The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 19, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1977
Page 2
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Heading Straight Into^Maritime^SalvagreDispute ^ •"M DREW PEARSON 'The WASIHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Byrnes Irked When Molotov Re- voaled His Backstage Promise To Vote For Botatmg Obfttanaa Of Conference; U. S, Secretary Of State If Hoiftied On Most Treaty Provisions; French 'People Know Little About U. S. War Against Japs. ' puns —(By Wireless)— r'oi: some, reason it. has t-s- capod in.l.lic attention, 1 one dolomite who so far Ul stood r,p and really talked l,nck to oonleronco dictator Vvnchcilav-Molotov is British Untlor^crctary Hoc- lor Mi'Null a SenUunan. Molotov was dfinimdmg that tin. permanent' chairman of the po.u-o eonI'eronoo rotate nrw riff the Bitf I'Mve, while Britain had proposed L'ranee s pink'-ehi-okc-d Georges Biclfmlt- as permanent ••' •"«•» Tn the course of this rlebati ish position fis "illogical," "Don't you iivor »ay that to mil iiKnln," warned tho BrlUxh l.'ndur- nocrotary, JiirnpInK & Ml> f " nt <llut Hhnklrir hi* Ilnffor at Molorov. "Thin 1 *, an Intiult to my Furolfjn Mitcrutnry. My Socmtary of Htatc known what ht''n dcilnK." Then McNfll pi-ucoedotl to ox- plnln that Britain wan triad tw «up- port nulaiilt tui pormannnt chair- m,in o» lon-K a» Uiurn wtu) wny nhftfict of u unanlmoiiH vcitn for him. Hut t'lnc'i thu voto wan now otivlciiiiily not ijfclriK to l«i imunl- mou.-i, Britain would riivnrt to hur orlKlnul position of favnrlfiK a ro- UitliiK chairman»hip. Molotov looked liaril at tin.' Intrepid Scot.irmin hut nuulti no ruply. It wan th« ilrat time inyono had really talUud )»nol< to hlrn. UyriM'H Gi'tN Mild Jirtmilu Hyrnon, tlio most patlunt, jittiiMt-tt'rnpurcd (l«loK'a'.o at thu jKiacc cdntoronco, really hit tho coll- Imr durlnfr tt Inckltmt I hi' other day. What niadn him mad \vun whfn Molotov rovtuilod u prl- va't dual hi> antl Hyrmisi had luiK-hiid to>;i)thur. Molotov WUH duhatlot: tho mimo controvnr.Mlal qiioatlon of rotating l>ii- t-halrmaniihlp m- lotting; J'Yunco b» thi> prrmuwml ohalrman and ho Molotov described Some HAMILTON Watches Have Arrived! Not inuny — lu\t nuiiii<. K u (i ti K !> lo liold t >rtli n pruiiiino o£ morn on tliu wny. If yyii'vu born wnitinii t«r n irmiiiltiin — il rimy hn licru now. 'L'hi'.v'rn ("cro I'o rwl tlnni nvof ttinl M> linn IIM iinly IliuiitUon i;un niivl<o llioin. PIERPONT'S Bitckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral t Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone d!87 C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS Vor All OocuMona MELBOURNE'S .FLOWER SHOP wo ntnuHKn AVK T»Uphone 0230 |,,t drop tho Hlftnincanl remark thut promised him to votu for a rotntlmr chairman. Hyrmis oontrollud hl.t temper and iialef nollilnjc. But hl» aklon rovoalcd hd hollod Inwardly at Molotov's In- dlticrunt dlxoloauru, Unfortunntoly for tho American pot-ltloii, thl.i conllrmnd whnt tho •irnulluf nations huvu suspected: namely, that tho United Stolen, ln- Htoud of bulnir tho roal leader of the nations which devoutly fuvoi- an Inipiiftlal actually Is uppouM- Inc the bloc which favors a Soviet- dominated poace. They hope that liyvnun won't nuilcu any moro back- MtaKd deiilM with Molotov. Tho real fact Is that tho chulr- mamihlp wimn't •important—nxcopt ati a iiymbol of another mljc.stono In th« many victories svon by Kussla. Byrmis could well afford to coni- on It. But what many poo- pU- don't realize Is that -when all tho prelhnlruirloH are finished and 1 the conference gets down to roal iltfoate, Byrne* 1« hamatrunf and hOKtlod on mo.Ht of the treaty pro- vhilons. Ko has atfreed In advance not to differ with moat of the original treaty tnxt. On points where tho United .Stated hag niado dednltn re.Hurvatlonx—such. »a thii Trlosto boundary—Eyrnusi can dlffnr, but on nil other non-reserved points the t?l|; Four must voto u.f a unit. That Is why tho .small nations will have such n hard time making any roal chanKe.s in tho treaty. Th« cards were stacked al.'alnwt them well In advance, I'rciMirc Orou|iH Uusy Sucrotary of Statu Byrnos Kot