Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 6, 1911 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1911
Page 3
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\ . . 1 . THE tOIA DAILY REQiPCTEB. TO EVJElNiN LJPECil4BERA191t 3, ^' ^^^^^^ A whole store full of .Christmas Goods ready for you. Good^ and prices like these demand immediat^ action. Alrcjady the throngs that fill the store daily show t the spirit of Christmas is in the air. Assortments will never be more complete than they are now, and more vali e could not be crowded into the goods. Ev- item stands for the b3st in quality and style at the price. ! N?w Scarfs, new Ribbons; all kinds of,pew Neckwear, new Jabots, new JeW elry. Furs, Hand Bags, Bblts, Gloves-^verything new in Christmas Novelties. its and Furs VILMK'K (>1'IM0>. - \/ VI LI vflicv tc:i<;i some ihinps in Sunday J* • -1 1 school its blamed hard to believe, I^nsf Sunday we \v«»re told about how God created Kve; The teacher told us Adam slept one inornlnK rather late And i>nd was passiii' by and said "This mail should have a mate." So Ood took oup of Adam's ribs and niad(> Mvo, (luii-k as scat, And aflor A<U\iii woke he said. '"Well, what d'vou think of tliatl" '1 don't V(;c liow it coiild he true, if Kxo was liuilt likjp ma ^ Who worries all t';i<' time bc.'aui-x she's twice as fat as pa. —S K. Kiscr. in Cliit-ago Kecord-Her- ald. I PERSOMli.1 -Dr. JlnU, Usteopnth. Phones 120,681. .N. U .\rd, of Klsniore. was in the liiv Tiiet^day on business. I'harli's Sylv«'::l<'r, of IClsiuorc, was 111 till- t:Hy .-lioppinn ye.'^ierday. \. - IHI. O. 1.. (OX. Oculist. \.'rl<' Miiii;-.^ r riMuriU'dj Monday fii'iii a \isil to K»n>.nK niy. \ - nr. \\\TU «Mroimni, IVl ISJ, .TS8. .1 H Siallov.l of Kadl'-y. Ka» . Is In llii- lily loi a \i>;l vvflh hi^ iMOIlu-r A W" Sluflord and family l»r. McMir .rn. Thonps .12 nnd 23i ' 1". 1-7. Mi'n!;i r will «>> to K.insa;- (•i:y t<'n;!;lit Tor a ,isit w'W'n -Mrs. Mtni- .i :<M-. <•.•'.' I is in a !i<-, I'.ia! in t!i;it ci;y. —Vn-d li'owden, I'rriod Decorator. ' riionr TSt!. Ccncriil Su; • ;iiii»ndent l)elU;rnar- fij ar.d Snix •.•'n;! ndent Wr-bh, of tiir Mi>so'.iii raiiii;-. jassiMl tlirnufih lola Tuesday nu-.rniuu on a car on a toiy of ijisiK ition. 'ijon"! foiiicf. iiii> ?:iiV,Tiii a Anny ;^-cc Chrij^imas ninncr Klfoii.' U.-piibiicni; .T. C, flil- nicr. of this city, who was formerly iu the feed busisiess in 'Cherryvale. bas iiurch.-ised ;i slock of >.'oods an<i lixluris and is wnvinj; tiieiii from I.n- Harpe to Thayer, where Iw- will open for liusille.'?^ in ;i few d.iy.s-. -(•|!rK|ni |iN l 'ii >tals dozen af .Sjicjiccr's. - Our coniiiTrci.-i! .•linhition is sat- i>fieil' customers. f'lin'f in' denied. _ Once- tried, i-alisfled. Tliat'> all. Ilan- ni <t H;u\cy Hurry I'p .lewilers for t Hurry Up People. No. 3 N. Jefferson "Ave. Mr. S^crest, of South Tennessee street made e. flying business trip to .Nevada Mo., yesterday on business'. —Oysters In bulk at all times. Mills' Cafe. Attorney S. A. Card left this after- poon for Medicine Lodge and Harper .'or a shoy^ business visit. lloscoe .Richardson is on the sick :ist with tfife grippe. —Po .vou snap up a bargain when you see oi^^? If you there are lots of Uicni #a^ing to be snapped at, at ;he Harlow Merc. Cos. store. . —Have you been to the Big Quitting ItiislneFS Sale now on at the Harlow .Merc. Co. store? If you haven't, you lave mlFsed some big bargains. K E. Munger returned today front Kansas City with his wife, who has jeen in a hcspital there for some time, : avin?: recently undergone a serious )Iieration. Clint HiKKlnhothain, of Yntos Cener. spent yesterday In this city the •;iii St of It. ,\V. 1 licks. Mr. an* .Mrs. W. a. Coodiii^ left this \ iiriernot^n for ItlrinlnKham. Ala. and ('liatlnnnoga, Tonn , for a brief visit with friends. I.. I.. linriKH- rcfurn ^;tl last evening from a visit of .