Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 7, 1911 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1911
Page 2
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^ DAILY REGISTER. THTOSDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 7,1911. IT'S NO TROUBLE to ahow Holiday Goods. Come early and as often ;is yoii like, even though you are not ready to buy. We Itnow yon will buy bofore Chr.stnias. One cannot resist the Kiiltable. beautiful gift.s u-e are i-howing. BURRELL'S ??^gE Ttie IU>.\iiII Store West Side of the Square tola club women arc usually ready to take up a plan which iirotniws to, benefit them In any way consistent j with the alpis of the lOrganlzation to which they I belong but the majority of them and their domestically In- oUned sistefs are .shockingly Indifferent oh the subject of e <iual sulTragc. J In CKnne-towns the women devote ev- • ery leisure moment to talking votes for women but here If a woman expresses a desire to vote and see her i feminine acquaintances do the, smo she gains as much notoriety as though she'had written a novel or concocted a new dish of left-ovtrs or something equally clever. lA .week or so Ago Mrs. Genevieve Cba'lkley and Miss Helen ICacher of j Lawrence came down to intf»rviow the ; club women; to see Just how they look | ed upon UiCj proposed invasion of ixili ' tics *b.v women and to estimate the j help they might expect from this por- i tion of the second district during the j Kansas campaign. They talked to' several chib 'vvomen who agreed to j try and interest their respective clubs ; is lo lecture; here in a few days an in Uie matter and rc-turned homo, they Ii.ive wriften to ask that (She b' Since then they have written lolans ncrsunded to talk on suffrage durin-' urging Uiat a meeting be called to or- h?r stay ln^re. ThoAVI C. T. T. whic! gqnize a suffrage league and have is to iivesent her lins expressed mor- promised tolcome an help sbirt thing."? . real imprest in suffrage limn any or if any assisinnee is needrd. How- ganization in t.iwn and they will n< et'cr all,theiclubs seem to be waitin? doulit a'range for a suffrai.v v.;lly. for.someone to lake ihp initiative and ii icmjiins to li' sp -n wlutiirr tit is quite e^idi/nt that there is very not Iota dors much tovartl h.'Ijnn' little interest in politics among .lola vii.Ii the famuali-n bat if an organ' women. yaiion ia fonnrd, if presnni cond. The American Woman's League tions ai,-c any inaicailon. tin- woin.- seems to,be more enthusiastic on the who favor ciiual suffrage will not I 'f subject than any other aggregation in „al in numlier Hio .si' wlio ar- indif town. They had a meeting Tuesday f.-nnt or wlui a)).olulcly opiiose tli afternoon and voted almost unanl- i,ioa of voiia for wonu n. mously to work energetically to inter est the public in voting for a 8uffrag(^ amendmi-nt to the state constitutiou ! next year, providing a suffrage club eomes inio b»'ing. Tiie Golden Link club is ratiicr In- differ:'nt nn Ihe subjeet. Mrs. Sioil- dard altehdod tlvlr meuting of Monday aft<'rnoon, left sonu- ilteraiurc which Mrs. Chalkley and Miss Kacbir fuiked her lo distribute and explained*' viowiiolni of ihi' Kuffragiiics SOJne of Ihe reasons for ilnir advo- ^•acyof the cause. TIK' club jaay possibly tJike an intei;csi in the IMUSI but if tlii-y do it will li.' brcaii^c IIKV have no serious objections to voten for women . rather than beraui'f thi'y are inspired by airirniutive convictions. The Unity club has been awfully *!