Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 6, 1911 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1911
Page 2
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When j'^'lome beau- J tlfUl piece of Cut Glass, you inay' he sure the recipient will be de-' lighted. No lady ever, had too mucli Cut Q )aB8. ' It •!» some-> tlOns that faaclnatcis and is aJ-{' ^ys noccpfable. Our holiday? stock of' li DsLzzMng Cut Glass ' represents t!ic latest and lipst Blirts of 'the aibat colcbtated gBss ciitt^ra In tiib World.' It Includes all sorts of articles at a great \-arlety of prfces. TheBexali Store West Si4c of tjie Square A dinner party at the horae of Mrs. J. W. Carroll, In Humboldt, was one^ t)f the events of Tuesday' for the Violet club. Mrs. Carroll fornierly lived in lola and was a member of the clnb Vnrlb'g "her,, residence . here. After dinner the gtiests and their hostosses attended a session of the Royal Ncigh^ Itor Lodge. Those vfab made up ihe| party -were Mrs. G. W. Adams, ^rs.. J. N. Bumside, Mrs. Roy Fostrr, Mrs. J. . Mundon, Mrs. A. T. CralR. Mrs. W.. M. Morrison Mrs. W. A. Woodruff,' Mrs. KlingensmUh. ^ir8. Robcri Oaiv Is, Mrs. I.aura'mshop. Mrs. J. A. Ma-, lone, Mrs. F. A. Wagner, Mrs. Fred ComRld,\.Mr8. H. G. Stockton, Mrs. John CrawTord, Mrs. Thomas Moore, Mrs. S. E. Vau^n and Mrs. Christy. The ladies motored to and from Hum boldt. + • • Kansas State University circles were considerably stirted the other day when Robert Shope, of Frankfort, Kansas, was married' to Rosalli' Miller, of Paducah. KontuckJ^ Shope , Heylmun told of modes of travel la the soiwirpOor parpnts on .1 Kansas j peculiar customs of Japan; Mrs farm.-Bad quit the Inlversity where! j.-.'^^ «f n-,rvi„n' nnroninin he was arsophomorc. to earn a livinp;; as waiter to a Lawrence cafe. The bride was divorced last week from a Mlssonrt husband, and went to Lawrence Co .Wait a chum of Shope's. Ixjve at 'flrst sight followed and then the wedding. Both are 22 years old. + • '> Another of the Rpllpf Corps sur- prlso parties was nlvcn ycstt-rday. With Mrd. Alice N'owmiin us the honored Thi' ror()s liiiH b'^cii plannlnR the event the piiKt two weeks and siiccn<'d<>d In KIVIOK (>i'''r hostess a hnpiiy suriirlse. A romii:t- . ny of the members went to h<'r honii* shortly before the dlnm-r hour and took 'with thorn all tlio sood thltiKs to eat they could .tssembliv !n biiskois, boxes and bundli>s. Aftor dinner there was music and one of the picas- ant social afternoons for which the Corps Is famous. Those who enloyod the occasfon were: Mesdaraes Helpe- le Seymour. DeHavcn, Wood, Mather, Clark, White. IhriR. Sloan, Caugh-l ,,,5- ron. Brown. Hlllbr.indt. And.-rson. i ' Coffield. Reno, Pegp, J.,ogan, Lamb, | Round. Everline, Gard. nradley. Missj Margaret Helgele, Miss Kverline the Misses Brown and Misses Myrtle anil Jennie Xewman. • • •> Mrs. W. S. KaufTman and hor nircr , ^. j^,jgg ^jjg- Miss L. Floy Houser have sent out' talked of carving, porcelain ! and metals of the conntry and Mrs. L. W. Mayberry Included many topics In nn Inforninl discussion of Japan's out-of-doors. Photographs were distributed and were appropriate lllus- trntlons of the several topics on (he program. + + * Mrs. Smith Jiirkson went (o Colony tills iiflnrnfion where she wns calK-d by thi' Illness of Mrs. .Miiry Young. •!