The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 17, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1977
Page 5
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; New Benefits Of National Service Life Insurance Inmminco bnnufltn to vntnrun WOI-P nmtfM'lully nxtnnclocl nnd lib ornllv.iHl on Annual 1 when Pros Ucnt Truman nlnnod tho Con^ro nlonul Ac.l .fimnnUInK the Natlonr. Survlco T-lfii InHtimncn Act of 10-10 Arthur M. Oi-nyjton, Vutorunfl At! ministration In.minincf ofllcnr fo Connootlciit, announced toduy, Ftxiturns of th»> nnw a me ml me nth making NHT.,1 more attractive thtin (jVHi* Inoludu: 3. Addition at 20-ynn.r omlowmon pollclmi, ond-jwrnont ut HK(> of 00 unil omlfiwmont ut iitfc of <J'>. Ai orltflnnlly Is.MtiBd, pui-mnnent poU IcIi'K provided In NSLI were ordl- nniy IITi), 20-paymr.nt llfo, unel 30. pnymont life, 2. Runiovul of fill rcHtrlctlo>n of boncflclurluM which wiiro linpoxnc! by the ni-ltflrml ii&t. Formerly tlui InHiirrd wn.s imrmlttud to iluHlKnuto only hcnnficlnrlOH who wore nnnr I'MdUvoN. He mny now drmlifnuto liny |ier«on w piuvjmi, u corpora- tlun, or hl.i utttirte «K bunuflclary In his Inxurnncn policy. 3. A proviHion under which the InHiifcil miiv elnct to Jtnvn hln In- Biirtinci. pnld In a slnRlc lump tmm tinmiflclnrlmi. Under tho li i\i:t, monthly In.stiUlmimtn to b«nii- fldiirliiM wiirt' mundulory. •I. i'uymimt of benefits to un In- mii-ed who l.-i totally dlwablud for mi li'nn KM nix months. ThuHc pny- mtin-tH itm ut tho ruin >.>t $!"i u month for each Ji.OOO of Inmminei. lind lire piiy/»l,|,. n.i k.nif ny the din- nWIHy u.xlMt.M, Tho InNiirwnfii. Itxulf In riot iiffoclcd by .theMo imyiimntii, no hiTieflolnrlesi rnonlvn tl'io full /line Vftliic of thu polloy ,,,, o ,| tfll , di'iilh nf the Induced, Tin. new totul dlHnblllly feature mny tin jiddod ID any ii,ri,i of NHLI lricludln.v term lr»iurai\r!v, tt IM only neueMjuir-y tli/it the InMUI'eil tneifl npoclfletl health re(|iilrernnnt>i n,id I'Uy the extra pnimluto thut IM re(lulled for thlM (idilltlo/ijil bum-fit. fi. Allowing U |l per.ion.M C. Applications for innuranco which wore rojoctod Hololy for iciillh ruiituniH butwoon October 8, lO'lO, and Soptumbor 2, 1043, arc v«|- Idntud by UIOMO umondmonta In innmt whoru tho uppllcuntH worn tilted or tc-tally dlsublcd In line of duty while In service. .This amond- .iiunt will provide income for bonc- :'lclnrlos who rucolvo no Insurance wymontH under tho old law. NumoroiiH ml.-icollanoous provl- ilonH ure IncHulod in the amendments. Mo«t of them are of a tech- nleul nature, or nre applicable to limited groups, but all arc desjg-ned o enhance the value of Nattonul Sorvlco Llfu Insurance to the vet,rim tind hl« bonoflclai-y. Grayson pointed out that 'regulations and policies on udmlnlster- -the now amendment ure now lnK formulated .In Washington, and voturanH will be Informed when they will bo able to take advantage of tho llberulUInK chang- onie Thin thl who In- nerved In -the urmed foreun tw»en OciMtnr 8. I (MO. her 2, HI.IB, tu apply for total amount which may ho carried by any applicant may ivit ,,x- reed $H).OfJD, Thr application may l«« filed ut any tlmi- and will hu >,'rarvted upon proof that tlin applicant innetH the ruciulred hufilth tithfitlnfilH. Thlx IN u (lt,tii,lu«:l,unnv from tin, pnwloiirt provision which llmltml all •voteruns to tin, amount of In.-mnmte .th»y had while In the ' Bowel Cleaning- Power Of Krb-Help Medicine Om> 1,1,1,, cMcunlly t,, (> ] ( ;,;r t tj. HKM' threo <|iiyn m u | . Mu | (1 ,,ft (11 ,. wiu-il Mint hu never would huve believed hl.-i liydy contulndd much filthy Miib.Mtniioo, Hu Mayii til fitorimc'-.'i, Intestines, Imwels 11 n wluile nynti-rn wei-ii >; () thorough clemmed thut hl.i uoniitiuit hnui uiitii'M came to un end, .severnl |>ltr ply »)<ln erufji.loMM on hl» fuce clrlo up civurnlKht, utul even the rhiji, inn tic piiln.-i In his knee dl.