The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 19, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1977
Page 5
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BEACON FALLS t. Thomnn Mtepntrlok, Telephone 43flS Democratic Committee Meets To Plan Election Crusaders Engage Naugatuck Grays Tonight At Athletic Pield, 6 P. M. A mcotlnR of thn Domocrrdlc Town committee will bo hold to nlpht, S p^ m., In Contoi 1 School, Thn moctlnV, which wax orl/,'lnnlly nchfidulocl for Monday of thld week, wHit postponed at that tlmo, when nil the members wore not Rblr to attend, Tonight';! mnntlnp will bo hold primarily to dlncunn lh« forthcom- Ins town nlcotlons, concnrnlnK pol- |cl«n and cnndldiitcH. All mombnrn of the oomrnlttno n,ro tirfjod to ftt- loml thin Imnortfint mnntlnt;. nilTUnN'Kn 1IOMF. Mr. find Mr«. JnmdH Shctlnr tmvn roturnnd to their home on Highland ftvemio, »fter n wcck'n visit In Wllllhmnport, I'onn/i. Spout.* Knjoy CnniplnR Trip An ovrrnltfht cannplnff trip nl Lonf: Meadow, wa» recently on- Joy«tl by flvo mnmbcni nf the Boa- con t''nll« Roy Scout troop, Thn hnyn were: Wlllliim Durrmchott,* Mnnnllld, Rlchnrd Koon/,, Mutyjnslk untl Gordon Thn hoy« pnMiioci tholr 1<I mile to«t by hiking to Lonjr Moiulow nnd thnlr fli'Ht cliin.i cooklnfj tout* hy cooklns; tholr own mo«l«. The next Scout mootlnK will he held tomorrow nl«ht nt 7:30 p, m, with liMwln Wnlclrop In chiirfro. Ilrnnnon Co, f>ofrjit(Hl In n recent tmrtbnll Kiimo, O'Con- ndl'M hall ti'iim celled out thn nli'oriK Ittimc 1 ! 1 O. BroriMon oom- puny tifSKrofmtlnn hy a ;;-£ ncorv. C'ni. l :i»lfr«i I'lity Tonljflil Tho Wt. Mlcl.aer.i CruwadorB will Crash Aids Cupid METAL SWINGS CHILDREN t'nr Indoor nr Outdoor I/N Special BEACON KfDDIK CKNTKR II GRAND STREET Wiitrrbury A .nOMANCK that bosun when John V. Apiiblu.sii, 71, mllllon- »Irc mombor of » pioneer Lou AiiRolos fumlly, WIIH hospitalized following an unto crush, rcwult- od In hi* miirrliiRe In Kl Fi\*o, Texas, to tlio nur.Ho who attended him, Shr Ift tho former Mrs, .,Iulli> Ann StundlMh Grunt, 29, X-rny technician, (Iiitormitlonal) ilny host to tho Naupatuck Grays it 0 p. m. this evening, when ihey cnRaRn the first place Pom- ;>OI'[UIK LoaRuo team In a twlllftht nt tho Athletic Field on 'lopus roncl, MnnaRcr Dominlck Ddunln announced today. Coach I-,oo Cody's charges will '10 out to make It three straight victories tonight, na thoy defeat- id St, Fruncls and 'the MIHvllle V A,, both of NaURatuck, in consuls curlier thin wook. Ray Wl»nlew»ki will prohably itart on tho mound for the local hoys, while the Grays will call on Rllly Sullivan. Many Shoe Workers In New England Are Idle Today Boston, AUK. 8— (UP)— About 20,- OOf of New 'England's 100,000 shoo woi-kcrs arc completely or partly Idle today — because of a shortage of hides and. leather. In a move to prevent more curtailments nnri shutdowns, manufac- turors Jolnert with conpronsmen to ask the government to free, raw materials. Reports concerning: the crisis arn comlnp In dally from the ruplon's shoo centers. Chester Eaton, Si 1 . — _ _ president of a Mrockton Shoe com- found" unconscious on" The" bath" pany— said the 35 shoe firms In that ' 8t rcct, Tuesday morning and is be- clty had only enouph leather lor a I room floor of his home, 28 