Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 6, 1911 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1911
Page 4
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••c,.-i«-- V •THB ^OLA^DAn /riEGg^ WEDKESI^AY EVE TBS JU^OISTKB' FVBLlSBIHfi Bntered at'Uie lola Fostofflde aa Seeood- Clan Matter. Adrertisins Hate* Made Known on AppU- . cation. . ' vSUBQCRIPTiON. RATES. V. ~ ' By'-C&riarin lola, Gas^ity.'lianyon- villa, Iconcreto, Latiarpe and Bacsett: UilB Week . .. i 10 cent* One » « CfB** Oiia feslr »S.Oi> BY MAIL: OOa Year, InnMe coih.ty .$2.0(One Tear, outKltlir lounty M-Oi' ^TELEPHONES: Bualneaa Offlre 1»Society Reporter Jrt> and Blndeo" I'ept H Official Paper City 61 Banatt. Official Paper of Allen County. COJrCEKXIKG FEDERAL INCOKPU- RATKIN. It is easy to upprovc a plan which one has already ndvoqutpcl. The Reg ialer th^etoro, has no difficulty m nil Ifl givlDx its cordial nasont to thi recommendation of Pteaident Tuft on the lubjcct ot F^dentl incorporation beoauao for a long Ume (hia papci j hai been of the opinion that corpora > tlona doing un interatnto busincai should do 80 under an interstate, i. e. a Federal charter. The terms of th; • statute under which that charier ii ' granteid should provide that It couU only iBBue when it was clearly ahowi thdt the corporation aslcing it was not unduly capitalized or bonded, tha- its organization would not mean th( creation of a monopoly or bring abou unreasonablfr restraint of trade. Th> atatate shouJd provide further, o course, for adequate publicity and foi continuous supervision, to the em that a corporation should not only st^tt right but that it should not b> permitted to go wrong. The railroad problem in this cpun try is pratlcally settled by a law which forbids rebates or other form.' of discrimination and requires thai rates shall ,be reasonable. The gov^ emment does not "run amuck" amont the railroads, unsettling their busi hesB by initiating law suits agains them to make sure that they an obeying the law. It waits until som .citizen who thinks he Is aggrievec makes complaint and theh it inve&ti- '-gatea^. l|.^jCpmp)alnt is f9und tc be well grounded, the offending coitf pany Is ordeYpd ,to correct its prac tioe, and that order is obeyed. Th' people are absolutely protected fron • extortion and Injustice, and the road; themselves arc 6a ^a surer footinj- than they wero before the laws wer< jvassed. We hav«: never been able t< ,1 see why other ^'Hnterstale bualnee: should not be managed the same way Let a go*-emment commlBslon be err ated'to take jurisdiction over th^f buBincBsen, and when a citizen believes his rights are being infringe by one of them let him make coir plaint beforo this commission. If tir complaint is just, let the commlsslo" Issue the necessary ordnr ropardin ft and let the law prorlde means fo- enforcing that order. That would pn tect the-people, and it would rclifiv. budnesB- of harassment and uncnr talnty. The most Important part-of such i law woald be those .provisions de signed to prevent the over issue r stocks and bonds. It is a safe gues- that the Steel Trust, the Sugar Trus and probably a .good many others b-. ^ our biggest corporations, would nove have grown to their present dimcc sions except for the fact that no liml was placed on the issuance of sto<f>' The^en who promoted these merger were moved to do so by the oppor tiinit7 Afforded by that fact to mak themselves rich over night. The on. ly l^Umate reason for the combina ti <te of two or more plants engaged Ir th« same line of manufacture is th- econnnle one that a large busines' can )^ managed more economicall: than two or more small ones. In term of unit cost. But does anyone imagin that the great combinations which recent years have witnessed wirr prompted primarily, or even remotcl.