The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 17, 1977 · Page 7
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 7

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1977
Page 7
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The flrcrm Hntcd btlow will iolv« your problem* 'quickly and innxjxmitlvaly, Reach for your t«J«pl»on« and USB thl» 8BRV- for r.for»no». Servicescope T«1U Yon Wter« To K«aoh The Experts f Building 1 Maintenance nf tinlMlnri A fnArrtlrtrrx. /(mif, Chimney Krimlrlnx, J'nlnilni—C'nnlklnx— Wiitrriirnor JACK OTJIUKN fnrfu"trlnl Uulldlni 01 1'hoonlx Ave. wn ™ iry 4-8418 FOR TlfK niQST IN FLAT ROOFINO KICK Federal Hoofing Co. "v^l"*' Call 4-4604 Insulation WINDOW und W>OH IffSL'I-ATIO.V Nri'XJIAl.ISTM Aluminum ComMrintlon ScrroiiN mid ytorin \VlntlowH THE KELOSUL CO, »,10 So, Muln ,m. Wntorbury Burners - Electrical Repairs GERALD'S liilo/t nrul Snrvlro All MnkM Ri'frt(rnriitnrH unit \VnMliprn H<»pnlrod I'loUup & liollVfry .IOMN .1ACKWIC'/ 107 Hprln* .St, T}jj,1 OfiKI Union City A'ltM <iOJl Auto Repairs JOE'S GARAGE OKNKHAf, AUTO KKI'Af IlINO fiiiirt (f)ld Slulu ( ! ' ll " t Dial Notices tuitn Clnurt, AiiK'ixt lil.h, A. D. IfMl". KMlntii cif Ulrhfifl Onriltum, luln r>f NmiKntui'k, In nulil Dlnti-lcl, Tim TniHlcc, tmvirn; i-xlillillml hnr account w|.[h Mfilrl n:itntn to thin Ootlr! f'jf' /ilJownfK;r>, /infl nmclr 1 nj>- pllrHtlrm fdr an order of fHNlrltHi- tlon f>r iinlrl i-HtHtf, It I.H OniT'It'tKn. Thul HIP rilh tiny f>f Atifruut, A. D, 10-in, nf. 2 o'clock, In (tin (iflnrnonn, f). M. Urn", ut Ihii Prohdto OMIrn In NnUKn-tnck, hn and thf /ininn |;i, »n.vlf,Tiod for n hflftrlnfj ttn thn Mlki\"f-nfiu of pnlrl fvcconnt. nnrl nppllrntlori nrul I lif fJnin'l rlh'ri'L'i '.hi' TniMi.i'C to jflvo nfilvn thnrncif, oy pnhllHliliic (Mil nrdnr In NOtiio nfv,'Mp:i [irr Muvinvf n flrc'.iliilloti In niilil I.ilMlrlct. nnrl hy rnnlllnir In (jfwtpiilrl Icttor.s inl- rtrninpfl t'> cjiirh of ilin pnr.-ioiiM In- t«rcHt(!<l. nnc! i-fmirllnx u-lthrnic thn F'lOhMtP niMlrlrt ol' Nau^ULU^k, u ropy of this orrlfi', nil nt Irnst twn tlnyji tiftfoi'ji unlrl rlny of h i-pturn to thl.'i court. . Reupholsteringr - Furniture for UriiDliolNtory, Slip Cavern nnd New Living Hooin Firrnltur* Shop At Allen's Parlor Furniture Factory 4-0645 J GRAND ST. ^ WATKItBUKY PAGE 7—NAUOATUCK XEWS (CONiN.), \VEDNESDAY, AUG. T, 1049 Use A ''Help Wanted Ad." Employment L Help Wanted—Mule Real Estate Wanted Real Estate Agent* WANTED—Man to work lUfilits li . omce.. Independent Cab Co., 100 So, Main St. Help Wanted—Ffmulo Repairing and Recovering Upholstered Furniture — SUP COVKUS — SWANSDOWN UPHOLSTERY SHOP 124 Sprlnc' SL Union City Radio Repairs - Sales Frank's Radio Service Ex-AAF Radio Tech. J'ICK VT und DKMVl'JKY- All Work