Fairfield Assn. two miles north and l 1 ^ miles east of Dahlgren, beginning Jan. 27th, at 7:30 each ovening. Evangelist Rev. Richard McCormick, Rev. Virgil Ban-, Pastor. Gilbert Karcher of Princeton, Ind., visited relatives in Dahlgren Sunday. Mrs. Nina Hampton of Kewanee, II.. was a guest of Mrs. Lucille Gray three days last week. Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Jines were Saturday afternoon guests of Mi-, and Mrs. Jr. Heil, in McLeansboro. R. W. Linder of Knnkakee spent the weekend here with friends. The revival meeting at the Methodist Church came 1o a close Sunday evening after a week. The Rev. Eugene Soamen of Boui'bonnais, 111., brought the message each evening. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kennedy and daughter Betty spent the day Sunday in New Athens, 111., visiting in the home of their daughter and famil Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Chrisman. Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Larkin and daughter Christy of Chicago were weekend guests in the home of Mrs. Maude Degcnhart. Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Dial who are employed in Manteno, 111., spent the weekend at their home here. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Burkett of Keens were Sunday dinner guests of Mi's.. Maude Degenhart. The Burkelts have just recently returned home from Arizona. . . . Mrs. Charlie Cross, Cor. BLUFORD Mrs. Flossie Middleton spent | the weekend with her granddaughter Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Bayer and family in Mt. Vernon, and attended church with them. On Sunday they visited with Mrs. Opal Greene in Waltonville and helped her celebrate her birthday. Mrs. Greene is Mrs. Middleton's daughter and mother of Mrs. Bayer. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Lyerla of \ Trenton visited with her parents Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Marlow. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Romoser of West Union spent Wednesday and Thursday of last week with his sister Mr. and Mrs. Fred Colwell. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Feathers and Mrs. Beulah Ashby attended the funeral of the ladies aunt Mrs. Lucy Williams in Carlinville last; Friday. Friends here have received word that Miss Carol Monoghan, a former resident, now of Springfield, 111., was one of eight young ladies there chosen to assist the wives of the new Illinois Statesmen who were inaugurated Monday. She is employed at the Armory there in Springfield. Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Bell have received word that their grandson Ricky Bell son of Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Bell of Yuma Arizona formerly all of Bluford is now in the Air Force and stationed at Lackland AFB, Texas. His wife is presently remaining at Yuma. Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Brown and son Randy spent Sunday at Carbondale with their daughter Becky. . . . Mrs. John Kovach, Cor. JUDGE SENTENCED ThififOuW'TM ONLY ST4.Y WiJh Ale, sj WQrhlWhvW*' S3.YS WiTh M& QWri 'iTif&OOD TfaT MY MOMMY Mddmy hSLVb L0TS0T GOOD JOE MARTIN INSURANCE AGENCY 244-2800 1110 Main f BELLE RIVE Mr. and Mrs. Vern Hamson spent the weekend in Effingham wilh her sister Mr. and Mrs. Everett Davenport. Mr. and Mrs. John Dooley and Mrs. Roy Cox of New Haven, spent Sunday with their brother Mr. and Mrs. Vern leal and sister Mr. and Mrs. AI Schelling. Mrs. Manda Capps and Mrs. noon they visited in Albion with their brother Mr. and Mrs. Wendall Ratcliff. Mrs. Scrivner and Mrs. Neal are sisters to Mr. Ratcliff and David is also the son of Mr. and Mrs. Scrivner. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle McReynolds spent the holidays in Sanford, Fla., with her daughter Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sefred and family. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Oathout spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ruth Campbell spent Monday j John Kerry and family. in Mt. Vernon on business Mrs. Marvin Wilkerson and son Scott of Dahlgren spent Monday with her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tucker. Mrs. Bob Johnson of Mt. Carmel visited her aunt Mrs. Ann Wilkey. They also visited their sister Mrs. Lovella McGhil and Mrs. Cora Lee Vault who are in the Good Samaritan Hospital. Sherman Short of Terre Haute, Ind. spent Friday with his sister-in-law and brother-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hampton. Mrs. Hallie Storment visited her nurse Mrs. Noma Starman, with seven of her friends at Hickory Nursing Home. Mr. and Mrs. David Scrivner of Charleston, Mr. and Mrs. Foster Scrivner and daughter, Andrea and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Neal spent Sunday in Belleville with their daughter Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cross and son Steve. Mrs. Cross is the former Carolyn Scrivner. In the after- Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Cross spent Sunday in McLeansboro with her mother Mrs. Julia Sneecl. Mrs. Guy McClure of McLeansboro spent the weekend with Mrs. Lorene Torr. Other Sunday visitors were Miss Genevieve Snodsmith, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Campbell of Mt. Vernon, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bctch- ell and Myron. Mrs. Irene Elliot of Dix spent Monday with her daughter Mr. and Mrs. John Kemp and family. . . . Ruby Winn, Cor. SHIP SINKS: fi MISSING CAGLIARI, Sardinia (AP) — A Panamanian-flag freighter with 21 men aboard sank Friday 40 miles south of Sardinia's southwest coast and six sailors were reported missing. Death Ends 1 College Revolt; Others Still On By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tlie death of its president brought peace to racially troubled Swarthmore College today and officials of the University of Minnesota restored order in an administration building damaged by students in a 24-hour sit-in. Still in turmoil, however, were San Francisco State College, where bombs came into play, and Brandeis University, where the campus communications center remained in the hands of 65 Negroes for the 10th day. Dr. Courtney Craig Smith, 52 died of a heart attack in his office at Swarthmore Thursday, a day after naming a faculty co*»- mittee to deal wilh Negro student demands for special racial privileges. Because of his death 40 members of the Afro-American Student Society ended a one-week sitdown in the college admissions office and called a moratorium on discussions. They said they had not given up their demands. President Malcolm C. Moos of the University of Minnesota said members of the Afro-American Action Committee and Students for a Democratic Society had caused $11,000 damage to furniture and records in an administration building which they had occupied Tuesday night and Wednesday. Moos appointed a fact-finding committee to determine responsibility for the damage as e first stop toward fixing possible punishment for Ihe student. At San Francisco State, where part of the faculty went on strike 10 days ago and the Black Students Union has been staging demonstrations for months, an unexploded time bomb was found Thursday near the office of President S. I. Hayakawa. A smoke bomb forced the evacuation of two campus