- by consideration of the' economy tha' would result therefrom? The proraot of the Steel Trust made ^or' money in a day by the sale of stoci which represented no Investment tr them than would be represented b«' the economies effected by the mere er in a tuodred years. When H. O Havemeyer bought a rival sugar com pany for 1460.000 and increased the capital stock of the American Sugar Company |27,tlOO,<>00 on (he strength of that "consolidation" that action testified tnore ktfonglr to the real motive for suctrpurchase than a whole >book of what he might have said about introducing economies ii^ man- •agemcnt. Tho tihances are a great f " many to one II the slock of the new Siec} rxivitipr.r could not have exceeded thp artusl valuis of the prop «^*aertie» of the o!(«.st?el^coflipaiiljeB, the eonsoUd.ition would never have been made.. It is very certain that there £^re,^^ere la^ one now the JronWorkers Aa ^datt6tf Sai i. „.^-^-^thai^ery<«e«'j ;iI^^ a mllllpn aoUai ^tbat'l|.e Bpiua st'&ck ainr tidies ^ die''nO^rt.'eWii to Ithe other .affliotn--' be a^pnnt li^resentea brIhainogBagr-aar {thii .orgsnlzatlon. What ,aoeayrion' does ually paid' fiotT -the iiewljr .acqalnd the. chief ^ ans^eat-^bor UBIOB, or property.. jany other"organisation for. the matter) ' The new law; oaght to put an end to, o fthst, hare to nse so large a sum of the actlvttlesVf the promoter >rho expect^ to .inake bis money, hr the pro- iwBtlon and nofthrongh the opemtion of the' I hints to be - cocBtr jcted or j cncraicn of the KIcNamarns tha ans- consolidalcd. When that is dnno -I! j wcr \o\hat que3t!c32 '' money as that and what does he do with It that even his^own associates must not k3<^? Is the dynamiting Is not likely that the country will bo troubled any more by industrial elc- pfaantasls. GOXPERs KM:W ir.. When Samuel Gompers says one thing and William J. Burns says an other, ths country will tike the word of Buma Oompers declared that the confess- io nof the McNaninrris wns a stunning surprise to him. th.u h-.: implicitly believed them »r. I - ii?:-"".-!!! nnd that all his^nctlon, 113 head of i'.>o F-idera tlon of fynhor. In tl-.clr hflinlf, had been <l"«:"t«-d upcn t!n( b'-:!'f. Ill ! l.O-v ruri'.ra 15 ".;;iK. ;li;< great Inlet:! " \ li.) Hpiiti -hr :•)) of cvl dencc HIOH' the r.Ir^snnriiis »o flow y thut il-.iy nouUl s.-i- no wny of es ::ape, and miikes tlifa answer: "Whrn Mr. Gompcm s.-iys he was 4UrpriBcd, and that the McN'anmros had deceived him in dcclaring.their innocence, he tells what I3 not true Mr. Gompers knew the MrNnra^rai were guilty nnd has known it all along. He knew it all the time he and the heads of the International unions conferred in Indianapolis on the ques- ion of .raising funds for the defensf 3f the prisoners. Some of the othoj union men knew of their guilt too.' In the face of that d •ciaratlon.— ind it was made with a great deal oi feeling by the detective,—what is thf country to think of Mr. Gompers whr gave official sanction to the appeal tc worklngnien for funds to meet thi expense of the trial, an appeal whicl brought $190,000 from purses that could 111-afford the contribution, and .vho has all along characterized the .irrest of the McNamaras as a "carefully laid plot' on.the part of corporate wealth to crush the organized abor movement?" He declares now hnt he was "duped ,"4hat the McNa- •naras told him they were innocen; md he believed them. But Mr. Burn: nsists that he knew from the begiu- aing that they were guilty, and If 3urns Is right, then It is Gompers who ^aa duped his followers and the coun- ry. Xot only haq he dun^ them but 'le has given notice that rui_ matter 'low violent a crime or how cowardly lust so It Is committed by a devotcr >f organized labor or in the alleged interest of labor, he is ready to con- lone it and help the perpetrator escape the penalty of the law. The statement of Air. Burns assured y puts Mr. Gompers up against a very serious situation, and if he has ny evidence to adduce in support o! is own assertions he would do welt o bring it forward. ithcr words: don't swap horaea In he middle of the stream. And, inci- lentally the feeling Is growing that •Ir. Campbell Is making just as good •. Congressman as any man yet mcri' ioned as his possible successor could aiake. ' It is said a representative of thi Kansas City Star last week went tr ropeka where he called upon the"i Governor and urged him to call a • "ol .