-eveial days in \V<'lls- vitle. Victor r.eiitner. fovmerly with the I.uinbermans' Portland Cement plant .K Ca'lyle, hut now ioi;ated In Kansas •'iiy, \\a> here ysicrday on 'I'lioaias iMielps who was taken II' .\i<n<lay cicning. has <!evcl<ip"'d a :5fe cf dljihtlicria, and is being given ilav antitoxin Vri -almrnt. .\nsi'ord Swanson. formerly a resident of Savonbtirg. l)ut now residing ill Kansas City, is in tlic city today .!-;ling C;:'l Pctcr.-.on. '.'i'. 1!. DoTir.ell left this morn'ing for K :' City with his wife wlio will iiRiletso a £ev( re operation in a hos- ;:lal tl!(.rc. Mrs. Uonnell has been '•••iously ill lor tlie past several !M >ntl:o and ha.~ lately been in a din- roiis conditn.n. Tlio bi.dy of Ilobert Walls the ynimg culored man who dJcd .Monday aftornoo nal llie hospilal. was shipped morning to C'TOXC MO ., lor l.nriai. Walls was the fast short sloii o:i lie local colored base hall fam. The a:i;n:al election of offii i -rs fo;- . (i. .V. K. was held yesVerday aftcr"^ I'; •)!> at the hall. The following were (fecird: I), v.. liu .sh. Comniamler; I'ogers, .lunior Vice President; Sam•i I •CaUgliron. Penior Vice President; ('.Milain li. H. .Moore. Officer of thi- lav; .lnd>;e .1. I!. Hough. Quarter- •..istrr; \V. .1. Ihrig Officer of the uaid: Newton KiiAston, Chaplain. T. .M. (Ii- ;;ory, "ft-ustee. - T'lC V^' C. TeattA lt«'al'y <'"• t»w.: to Kr<;:s Iiutldittg. Ol'fi.e rooms * RKST I'AKLOK KOU IffOltOAN !.\ .VDJOI.M.VG «riLDIN (J, FORPUeLCITYOFMlUlilUGES >o Eloprmcjita or "Unfit" IVcddings If This Law ruMses.' ! Topeka. Pac. 6.—The probate Judges of Kansn^ are going to ask for an ("•xtenslve amendment to the marriagu ;aw8 of Kanias to try to prevent the marriages of [the "unflL" All the pro- iiate Judges are behind the law and Judge Sims of Wyandotte county will draw It. It will be necessary for the man Jnd woman I who wish to marry to ilgn "a declaration of Intentions" and file It with the probate judge two neeUs before the wedding takes place. In addition t^ this it will require that the notice of the wedding be published In the ofllcial county i>aper two weeks before the wedding Is perforra- •*d. There cc n be no elopements. The parents will have a chafice, providing they reaB the coufity papers, of Vnowlng wl) ther their BOUB and daughters ar^ planning wedding 4rith- jut their consent. If after thk) notice of the\l ^'(•ddmg Is p ibliahml. anyone has any feannn wny rhe ctmple shuald not nmrry, hn w II have thu rlKbt to 111 objection wUh the probata Judgi- upon Btil InvesllRntlon th«> Judgit tuny refuse fhc couple tha right tii jnnrry. The hill that will hn pre- jinred will (|itc (he reasons upon Which the jn^gc tnny base his refusal. K£rirBLI(',\.\.S I'KEP.VHE FOR NATIONAL fA3Il'AIG>. lOLA TAX UlIKE WA.S HKMUYEI). ^ ~ Gcnccs oufioaMjyonoanz ^ Xew York City, Dee. 0.—The (jiies- tion before Wall Street is.not v.lia! tin; ijLxt iii"ve of .1. Pierpont w.Il In- in tho (inanciai world, but— has he rented the top floor of on adjacent Iniildiiig as a rc.