The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on October 25, 1961 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1961
Page 4
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OTTAWA HERALD Television Log Pace Four From Our Readers Wednesday, October 25,19611 Channel 4, NBC Channel 5-13, CBS Channel 9, ABO Wednesday More To Learn Now It comes up all the time. Children these As one of the experts points out, "The days just cannot spell as well as mother recent explosion of language has forced and dad can, or learned to when they" into everyday usage an avalanche of be- went to school. wildering new verbal concepts, ranging So the critics of modern education say from a-bomb, astronaut, beatnik, den today. They point to sight perception mother and fringe benefit to satellite, methods of teaching in modern schools solar house, wage dividend and zen." as opposed to the old phonetic methods used decades ago. Regardless of the methods used today, or whether the emphasis on spelling is as great now as it used to be, all of us should understand that there are more words p]aceg aren , t any more Nor are the cus . Fusing this word explosion are the world-wide forces of communication such as reflected in newspapers, magazines and on television. The once faraway now. Proof of this comes from Merriam- Webster which has completed a new unabridged dictionary. It contains 100,000 toms of other lands strange to us. So when Junior has trouble with thermonuclear, kulak or Ngo Dinh Diem, remember that the world in which he lives more words than were found in the last today isn't what it was when you were dictionary put out in 1934. learning to spell. This And That by jpK Aid Money Not Wasted LAHORE — Talk to Americans from our embassies, and .information offices and you find propagandists for our foreign aid program Talk to Americans directly involved in the projects on which the money is spent and you encounter a spirit that runs from disillusionment to disgust. Yesterday we quoted one of the latter as saying 90 per cent of the American money being spent out here is wasted. His is not a lone voice. Some of them are even more outspoken. Last night another on the field operations part of the program said in essence, ••«&>'«, fnnis and thev're thieves." JPH "We're fools and they're To Easy Conclusion From such comments it is all too easy for the casual traveler out here to say, "Why don't we On the top are the government officials (except for the few patriots and idealists among them) the industrialists and the money lenders. They have had centuries of experience in draining off into their own hands the money that flows through the channels they control. As artists in deceit and corruption they make the best gold mine sailers, wildcat oilwell promoters, and holding company manipulators we have developed seem mere neophites. So between pilferage on the one hand and more skillful looting on the other in many instances as much as 90 per cent of the money advanced may be wasted by American business standards. But those funds are not stored away in Swiss banks Most of them are fed back into the local economies to stimulate them, even if in ways other than what we naively intended. And despite the plundering, dams, highways, drainage ditches, railroads, power plants, docks, water services, and basic industries are built. The benefits, however inequitable distributed can't help upbuilding the native economies a little. So despite the inefficiencies in the operations, 1:09 . 4—Picture of the Day 5—.Early Show s—Popeye 13—Quick Draw McQraw • :3U 4—Highway Patrol S—Early Bhovt 8— QUICK Draw ftlcoraw 13—Kansas Panorama 8:45 i3—Sporti With Dev Nelson 6:80 13—Buslneaa New» • :58 S —Sports, Harold Mack 13—Weather -with Gordon Jump • lUU 4—News 8—News with Harold Mack 9— Man From Cochlse 13—News with Don Harrison 6:10 6—Weather with Johnny Vatei €:l& »-13—News with Douglas Edwards • :30 4—Wagon Train 6-13—Alvln. fl—Steve Allen 1:1)0 4—Wagon Train 5—Talent Roundup 9—Steve Alien 13—Donna Reed . 1:30 4—Joey Bishop B-13—Checkmate fl—Top Cat 8:00 4—Perry Como 5-13—Chtekmate 9—Hawaiian Ey» W, 4—Perry Como 5—Mrs. O. Goes To College 9—Hawaiian Eye 13—Beachcomber 0:110 4—King of D'.amonds 5-13—Armstrong Circle Theater 9—Seasons oJ Youth 1:30 4—Brinkley's Journal 5-13—Armstrong Circle Theater 9—Special 10:00 4-5-0-13—New* 10:10 4-5—Weather 10:15 4—Jack Paar 5—Father Knows Best 8—Peter Gunn 13—Weather—Gordon Jump XO:ZO 13—Sporta With Dey Nelioa 10:30 4—Jnch Paar S~ Pa'.hT Kntiws Best 9—Peter Ciui-u 13—Ichabod and Me 10-.4S 5—Five Star Theater, "Hazard" 9-13—Big Show, "Saint Joan" 11:00 4—Jaefc Paar 5—Five-Star Theatre. 