varlouM trans-Atlantic phone culls In Pai'lii from Senators on U. S. Ki'oupj. urcInK bettor treatment for Griiak.i, for Italians, for Ethiopia, and for Dm Austrian Tyrol. All tho nil In cam I 1 from American citizens. J.'lnnlly Byrnos remarked: "So fur f hnvo received no petition from any h'rnup of cltlnt.'ns favorliur a. fair pencil for America. If I receive anything from a Icnvuu for a just PMIICO for the United Status I shall irlvr It No, t priority." New York hotel men can wrlto It down us curtain that thu 5,000 I'fmm.'i I'u.'ierviid for tho Unltuil Na- tluiiii Ciunurnl Assembly will bo i:anc!i!lrd, There'll nc-thlnf,' ofllclal on It yet hut thn Paris Poaco' Con- frrnnco can't posalbly finish In time fur Dm United Nations Assembly 'n bn held on wnhftdlilo In Suptom- luir. Thn U, N. IN reluctant to postpone tho assembly because of the rxpense Involvod. Reservation of ft.OOO rnoniM meant canceling sev- nraI conversions and tho U. N, probably will huvn to ri'lmburuo DIM hiitels. Despite this, postponement Is certain.' U, S, I'mpiitrimdn Ni'Klix'.iod Five hours In France convlnCCM any obimrvur how badly the U. S. A. hail nojfUictod Its propaganda. The French people know almost nothing about United Stntun vlc- loik'ii durlnjr '.he war In tho Pacific, our tromondous donations of food or our unselfish, historic tflv- IriK of Indupondonco to the Philippines, They think Russia defeated Japan and bouiitiNO the Soviet land- ell n few ballyhooud cargoes of wheat In France, they think their broad comoji largely from Ru.iHln. A iiUlllful educational campaign to cumunl old rrliindshlpsi with France, Belgium and C/ochoslo- vakla should be relatively easy, but hero's what happened ilurlne the clonlnp days of ConKriuis. It Illumruites tho tougli Job Secretary Byrnes fueos both abroad and at linme.. The ItoiiBe of Ucprejiontatlvos had pasHud tho Benton Bill permitting the Stato Department to nngiiKD In a broad educational campaign, exchanging studonts and professors and other badly needed iropaganda to win friends and to counteract Sovlirt myths In ollVcr undH, Under-Nocretary of State Dean Achction than perauadod Tox- vs' minor statesman, Tom Con- uilly. to push .the Bcnton Bill .hrough thn Sonato. Ullt at tho last minute, whnn L'onnnlly moved for passage of this ''ilghly Important bill, ho yielded to i colleaifuo who wanted to apeak on another subject. Durlnfr tho Interim, Senators told DIB buuhy-halrod gentleman from Marlln. Texas, that If ho in- ti'd on passing the Bonton hill they would call up other bills, thus rac|iililn;( Congroas to spend throe noro days In .tho hoat of Wanhlng- ton, So Big Tom traded peace for a vacation, Tho Sonato dltchod'ono of the most Important movos It could make to Improve our foreign 1'elntlonn and want homo to cooler weather, Uncoiling thu Diplomatic Pouch Albanian nnd Bulgarian armies, both with iitronp Russian back- Ing, arc now moving toward tho Circuit bordur to foruatall any Qrcok • i/ fvvfe.rt? 1 & twr Wllllum J. BWUle bucks donod hy h«r crew, .the " t C(lrdlff HQhoOlier E1Ua ^th. Soon c:ls t. off the BrJtisli.tow lieuU.<n ei .fOr...W (inturnutlorvil Kudlophoto), What's Doing In Naugatuck A calendar of events foi today, tomorrow and every day TONIGHT School Board Meeting; Marine Corps League AUGUST 10 Mlllvllle Athletic Association dance, John Wesley class of Methodist church outlnu "-1 Zettlemoyer residence Hllliiidu avenue. AUffUMt U VFW Family Clambake and Out Ins, Schildg-en's. 11 a. m. to C p. m. Young People's society of Methodist church outing at Lake Quassa demands for slices of Albanian 01 BulKiu'lun territory. Tho .situation Is so worrying that Jimmy Byrnes may usk Molo.tov to have his satel- llttH pipe down. "Mexican Foreign Minister Is un route 'to Paris to protent to both Byrnes and tho British UKtUnst Mexico's exclusion from the pence conference, , .Despite Jlm- mlo Byrnes'H fearless crusading for open diplomacy, hlw chief career diplomat, adviser Jimmy Dunn, has just circulated Instructions to State Department employes to tighten secrecy, Open diplomacy, he . implies, IH iitipOM.sible. (Copyright, 19-lfi, by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) Potatoes will freeze at 30 degrees Fahrenheit. K'jwnvur, i:' they arc tilorud In temperatures of '.0 decrees or above, they will uprout. Tony Lazzeri Succumbs At California Home San Francisco, Aug% ' &' — (UP)— One of the most popular lyxseball players of the '30's—Tony Lazxorl— is dead. The 42-year-old former sparkplug; of the New York Yankees was found dead in his San Francisco home last niitM by Mrs. Laazoi'l. Officials say apparently he died of a heart attack. Laxxnri was the Yankees' regular second baseman from 1926 to 1937.