-ii aeFFlon ot the legislature. The wise ones are now veuttiring e two to one shot It will be calle«V. And what's It all about? To make a move for I^Follette for president. That is the way the taxes in Kansas have been Increased.during the past ftiree years; and in fact have nearly doubled.—Gamett News. The foregoing would seem to offer another opportunity for interesting publicity iti the matter '. of the proposed special session. Is a Missouri Democratic. paper one source of the "tremendous pressure'! for a sip«e)al aessloii which the.Governor lis ihrlnkSip much trou'bje biy^rnlatt If that Is true, havent'the p^l^ft who are expected to foot the btlla a .riglit to know it? That'was a'atartllng storjr'-Whteh the Assocttted Press sent out yester- wojild have been half a dozen sugarj iay to the sifect t^t the president of J^bor Icaikrs cf the Moycr stripe have no fogrets for the fact that Mc- Xainara ^committed a crime which resulted in the death of 21 persons; they only complain that the deed was confessed. It Is leadership of that sort that hurts the labor movement inflinltely more than all the "capitalistic conspiracies" that have been hatched since time began. Mr. Lincoln StcfTIns is doubtlena very, well meaning cillzpn. and lb jiart hn takes in any praiseworthy enterprise does not lose anything \r\ his telling of It. And yet we nre ( the opinion that it wiis the "slonr wall" built by Mr. Burns, and not the "Golden Rule" ple-idcd by Mr. StelT- Ins,'v^lch i;eally brought about the McXamdra plea. ^Cn4aa la.dnetbe Wn'vho 'imiiikia -^'^•^^en wiidltioai 4re bad. ' \. -jaHHWdniaB who U ^sts-that she Is ,».-v«rtfiaC-]aif*'ia letdont lae^ prtitty manic tr;^ girl doesn't have So wait 'fpr /Jea » year to secure a man'a haa (dL to-aelecting' a • se io^d husband ..a woman Is very apt t» jiick out a man who looks like a goo< hical ticket Whca a man triei -to cxplala his belief to hisj lelfe she doesn't undt^rstnad it any better than be does. Ccp€ldwlng the nhi^ber cf people whd have been dlsfiotralnted' In love. It's, a-wonder ther? aVe^ not more pes- slmtsts 2 broad In the land. IT SE TOXE. Remembering that Sallna is the •lome of Senator Brlstow isn't It good deal like calling (he righteous to repentance for LaFoIlette to g there to make the one speech (hat h is to make in Kansas? If Mr. Darrow does not know how the McXamara defense fund was spent, who does? CLYDK KNOX'M GOOP HE\SE. Clyde Knox in Sedan Times-Star: .Vhlle there are some people in the 'bird District who are not overly ond of Congressman Campbell, the peling among all factions of the Re- ub'.lran party Is that this is no time 0' be changing congressmen. As r onsequence Judge Flannelly of In- lependenc £.ha8 just about decided not to go Into the race for the nomlna- ion next year. With discontent and lard times abroad in • the land it Ir •eallsed that even the ...besf ..and strongest Republican wiil have tc vork hard to be elected to Congress 'herefore. It is reasoned, why should ve take any chances on losing our 'ongressman in this district by iry- ng a new candidate with all the dia- dvantage of not being acquaintea in he district as Mr. Campbett.iBflng its title of the "Cradle of Kansas THE KA>'SA$I LAXGrACE. With Beattie gone to kingdom com'- the McXamaras sentenced and Senator Gjuggenhehn declaring ho won't >'un again, life is