3—Big Show 13—Target: Corruptors 11:3» 4—jack Paar 6—Five-Star Theatre 9—Big Show 12:00 4—Reporter's Scratchpad a—Daily Word 12:ll> 12:45 pick up our dollars and our experts, and leave our Amer j can purpose is being to some extent them to stew in their own juice?" But to jump ^ifi]]^ jt j s not to make friends but to im- to the easy conclusion that our foreign aid pro- pr()ve the stan( j ar( j O f living O f the Paks and so gram is a failure is to ignore the realities. •• • -* — *<--* "-- »' *-~ '— —First of all there are different codes of ethics and standards of values in this part of the world. From Casablanca to Osaka the Golden Rule is take cere of yourself. The fundamental weakness of our aid programs is that we don't play with these peoples by their own, brute-hard, dog-eat- dog rules. . Not on Pakistan alone but throughout Asia and the Middle East the masses qjf s*e people aren't iust poor Their lifelong battle is for survival, if our policy toward each recipient country was So to them private property is anything they «««• v™, c~vifv to* nrniirt. and nrovidf, the many others in order that they will be less receptive to Communism. Willing to Pay We can speak for only one taxpayer, but he is perfectly willing to paying his share of another $4 billions for foreign aid again next year. He only wishes the spending were better adjusted to the ways of this part of the world. So much more could be had from our money 5—Movie, "Tip-Off Girls'> Thursday 6:00 4—Continental Classroom can lay their hands on without over-whelming odds of getting caught. Everything from minor °_ " . ,. •. 1_1_ • • 4U«k this: You specify the projects and provide the labor and what materials you possess. If the projects make sense, we'll put up whatever addi- tniua ui KCIUU& \.wi»5«fc. *^*~. j" o . , 17 j A • i AU i nilferaae to major theft, consequently, is in the tional money, management, and materials that * _ _ , «.„.. L.— — AH • i • »• *u) nm-u4 «4*v +VlA «TfVt»lr tf\V* Ymil normal order events. To Your Good HealtK may be required and do the work for you. See Doctor About Lumps Mrotaet By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER "Dear Dr. Molrier: Please discuss lumps as a sign of breast cancer — where located, size, etc. Are they easily recognized? "I have what feels like a pea-sized growth over one of my ribs. It feels hard, can be noticed easier by certain movements of my arm. Also the nipple seems a little sunken. "The description does not fiti my notion of lumps as pertain-; ing to cancer, but since I don't j really know what to look for,; »nd since th«""''j a history of j cancer in m> iamily, I would i like your opinion,— Mrs. L.L." , You've done your part by j finding the lump. The next Ihing to do, and at once, is to I see your doctor and let him decide what it is. Not every lump is cancer — not by a wide, wide margin. But every such lump ought to be examined. Your idea of what kind of a lump pertains to cancer, and your doctor's idea can 1« very different, and there isn't any way in the world to tell people how to look just for "lumps that are cancer." All you can do is find the lump 7 and let your doctor decide whether it is something or nothing. Cysts, small skin tumors and various other oddments can cause lumps. Some lumps, once identified as innocent, can be ignored. Others, while not cancer, may indicate that sooner or later treatment may be advisable. The occasional onces that are cancer require treatment as fast as possible. Yes. T know it's a scary business to find a lump and go to the doctor to have it looked at. It's also a mighty comforting experience to go home again with the word that it isn't cancer. It's also a relief to have the doctor say, "It's malignant, but I'm glad you came soon enough so we can do something about it." The terrible thing is for a person to notice the lump and not have it examined, and in time realize that it has become a cancer that is beyond the stage of surgery. There isn't any particular place to look, nor any special size — except the smaller, the better. True, some areas of the breast have more cancer than others, but a cancer in a less-usual place is cancer just the same. So — don't waste any effort wondering -"what kind of a lump to look for." Be alert for any. Then have it examined at once. Whether it is t»r it isn't cancer, you'll save a lot of wear and tear on your nerves by finding out right away. (And, if it does happen to be an early cancer, you will save more than your nerves.) "Dear Dr. Molner: Ever since I can remember, hot summer weather has been hectic. I don't perspire much, just get clammy. I get sick at my stomach, dizzy and weak. All I could do was stay on the cool floor or in a cold tub. "Now I am told I have an inactive thyroid. In spite of this I have never been heavy. Always underweight. My blood pressure is low and the heart beat slow and faint. Could this be the reason for my summer sickness?