• Th.' W. ('. T. r. h;;s received n eo' Ireijdti of coniinenls iipnii lii- Iceiur' "Ainerlcin Idea 'tt." wl.idi Mrs. A'i'I Zf'lincir, a Tiaile.niil leciiirer will at ilie .Meihoilisi cliurili Monday af h rnonii. .Mr:i. /eliner lei hires fo- ilie i;i(Ii'a<)i l)iire.'iii al cliitlauiiu.'i d'.'rliii: till- .(uninu 'r :nid on ilie iievcn- Of r;iKlon« Klie luiK li'clured liere ba^ :iiw ;i.vs liriiiiRlil nn Ijileresliiig nu'!" SlILe In liiT autlieiice. Mr^ Zelllie ivill t-lk in Ilie I'resl»yl( r'aii eliare' •-^anil:^;.- <\ 'iiill'.; ati:l v .lll be lionc pi'e.q; ;ii ;i ri ('•''il inn lo \v uivon Ilie r s' rnein:; l=a !urda;- aflernoon 'I'lie piitilje \i 'nviled to al! llie nvel incs SoTui' of tlie coinineiiis foliow To Wiinm It may concern: We. the Miiiist"r .5 Alliance of tli . " 1 un.» busy with Shakespeare and Ibsen City oC Sedaiia. take great pleasur thus far this season and the subject of in commending Mrs. K. C. Zehner 1' suffrage has not been discussed at all religious orcanizations. to ever: their meetings. Some of the broad- institntion that has for its purpose : est minded iwomen who belong seem civic, state or national reform in be to think their husbands ?an do all half of righteousness and the liflin- ihat Is required of their family to of needy humanity. Tier siiurriiy an help the Country run things. j magnetic; jiersonality win for her th Sorosis has shown no marked in- confidence of those who hear an' terest In sugge.stions to organize a know l;er. ICvery community wliic! suffrage club but they have not yet is able to secure her services ma- considered propositions made by Mrs. deem itself most forlunaie.—V >r- Chalkley and Miss Eacher. They liad Sincrrety, H. F. .Afj'.rlin, Secrotar- a meeting today and .Mrs. Stoddard Minist- rs" Aliance. Stdalia, Mo. expected lo attend if possible and jtre-' Her argument is unansvcrable sent tjjf" idea to them. Iier language chaste; her style fasc- The Current Kvents club seems to naling: IKT ihought beautiful. .She i be favorable to suffrage—favorable so highly entertaining her .-ludiener enough that most of the members will never lire.—John E. Crawford, Altor probably membersliip cards if a n( .v-ai-Law, Franklin Texa.<;. le.-gue is formed. "I know Mrs. Zrliner to be a tbot The Mothers' club wants tn tnlii- onchly v.-nrlliy wo j an. a fine speak' part in governing municipal and state and a very efficient work-T in <'ver affairs but no one is sufficiently ^n- good cause."--.Tohn P. St. John. E: terested to plan for immediate action Governor of Kansas. In the wijy of campaigiiinc. The club 5tr.^. A. C. Zehner, of Dallas, is or is just now very busy with charity of the n-o.^t gifted women nov.- !>• f «r -work, which is going lo do lots to- the milili'-. She i.s possessed nf ward making poor children happy, as bright mind, well trained, and sli • they should b>; at Christmas time, and an eloiii" ;it .