• * Mrs. J::soii Wnlson, 417 Kiist Lincoln, will be hostess of ilu^ At lloini! club tomorrow afternoon. •:• •^ • If a woniiin has one daughter who govs .Twiiy. the Mrs. misses Ihe Miss .•Mill the Miss misses the Mrs. if she two diiughters und they are both trvisy. Ihf Mrs. mis.scs thf> Misses and tlie .\fl.'<.s and the .Misses miss the Mrs three dau:;hlers and two are at one place .-Mid one at anotner the Mrs misses Ihe Miss and the Misses, an- niissps the Mrs. and thr Misses. If it is four daughters shr h:is and two are at one place, while the other two are away from home I Miss .Tnd the Misses apd the Miss, .ind -j the Miss an dthe .Misses miss the Mrs I and the .Allsses. while the Misses mis? invitations for n party to be given Friday" evening December fifteenth The^^ests will be entertained at whist at Mrs. K.iuffman's horae, 501 Kast Sfadison avenue. Mrs. W. R. Heylmun was hostesp of the (P. E. O. chapter yesterday after noon for an inieresting program inirt a fiv^ o'clock luncheon. The progriini was^ exposition of things .Japanese. and the Misses and the Mrs. So they had all better remain at home wltj- the .Mr. of the Mra. —Exch.inge. .;, .;, Mr. E. E. Mimgpr went to Kansas City today to .iccompany .Mrs. E. K Munger homo from St. Mary's Flosiiit al where she has been ill for a mohU They will return home tomorrow ;iin .Airs. Mnnecr'a maay friends will b' glnd to le.irn that Mrs. Munger har almost recovered her health. Tho Loyja Wdmai^i Bible clau Trinltj; church was happily enter- ' tained l yesterday, afternoon • at, Vfyel home of Mrs. Robert Riley., 'Seventeen were present' and enjoyed 'mnslcl: and a'Bible lessoif, followed hy the serving of refreshmenti. Mr. and Mrs. F^ank Servey have returned from a >ivi8tt >rttb Mr. andl Mrs. Verne Kerr."b£'Caldwell. , The W. C. TSW^iWccUnK on FrM day afternoon will W.occtlpled with' rci>orts of the ^nktional convention which was held In MHvrankee In Oc-* tober. Hfcmbers ar;? r<y;aea(ed to| bring copies of the I'nion Signal for reference. .> ' Tli(! .Moose lodge will have its dance lomtirron* nl;;ht in Masonic ball, in-^^ stead of tonight, because of the Mopt- esumaldancn which has been arranged ' for (ohlght. ! Members pt the Wedn^^sU-v K-ch';^ club and others who 'nerrased Oir guest list to seven tables, veroJen-- tert.ilnert at cards InSt night at ifi'r homcjof Mr. and Mrs. Paul Klein. After cards Miss Klein and Miss Jessie Fry served nn- elaborate spread In cours '8. The party was the fortnight ly meleting of the Wednesday Euchre club. • •:• * r> After all the bills are paid' tli' Methodist Aid society expects to bank $115, proceeds of the bauinr and supper given in the Y.. M. C. A. bulldlnV' yesterday. Everybody knows what good c<>oks the hostesses arc and it is estlina^ed ih:it 300 people were servot" with a chicken sunpcr Inst night. Articles