becoming more sini plified and Christmas shopping holdr the boards. —0— Mack Cretcher's idea of wasted en ergy is to applaud the heroine in ; moving picture show. / —0— Xow Game Warden Dyche recommends a 3.000,000 acre game preserve in Kansas, using uncultivated land on which to grow deer and antelope. As time goes- on, one is reminded iaor< and more that Dyche Is something cf an Arctic explorer himself. Bin White,, who got his start writing hlographJcil sketches, is still at It He wrote a tw;o-column pen picture of Stubbs, the stubborn, solf- iVilled, man-ilrivlng, needlessly offend Ihg Governor, but explained tho lone roster of defects by saying, "Sfuhbf Is aa God made him." Xow White says that "President Taft is a great and good man; he Is charming an' affable honest as the sunshine, truf as steel to his friends, and altogcthei » delightful personality, "but—nnd hnn Bill explains that Taft won't da God, evidently didn't make Taft, or If rle did He forgot to put Bill wise. —0— Kansas is In for a sutfrnge campaign. Up In Oregon one is on an'-' Mrs. Abigail Scott Dunway, a li 'sdrr was run down hy nn express wafor in the street and a crowd surroundc: her. She was unhurt and ns the diisi was brushed off her clothes the rx- press driver asked anxiously if fl"' vould make him trouble. "Xo," F .h( answered, "there will be no troubI.->— if you men all promise to vote for v.o- man suffrage." How are you goine to dodge campaigners like that? —0— Official guhprnatortal recognlllcr was recently glVen an anonymous l-^ter from Olatho. which leads Will Pal mer to make the fcrj" true observc- lon that "A man who will write an anonymous letter will shoot from ambush." For the trivial reason that a col- Tired eleven defeated a white eleven die whites mobbed the blacks at >>• grounds in /.jiwrence and the black!= retaliated, qfa the whites down towrf later. Lawrence insists on maintain 'liberty." "Hereafter if an c!?g is laid in cold storage." says the Lawrence Gazette, 'the seller must put on a label with its history." "What manner of Arctic fowl. pray, has Sunn'anted the helpful hen In Lawrence? What a happy denouement .It would be If Gertrude Patterson, who Just eot through klllinz her husband in Denver and'says she want's her life henceforth to be a "jioem of goodness." could marry Harry Kemp, the K. r. poet who, according to Mrs. 'rton Sinclair, whom her husband has just divorced on Kemp's account, baa a "poet's soul." ' ' Pip Danlrls: When n girl aays no, he menPF yes. When she says yes. she means yes, and when she suyv nothing she means yes. So its a snfr bet. Verd N'apicr: Someone has sal.! hat the best Vray to disnerse a mob is to pass around the hat. —0— Mack Ccetcher: "I Would really en Joy a semidn in whlcl| the preacher would ease up on the old standbj-s. card playing and daneing. nnd hend a'few square Jolts to the fellow who don't pay h's. debts" declared old Si Chestnut the other day. y , —— POIXTFD PAR-ICRAPHS, From th** Chicago Wews. lagnilltude rulckljl sours the r.i:Ik of hnman kindness. \ M*nv a* girl's IdealX Is when be goes broke. REKLKC'TIONJ- 0 F.V BACHELOR. Pro mtlie Xow York Press. Contpt Is always well Jed. Blessed are they w lO know the gossip and do riot tell. Wom*-n motlier hilmanlty and forgive all the misery It brings to them. A miin ((links ho ^jants to marry n girl because she knWs he docs. An o'('. maid looks nt 'a new baby lusl ns If It wouldn't 'b^ an scandal .-.t all for It to be herai . . i-i — **•> + •>•+•> + +!•:•*•:•<• •> + + •% * • i - + * AS 01 HERS S»:E TlllXiS. > <• '> •:- •:• * •:• * + + Lump,- Dpfciiir. |).!rroW\ Ltt I'. P.-.Tcurnal: th his app.'al to the American ))puiile for mercy. Clnn-nre y. Dnrrow said: "All:in»rlir' 1 have trlfd t<i ho on the iJide of Uinsc ^^•hn In the unequal rich nnd ,thc jKior. •.vhf>. v .li .