^ Welfare Board Meets Monday A regular m'e'etinp bt the board of public welfare will be held Monday evening, Au B . 12, in the town hail, with routine business expected to be transacted, Superintendent of Welfare Leo Scully said ioday. The board did not convene for its July session. Mo Important business is on'the agenda. DEAt) AT 08 NoVwalk, Auf.'. S—(UP)—Death hats taken John E. McGralh. Democratic registrar of voters.. McGrath, who was G4. years old, had been 111 Tor a short ti'mo. He had scrvdd a.s Cull-time .registrar since IHSS.and Tor 1!"; years before that acted in a pnrt-time capacity YA Training Qfficer Here Every Friday ',» -.-'. *'• 'I' 1 ,.''•' '•'';•• Gcorg-a "Barrihard.t, Veterans Administration, training officer for the Naupratuck area, will be in the Service for Veterans office every Friday afternoon from 1:30 to 4:30 o'clock to Iniorview or accept tele- phono calls from veterans or employers on problems cC apprentice or . on-thc-job training, or other phase's of education under Public 08 or the G-I Bill, it was announced today by Mrs. Ford. Wulfeck, office administrator of Service for Vet erans. • Daniell Named JJS0 Treasurer For Connecticut The appointment, of John R. Daniell, Vice-President of The Union and Now Haven Trust Company, of. New Haven as treasurer of. tne Connecticut State USO Campaign Committee has been announced by.Paul.V. Hayden, Committee .Chairman. •„•,.,, This is tfie final appeal, but .the fundamental services continue to" serve tho 1,700,000 men at Important points of travel, In the far outposts of the Pacific area where entertainment Is needed and in -the Army and Navy hospitals throughout the United States. Mr. Daniell brings to the drive a 'wealth of experience from key positions in other charitable and civic organizations. He is treas- uro'r of the JJnited War and Community Funds of Connecticut, Vice President and Director of the New Haven Community Chest, Treasurer and Director for the Connecticut Society for 'Mental Hygiene, and a Committee Member of The New Haven Housing Authority. Aa a veteran of World War I, Mr; Daniell realizes the pressing noe'du for moral boosting units to carry on this . Important part of USO. In accepting this rcsponsibil- ity,-Mr Daniell pointed out that the war Isn't over for the young men now in training, for the occupation troops in scattered outposts nor for the lads who are Army o,nd Navy.hospitals. GOING TO CHINA Boston. ,Aug. 8—(UP)—A West Hiirtfordi Conn,, couple have been appointed 'Congregational career missionaries to China. The American Board of Foreign Missions In Boston said that Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Thompson, who previously taught in India, will go to Foo- ohbw, China. They have been studying Chinese at Yale. Feel Sporty at 40 Feel Nifty at 50 Be More ALIVE at 65! Tlim'ii trulti wi wdll UH poclry. Do you folnmo vxhnUHtufl, worn-out fowling on UKU'.' 1 lioiirtundn auairil in wn»i it llulu uoyplui: "I 1 "Uh Onlru.i liu dniui. Cotiinliu lonlo ninny "leu nnil worn™ nMil nt 40 wi, uu wlicn H">y fool wouh. old, noloiy biciiuiio HoUy l» low In Iron. Try twlfoj Toulo T»lilBt» IT ww poi'. vim. vltiimy nnrt yj>m»<fr MIIIIK, tlilri very any. luiruUUL'tory BUu otili/ 3Ac! Viw Kiiln ill nil limit xliiri'H i'Vi'r.vwhi'1'i'— In NiiiiKiitiu'li, nt AHcii'M C»i Kiuc mill Niiiutitturk Drill.-. C'urH Cullril For uiitl Dellvored Our Complete Services CJIv<! You Carefree Vacation Driving! ! POUST'S SKRVICK STATION 1-M Kulihcr Avc. Tfil. 493:; FRED'S HI-WAY 001 South Main St. R<i(nilar Dully Dinner' flOc up A TM Carto Menu Spaghetti To Take Out Banquet. Room,, Coclctnll J.onnffe Full IJquor T-lconso iGUS SMOKE SHOP 402 North Main St. . Union City Gus KlImoszGWMkl, Prop. Majcn'7,lni»r - Purlodlcals All Newspapers - Candy Smokers' Supplied, Novntles, etc, Vacuum Cleaners Klectrlcul Specialists AT SWAN'S . Tel. 2574 15 Church St. GET A JEEP IMMEDIATE DEUVEIIY LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. . 