dhiplay in the lionths sold wi 'll and there are very few pieces I "ft la be disposed of. •> • * Fo rpevenil years the Pregbyterlar Workliig snclciy has smwit man.v strenuous aftenionns making aprnnr and other articles for their holiday bnsaar. This year they are going to .tisk e.ich woman who attends .4hr church: services to contrlbuto an apron to it he stock. In this way thej; will save themselves lots of anxlet}' .ind work .ind will no doubt achieve the same JlnancL^.I soc.eess which hat Mtfnnded former efforts. Tlie society had a business meeting at the home of Mrs. W. S. Burdick yesterday and talked about the bazaar and snpper. which is to be an event of Thursday afternoon and even ing. December fourteenth. The menu is to be a bountiful and delicious one .About fifty women will help In fh' dining room, at the booths or will ov- ' rsec the kitchen work and cooking Five tables will be set for the patrons There wiU be five booths at which candy, aprons, fancy articles, cooV books and Chinese curios will be sold • * Miss Kafherine Coman, who with Miss I5dna,Young conducted a "pop- I'pr sjrl" contest in connection witl 'hp h.izaar given by ladles of S' Tohn's church, won the diamond rinr which was olferod as a prize. Mis' In aU the new and correct styles of theseason. All we ask is to give lis a look. Don't be deceived by someone telling you they •will sell you goods at HALF WHAT THEY ARE WORTH, AT COST PRICE AND LESS. Now really,-do you think they will? Think it over. We sbow you good honest Dependable Suits at $7.50 to $30 Splendid Overcoats at . . . $7.50 to. $25 Evei-ything in this house is sold at close p^ces) and you get a dollar's worth for a dollar spent. We want your business —^e also want your friendship Pai?0ia5t-*^hields Clothing' Go^ 1 25 yr. gold filled. 15J Elg.n or Wal.. .tla.'l« 2 Solid gold, 15J Elgin or VValthaiii 9SiM 3 20 yr. gold tilled, ISJ Elgin or Wal....$IlUU 4 Solid gold. 15.1 Elgin or WalUiaiu r. sr. yr. gold nil .Mi, ir.J pWn or Wal....$14 .i5 u Z.'. yr. gold tilled. l&J Blglnor Wal....flS.IO Solid gold case, 15 Jeweled Elgin or Wwlthain !... feOJiS (-IIB1KT1I.\S lilKTS KOruHT .NOW WILL UK L^ID A>V\V I'XTIL VJIU W.\JiT JJftKM C.tT \ !.«(.• We want you to see the new edition of our lliustiai- >a eatal'ok. beeflrtse there is tiiori! to show avd say. We arod it free to any addrens. Open BvcttlBft Until Xmmm, ! Mali Orien Ifroniplly Killed ADytt)iog pictured here ^or^arded iiuiuedlately, postage prebald. on receipt qf the prim—dell vet)-.guaranteed. • Coman solicited $140. The qull^ which the hostesses promised aa a prize in the guessing contest went to Miss Anna Trempola. The latti) s iiold 'almost all the pretty things w tich tlu>y hnd In their booth and served a larie num ber of people at the ncoii una evening meals. The articles which were not sold will be tbarltM gifts to worthy families. Miss Coman desires tc^ tl)iuk nil the friends who so genero isfy assisted her in winuliig the hind^ome prize which the hostesses offered. Mrs. C. M. Reynolds WHS at home to members of the Amci]icdn Woman's League