(herjn th tried in his own ^nm way to he a flcht bet worn the Here was a man rljjht or wronf;. side—the Bide pf 800 him go down so'dlei- on the same the poor. I couldn'tj without giving him Wluit hjMp I could • • • .lim McXamaila; told, me th truth about it. And; because ho wasn't a murderer at hprt. I decided to do the host I could What a plea Is th nation's intelli^fncc!! to save hia life.' sto set before a Clarence Dar- rov.-. (he skillful laWyer^ the "friend of tho poor" v."ho takus a| $50,000 fee out of the pockets of the workingmen if the country and j thereby -'proves himself on a different* plane from the wage earners whom he professes to sympathize with,^ hh^ made an ex- ceoding^y^ bad majlejr';worse. He has not even demonstratpd that ^ment of manhood which his followers believed he pcsscssqd. He likens this brace of oold-bloodcd murdejevs to. "soldiers »hat "right or wrongi' were fighting for a prihclple. y^hfit a traverslty upOn' justice and docency!' Darrow by his oWn confession knew that his cllenti were guilty. He knew that the "soldierB" he was defending had brought poignant sorrow to a score of fajnilies and that the mute evidence o^ a circle of coffinF •if innocent men whp were themselvef Door and who worked In the sight of God for their daily bread was thr work of those laude(^ "soldiers" In tl>r battle between the rich and thr poor." -The vicllmEJ pf the cowardly explosion in the Tiihes building W(«rr not eneiarics of tho !poor. They were the poot; Their oilly offense In thr yos of the murdcrcjuii gang of thtig? to die was that according to the who doomed tliein they did not work arbitrary dr.mands ^f other worklng- bcn. i To s.Tve the llvesj of two dastard'j murden-rs this man .Darrow took 1 big legiil foe undct false pretenses By duping tlmusandis of honest uiiion men throufihout jtho country—t.v nonna that jnay prme worse thsr even now suppo«cd-»-thIs lawyer pro. •Kjscd to:i stand by tWo criminals whc 'lavo struck n hl-.w|at unionism that will bs felt for verirs to come. Yet his terrible crime h.e maintains, V/OP In iho interests of ib/^ "poor ngalna' •lie rleh." By humllliillng organiccf* 'abor, by milking it!of every cent oli falnable, hy deceiving the thousandi •if honest wqiklngniipn.who belong tr unions, he sought th save the Mc'^a- mara criminals because they wer' on the side of the poor." What drivel! 1 •. —Farmers Attention! High grade listlllate for sale. Teliiphone 725 lola. nr Humboldt Refirieiy. M. Hungerford. 304 West Etreqt; NATURE'S tUREFOR CHRONIC ULCERS Only by remota g ihe caate cm my chrome Ulcer or Old Sore be wrei. No one ioiU question the ^raAhlness ofdus\^atemad. The xaut if alwcys f\r<m cm nnoorcf umree, never an ^^nttwward in/b- mce, and therefore the only pom< He way to get rid lof these plae^ is to take ^emal ^eatmad. Purf blood if the one t^dling cm foi chrotuc alcers; jast^as bng as ihe dradation is allowed to reman in an itapare conation the place wHl be h^4pen framlthe constant£s- dmge of impankes into U from the Hood. Bat change (fttf common vtd Ae Hah tissaes uUl be novbi^ked and made heidthy, and Am - iMfune will prompt and pen lanefdfy heal tiu wlcer, S. S. S. s riecogmxed as thegreatfst of ol Uood pariSers and Aerein lies i s pomer to care old alcers and sor ts. H goes into Ae drcalation, axd-rhwves every trace of impora^ i r'b^ctio^ nuA- *er, and CO tnrkh ]d this i^aliaid that it udun>Iit:s a I fldsh tissnes in- Bteod of irritating I icinj with impurities. When S. S S. jhas t^lcansed the blood and the pla9e has heakd over it is not « sui :ace cure, ^ut the entire olcer is 6l]lt I in iwjth bealtfa.v . £efih. Boojf ond n edical advicf; free, shattered 6. S. S. is for sale a: i^ri^g stores. . Bcqaests «f Wla^ My Dear Niece: L , ^ Many comments have reached me ID r>gar^ to myt"Sunny Monday," and I r fjolce especially -In your 'apprecla- t on and your qnestlcnihg. yrhen two p:op!e