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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1911
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VOLUME XV. NO. 37. SueceMor to th« tela Dally Rcg^ter. thd Ibia Dally Record and tha tola Dally index lOLA, KAS., DEC. 6,19li--W EIGHT PAGES WANTS HIS MiEY AFlERlEfE (JEOBUE HARPER, (ULOKKI), HAD LAST MOVE Iy SUIT. THE WEATHER. ForncaNt for iMinsssx Fair tonight iind Tlinnday; moderate tek ^peratarr. Temperature-^HigbeBt ye«erday al 3 p. m. 52: lowest todajr at 4 a. m. 33; excess ia temperature yesterday 3 dc- eicee; excess in temperature ilnce Janiiury l8t 1045 degree?. Yesterday. Today. ENJOINS THE lOLA PGfllLilNO WOrLI) I'KEVENT ITS MEKr.IXi r>TIL HIS HILL IS PAID. Vsw Three Times In Dlitfrlrt iiitd Twice in Supreme foiirt—He >Voii Everything liut .Money. George Harper, a colored ipan, has asked the courts to siiy|)cn(l the participation of the lola rortlaml Cement Company in any proposed merger until that company ha.s made settlement with him of n Judgment for damages obtained in l>eceniber, liiflS, for Jo,300, for an injury sustained on Christmas day 1902. Which recalls the fact thaf "the mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine." The Harper case is anciint and modern history to lolans. llariwr, a colored employe, was hurt at tbe plant on Christmas morning in I>eccmbcr 1902. He sued for damages and at the first trial was given judgment for |3 000. This verdict was set aside and a new trial ordered. At the new trial a demurrer to the petition was sustained, whereupon the plaintiff appealed to the state supreme court. Tlie supreme court rfeversed the lower court and remanded the case for a new trial. This trial was held in 190S and IhiF time the jur.v gave a verdict for ?'> 000. The defendant appealed but the Supreme court affirmed the judgment and the mandate was sent here in Feb ruary, 1909. In the intirim. however, the lola Portland Cement Company of had been trangferred to the olla Portland of New Jersey and later to the lola Portland of West Virginia. By reason of thcpe changes in ownership service was not obtained and the money was never paid to the plaintiff. Thinking that the latest tran^!^orm- ation of the company may prove his opportunity Harper has filed suit for $.1 ,300 with Interest at C "jwr cent from .Tanuary, 1909, and he asks for a Te- Ktrafnlnj order to prevrntvlbe tola company from jmrtlclpatlng In any merger until It shall have settled bis bill. - , • . Which Is certainly an intorestlnp ilhii-tration of why certain very pood citizens are protesting .-igaini.t fi -.e "law's delay:^" and nursing an anti- corporation prejudice which is sometimes not wholly Justified. The outcome will be observed with interest. o p. m.. —52 3 a. m 34 6 p. i:i- -"_.42. 6 a. in 3."> !) p. h!.. ...28 9 a. m 12 mdl. -.35 12 noon .".1 I'reclpllutlon tor 24 houra ending 7 3. m. today, «; deficiency In preclpl- t::llon ymlerday .03 Inch; deficiency In I recipltatlon since .lanuary Ist, .39 inch. • Kelattvc humidity 7 a. m. tode.y 73 per cent; I'ow point 29 degrccK; bn- ronietcr reduced to tea level 30.J" taelies.-v Sunrlwe today 7:21 n. m.; . i^unset 5i02 p. lu. lUSIS LOSE !;0!U) (iOVKK.>.tfE>'T Wi.XS SWEEl' vkrioKi' i.> LUS ASiuaLES. ME!fCil5T1S.OC08MOR TEX HEEF BAB0X8 MUST AXSWfip TO t'UlMlAAL CUAJItiE. WILL COVEB EI6IIT YEJillS THEY VUTID (jriCJiKK AM) ^VOKk Ell UAIJDEK niA.VTHE iIE>. LIFTED ?km THRU WINDOK I>iirln(f Kolibery Ocriirred iil <!0:> Stnith Walnut Lu.