School ~ Study Insurance Coverage For Proposed Parking Lot Report Olson Condition Same .Authorities at the Waterbury hospital today report the condition at rrr.orsrr Olson, about 60, ,is "un- cha.nRCd". Mr. Olson was f.w more days. He described Hie Ituatlon as the "most serloua In 45 As yot It isn't known how he re•cars." On The Air Today 6:00 p, m. VOR—Easy Aces Other Sttvtions—News 6:10 p. m. ' iVBKY—Bp.ncball Scoroa WATR—Interlude 0:15 p. m. VVBRY-WABC—In My Opinion vVOR—On the Century rVJZ—Ethel and Albert WATH—Sports WEAP—Invitation WTIC—Glee Club 0:20 p. m. WATR—Cocktail Serenade 6:30 p. m. WBRY—E.' Christy Erk, News ;VT.IC—Strictly Sports WJZ—News; Sports WATR—News , WOR-^Vnndevcntcr WEAF—Serenade; Sports WABC—Larry Carr .(1:45 n. m. WBRY-WABC—News Till Now WTIC-WEAF—Lowell Thomas WOn—Stan Lomax WATR—Pleasure and Profit WJZ—Great Scott 7:00 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Pattl Clayton WTIC-WEAF—Supper Club WJZ—Headline Edition WATR—Fulton Lewis 7:15 p. m. WBrtY—Gospel Light Quartet WABC—Skyline Root WOR—Answer Man WATR-WJZ—Adventures In Rhy- •thm p. m. The J.-F. was the first large 'firm forced to close. It shut down its nine plant-i at manclicstor anl Nashua, New Humpshirc— forcing 4,000 persons out of jobs. '. . . However, the OPA maintained its stand. Regional price executive diaries Foote said there are plenty of hkles Jn New England. But—he j charged—dealers are holding them j JJ. S. Rubber Co. Offers Use back for higher prices. I . < • Of space After 6 P. M. Daily Insurance.coverage on the U. S. Rubber Co. Church street parking lo-t would be necessary in the amount of $50,000 for bodily Injury and public liability, and $10,000 property damage should the borough accept tho company's offer t.o use the lot nfter 6 o'clock in the evening, according to- a communication received by the board of warden and burgesses Tuesday evening from Edward T. McGrath of tho company. The 'rubber concern has offered the use of the parking lot for public use .after 6 o'clock, providing the bqrough assumes responsibility in paying insurance charges. While speaking on the subject, if the parking lot Burgess J. Rudolph Anderson presented a rough draft of a change of entrances and nxtts .to the parking lot. Both matters will, be studied by a committee composed of Warden Leo J. Brophy. and First Ward Burgesses Anderson and J. Francis Cullcn, Refunds Refunds • recommended by Tax Collector Patrick F. McKcon were Si-anted -to Eleanor M. Burnett, 30 Christiansen street, $24; Walter Kryxkoskl, 24 Woodbine street, $28.50. PAGE fr-JVAtrifJrATTJCK NEWS (CONN.), THURSDAY, At?O. 8,4»M treated for a cerebral injury. celvcd' the injury. BACKACHE, LEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired Kidney* If hnoknohx nml Ic7 rnl"« «r« mnklntryon mlflornhln.ilrirv't jdntcornnlnln Anddn nnthlnK *bout th«m. Nntura mny bownrnlnif you Chad yftir kMncyn nf«M nttontlnn, Th«l<lilnt!yiiiiri!N»ti]ro'iiohlofwnyoftnl<ln(t *XO"i»rt «ol(l»i ftnd polonnoim wtvritn nut of th* hlnn'l, They lulp mo«t pooplo pmin itbout 3 plntri n flny, If tho 111 mllon of klilnny tuboi nml niter* don't wr»rk W(*ll, polwonftun wnntttmnllnratnya In thn hlood.ThoitQpolnonn mnyiitnrtrtnKtf Inff hnaknchon, rhoumntln pnlnn, Inv pnln.i, lotin o( p«p nnfl