-t parlor, winter and .smnnicr. The one best is that l.e has. p'tliongh it is staled at his olllce, that v.otbing is Unown of this move. As a irattcr of ;'acl tlie arcliltccts are prc- l)ariv.g llie '.tlsi t"<)oi of the Itankers' Trust Company, now being erected at •lie corner of Wall and Xas-^aii. s !ri'ets. not for r.eneral ofTlces, but i'\idently for an altraclivc sun parlor .'ind it is Slated on good aiithorit.v lliat this sun p:;rlor is to he utilized !.y the famous financier as a soj -t of vest parlor where lu" can gul a ldet( rc.-i'itu from the noise and fusion of, tile Wall Street ofHce. In this case, Mr. Morgan will <)e rb!'" to go by tunnel uiiderneatj] stioel from his olllce toi Trii-si IiiiiUliii.:;. i!:l;e a private cJcVa- tor to 'he .".irt floor which will 'lie eallroiy i i^ own and there In] tJie iiroiy in own and there I 'I ;:i -r tin.' tau get the adva' of «lnt" (:,i; coJll'e llie V i'0!ii- con- the t»ic plia.sMil sea bree•.^•.- and lb tlu 'Ip e pen; iircs of :j !»in i- !• •' •• r 1 'ir )>raeiically [n • • ' . • : • ile • will :lie '• I j. • Iclcpljoijc lo "": ' o 'l*' .-s. ' \ U takes a good Watfli Jo catch the correct t:::ie when t.He horses are p crossing tho wire. You may ulways -agree with the official time if you <5»,>il^ne of our Watches. ,Vu'll also find this store head-; 'Quarters for Toilet Sets. Silverware, Cut Glass. Watch Chains. "Fountain; Pens, Mesh Bags. Cuff Buttons, and many other liandsoiue and useful articles. G. A. LEFFLER JEWELER . J Wwt Mndkon ' Ti-Irpbonr 125 \Vii;;.im CDkley. ji .voiuig man of •'.i (-ift;nl, is lying at th • oi'ii cf dentil in a hospital in Kmpoi- :> ^ ffi ring from a very rare mi.lady, i.ii< iimoMla of the Joints. Tho dls-| :;ise deveifpfd Hfi<Jr he had sevcrnly j • .ished oni- of his kne-.-s with a corn ! iiifo. The dodors have been-unable j i-> eliniina'e th" pus «iiich gathers ' nilntov.sly ."iid w-hich has heen found to c.Tii.iiii ]m''utnonia germs. The .voting Iran is not expected to live. • —W:.ut wuu.'d be more approprla... 'ir a riiri.ctr.'il'f present—nothing un- r ;!ie !5un—than a fine Photo of the :.ite<^; r.nd most up-to-date style.— ! Studio. SV'-aking of the inheritance ta.\ ?aw; An .\rkansas City man did not Ino-v-.that he'^vasan heir until he was r.otitied hy Missouri authorities that l»o owed the state money as the teneficlary of the' will of a brother who had died In Missouri and left him $5,000. The Kansan gladly paid and is a strong advo<fate of the law. Mrs. Albert rnderwood, whose husband* was shot and killed in Kansas City last week, will be remeTibered by lola people as Miss Julia Taylor, the charming young sister' of Guy Taylor. She made her home here for some time with her brother and Bister, leaving here after her marriage. Dr. Lacr X. Hull, Oiiteopatli. Tclepliones 120 and 64M. \ The many Ida trlends of Bishop HiUspaugh. of Topeka will be interest I'd in the news that be has been re­ moved from his home to Christ's hos- piial. The doctors fi>.ired a breakdown from over work and tlioughl he would receive better treatment and the needed rest Hi the hospital. Fort Scott Tribune: Mr. and .Mrs. 'rhom|/.'!(»n of .Vijv .-idH, .Mo., wlio liavc been the guests of Mr. Thonipaon 'H ;• Kt';r. .Mrs. Ci oriie Ilii -i- miii fanii'y of north of Die <liy. leri.l;>sl evenii;;,' for their lioiii •. ..Mr. i .iid .Mrs. Thompson wtifi eiiroiiif home from lola (I here Ci.y 'tiid been vlsiilng .Mr anil .•^li's. C. \V. Ixiwiher. — Harlow .\!( re. I'o'.-. .>-lori' !.••• »I- wa.v;: itowded. Vou <'an sluc from one-; 111 rd to one-!ialf on good up -tii- ilate !iioichnndlse. S lecent ••iipien.e riiurt decl.lon liolds that a llie po'lcy may be a.