34 IlnrrlKim Avrnuc OH KM'IniMk-r finer. Wuterburr '1'hooe NEW SUPERINTENDENT Cheshire. Aug. S— (UP)-^The new superintendent, of the Cheshire reformatory will be Leonard E. Cornstock. He will succeed 'George C. Ersklne who will retire in. December. Legal Notices This is to give notice that I Francis L. Burns of 185 Cherry St. Naugatuck, have filed an application dated • Aug. B, 1946, with the Liquor Control Commission for a package Store Beer for the sole of alcoholic liquor on the premises Millvillc Market. INewman St. (MilJ- l ville), Naugatuck. The business is owned by Francis L. Burns and Charles A. Brennan, of IS? Cherry and 69 Ward Sts., Naugatuck. and will be conducted by Francis L. Burns of 185 Cherry St., Naugatuck, as permittee. FRANCIS L, BURNS ' ' Dated Aug. 6, 19-IG. Registration At 18 Compulsory, Draft Head Explains Every young; man who attains his eighteenth birthday is still.required to register with his Selective Service-Board, warned Commander, .7ohn F. Robinson, State t>iroctor of Selective Service, todav_. When a registrant uighteen years of ugc registers with a local board, he continued, the registrant is not processed'- but is furnished with :) Classification Card which will bear the notation "UNCLASSrFTED PURSUANT TO PUBLIC ^W 473". Under the present . law,' this new registrant will not be forwarded for pre-induction .or'induc- tion, until he is nineteen years of age. Of course, the Commander added, if a registrant eighteen years' of age wishes to volunteer for induc- tion, the local board will .complete hl« clarification and .forward him for Immediate induction Into tht Army. On his Blghtiifinth'. birthday, th. registrant' should present himself immediately "for registration. to th* local board for the area in which he has his permanent home or the one in which he may happen to be on that day. Failure to register IK punishable, upon conviction, 'by fine or Imprisonment, or both. < FOR BETTER SERVICE Telephone lines or* Lies, from 9:30 AJA. to 12 noon. For better local ond oul-ol-lown s«mc«, cat! "m the early morning or during »lie afternoon. NATIONALLY - KNOWN Silverware • •>'•"• 36 ; Pieces!" Complete • Service For 6 Service for 8 Available CCHNEERC ^cftEDiT JEWELERS** 162 South Main St. r— 4-2204 HERE IS SOMETHING YOU ARE LOOKING FOR BOYS' LONG PANTS SUITS Tweeds Glen Plaids Herring Bone Grey Brown Blue "AN OUTSTANDING VALUE!" 95 Reg 1 . Z $14.95 CHURCH STREET Introducing "Bill" Leuchars Noted Marine Corps Photographer Bill will have charge of our commercial department handling- such assignments as: CANDID WEDDINGS BANQUETS LODGE OR FRATERNAL GROUPS FAMILY GROUPS INDUSTRIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Your house - or your garden or ntor« - or your show window - - or anything cl»* you want photographed for. that matter. Making photographs is our business and while most of our work has been portraitures remember that this is photographic headquarters. If it's a photographic job let us quote prices. Neary Bldg. 203 Church St. Tel. 2342 Rosenzweig s 34*6 ^^^^^ ^ Traditionally, for 34 years BOW, we an- nally announce our August Fur Sale ... This year, we outdo all others with our offering, at SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS, of the most alluring . . . PUB OOATB JACKETS NECK PIECES Come in early, choose your Winter Fur Coat from our amazingly rich, luxurious showing. Black and Qrey Persian, Hudson Seal, Fitch and many others. Quality fursj exquisitely tailored in advanced styles. Or, if you prefer, from our large stock of selected pelts in black or grey Bussian Persian, Hudson Seal, Mink, and others.: .have your fur coat made to or : der all at this, our 34th annual August Fur Sale. LOW PRICES. USE OUR CONVENIENT BUDGET OR LAY-A-WAY PLAN NO INTEREST OR CARRYING CHARGES COATS STORED FREE UNTIL WANTED 148 NORTH MAIN ST

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