Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 6, 1911 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1911
Page 5
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Cal., Dec. 6.—JudgeJ Bordwell, after sentencing the Mc- Kamaras, gave out a statement which Is a cutting .arraignment of Lincoln Steffena, the magazine writer who published a long article in which he claimed credit for having brought about the- "compromise" Which resulted In the plea of guilty.. Referring to this artltele. Judge BordweU said: >-ot Inflneneed by Steffena. ^ "In the first place, the claim or sugn gestlon that the termination of the cases was .due to the efforta of himself and other outsiders who undertook to influence the officers of the court—other than the judge—is with out Justification in factl "I also wish to denounce the claim of that gentleman and of other persons for him that the Change of the pleas in these cases irom 'not guilty' t<r 'guilty*' was due to his efforts, as groundless and untrue. He js correct in the statement that the court ]va8 jiot a iMirty to any n(^tiatIonB for any claim that he Induced the prosecution to come to an'^tigreement in the matter. The district attorney acted entirely without regard to Mr. Steffens and on lines decided upon before the latter appeared on the scene. Bribery DcTclopments DM It. "As to the defensethe public ca^ rely on it that the developments of last week as to bribery and attempted bribery of Jurors In the James B. Mc- Xamara case were the efficient cause of the change of pleas which suddenly brought these cases to an end. The district attorney could have had James B. McNamara's plea ef guilty long ago If he had been willing to dismiss the cases against the brother hut he refused insisting that the latter was guilty and should suffer punishment. "The first proposlton from those interested In the defense were that James B. McNamara should ^hange his plea from 'not guilt' to 'guilty' on condition that he should not be sentenced to death and that his brother should go free. The district attorney would not agree. James Offered to Die. "Afterward emissaries from the defense brought to the district attorney the proposition that James B. McNamara would plead guilty and be sen tenced to death If the court so ordered, provided that his brother should be saved. But the district attorney still would not agree. ^ "Those Interested in oie defense continued to urge his acceptance of the last proposition for ten days or more, and until the bribery develop- menta revealed the desperation of the defense and paralyzed the effort to save John J. McNamara by sacrificing his brother. Then It was that the change of the pleas of these men was forthcoming. Steffens' Idea "OffenslTe." "The notion broached in the Steffens article that the McNamaras, In the commission of the crimes, as confessed by them, are 'two heroes' Is offensive to common intelligence and repellant to the conscience of all Just men—to say nothing of the abhorrence of the law for such sentiment; and 1 am confident that the district attorney was not influenced by any such sentiment in considering the proposal that the defendants should with draw their pleas of 'not guilty.' "U|)on the entries of the plean tA 'guilty' both defendants placed themselves upon the mercy of the court and the .responsibility—sole and undivided—developed upon tBe court to determine the punishment That some mitigation of the extreme penalties •lemandable .-^y the outraged law might reasonably be expected In con- -equence of the change of pleas In these cases Is in accordance with the principle comu'only accepted in the adtulnUtratfon of criminal Jurisprudence. All MuHt Respect Law. "That expectation has not been disappointed in these cases. At the same time, the duty of the court in fixing tha penalties 'n these cases would »iave been unperforrao'l had It been swayed in any degree, by the hypothetical policy favored by Mr. Steffens (who. by the way is a professed anurchli-'t), that the Judgment of the court should b<> directed to the promotion of compromise In iho controversy between 'caplial and Ibbor.' "The lesson taugh* iiy these cases !« that Mie Ian must be rigorously enforced against all offeaders—whether they be nrh <?r poor, ht«h or low, capitalists or InborerE—and that only by obedleu<:e to,-Iaw can society be maintained or Its blessings enjoyed." SVALLPOX TO L>'D1A>- TREEK. wnstlc fr\ desigiry DeautlRjllu flnls ied. Has purf:u of t( ne, , 7X delicate tier jirpA touqv DuroWe Irt the l :^rrenK> rully warranred .and Isl dl- rectiu within uour purqhas- mg reach oo /conveijJent terms at , Dec. 4.—Miss Gijacje Hasklns has been ill this week bnd unabl^.to attend to her school jduUes Mrs. Leslie Seeding h.-.s betjn .substitu Ings^for her. Some of the youdgiieople ^ere attended the pie siiijjpei ct Star Wednesday night and ih» box sui>per at Diamond Friday nlfeht. Dickenson, Mrs. Iva Brenn^n and Mrs.'Adda Hobart ate Thanksgiving dinner with their parents, George Van- dcveer and wife. The Ladles' Aid ifa&i with Mrs. Cora Forsythe Thursday) oT last wjeak »nd sewed for Mrs. ShullenbergeK The cetnent plant closed down last Wednesday. i f Russell Cubbisori's'three days special sale last week w^s attended by a large crowd—cspec tally on Thursday. Love Brothers of Brooson wefc attho store Thursday with-cloaks ^nd Col. Long, an auctlonejer from' Bronson. was present and ente|'talned t|ie crowd on the streets and sold anything that was brought in bjy the farmers for; sale, in the ladle^' race,-Mrs. Melvin Vandeveer won first prize and the'flr^ place In the men's foot race was won[ by Louise Wilson.' Jerry Hackett aind family attendecU the funeral of Mi.