-*t Mghl. A robbery with unique trlmmingb occurred in lola last night and the police have slight strings by which ibty hope to api)rehend the culprit. Mr. C. O. Coghill. who works for the lola Produce Company and recently moved here, locating at 609 South Walnut street, sat up late last ni>:ht with a sick daughter. After midnight be removed bis clothing and lay down for a little rest,, hanging his trousers over the foot of the child's bed. not far from a, window. Short !v later he was awakened by a nol.s.' and sat up in bed Just in time to see his trousers Wee from the bed and sail grr.cefuHy out of the window. He rushed to the v>-indow which he found had been opened and saw a man maU- ing off with the earments. The thief had pripfi the window open and reached In with a stick and ph'ckrd 'he trortsers fvoiu tl'oir restlntr placi'. There was n li'tie change and a good kn^fe in tlio imrkrls. Mr. CoKblll co'ild r;.vi' a fair d."s<;rlptlon of tlie thief. IT MILL HE A LOXO TEDIOUS AJfD rOSTLY TRIAL. Also Tliey Volid A(rHln>t it "Drj" Ordluanre and fom JIuiric!.:::! >fn>|iniier. l't:c Criminal FcrUons of tke Sber- . i:ian Law Fnt to Their Severest Te!«t. M'S REBATE WAS $523.45 MRS. GREEN'S NEW \ ola Woman Fulitkhes *Thc Turn of / the \Vf^' Way." A new book which has just been Issued from the Register presses and entitled "The Turn of tlie Wide Way " is now on sale at Kvaiis Brothers book slore. Mrs. K'.ora B. Green is the authoress and the story is a tale of human hearts, i)!cturing the Underworld in a manner so vivid and yet refined that it should have a powerful influence against evil and at the same time escapes glaring sensationalism. "Mrs. Green has handled her subject well and the little volume should find a place in numerous lola libraries. LIQUOR WIT.>ESS LIQUORED. His CondHion .May DelHy the Lahi Trial of-Davis Cute. The ancient and time-honored liquor case, known to onr fathers a.*^ the "Davis case," growing out of a difference, of opinion as to whether Drayman Davis, wlien he delivered Missouri liqyor acted merely as an expressman or was really a solicitor and seller, v.js hilled for Its "sleentb appearance In Justice Potter's court this afternoon. But a-man known as J'Shorty" Butler, onc'of the witnesses <.)on whom the state relied to help rove Its case ag»lnst Davis, was suddenly tr^Urn drunk" tMs afternoon and wa.s gathered In by the police. COURT WILL SIT MONDAY. Adjoamed T^nn Wlil Open Here on That Date. An adjourned SQSBlon of the district court will convene Monda.v. The opening day is known as ".ludgment Day," and .Iiidge Poiist will then hand down his decisions In several cases which have been submitted, among them the ScMles vs. Settles case. A numbei of divorce cases will probably come to an end by default, also, at that tiiM. Motions will also be heard and RTI effort made to clean up much of the left-over business of the . November term. CHAATTE COUPLE M>RRJED. Make ntai HI" Ko '--.nloT- Mill Home in lolo. -t Last Saturday Probate Judg^ Smith united in "larriage J. R. Craig and Gertrude Aleock. who hoth gave their address as C'uinute. The groom is a Santa Fe 1 •-^ken'.an here and will make lola his home now that he hni A home to n»aVe. The bride Is a well known and Mgblv esteemed Chanute girl, distantly related to Mrs. A. T... Taylor, of loln. The vn'in«r iwiO"'" persuaded the Judge to bold back the news of their marriage until today. ny raying In Full Hie Road Saved— TofMl Tiix Was ^^I'dJ-W. The Mh.'^oinl. liiinsK .s & Tjjxas rail"road was the of the several railroad companies to face Jiulge Aush- ern;an and pay th-j .nnuual inx flnf' Kuty appeared tod:iy, pleaded guilty and pafu over to the county treasury the sum of $20,ir>:{.02. Tlmt Is a neat sum, rr)Vi >ring the .full !• vy ai;nlnst the throe brmichcfM of the road Ip this cniinty. By paying in fiil! now the ro;iil received a reh;:to of $.'i:!3.•!.'>. v.hic'' is a neat sum Ih Itself Which recalls the fad that a recent b'glslalnre sought to <lo away with the rebating Idea on the ground tliat It was a favor which only the rich coubl enjoy and conferred no benefit whatever on the poor, in f.-ict compelling the poor to p:iy more t;:x- i:s. to malic up the $.".2;{.45 saved by he road m this county, for Instance. Governor Stubbs vetoed the measure, iiowever. and rebates still arc paid. POSTAL SAVIXJS AT (JAS. Oilice Therv MiyJe a Branch of the lola I'oslnilicr. The postofflre at Ga.s (-ity has been mar!," a i )0 ;-tal savings depository, or rp.ther a receiver of postal savings deposits, as all the money (bus de- !io.