have the tie of kindred spirit a; well as relationship. It {S/doubly e lod to talk. "Your suggesttd- wash- VI" you say, is all very well'for ot>e 1 ke you. The work In that quiet house 1 old:of yours Is so very light, and It is e ssy. for you to thinK "high tbdugfits ever homely tasks. In the hurry and t ustle of a home like mine the, drag a nd drain of the work hold me down, leriiaps the (ieepest cry of the busy t ousekceper Is the persistent necessity ; for a little regular time to call 1 or soul her own. But how and when, a nd wfiere? "Washing, i^'oning. brew- i ig baking sweeping dusting mend- 1 ig, making," the countless details of 1 loking after the family give us hard<' any pause for a few sccial demands I nd a modicum of reading. These 1 htngs crowd tho work the more, and I vcrything la EO desperately common I nd monotonous. 1 would not change I'lth anybody* I do not forget my coJ- t!ge training and my fondanicntal irinciples,—and yet —and yet! l*nd i:c your wings. If you can. A* • • Hadn't you rather gfcl in the way of inding yuur own? l suppose that Incc the beginning of things the tiu- nan heart has yearned for the power if the bird to fly away and be at rest. Knd we are forever criiipUng the pin- on.^ we possess instead of giying them he freedom of our limitations. That ciinds contradictory, but don't you tnow how prone we are to refuse to.^ io the little thing within our reach )*cause the greater thing beyond us iems ^o be so much more worth vhlle? You think, devoted wife and nother that you are, that you cannot Jenefit yourself at .the family ex- lense. But • intelligent women that ou are, you know that through all he avenuev,of your busy -ness it is roUr busfness to be more selfish in >rder to be more efficient. Can you lot harden your heart and refuse to lo the things for them that they lught to do for themselves? Can you J0t_leach your little ones as part of our high office as the time arrives to ake their places in the endlbas work if the family up-bringing? Can you jot, all together learn how "my mind o me a kingdom is" while mechanlca^ >rocesses go on In your best approved nethod? Can yon not somehow rid •ourselves of the "little foxes that eat he grapes" in yuur especial manage- |nent,—no one Is quite free from this hing—and so gain time and strength bnd consen-e your energy? j 1 read he other day that m a certain fine School for the deaf and dumb effactlve raining is given for- the lack^of bal- mce very common in the gait of deaf children. Can you not think out your iroblem over your making and mend- ng, if washing is too strenu&is and ^omebow find your equilibrium? Strongely. enough the center- of balance In the physical mechanism IE {lependent upon the convolutions of he inner .ear. Having ears we heai pot and so we progress upon our un >ven way needing the process of adjustment just as much as if we hadthf j)hyslral defect. Xay, very much mori •incc we arc responsible for dls -urr |ind mis-use. and nejad the more to get nto corrective, con'strtitlve habits. I! t is wings we want, we must remem- ijer the.t hands aifd feet arc vastly bet- er for the human purpose. Tho tin est bird has the strong guiding la^^ jttlthin It and Lejond it, and It obeyt hat law. This U the secret of ql' iivlBtlon. ...... ^ All this, perhaps. Is not very defln- tlve. You want to know where to be- jIn, and how. And I answer here ant" low. It W.-SS Eklmund Burke who said 'If you want to get anywhere yo;» ?iave to start from v .here you aie," land 1 am sending-you a little reproduction of Murillo 's "AngEl's Kltch.