Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 6, 1911 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1911
Page 6
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y !THEX0iLi4J;^XBEGIi nnBicATtoxs ARE THAT A OASG flAS DiTAHED lOLA. ' Jesas Bios, a Mexican, Caoght lii Act of Stealing a Watch—Young nidte j JHan Canght lesterdtij:. It. The lola police department expresses the belief that an organized gang of ehopiiJCter3 has invaded ttiis city In the past few days, and are warning merdianta to keep a close watch on^aU etrangers who come into their /stores. The arrest of Jesus RIos, a Mexican, yeaterdapr afternoon about 2:30 for attempting to iKirloin a watch from theJ : Hannfi Jewelry Compstiy, served to' J_ bring to Jlght a number of attempts at Bbopllfting that have occurred in the past several days, but which have not been reported to the police as the valuables in every instance bavo been recovered. HlOB and another eMxlcan entered the Hanna store about 12 o'clock yesterday. Kios had an old watch case in which ho explained he wanted new mechanism. K. C. Har- vef. who is employed at Hanna's - showed Rios the works of a number of watches. Rios then indicated that - he .wished to see some watches which _.were displayed on a lower Ishelf. He evidently did this with a purpose, as . when Harvey stooped to pick up one \ of the watches the Mexican quickly caught up one of the watches on tiie show case and slid it down bis sleeve. ^ But Harvey had been suspicious from the time the Mexicans entered the store, and was not caught off his N. guard. He turned suddenly and caught the Mexican by the sleeve above •where the watch was concealed, at the fiama time shouting to Hanna to call - the police. Officer McPherson responded \to the call, and arrested the Mexican In. whose sleeve be found the watch. The evidence "was conclusive, and Judge Smeltzer fined Rios $15 and costs, fn default of which h& was .committed to JalL When McPherson Bear«hed Rios at the Jail he found on him another watch, a valuable £lgin. The Indications are that this was also stolen, but there Is no clue to whom it belongs. ; . - The attempted theft of this noon brought to jllght another attempted theft which occurred at the Hanna store yesterday morning. A young man who entered the store yesterday morning ostensibly to look over the line of fobs with a view to buying one, was teen to slip one of the fobs into his pocket He was caught Just -when in the act of leaving the store and the fob was recovered. He broke looset from his' captors, however, and rvL north. Hanna and Harvey gave chaae, and caught the culprit near the loU. He seemed to be so thoroughly /rlghtened and penitent, however, that after some consideration Hanna and Harvey \lecided to let him go free. This morning a Mexican came into the Uanna store and looked over the rings on display. Suspicion was fliroused by his actions however and such a close watch was kept on him that be would not have dared to attempt a theft, even had he desired to do so. The police do not think that the possibility of a white man and a Mexican being members of the same gang is remote, and they have strong reason for believing that such is the case in the present instance. * GIBLS PLAY BASKET BALL. GIrFs Basket Ball Team e( lola High School Flays LaHarpc, The girl's basket ball team of the lola liigh school is playing its first officially scheduled game of the season this afternoon at LaHarpe with the / high school team of that city. Tlie - lola girl's team has bien organized since the season opened, and thpy have practiced regularly, but the only games they have played have been among themselves. A number of stadeats of :the high school will ac- -yfiomvw the girls to LaHarpe to root - for loTiu j iiTpyLLoyT A Few Applications of a Simple . Remedy Will Bring Back the Natural Color. "Pnll oat one p-.iy hair an.l n ilnr.on will tike its i>lai-e" is .m oM s.