Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 14, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 14, 1943
Page 2
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' • "' 4 \ *./„C"' ^ *" *"' HOP! STAR, HOP!, ARKANSAS Friday, May HJ943 ope Star , t Stef Px*lfthlna Co. Inc. JL fctfjMf *md Alwt. H. Wa»r*oth) Bfe* L • ft-I, fALMlH, Pmta«nt ifcra H. WAJMBUI>M,i*rH.t «»* second closi matter at the W Hob*. Arkansas, under the • 3. 18%>7. Associated PreA Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. S«BJcfl<)t«)*t Rat* (Always Payable in ^<IytJri£»)t By crty carrier, per week ISc; , N«vadd, Howard, Miller ana counties, $3.50 per year; els*- '•• : -•• ?.4M«mb«r o» The Associated Press: The J/asoctoted Press Is exclusively entitled to rtfi* use for republication of all news dis- .:potthes credited to ft or not otherwise jtredited in this paper and also the local j news published herein. 'fi. National A4v*ftl*tt* Arkansas Dal!l«s. Inc.) • Memphis. Tenn., SHriek Building; Chicago, 400 North Mlch- n Avenue; New York City. 392 Madison ».;, Detroit, Mich., 2842 W, Grand Blvd.; f Oklahoma City. 414 Terminal IBdg.; Hew |Orleans. 722 Union St.. Hold COM, mi IY nt< unyict. INC. t. H. Ma.«. i MT. o« Guadalcanal Diary s • ^ Based on the Boolc-of-the»Month BY RICHARD TRIGASKIS ILLUSTRATIONS IV I. B. HAZELTON '< "Yes. I see her—but you still can't wear slacks." SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith COP*. 1941 BY NCA SCRVCE. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. v ',r"I made these sergeant stripes for Sonny's uniform V' while he-'s been sleeping—I thought it would be a nice way for him to please his captain!" A "A Jap machine gunner opened up on the truck." "New troops swarmed ashore . . ." r pUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15-T\vo members of our JL little group of war corrcsponilcnts linvc shoved olT, »nd in a hurry. They decided, after the big battle of the ridge, that this campaign is going to turn into another Bataan. Bob Miller and I, beini? somewhat punch-drunk, »rc more inclined to view the future cheerfully. This morning the Raiders told us sonic good stories of valor in the ridge battle. Best of them all were the exploits bf Lewis E. Johnson, of DC Bcquc, Col., who was wounded three 1 times in the leg by grenade fragments. At daybreak he \vas placed in a truck witli a dozen other casualties. But as the truck moved down the ridge road, a Jap machine gunner opened up and wounded the driver severely. The truck stopped. Then Johnson, painfully, dragged himself into the driver's seat. When the motor would not start, he used the starter for traction and pulled the truck 300 yards over the crest of the ridge. Then he got the engine going and drove to the hospital. Hy that time he was feeling so refreshed he drove the truck back to the front for more wounded! FRIDAY, SEPTK.MHER 18-The rumor that rein- forcernents were cnrotite to Guadalcanal was substan- dated today when they arrived. Early this morning, a certain colonel told me: "I can't say anything more,'but I'd recommend that yon go for a walk on tliic beach." I went to the beach and saw warships, transports anil cargo vessels steaming into sight, All along the beach then, our weary veterans watched as new troops, thousands of them, boatload after boatload, swarmed ashore. They were Marines, wearing clean utility suits and new helmets, and they talked tough and loud as they came ashore. One of our