-Hippeiil'et At prufiHiil, he IM un nltwiither ill. ferent rnnn, fe.jllii); ritie In evor way. KKfi-I-IKf^l 1 contulnM 12 flreu Ilnrbfl; they (iliiiuiHti bowels, KIIH from Mtornacli, net mi HVIM- nnd kldneyn, Mltiernbli pli< soon feel (llffei-etit nil nvur. don't ).:d on HUfferln^! Get MRl', Ill'It,!',' Stild by Nuu>;iitin:k Dry Cd In Niiut;"tii''l<. Our Diamonds aril tufifiaj for aulor, wiplil, qua/lty,,, It your (jtiar«ntua ill l>oit* liJo qu«lit/ ^your mmutana* at i»tA*(4oLion WJLLIAM SCHPERO 1«0 CHUnCJI ST. k, Conn. WEDDING CAKES And Other SIMIC-III) CITY BAKERY 1». 1'. STOl'l'ANI, Prop. Mupli, Street Tolepliono .1(118 CLOSING OUT ALL SUMMER MERCHANDISE SAVE UP TO 30% BENSON'S 1!IO SOUTH MAIN 8T. Wutorhnry Fast Action, Good Comedy In "Room Service," Litchfield nl«ht, The I.ltchfleM Players, presented n hllurloiiM three-act oniccly batore n cnpnclty crowd, 'rom NUirt to tlnlxh tho player;) act- mlly had tho iiudlcncii, "In tho K(.'t In a bedroom of tho White V'iy Hotel, ii bedroom that Htrcams vltn #tif>Mt» .'mil visitors, Room Sor- Ino turnod out to bo a comedy loh in ovory dup.'irtmtint — clover Kaoti [jlat, fast notion, and I'uiilly (h-Mt-rutu performances. Lltchde-ld croup was headed * firetwitatlon by it,i director .(Kiriiird Altobull, «ho takes tho •fid (us Gordon Miller, u producer •Itdout (i cent to his name, hut node-full of schemes, onvrgy ixrid L.'lt Ulllt. Some of the xconc.s vor»;n on the y.sturloal. Mr. Altoboll Is ably .MUC- tmded by John Martin UN n New York (Ifrtiutur and Max Lenvltt n« u nuiii of nil work. Their work In- volvtM bowilderlnir tho hotul imm- :u;ument, kunpinjjr thu happy, humrlnj,' on to uuthor L,uo D.'ivJs, j.:ettlnK a tmcltor, locking tho hotel doctor In the bathroom, and throw- Inir n vui-luty of blll-colluctor.4 and othor "".ncle.ilruble" visitors out, A lui'Ko oust, Including Vorn Arm. .••troni; U.H u fi'u.strutud hotul over- m.'iir, Gi>nii Lyon.i «a a hotel- nuin- mri'r, Criioi';;i> Bonhura ust ;i v/uftor from JiiiHJilu, Liiwrimcn Sludo iiH-th'i! hiiy-ttwl author, Sylvin Stono, John rti'Wltt, RotT Slnclaii', .Lou Martin, Jiillii.s Ctil;ichl, Jim Rohln^nn nnd Suul Zwnlt; (In yoonuinls work in kftiplnif (he |ilny rolllnf; with cx- pl-t'N.-'-tntln xpcvd, OIT to (i K'ood Mtai-t, Room Sorvlco will lie iiro.Mimtud the bulimcu of llil.'i wui-k. ItlOI.KASKI)- UY SOX Boston, Aug. 7— (UP)— Veteran 'jackstop Kninklo Pytlalt has. been ','lvnn hln unconditional reloaso by the Boston Rnd Sox. But ho'll receive hlti full iwliiiy for tho 19-fC :;uiiHfjn, The 37-yeur-okl catchnr wont on 'he voluntary retirement list HCV- inil weeks ti^-o because of u sore •irm. I-fe Went to his Buffalo, N. Y., home for a rust. Tho American league loaders will carry thrt'u 'mckdtopif, Hill Wiifrnor, Roy Parten and ICd McGah. TO KKCKIVK TftYOOT Howling Creon, Ohio, Aug. 7— •UP)—One of tho grcutes-t of Ne•,'ix> f-jolball plnytira, BUI Willlw, In irolng to get a tryout with the Cleveland Browns of the All-Amcr- '.cn conroronuu. Willis, who won All America nnd All Big-Ten honors as a tackle it Ohio Suite, has buon head fo-jt- luill couch nt Kentucky Stutu Tottcliiirx college slnco leaving Ohio. Coach Paul Brown says hu plans 'o use Willis (IM n. guard and that '.ho 210-pound Negro player will ru- culvo n contract If and when he H-OVBM hlmsulf during training. FATALLY INJUltKD Cfirdnar, Maws., Aug. 7—(UP)—A forninr iistilstant football coach ut Criirdnur High school was fatally Injui'vd when struck by un oost- :iotind Hoston and Maine freight tniln. The victim was 36-yuar-tild mi'H Leach, AUTOMOTIVE PARTS For All Makes of Cars B-M MOTORS INC. «0-N2 SOUTH' MAIN ST. Tclnphono 0-141 VENETIAN BLINDS In lluvk. Th»*l II*r Or 11 <••!•*•. LEBON'S YHNKT1AM ni,lNl> CO. *7« No. Mill. It. T.I. 1-TMI Approved G. I. Training ArrmintlliK. ttuitliiftfrt Mtirhltii'M, .Hrrrfturlul FAI.I. 