->- slgned by tlie li-ili','.>v to iir.>one even unrrlr.tid m tho lulder and not a errtiitor. TJiere !•;;.-• bciin miicli dl.^-- ;';:"r> on this VOAW nnd a lest case In- \ Ji $1" (••'.. Iii.'-iti:i-:ce po.'i.-y. clailtifd h'"' an .•.•Jinliii:;. :cr after ic iiian'j- dfn.!-. w.-j? dpcidf; ly :he fii- .:!.-:!;e Monday. ti;r i!iy lif.;,.".:tnifn: at Washington ha.^ derided that iiostmastfr~ ;hroush"'-it t 'iC country may setl^Red Cross se;i!s this year. For several thcs.- .-i :i;s havp hftn so 'd In incrpasing numl.ers at If^Hday time, the procteds being study and prevent tuberculosis. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cnmiulngs, 411 Monroe are the parents of a daughter which arrived this morning. In one day Mary Chamberlain the Shady Bend school teacher, received 700 letters from all ovpr the country expressing sympathy and offering assistance. J. D. Christian, .who helped plant the grass on the prairies of Carlyle township, but moved to .1 home on North First street in Iqla two months ago. says he can't complain 'of his treatment in town, but that ho sura misses the broad out-oMoors. . hold ling Coinincrriii* Clnh Therr Has n Premising Pr«|iw((lon. Tie .MI'drcd Cciiimercial club an iiiterti.ting anil iuipurtant me . . ii';;lit at wM< h sever::! matte -.sof cons'dcra'ble imiiortaucc! to the own we:e. ((;i;sii^i red. The c'ub Is active :i) uri^iiioiu Inn .Tdvitm (ment. of tho (own In the county ivtld n-i ii's io he succiTillnK. One of the pr >jei is under iliscushlon last nlghi v.;iy .-'n Ire plant, which the Btipj 'rin- jenc 'Ut of the (ircjit V.'e.'icrn Ceaio.hi plani stands ready to Install in Von- nection with the plant If assureiJ of i^unpoit by the people of the tjiwn. The plant ;nn be operated eheaph' In (ohiJpctfon with the larger mill npd would prove a great convenienc! to people of Mildred and vicinity. ' '- MerrhantM, Italwd WUlwut TUelr Knoi^ledKe, Won Ont. ! "Yestordryj tho county commissioners reduced the assessment of the lo- 'a merrharitB ',e3t over a raise, and today the board wont to the Poor Farm.' Suc-i was the information a reporter ; ?atherc!( at Itut the sciiiKince of jevonts was mere-, ly nccidental.i covered that per cent who made a strong pro- the court house today. After the Motion Picture Show a Wrestling Match between F. H.BIGLER and BERT WRIGHT Finish Match —Two Falls Out of Three J ^.iil wear full tights and shirts. I KIther contestant agrees to throw nny locnl man in 15 iiiliiutcs or forfeit Jl.O. Admission 25; Ladies Free 5EN B FENKOSE Several inercliants dls-. they were assessed at more than they undcr- !^tood their absessir.ent was. and they register).d an united and strenuous lirofest. T .*)P board. Infori.-ied 'hat the 'list hike wa; made without the mer- (fhant.s being, nofliled or being given. ri chanco! to ' irotest before the equal-' •King bo.ird. owercd the assessments, ijroportlon.iteiy to whore Ihcy were understood t9 he. j Today t 'lC trounty Faniij :iiiiinatIon of board went out to tho to make a .regular c.\-' [conditions there. t^utflt and tl tjhat an outs It over tht tiivcrrd, a prlBoncr flndliig them •and) ijotlfying the liought to LADIES' SHOE Putton and lace, reguj- \ br top .. S1.50. $2.00 and $2.50 High top 14. 15. 1 and 17 button, at $3.0C $3.50 and $4,00—in pat- entir gutt metal, suede, velvet and tan. It will pay you to see our Shoes before you buy. 5. SUeldsSboeCoi See WMow Dispbir lAdles' House Slippers — 25e lo lUa from Washington, D. C, Dec. o.