-ijiii?. wfai<-b U. to a en-at citt>nt. true, if no Ktops arc talicn ID stop tin- canw^. \ VI M n irmy bain« oii!>car it is a K I SII tb.-ii .N.i- Li ture np<^s assistnnc*'.' It is N:iuirf'« •rail for hHi>. (Jra-- linir. ifnll, Iiri 'Ii'«^'« hair, or hair th.Tt i^s fallinp <iiit. is u <it noreswarily a' S I BM of ailvnii>ini: nnv. f -T there ari> thi 'iis.imls of I M IT I V in -<i|il<With porfiH't Uia<l« of liaif \viiUt '\;t a |l> •.single Ftroak of irrny. When RTay h .iirs rnnio. or wJie -n iho hair semis t<j be lifolf -ss .<r il.-.-i.l. MHIK- goocl,'.reliable hair -rcsiorinj: tri-atiii .-.-it Hhouid be rpsortcd tii at once. Si>i<i;il- iKtS say that one of the lifst pn>i >.Tr .i' to tise is tbo ol<l-rR.>'irK>n('<l "snse '.which onr pramlparents usmi. Tlie ^ preparation of this kind is Wyetb's T <8 »ife and Sulphur Hair Remedy, a pre})- *'!j|r«tioa ot dpmcFtio Ka );e atiii f <ult >hiir, l^^'igSeatifically compoundoii with later dis- ^eorered hair tonir^ and i^timnlants. the ^"wiade. mixtttre boinc carefully balanci-d "tested by experts, ^i^yeth's SafTC and .Siilphnr is clean and "^^oicaome and perfectly harmless. It l^^ahes- dry, parched hair, removes ^T^ai^roff and gradually restores faded 8T«y Tiair to its natural color. -.' "ifcn't'dday another minute. Start |^«f<ns Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur at ^^^Mce and ^ee what a difrorence a few ' j&eatment will make iu your hair, il* preparation is offered to the ^;^bl|{ fifty contR a bottle, and is '^teoimitBended and sold by all drusgirts. i ~^«creirs VpiS Store, lola, £»«. worn WON Her Heatth and Stixngth Bnck AgainbyTbeUseofXardid; Tampa, Fla.—In a fetter from this city," Mrs. E. C. Co;um -writea:, "I -waa all -weakened and wo-171 out withi womanly troubles. My husband brought me som,e Cardnl as a tonic, and, from the first day, it seemed to help. I had almost lost my reason,' but. thanks to Cardnl, I > did not Boon, Z felt and looked like a new 'woroon. I think the remedy is wonderful, I recommend it to my friends, for I. nave received great benefit from if • Cardut acts specifically on the -weak* ened wonraaly organs, strcngC^'nlng the muscles nnd nerves, and baUdlng them up to h>iaUh. It helps to refresh tho :wonm)ut ner. Tous system and relteres the effects oC ovcnuork, both mental and physical. Fifty years' successful use fullr prove the merit of this ptircly vegetable, tonic remedy for women. In every romcmnlty, tiiere live somA who have been Iwnefited by Cardul. The beneflcial effects of this tlino t^ted woman's remedy, soon show themselves ia many different ways. Try It. N. B.— Wnli-ln: 1 idles'Advisory Dept.. Outji. woo .Mew^cine Co.. CMtiat •:oc«. T«nn., for Spr jinl 'ntinicti 'iPii, »rj 6t-r "-e l"0ok. "Honw Tr«a> MO I .VA V )?. Vi-iX^' TIKKEY rOEM. With special apolop>- to the author of America and with dtie deference to all the other Smiths, back to old .John and down to young Jim, submit the following: My turkey 'tiS of thee , Bird of the cranberry. Of thee I sing, I love thyjiack and breast Thy wings and all the rest I swallow with a zest ; And crown thee king. Oh, noble turkey thee Eaten