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The Anniston Star from Anniston, Alabama • Page 13

The Anniston Star from Anniston, Alabama • Page 13

The Anniston Stari
Anniston, Alabama
Issue Date:
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13 att Juratstim Bttr WtdiWay. OctoUr IS60 4 Second inSehice Training Event Chrisler Will .7 Elem HeldBy vTeach entar era Newport Series For '61 Tbt I meeting of the terfd around the Improvement of next meeting wiH bo 1kJ at In-Service Training Program for the i a I studies program oa November St. the City of Anniston teachers was The Newport Series, a' new line Chrysler dealer and wil display the new models on Thursday. held oo Monday afternoon at through the um of visual aids and other media. In charge of the Science Work Dealers will also unveil the new 1 1 a Junior High School.

Prior to Institute in August the of full-sized Chrysler cars in a lower price range, will be introduced in dealerships Thursday. Oct reports C. Briggs, corporate, vice president and general teachers met two days in shop was Miss Margaret Griff is, chairman. Science experiments and other demonstrations were ShowCoeaOn Dfgpite Mishap CHARLOTTE, C. Juno Walker, one of the dolls ta.tbe ly-styled 1961 Chrysler Windsor and New Yorker series models on that date.

The Chrysler 300G. workshops on science, social stu dies and art, The meeting on manager of the Chrysler and Im America's most powerful ear, will perial Division. Monday was i continuation of these workshops be announced later. used to show what could be done with this phase of the program The Art Workshop was opened by the chairman, Mrs. J.

J. Nash. Charlotte Summer Theater's Clhoun Motor Company, 13th THE NEWPORT wiH be pow Jeneral assembly was held at Guys and Dolls" made her en and Wtfmer is the local ered by a KUwrsepower Fire- 3:40 with Dr. Leroy Brown, super NEWPORT SERIES For 1C1 Chrysler Introduces a Newport sertet with Ita Windsor sad New Tarter aaodela. The Newport, tbowa here la a two daw hardtop, la powered by a 165-ho re power engine which operate regular-trade tvrL trance aa a a a 1 miaa la tight.

intendent, presiding. Harold bujt V-8 engine of 361 cubic inch and then the consultant. Mrs. Dorothy Mays of Pell City, gave a demonstration on tha use of es ana ko-i compression, ratio. red-checked shorts.

She was sup-ponevj to jump off the shoulders Smith, coordinator of Instruction, made some comments on the organization of a steering commit- Designed to operate on regular of two dancers, sins and whirl grade fuel, the Newport engine paper mache. The members present for the workshop worked with the dif x'A and automatic transmission in its tea to work with the instructional program. across the stage. She jumped. She sang.

But aha Chocccolocco Council Sets Fall Camporees first economy run registered S10 miles on a single tankful of fuel 21.7 miles per gallon. It was Following the general assemb Area Obituaries Bidler K. Hardin didn't whirl Her tight harts ferent kinds of paper mache construction suitable for clajrooms. A display of art work from all split in back wbea she jumped. ly, the workshops met for group study.

Miss Mauvellne Phillips, driven by a 17-year-old Detroit stu dent. NOW chairman of the Social Studies events, points will be given on Its Fall Camporee time for A floor-shift three speed manual Workshop, presided over this group. The discussion was cen- PIEDMONT Bidler K. Har Scouts all over Choccolocco Council. Robert A.

Pohl, co-chairman transmission is standard equip the schools was shown for the benefit of the consultant and other members of the group. Bobby Whitten of Birmingham also was present at the art meeting. The workshops were held for the elementary teachers. The of the Camping and Activities ment in the Newport and Windsor series. din, 70, of Piedmont, Rt.

2, 'died Tuesday night at a Tuscaloosa hospital after a lengthy illness. Committee, announces that 13 dif St GOP Patrol Campsite Inspection, Equipment, Food Preparation. Safety and Leadership. Camporees scheduled are as follows: Anniston District: Oct. 14-15, White Scouts at Camp Zinn; Negro Scouts at Camp Willett; a a injiftiaK 1 "The new Chrysler Newport will aia AKUNta: DIRK B0CAROC Funeral services will be held bring true economy of operation Junior High faculty and the Thursday afternoon at o'clock into the full-sized luxury car ferent weekend Camporees will be held in the ten Districts of Choccolocco Council to bring all the troops together in a series of competitive events and outdoor skills.

at the First Baptist Church of Il Ttaj AMCCL I WMN RED field," Mr. Briggs. Regular Piedmont with Gray Brown-Serv Talladega District: Oct. 7-8, Ne S' fuel means an Immediate saving of more than 10 per cent over pre ice of Piedmont directing. The (Continued From Page 1) presidential nominee, has also paid one visit; THIS 18 Kennedy's first trip, but he gave Indiana the full treat JOSrH COTUa gro Scouts at Sykes Park; Oct.

