The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 17, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1977
Page 4
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4-NAUOATUCK NKW8 (CONN.), WBDNKMMY. AUG. 7. 1040 Do You Remember? ^boLPKJjl.^^B^ii 0 '"' '"' d PUD '" hUr 'Wljl *•* * *• »•**»• • - • -~ ' • . ,._.__.^-, •—. -i '~ii"^^T^ "Telephon,,. MJJ^d^-^^^^ ' " . .. i. U ,. ws*iu t A^f*t u» wecond cluiw mutlor ut the pout office In w.iui/utuck. Conn, . ( month .«-_- j .-jjj. Puynblo In Advunoo -- l Your ••.•_n* 18 i?r Conn! ublHh.r a AHB'D Y M. C. A.'s Extension Course Tin- inmoimmniMil Hint tlif locnl V M.'C. A., in ci)0[HTHlioii with tliu I'm- v.'.rMity of (.'om.K'-tunil, is planning to of|Vr extension course u-itlM'nll^M.mht, ,,, all Xn.itfotmik .Wuk'ntM who would I! la. Ho ink.' mlva.ilH.uv c.1 1 Hi"". »I»>"W. nml un.ionbtt'dly will, aroiis,- much in- 1 1 -rust lien-. , ... The coum* will offer H|,I.Mi<lul ""< lmll sual opportunity to H.OH. who hope a son.e time to furl I..T I l.-ir .-.!»«»« 10. . As U, (; elnsses will I... I..-I.1 in Nm.j,'»t»H<, 'I'tieipnLion is mdicaU'd llu- re K istnints will not, have I" *o "ill o ,ow,, to Hrrure llu- Uesinnl m-il.ts and will not he inconvenienced in any wa\. The program has heon started in response l.o i, popular demand for them by veterans a nd employed persons nnd ,s one ,,n.he nu.ny fine services which the local "Y" plaits to render the people nl this comrrmnUy. Those who wish to take the , 011 rsesar'erequC'st.<Ml «, register nnn.edi- ately at. the V. M. ( '- A. l.mlclmfc and Htull- the snh.jeets lln-v have chosen. The list of snh.jwls leiiliitively olteivd f,,r I his fall »rc: Apiculture, art, JMISI- lu ,ss adminislralion. l.otany, chemistry, economies, education, Kntflisli, 1' rencli, (iN-iimn, -colo-y, -overnmenl, history, home administration, nutrition, philosophy, physics, psychology, Russian, sociology, lu.rticultiire, nnithemal ics, mechanical engineering, music, Spanish anil '/oology. ., I'W utTeriiiK Uu'se courses lo Niuitfa- ' 1lK .|< residents the V. M. C. A. is deserving (1 f commendation. It is hoped (hero will he a lar-'e iv.H'islral ion of students and that the effort of ihe "V" l<>_ promote a ^renter interest Ideally in hi-her education will he crowned willi success. From the Files of the Naugatuok New§ 20 Years Ago Mr. and Mrs. J. P. visited SouthbrldRO, o— O— o John LftU-« of Oak street spent .his va- ciitlon at thu Mllford shore. o— O — o 30 Years Ago M. Fi-ooclman, local business man, vacationed at WuulcfipitUK. R, I. o— O— o ginremont I. Talk* opened law offices I tuck. Around The Clock I, I F K I nought to know lite: nnd I followed fleet. Where'er she Hpud alo.iR with flying fo»t, And I'dcirmndud thut alio, yiulil Tho troupe- «l.o hud from me long concealed Wfo HinlllnjI then ffave mo a tnsto of Joy Thn porfnet drink was mlxuJ with no "»°y- And thun 1 cried, "Lirii »ow tit last I know, Life Hhook he, head and sighed., "not so, not B o. Thon ULV* Buy «-ob«s ut onco to sable: turned Hui' l«iui;'hl"K oy«» worn sturn, with From hc^commund I could not fly nor H h.'ink, Siho prt'HHud on mo a cup of bitter drink. And m.ld. This druujlht will fit you for the. ntrlfo. You'll fri'l with all mankind, and you'll know lie, Joy'" cup was sweet, but It's erects wore- brief, Drink yt' of thl.M - it la the cup of grief. FLORA B. WALK1CR In tin- liopc tliat it may be found m his locality, ilio NEWS lias been asked ,„ „;,[ tur's the (liiiiies DDK Kcscarch COIL- vli for tho oldest clog in Amor- Cause For Complaint \Vc atfi'ot' with tltc si'iiiimciUs ex- prCHHKl i)V "A Musi.' I.OVI.I-" ill