with celery My heart is stirred; Long may thy gobble bright, Be heard at early light So >fnit with all your might My noble bird. i Our father's bird jou were. Ml .xed with a holy myrrh. Served on this day; But prices now aren't right. With turkey out of sight While we toll day and night, f To get the pay. f Thou bird of memory. How dear thou art to me— To me and pa; Thy dressing has our love. Thy gravy is above , Any thing else we alvove Into our maw. But who can now be found To buy a twenty pound? Great Zeus, how high! We're In a fearful plight. Men, rise up in your might. And make the prices right Before I cry. lyet gobbles fill tlie breeze. As perched upon the trees. His welcome ring; IJ^X mortal man a^^ako. , And all his trouble stake On what his mards take. For Friday's sting. 1:1 • • I '^! "•tt II "\ if r «• n\ ^ i| '1 All poultry has gone down, 111 buy me twenty pound, I And I'm at peace; Though AVestern States is down Nor brick, nor glass is found; Though ioafers now all round. I'll get ray grease. I (FRIDAY.) My stomach'. "Tis of thee! ' Author of my misery— 0 I'm so sick— . Oh! How my head does ache— Oh! dear what shaU I take? 1 wish Td eaten steaS— , Call doctors—quick! ' (SATURDAY.) F The doctor's old cannard— ' In eating the gizzard— j'' Oh what a fix— I swallowed many a seed And so they say there's need To cut—Oh, hear me plead! My appendix! (LATER.) And now I have to stay On back the live-long day And nothing eat; But there is one thing sure. This next-time catting cure Must make a wide detour And cut my feet. For 1 do not Intend To have luy stomach end Cut off again. So put your lances up, . I'll take a little sup Of Mrs. Eddy's cup .And have no pain. —Rashly Howe. SilOITD WOMEX TOTE. .Vo one who keeps posted on tlir prent work being done by women ir professional and business life, am' I most lni|>ortant ot all, in the Amerl can home, can for a moment doub that tl'.ey would vote wisely. if they would only guard their owi health as carefully as they do the! children's they could accomplish evei more. One woman who knows how neces sary it Is to stay well is Mrs. Her man of North Birmingham (Ala.). He daughter. Miss Nona says in a letter "We 'hare used Vinol in our famil: for four years. Whenever my mothe- gets a bad cold or feels weak and run downj she always uses Vinol and I makes her well again. She says Vino always gives her strength and build: her up." This delicious cod liver and iro: remedy without oil Is so ce^in t' cure up chronic coughs, and build uj weak run-down,! sickly people of al \ ages, that we sell it under a positlv ' prt>mise to give back your money V j Viriol does not satisfy you. Try Vinol. S. R. Burrell, Druggist, lola, Kas. ' BISiiTO; STAR. Dec. 4.—Almost every one from this neifbborfaood attended Russell und Cubblson'sj bpecial sale at Mildred Thursday of last week.. RevJ Meyers conuuenced a series of revival meetings at the school house Su&day evening. We hope we will have a successful meeting and every one is cordially invtted to attend. Mrs. George Stout called on Mrs. Wynn Monday afternoon. Mrs. Will Frame and children, of LaHarpe, visited at Robert Daugherty's Frlilay afternoon. Gladys accompanied trer hoiu^. Harvo Huffman and family visited Sunday at Jesse Huffman's. Willie and L>le Frame, of LaHarpe, attended the pie social Wednesday night Robert Daugherfy and family ate Thanksgiving dinner at Mr. Robert Frame's, east of Bayard. The Ladles' Aid had a pic social at the^school house Wednesday oven- ipg. A short program was given, a large crowd was present, nnd the pies sold well. The ladles also sold three quilts and some aprons. All present enjoyed a delightful evening and the proceeds amounted to over |33. The men of the neighborhood had a wolf hunt Thanksgiving day. John Whittington's and Mr. Case's spent Sunday at Will \V'hlttingtoa '8. C. H. Vandevcer and family, of near, I^aHarpe, N. C. Vandeveer and wife and N. C. Hanson spent Thanksgiving day at E. M. Hosley's. 