yesterday afternoon for their first Ueccmbef meeting: This ^vlll be Mrs. Reynold's last afternoon with the club as she leaves li^ n shoVt time for Hudson .N'ew York to make ber home. After the busli eas meeting yesterday mfreshmcnts were 'served to the guests. * •> •> Mrs. E. N. McDowell |of Garhetl. is here for a few days vjsit with Mrs. Smith Jackson and Mrs. Osborne, at •he library. j ••• •:• •:• j Miss Jaunlta Herr charmingly entertained the members of th<j K. C. club last evening at Ijer-home, 615 N'orth Cottonwood sircft." A '•• buffet luncheon was served to; the following cirls: Mrs. g. A. Ellife,- Miss Grace Stillwell, MlaiS Ada l^lller. MlBs Wll- hurta Rtnncri Mis^ Jiell Sliepard, Miss nrriha5iyi'lBe,''Ml^s Joy =Hersh- ^crger, .Miss iKannie Kline. ; The party givrn :;t the Y. W. C. .\. 'as* night for ?-rl:; of j throe iclasscc n'he Honse of Qnallty." Royal Standard Typewriter TJio .\cir Jtfodel •> AT $75.00 Has the Two-color |tlb1ion. Back- spaier. Tabulator and other modern feat ires. i^liliclrite} anfl Duriibiiity AI >sDliite'!v (auarunteed ASK TO SEE ONE E. H. Bussing, Agent .Nwrjhrup HIdg. lolu, Kns.! I'hones .*»S0 or Gil \ entiitainment. All th facts which were i rusllGd out and purchased one for her utie. After marking a ballot a feminine voter discovered she had favored the wrong candidate and demanded that her ballot be destroyed and that the most absurd thing was done by a the most adsurd thing was done by a woEian in kitchen garb, who elbowed her way past the folks in a long line • and when at the entrance to thc.bootli | was reprimanded for crowding in b-?-' fore those who had preceded her in ', line The woman explained that she had bread In the oven and unless Kho i ook the form of a vaud^Vjile ,rerfor.n .''o" '"'Sht then and there with-; I '! out any ceremony about it. she would , not vote. The authorities refused to , allnjw her to break the rules and she i me .•'lid nil.the ac're.-jscs unji spectators declare they had a .verj^ m?rry 'ime. The gymn.-:slum w?is arrangerl i .;s a ,i ^^rrwur ;;;;aih -groiM fn i \ ^L'"'*'*^"•"•^ dlvLsions. "Mnrn corn.«r": wi.fre tile j'^^^^ '- ^^^^ " ^'Q*"' .MtK .i >.SAS ZIXC I 'KOSPErTS. severely criticiil were to .sif; tl^? "iiea- iiul gallery," boxes a jd' thf "bald :icaded" row. The t:ibl< s wern plnced It the cast end of the room. t!OVcr-?d viih nigs und bordered with aj row of indl' As to the pro«rar.,_M.,, Gofiln had , Car • d „n ca.^^^ nich a terribly h.-.rd tinje getllnR «>0-' X .inLrtf i^nr r ^ .a- to promls.. to l.av]. thelrfdigni.y j ''^r^y il hoMi" and rlo a siimt sljc prom isrd not lo n-vcal the luaurc; iif Ih'- ••n">rtaliim(tii. All .the \f aviillable for ptibllcation Ind ilisil on a ICO -acri- cad Hill for f ?n. Olio Tl :e iiroperty wiir, proved by l .'i liol H Hiiiik fr-I, alt of which show if il (•If ' l "'*''"K 'lUiintiilcH except iiiic idiciitcd ' !'">' Of' <t- cnmlc Hoiics w.n'iMini: iiiid fun- i "'"f""" iwenty-llvernet. luid th tc T . -I'Jhf proposed mill Co handle the on- can- I Caujadiaiis (onylderiug Invoxiing !