enerity, Kitting up nltthtfl, /iwelllnjf, putflnoHniinflortha oyon, hcutUahoM nnd (I Inn I- R*itu'rnti(l Homo Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Kellcy of :ingli«mplon, N. Y., have returned n thnlr lioino tiftor visiting with Mr. and Mra, Amo;i Hotchklse of ! WBRY—PublVc" Hcarinff •Iiiln .Mtrcet. WTIC-WEAF—Johnny Morgan ... , WABC—Mr. Keen Visitor Mnrtln Rvcnniin, Jr., of Forrest '•IlUti. L. [., IN tho guciit of his cousin, Roger Bi'onmm of Wolfe av- inuo. wrfinx with your kUlnoyrt or blnddor, (Jon't witltl Auk your ilrmrKlnt for Donn'n 1'lllfi, i^ Htlmulnnt tlltiretto, untie! puaoONtfully hy mllllnni* for ctvrtr ^n yonrn, Ponn'n «lv« tinpoy roller »nil will help tho IS mllM of kidney tiibm HiiHhout pol.nonouo wo»lxi ttoat *n blood. Got Donii'n i'lUi. SAND-BANUM Blue Seal Emulsion Removes scale from interior surfaces of heads and jack- ots of all types of farm and industrial .gas and Diesel engines. WHAT IU,VK SICAI. KMUUMION NANIMIANUM CAN HO VO11 \'Ot!U O'OOMNO SYMTKMl— XnninvpH old m'Klc, myllmont, ruit, 'to. from plpr.s nml wutrr Jnok^ln, K^Kiilur n«ii prevents fnrmntlon of nnw .HCII|I<, runt, etf'. rriicldng of Kxports Ol.schiirjro TSuKono Kovlt, S; 1-c' of 'Hlgh- nnd Jivonuo, who Is currently In '.he recruiting norvlce of the Unit- I States Nfivy, nxpcctfl hla discharge cliirlng tho Inttor portion of ttilH month. Cotton Hollow Sailor Released Siuitniin lo Leonard J. Lcltton of Cotton Hollow ha.'i been cll.HChargerl from thi' Lf. f*. Nn.vy /it tho Llclo Hoitch, Long I.ilnncl, N. Y., U. S, Nnvnl Personnel Separation con- tor. WATR-WJZ:—Prof, Quiz WOn—News 7:45 p. m. WEAF— Mows WOR—Sports 8:00 p. in, WBRY- WABC—Suspense WTIC—Olmsted Playhouse WOR—Carrlngton Playhouse WATR-WJZ—Lum and Abner 8:15 p. m. WATR-WJZ—Thr O'Neilla WOR—Kenny Bakor Approved G, I. Training ArrmmtlnK. MllMnrrtM Mni-hlnpif, .Sri>rrlnrlnl FAI,L TKK.1I OI'K.VS IN SKfTKMHUK . t.hntlrtl Knrnllnirnt THE PERRY SCHOOL Wiitcrhury 8:30 p. m. WTIC-WKAP—Coffee Time WATR-WJZ—Town Meeting WOR—Vic and Sade WHN—Sandlot Scries «:,W p, m. ' WBRY-WABC—News 9:00 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Dick Haymes ' • WTIC-WEAF—Music Hall:: . WOR—Gabriel Heatter ; 0:15 p. ni. WOR—-Real Stories 9:30 p. m. . '•• WBRY-WABC—Crime Photogr^- phcr : WTIC-WEAF—Haley and Arden WATR-WJZ—Detect and Collect WOR—By Popular' Demand , ft:55 p, m, WATR-WJZ—Sports , . 10:00 p, m. WBRY-WABC—That's Life WTIC-WEAF—Monroe Orch. WATR-WJZ—Kogcn Orch. WOR—California Melodies 10:30 p. m. WBRY—Phone Again Finnegan WATR—Fantasy in Melody WTIC-WEAF—Fifth Horseman WOR—Family Affair 11:00 p. m. ALL Stations—News 11:10 p. m. WBRY—John J. Daly, City News 11:15 p, in, WBRY-WABC—You and the Atom WATR-WJZ—Meeker Orch, WTIC-WEAF—News WOR—News; Weather 11:30 p. m. WBRY—Studio Playhouse WTIC-WEAF—Concert of Nations* WABC—Tucker Orch. WATR-WJZ—Gems; Towne Orih. WOR—Weather; Dance Music 13:00 .Midnight : ALL Stations—News Kequcst for a junk dealer's license by Herman Cohen of'Watcr- bury was referred to the police chief. Grading of Water street to widen the passageway and Improve traffic conditions was referred to the borough engineer and street committee. Field Street A petition for a sanitary sewer on Field street was received, signed hy four property owners. Two in attendance