Oiiiiriiutood 17 HRIOGK ST. r)| a i I'nloii City ,*->ltU Trucking-Moving rVKKKI.V 1'KII'H—Tn nnd Irnin Conn.. liliniln I«liinil, .Miipm., Now York nnd Nrw .ItTMrr T. IV, ICOnU.I.AlUI VAN T.INKH PHONE WANTED OPERATORS ON RAYON UNDERWEAR EXPERIENCED AND LEARNERS WATERTOWN UNDERGARMENT ISC MILL STREET WATERBURY CASE CLOTHES ENTRANCE 4TH FLOOR ASK FOR MR. ROSS WANTED—Woman to do general hoiiHov/ork. Phonet 3'107 or call nt 0 Terrnco Avc, WANTK1J—Woman CorTfjihl hour,c- kopping- Kini-linK Sept. iMt, One child, plpnaiinl Burrouncling.-, Phone OSiin... . . MKLIJOKKNK'S TRUCKINCl ' tfnml • I.oiiin - Stono - d/i()or» )iiinp Truck for Illro AsliPM Ilomnvrtl For Sale Houses For Sato FOR SALE—12 room, duplex house. good condition, H. W. H:-on both, large lot, sou'thweat of town, -9 room, 1 family houKO, all Improvements, hardwood finish, H VV. H. .oil, centrally located, $12,000. P. Labrlola &. Son., 172 High St. Dial 3-158, 7n Wanted To Bent MUST have threo or four room* before Sent' ]Ht. Tolo.phi?no VETERAN with a housing problem. Would like a small apartment, but would be pleased to have a room for two—with or without privileges. P, O. Bex 165, Naucatuclt, PARTICULAR younpr educated couple reed apartment.. Is veteran. SiiRgcst you write Box F, Nauga- tu'ck News, • • WANTED — Three or four roam apartment for veteran and mother. Furnished or unfurnished. Write Box C. care of News. Announcements Contractors lib Bitumens Opportunities ,SOLTD BRASS WEATHER VANES COTTAGE SIGNS, ESTATE SIGNS SEND FOR FREE FODDER JOHN NORMAN, METAL CRAFT . 47 White Rd. "MERJDEN, CONN. Business Announcements ANNOUNCING Radio Repair Service All Makes Repaired Pick-up And Delivery MEYER'S RADIO SERVICE 18 Carroll St. Dial 5011 Automotive Saleo—i»ervlc<- FRED'S' MOTOR SALES Used Cars—Bought—Sold 878 W, Main St., Wntorbury Dial Wtby. 4-4B10. WANTED — Four or five room apartment or house for young couplo without children. . References furnished. Write BOX..D, earn of News, ISA Truck Dealers-Service NEW FEDERAL, TRUCKS Now Available All Slz'ea from (1 1-2) Tons A Up MODERN GARAGE SALES and SERVICE 628 Watertovn Ave. 3-1498 21 Contracting PAJ'EBHANGINO and Painting. High KTiwlo workmunshlp. Phone 4-0857 Wtbry. Joseph San An- 22 Painting WAt P. COTA. Paper Hanger nnd Painter. We carry compensation 1 Cross St. Dial 645,'; or Sill. ?AINTING nnd papcrhanirlnff work done. Call 2977. John A. E. Johnton. ACT PROMPTLY. I, 3. a fjinilJj houaea pa.inted S100 and up. Skillful workmanship. Call 5473. Ptoski Bros, PAPER Hungrlng £ Fainting. SIM* clallzlng on Interior Work. Call for Estimates. Tony Mariano, 93 Oak St Tel. 2069. Merchandise Machinery Merchandise 30C Radio IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! Radios in Stock — Fada, Olympic, Emerson, Scnora, .Stewart Warner. Also 'table model combinations, record pla.yers, portables. GERALD'S APPLIANCE. 