High School faculty met with their respective principals for a discussion of the self-evaluation programs. There were approximately 200 teachers In attendance at the In-service Training Program. The Rev. J. Holland Thomas will offi mium fuel.

Seven events scheduled are: ciate. Burial will be in Highland Rope Coiling Relay, Fire by Flint "WE HAVE not succumbed to 14-15, White Scouts at Lake China-bee; Etowah District: Sept. 30-Oct. 1, Negro Scouts at Turkey- Cemetery. ment.

His schedule called for Features 8tarit 1:32. 3:29. 8:28 7:23 And P.M." and Steel, Fire Building, Rope the temptation to dilute our name- Surviving are a sister. Miss speeches In Anderson, Muncia, Terre Haute and here before leav Making, Forestry, Blindfolded plate or endanger our quality by Compass Course and Gymnastic Jessie Hardin of Piedmont; a brother, W. I.

Hardin of Pied ing for Louisville and a speech town School. Oct. 14-16, While Scouts at Noc-calulu Falls; $ylacauga District: introducing a junior Chrysler. Relay. mont; and four neices.

Active pallbearers will be Jack In addition to scoring on these We are offering a full-sized line of cars. Through Fri. Oct. 14-15, Camp Weeoakea; De- TALLADEGA MAID Sandra Hardegree is representing Talladega County in the State Maid of Cotton contest ia Birmingham this week. A junior home economics student at Auburn University, Sandra is the daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. J. S. Hardegree of Talladega. She was sponsored In the county contest by the Talladega Exchange Club.

(Van Blankenship there tonight. Nor is this all. Kennedy will be back in Indiana later this month. Kennedy, by the way, concedes he's running behind Nixon in this and Woodrow Carter, Foster Riser, Walter Kelly, and Bobby The new Chrysler models fea wife, Mrs. Evie Wright; one son, Kalb District: Oct.

14-16, Alpine Scout Cabin, DcSoto Park; Marshall District: Oct. 1516, Little ture canted head lamps, a new Kerns. Mr, "Hardin was a resident of 101 MI state. Garfield Wright, of Fort Sill, one daughter, Mrs. Bennie Hallmon, of Atlanta.

two brothers, S. N. Wright, of Annis- Mountain State Park; Clay Dis Calhoun County all his life. ribbed roof for four-door hard-tops, single curvature windshields and lower, more functional tail lamps. "But in the last three weeks," trict: Oct.

1415, South of Line-ville; Ladiga District: Oct. 14-16. rThij(jitvTiii he said Tuesday night, "I feel the ton. and Elbert J. Wright, of tide has somewhat moved in our Lake Weisner, Cherokee County; Hunts ville; a sister, Mrs.

W. B. Alternators replace generators direction." St. Clair District: Oct, 14-15, CflRNMIL STORY Lee, of Roanoke, and six grand in 1961 models, providing up to Mrs. Alice Edwards HEFLIN T- Mrs.

Alice Idella Edwards, 68, of Heflin, Rt. 4, died Avondale Lake, Pell CHy; Blount Kennedy said that during the children. Eisenhower Administration Indi District: Oct. 14-15, Prucnal's Loan Is Granted To Alabama College Lake. ana has lost 33,600 manufacturing mm cocm betjer-oeohge im at her residence this morning about 4 o'clock.

Jobs, "and the nation as a whole has lost one million jobs." wHCHNICOLOR Mrs. Edward Gibbons Mrs. Edward T. Gibbons, the Funeral services will be held eight amperes of electrical power when at idle. The alternator assures adequate electrical generating capacity always even in the severe winter traffic stalls.