—M.L." Yes, aU these symptoms (intolerance to heat, weakness, reduced perspiration, slow pulse) are and should be corrected by thyroid therapy. NOTE TO C.D.M:. "Eczema," when you get down to brass tacks, is a vague term that comes pretty close to meaning "a rash." And there are so many causes of the skin breaking out that you just can't generalize. You have to examine each case on its own merits — so should I say "demerits?" NOTE TO MRS. E.C.: Falling hair can involve varied causes. The dry skin suggests a deficient thyroid activity. On the other hand, worry and anxiety can also be a factor. A basal metabolism test would be one that your doctor might want to make, but a complete physical examination would be in order. Medication for hot flashes should have nothing to do with the trouble. Hemorrhoids can be cured! If troubled with fissures, fistulas, itching and other rectal problems, write to Dr. Molner, Box 158, Dundee, III., requesting a copy of his booklet, "The Real Cure For Hemorrhoids," enclosing a long, self- addressed, stamped envelope and 20c in coin to cover handling. Dr. Molner welcomes all reader mail, but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily, he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers' questions are incorporated in his column whenever possible. Prayer For Today Hear me, 0 Lord, hear me, that this people may know that thou art the Lord God. (1 Kings 18:37.) PRAYER 0 Lord, we wait upon Thee this day for Thy blessings and guidance. May we be attentive to Thy voice within us that teaches us Thy will for our lives. Give us believing hearts, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen, 8:2'. 5—Postmark Mid • America 6:30 4—Continental Classroom 13—College ol the Air 6:10 4—One Way to Safety 6:55 5—Farm Fact* 7:00 4—Today 5—College of tha Air 13—Rush Hour 7:15 8—Good Morning 7:30 4—Today 5—Moment of Meditation 9—Shakespeare 13—Rush Hour 7:35 5—Cartoonland 8:00 4—Today 5-13—Captain Kangaroo 8—Heckle & Jeckle 8:30 4—Today 6-33—Captain Kangaroo 8—Whlzzo's Wonderland 9:00 4—Say When 5—Jack La I/anna 9—Romper Room 13—Calendar • :30 4—Piny Your Hunch 6-13—1 Love Lucy 8—Masterpiece Movie, "Cry th» Beloved Country" 10:00 4—Price la Right 5-13—Double Exposure 9—Movla 10:30 4—Concentration 5—Your Surprise PackaeB 9—Movie 13—Your Surprise Package 5-13—Guiding Light 10:55 6-13—News 9—Newa 11:00 4—Truth or Consequences 55—Love of Live 8—Texan 13—Love of Life 11:30 4—It Could Be You 6—Search for Tomorrow 9—Love That Bob 13—Search For Tomorrow 5-13—Guiding Light 11:55 4—News 13:00 Kaon 4—HI Noon Cartoons 5-13—News 9—Camouflage 12:05 55—News 12:10 13—Markets * Weather 12:20 4—News, markets 12:30 4—Accent 5-13—Aa The World Turn* 8—Make a Face 1:00 4—Jan Murray 5—Password 8—Day in Cauvt 13—Password 1:3" 4—Loretta Young 5—House Parly 8—Topper 13—House Party 8:1)0 *—"Special for Women" 6-13 Millionaire 9—Number Please 2:HO 4—Special 6-13— Verdict Is Your* 9—Seven K«.?s 9:00 4—Make room (or Dfjddf 6-13—Brlghter Day 9—Queen (01 A Da» 3:15 6-13—Secret Storm 3:30 4—Here's Hollywood B-13— Edge of Night n—Who do you TrustT 8:55 4—News 4:00 4—Kukla and Dili* 6—Early Show, "Texas Rangers Ride Again" B—American Bandstand 13—News 4:05 4—Mr. Magoo 4:10 13—Weather 4:15 4.—Picture ol the Day, "Th» Country Beyond" 8— Early Show, 13—Cartoons 4:ail 4—Picture of the 9— Deputy Dawg 13— cartoons 4:43 8—Rocky and Frlendi 6:00 4.