'Al)y2rt Stout and family and Oeorge Stdtit and family spent Thursday at Jiirs. CarpenteF's, near Diamond. iFrank Curley and familj-'nte Thanks giving dinner at N. T. Curloy's. Miss Jessie Datigherty, who is teaclyl ing at Bayard, came home for Thanks giving. Misses Hazel Wynn and Elsie Hardy visited Sunday at McCoy's. Mrs. Hattle Hoslcy. Charley and Mary .attended church services at the Presbyterfan church in Moran Sunday night The school was disntissed Thursday for Thanksgiving Day. A number of the young folks bad a skating 'party Thtirsdny evening on Baker's creek, near Bayard. A very ple.tsant evening was spent on the Ice. Tommy Kimzey. who has been st:iy- ing with his grand-parents, rofiirped to his home in Htinilmlrit Frid.ny. Mrs KitMzey accompanied him for a short visit TELLS HOW TO flRE A COLD. Most Severe: Cold or the Grippe Rc- Heved In SPTPrnl Hours. The mo.^t severe cold will he broken, and all grlpi'e misery ended after taking a dose of Pape's Cold Com^ pound every two hours until tht^ee consecutive doses are taken. Vou will dlctlnctlyfeel all the disagreeable symptoms leaving after the very first dose. The most jnlsorable headache, dullness head and nose stuffed up fovcr- |ishnesg, sneezing,"running of the nose sore throat, mucous catarrhal discharges soreness, stiffness, rheumn- tism pains and other distress vanishes. Pai)e's Cold Compound is the result of three years' research at a cost of more than fifty thousand dollars and contains no quinine, which we have conclusively demonstrated is not effective In the treatment of colds or grippe. Take this harmless Compound as directed with the knowledge that there is no other medicine made anywhere else in the world which will cure your cold or end grippe misery as promptly and without any other assistance or bad after-effects as a 2.^cent package of Pape's Cold Compound, which any druggist in the world can supply. BRONSOX. Dec. J). —Miss Lizzie Foraker is visiting relatives in Nevada, Mo., this week. Mrs. Tripp and daughter and Attorney Fred BaylesF, returned to their homes in Fort Scott Sund-ty night after spending the week end with relatives here. Mr. Lee Wilson and wife and .L .T. Wilson and wife spent Sunday here visiting Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Wilson. Oliver Williamson and family of Pawnee, Kas.. spent the -last of last week here visiting Mr. Williamson's relatives. R. Nichols and family of Redfleld. ramer Nichols, of Moran, and C. W. nayless and wife visited Henry Nichols tnd wife Sunday. Leslie Cady was very seriously hurt Friday while out hunting. His gun was accidentally discharged, piittlng out one of bis eyes and hurting his hand so badly that three fingers had •o be amputated. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Wilson moved •o a farm north of Bronson this week. The lola Booster Club and Mileage Bureau Ass'n, Extend To You A Personal Inyitation To Visit lola To Do Your Fall Buying. THE MILEAdE BUREAU XSSOCIATION WILL PAY YOUR R.R. FARP All Stores Are Now Showing A Complete Line of New Fall Goods lola is the Place to Do Yoor Here you will find bargains of every description, lliat mean a great ; every kind of mcrciiandise at greatly rciinccci prices—merchandise to jiiC' iind it crreatly to your advant.