107 Spring St., Union City. Business Service .17 Buslni'Hs service* Bender**! KLECTRICAL Wiring: & K*pftti- Jnfr. Ws specialize In •atluf«<r tion. All work .naurod. fftui^f Ing machines repaired. Ray Docker. Dial 4000. Plf IT-CO. RCA, TABLE MODEL RADIOS with automatic record chrmfrcrs in stoclc. TH"E RADJO SHOP, ISO Grand St, Watcrbury. Education Ix>cmi and Private Instructor* MARTOJVE SCHOOL, 100 Grand St 4-3677. Dance, Voice, Music, Re- ducinpr. Register Mon. Aug. 12. Animals Toultry Ana I 14 . Auto* For Sale WANTEDr-.Three or four room : apartment in Naupatuck noode'd ™R SALE-1930 Buick Sedan- R & H. Call Nattg.u 4876 after 6:30 p. m. by ex-Army ofTlccr and wife. Will take excellent care of property. Will decorate if necessary. Call Marr, Naug-.ituck 2J,'84, after 6 p. m. Dial 2138 Ralph and Gipante Express For Kfriolont Triicklncr S«rvl<-(i FOR SALK—Two-family house of South Mnln St. 1L rocinifi, extr lot and 2-cnr puraffo. Priced lo\ for rjulclt ,ia)c. WALTER H. 1IAHT JNC. JOIIX C. KIKRXAN \Vtby .1-312!),. njrtcr B p, m. Naup. 570 Waterbury 4-3569 Welding- LEO'S WELDING SHOP O(JK l'ORTABI,K WKI.15JCR OKS ANY\VMKI<K - ANYTIME O.vy. Acrt. — Tiink niul I'liio Iwivv I'liitc — Orniiinpntivl Iron "»15 SO. MAIN ST.. WATKltnURV I Call 3-9442 Tires — Radio Repairs FOR SALK — 1(1 room, 4 fnmll houno. All improvements. In ffooi condition, Centnilly located, Prlci $fi,,100. A Shoplcy. Phone 2133. TOR SAI.K IN NAUGATTJCK Six room house find Ravage. House furnished completely and t-3 b< sold fui'nlHhod. All modern im provemcntH, Call Naufr. 3295 foi appointment. No denlcra. FOR SAMi—Beacon Falls, Wolfe Avc., 1 family. 7 rcroniH nnd sun porch, 2 bathK, firoplaco, 1 cm frara^c, steam heat. Lot ]00 x Jl'3. Call 5031. JOHN 1IKALY, 113 Church St, BARIBAULT'S RADIO & TIRE SERVICE fi2fl So. Mrtln — VVntnrfiury il T'rrH Auto 'Acc'fxNorlM Rnpnlr* GiinrnntrcJ Hy Art IliirltiiMilt 4-1879 or 3-8466 Probate Notice District oC Nnu;:ntuck. ss, Tro- hn.'n Court. Aufrimt , r '. Ifl'IR, K'linlr nt Deri. 1 !I.H .', O'lrmnn, Into ol' Nau;,'fiLU!:k, In sinld DLsti'lCt. c!c- Th" Court r>f Probate for the DliUrlct of N'luiKiUuck hath limit- d nnd ullowud six months ftom date hoi-oof for -the creditors of Miilrt nitt.Jitn to oxhlhlt their clalmw for Mnttlcmnnt, Those who neglect to pi'o;-iont tholr nccontx, properly w I Hi In «nld lime, will bo ii. t-ocovoi-y. All per.sons Iticlnhtncl to iiiiltt IDsitiitr; lire i:d to miiko ImmPtlliito pnymont to M, i)- Cherry att-oct, Nnu;,'iituck, Conn. lExccut'.ir. 3a Wanted To Buy I UAVK UUYI:RS for 1, 2, and B fumily houaca. Call or HI:O Joaeph V. Rosko, 3 Union St. Tel. 4028 or 2952, For Sale Land For Sale ovinrc