Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 1, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 1, 1954
Page 2
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&-,' ^'- ,.•' HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS iwsw r JPMfc, • *«rtdiy • tophitl- 'dnt ft EAL Relief ifgwttim - fteliet thW;book t^llc.you about f therapy,'«o thorough that this 1 —tiawmteetU 11*#11*8 come ££miih;jtt«fltod h*d been »£• 'yPui-ther:,- treatment is Written undtr Supervision fedlcnl staff of world's fanv w _.M»rntt>n 1 '«t Mfcor Hospital. Irg pili/ftfltulfl and colon cases. ' - Ifrlfft, tor ybur '•'FREE -copy to;' da>1".- .Thornton - r Hoaplt- Sate," it said, "and reports are fltat fte'and Greta are finished With tacfc other forever. ..*»*' 1 ijufckly flipped through the rhagaalrtes to see if the dilemma had been resolved in some issue 1 had mfssed. It hadn't, although Screenland was certain about ("dene's affair with Aly," It said, "There's no doubt Gene Tierney's flipped over Aly khan, but will they wed?" Well, would they? I raced to the next Issue of the magazine hoping to find the answer. Instead, found another question — "What's happened to Jeff — how long can Jeff Chandle r keep a smile on his face to cover up an Inner Void?", 1 was believed to find that Movle- innd had answered one question— "How' the Van Johns rumors start" — and deplored the 'spreading Of such rumors, in 3,000 words. ftut Scrceen Life was now asking, "these two — Olivia and Joan have kissed and made up but will they ever be real friends?" With questions tumbling over questions in my mind, I raced down to the nearest news stand for the very latest fan magazine?. The first thing I saw was a Hollywood columnist's "good news" in Modern Screen, Sub-title ''Shelley vs. Vrttorlo '..'. '. . . June Haver finds, V.i ed MacMurray . . . Dale If oliert^te split -•; .;.."-:-':. v V , : ;, Well, ;. Holly wpod , seemed , to be #&\\lti$,$$l,ih r goo$ •news, Unless, tit •'e'b.qrfl'e.V.JtuiiSi didn't 'happen to '' * ' "" ' . ... type, : : Silver Screen i"A>lene's . : hidden v title -Vrisin'.'byer • a; big : ; ndt*so^hidden ! { Arlenc ais i;^cc6jrnpahie'd ' by thej ex- bn^/ 'i'fpw /; be known" as a ;;,Sbul,.?and '• spirit; 1 would rne^n:; ; mbt'e^.to Arlene Dahl 'than all> ( those iafceo'lades.' for her beau: '• ' ' ' , , • again,; another Infernal ques- h, ••'. '&•:,. •merry-go- , , . ;,; Irt> itMe : next ''"article ' Jane . j Powell aaidifiVi loved and : lost," -and, in ihe/'tieJft^'.IJex ; Barker '.• husband/ of t,ana'.,5Pu^|ier. 'iSaid "I. Didn't mar- fy^ari: -;ang^l^V>hut yhe ^tfidnH ' seetn ''' ' tbldj; MARKETS Girl Cries Free Continued from Pag* One ed shooting." NE\V V6RK SfetKft I yearling bulls to 1700 cutter bulls One built thaot hit Bently went NEW YORk, Match 1 v?) — The largely 1050-1150; vcalers and directly through his body. It en- Stock Market pulled ahead today, CalVes steady; good and choice tered on the ri S ht sid e Just below with a majority of trading interest'vealers 2300-2700, with few prime'"' 8 ribs and emerged at about the centered In a handful of indivi to 2900 commercial and low same spot on the other side - Hs dual issues. Gains and losses were mostly fractional. Individually strong stocks pushed up to between ,1 and 4 points Upon occasion. Railroads displayed only modest good good 1600-2200; slaughter commercial and ? ls ° was hlt in tne le § b y another cal ves 1600-1900 bullet. progress and the steels were unUed changed to lower. In the steady 2300 to higher class were the railroads, Utilities, oils, coppers aricrafts chemicals rad iotelevision i ssues, arlnest and the moton petures. 