The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 17, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1977
Page 6
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PAGE 0—JfAUOATUCK NEWS (CONN,), WEDNESDAY, AUG. 7, IWfll Speedway Racing Danbury Saturday Rangers To Meet YMCA Thursday Outdriving fill Kchlndliu- In tin- J 1'rd.ildont Bob McDnrmott of the powerful Curu.-. OfrcnhiuiMin-, to I Niuifraturk R :i n K o r s tcidn.v nn- CiiTyturn pluiin IIUIICM-H limt 5f«t- / nu'unnocl tliu' u mooting; of the local ui'duy In tin- nltfht ruiiluro miilK<'t | iitMi-dc oi'KKnlKiillon would be hold ftuto met', Tin) Tiifipntt, MunliUH- in th,, loc^l YMCA Yhurjuliiy nltfht net, !.. I., diu-ndi-vll will bi> nut j HI n ,,-o|cic:k. Plans for tin; forth ii ri'[u<:it victory In this p cismini! football jn'nwon, older IhliiKS will br- cll.seusHCd. All mi'nibi-rji urn ui-frcd to attend tliln Important confab. out j thl«. flntui'duy nlKiit'w hciiivy cu»h iivunt lit the Diinbiiry Spoinlw.-iy. I Along with Tii[i|>ntt, will tjo itiicli (dp niuiiii di-lvm-H In 'tliln hair-rain- lnK''pf"'t HH I'M Suhanl'l'iii-, Kay Ncii- tor, Cicorcli- !''<>nd"i-, Krs Kci.-ords. Mlhii Jo.ii'i>hn, f,f-:i DII/H-JIII, Lou Vollt, Kliiirly McAmlri'WK, Mil! Hchlocllni' mid (i hfiiit <>! others. Ii'lnif riicn v.-ill i,'i't tinder wuy nt H:.'!(J p. tit., with n 2,1 lup fi-u- turo event clliii'.ixlng Hie uli'-iw. Winning Team To Enter iNational Regional Playoffs to Glen Falls, N. Y Losers Play At Polo Grounds Saturday . Davidson Scores Hole-In-One Knights Discuss Plans At Meeting Tlic i'tirr/lu Knlghtti AthlKIc fii 1 - (/.'irtl/atlon hekl an Irnportunt rni'nt- \ny, lust night, at wfilch time plans wni-e d|icu«!iiul for the wlfMer Ija.'i- Ui'tbull I'.eaHOn, Tin' mm<t!iiK WIIK Ill-Id ut the horne of [''I'unlt Ciiirlln- nkl, Millville To Play Yanks Tomorrow With the prospects of n state championship within tholt- jjriinp ind a trip t.o'Glpn Falls. New York, In the-offlnfr, tho local Amor Lotion Juniors will be out tdnltfht to jiut nil their offni-t.-i In- ,/ulirmy DuvldMon of Union City t.o llmlr pr.-imo nptilnst Windsor Ir. hole-ln-one yesterday ut | the state I-oRion finals. Ti 1 tho local toam wins thlii eve- 'hc A. 11. ""i Hind A. Country Club. Tliu ncp on tbf IfiByiml par throe ntng'ti contest, they will travel to Wtli hole, and tliu local youth ac- oio'n Fall.s on Saturday to play In (,'om|illnhtKl tli«i fnftt with n No. C Iron. It W:IM Hie first I'oirlstnrucl ut tho club Hlnci! tliu Ampt'lcan Hi-nii.M iicnulriKl it from the then I lul> Drobk clulj. tho National Regional playoffs, Ktcpplni; ntono to a bid for the national title, and alno will be via- Hint' one of the nicest <u-ctlon.i of the counti-y Ir. tills area, Olur, Falls, WdiiUa nvro, on this pafrn. which Is In upper Now York state, -•-'•• montiomicl Johnny's | (tl on | y n(no m j| en t ,. om - • V/M Josihlnjrly ninntionod Johnny's | (tl on | y nine milen from Lako litit no»- w» miiMt i-otract c,i:nn;i\ onr of nntiu-c'H wonders in mv ri'iiuirl'.s iniiilii nt tliut tlmi!|,[i|p United States. Knowiiiff, tlKJUph that the toam which the local combine must face this evening will be n f-ir- By THOMAS FITZFATRICK Naugatuck, perhaps more than any other town or city in the stale 01' Connecticut, has put forth more championship teams in the past 20 or 30 years, than any other .community and you needn't take our word for as the records litxl coniri'ii'tMluU 1 him. But wu Ntll! hiivi- not hum-el any Imrii'ovonwnt on hlH purtni'ni of the links, Jack Darby, th.