Motorists in smog areas will benefit from Chrysler's new smog-reducing crankcase breather. Pushbutton windshield wash Kennedy said the Democrats Thursday at 2 p.m. at Upper Cane WASHINGTON (i Approval of a $799,000 loan to Alabama College, Montevallo, for construction of a dormitory to house THE Record Revenue Reported By TVA Creek Methodist Church. The have twice passed bills to help cities like Evansville. "And THE FRENZY.

THE FEARS former Ruth Watson of Selma, died suddenly Tuesday morning of a heart attack at her home in 1 Revs. John Wells and W. M. Ban- twice," he said, "the Republicans of YOUNQ AWAKENING! 202 men students was announced have vetoed this blU with jK-mtl i.i i Springfield, Va. Tuesday by the Community Fa will officiate and burial, directed by Guntharp, will be in the adjacent cemetery.

ers and a safer foot-operated park KNOXVILLE AP) A record power revenue of $242,385,000 has Survivors include her husband Nixon leading the fight for the veto." ing brake are new features. been reported by the Tennes and one sister, Mrs. Joseph T. The body will lie at the home of cilities Administration. The project also includes renovation of a kitchen and dining hall to accomodate 110 students.

In addition to the new 265 -horse see Valley Authority for the fiscal Rasberry of Anniston, with whom a daughter, Mrs. Ilene Champion, year ending last June 30. she once made her home. of Heflin until time for the serv Funeral services will be held ices. ine tederal agency in its an SANDS OF IWO JIMA JaugTj4Saturday aeTnoon at 2 o'clock at Survivors include two nual power report said Monday it had a net income of $51,075,000 power Newport engine, Chrysler offers a 305-horsepower V-8 engine of 383 cubic inch displacement and 10.1-to-one compression ratio in Windsor series models.

Chrysler New Yorker models are powered by a 350-horsepower V-8 Filmed In Color oiraiiu ruucim xiuiito ill auuiid, ters, Mrs. Champion and Mrs John Wayne John Aar PARATROOP COMMAND Jack Hagan Richard Bakalyn on the revenues, highest in TVA's to be followed by interment at Malene Roberts, of Heflin; five Live Oak Cemetery in Selma. 27-year history. sons, Hugh and Paul, of Annis- ton; William D. and James engine of 413 cubic inch displace of Oxford, and Clinton Edwards ment and 10.1-to-one compression of Heflin; three sisters, Miss Liz ratio.

zie Edwards, Mrs. Hattie John The 1961 Chrysler line compris son and Mrs. Etta West, all of es fifteen different models in four Heflin. series: the Newport, Windsor, New Yorker and 300G. II.

F. Trighl MURDER Henry Freeman Wright, 71, of TO 88 DYNrtMlC 88 ns (toeing Trod. Ws wittf I 411, 1 eHtta I tototy i GUP CLASS 4jBa3BB3BfjP' BBsssssBsW' -gaBfjafjaw- BmfJJjmp-- (Continued From Page 1) Heflin, Rt. 1, died yesterday at Anniston Nursing Home following a long illness. A retired farmer, Mr.

Wright was a lifelong resident of Randolph County and a member of bushes near the death house Mon day apparently has no connection with the killings, but that it is Gkimor, com fori, prestige end the utility of a full-tlia car! Exciting SKYROCKET Engiria performance and tmooth Vibra-Tuned Rid both exclmiva with Oldsmoblla! Eaiy to gar in easy to sft still being checked out. DiitfciQuiihad diitinctive decidedly new I Big-car roominess for driving luxury mora headroom, kneeroom, legroom plus new saia of antry and ma wxhilareting performance of tha spfrifad new SKYROCKET Engine! Beauty spadous lomforrl Livelier-rhan-ever Rocket Engine runs on tower-cott, regular gail Plot iteodinet of new Twbi-trlangla Stability and tha handling aasa you expect from quality-built, fuf1-slz carl c- Harmony Methodist Church. The large! bare, bloody foot Funeral services will be conducted Thursday at 2 p.m. at print found on a linoleum Boor, Harmony Methodist Church by and fingerprints taken from the house are significant clues that should help lead to the killer, the investigator said. the Revs.