-;fted at Cas City will be transferred to the vault at the local iwst- olfice. Thus, the Gas City ofBce has been dc.'ignatcd as a bramii of The lola poBt .ll savings depository, and the people of Gas City can rnake deposits with the same convenience as iolans. HORTICULTURAL MEETING. Dale Chanced to Derember 15—Many Members Absent. The regular December meeting of the Allen County Horticultural society, which was to have been held next Friday December 15, because so many metubers of the Society will be in Topeka attending the sessions pf the State Society. The meeting on the fifteenth will be held at the V. M. C. A. building. G. B. Arnold, of Salem lownt-hlp. h in the city today, onroute to his homc- from Kam^ns City, where he has been to take a load of hogs.. Penr! Denton, the ten-ycnr-old son of .Mr. and Mrt>. William Denton, of 1100 .N'orth street, was kicked in the forehead tliis morning by r colt, lind very nalnfiillv, though not seriously Injured. The boy was p'ay- Ing with the animal In the yard a» the time of the accident, and he was rendered unconscious for. several ino- ments. Street Commissioner Frank Butler took into bis charge this momtng .Jesus Rtos and Howard Bardcau. two Tirisoners et the countv jail, and put them to work on the streets. Klos is •he Mexican who was caught In the -•rt of attempting to steal a watch from the Hanna Jewelry Company yesterday afternoon, and Bardeau 1° a ne.CTo who was recently convicted of violating the prohlhitorj- law. The teachers of the hlgb .""cbool have arranged for a lecture to be nctaool building by Prof. H. W. Jos- .lelyn. of the state unlversitv. Prof. .Tosselyn's talk will be on "Element- yy Educ.itlon " and will doubtless be of much 'rtterest and %-aliie to the teachers, as.Prof. Josselyn ia an authority, on tbla Buhlect. He was secured by the efforts of Ibe te3C^erp. who are bearing the expense Involved In bringing hiiu here. (I 'y tlic .V.ssiH'Inttd I 'ri'ss) Los Ailgelcs, Cal.. Dec. 6.—Returns (his nflernoon from two hundred seventy cut of three hundred precincts in yesterday's municipal election, gave Alexander 68,366 Harriman 37 064. As the count of yesterday's election progressed today statements were made by election officials that women cast nearly seveniy-fivc thousand ballots. The effect of this was shown today by statements of former proidln- ent opponents of suffrage that they had been converted. Klectlon board members declared that the women not only outvoted the men In nearly all (he precincts but showed more aptitude in hcndilng the ballots. They cast their \otes more quickly they did not need as much coadilng and explaining as the men and they worked harder than men for their'favor­ ites. The \ote of the women on city ordinances showed • discrimination There were three of them, the most important being a drastic prohibition nieasure, designed to maVe the city "dry as a borfe." The women voted overwhelmingly against that but de- ciai'cd tor a uiunieipal newspaper. Tlie victorious ticket consIsls| Of -Mayor Alexander and nine coundl- men, made up of bankers, lawyers, .store keei)ers .ind realty brokers, i On the defeated Socialist ticket be- ."fde Harriman. the lawyer, there were one negro Junk dealer, a former editor of onu of the local morning papers, two lr(m moulders and several labor ipn<i<,'rs. One feature of the balloting was the -ciatchlng, which waifc.eatjy apptitent. of Jr .'.i ^ih A. Scott, candidate for re- electlsn h) tl-.e (.eiiool board who alsr, •.