were told the matter will 'ic referred to the borough engineer and work started after the oiling prog-iam b:ia been concluded. The Naugatuclc Water Co., was granted approval on a request to an eight inch main on Field street from Neuman street 780 feet "astcrly (630 feet replacement of. --mall sized main) and also G25 feet nt new eight inch main on Arch street from Rubber avenue to Maher's court. Bids received for street department trucks were referred to the superintendent of streets and street committee. Two bids were received on lot No'. •), the only lot of borough-owned property on Rubber avenue not sold it the time bids were received on the land. Action was postponed untiil the next meeting, One bid was from James M. Palmer, a veteran, in behalf of his brother, Bernard E. Palmer, now with the oc- Feline Distemper Is Fatal To Many Cats In Waterbury Watcrbury, AUK. 8—<UP)-~ An ing a heavy toll of cats—both podi- frcr-d and back fence varieties. Hundreds of them have died since, i.hc malady became rampant 10 days n.go. Veterinarian Morrit.t H. Bccro reports that scrum and sulfathio- y.ole arc being used with only fair results. The epidemic is expected to last a month. ARRIVKS IN PORT Falmonth, Eng.. Aug. S — (UP) — The "crippled freighter, "Amcrirvm Farmer, " manned by a small prizo crew, lurched into poi". c-: -l y thir morning under her own powor. Tho derelict ship which was abandoned after a collision last week, will bo nnloadod of her immediately. carjro of cupational forces in, Germany, in Mic amount of $400, and -the other from the R. & P. Metal Works, '33 South Main street, signed by Manuel L. Ramos in the amount of 5150. AUTOMOTIVE PARTS For All Makes of Cars B-M MOTORS INC. 80-82 SOUTH MAIN ST. Telephone 6441 •.' 4.'. Motorists Asked ' To Stop Messing 1 Up Highway Lines ^ Hartford. Aug. S —(UP)— Highway Commissioner William J. .Cox appeals to motorists to stop messing up fYcshly painted safety lines on the highways. Just recently. Rays the conjmls- sioncr. motorists not only drive they also knocked over more than crews placed on road to draw across the newly painted lines', but 200 warning flags which repair nllfmtion to Din wot paint. Cox asks that drivers notionly heed the warning floes but to nt loanl allow tlirt paint to dry before they cross the lines. PR^srngor miles handled hy TJ. S. railroads In 1042 totaled 53 billion. °0 per cent more than in 1041' and T, per cen*. more than in the previous record year of 1921. WEDDFNO GIFT SPKCIAL. ELECTRIC PERCOLATORS — with chrome trny, Hugar arid creamer, C9O OK. complete tiXfaiAtf**/*) M. WOLFF 33 r.HANfl ST., WTBBT FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co. 106 South Main St. I'rnvnnU |I-I»I<N. Vrrmlts propnr c.lrculntlon of wi««rr nnd maintain n»lclent heut frr. pfflclcnoy im NOIIT1I MAIN KT. Onion City - Tol. 20H3 WEDDING CAKES Arid Othrr Kn^clnl nnklnff A Spriclftlty CITY BAKERY n. P. HTOITANI, J'rop. Struct Tolnphonr 3fl7H CLOSING OUT ALL SUMMER MERCHANDISE SAVE UP TO 30% BENSON'S 1110 8OUTH MAIN ST. o * o DIVIDID PAYMENTS AT MICHAELS at #* • The proud pos.icMion of distinguished jewelry is a pleasure in which you have every right to indulge yourself. Immediate payment is not necessary for the fulfillment of your desires. • Our Divided