-li- \vlll h AI MfowerV MHIvllln C'ubn undunvor to return to tdi'lr w.'iy.'i Tliinwlii.v inoriilnj;, wluui lhny clunii with the fuMt-»'.u|). plnir YaultM 'at Fciicrnutlini l-'li-ld In /i ,/u;iioi- fi/'AKiic r-jntiuit. Thin >;iun(i wllf iiturt nt fi.-.IO ti. in, f'.oth bniufiii will bo iif tliclr Btronfffit for thl/i with Mlclc- uy Bi'ixnli'lcli iiltii-tlug un the'niouud for the Ciib.'i agulnMt Curl "Tliu Ttotfitgfr, tor tho YnnUii. ,/nok Afthmoni uiul (live tin u bui-.y. on will you, John? ADMIT THI'.'Y MAY WIN liuMton, AUK. 7—(UI' J )—The Bos ton |{i-d So.x ai'i> adnilttliiK at I Ihm they iiuiy ptiiv In tho Work Siii-lcji. With the Hox t-njoylnj; r IL'-tfiirne luatl In tint Aini-rlcur li-WK"' 1 . '^'.' filiib'ii Kiiin-ral ni!inui;iM i;i [iiuliInK I'lan.i Cot- addltlonu urciiii 1'iivilltln.s at Ken way Park (•:iUlli< Cnllln.s Ii Mi-cklni; permit »:l(ni fruni thu Civilian Production Ailiiilnl.stratlon to (inlarjre tho j)re;j; doxi-.-i to accomniotlnto COO report- iin:. '('ho faellltli;!! can now handle 2ND ' HIT WEEK mldablu foe for they could not have reached tint posMlon that they iirn now in If It were not no, we must figure tho possibility of the Nolde- mimnged, Cowan - coached squad, losing. Tf they should they still have a consolation, 'that seems al- rnoiit as good a tiling us their reward for winning the contest. For tho lose:- of tonight's action will u!ay In 'llu! Polo Grounds in New York city this coming Saturday, Munajrrr ISddU; Noltle rind Coach Gubhy Cowan, who held a incut- Ing with their charges last evening at tho I-,ogion home, are confident that the squad will come through tonight, hut they urge as many local rcsldonts as possible, to come down tonight, to Uic Recreation Field and view this important contest. The game in gclind- uled 10 hogln at f> p, rn. Tho lineup for tonight's gamo win bo as follows:' Jack Curtln, shortstop; George Schuster, con- r Acid; Frank San Angola, catcher; Billy Natowich, first baseman; 7hct Uwaklewicz, second baseman; Sob Markovic, right field; Vln Hoaly, pitcher; Bob Stauffcr, loft It-Id, and Joo Hwily, 'third baseman. OMIclal.-i for spoak for themselves. Just as an .immodiate f'rinstance, take a look at what Naugatuck are doing at. the present moment, and also what they may do in •tin; near future. Perhaps, of primary Importance it tnu moment, the American Legion Juniors should be mentioned. The charges of Eddie Nolde and Gubby Cowan will play For the state championship of Connecticut tonight at the Recreation Kield and there Is every possibility that in«y will emerge victors from this conti'st, Week bui'oro last, the locals defeated the best the nearby towns in this area, all bigger than the borough, could place against them, and took the local district. Legion championship. Then, they proceeded lo sot down Mlddletown and Willimantic, j in order, giving them the right to t'aco Windsor, for the 'state', title tonight. If they win, a golden," but difficult path ,'ies ahead of them, with a national tltlo at the end But before we allow our uxultun spirit to run away with ourselves we'll wait for this evening's re stiLts, and then either cheer or... well, you can't win, everything. f'omp<;raiig ValJoy League [ Next In lino of importance, is a team that lias been surprising veiyone locally,, since their surge, St. Francis First In Foley-loop By KENNY CLYMER In a first place buttle , -for".'the Pete Foley Junior loop played yes tar-day .at Recreation Fluid, the St Francis Juniors gained undisput ed -possession of the coveted posl tlon when thfty trounced the over rated East Sldci-a, 10-1. St. Francis, backed by the hoavy of .Nixon and Schuster Plus the "five'hit hurling of' theli pitchers, Dowllng and Markovic completely took away any ambition that the erstwhile leaders may navo had in dealrinfr to retain first in the loop. Nixon proved the complete hero of the day garner ng four hits for fivo trips to the>late, getting two singles, a dou- >le and a triple. Dowling, who pitched no-hit bull for the two innings he hurled, also hit well, get- Ing .three hits for four trips, tu-o rubles and n single. He was the vlnnlng pitcher. Marliovic relieved Dowling in the hird and gave up all five hits jjot- an by.tlio East Sidors. Score by innings: t. Fj-ancis .. 330-112 3—1C 1C 1 Sast Siders .. 0000010—1 56 Batteries: (winning team first), owling, Markovic and Schuster; Wooster, Donnelly, Scranton and Fall-child. Umpires: V. Healy. : Iriterdepartment League Scores Infcrdepftrtment frames played last night found the Mill ttntl Mold t'aklnf the ineusure of the Boot Room by a. 6-3 score, while the Gum Shoe M!cg upset the Lab liy a 7-5 margin. The Mill and Mold eliminated the Boot Rcum from the Round Robin playoffs by virtue of a five run Hsir.f in the third inning last night that proved more than enough i-unsi for victory. 'They will play Uiii Ind. ISntfintere on this Friday nljjht to decide who is to •etain fourth place in the league. A three run fifth inning cinched i victory for the Gum Shoes against the Lab, while pitcher Fred Mow- •ey practically won his own game, retting a triple and two singles or three times at bnt. Scores below; ilil! & Mold 1050000—C 5oot Room 200010 0--S Batteries: (winning team first), VJat. Jumia and Bob Iluccfo. •Umpire: Undo. Gum Shoe. Mktf 0021303—7 laboratory 300010 I—fl Batteries: (winning team first), . Surnmu. Fred Mowrey, R. Mon- oni, J. Platarelli. Umpires: Farrnr. AI Brewer Resigns As Head Of Millville Association Standing of Teams ' NATIONAL LEAGUE Yesterday's Ilrwulls New York !>, Brookyn 2. Boston 3, Philadelphia I. Chicago :>., Cincinnati 0. Pittsburgh-ten. Ixjui.s, ruin. About 9,000 new. books tire published each year. Rubber Match Of Softball Series Waterbury Tonight tonight's game will b« Bill Stanton and Chick Kelly, it is asked that local Cans be re- mlndud that no admission is chnrgtid to the Legion contests. About 0,000 tons or cigarct paper Is used in thu U. S. (Annually. ALL STAS" ~ BOXING ' • .-^ at Municipal Stadium Watcrliury | Ocorgn F. Mulligan, I'romot«r| FRIDAY EVENING AUGUST 9th aJ'tcr a rather bad beginning early ir, the season, and arc now resting comfortably in first place in the Pomporaug Valley League: tho Naugatuck Grays. "Spike" Deegan, manager of the Grays, deserved all the credit in the world for the .meteorieal, rise of hiu team, \vho currently, in second half play sport a four and 1 record. During the first half, after losing three straight at the beginning -jf the season, they ended up in 'third place, and If they continue along at their present -pace, they can't