Lewis Morris and Dempsey Noels. Burial will be in the adjoining cemetery, Gray Brown Service directing arrangements. Mr. Wright is survived by his He indicated it is only a matter of time until evidence points to the fight man. Radio Television J0AFJ CRAWFORD utht wtmtn mh hvt JOMMGUtTM' (tarrlnc mm kbeks son HAYDEM McCAMBfitDGE KAOT TODAY qnd Thursday WSB-TV ChsBDal a Atraata Eastera Standard Ties Wednesday, Oct.

.4:00 Deputy Dawc Sh 4:30 Children' Um 1:00 College Chemlitrr 1:30 Public Health Picture WBRC-TV CHaaael Blralacaaai Wedneedaj. Oct. I 1:00 Blue Accel 4:30 Aquanauti 7:30 Marshal 100 Mv Sister Eileen 1:30 Oot A Secret 0:00 U.S. Steel Hour WHM Antrlaaa BmScMttaf Wftdnedr. Oat 8port Partd :30 TwUlght Tim CMchu' Comer 7:00 Cvlcde Wltb Miulc At Newt 11:00 BIRD Off Tfcaradaj, Oo4.

1:10 8KB OB 1:30 Dawn Patrol Nevi 4:30 6:40 4:45 1:00 7:30 1:30 0:00 News Weather Huntlejr-BrlnUoy Whlriyblrds Waaon Tram Price Is RlKbt Perry Como Show I Color) Bummarv of 10:00 10:00 Death Valla? 1 Visit Dvl 10:10 10:30 Panic TONIGHT 11:04 Rome Theaira 11:15 12:30 Blan Oft Behind Closed Doors Late Show News Evenlnir Reflection Sign Off 13:50 12:56 :30 R1m and Shlna Hymn Tlma Newt Around Tba World 1:15 Mornlnc Spaelal Annuton and World Kawa TNT T.tH Pan! Harrr I TNT I SBC Rfwt THEIR Thandar, Oct. 4 1:30 Reucioui Berle 12:64 MARRIAGE 4:00 1:00 was a 1:5 1:00 :15 00 34 living Local TNT. Stoo. Thursday, Oct. 1:30 Sign On Morning Devotions 1:00 Today 1:26 Georgia Hew 1:3 Today 1:24 Georgia New 1:34 Today.

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4:04 Hew 4:1 Weather 4:1 Huntler-Brlnkley 1:3 Wacoo Train 7:30 Price 'I BUM 4:00 Perry Como Cotorl 4:0 Bine Croaby (Special) 10:0 Bonf Konr (Prenderet Jack Paar Wednesday. Oct. Weather Doug Cdward 00 The Aquanaut Navy's Blue Angels Wanted. Dead or Allv 1:00 My Bister Blleen (Premiers) 10:04 U.S. Steel Hour 1:30 I've Oot A Secret 11:00 11th Hour Mew 1:14 WAOA-TV Editorial 11:15 WAOA Weather 11:20 Bit Movie Tharedsy.

Oct. 4:4 Deny Word 4:64 News 4:54 Para' New Weather -1: 1 Georgia State" 7:3 New Highlight 1:36 Cartoon Club- Maw Never' before has Olds combined such beauty of line with such sparkling performance in its three famous series! Never before have you experienced anything Eke the exdtmg' SKYROCKET Engine and all-new Hydra-Matic with Accel'. A-Rotor action! And just wait till you see all the rewmbadroom, legroom, entry room in Oldsmobile for 1:0 ifueia mot Adult ALS( glWUIIIIIi II l-IH I 11 Pant. WfcnvaMej :1 atassisMlsss MBj)lfw 0wSIl ls CoUexe Matll Rendlt autaoa f-y Thandae. M.

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Ut 1:1 Rousaparti 1:34 Verdict Is fowl 4:04 Brighter Day ,4:1 Barret Stores v. 4:34 Edge of NM 1:00 Barly Shaw 13:1 Let'a Lean afore 1:04 Make Boom for 13:44 Parra Pa 1:04 Beiene4 1030 Moore 1V3 104 BeclrmbMi prenoh MIDWAY 2 34 Moderm Alsebra 4:0 poweya 4:3 Barns Shod 4:51 Snort Mew Ill YOUR LOCAL AUTMORLZIO OLDSMOI1LI QUALITY OlAUtl -TUNl IN MICUAIl SHAYNI IVHY WlIK ON NC-TVI- 3 04 oraaaroota Voter 4:00.

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