>:i>eaker before ;iny sor well fed and well clothed the remain- of nn intelligcc: audi-nee. Wherevi der of the -winter. she speaks siie al .vays annicla :ind '•• The second district women who are stnicts large audi, iic ^s. .A ..s a woiii:' ^mi-HiaKlng (the suffrage campaign in of the highest order and gir^ (,! eli:r this districl have a great fleMi of f:''tb acter. we liave no liraini' r MICI I Jtt the eloquence of Mrs. Zehner who more impular woinai. tjiun .^•r.«. 7.\ We bi:y ;':.ten ?:ve!r r;-r -r.v- :c:v-c.-i -'at ve :•••!(;- sbould to wir.o;^: "ot ah:: r> t ;:e ui v and ti.' .eliag ti.;i that coiiiCS f :o:.; the \x :K =o <sl «n <:: ^•.)!!Ie •b•^l' R"<;J ""i il'e r;-;ai ,t a :.d effect fGii..WH the use of a :.y !!:!<• artiele. Plated ToUrt SfU Starling Toilet Sets •V; SEND FOR OUR CATAl^CTLE ?!.').0(l up *I1 .»I0 up STORE OPEN EVENINGS K«. E»^Jipif^ 'Vd IT. K. & T. Watch lospeeton. For the quickest results—The Register Want Column! ^U3S MARGUEWTE DRAPER. Washington, D. C, Doc. 7.— Uurlps the Chrlstuias holiday se 111- II i .i'iiu 11111 ilebuCtUtes wiil >«ii., b(.w 1.; sin .iefy in .vli.i lie tlie IMi);l j'n. iiil:i .lIliI all!:. el illtai.te I., :.;U:s .Miii);i:i 1 il" lre:,t <.n VIM. 1''. j.'i.'iper. \> lio \.i!! i..ake in'i' i\' I 'pilloil to I.e ill- ll(-li-:l ynling lie v.i;t lla^l' a i.ri I'l' lu'i' lioine lid rare i . tlial wlil fona llie lilllinii til iUif lllllll^alldH of lie.iillil roir;:.; lioiii i Inrlila and ::cii).>-s li. in -iMa cnuir.l •.: will add aIiU(> in l!. >i- iiaiiy cf lie (plii.- .i:. "..•per ( I;MI;:II:I r -il llie I illl oil ill leliil ( !• .Ml. .11 \\'.:-ln::|;!i'-. Oa > .nti'd a:; ,i ii.ililal*,:i•• ;-„;.iIi- 'i -ce ill- re !u'ni e II ! il-' I liillii -.'.uu I'IMI I'lillllliel-: 1 1 ( ;t .ifii;:;.; '-eai;t.\ 111' ire i -i ;.'. !i ". aM)ii one I ih in :i. r. I .;le (;•;!. i.-i iJ.aiji 1)1-1 ii: .1 -•! e.e..l. ' •. ' ' i ,L I'. Of ..Ci lit. ' 1 :^ illl ler.—G. C. ilankiu. Editor Tcxaii Christian .Advocate. The Sons and Iiaugliler.s of Jus '.ir had a business meeting and thea .n nail election of officers last nigh!, after *hich an oyster supper was serv.-:l. Officers who will serve during the on- ; suing year are: j President, Mrs. E. J. Wright: vie-; iresident, .1. 1.,. Harbaugli; past pres- j dent. Otto Masden: chaplain. Mrs.) M. Haller; secretary. Alma Manley: • •inancier. H. E.vJer; treasurer, Mrs. j 'L Eyler: conductor, Gertrude liadge- | 'ey; guard. K. H. .Malthivvs; pianist | Miss Eva Hall. J. L. Harbaugh, Phillip Heigele ind J. W. McCall were appointed If: ludil tlie books of llie past year, v The Violet cltib will be entevt.-.inei it the home of Mrs. C. F. Moore, 2S "outh Kentucky sin-et tomorrow afternoon. <• <• <' Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Mittleliach an "o give a party tonight for member )f the Original Wilis! club. •:• •:• V I^yal nrothers of llaiiders' Ciia 'ie" "lad a liusiness nueting last niv 'lit The club was orcani-ed a few evfi- •'igs aco at the hotnr' of .Mr. and Mrs N. Jones. Tlv Mnnte-/iniia el;:l) gM'.e .-s dinv •1 .M'-;<inir hall l.f;t I-IITF rtaii' Tig 111 - i -siial Piinil.'M rf i ;ir! frieniin Il •.v.i;: r ": '-iv.-iien diince-; Vll ilr- t]:'.ii uM ..I'l -r.; v.iib one • x(e| •TM V.-.- 1 r!>-' 111 ::•'.:] Ili-'ir giM---i •er-:: Mi ':<e'-, .\niia '.'i:;ie, s .A!- ••:iie. I ^iiby H"l !er. K <:-lyn Ha -^'o" •':iliilie Van llUikilk. I-Ml !:i Xirii. A' 1 ':i|ni ill. \'ir -;i !-;:'.-UVi)oil, (;i |ie \ii'-,- "".•ivjiir, .Mary .Vonlirun. .^ladf.e Joyce '-;iv :i iia.sseli, Cora Kb-in, Tre :iii Low 'rr:iiill<. Pearl Di-Havi-n. Ine?, Pot':! 