-igc to do yonr shopping in lola Yon ar<* certain to spcn^ so nin'.:li ^loney on l-'all goods anyway, paid both way, and make jpnr shopping trip a gciniinc pleasure. savuig to the purchaser. All stoi-cs s'iow offerings of et the refinircnienis of all tastes and purses. Vou will W'hv u'/t Clinic to lOl-A where v>u C:UJ l;a\f VMur fare No Better Stores Anywhere In the Southwest The list of Tola nierchar.ts who will isfuc refund bl.uiks on r.piil;-:;itinii arc nniong the hading dcali-r- of T'la When through .shopiiing present your return ticket, togei'iei wi'li your rcfmid connra. a: 'iiv office of Uic lola ilaily Ri^^^isj.- am! your fare l>olh ways will be inunediately refunded in cash, Rule5; Reg-^rdiimjr Refunding: of R;fi[ilroad Fares Any non-re.'ident who-hns purr,ha--t'd roods frotn the uicrchants whojse names .jpjic .T on tlii> r-.--hate criii.ou, is.ciuiiled to a return of car fare upon the Jiurrender of hi*; rebate coupon to tl:e officc of the lola Daily Rc!:i-t'.r. sii:>fcct tr, ij;c I'l.I'ow ini: conditions:' The entire .<uni .<o refunded shall not exrecd 4% < f the sum total of al! piirchasv-s ci.ii.><'d in this r^-o.iic uiiou .\fid in no event will any sum in excess of the actum car fare he paid. AM f.->.rcs are tcfuudcd by the I'.'.! H^'iiy Ri/,'! i'r, n.'t by the meichant.s. The return part of a t:ck«'t, a casli fare receipt, or olhci satisfactory proof iini.-i i.< .'I 'luii ;it llic 'iffue, ;il ii-;:t; rebate is colleclcd, as evi<lencc 'of tij(. poiiu from which the slv .)]U )er traveled. Wlicn yo'ir lr;;'iiri}' i> finish'/1. har.i your rebaie cou pen to the .salesman. He will.iirive the total amount of your purchase entered, with tiic oalv. '.he fir'u'^ '-i/n;iiiirr. and return the rebate coufjon to you. Do i! i,- .-.une at each s'ore where yn; f^dc. That i^ ;dl. V.'l-.tu yor.r tii'.'.in'/ i> fnr.iily louiii'.eted, lake yonr rebate c< •.upon ti.- the office of I'lo loin Driliy i>'c.,»; ;t (T. .-iiI pre^cu' it bcftTc 5 p. ui., jfv.i .i\ .i- if it v .in u ci -.C'k. Meiely show your ticket, cash f?.ro receipt, otc. .'\'o idculif'cnlion, led ''ipe. ami UD L -. ;i .Mir;;: •• i^ u^-.:.'- u;}. Tiic fifrice wit! know the right amount to pay you without being informed. Ask for a refund cou[ion in the first storj from which you make your i)urcha;e, or tiic} lua^ he had tlic office of the lola Daily Register. These ar^MemSsers c?/ ih^J&^s^ HMMe^-tr/a ims'^.BBu THE FAMOUS CLOTIIING—SHOES. . THE PAL\CE ciOTniyo—siroL 's. Barclay-Shields CLOTHING—SHOES. THE GLOBE CL0THI>6-Sn0ES. C. E. PERHAM CLOTHIXG—SHOES. HENRY CYLER SHOE STOI'.E • Shields Shoe Co. SHOE STORE^ Crabb & Morris GIBSON STUDIO pnoTOGK.vpns. S. R. BURRELL RAMS AYS 0 M E N 'S F r U ISII I,\ f i S. J.V..\yiRCHAiVr JEYIELUY CO. Jas. Ricliafdson Sleeper Fur, Co. FURMTUKE. Ne.- York Stdj-e DliV «.<)(.>9S. 4. 13. r ^HANNON IfAIiDWAnE. J. V. ROBERTS iVlU-^!C CO. [ola Fiif. o Frn.MTijRs. 1>UY GOODS Lr ^ShwC Store -10 E.\ST MADISON COTTAGE GROVE. D PC. 6.—Kveryone who attended the ritankiiglving dinner at the school louse reports a ilne time. Mr. W. H. Savage, of KansaK City, ame out from Chanute Friday to visit lis siBter, Mrs. M. A. Downs and his lieces Mrs. Matsier and Mrs. .lohnson. Mr. and Mrs. Noyes and .Mr. and Vlrs. Adams vteited at Mr. Dean's lost Sunday. Mrs. Davis and Harry Stewart, of :hanute, spent Thanks^^iving day at A'ili Stewart's. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Cornell and Mrs. Sari Brandon spent Thanksgiving svitb Mr. J. H. Brandon and family. T. R. Adams and family spent the ia>' at Ira Noyes' Thursday. vr. and Mrs. Butler entertained Mrs. Butler's daughter and family at iinner Thanksgiving day. Mrs. E. 8. Irwin, formerly of this olace, but who lives in California, is rislting her brother. J. M. Reed. STO\T POrfT. Dec. 4. — Mr. and Mrs. Emery '^roughton spent Sunday at Mr. Jess :iamilton'8. The Grant school will havei a box tnpper at their school bouse Dec. 8th. to which everyone is invited. Mr. Tom Johnson and family took Thanksgiving dinner Johnson °s. Mr. Ed Shopshire TinO family. .Mr. Ross Hall and family, and M!-.-=. Hain- .nel ate roast goose ut Wallace IliiU'.s Thauksglviug. Mr. J. n ..JIarclcrodo. and f.niiily and Roy Gier spent Sunday at .Mr. J .w Hf-rclerode's. Mr. Charley lleckpnlialilo. who has Iwn quite sick, wus not so wflt Snu- itay, and Dr. Ijinilit-tli, of Muiaii. was called. Mrii. Frank McFarland of M.-irsli- fleld Mo., and hor ninilicr. Mis. ."Miles, cif KlsiiHirt', sjiciit 111'! wptU ctid at Mr. WlUlnm McFarlands. Tho laUlp.s of tlip M K. c.'iMrcl) and tho Epworth t.pagn<> will havf a tui- zanr In Uroii.'^oii DectMDi.tjr Tln'v will also furnTsh djnn.-r ami ;--.:)>1" T. Mr. Wlllinni .McKjuIand bn.i!>;M Ills mules home firmi his farm in O;:age township last Tue.sday. Mr. and Mrs. .Mark Jnliason werp c:j!ers at J. \Y. McFari.nnd's .AIon(l:»y An interesting stuffing contfst was recently held in California iM.iwoen Southern Pacific clerks, on>« winning out by three prunes. The wlnnt-r ate a dozen oysters, three steaks, three orders of potatoes, three onl .-rs of T I CO pudding, one pot of tp.i, one ylece of apple pie, and an oriT of stewed prunes. The los«r ate four steaks, four orders of French fried potatoes, four orders of rlco pudding, ope section of pie and all but three 6f an order of prunes. Th<' loser paid the bill, $6.50 and both men were removed to a hospital. enjEs coBi^ IN SIX TO U PATS. —^Your druggist will refund money if PAZO OINTMENT fails to cure any case of Itdiing, Blind, Bleeding or Protrudiag PUes In 6 1044 daya 60c Save moneyl on your trip! Southwest* by:; taking DdvantaKO of the low (ires on the First and Third Tuesdays of each mohth, via the Koty. Whfre yoa are needed msA is wbere you w31 ' make ooiL yininipportnnlty I.« In thf^S<iutn\vi.!.t whfto clliiiati- uii'l nntii- rnl urori'lltious are oil lavorsble: It is not nn uncoinmon llitnc (cr ^tsirimTinOtla- lioiaa or TrxsK to pax for hw (ariiv In one rear. Thb couui only be done whcrcjand Cc^ld Storage, Pi§till€d Water —FOR. SAI^iu !o: A icp, coin sroRAGif & PUEL CO. Phone 115 i «: ! •si: TEXAS If fcttilo 0 n cl In- Croi 'S hiK and priccrt Xoivisihctimc tomato atrlptr) Ofelalionid or Texas and B(-r ju>t where your opportunity lies. Ask your loeal aicnt to f cU yoa ..^ ! atictetvia Kuty ^'^•'"'V,? —ortellm.tivljerc T Toil want (o K<> i Soutbwe>t and I twfll fAan your tripand Kivc you fulJ lolormation t>out tbc far*: trom your home _ jwn ncticdule.ele. IivlllrflsotieftlyiJ OUT fime /rctioatt oil Soatbwegt opt>or- tunltlex. Write Iixlay. V.S.SI.CEOIGE, { CP-A.. IL K. *.T. 316 VaJbwriikt BUk. ' S(.U« K('!u-\v your v .Drn- otit ;iranitt.' wnrc wit! !?cst ;mdcheap- i' AlmnlOiini est nnc in city COLE HARDWARE Highest Market Prices for Hides and Furs siiso FigseLumpCoai l=.=..:=.=_.=.=FOR SAI.E AT-^—= r— Lm Krupp's Junk Yard PheoB 3/4

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