H U't- UM- in-mlt'il in ycsti-nluy's Ni-ws. I Ho w rili! i 1 of the (Mmiiniiniculiun stn-nucms- |y obJK'U'd to tin- noisi- iiiiuli- l»y w<"»i' f)t> Uii! rliililivii who nlti'ii'l I'Miul cHinccrts on the "(irci-n." Said tlu- wrilrr: "F think it is Imu- somi'lhiiiK WUM dour lo climinati' all unnecessary IIO'IMI- liy tin- children who come without their pnreuts and do nothing bid play tax or ride their hicycles on the sidewalks. It. must, he very diseonra.n'intf to tho hand to practice for n concert^ anil then have to compete with a lot of noise." II certainly is most. disconcerting (o the music lovers lo he prevented from enjoying tin- concerts by disorderly and discourteous youngsters, The object'in holding the concerts is to tfivo plJasitre to'those who like music. It would strum that effective measures could be taken to stop unnecessary noise and imtke it possible for those who like tfood music to enjoy the programs. A Welcome Announcement Local "residents were pleased to note that N'mtiailuck's street department has started its annual street oiling program, and also (hot it plan's to announce its stroot schedule, in advance of tho actual processing if possible. Car owners shouhl follow tin-so schedule.* nnd k° l> V> the'u- atitos off roads that are hoiiitf oili-d. The oilin,u' of the borough's highways is always welcomed. Tt not only improves /ho conditions of tho street but also helps to keep down tho dust. The members of tho department's oiling crew do nn excellent job under tho able direction ol Street Superintendent Harold Murtha nnd his assistantM. Tho Bov Scouts of Heidelbcrs- have boon MiiHpcmlocl by tho TJ.ritocl States Mil- arv Koverninent bromine ol militnnct.o i • Tho traditions ol youlli 01- r A. m^A. bAiSinACnvmr VICTIM? doo'is wanted so that it — nnd its rtwner or"owners—can be. duly honored dnnii" tlic fortlicoming observance ol National Bog AVuuk, September 22 to L,8. Persons owning or knowing ot: cx- trcm.-ly aged dogs arc nrged to send complete data and "pictures immediately to Jlarrv Miller, evocative secretary, Games i Do- U'esearch Center, 250 Park Avenue, X,.'w York 17, X. Y. Tn the case of n pnr<-- hred a copy of the registration papers should accompany the communication, while in this case of n crossbred, nn affidavit from the-owner accompanied by sworn statements- from persons acqnaint- ,. ( | with the dog since birth should bo -(.•ill The final selection will not be made until the leading candidates have been s;cen and investigated, according to Mr. Miller, who adds that any documentary papers submitted will be returned after National Dog Week is over. Norman Wood is enjoying his annual vacation from the Naugatuck Savings Bank. . . Lieut. Henry' Roff, currently on recruiting duty in Waterbury, is scheduled for early discharge from the Army Little Jo-Ann Grickis of Cherry street celebrated her first birthday Monday. . . AVhen Mrs. Hiv/ol J. VamlerBui'gh and her daughter left 13-3 Grove street and sailed -lime 17 for Germany to .join their husband and father, Major. Amott K. Vandei'Burgli, she had a pessimistic attitude and was prepared for unqualified disillusionment, but the local woman apparently hasn't had tho opportunity lo even think about these preconehided aspects, for she writes home that "it's wonderful" and that life at home "was never like this." And why shouldn't she like Germany. . she has a nine-room borne with tli'ree tile bathrooms, an electric stove, electric refrigerator and all _the other conveniences one would expect in a home. . but besides all this in a nicc_resi- dential section of the