>;ts oit^^of the attorneys for the Mc- Xamaras. It became i'.pparrnt early that the trouble exi>med to develop on nc- (!oitnJ,of the feeling engendered by thf .Mc.Namara cuse would not occur during the balloting. "TMie peace InKur- ancc" army of l.COo clKtccrs dotal ler by Chief of Police Sebastian and Sber Iff Hammcl had little to do. Only three minor cases of trouble were reported. Except for these peace Iirevalled and for this, leaders of both -ides thanked the Vomen thousands of whom were crowded about the polling booths of the 317 precincts. The women were treated with the greatest gallantry. Many went to the polls propelling baby carriages and often father took care of baby while mother voted. In one precinct a puzzled wonian voted In favor of the prohibition ordinance though she was op posed to it. When she learned whm she had done she ruohcd bac^c to the boeth and declared: "I- want to change my vote!" She wa.s told that was imiMisslble. "Oh but it must be changed!" she exclaimed, and the election officers patiently explained that it was against the law. In one of the West Side precincts, where voting went on throughout th€ day at the rate of two a minute there was not a sign of impatience when £ woman voter indignantly inquired why there was not a mirror In tit place. Mirrors were not included In th< rlecticn supplier,' replied the chairman of the election board. Then he went to his home, around the corner r>.nd fetched a 'looking glass." Mirror AVas Ccqspicnons. It was hiing outside so as not fo block the voters passing constantly throughout the doorway of the booth. Kverywliere the women were responsible for the unusual election day features. In precinct 121, which Includes "labor temple" a busy house wife, her ^firon still on, rushed Into ore of the two voting booths. •Give in'e a ballot; 1 want to vote," she announced. "But, Madam, you must take your place Inline," an election official replied. She glanced at the long line, and refused. "I lef^ a batch of bread in fhe oven and 1 lyoulda't leave it burn for either Harrlmat or Alexander." And ihe went back'home. ( arollne M SFeverance, 92 years o>d a former associate of Susan B. Anthony made her way to the polls. 1 iiajve waited fifty years for tb)^ de>-—my first vote," she said and sh? emerged smilingly from the election booth, j ANOTHER M'XAMARA JOB. . I •- rblladelpiilB Esplo.slon Beliered to I Be Tbplr Work, mr the Aftmcinri -a Prpssj Philadlphia, Dec. C.—The McXa- a brothers were responsible for the exnlosioh here-which damaged the Btrttctural iron work on several buUdin^operatlons, according to detective iBums, who today arrived here. •'fYes," said the detective, "I am-poslUve that both of them are responsible for the explosions here on stnia(ui|al Iron work during the last, few yeafs and others are Implicated." ] cj;y ih<- A.fsoelatpd Press) Ciiicago Dec. 6.—Ten Chicago packers, charged with violation of the crlifi inal prov'siors of the Sherman antl- trnst 'JU we.-:( on trial in the Federal DistricI Court today The way to tEe trial ha.<; led through eight years.6f legal tfechnicalities. Xo apparent further effort to delay the trial was made by counsel for the packers. Attorney John/B .Miller asked that a plea ofjnot guilty b]6 entered for each of the packers and the work cf selecting a jury liegail. That the jurors might not be influenced through having been victims of the famous "Stock}-ards smell" which penetrates the south and west aides of Chicago, was Indicated by the questions. Each prospective Juryman was asked whether any ^friends or rela-" lives lived in these sections most affected by the. odor and how frequently the veniremen visited the prescribed area. • ' " TO HEAT THE POOL B¥ STEAM. FEDERAL PROSE BEIJI^S iiOW iFc.VA-MAR.VS MAY .\0f (IE TER- .HITTER' TO TLSflF.Y. I'lio Union Labor Coniniil xidcring the Ca'e. T( Washington. tee Is Con. diiy iu bpocn.n.^; fur! appear be- iry -had not . • Thifr<i Is leiiey 0; ilie iiiurJcrer, mi, and ln-| llty lIU- .XKHIK-llltlll l.oti .'.iit;elu.s, i)e<'. 6.—t5i he .Mf.Naiiiara brothers t( ire t'.A'. Ktileral grauJ,,) j.