v. PHIUKISRT .Kcnl P^.'itatc—CRnernl In.iurancn CM So, M«ln St.. Watorbury , Call 4-S034 or IJulldlns; Lot—50x^. r >, De.simblR location. Sulttihle for .a Ij room cot- tiiKC, Write: Box 7i, caro rVii.'jR:- ranch News, I'roporly For S:ilo IS'ICK — All-year-round modern house* 5 rooms, den, prcwnr-bullt oak floors, H. W. heat, .spacious room with cheery flrcplnce, elevation, atfordlnK p view, on bus line. Price r/OD; tr"m.M WASHT3URNE & WASHUURNE $Zfl niSWAUD—Offered for inf'or- motion to 2 or 3 furnished or unfurnished rooms. Box 109, Beacon F«ll3, Conn. . WANTED TO RKNT — Two or throe room apartment. . Ex-ner- vlcemnn nnd wife. Cull Nauf;. S466 after 5 p. m. FOR SALE'—1937 GMC one-ton rack body .truck. Sacrifice! Dial 4803, Anton Wanted ,1 SJiorc And Mountain VACATION—At "SJioro Rendezvous," 507 Kast Broadway, Myrtle Beach, Mllford, Conn. Rooms by day or wcclt. Call Mllford S92J. GnrnBo For Bent FOR RKNT —Two RHrapros; ."iii able for work shop. Phone 3807. FOUND—TAN TERRIER APOIJT 12 WEEKS OLD. OWNER CALL AT 309 GORMAN ST, 11 Ix>«t And Found LOST—Bobtail yellow male cat, vicinity Hopkins homestead, Pond Hill. Elderly couple's pet. Mrs. Emily Tui'ton, Phone 53-11. lla Personal* MONUMENTS Spooinl Prices On All Memorials W. RICHARDS—200 So. .Main St. Naugatuck—Dial 3487 ONE .THOUSAND CARS WANTED—Top prices; spot cash. I want 29'a — 30'a — Si's — o2's — 33's — 34'e — 35'a — 36'a — 37's — 88's — 39'a — 40's — 41's and 42's. Phono, write or drive In today. BILLIE F1TZPATRICK . ." 1660 East Main St. Phone 4-4843 OPEN EVENINGS —WANTED^ USED CAR Cal 1. Watcrbury -3-8S02 • T17RN IN TOUR. CAR NOW MY "PRICES ARE TOPS KEN JOHNSON 1803 N. Main St. Oall : Waterbury '-5-1797 AIODUL J> —Tournapull complete with AD tilt doscr model Q car- ry»ll, 2 on.- yd. cap.-tcity. Triple power control unit. This machine is new except for 2 or 3 -weeks' work. $3,!iCO-. Contact RORCI- .W, StraiRht, ivlarblednlc, Conn.' WANTKD — Turkeys — Gccwe, — Guineas— Roasters— Fowl. Hipli- cst prices. Wliitlock Farm, Spcr- ry Hd., Bethany. VOUNG DUCKS FOR SALK. Alive und dressed 4-5 Jbs. LeKoy H. Baummcr. Telephone •5145. CESSPOOLS —Ana septic tanks cleaned, repaired nnd installed. All types of suburban .sewage disposal work. For prompt arid dependable service call The Conn- Hydraulic Co., Wnterbury 4-9988. AUTHORIZED HOOVKR SKRV-i ICE by factory trained man. TcL 2251. Cu.rlsorT.s Furniture Co. Professional Service* GOLDIE'S CAMERA SHOT 8 & 16 mm. Movies On Sale No» 17 Grand St Wtbry. Phone 5-1875 C\ ISTOM HKliPHOI-STKRING Special C-pioce Suite ....... $5! GRIFFIN UPHOLSTERING CO. Naufratuek 4690 Business Service . Houpwnold Articles Btry.S ROOMS of good furniture, i-cnsonablc. Includes livinjr room, bedroom, kitchen sctr,, with numerous accessories. Albert's, 268 So. Main St., Watorbury. Phone 4-3114. 