8T LOUIS LIVESTOCK * NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111 W) — Hogs 13,500 fairly active; barrows and glits steady to 15 lower than Friday's average; «ows mostly 25 higher; bulk shoice 180-230 Ib 2575-2625 largely 2010 down; few loads mostly Choice No 1 and 2 around 200-210 Ib 2625 240-270 Ib 2475-2565; few 280-315 Ib 2400-25; 150-170 Ib 2500-2600 few to 28 25 sows 400 Ib down -2325-2400; heavier sows 22252300; boars 1600-2000 : Cattle .7,000 calves 1,100; little dohe on Steers and ; : heifers few sales: to small" locals 'and shippers about'!;steady .but/undertone weak cows active and strong to 25 or more higher; utility and .commercial cows 1150-1350 largely 1200 - .up, with canners and cutters mostly. changed; 1000-1150; utility and bulls un- commercial 1200-1400 individual head good Sheep 800; lambs opening steady;) There were at least three of early sales mostly 3250-2300. the gunwielding attackers. Some held above 2300 sales in-j All appeared to be Puerto Ri- cluded load mostly choice 101 Ib cans, although their dark skins at carrying rime end'first gave rise to believe they lambs and load good light lambs 2250; and aged steady; slaughter ewes 400-600 rourtd" Sib-title: "Anne Baxter shows no sigh of letting up on her daring . plan to become one cf Hollywood's sexiest stars." This explanation, of course, raised many, more questions than it answered but by then I had rUn out of money. I couldn't afford any more'magazines. My nervous system couldn't, either. s T O U A I. __^ i ''' Bargains in EVciry Department :-..: HIGH TWIST; for tmart dull finish PMPiPrapi; ii§fesSpi^ ^Msmmm HIOH TWIST for ' >mo«th, clinging fit * i <• 60-gauge, 19 denter TWIST f9T m«rt ttattftltyv wtsr . t quaUty, Blwt»y»t In ptote fl» An* •««»•• »V ',F.- " :/> 8Sf,fww» l »w» pf;|-"'^ * ; •^ t ' ( 'f'' 1 ' 1 ' \^' w ' AS5N Benson Sees Continued from Page One years. "They were amended during the 1940s as a part of this nation's economic answer to the total war of those years," he continued. "But the age we now live in is different. I choice 1 , were Mexicans, since the House sheep j was considering a controversial Mexican labor bill. Bentley was struck through tho chest. He dropped to the House floor apparently seriously injured. Jensen also was on the floor in a big pool of blood. *~ Roberts was carried out on a i stretcher. Davis hit in the leg, remained in a seat, being treated by a nurse after the wounded were removed to hospitals. Fallon also was reported to have The jdemand situation is different been hit in the leg. than'it was in either the grentj Two men and the woman who depression or the great war. The] wielded pistols were seized. production situation is also ent." differ! One of the gurtmen as grabbed jby a door keeper, Mathew Fardel jln, when he attempted to reload : his gun. Fardella caught him and i pulled him out into the corri J dor. Another door keeper Charles Santoro, also joined Fardella' in subduing the gunman.. The shots were fired, from au Egypt, Syria Continued from Page One ruling National. Revolutional Coun cil had forced his resignation had lorig planned to come here, his birthplace; for the opening of the Puerto Rlco - They fired at ran dorn first parliment of the newly read| from a corner of th e visitors' gal lery while the House was debating tomatic pistols as the men woman shouted for,freedom woman shouted for freedom for anil for Sudan. Awaiting him at the airport were! ~ ~~ rival groups of the National Un Naguib had flown in triumph to ion Party which favors union with his native Khartoum to speak at Egypt, and the anti-Egyptain An sar religious sect which opposes