( !i lt.jued at noon t«dii fi:,estion a:< to tlie Moii.pij •siiii !0 !iy of a lonfessi iich n.i James 15. MiXiiui[ lecislon as to the wfiyof trying out the fads In the pdsseasldu of John J. Government 1, Lawlcr and Edward A. Reagan^ As- 'islant United States Att(}rney. wrestled with the legal pliasesj of tbejmat­ ter tod.ny. The grand jury convenes omorrow. The brothers $peJit ai very Sipomy day in their cell,!looking out ipon bleak rainy streets.: ; i The disposition of Ortio E. Mo.Man- gal has uot yet been detej -mlnefljuptir. but it Is a foregone conblusiou' that ^.0 will testify before ihe' fiideral ;rand Jury before he isj brought to rial. i : Labor Leaders Cdnfer. Washingtoii, Dec. f> —Tlsp MiNamara A'ays and" Mean.=! conimitt(«e of the \nierican .Federation of liabor met in the oilice of Samuel Goujpers, I're.-ii- lent of tlie Federation, loilay. IIHIIIG- RUSSIA CALLED TO ACCOUNT. Mnss Meetiue AVIII Protest Against .Au(!-Jenlsh DIscrlnilnnflon. (V !y Ihi- AsKoilatcd' Prcssl Xev York, Dec. C.—^Tbo-great mass mecfliig here today It was announced would be only the first of many to be hcWj hroughout the country durln.c the n< xt thirty days to protest iipjilnal Russli'si discrimination against passports held by Jewish citizens of'the United States. Ilately after Gompers ilunged Into the work of arrived he preparation for the committee's meeting. .Aiuong Jther labor leaders in j attendance •vere F. M. Ryan, presiilcnt of the bridge and Structural Irbu Worker.-; . ind Frank A. Morrison, iseeretary of j^fff,"! he Federation. All phhses of the 'fcXainara case it was saild, would be llscufised. ! - EXPERTS IN THE HIDE CASE. \ttomey Vxe* 10,CO0 AVafds. to Ask a ({nesdoned Answered in One. Kansas City, Dec. C—A hypothetical question propounded by^ Attorney Tost, and estimated by th • court sten- ograohcr to contain te i ; thousand words, was a feature of the; examination of Dr. Twymans, s\ wltnens In the Hyde case todny. It required Attorney Jost seventy minu e» to lisk It. The physician's answer! was | that camphorated oil could njitTiavif produced tbp conditions thpt ' followed the administration of anMnJectlbn by Dr. Hyde. i • ! FITZ. MAKES SEKiOUH CHARGE. Chalrmnn of Appronrlatlnntii Declares MacA'oayh Has Brrvd. ; AVashlngton Dec. Chairman Fitzgerald of the House Comlmittee on Appropriations today chargejd that Secretarj- MacVeagh had sent to Congress misleading estlmatei; o^ the needs of the govern mentj for thb next fiscal year. Instead ofj constituting saving as Indicated the face of the figures, Mr. Fitzgerald said the Treasury Department eptlmateis call for acgrcgatQ approprlallohs of $20,733,022 over last year. ' - WANT SAVAMPS DKAIXED. Too Mnrb ATater-as Mnc^ ol a jBIIght an None at AIL ; (By th«» A«<i>orln»<Ht Pre <w1 i Chicago. Dec. 6.—"Too much [water Is as roueh a blight to the land as none at. all." was the pitli of addresses given tiefore the nineteenth annual session of the National I rr^gatldn Con gress to^r by delegates dntere«ted In the reclamation of swa4t i«nds. MJ •Inhn pear Wa? ger ol were appca gating Y^TALK IF HE DESIRES. D. RorkefeUer Iinltwl to Ap- Beforc Steel Tnwt Committer. (Ry tlia Auoclated Prenx) * ' hington, Dec. 6.-John D. Ror!:- efellfii and Rev. Fred D. Gates, manii- Rockefeller's charities, today nvifed by Chairman Stanley to f before the House Steel investi- commlttee next .Monday if they care tp do so, to reply to chargej con- cernii g the twenty milion dollar Jle- saba bre properties in Minnesota. SUSPECTS BROTHER JBNES Colored Okiuhomnn HesHates About .loining Lodge. Son e months, possibly ye.ifs, a.!;o. there was organized hero Ihe head lodge of the order to be known as th" Broth irs pf the Good Shepherd. Mr. n. Christopher .Tones was the prime movoi and Hon. Brooks l.ane was high In the councils of the order. The Regis er recalls that It printed the by-la> s and ritual for the lodge, which was* expected at that time to win itself a national recognition amon : the