^<V mi .in One Property. .u . „„ ...,,1 l.fcv. f ^^,it„y.ta i Ai dispatch from Harrison, Arkan-the stage and |the fooHlphts. I ^p^,^^ ^^j^^^^ will hp (III n dlr»'<il line tictweeti tU'- llliiuk near mine and the N'iikoiiiiK Th^ expected sale marks ili'- re:iui:ni- ry Hang a soiig In <oHliinie; jteven of •he high SCIICDI '<;icliera did aj chorii.i i alum; and the perfiirtnano- "was' . ^ rounded out hv mush- bV Mts. llry-1 7,"f "JP"*''*'* «'|": ""'»''"' r'':"'':'!'- nolds. Miss K.iller nn i MUsi tkibln. "of f Interest In the Arkan- Mlss Gohin pro:.lded it - th(i pliiiio. f'"^ ""'f, f"''^?. dozer, played for a grand mar (;h-the heiress-i ''°'''.«^?V'"*n? .s jollied In before th."entertainment l''';'n "t' "llslricf. will be Inter.slcu. beg:in and also played t5ie different «levelopmenl. musical numbers. i i Between acts the ushers distributed bags of pop corn and ^rved red Um- onade. TIK; girls wanted tl^o p.irly to h,! a "really, fi^uly"!* frolid, which it was. .1 Til" Golden Link clul) Is con^lderins, Jj'' th- idea of uniting w'"' and Elate reder.-itions clubs. A mer inc cf the cub/was hiB'd yostc-rday afternoon-at t ic home cf Mr3.-Smlth Jackson and Mf-s. E. X. McOowell of Gamctt. talke'J club about the advaniagea [th the or district ivomcn'a to the tif asso-i ciation with the f^dor'fitioijs. Thi' club will vote on the <iu<i3tioa »n two we«-k8 and if ili" menibexs^ide in the afnrrrativi- application for admission to the fedi-rations will be inado at once. The program whlcli: ered was as follows: Fo" Call—\amcr. oil I.':ili;:n and Mus'.nhms. Pa;-T -•'rrpnr'>3ii.el Wosrjinlicod," Mrs. J. W. Fife. Reading—Mrs. Snofigrass. f'aier—Mrs WU'ianis.: -:• o •:• Th" .-lanuni holidny day evpnlns January llrst, rooms. . The us-.iai l.ijrge ndmt^r of guests win be asked. [A jcom^iittee of .member* of the lodgf todii^ .( nlosding a car of print paper a* th( Register niflcc today, foi;r ncr. we cMng froie ISO to 2.'>fi. heaved ani hailed on each roll. Wheij the time tones fur ;<.uclng 'thci^e rollw on the pr^jsK. one ficg.stcr oiuploye, just in<- ii-izcd. and in sickly kid will yank l;oi f umn-landln ft and pur it ii :c. 'riiey have to* do .it every day. p?:i tho dob rcnd- Artists i^l-"' .Vc IQLA R. R. TIME TABLES I A. F. ii S. V. ll.Vll.WAV ijanc whirl: rrcights—West Bound. I „, . - 1... I I '•" '""iI idill-' Siiiii |v Srl'i p. ni i Ibc Elks lodge gl'-ea will ocf^iir Mof-h.-.i^cM,, imi ij-.n i.yiWv, iv. .S:::M.. m i ithp club Frefghte—Eart Bound. ;4.Vi -n ,>.I Hall (dnllyi a- I:10n. m.;- 4a24-rI .fK -«i <Uiil!y ex. Sun* nr. n-.M :i. ni ' Pastcnoera—West Bound. W -Kan-fHn CItv-YatM Cfcnfffr-M/in nnd Rxprrs* (dnllyi Iv i:*' p. m. 40s4 -8t. L.Qulii.Wtchlta Mall ami Kxprcxf (a :illv).lv «:SS a. m. bver samples of pro^in^ an { invita- tiona and began otheij plansffor the occasion. • + • ^ Mrs. Fannie 5fcCturi-Tbliit has been visiting Irer pirentV, Urt. W. H. McCiute, I a* returned to her home In Chapman Out in Loa Angelea re^terdky there wat a muaiclpal el.ijcti DK anq of the. city for the veiy -flrat fbeir Itrea, voted. A id: the remlnine waa evUeni.. .Bo^e vain| creature after struggi injf Ih vugH k niiiihi of vrovle to a vot ing pla ^9. elam |o.