place Clio's in. . she oven has a maid! Mrs. VanderBurgh told us before she departed that her little four-year-old daughter was worrying as much as she was, hut. for different reasons. She was wondering whether she would have playmates and all other things little girls like. "Wo understand that she also is completely happy and satisfied with what the country has offered. WALTER WINCHELL Coast-To-Coast (Copyright, lfi-16. by Tho Hearat Corporation) Legal Noticet Tn accordance 'with the provisions of Section 'Slo of 'the 1089 Supplement 'to' the Genera! Statutes, sealed proposals, received by the Supervisor of purchases, State of Connecticut ut Room 408, St-.te Capitol, Hartford, an follows: Aucust 13, 1946 at 10:00 a. n,.-~ SupplyiriR Fresh, Fresh-Frozen and Salted Seafood to State AtrenclcH for delivery during the week of AUKUSI 11. 2:00 p. m.—15 Gruvoly tractors for State Highway Ocpi. Uralogical X-ray table for Veterans. Home. ' - » ' .- Auitust 'It, I!>46 at 2:00 p. m.—500 rolls blueprint paper. Sale of junk tires. Tile for Norwich State Houpi- 1*1.' ' ^ ^ 2-()n p : Rwisii-Htion' 'certificates and envelopes for'TVpt. of Motor Vehicles. Science supplies and »quipment for Willimantlc State Teachers College August 19, 1'Mfi.u.l 2:00 p. m.— Elecctric'al' supplies for University of Connecticut. All bids ;nu'st ,be submitted on ,ind ' ltv"iicfiardH7ieo with forms which will be supplied liy the Supervisor of Purchases upon request. felds received-later than the time nnd dates specified above will be rejected." The Supervisor of Purchases reserves the right to reject any or all bids, wholly or in part. Bidders arc invite! tw he presen; a opening ol" all bid.s. ' STATE OF CONNECTICUT, Edward C. Gcissler. Supervisor .of Purchases. .Cbjysler and Plymouth O. M. C. Trucki J. C. Raytkwich, JR. ACCESSORIES * Repairing 106 BOOTH MAIN ST. Telephone MM STYLE VENETIAN BLIND SHOPPE 80 Spring St., Union City Tel. NaufT- 6111 _ Wat. 4-9S2* FELIX NARDELLO, MRT. Full Klnrk of Mrrl nod wood bllpdl REGISTER NOW FAJ.L TKRM I1KOINN SKPT. B : i(UKtnrf.N AdmlnlHlratlon. Acrouai- - lor. 8<Trr«url»l. ., Dftcnr -'U^OR gT V9 A COLLKGE 24 Central Ave. WaUrbury NOW! You Can Get An EMERSON WHITE FISH MARKET JOSEPH CABRAL, Prop. 8 South Muln St. Choicest selection of halt and fresh watur fifth at lowest priced. UNSHACKLED GAHUEN OF Best American Divorce, and fastest, is the decree Issued by Federal Judge .Moore, in St. Thomas, Virgin Cslunds, U.S.A. ...It takes citfht hours to «'ut lo St. Thomas from New York "via plane,- flying the new nonstop route ...By a new regulation, after six. weeks' residence, the decree is signed-, eliminating long periods of publication and other delays pertinent to Reno or divorces ..The Virgin Islands are a practically unknown . paradise- few tourists, best Scotch on oarth ut S2.50 n fifth, cigarets DO -cents a carton, Hhoppinjr for native woven products ut prewar prices and-your buck worth 100 cents. Van Heflin, based on a Cosmopolitan Masazine novelette, "One Man's Secret," by Rita Weiman.... And Vivian Bi:ino, who drew $150 every Saturday at the Gov. Clinton Hole! Cafe, is colluding; SO.OOCi a wiiclt at thi? Roxy, a Ics.snn in determination; she shed -20 pounds to streamline (and Dank) a handsome :'!t;ure! Bureaucrats, .press aifcnls,. cuni- Miami ' pulKii nin.niw«-TS—thr«: minuU-s of silent thimlKlfivins:, picas.*. ..AUK;. 8 mark s tin; 7llth ainiivi;ry:ir>- of a Thomas. Edison, invuntioii.