37 IJusinctts Service* Rendered Ilonaenold PUBLIC ACCOUNTING SPECIAL BOOKKKKI'ING SBBVICK KDMUND O. IIKSS r. o. BOX on uxio.v crrv PHONK 34(« HAVE YOUR ALTERATIONS DONE AX CARMEN'S CUSTOM TAII-OllINc S-Dny. Cloaninc; Ser\'loe 147 So. M:»ln St.— DIul 301t .'(!) To Jlcndnr Service* FOR SALE — Four - burner gas stove. Telephone 4123. FOK.SAI.K—Piano, 4 burner kitchen pas stove. Also 2 burner oil stove, • 2. radios. Barpnins! Inquire 27 First avenue, Watcrbury, 4-2637. FOR SALE — Norso flat-top gas rnnfi-p. Good, cohdition. Telephone 4702. LATK MODKL CARS WANTED PACKARD-WATERBURY, INC. 482 WRtertown 1 A\»e., .Dial 4-6109; 17 RopalrlnR-Servlee Station ACCORDION LESSONS'—Yon can loarn tho correct tnchnlquo of the accordion, No accordion nccea- BBry. At Mecca Music School, 203 Bank St., Wtbry., 4-14,22, CASH FOR F.NTIKE ESTATJ2S We will buy cr acll on commlB- icn t>Mila anytblng from a. aingle •oom to an entire estate, special- zlng. In rnru antiques. Phono or write ORANGE ST. AUCTION Galleries, Nev England's Finest Auction Galleries, 21 Orange St., New Haven. Tel.-6-0880. . MAPLE STREET GARAGE 176'/j Maple Street Tel. 5102 John Rimkus, Prop. Repair work on all makes or .can FENDER and BODY WORK Used Cars Bought—Sold' JACK'S AUTO BOD-K SltBF" 100 South Mnln Street Bodies, fenders, straightened, repaired, etc. Also cars painted. Telephone 6159—531,2—3264 24 Hour Towing Service WEDDINfi outfltfl—formal ready-made or made to order. White Bunny jackets, black velvet wraps to rent. RUBY'S BRIDAL, • SHOP, 2nd floor, 850 N. Main St., Wtbry. 3-1834. Article* for Sole (VK HAVE MONEV TO LOAN on sc.cond morlprascs, $000-up. Watorbury 5-1292. Opportunities AUTOMOBILE—Rubber floor mate —$0.75 and up.. JOE'S TIRE SHOP 341 N. Main, Wtbry. Cor, Conke St. I7» Auto I'nintlnji-Body Work AUTOMOBILE PAINTING— Weld- Inc. CARS PAINTED ?30. Jim's Pnlnt SKiop, 13 Autumn St., cor. Piedmont.. Wtbry. 3-S367. Benr Whwl AlljrnlnR-Auto Tainting Body & Fonder Work KRNIB'S AI7TO BODY WORKS 128 Wfltertown Ave. Wtbry. 38241 18 Motorcycles, Bicycle* FOR SALE—1 Shipmate oil-burning restaurant range, 1 twin-cylinder, 1-2 h.p. compressor, sturdy restaurant- tables, chairs, large platters and numerous other restaurant items; Paddy Hall's, 10:30 mornings. ' : FOR SALE—Whitney Stccr-o-Majjl- ic baby carriage, scalCK, electric sterilizer and Babec-Tcnda. Can be seen at 102 Meadow St. FOR SALE—Baby Carriage. Ex. ccllcnt condition. Must. ocll. Price $10, Call D2SO. REPAIRS — Al' makes muchlncs, Tacuums. Uaeo machines bought. Singer Sewlnj Machine'Co. Walorbury 4-4305. WE REI-AIR REFRIf-BKATOlW All makes. Coldspot, Apex, Cop«- l.tnd, Gruno, Kolvlnator, Cron- Iny, Stewart-Warnor, etc. 8UI» k;il nr;d son, 202 Cherry St Wnterbury. 