'I'KK.M OI'KNS IN SKI'TK.MIIKFl I.linlliMl Kiirulliimnl THE PERRY SCHOOL Wiiturliiiry WEDDING GUT SPECIAL KLECmiC PKKCOLATOKS — with chrome truy, miifur and oruumor, compote M. WOLFF as cnAND ST.. WTBBIT FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co. 100 South M»ln St. Connecticut Has Low Record For Infantile Paralysis HaiMfo'rd, AUFT. 7—CUP}—While many parts of the nation ure being hard hit'by Infantile uaraiyalg, Connecticut 18 much better off. The State. Henlth Commission nays that'.only one case of polio has been reported thus Tar for August, the lowest record for this month In several years. A total of 15 canes were reported lust jnon-th,. as compared with nearly double that number in July, 1945. There are an estimated 29,000 hotels In tho U. S, Much Meat Is Said To Have Been Spoiled Hartford, Aug. 7—(UP)—Meat is reported to 'be coming into Conne 1 ticut so fast that some of it .has> spoiled, • -' • The State Dairy and Food Commission says that within the past week 7,800 pounds have been con- lemned at New Haven and Bridgeport. An additional 23,000 pounds "••« hnnn ordered trimmed because of partial spoilage. Yiie damage was done when the neat was left in "un-lced freight :ars, officials said. Bus Drivers' Strike Averted New Haven, Aug. 7—(TIP)—A threatened state-wide mis strike In Connecticut has peen averted. A wag-e dispute has been left in the hands of a three-man arbitration board. Tho walk-out of the 2,030 operators appeared imminent because of'inability of both parties to agree upon a third member of the arbitration board. Now, however, each side has accepted Saul Vtfalleri of Boston OB the third member. Between the years 1790 and 1940 the proportion of the population living in cities of 2,500 or more increased fiom about i;.l per cent to 56.5 per cent, Keating Released From U. S. Navy Thomas P. Keating, S. 2-c, of 16 Fairviev/ avenue, was discharged recently from the Naval Separation Center at Lido Beach, Long Island. Seaman Keating, a graduate of the Naugatuck High school class of 1944, is well known locally, having been active In sports during bis high school years. Also discharged recently were: Dominick A. Rado S. 1-c of 81 Coen street, and John H. Morris, S. 2-c of 224 Millville avenue. PAGE 5—3VA'CGATCCK'-NE!W8 (COVN.), WEDNESDAY;;AUG. 7, TuberculoslB is responsible for 3.S per cent of white persons' deaths, and accounts for 9.4 per cent of all Negro 'deaths. Given Suspended Sentence On Bad Check Complaint John Jennings, 30, of Nuusatuck, who appeared in Waterburj> City court this morning on charges of obtaining; money under false pretenses, was given a suspended sentence, execution suspended three months, on condition he -return the money obtained. Jennings was wanted in Waterbury since 1945 when he issued a fraudulent check for $125 to Alfred DiNapoli of Waterbury. Since then he has served a prison term of ulle. year in*Springfield, Mass., and'ye*::, to-day received an 18 month* »«•» pundcd sentence" in NeWHavcn oni fiimilur charges. ' "'.•' ' " Prior to .serving his sentence In. Springfield, he served' 60, day* In ^airfield county Jail, who dellv^ ered him from.there to Springfield; Also in Waterbury cotirt this morning, Manuel Lopes Ramos, J3, of s Pond street, was fined $6' on charges of violating the rules of the road. WINS Concord, N. Jr., Aug. 7—<UP) — Governor Charles M, Dale has won the Republican nomination In New Hampshire by less 'than 500 votes. The governor just nipped 'J. S. Representative Sherman Adams of Lincoln in a seesaw bat- JMC«» re •**••, LAMPS Floor and Table Lamps % to REDUCTIONS DESKS Discount Boudoir Chairs : 2<P to 50* . REDUCTIONS ,/ OUR FIRST SINCE PEARL HARBOR to 50% Reductions We're clearing the decks for new fall merchandise. You'll find drastic reductions in every department...and every item is of top quality right from regular stock. These values are limited. Choose yours early! Bed Room Suites and Odd Pieces Smull Mahogany 4 Drawer Chest. 35" high, 28" wide,. 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