buildings and police detained a coed for questioning. At Brandeis, 24 students who disrupted a classroom in a' deni- ontration of support for the Negro rebels in control of the communications building signed a letter of apology. The Negroes refused to budge from the communications center but the university restored campus communications by having telephone controls installed in another building. DEATH IN FOG EUREKA, 111. (AP) — Fred E. Leman, 73, of Roanoke, was killed Thursday in a two-car accident at a foggy intersection., TATE1P (AP) Judge Li Shih-lu, 41. of the district court at Kaohsiung in southwest Formosa, was sentenced today tc. eight, years in jail on graft charges. PEPSI COLA ANNOUNCES THIS WEEK'S JACK TOPS WINNERS Mrs. Vinson 3.00 Ivan Grant . 1-00 Dennis Prater 1.00 Mr. Juite 1.00 Gerald Watson 1.00 Lacie Roberts 10.00 Mrs. Quick 1.00 Mary Treat 3.00 Walter Manees 10.00 Mrs. Bowman 1.00 Roy McDonald -- 1.00 Ethel Dillow 1.00 R. Penrod 1.00 Mr. Keller 1.00 Walter Oyler 1.00 Mary Morgan 1.00 Donna Burnett 2.00 Debbie Mitchell 1.00 Scott Melvin 1.00 Loula Odle - 1.00 Joe Kobosobie 1.00 Florence Chesney 1.00 John Toss 1.00 Danny Swarf 1.00 Billie House ... 3.00 Sharon Barclay 1.00 John Evans 1.00 Matt Orloski 1.00 Frank Peterson 1.00 Pete Broski 1.00 Mrs. Andy Lawrence 1.00 Mary Beth Scott 1.00 Burl Muir 1.00 Greg Corzine 1.00 Danny Wright 1.00 Jerry Penrod 1.00 Jally Stout 1.00 Ken Atkinson 1.00 Mike Anderson 1.00 Buddy Beltz l.OO Jess Leper 1.00 Paul Matthews 1.00 Everett Carter 11.00 Debbie Mitchell 3.00 Joyce Gass 5.00 Jim Garris 1.00 Arthur Forehand 1.00 Judith Hill - 1 00 Fred Riddle - 1.00 John Fry 5.00 Louise Hornburger 1.00 Frank McGinnis 1.00 Willis Richard 1.00 Ricky Copeland 100 Geneva Williams 2.00 Wilma Hasting 100 James Barksdale 1.00 Mark Halkey 100 Toots Beggerstaff 1.00 Byron Vance -- 3.00 Glendrige Grocery 1.00 Ruth Howell 1.00 Loren Osborn 1.00 Bill Taylor 1.00 Bud Wilkerson 1.00 Felix Owen 1 -00 Lillian Martin 1.00 Enoch Stanevich 1.00 Ward Phillips •• 1.00 John Simmons 1.00 AI Raubach 1.00 Mrs. B. Summers 1.00 John Spontak 1.00 Frankie Gregg 1.00 Rufas Chaney 1.00 Jess Leper 2.00 Clyde Blythe 5.00 Louise Melton .' 2.00 Geneva Schroll 1.00 Jim Summers 1.00 David Lamply 1.00 Robert Webb 1.00 Danny Irwin 1.00 Jim McLaren 1.00 Bill Nicholson 1.00 Jim Knapper 1.00 Bill Reed 1.00 Wiley Hopson 1.00 Donald O'Guin 1.00 Carl Groves 3.00 Jerry Harper 1.00 Mildred Huffer 10.00, Troy Russell 1 00 Gene Blades 1 00 Jim Omahandro . 1-00 Fred Falimer -• 100 Barbara Morgan 15.00 Dean Matheny -- 1.00 Dale Duncan 5.00 Shelia Bloodworth 1.00 Richard Minor 10.00 Janice Meneese 1.00 Carolyn Mocoby 1.00 Richard Mitchell 1.00 James Stephens 1.00 Stanley Rohen 1.00 Wanda Kembeslin 1.00 Harold Rodgers 1.00 Marvin Schevitmen 1.00 David Brooks 1.00 Ruby Kruger .5.00 Bob Phillips 1.00 Robert Biggins 10.00 Alvin Beasley •- 1.00 Paul Knaith 1.00 Jack Johnson 2.00 James Stephen 1.00 Archie English 2.00 Oran Sauders 2.00 Howard Hall 1.00 Walter Horn 1.00 Missouri Morse 5.00 Mermit Store 2.00 Jim Dunning 5.00 Allan Johnson 1.00 Melfred Kruger 1.00 Russell Bruns 1.00 Delores Kell 4.00 Tim Monagan 1.00 Dave Ross 1.00 Teff Hilliard 1.00 Russ Jose 1.00 Tim Monaghan 1.00 Brenda Epplin 80.00 Opal Hill •• 1.00 Marge Kinman 6.00 Georgo Holland 1.00 Jam Blue 5.00 PLAY Your Next Bottle Of Pepsi-Cola Or Diet Pepsi-Cola Could Be Worth $500 "Pepsi-Cola" ami "Pepsi" are Registered Trademarks of PepsiCo., Inc. Bottled By Marion Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co., Marion, Illinois Under Appointment From Pepsi Co., Inc. New York, N.Y.

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