<js Maude Wlselyrw Klncaid Wednesdajr. J Mrs. Pearl McCallen of Bayar(^ clerked at Cubblso^'ti store during th^ sale. The Rebecca lodge had their regu lar election of officers at their meet Ing Tuesday eveJpiitg. Mrs, C. W Hegwood was elected noble grand. Miss LvUa Harvey' went to LaHarp t Wednesday. | Mrs. Lock's mother, Mrs. Pattersot spent Thursday with her. There was a vabdeville show fit tb \ Odd Fellows' hall several nights las.: week. ) ' Mr. and Mrs. Bllinwood, of KaQsat City, are visiting khelr daughter, Mn Ed HIte. They wient to LaHarpe Saturday for a shore vjsit with Mr. Dotir and family. Lew Mann and family ate Thanks giving dinner, wl h Mr. Logan's near Lone Elm. Sunday being FXnny Fern Fergu i' birthday,' a numieV of her frient s spent Saturday with her in honor of the occasion. A!I 1 present spent a delightful day. Mr. I^ewis' baby fell onto the sto^e Saturday and se\jerely burned its face and bands, and a few hours later Lewis, while working at the plait, had his hip dislocaied. He was taki n to the hospital ati Kansas City Sunda v. iVorval Boatrig^t spent Sunday wl h his parents, near Lone Elm. I Dr. Xevitt is having a foundati m laid for a new drug store. The freezing weather has stopped fir a few days. There will be a box Supper at B I- fry school house Friday evening, D c 8th. Proceeds i «-lll be used to pt|r- chase books fo^ ihe library. Ev one Invited. j • Don't forget the. supper and bazdnr elven by the I^dlijs' Aid in the 1^" 0. F. Hall at Mildred. Derember The M. E. Cnurch Is Planning havfl a Christmas- enfertalnn'ent. The primary »i)d Intompdinte r>orfments of tile school ?nve a p>-o gr>m Wcducsday afterrooi. The Rebeccp« dW not h-ive tH'-lr Plav. "Tonv. ff.p Convicf." over J a* they expected, put decided to wi >l I For the quickest resultsr—The Register Want Column I Case In Aodmon fonnty Blamed on Xeosbo Firilfi. Garnett News: There Is an opPJ demic of smallpox In Indian Creek township according to George V. West aasessor of that township who was here. He says the two lx)ys and the two girls of A. G. Matter's family arc ill with the disease and that Jim Miller Sunday night took III with it. The disease Is believed to have been taken Injo that township by Theodore Matter who had been attending school at Neosho Falls, where, It Is said, there are now over* forty cases I udder quarantine. Shortly after Tbeo i dore came home he was taken' 111 and | a few daya ago be broke out with the .| disease. Since then other membera of the family have contracted it | No quarantine has b <>^2n established at the Matter home but West expects to'take the matter up with Dr. J. B^/ Jones, county health officer, who will take rigid steps to prevent its being spread. The. disease is said to be In a very mild form. One pbyaiclan from Tola pronounced It Cuban Itch, it is said but others prsjtounoe Tt genuine j smallpox. 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RED FOX SETS—Large pillow niuff and one ahimal scarf, satin lined and trimmed with tails; special..925.00 BLUE GOAT SETS—u.sually tctmcd as blue wolf— - larce shawl collar and pillow muff; line<l with good quality satin; special 97.50' .-WyiTE ICELAND FUR SETS with extra large p|l- ; low";q »Hff and large shawl collar. Special. ^xO.00>^': Genuine Brook Mink. Scarfs zt........... ..^.$4.98 Lynx'Dyed and SablcOpossum Scarfs—trimmed with t^ils V ' J priced at $io.oo:^;; Tap Slink, shawl collars with tails and claws at $7.50 - • 81^<*s, China Lynx Collar with tails at $3.98 HrQwn Blended Muskrat, sailor collar, at...i .$4.98-J? ft** while and have a new play. Miss Inez Wilson returned Wednss- day from a visit with friends In Lawrence and Kansas City. The schools here had a couple oLj days vacation on account of Thanfcs- giving. Grant Shockey came out from lola Tuesday to attend the Hixon sale. Miss Carmen Dickenson who Is attending school at the Kansas Unlver^ Bity spent Thanksgiving at home. The Ladles' Aid Society will give a bazaar and, a general supper at the ball on Saturday, Dec. 9tb. Every one is cordially Invited to attend. Melvin Vandeveer and wife spent Thanksgiving with Mrs. Vandeveerr's parents. Miss Lulu Keeton who Is attending Sunday with her parenta here. Come out and eat chicken pie and ehijoy a good old fashioned supper at the Odd Fellows' hall, Saturday evening, Dec. 9th. Miss Cora Bib^ns returned home from Baxter Springs Sunday. Sh* wen{ to Paola Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Mann spent Thursday evening ^ifmer HIte's. Miss Alclnda. HIte, of Illinois, Is visiting her'nephews, Ed and Elmer HIte. i WILL PL.4T NEVADA FBroAY. IOIB Basket BaB Team to Meet One of t^e Fa^si MIssooiT Teams. A telegram was received yesterday afternoon by Professor^ Harriss of the high school, coach of the liasket j ball team, asking that arrangements be made to play the game with Nevada on Friday liiatead of Saturday, as was announced last week." Professor Harriss , complied with the request, and hand bills announcing the game and the change of date were gotten school in lola, spent Saturday anMout this morning. The Nevada, Mo., team Is reputed to be the fastest high school basket ball team in south- westerfa Missouri, and has played and won three games against atrong teams this season. The lola team Is much faster than usual tbia year and has not been defeated this season. A very close game la expected Friday night. The game will be-called at 8:30. A: Electric Flat Irons^ Pereolators Lamps Highest efficiencyJi goods— LET USi| SHOW YOU ] l' A few of Oar Special Bargains in x WATCHES All bran new and fresh from the factory this fall. 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