colored folk. Xotpln.e since bas been heard of the unMl today when Chief Coffield roecl\led a letter of Inquiry from a man In Oklahoma, who wanted to know I about the order and Its stand'- inc. pie said Jones was going up and down the earth in Oklahoma taking perfectly good money from colored folks and Issuing membership cards and some kind of insurance, and in wordi of one syllabic, plainly written he mbre than intimated that he suspected Jones of being something less thiin pn the square. Coilleld Is Inter- vicwitig the local brethren. .Ml.sB Alice .Tohnson Is reported to be cqnflned to her home with a se- UncHS. vere M. X. IVckey, of Oftav,n, is In the city tjjday looking after iirojierty and shaking Hands with friends. M. fined tack rlu> i Th' body of Mi^s. Susan Barron of 304 :;orth Fourth street, who died yes terddy morning, was taken to.Neosho FalW A. Schllck who baa been con- to hl-i home with a serious Bt- of the grippe, is able to be on trects toda.v. this morning for burial. ThB board of directors of the Clinker Club held a meeting this afternoon for the purpose of selecting a new home for the club, the house whlci the Clinker Club has made Its homj having been purchased recently by ^ S. Benfiett, who will occupy It soon Baxter McClaIn and R. E. Cullison returned Ijst night from Toneka whei{e they yesterday argued >he Reld before the sunreme court, a de- c.-'so cislon being expected In about thirty da .vs The caso grew out of the Install nent purchase of Irrigated land in Wyoming, which the Reld brothers later decided they ddl not want. They won their case In the district court, 3am< bank which now holds their lirdn Isofy notes, appealing. FELL BETWEEN TWO STOOLS Cni.NA'S PRI.NCE REtJE.VT TOO FAIR TO LAST. AVAS i-'orced to Abdirnte Hecaiise lie i]:id i'leusod \elllier .nanchus Sw Clilnrse. (fiy Ihi' .\s ,-.i.i -l .iti i) I'n;.«) Peking, Dec. tj.—Prince (.'liiin. n-, o;ent and,father of the child empenir >r-.v .Method of AA'armIng T. M. C. A. Pool fo He Tried Soon. At the regular monthly meeting of the board of directors of the Y. M. C. A., which occurred In the parlors of the associati^ building last night, tha question came up of Improving the beating idant of the building so as to uMiizc the heat which la at present waafed. It has been found that the licntlng p!aut Is rendering much better Si *rvl(:e t!ila year than It did last jcir :is fai\ as heating the Inilldlng. concerned, but never since the coi)- iiriK-Mon of the Y. C A. [\n1Idln^ has the swimming pool been sufncient- 'y. warmed In winter to pernilt of b.'thlng. It was decided by the \llreo- tnr> last night to utilize the dtMhi :i^-Jfcated today, riis plac.-as gup.r/I-! wiii'b Is used.ln Jieatlng th« bulMlng fan of the throne U taken j<iiiuly : •. '^r^.t the water of the pooL This Sliih Han, a Manchu prince and for- will be done merely by runnlhg-Yhn mer president of the n:;t'onal .'isEeiii- s'e .iiM through the s.vatem of cot'». whuh afp .^lre.'ldy in the pool. It thought that by this metJiod the water of the pool will be raised, to d !>Iy, and Hsu Shi Change, vitc iiro«l dent of tlic. privy coiwidl. Prince Cliun has been the chief Hg- 'ire in China since the death of Em- oeror Kwang Su niid the Empress :)owager in 1908. Frrni the dark dEys •vhich followed the death of these rulers he emerged the ru.'er of China. At no time was the Prince Chun regency :» smooth ov.c. He trierl to hold to a iiiddle ground, wbieh. pleased neither the Manchu reactionaries nor the native progressives. 10 TALK RIVERS AND HARBORS. Fire Thousand Deleamfes in AAash- Ington for thai PnrjHise. • Itv the As.iooiated Press) AVashlngton, Dec. 6.—With probably tlvc thousand delgatcs from' all sections of the country attending, the .Vatlonal Rivers and Harbors Association began its eighth annual convention here today. (Today's . program included an address of welcome by Secretar>- of War Stimson. ven-, comfortable and uniform tem- i-e.'nf-re. pt whicb it will be maintained^ constah'ly. \ . SRIGK PLANT'S B!6 PAY ROLL THREE TRADiS kVJDLy ML\ED. / ! • Fonr Dead and Many lujnred in Pcnn sylvanta Wreck. (ny th" Assoclatpcl !'r.