—On i?c- ceinber 12th the Kepubllcan i\ati'j.-;a! Committee in charge of the 1912 convention and campaign will n:cct to; arrange the date and place of holding the national convention Senator Crane, of Massachusetts.' and Senator Penrose, of Pennsylvania are among t^o of the leading factors in the Jiepubiican machiner}^. Plain white Dishes RENTED to Lodges. Fraternal Societies, etc. TORS': Try the .Register, Want ad way. >0 nWViCT AID FRO .n ,UUiA. i iVcuiMins PnvWrd for MutinyWere Xo( Olitafned Hero. j : The lola pi Ice department has bpch!' i' irni .shed wit i,a description of the re- volvtTs, dynamite and other tools y.hich «ere found wrapped in old newsiKipcrs : nd concealed in a joint, of 8tov (!-pipo In tho Federal poniten-,; (lary at l >ea enworth the day before J 'haiik.sglvlngl Tivrlvf! revolvers and. our slicks fjf dynaililtc were lo'the . warden feels certain ido confederate lowered; lalla In preparation for; •Jii uprising If prisoners, planned, lU li« thought, 0^ the occasion of u pub-; l|(! ciitertHlnu ijxt^ltcd rcstU' ffir some dii."!J lo i-xpectant ilcoUlont that lo cnti-rtHlniSenl at tho prison. The' {sRURBB of tho prlaoneri^ had aroused the fl^uardB; •are. but It was only by, the weapons were dla warden. Tbj ouiilt is live come " from pawn lopH and tht authorities are soaking> trace this i'ery slight clue. There not any evidence that any of the eapcna described were obtained: ••TO. K .ni'i .<>t .Strliffcnt flrsk- W i On the I ; new K=a.-ai ! '• tura 'ijci' oi f.: t-ofs intp cfl • f;i rcme wortja ; I ut in fa?t thd j to carry i iray he ; panle-i r :e3l !n !;ave noi yet which ti^ey for every tm are working tliat any en sas factory the basis of hi employer is blamelesE, bu a usefttl pro ^3 demnities. t insurance for rassed with ped in the ilh Mr. Charlei Grand Master! Kanstu, was today betweeii Colony when lodge toiilgbt EKS' LIABUJTY. Kii]»>aN Lair romr.s Sew Year. t o^ Janua:y 1912 tho ,w providing for the in- r 'cycs against accident 11. 'The law does not - ciiRB it compulsory , menufacturer who falls ' for every employe . Insurance ccm- . in liability msursnce igured out the basis on . xpect to write policies >loyer in the state, but > it. The law provides inlured In any Kan— be compensated on s salaty or wages. The not consulted, may be is regarded merely as d«r of funds to pay in (Jpiess he carries such |hls force, be will be bar and much handicap- ChrlMs VjoUiig Contest in£u»ancc. bankrupted. einpl jye sliall siiits codrta. G. Ully. of Wichita, of the Odd Fellows of visiUag local; members .trahiB on Jifs vvcar-.tQ,i_ bo viaits the Cblonj" m We will give F'REE with every purchase of ICfc or over, one coupon, entitling the holder to cast a i vote for his'Favorite Chuix'h. Tho New York Store will donate the Tree and loan the entire Electrical Display now on exhibition in the noi-th window to > the church receiving the greatest number ,of ^otes. :| All cQUppns to ^e SUpd put and left at the Re^-,? ister office. " • • • ^ t Decp;!^ ^iifl, ft jtp ja^ \ The. Register \\'ill post the standing of each! church from day to day.. Thursday, Dec. Tth ^and Friday, Dec. 8th, we , shall give - DOUBgJE CQIJEONS " with each purchase; which means 2 coupons with a " 10c' purchase, lo coupons with a 50c purchase, 20 % coupons with a $1 purchase, ^nd so on. This is for J three days only.' = See JtojiS^^i^4ay ^ ^^^^^

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