—Picture ot th* Day 6—Early Show 9—Popeye 13—Roy Rogers »:30 4—Highway Patrol 6—Early Show 9—Popeye 13—Comment 6:40 13—Sporti wltB D«* K«lBOB 4:00 13—Bulnesi Newt 5:55 5—Sparta 13—Weather with Gordon Jumj 6:00 4—News 6—News with Harold Itaek 9—Huckleberry Hound 13—News wltfl Don HarriM* 6:10 4—Newa 5— weather, wltb Johnny Tatei 8:15 4—Uuntiey-Brlnklei Report 5-13— News wltb Douglas Edward* 6-.30 4—Outlaws 5-13—Frontier Circus B— Wyatt Earp B—Move, "The Littlest Rebtl" 13—Medicine 1861 1:00 4—outlaws 6—Movie 9—Donna Reed 13—Medicine 1861 1:30 4—Dr Klldare 5-13—Bob Cummlngs 9—Real McCoys 8:00 4—Dr Klldare 5-13—Investigators 9—My Three Sons 8:30 4—Hazel 5-13—Investigators 9—Jim Backus t:no 4—Sing Along With Mitch B-13—At the Source a—Untochables 9:30 4—Slug Along With Mitch 5—Face the Community 9—Untouchables 13—Controversy 10:no 4-5-9-13—News 10:10 4-»—Weather IB: IB 4—Jack Paar 6—Five Star Theater, "All Through The Night" 9—Peter Gunn 13—Weather 10:20 13—sporti with D«T Nelson 10:30 4—Jack Paar B—Five Star ThealM 9—Peter Gunn 13—Kansas Afield 10:15 S—Big Show, "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" 11:00 4- -Jack Faar 6—Five-Star Theatre B—Big Show 13—Movie, "38 Hours to Kill" 11:30 4—Jack Paar 5—Five-Star TheatT* 9—Big Show. 13—Movletlme U.S.A. 12:00 4—Reporter's Scratchpad 9—Unity Dally Word 13—Movie J2.-10 5—Late Show, "Texas Rangers Hide Again." Says Movies Hurt U.S. Prestige By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-TV Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Vincent 'rice is back from six months of European film making with an alarming view of how foreigners judge us by our movies. Says Price: "Whatever good will Americans have engendered over the years is virtually wiped out by the kind of picture we are sending to Europe nowadays. We used to give them entertainment. Now we send them problems. "They don't need problems; they've got enough of their own. "We are giving them a sort of Tennessee Williams view of America. This is not America as all of us know it. "But Euroeam don't know it, because they judge us by our movies. I had people over there ask me if the United States was undergoing a bad depression. They had gathered so because of our downbeat pictures. It was all I could do to try to convince them that we are more prosperous than ever. "What has happened to the glamorous movies Hollywood used to make especially at MGM? They mayhave been somewhat fanciful, but they were closer to reality than today's downbeat films. "And they did a better job for us. In those days, every European wanted to come to America. Now they don't." Price's sentiments coincide with what I encountered on journeys to the Orient and Europe this year. There was puzzlement and dismay over the portrait of America in such films as "I Want to Live," "Butterfield 8," "Inherit the Wind," "Elmer Gantry," "The Fugitive Kind," "The Apartment," etc. "The ideal picture for us to 'Oklahoma!'" 'It is cheerful and beautiful and vastly enter- aining. True, it doesn't show a )icture of contemporary America, >ut you also judge a nation by its This Evening's TV Highlights 6:00 Channel 9 — "Man From Cochise." A young girl says she witnessed a killing, and she's pretty nervous about it. That's why the title of this episode is "Frightened Witness." 6:30 Channels 2-9 — "Steve Allen," with a large group of talented guests, or Channel 4 - "Wagon Train." Ann Blyth and Dick York are starred, or Channels 5-13 — "Alvin," a delightful cartoon series. 7:00 Channel 5 — "Talent Roundup." 7:30 Channels 5-1.1 — "Checkmafe." "Waiting for Jocko," is the title, and Jeffrey Hunter is the star, the Ball becomes a fiddle player good enough to be called a violinist, or Channel 4 — "Joey Bishop." 8:00 Channel 4 — "Perry Como," with that funny guy, Paul Linde, and also with Tony Bennett as singing guest. Each state is to be paid a tribute on the C o m o show, and tonight it's Pennsylvania, or Channel 9 — "Hawaiian Eye." There is trouble over the fact that defense materials are disappearing. 8:30 Channel 5 — "Mrs. G. Goes To College." ! o or Channel 9 — "Top Cat." Benny end abroad is 'rice remarked. art. "What Confused, Says Ike NEW YORK (AP) - Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower says the Kennedy administration is "confusing me and all my friends." In one of his sharpest attacks on the Democratic administra tion, Eisenhower said Tuesday night federal fiscal policies are "shrinking dollars.' He called the Peace Corps a "juvenile experiment" and suggested Peace Corps members might be sent to the moon. The former Republican presi dent appeared at a campaign rally in support of State Arty Gen. Lous J. Lefkowitz, Republi can candidate for mayor of New York City. He said Democratic Mayor Robert F. Wagner, who is running for re-election, has given the city a diet of "indecision ant vacillation." But he levelled most of his cri ticism at Washington Democrats The confusion among New Yor] democrats is a spring zephyr Eisenhower said, when compare* with the tornado of confusion