—..tile Imvc made u flossy offer for Henry , Lustitc's LoMKChumps tux-tainted | ] restaurant cliiiln.. ."Tobacco Ro'ud" earned a fortune largely because Harry Oshrln doesn't go wild on payday. John Barton will draw $350 a w«'ck starring »» .lector Lester on tour next season, which gives you a rough idea of what the lesser hillbilly performem will rate ---- The Miami Theater, on the Avenue of tho Americus which lost Its license for showing shocking films, through. It's being wrecked to make place fo.r a store. One of Stan Kenton's musicians is secretly married to a honey in STRISIK'S 10 Center St. Watei-bury, Conn. • ROYAU GOUDA POTERY Imported From Holland 3 Way Portable Vlay on AC-DC or Battery. 11 Plays Anywhere - No Outside * Connections. 7 Tubes. Little Hof Brau 406 NORTH MAIN ST. "Al" and Vera BudrU, Prop*. Daily Luncheons, Dinners and A La Carte Menu Full Liquor License RODEO RAMBLERS Here Friday, Saturday "IRISH" SHKKHAN Special Entertainment Thursday and Sunday Open Daily Until 1 A. M. . .Two American hotels— Hotel 1829 and the Covtrnniont-run Bluebeard's Castle --total accommodations CO people! ...The Virgin Islands divorce decree is the only one in the country signed by a Federal judge, who s' appointed by the President. . . . No V. I. divorce has yet been contested by any State . . .Lawyer*, fee! J-iut tho Federal character of the decree, puts it above protest. .. .In this tropical Cuprl. the city-harassed American finds new world comforts alon'p; with authentic old world atmosphere like the South Islands once had.... Natives liyo In tiny huts, the beaches are blue and coral, the water crystal clear, with vast acres wild, awaiting settlement ...The Government —local and national— is eaprei- to sell at ridiculously low figures.... At Cani>el Bay, oil St. John (one of the U, S, Virgin group), the most breath-taking beach on earth rest? Its spreading white arms in. cool tropical .splcndoi — with an average of three bathers a day! Cabanas, furnished by tho U. S., arc usually empty. Atlantic City shut up ^1,'htei- limn ever. . . .Thr cops jiwt snitt the Slid word iironnil, and tho wheels slopped rolling Jack Lynch, who losl his lilstoi-lc club on Phllly's Wiiitcin llotisl roof wlion Htiddnn fire rcKiilatlonK closed It, Is hunting u new slrei-.t-floor spot tKere; nu>:ui- Clty. — .but the Rockefellers don't while, ho wantH to take over the now dank Rainbow Room. In Radio m'oin to need tho money.... Ed Wynn (no relation lo the coniodl- .•111} who wan top Arin.v Transport Corps pilot In the war and flow Eleanor and Winnie across tho NOUN, opened iv dally flight to and from Saratotra, which ho ambitiously culls "Trans-American." .' r| i<? >ene- bit diu-ply Into X«w York nightlife. .This best a ni^ steadiest spenders have flonki-il to the Spa, which, "with all its hopes, didji't aiitlclpatu such u sold-nidi* . ' OI'A doesn't seem to have tnitiul then; ____ t'rlces were steep for u short season. .. .But, when tho New York influx fluxed In, the natives took up some iioteh- s in the. jnc.'is, . . .Now the common man ' with a S5 Hill doesn't know whether to lay it on the favorite to show or buy a hot doif. Newspaperman are hardened to beefs . . .They Ret bleats, pleas, threats. .. .But the Mirror, after vonrs of them, has a new on^... .It jubllshed a cartoon caricaturing diprnilled, gentlemanly Democratic tale Chairman Paul Fitxpatrick calling his conclave to choose the party slate. .. .It showed or. exaggerated Fitz ,at the head of the table, around which were seated "the Democratic Party" — PAC, CIO, ALP, Liberals, Rods, and Marcun- tonlo, with the tiger leashed and muzzled nt his feet.... A few hours after it appeared, Frank Doyle, Fit/.pntrick's popula.r publicity whizz, registered his squawk — "It