'Jraee Marr, Harel ('toeK,. Il.i^e' Drake, Velma Sleeper, Kale Gey-r \glieK Cannnii. Kale Stnllh, Lucy Wll- son and l,<-tlle Woodin. The next dance will be given Tue.sday evening. i )r;cenilier nineteeiilll. V' .\ 'vf 1 -1 i:-!.'i -)r? :<vi\'^ f:-i <n :l'• Mr. 11. V. F vs, ::24 Soutli .'Iiii-'' .'-Irei.t :i i-liiisanl parly las' •ligj' which w;i=; a complete finl b:ii ny surpri .ce to :ill iiu -niber-- rf lii- faniil.v. A .fler tin- guests Iiai- il- re 'I i|i<-v :ii..'-s:'! IheniReivs w ;:i ras^i- ;':!i! games :i ;"l s -rved a l!:re- • ;aipper wliich l!ie ladle:; had irr^'I 'v provided. Eacii gi-e-:! eft a !c?l card for Mr. Fellow's i-ri .?eii' wi-rt Mr. and Mr.= Ma ;t !ie \vK .".nd d; 'taliti r, MT «. i^n'l .Mr.i '. ('. !-:;,.-liNrii. Vr. ::id 'J. iJi -ne- ".V- i:.!:::;'!!er. Mr. and Mrs. Warl•••••U:^- :!iv! .taapli' -r M-". end "ry. Mr.^. Kcr.f Wf li, .Mr .s. IJouton. Mr.". Mary F< liows, .Mi :-ses Grace ;ind Myr!e I'l ti -r .son. Messr.s Henry Fry, Foser Fi.'llows, Home.- Feljows and Earl Peterson. •:• • Miss Veda Moore for four years has been office ^girl for Dr. Exti-a large size black. IIEATHERBLOOM Petticoats Extra good quality. On sale Friday and Saturday $1.50 RAMSAYS Men's and Ladies' House Slippers Felt and leather Every color $1.00 up •.•Iniilian. will resign Iier position to- :iight. .\<;.\i Saturday she is to b- married uj Mr. P.iui lleaii. a forme; lola !iny now running i iiar -!.Vi;- ytcre in .\,"lii-aska, ;ind tlie youh; (•..)i !;,!e -.•.•ill l<ave at once for tli -ri' 1.' lionie. Tlie ^^;t!l ciub bad a deM -h'ful iy ii:f^!-ii'.;;| party yi-si-rUay afti-rnobi: al i!u ;;i!i Cli.ii.! \\h<n Ibe 'lays itf Mr;- y -two women were fi-]<>- 1" ! -.- • .leii yiir the club -i;;' I Lii !;.;ay ••^-Ifbr.ii'on. < -li braiilij, i.: •Ill- I- e:'/,'f ;:i !•> iieni -r of lliosr- viii 'lave I:.!.-; iil!-!Hl :'ys U\-\ January •-T. til .!ii !y ri ;::l % iinnlb-r i -:'3 -:y fa-i'iirrii: ilin.- - V 'ii> l-.-ve I'.aii birHKlays ihe liab' iif I ill- ye:ir. Ve .'--liT (Ia\- til'- li-i;:: ep ,1 :• ^'rv> •! ;i 'iniitiiiful stiniiev I- which fif'y wom< li s:it Tlie a .f leriioon was spent v.-iili Kiv .-ing a'li' In preparing gill p:ir (e';-, to b" di-.";!! Ill d l,j (liaritv nroieireK of the c'ab" Mrs X. F. Acres. Miss (Jraee Acre: and Mrs. Carl W. .\au were hostespc. of the Pri.seiji;; club yesi -rday af'cr linnti :;i til- \c -e.' re.sidelie". A li'tK' im i-!' |i-.. ii;. :nl.. n; were ii '-esni' ; rd Die-.- ,••• iili -eiy iniertainef' - :• d ..i:.i\ "iiii -r ,it -be close, o' :!:e ••:i(,( i;. •^lio:;'r r\ • • v-'l'r:-(;Iif r.=' club': i:;'v,i.r, •••.nj; ijii.-i- y. j 'erd .iy aflernoo: .-.I tlie iiiiui ' <-.f y>r':. diaries F Scotl Mrs. A. ;;. r :irii ..l-"ll and Mrs. Tu-C'• ;'S ':is:ir:-. In r.-idi 'irn to the inemlver ship rf i!: < ;i:l, Mrs. O. I. Giriipir Imii^e, ,Mr;-- !.. W >!a "b Try, :,ir<;.: P 0. Harmon. .Mr;; H. T. Evans and yf.rr 1. J Cr -li.!,--!' v-r. u'-iests. .At th< sii '-per bojir ;!;e ••oitetsrs were ei^f bv JTi-s Uut !i .Sent. Miss Helen Caiii' li-l! and >irs. 1. I. Camrbell in serving' •!