-. ^n." Here are wings for you. Tal' jmessenger-angels doing the heavier asks In the monastery sdhllery an(? Jrosy, child-angels busy with veget- (Tbles and fruit. The blessed Brotliei DJego who served like Gareth In Kinr [Arthur's kitchen. f "W^lth a noble ease That graced the lowliest act In doting it." '• ^ Sits In the recess of the great room roided In hts.niumlned irance, and thr friends stand at the door In ^avr astonishment. This is the master'f way of saying that God helps thosr who help themselves. Tack the picture up over, your work table thlnl on these things and let me. hear fro.n you. I should not wonder if the twr strong men and. all the younger broor that puU upon your heart-strings and your nervous sy .-iem would fine* meaning all their own In that vcr^ Inractlcal and exquisite scripture-text He shall give his angels charge con- lemlng you." But your o »n eyes mus; first h»» opened your own deaf earf unstopped. AU.XT MIXERVA. -A riTY ro>niiisi!(io>' MEETIXG. The city commissioners met ye? terday aftemooii in regular weeUl? session. They took care of th: cur rent nppro])rlatlons for the e 'xpenspf of the city, but beyond that transact led little of public Interc'st. A petition was received from th' residents of 9 territory south of ih Missouri l^lciflc and west of Xorti First street^asklnp that a new srwe- district beXcreated for some elgh lots. This trart was,unplatted at ih' [time the sewer system was Install*':' "d must come In as a separate district " A petilloa was also received for th' v»'»niap of South Flm street soutt^ block from where it now ends sn becomes a foot path. .\o final acflon was taken on eithi~ of the petitions. Mr. T. F. Scantlln. of the I-eanne nelphborbood. was in lola. today or business. Mr. Scantlln la the ownr'^ of a fancy herd of Jersey cattle which has won blue ribbons at the coimty fair. The Sierras outclass the Alps. Eurorig has BO giant redwoods and no Yosemite,, The shores of the blue PacificTlVal the Mediterranean, And where, ^ari you find finer resort hotels than in California? A Santa Fe train wiir'rtlee you there. . The only railroiM under one matiagement Chicago to California. The only'railroacif to Grand Canyon of Arizona. Double-tracked hd^way; block-signal safeguards all the way. Fred Harvejr diir^g^ar, dining-rot^m and station-hotel service. ' The Califbniia limited —King of the limiteds^rexclusively for first- class travel—rum every day—deeper for Grand Canyon. Santa Fe de44 «e— ihe only extra-fare train, Chicago to Los An­ geles—oner* week this winter—every travel luxuijt—saves several hours'nmpr,,:? * ' " California jjfiast Mail—abo the Los Angeles Express and San Francisco Exjimi—three daily trains—they carry standafd Pullmans, tourist sleepers aad chair cars—all classes of tickets hoi^red Say which train you prefer, ^ill msll booklet. W:E.|IALSTON i> /AGE>T Phone 375 . lola, Ks. THE NORTBROP NATIONAL BANK lOIi.V, K.VJfS.lS Otl'R FOKTY VB.IRS OF COXfHCKVJtTiyf; H.l>JKl>(; IS lOLA lU"po«Itorj- for the rnitcd Slates, Slate of Kanfas, and .Ulen CountjOFFICEHS: L. I.. XOHTHRUP. President 1?. P. XOKTHRUP. 2nd V-Pres. F. A. XnntlinrP, Vice-Pre.sidrnt MELVIN FROXK, Casttier. n. .J. COFFK /. .'«38isiaut Cashier CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000,00 Interest I'lild on Time Depo.-lts Safety Dcpo.sit RoxeN for Rent YOUK RlM.MiSS SOI^K'ITED. THOS. H. BOWLITS, Preuldcnt J. ¥. SCOTT, Cashier Alien County State Bank lOLA, KANSAS EST.IBLISIIED A lirAKTEK OF A CEXTUHY. Capital $30,000.00 Surirfiis $40,000.00 Deposits ..$550,000.00 i.XTEREST IMID 0.\ TIUE l>l.I'OiIT_S S-VFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOB BEST lOLA STATE BANK, Capital Stock $25,000.00 Surplus $12,500.00 WE PAY INTEREST >J [)N TIME DEPOSITS ^ L. E. IIOKYi;.L£, Pres. ^ W. S. K.U'FJI.l.y, 2nd yice Pres. J. II. dXSlPEELL, (ashler. A. W. BECK, YlcfiPres. F. 0. BENSO.X, .UaL Custaler S.lFETlfffiEP»Hf^ BOXES FOB REST. Fell your WanU to 20;000 Pecple through The Re; There Oaty ptpe Thai Its ir.'E' iw?';»w?B TO qfjix A COLD ui aak OAT. for this signalrvTC Oi. ore-j bos- 2i>c.

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