it. Naguib was hoisted to. the shoul ders of unionists, who shouted "long live Naguib" and "love live unity in the Nile valley." the opening ot his African country. But because of the riots, the.in auguration ceremony was postpon ed indefinitely. Naguib arrived by plane at 10 a. m. (3 a. m. EST). a Mexican farm labor bill. As police seized the ?rtfup and rushed them to police hodquarters in downtown Washingto: the three tossed a Puerto flag into the air. There were sorne tiiff opinion ns to whether addition to he two me; woman, fired shots. "I am sure 1 saw fo one of Rican rences others, of in and the r persons shooting" Rep. Louis i. Oiraham (RPa.) told reporters.! "The wo man was shooting into 'the ceiling but I am sure that three men were shooting down into the cham ber." Sumtra often is listed as the fifth largest island in the world. 10,000 to Greet Evangelist Graham LONDQN —(UP) — Evangelist; Billy Graham opens his three month greater London crusade to night in Harringay Arena with 10. 000 Londoners and two junketing (America senators expected to at tend. I Sens. Stylesh Brdgies R-N ^ and Stuart Symington (DMo), in Kurope to study American off shore contracts, said they hoped to .attend the opening of the big re 'vival meeting i i "I would like very much to go" 'Symington said. "Mr. Graham is 'a great spiritual force in Ameri, lea." I Monday, March 1, 1954 Bridges, who is chairman of Senate Appropriations committee said "If it is possible I should likd !to |o along too" NEW NON-CANCELLABLE HOSPITAL POLICY Issued by HOME SECURITY LITE INS. CO; • Ages — Birth to 100 year* • Guarantee premium will never Increase • Good any Hospital or Doctor In the World. Call or write your reliable local agent CECIL WEAVER Phone 7-3143 P, 0. B6x 104 CEDRIC ADAMS REPORTING: CAMELS FIRST IN SALES ,f! 'V ; '. ' " FROM THE NEWEST PUBLISHED FIGURES' CAMELS' lead over 2nd brand now Increased to IT'S IMPRESSIVE THAT CAM£LS AGAIW INCREASE THEIR LEAD OVEft TH6 SECOND BRAND. A CAMEL SMOKER. MYSELF, , I UNDERSTAND WHV: FOR MILDNESS, FLAVOR, MORE PURE PLEASURE, CAMELS AGREE WlTM MORE PEOPLE THANANV OTHER BRAND! WHY you, TOO, TRY CAMELS? 2nd BRAND ^Mainline Ranch Wagon—The Mofnllns also Includes a Tudor Sedan, Fordor Sedan and Business Coupe; <t With 28 new models ... 2 new deep -block engines ... all the optional power assists* of costliest cars... the 1954Ffirdis'fast becoming America's favorite. Crestline SkyUner^he Crestline also features the Sunliner, Victoria, Fordor Sedan and Country Squire, It's wide choice that helps make Ford the big choice for 1954! Whichever of Ford's 14 body styles you choose, you get the crisp clean lines of the recognized style-leader. And whichever of Ford's ; new engines you choose-the brilliant 130-h.p. Y-block V-8 or the flashing 115-h.p. I-block Six-you get thrilling "GO" with satisfying economy. What's more, with new Ball-Joint Suspension—exclusive to Ford in its field-you enjoy handling and riding ease that's literally a new experience. And with a choice of all the worthwhile power assists. . .power steering, power brakes, power windows all around, 4-way power seat and versatile Fordomatic Drive . . . you can have your Ford as automatic as you want it. Why not make Ford your choice, too? Whatever your taste and requirements, there's a Ford that's exactly your kind of car. *at extra cost • ... ',...-..-• i Customline Fordor Sedan— The Custornline g\w offers « Twdpr §«dqn, Clyfe Co'ype, Rorwh Wogon 005) .Country Sedan. t » We cordially mvite you to Test Drive WT '^PV^^Mi ,<,America's^VMh More" Car HOPE AUTO CO, YOUR FORD DSAtiR

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