veterans told me he had been talking to some of the new arrivals. "Huh," he growled, "these guys want to "The Japs landed their daily stint of men." tell US about the war!" And we knew then that it would take some time with these men, as it had with us, to get rid of that loud surface toughness and develop the cool, quiet fortitude that comes with battle experience. Our reinforcements arc certainly welcome. But the enemy landings at Guadalcanal still go on. Hit by bit, they are building up their forces—even now, so soon after their second big attack has failed. Last night, for instance, the Jap shins which shelled us probably also landed their daily stint of troops. (Concluded tomorrow) Drawiima copyriitbt, 19W, by King Features Syndicate. Inc. Text copynulit, 1013. by Kandora House. Inc. Distributed by King Features Syndicate In co-ouerntlon with the Dook-oMhe-Month Club. Inc. FUNNY BUSINESS "It's a mirror—I'm always imagining someone's following me!" Tough Luck By Roy Crane . WoshTubbs 0LA7E51 X NO, WE HAVE SWE'STHEXTOLETADES- ||.7'.. 6 IVPVTROVER FINISH ME A SHOT HER,FAS/. THOSE: WITH THE /<5UNS WOULDN'T tfVHe U-90AT-APPEARS BADLY TAMA6EP. A "OfXTOMpRKSEPAIr? ANP-WATER IS BLOWING OUT BEFORE THE CAN ARRIVE, THE U-SOAT HIDDEW B/ A RAIW SQUALL Of H5R, ANP SHE SEEMS UNABLE TO SUBMERGE MAM THE 6UNS! , AND WEVB PROPPE ALL OUR BOMBS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams ' Donald Duck Meat on the Table! By Walt Disney , Blondie You Don't Sell a Subpeona! TDSPE4X TO MR BUMSTE6B PLEASE By Chic Young vbUtL NEVER SELL ME AMVTMIMG [\ WITH THAT > ATTlTUPE.' VM^v I No Co-operation By Edgar Martin Ov . OVJc V\C«6 ••"\V\OS1 " \Ki ZO^t Ov " feO TO ETC.- ,\y*$ii ^/*++-,^f ^& jf j THEP.E'6 COBNMEAL.V OH. I THEBES " SHORTAGE OF, YOU'LL, / FIND IM \ VVHACT THECE'5 ANOTHER SHORTAGE B,\QLEV OR OACTS IN TH15 BALONEY LIVEC.WUE.6T OB MINCED HAM/ Vs'hY TWE-Y'&E EVEN CON'T MIND 'EM PUTTIN 1 MYSTEB1E6 OF LIFE „,.,„,. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople TJID NOD rAEARyTWE^ TOLD ME HOOPL6 <3POOM- A ROMEO OFF TH& OUT TrA& / C BA/e-UKiE.-**- 1 TO «30IWE \> HOPE WE _ . ,,.?. WHO WPYS Y TRIPOVJ&R. .... MAN QUEEN THE ) BEARD VOHEM MEAR. fEVJEV ft eUE HAULS \MOKJ TH& DUKE W HIM Up THE AT iWFxNILP*'?- J M AI"c>LE / J/: FATHER'S INTEREST IN ' I GOOD THIS MUST BE THWARTED OP, FOOL/ j Red Rider Proof on the Hoof By Fred Harmon PREPOSTEROUS/ HE'S TRflr-V 10 FRAME. ME : CA1J5E 1 CMA'SS.D HIM OFFA Trf RESE.RVA.TiON •' WHERE'5 HIS PROOF/ 1 INJUN RENEGADE Popeye "It Always Gets Its Man!" Thimble Theater f-opi IV« K.r.j ruuio S.r.Ji.iU, I™ . Wo.14 n Alley Oop Looks Okay By V. T. Hamlin /NO. 6iQ, NOTHING UNU5UKL HEttE IN TAME.EVILLE....BUT : VOU MIGHT CHECK. WITH I THrXT SCIENCE FELLEC, I WONMUG, UP ON THE HILL. THE.V L)"5ED TO^ WOEK TOGETHEB ...I THINK. ' ABOUT TO FIND MAN / OB HIS BEMMN5 Vs'ONMUG/ WHY DIDN'T WE THINK OF HIM I DOUBT IF ANN MAN COULD LIVE TH2OLSGH FIVE-HUNDRED- MILE ROCKET TGlP/ Freckles and His Friends i Veiled Ladies and Threats By Merrill Blosser ^m "TJ-iE* I / IM HAD VEILED LADY IM CUSTODY FOR. A WEEK — BUT WE WERE KEEPING IT QUIET / WE WANTED TO CATCH HER ACCOMPLICE / IF YOU DON'T. YOU'LL HAVE Tb RUN AN new LIKE TMIS —*WHAT POLICE CAPTAIN KICKED WHAT EDITORS RIGHT IN ~IUE PANTS •? » BUT YOU KIDS SCARED HlrA AWAY WfTH THOSE ITEMS IN YOUR. LOUD-MOUTHED HIGH SCHOOL PAPER.' FROfA NOW ON, YOU STICK TO STORIES ABOUT CAMPUS LIFE AND LAY OFF "MYSTERY"

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