help but cop the title for the second round, and in our estimation take the playoffs that will follow, Aside from the Grays and the Rado. and Brownell Will Pace Off Again With State j Tourney Bid In Offing- j —^ i . ' i The most important softball game I of the season is scheduled for play j tonight, when the U. S. Ruhbei Keds travel to Waterbury to engage the strong Wuerbuiy Tool, in tho rubber game of a, best out of three series to determine the area, er.try- into the Connecticut State Amuteui Softball toi-'i-ney, which \vi)J start in Stratford, Saturday. Billy Rado will hurl for the local squad, while Bro\vne!I will do the pitching for tho Brass City squad. The tool combine took the first ;onu> of the series last Saturday, capitalizing upon a questionable walk, when Kalosky homered to ir-ing "the winning runs across the. late. In the second game played Monday night at the local Recreation Field, the local team Legionecrs, another team in the ! borough extremely deserved of recognition: the St. Francis entry in the CYO Ic-jp, that is managed by I oti the -misoucu of the capitalized Walorbury toam and emerged victors by a three to one margin. Naturally we want to sea the mi mm • "s-s 1 BURL \m DiiecUd bj LOUIS KING • Pr«luc«d D> ROBERT SASSIER * , 2ND HIT "IT SHOULDN'T HAPPEN T O A DOG" 2a It-Ill) Allyn Joslyn — Carole Landis SWIM AT QUASSY BEACH LAKE gUASSAPAUG ,,*!,, llui^rn Hun l)lr»{.| In llfnch .KA.vh-jH'i' Mt'irr IN 'rue: MTATH AUGUST PUR SALE — J»UY NOW AND SAVK — t>!» N. MAIM MTKKKT Witt«rhiir,v Ti'l. H-272T BICYCLE SUPPLIES AT Cl-'T-ltATK 1'KICIOS! CS AXryTTTPT'C NHH.HVII..V. O-if-l-LN/jJlVivl O HiivliiKx Hunk 20 -SAVINGS HT. DIAL 8-IIS47 VKU1T JARS GOOD IAIOK JAU JUIHIlKltS JfKKSSUKIfi COOKKKS ALL TVT.KS OK RADIO KKPAIR WORK Order Your Hot Point Electric Appliances HA WLEY HARDWARE ioa ciTtntCH ST. , . 4086 ;; -I <Jt. rrrsto (Immcdliito Delivery) WEISS' Ben Franklin Store 102 ClIUKCU STRKKT » Curs \Viixlicd, I'nliNlu-d nt CHAPPIE'S TYDOL GASOLINE SERVICE STATION B-IH nninov: ST. Tier,. MO.MII.I.AN MIITOIC IHI.H HKK VM VOIl YOVK VACATION LUGGflGE Vintirctlim Kmirrrril. Hi-iiiilrcU FISHERS ! III .S. MAIN ST, 0.1K71 FOR 1'ORTRAITS Olf DISTINCTION Phono 4720 LYLE & EARL PORTRAIT STUDIO 11 No. Mrtln St. ' Nmientuck PLAY POOL On First Class Tables R & M ALLEYS ll> lidiiiuis—ftlnin Bout KKNIK GKII-'I-'ilV, Tuiii|ia vs. nrrnGic 7\ni,M-:n., NOW Yorii| X Hounds St-ail-FiiHil HOBL'rY HICKS.Wuttirhury vs, iFRANK VIGKANT, Thonitiston| (', Kouiuls ISII.LY -BROWN, Miincli«;ster| vs, KMJS MORGAN, IMrlford Uom Minnicueci, who is assisted : homo team . win ,and furthermore in'liis efforts by Joe Finkc. 'from our observance of tho two The team, ladon with many of i squads in action ,wp can sec no AI Sllvi-riiuiii N_ V. VH, ClKirli-s Hun-Is] N. V. (i Kourlds Johnny l.'/.ult SprlniffioUl VH, Don l j ciir«on Mldcll(>t.iiwn 4 RuiiiKl.s Rn. snrvidl S3.5() iiml Rush $1.25; .All Taxes Ini.