-»ss'> Pittsburg^ Pa. Dec. 6.—Two freights on the Pennsylvania railroad collided this morning near Devils Bend. Then an express train came along and crashed into the wreckage. Four were kll 'ed and a score were Injurde, many scrioiialy. The_ wreckage Is scattered over the four main tracks delaying traffic for boura. SOMEPODV'S FATAL BLUNDER. IMtfMingr Collapses Killing Two and PossililT Eight. fTIv th» A 'o -elnti-ii i-r^n*! Indianapolis, Dec. 6.—Two men are known to have been kIII'>d and U is feared six others lost th«lr lives In the collapse this afternoon of a three story building being erected here. New Yorker RoblHNi and Killed. (Bv the Aiisoclatpil Pr'-s.'j) New.A-ork, Dec. 6.—With a fractured skull and scores of cuts on his body. I. S. A'ogel, a wealthy jeweler,! was found In the basement cf a down town loft building today. • Indications were that Vogel had made a desperate flgbt for his life. The police believe the man' was enticed into the basoment and robbed" of ten thousand dollars worth of jewelry, then murdered. English AirshIn KUN Two. 'R-.' the A><soel»te^ Press) T^ondon, Dec. 6.—At Riley, in Yorkshire, this morning Hubert Qxley. aviator, fell and was killed Instantly. His passenger, Robert Weiss, died soon after. ^ : Oa!y for Repairs Has Brick Plant Cloyed DuTTu for Many .Months. P. C. Xicholson, of the Union Brick Ci -mp'iny, said this morning that the payroU yesterday of the plant was the i.irgest for many months, and that the indications are that it will maintain tills high mark. During a period In which many other Industries have suffered continual vicissitudes, the Union .Brick plant has run steadilyJ In the past year and a balf work at the plant has been suspended but for nine days, and it shut down then because certain repairs to the machinery were absolutely nifceasary. i. Tt is the more remarkable that ithe local briok p'ant sbould run uninter- runtedly. and that It should havie a continual demand for Its pro^ct. when It is a well-known fact that the brick business over the state la- at present generally poor. It seemii' to point to the production by the lola plant of a superior article. LITTLE AVOMAN AVITH GRIT. Unaided, a Tenrher Snbdaed a BIp" Rebellious rnpil. Courtland. Kas.. Dec. 6.—.Miss Zelma Plaft who teaches In, the John Brown Diet. No. 75, northwest of Courtland had an unusual encotinter with one of the large, rebellion; boys of the school Friday. He had made threats for some time to the Other boys that he would clean out the teacher. This time he refused to obey and Miss Piatt undertook, to piiaisb hlin.- He resisted and a struggle ensued which lasted for several minutes. The plucky young school ma'am succeeded In throwing blm to the floor, sitting on him witb great force and administering to blm a severe beating with her fists thoroughly subduing him. '„ Aside from her clothing being b^dly torn she wa.s uninjured. The boj-'s neme was Stone he was 15 years eld and unusually large for his age. \ The "Great Reno Company" showing at the Majestic Is scoring a hit One of the best features Is the big doll. Ilfeslze, which the ^omsdlan makes perform In a moat human manner. Then the doll com^to.Ufe and as Baby Dottle doea some difficult end interestine stunts on her own^ac- Mr. P. A. A'ogel asks the Regls*er count There are othar featnre8,jttae , o correct the announcement made last dough mugging conteat by foor^Soya nlsfct of his marriage in Leavenworth.! never falling to convulse the aadi- Mr. A'ogel ^ade a business visit to j ence. The attraction Is Vlnnbs a' reputation of being among the Ijeat vaudeville shows here^ Leavenworth, luit the report of his marriage was an err9r.

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