-e4t!/or a mirror; and a ^'niljiii^ man looked er. who Mr. and wo^en time lo eternal I South Bo'jnJ. J';;- .liiiii." liii.<si'i:if r I!>. i.'. • ::i:: —l^i'iiv l'ii..i.'i-Mj.'-r i.i. • ;ii7-l!ijiv;i.;>t Ki:iiil.i''l fus—-^!- • B'T :•:-.« |.. I.i^ily (extent SuiMl.iV) Wi!.v / j.-iff.':;. .\rri».' |<. ;pi. i>:.:: :i. ' North Boun:l. •-•iij- -l/.iilv l'!i!rii:«S..T -.M'i !•. n'. l.Mily I'ussi.-ngi-r i:., -i"h :.::lly (txifit Sunrtiiv; I';.K--I..: ..' i;:.iii:i. !•. tli.-lM!ty n Kft-il Sunii-.i.v) \'.': — .wis.sorKi p.innr nAiLvv.vY 410^ Press (dally) ar 7:17 p. m. 40g4-8t. (xiuia-Kaniuu City Mall and JSx- preM (dally) or R:M a. ro. \ I ST. K. & T. K.VlLWAT No. No. Ko. Vft. N'o. •*>'« •6.- 8 Paaesnaara—Bast Bound. . -Rt. 1.nuti<:.KanHas City Mail nnd TEx- South Bound. RTl—Way >*relaht, (dally rxn-pt Bunduv) •tiSiitt. m. 76—Mlsed (lUllv) 4:4S p. m. 7»—PMSMnxiT (dally) ISMS p. m. J8—FJycr (dally) .6:S0u.m. Nerta Bound. 24_Pniiiifiur'r (dally)/- 1:!« p. m. 7«—Mixed (dnflv)... 4 .......2:80 p.-m. , 077—Wiy Frelahl. (ilnlly eitrp|>t Bunilivi lS:jap. m. and 572 (rlH caiD' pasfengera. THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Consisting of about 75 Suits, Coats and Dresses in plain cloth and mixtures—good nobby styles— worth up to $25.00; your choice in this See South Window sale for only State Savings Ban n. ARNETT President J. F. NMGH V. President H. HOBART (Tashisr JOE M'KINLEY AHSt Cash. CHlillal . |2:>,UU0 Surplus . tS,m loin. Kas. The Plodders Siiii'.e Mit'ii 1K;VC IH'CII ;ib!c through Inherit( d riches nr ii coinliinaliiin of luck and oppor- tiiniiy to arrive wiflioiit uniistial effort at a condition of 'comparative luxury. When attained, however, under such clr- ciiiiiKtances. the realization does not seem to he a goal at all. There can lie no genuine n-ward without conscious effort, no glorious i.-iiil witliiiiii lilitcr iiieauK. It 1:; only The PloddiT, the iniin who ig- I'firi'.. the rlioil nils and palliinlly. doggedly ivic.Mlci will) illllli'iilih-H uiid dImippolntmnntH Willi i'ii)o,v..; Ill,' lull sweetiii'HK (if reward nnd HIICCCKH. Sill 11 In loiliiy .1 Mysteiii of Wiving and add I'l 11 •.vcclily IK) iiialt/T liow Utile. A few inoiiilis v.ill ili'iiioii.><trate how ('usy it Is though it iiiiiy havM .si:uincd hard and unfruitful at first. Deposit every WI;O'K"S savings with us for; .1 Ci'w viiir.s .-uid yoii will ncciimiilatc a siib- Ktantinl hiiik iiicoimt. The fact that yiju have ' denied youiuclf some iiccn.stome(i"luxuta:, have 1 liliidded aiid'sfraimfrt to atcohipttiB if; wffi'lira #| ./.i'?t to ti.'c enjoyinent of the reward. • M ATBS Bis Wooticn Shoe Dancing Act—Natichal Dances ' Baby Dottie—Vaudeville's Youngest Child Artist! J Comedy Ilfusicn Act Boys' Apple Contest j 3- Bir, VAUDEVILLE 'FEATT. JRE ACTS Admission Kids 5e; Adults IQc Gifts for tlie Boy or GirlJ WAGONS—ALL SIZES SKATES, VELOCIPEDES, SLEDS AUTO CARTS DOLL CARTS Brigfham Hardwaii;e C!p.| 7 For the quickjest results—The Register Want Column!

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