-ludrd 'I'l<!k(!t!l NOW (III Suit! lit Mlllll- Bull's llcstuunint, ic I'hoonl.v AVI-,, Wutfti-hury rhoiifi IWi'CO Murphy mm* EXTERIOR & iNTEWQft See Our Largo 3tMfc a| LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS •-he Ktars of the High School championship team of this year, who also play with the Legion team, an; riding in first place in the sec"id half CYO play, and will no doubt remain there. They ended up thu half play in second place, hut Coach Minnicueci will be contented wiih that poai- Uon during the current race, Not mentioned in .this column as yet is the golf toam which represent the Industrial Council in the State Golf .tourney, Aug. 18 composed of U. S. Rubber personnel; Billy Rado's U. S. Keds, who wilJ play the Wntorbury Tool this evening for the right to represent the area at the State Amateur softball tourney, which will begin in Stratford this Saturday, and many other individuals, who in their I own right have made excellent | records during these past few months, but. who are so many, we have not the space to mention them all. All of these accomplishments though, a-t least in baseball, may only lead back to one peraon. Peter J, Foley. For, it was under his tutelage i-hat. many ..of the local athletm, youngsters and older fellows as well, have learned the talent, that coupled with their natural ability has made and Is making- this community, the "Championship Town of the State." reason why the Rado squad cannot win, anrl that's the degree to which we'll s!.lck Oi>r nock.-; ot:t, :m'J predict :i victory by the local rubber team and a Naugatuck entry in the softball tourney this Saturday. Brasscos vs. Buckeye Stadium Tonight Cleveland Buckeyes, world's Ne g-i'o baseball champions who lace the Brasscos tonight at Municipa Stadium at 8:45, haven't a Cleveland player on their roster. Like the Cleveland Indians of the.American League, the members come from all parts of the country. Sammy Woods, tall right-handed pitcher of Spring-Held, Ohio was one of the best pitchers In the South Pacific in his war days. He may be the boy who will oppose Torrington's Mike Kissko tonight. Kissko has ynt to beat a colored team, losing to the New York Black Yankees, 1-0, and the New York Cubans in ihe ninth inning in his last two starts. Leon Kellman, brilliant third mseman, hails from the Panama Canal /June, and Sammy Jethroe, first baseman, is from St. Louis, Mo. Walter Calhoun .another promising pitcher, is the lone Easterner- on the tr<)uari. He bails from Buffalo N. Y. Quincy Troupe, o.itchn'r and ma:v itlfar, hails from St. Louis. He is a 235-pound rcctivi'r who is compared to the great Josh E. Gibson. Brooklyn ... St. Louin ... hica.g>j Boston Cincinnati .. New York .. Philadelphia Pittsburgh . Tliu Standing w. L. ret C2 40 59 41 53 4C 49 50 48 51 47 5fi 42 50 38 59 ,608 .090 .535 .49!) .-185 .401 .429 .392 Today's Games, Pitcher* Brooklyn at New York — Lombard! (10-G) vs. Trinkle (C^7). St. Louis ut PiUsbuixh (night) —Brocheen (8-10) vis. Ostormucl- ler O-6). Boston at Philadelphia (2) —Spa ton f-l-J) and Johnson (1-4) vs. Judd (0-9) and Hughes (1-8). (Only games scheduled). AMERICAN LICAGTJK V«st«rditj"« Rosull* Roston 5 Philadelphia 0. Detroit 3, St. Louis 3. Chicago II, Cleveland 1. New York-Washington, rain. Withdrawal Follows On Heels of Resignation of Former Baseball Manager, Teddy Ciarello The Standing Boston Slew York Detroit SVushington Cleveland St. Louis Chicago Philadelphia 30 72 W. I.. Pet 73 31 M -12 r>8 43 51 r>i 49 54 •15 57 44 09 .587 .503 .470 .•Ml .427 .294 Today's GaiiK's, Pitchers Detroit at St. Louis (night) — Trout O-10) vs. Kramer (11-6) or Pater C!-C). Cleveland at Chicago — Reynolds (8-10) or Embree (0-8) vs Ri (3-3). Philadelphia at Boston (2)—Savage (1-9) and Marehildon (7-10) v« Ferriss (18-4) and Dobson (30-5) New York at Washington (night) —Gumbert (6-1) vs. News-jm (S-9) rney Beverage Coolers Now In Stock Electric Appliance Co. !