in | Washington. To Ask Money For Prairie Park TOPEKA (AP) — The Prairie National Park Natural History Association will seek a state appropriation toward establishment of a national prairie park in Pottawatomie County. The association, meeting here Monday, appointed a committee of four legislators to ask Gov. John Anderson to recommend an appropriation to be applied on acquisition of land for the proposed park. The cost of the land has been estimated at $5.5 million. Asscv ciation official said there is a good chance Congress will provide the remainder of the money if the state will make a modest appropriation. Appointed to the committee are Sen. Joe Warren, D-MapIe City, and Reps. Charles Arthur, R Manhattan, Don Joseph, D-Whitewater, and Marvin Clark, R Paola. :00 Channel 9 — A special, "Sc* ons of Youth." An hour-long show •ith a lot of young musical taint, or Channel 4 — "King of Diamonds." A diamond expert is idnaped, or Channels 5-12 — An hour-long Irama, "Chapter On Tyranny: Dateline Berlin." :30 Channel 4 — "Brinkley's Journal." Brinklcy interviews a num- >er of Americans who have made heir permanent homes in Paris. ,ate movies include "Hazard," 1948, Paulctte Goddard, Channel 5 10:45. we know of ancient Igypt comes from its architec- ure, its art and its writing. A great deal of how foreigners consider us stems from what kind of art we send them. 'Oklahoma!' s a wonderful example of basically American art form." Notes Change In Church Of Rome LONDON (AP)-The Church of Rome has become an ally instead of an enemy, and has begun to say "sorry" to other denominations, the former Archbishop of Canterbury said today. Lord Fisher of Lambeth, former primate of the Church of England, told the British Council of Churches: "That is a most stupendous change, a complete new chapter in world history as well as in Christian history." Lord Fisher said the trouble with politicians was that by their calling they were incapable of saying they were sorry. "They have to prove they are right all the time. But salvation begins for groups of people only when they are able to say they are sorry, and that they were partly wrong," he said. "The Church of Rome has begun to say that, and so have we all." LORD'S Acre Sole RUHAMAH BAPTIST CHURCH 3 Mi. SW of Rantoul OCT. 28 Dinner at 12 Noon Sale at 1:00 p.m. Grain, Hay, Livestock, Poultry and Miscellaneous. Ottawa Herald I06-1M B. Mala Published dally except Sunflajr anfl Holidays. Second class postage at Ottawa, Kansas. Robert B. Wellington Editor And Publisher •(inscription rates to trade area—By mall, one month .85; three months, f2: six months, 13.75; one year, |7. Subscription rates outside trade area —By mall, one month, 11.80; three months »4.2S; six months, 18.00; on* year, 115.00. MEMBER Or THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use (or publication ot all the local news printed ID the news. paper a* wall u aU AP news dispatch. Chicken Noodle SUPPER Richmond Methodist Community Church Thursday. OCT. 26 SERVING Starts 5:30 P.M. at the Annex Proceeds to Building Fund Laff-A-Day 'Do you iiavtt anything on famous men who failed in arithmetic?" Auld Lang Syne 25 YEARS AGO Oscar Okerberg underwent an operation at the Santa Fe hospital in Topeka. A daughter was bom to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Watts, of Pomona. Mrs. C. A Jacobus spoke to the congregation of First Baptist Church on "How to Vote the Ballot in the General Election." 50 YEARS AGO Ottawa's population was listed as 7,340. The Franklin County population was 20,590. J. E. Adams sold "Riley F" his 2:19% pacer to W. A. Smith, o! Ft. Smith, Ark. Adams was racing the horse at Ft. Smith and it attracted the attention of the Ft. Smith man. r A cement sidewalk was being laid at the home of Dr. J. Davis, 321 W. 3rd. Ottawa Roller Rink Public Sessions Wed. and Fri., 7:30 to 10:00 Sat. nights. 8:00 to 11:00 Private Parties Mon.. Tues., and Thurs. 2nd and Main CH 2-9704 NOW SHOWING Box office opens 6:45 p.m. Shown 8:15 Only Everyone's lookin'... everyone's laughin'! *»**>»>» L£ Tomwnr * TTJSAHP* , ' mS-EW ANDREWS JMI NcGK* TECHNICOLOR ^ PANAVISION Plus Action-Packed CO-HIT at 7:00-9:40 DELUXI SPIRITUAL LIFE MISSION FAITH LUTHERAN CHURCH 316 E. 12th OCTOBER 26 through 29 Guest Speaker Rev. Albert L. Kohtz from St. Paul, Nebraska EVENING SERVICES Thursday and Friday, Oct. 26th and 27th SPECIAL SUNDAY Morning Service 10:00 A.M. We Extend a Cordial Invitation to All.

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