4-0719. <0.-i RouphofKtorTnK .. SA%TE your »:>^rclnR: tiphoUt«roA furniture with "SagPruf." Ch'alr SS.75; divan. $18.50. Work dono in your home. Dial Waterbury 4-3310. State-wide scrvicn. [George G. Touponse] LANDSCAPING TREK PRUNING TREKS REMOVED Wtn. 1411 Hot weather Is hertr to n<jiy. Protect your winter cnrmr.nts hy having them cleaned und Moth- I'roofcd now. K lEVMAN LEANERS FOR SALE — Storm windows-, and screens. Inquire 51 Cliff Street. FOIl SALE—Two domestic hot water boilers. Call :>97, r i or 5835. HArl'Y HOURS FOIl BABY—Car beds ?3.05 v.p- car h-nats S2..ID up. THE RADIO SHOP, ISO Grand St., Waterbury. FOR SALE—Six tables and booths. Tel. SS14. 30 Mlicorraneous PEARL BUTTONS — Rick-rack, braids laces, bindings In largo Assortments, Reliable, 87 Scovlll ' street, Wtbry. WANTED 50 MEN AT ONCE HEEL PRESS OPERATORS 1 ROTATING SHIFTS MILL ROOM WORKERS ROTATING OR STEADY 2ND OR 3RD SHIFTS AVAILABLE APPLY AT UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. NAUGATUCK FOOTWEAR PLANT CORNER OF RUBBER AVE. and WATER ST RAYMOND M. FOR SALE —Bicycles, man nnd wonian'.^ with R-cJir shifts. Also, Hopcr ',18 Ras ran^c, rockinfjchnir, olucti-ic Iron. Naujraluck 6118. REPAIRING AT HOME oklcrinp, etc. Amos L. Hotchklas, Main St., Beacon Falls.- Dial •l.m, 57 North Main Dial 3-0769—3,2386— 1-JR13. n;«.i-v r>E BECI SNUFFY 8MITH Mil/, HAWY1BH HAKJVI5Y GOOGLE BLUE BLf.ZES GOT HIS WHOLE BOOy ACROST TH' LINE '' VOHEN OL 1 PIZ£N-TfUL STILL HAD 20 LfMGS TO GO WHY, SAY, YOU LOOK DOWNRIGHT HAND5QME, TH PI2GN-TOILED STUCK HIS RAID OVER" TH' FINISH LINE FUST, BUT BLUE BLRZES WON TH' RACE Fft'R AN' SQUARE - HMM! ^ BIT FLAT, BUT IT ' ISN'T TOO BAD. H£CK OO VOU FIGURE THAT ? WE GOT TH' \ AHH!! W WORLD iFA'R AN' SQUARE AWA\TS THE UflROlCT, MR.G. JOFFICIRL WINNER ewe. YOU'VE GOT MOW CHARACTER. MOMENT WE EM DREAD- TMI UNVEILING. BIB REMOVES THE B^ND^GE FROM HIS BROKEN N05E. By WALLY BISHO1 ~lbOK,'Ml-iGGS.!. IT'S THt FISHIN'THATlS GOOD....NOT THE CATCHIN'.'J By 1WKL .GRAFF MUGGS AND SKEKTER C-WELL.MUGG5...HOWD1/ J THOUGHT VOU YOU MAKE OUT? rif TOLD ME THE FISHING WAS GOOD IN YOUR POND! I DON T SEE HOW YOU CM< SAVTHE FISHING is GOOD.. WHEN i FISHED THERE ALL CW LONG APTER THE GUIUTY TRIO.MA* FLED,-A < CLOAKROOM 'DOOR SLOWLY OPEN* — THAT LETTER' THAT I FORCED PUEED TO SIGN CAfS CORRIOAN !..,LETS' POWD£(? OUT OF TWE -VtURDES &M WE OONT vWNT THE COPS- SN I AND DIDN'T CATCH ON F1NSERPRINT5 I - THe^E* A V *ET FOB'C,«! ^—, NOW, SEE-W.MAT I CftH SAUVAEEl By I WONDEE WHAT ETTA KETT GSE/TO TM5 E'6 A) 1 ^ SHOW; —:— . By WILLIAM RITT and CLARENCE , ?WSK\ A CAR SBOAPCASr] 1 t GUESS IT'S SHOOT-OR ; GET CLAVJED TO DEATH.' TO THE cure STEWARDS MET ON THE PLANE WILL BE SIMPLE SULGIfJG WITH WITIE5- ^j>. — A

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