wasn't a good likeness of Mr. Fit/.patrlck's face!" When George White, whose scandals" rivaled 7.leprfeld's "Follies," . run Ino hit-and-run troublo In San Dlepo, the supposedly hardhearted Broudxvay boys called a. meeting and chipped in for ;i de- tense fund. .. .Buddy de Sylva wan the leudcc. . . .The kitty went to $50,000! Arnercmi cubs. A local housewife who went to some pains in collecting fats for salvage, has a justifiable complaint, in our humble opinion. . . The woman carefully saved the grease in a container and took it to her butcher, in accordance with instructions. . . But the butcher refused to accept the grease, and more, became almost abusive in informing the woman that he was not interested. . .All of which fails to jibe -with the noise we're hearing nationally that we must saye more fats and grease, even though the war Is over. . , The butcher probably has 1 discouraged the woman from further effort in that connection. .Reported Romancing—Dr. Gregory L. Pollock, plastic sculptor, and Gull Meredith (who doesn't need »ny) at the Simplon. . .'.Dodger'in- fieldcr 'Stun Rojtk and Phyllis MittlcfcUH, at Lum 'Pong's .. George Morgan and Ramsey Ames . .Jimmy McHugh nnd Mary Wood, starlet, starlit .Lionel Shelly, brewery heir to plenty, with Jean Williams, an Earl Carrf,l| exhibit. .. .Claire Trevor' and John Shclton. .. .Bonlta Granvillo and Jack Wralher-:—well, wruthcr! (I'm told this one may lead down a long, solemn nisle.). ,, .Lew Ayres seen often with Marion Daggert... And Roger Wolin, Latin-American •rep. for Pan-American, will wed Dorothy Glblcr, of San Antonio, :in Mexico City, with the Archbishop of Mexico officiating. KlndK of Trucking—Anbei. ' Etc, Removed McNamara Trucking Co 31 West- Nuugatuck Tel. S9S2 413'No. Main'St. TeL the Vanderbilt family blue chips. iWoterburi^'s CLOSED MONDAYS DURING AUGUST Gen. MacArthur has selected a trouble-shooter to straighten out the Civil Service system in Japan and will draft Pierce MaeCoy, personnel director of thn State Department. ... Friends of Finland calculate that, to pay the Russian reparations demanded, every mnn in that tiny country would hav« to work eight hours a", day, six days a week,, for seven years. .. .Daily- Variety reports that Harry James' hand didn't do so well in its Eastern tour, and many promoters who booked the special attraction had to dig deep. Jack Dempsey and Jake Amron, former. Hollywood Restaurant bosn, Fa'yc (Mrs. Roosevelt) Emerson returns to the stage at Capo Cod, Mass., Aug. 12, in 'Hern Today," a wftrmcd-over Ruth Gordon starrer of 193-1 It's official— Joan Crawford's next' is "Possessed," .with. BOUGftT SOLD Kent a Trailer and Do That' Job Yourself! ORANGE TRAILER RENTAL SERVICE TELKI'HOXK Nuucutuck 3068 omci )o union CUT Unrdwun Uldi. Lingerie Best form Foundations Sturdy fabrics in Doth rayon wid cotton. ; Elastic side panels - -light boning. We .have both average and long lengths. Sizes.25 to 34. • '.'"., .95 — $1.50 Slips Bur-Mtl rayon crepe in white. to perfection. Smooth and comfortaw*. Sires 32 to 42. $3.98 It Half Slips Lustrous rayon satins with embroidered trim* — White with blue — black with red — tearose with self-tone. Sizes 26 to 32. Junior Miss Foundations $2.98 for the younger «lrlf. ments of firm construction — needod support .to growing gitU. Sm»Il, medium and large slses. Gowns . Tine Porto Kican cottons in white. Daintily embroidered by' Band. 81Z68 18 - 19-20. $1.98 Midriff Pajamas Styled -with full Ungth troufen. Spim rayon print* to *ttr»ctiv« oolori. »uw, $4.98 32 to 38.

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