• •> M :-R. r. i:. Spencer will be home tills afiirnnon from Lawrence wh^re she has be<in visiting relatives. •> * Miss Liliie Adams gave a party l^gt night for girls of the H. T. M. club The guests sewed on Christmas needlework and were served with a 3e- licioua supper later. * • * The Thursday afternoon whist club will not meet until after the holiday season, when It will be entertained by Mrs. J. A. Whetder. •:• •:• The young people's branch of the W. C. T. V. will have a meeting tonight at the W. C, T. ir. rest rooms; • •:• •:• A number of those who have an attlve membership In the Music club met at the home of Miss Florence Hobart yesterday afternoon to rehearse n chorus and other music for the Christmas program of December ISIh. The club chorus will alni?, "Thore were Shepherd «"_and there will Ite two trios, "ChrUtmas Bells," by UfU. J. O, Walker, Mrs. P. L. Woods and U\ft Josephine Riddle and "Holy Christmas night," by Lassen, sung by Miss Amy Merrill. Mrs. J.' Q. Walker and Mrs. O. T. I-aGrange. The club will have another rehearsal Saturday afternoon at three o 'clock at Mlaa Hobnrl's residence. 4 « « The choir of St. Timothy 's church will have a rehearsal of music for Sunday services at the home of Miss Bessie Tipton, corner of Walnut and Broadway, tonight. • • • Meetings of two' auxiliaries of St. Timothy's church "will occur tomorrow afternoon at the residence of Uev erend and Mrs. Nau 207 North Walnut street. At threj o'clock Daughters of the King will meet and at four o'clock the missionary auxiliary of the church will assemble. Mrs. E. C. Reynolds will read a paper on "Ahuska" at the latlir meeting. All members of lii" so.iiMy and other members of the cimrcb will be cordially welcomed. THE hmi IS BUSY Plans r».nu! ('hri>;fmns Cheer for De- stru'nir I'ntVrliiiiale. Captain M'-rris of ilie. lola brimeli of Ihe PI I v; ,1(111 Aiiny !>as sent out- many of ;'ie following appeals. Imr to .•lid in m.:1iii:g iJiis most de.K '-rvtnc cause a si :cce .=s, lli' i;--cis-ter r- ;ir :'ilF Iier' a crie-.- ,-.( M.e l .ni r: T ''i' Si'.aliiMi .\rn!}, 214 West .ila;!is'--n. K.:<.j;-? iieii Phone a;::. "Hear Fri'-nd: "In accer .!..rei' wiili our aiinna! I'lsloni fir providing Clirisitiea.-- f 'luer for t!.e iionr nf our <-iiy. -we .-ire "IriluilrMf l !ii': -.i -'r lo flirnisli a v.'e|| filled f ^.'iri -.mi .-l.'i li;mke: of i;iiiiil, .^iil»- stant'i'l foiai Id e-.ery wnrlliv i- .nv ••iiniiiy il! P !:•. K::<h l ::iske| will eun 'al'l II r!iif'.: :i or rna;it vvilli all li- P'(res'Vivi- ; !o .'"ipi 'Iy .-i r..niil\' of ii-.e. •11) lleM 7"- i,:--'':- I . will lie siilllej. ni fur lei ••'I 'l 'i I' !|i''V i" c'lv ("Mr;: 'fe and is li-l'l In-^f M''--- Cliri.;; "la.; .i,iii 's for tile iMifir (-!iilil ''-ii IIIMI Siitrl:^ (*l ;i\!s r.>r; .1. (-"or i; v.e s|i:ill re- iiliri' Lifts cf IDVM. c '::ii!i -8, friiii.'^ '•t'V. "';-l viar voii did will by lis for '''irl-Iiieis ; ml iniiiiv v.ere made b: p••v liv till- < fTnrl. Tiien tliere ]» oiii- f 'loliies Lepartmeiif every day bringing f-eii. women ;'nd cliildrea .-'Fkinf Tor cIo'h ''S. I>o not destroy the;:; b;i; let lis have them, wi- will give tli -'ai to the worthy. We gjive away over 60n garments this iiast year. "Donations may be sent either ir cash, toys or provisions to the above address. Let us assu:-e yon that your practical sympathy will bo greatly appreciated. If after ))aying all Christ mas expenses, there slioiild be any li:i' ance left it will be used for the wor'n in the city of lola, Kansas. "Thanking .vou in anticijialion vours for the Helpless. Captain E. W. Morris. "P. S. Friends who desire to Inlji •he Salvation Army are requesK-d le givf to no one. except they wear : -rd band on their cap which readK THE SALVATION AR.MY. and alsr our solicitor's badg" signed by Captain E. W. .Morris. .