Payment Plan permits you to pay just one-third now and the balance in small budget payments, • Or, if you prefer, use our Charge Plan, which calls for payment in full on the 10th day of the second month following the date of purchase. • In either event, you take your purchases with you at once. Everything in our stock is priced for untuual value and at no time is there any additional charge for deferred payments. Michael*. JEWELERS SILVERSMITHS SINCE 1900 68 BANK STREET AT CENTER TOPS.QUALITY! Smart women everywhere turn to A&P for superb quality meats— they know the satisfaction'that comes from buying where skilled meat men take extra care in preparing the choice.heavy steer beef steaks or roasts for you. All cuts are U. S. Government Inspected, Grade A A or A heavy steer beef—A&P meat rr);n buy carefully, insisting on high quality standards, they know you expect only "tops" when you .buy at A&P. .You, too, can enjoy the satisfaction that c.omes after a carefully prepared dinner, by making your next purchase at the A&P Super Market. •Temp'ting, juicy cuts filled with that "Melt - in - your - mouth" flavor — fine grained, well marbled with a characteristic • proportion of fat that makes for appetizing, tender eating. rSUPECTMARKETSi r'fber'Snnb'^ss*. 5 JARS 39 e Grapefruit Juice ^ 27 C IdealJars D T0s z63 c °ol73 c ORANGC Odd GRAPEFRUIT Prune Juice I Tomato Juice lona Spinach Brooms Pickles EACH MONOGRAI NO. 2 HOND 8 OZ CornFlakeTS^? iYNDLH 66 C 12 c 61 c DOZEN Ui) *PK La °31 c 23 C Chicken Jelly Glasses Our Own Tea String Beans Beets Sauerkraut biscuit 3 p Kas I /' PKG 20° Porterhouse Steak 69 C Rib Roast 49 C Chuck Roast Hamburg Frankforts Cod Fillets SKINLESS LB LB 43 ( IONA CUT FANCY AiP N0.2IX 4 AC FANCY CAN 14 C.RMHAM CRACKERS ^rfnldS* To 16 O2 < «C PKG 10 ^unbrite cK^nmr «5 JARS 1 A Dnnn KlUSUM pt.2Jc» -rClin INSECTICIDE QUART! MatCheS D eooK° OF so 1 MOlaSSeS SULTANA GAU » Sandwich "£% 0 7 s °o1 ChowMein SilSS ^ Po»Jt MEATLCSS 1 OarOI SPAT,. DINNER PKG I Pound Cake Coffee Cake ^lltr 25 C &«* 27 C Raisin Fruit Loaf Pecan Nut Ring Iced Twist n 19 C H.I?' <?27 C 1 LB JAR BEECHNUT BABY FOODS 5 QQc • CANS U «| SPRY VEGETABLE SHORTENING 29° ^ 81 "When Available" LB' Lamb Fores Boneless LAMS Fores Shoulder LAMB Chops Stewing Lamb LB 33 45 C Large Fowl TO 6 LBS IB 44 ( TOP QUALITY in. GARDEN FRESHNESS! CALIFORNIA LARGE CRISP HEADS LETTUCE 2 25 a s - Na ; • MESH BAG NATIVE HOME - GROWN nyinuc UHIUIIO CANTALOUPES ORANGES WHITE CELERY TOMATOES PEACHES in LB I || BAG „ BCH 1 9 C 2 tss 35' RINSO THE GRANULATED SUDSY SOAP 23' LARGE PKG "When Av»!l»b£" LARGE STALKS NATIVE HOME GROWN U. S. NO. 1 m M A FANCY EL8ERTAS BUSHEL 1.13 * OLD HUNDRED • ICE CREAM ALL FLAVORS PKG 25 f • 6IRDSEYE FROZEN FOODS * PEAS & CARROTS BROCCOLI CUTS PKG 13 OZ PKC 27c 36c &JKffit t i^tf?jy^-''i'6*i~^ p W^"~"# •j^ !-••.•:• V:->vv::»v.^:\»-i^^^^ "When A vailable" Available" LIFEBUOY "When Available" "When Available" KIND TO EVERYTHING IT TOUCHES IVORY SOAP HEALTH SOAP 3 CAMAY SOAP «££££* 3 WOODBURY'S P.OUSOA, 3 LARGE CAKES i CAKES , CAKES , CAKES i THE GREAT ATLANTIC,& PACIFIC TEA CO All prices subject to market changes. We reserve right to limit quantltUi, Prlcei • (Toelive for this ir«n. •

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