-•]< Kuldwln M. Will. — TH. 4-IiJ2 Following Hhortly on the heels or the rcslgrn.iUon of Teddy Ciarcllo, who was manager of the Millville Association baseball .team, Albert Brewer. Allerton road, and president of the organization, has resigned, it was learned by THE NEWS today. At the same time as Mr. Brewer's resignation is b(?ing .Rendered 10 members of the organization, it Is also strongly rimi-jred that the local sports enthusiasm will resign from his position as secretary of ihe Naugatuclc Amuteur league. TIO reasons were given for his res- gnation' from the association or his rumored withdrawal from -the ocal baseball league. It was learned though that Mr. 3rewer will continue to co:ich the MiJlviDe Cubs, composed of younp- siers in the Millville area. Mr. Brewer, who ai one time vas Sports Editor of THE NEWS s -well known locally in and out if sports. He had been the leading- member of the organ (station (, from which he resigned, doing- the majority of work for the group. His resignation follows on the heels of several members of the team quitting the squad because they were dissatisfied, but not with Mr. Brewer. It Is believed that dissension within the ranks may have caused Mr, Brewer's resignation as well. DODGE Hotchkiss St. Garage 47 HOTClUvJSS STREET Tel. 5727 J. L. MAZILAUSKAS, Prop. SALES — SERVICE SANDY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPADG DICK FJNLEY, Mgr. Open 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. Boating 9 But/iUig 0 Picnic* SALEM PLAYHOUSE WED. Thru SAT, PANTS SHOP BOY.3 PANTS LIICHFIEID ROOM SERVICE August 6-10 SKATS: Sl.OO, $1.50, $3.00 plus tax Curtain- .S.-45 | Tel. JJtchflcld H80 WANTED ELECTRIC MOTORS 1-3, 1-4 and 1-2 H. P. TeJ. Waterbury 4-1694 ami Rovprsc Charge HIGHEST PRICES PAID The WATERBURY HEATING Co. s In Home 34-36 SPRING ST. 4-0478 CONNECTICUT'S MOST DANCEAUI.E MUSIC COMES TO— LAKE QUASSAPAUG TONIGHT BY POl'ULAR. KEQUTSST! FRANCIS DELFINO HIS SAXOPHONE: AND HIS KECORn-BRBAKjtNG ORCHESTRA 15 — PEOPLE — 15 Starring MONROE SPIER DANCING AT 8:00 F. M. ADM. (tax Inc) 60c . All Kinds of Fertilizers TOOLS FOK GAItUEN »n<t LAWN SIIOVKLS done ana Hliort Imndles) GARDEN RAKES HOES — SPADES PRUNING SHEARS GRASS SHEARS Inc. 1«5 MAI'LK Maple St. Tel. 3507 R&P METAL WORKS 99 SO. MAIN STREET (Rear) Sfecl linr.s Jt Sheets FOR SALE Ornamental Stiwl Work Telephone 6377 CARSTAIRS WHISKEY $345 J. K. STORES CUT IIATK, LIQUORS, WINES, BEERS S3G N. Main St Tel. «97fl Frco Delivery Anywhere In Borough 35 7/lf! (>*st~ ^•^tfy V*7^ I***"'**,, S0f) 9hit sf "ALL THROUGH THE DAY" "IN LOVE IN VAIN" "UP WITH THE LARK" "THE RIGHT ROMANCE" "CINDERELLA SUE" "THE RAILROAD SONG" < INTI.'RY fOX iEROME KERN'S, 'E^fHHlAL^MM^ 1EANME CMIN : CORNEL WILBE • LINDA DARNELL Loews POLI WED. LAST TIMES TODAY—"Smoky" with Fred MucMurray also "It Shouldn't Happen To A Dog" UNCER AUTHORITY Of THE COCA-COLA COMPANY Vt '"'' Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Waterbury * roots SAViNCS 4T STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18-20 Park Place Open Dally Until 1 A. M. • DAILY LUNCHEONS • AND DINNERS • A LA CARTE MENU Dining Room, Food Bar and Booth Service Full Liquor License •

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