\T (;iMMJ .MONDAY MGIIT. •!;n v ..-*ler'>i Mt'lllons"'—>"('1ed. Clever and Finely Staged, Frederick Ti'onipson's prodiii:tioa o' •;i -ewv (,.r-«; Millions." .'-draniatira'iot if McCutcbeon's famous story, will !•' ;ie attraction at the Grand Monday :ilght, Dec. Mtb, presented by the same admirable cast that .introduceu he play to tl.c New York public when it ran for upwards of one year. Tiie story tells of the efforts ol Montgomery Brewster to sjiend a mil- Ion dollars left him by liis grand- faUjer. within a year, and prcser.-t complete secrecy regarding his ultimate object. He is not purniltted tc ?lve or gamble it away, nor is he permitted to endo-.v any. institution oi erect any permanent memorial. ThI; is made a condition under which hr inherits a fortune seven times as vast from an uncle w !io has conceived and lourlshed a bitter hatred for the grandfather. One cas? was flled In the district court today, a judgment secured by J. H. Campbell in justice court at N«HJ she Flails against R. S. Spencer for f200. ClirisbBas Voting Coitfest ——AT THE—— New Yorlc Store We will give FREE with every purchase.of 10c or over, one coupon, entitling the holder to cast a vote for his Favorite Church. The New York Store will donate the Tree the entire Electrical Display now on exhibition in the north \vindow to the church receiving the greatest number of votes. All coupons to be filled out and left at the Register office. Contest Closes Friday Deeeiolier 22nd, at 10 a. p. The Register will post the standing of each church from day to day. See North Window Display Tlie Wateli Ihe Ringi Any of that Jeweliy you intend bujang is here, as well as a choice collection of Table Silverware, Sterling and Plated Silver Novelties, suitable |or Christmas, wedding or birthday presents. Call and See Our Line GRAND THEATRE H. B. LeVAN, Manager Monday, December llth "The Immense Record-Breaking Success" ' I.oiils Kliiiliali and Ihe entire .Mi Impoiitan rroduction FI'.KDEKiC Tl!f!MIV()N'S Brewster's Millions Kxactly as presented for one year'; In New York Mo?t Thi'illing Yrtcht Scene Ever Put on th'e Stage Tile V .I 'M K.aK'orr.l.! ferf'-riiiance of The Play Kver Given! The III: Orliriuiil -Utructi 'ii: rriM-d by Kverj Hnniatic Critic in Hie Countrj. "A LAUGH AT EVERY TICK OF THIS CLOCK'' '.fp:SKRVi:i) SKATS NOW 0.\ SAXR r .'Iccs: Dre^s Clr. liil: i'aniuet iSKif); Hal. Clr.^ Bal. .lOc; (Sal.^ We Are Stiil Making Photos for Qirishi^ Nothing would be nicer to give your friends than J one of your Photos—^bearing our name—which signifies excellence. GlBS0N'S STU0IO 110 \. IVusblngton Arenne. Makers of Photos tbnt Flem —A Des Moines man baS an attack of muscular rheumatism in his shoulder. A friend advised bim to go to Hot Springs. That meant an expense of 1150.00 or more. He sought for a quicker and cheaper way to cure ft and found it In Chamberlain's Liniment. Three days after the first application of this liniment be was yirei\. For sale by all dealers. lOc to 40c at

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