The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 17, 1977 · Page 3
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 3

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1977
Page 3
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At The Strand ' Harrison ~""\o Star of Show At Salem Rux. HiUTlson. famed English actor. Is ctrtnin that one «cun« In hlsi flrstt American -film. Darry I-'. Knnuck'K pru«en.tntlon of "Anna and tho King of Slam," will brlni u loglon of other Britluh actor Htormlng thu portulsi of Hollywood In tlio film, now playing at thi Siiltmi PlayhoiiBo, Han-lt-jn Women's Activities—Personal and Social of tho lompornmonta! Klnj, Mongluit. Tho HCuno ho rufor« to ini-roly calla for him an thu King "1 Slum, to out n bowl of rice. HiviTlHon Wiisi clollghtod. "Do'yoi know," ho polntod out to co-wtar.s Trent' Dunno nnd Linda Darnell, "I liuvon't UsU'd any rloo .slncii boron, thu wur? No one In England mm. ihl.'i scene will prompt every ftnglhih actor to try to got a Hollywood contract Immediately!" A Ducky Sun-Suit 'l-'rnl MiK'Miirruy, Annn Uuxti-i' mid Hurl IVCM, riiini'd hulhid MlngKi', HIT (lurrimtl.v SMI-II In 20th Crutiiry- Ji'dx'n Tndliiilriiloi- rilinlviutliiil 'iif Will ,/iiint'H' "Srniilty," now nl (lie Strunil Tlirutrc Thu film WIIM ill- ri'ctinl liy I.OII|H'K|IIU' und pruduoi-il liy Hohi-rt IJIiMiliir 1 , One of the nilml widely rmid nnvi-ls uf nil HIIII<M, "Smoky" runii> nut of tin- I'onx'li- »iiil«tumlili< Wt-Nt of outtln Mluin- III-OCM tintt iriin-tnlliiK liiiuUuriKiN .IIUIICM hud KMinvn nil h!« life, it In-- civnu- HIM most popnlur of tho cow liiliU'hcr'.H clK'litri'M liool<N. The <'<iui[jui)lun fi-ntiifr, "(I Hhnuldn't lluppcn to u l)i>^, Curulc f.niuIlM and Allyn ,/cislyn, srui 1 ("Jijo Sandwich, MIIH-I.. • HulvuKc oin-riitloiin niivi- lim-n utfii'ti'd on tlic flHhlni; ilni^rKi-r Arinu. Thi'vi'«: ii-l j.'rournlml nt Huiul- wlrh uflrr ltd fruir-niafi f.i-nw I>H- I'lifu'd u fire which nwo|it the cnil't, Entertained Af Miss Kilduff Picnic Recently Show&r Guest Guests from Naugatuck, Water-I Miss Marion Kilduff' and Mrs, Albury arid Thomaston were enter- I bert Matalonls were hostesses at a tained last weekend nt a picnic held at the Lake Plymouth .cottage ot Mr. and Mrs. William Goggin, 67 Cky Hill' street. Their guests Included: Mr. and Mrs. George Scngstacken, Mr. and Mrs, William Furrcll, James Farroll, Mr, and Mrs, William Farroll, Jr., Mr, and Mrs. Benjamin Brad- Icy, Benjamin Bradley. Jr., Mr. BJid Mrs. Richard Canfleld, Richard Cunfield, Jr., Mr, nnd Mrs, Hector Pratt, and children, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Shaw and Mr. und Mrs, Fred Casey. Mr. and Mr.s Harris Wrlgh.t, John Goggin, William Goggin, Eileen Goggin, Eleanor Ann Goggin. Putor Tro.'iibley, Jonn Trombloy, Stella DIStefano, Josephine DlStc- fnno, Adeline DiStofano, Lester 1-In.rt, William Fox, Joseph Meehan, George Frazer, June Cabley, Steph- 'inlc Cworck, Catherine .Reardon, Kathleen Reardon, Mary lies, Mur- <uret Brearton, Joan O'Neill, Eveyn O'Connor,. Mae McKonna, Joan 2ook and Dorothy Cook, Rosemury Frechette, Edward Mary Roach and John personal shower in honor of Miss Patricia Kllduff, who will ; be married >to Corp, Frnncls T. Pl>\nkey of Seymour Saturday, Aug. 17. . . The guest of honor received many gifts, and a buffet, luncheon was served. . .-....•• • ..: • • • Those present were:, Marion Francis, Rosemary O'Connor, Gertrude O'Connor, Margaret Noble. Patricia Robinson, Joan Dausty , , Le.i ParJir," or, Dorothy Robinson, Shirley Su- gruo, Mra. Robert Burns, Katherine Kune of Waterbury, Mary Pldnkey of Seymour, the guest of honor und; hostesses. : ' Ruth Adamson To Receive Degree Miss 'Ruth Florence Adamson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Oscar Graduates As Hair Stylist Miss Madeline Mariano, daugh cr of Mrs. Mary Mariano, 1 Pon street, recently graduated from Watcrbury hairdrcssinjf school, re ceiving a diploma and being' li censed to practice hair styling in Connecticut, Miss Mariano graduated from Naugatuck High school and was an employe of the U. S. Rubbo: Co.. prior to pursuing a coursi In beauty culture. At present she is affiliated will the Marion Davis Beauty Salon on Church street. Norvlllt. oyce. McCann-Nichols Wedding Aug. 24 Announcement i.t made oT tho nline marriage of Mla.f Gertrude Jury Nlcholu, daughter of Mr. and Jra. Earl C. Nichols of Whitte- nore road, Mlddlubury, and Mar- hull F. McCann, Jr., son of Mi-. nd Mr.s. M. P. McCann of Water- own, former Nnuciituck residents. Tim wedding will take place Saturday morning, Auj,'. 21. at 10 o'clock in St. Francis' church here. Lawn Party Ta Be Held Sunday A lawn party will be held bj Kennedy Circle, Daughters of Isa„ . . _ i bella, at ithe home of Mrs. Ollio H. Adamson, 54 North Hoadley | Lo rson of New Haven road, Sun- strec.t, will be graduated Friday > j ay afternoon and evening, Aug morning In. the 83rd commence- from 2 to 8 o'clock. menc exorcises of Bryant College ! Card p j Qyin g, games.' bingo and of Business Administration, Provl- j entertainment "111 be provided on donee,' R. I. the program, with a. lunch to be Miss Adamson will receive .a de- j served at 0 o'clock gi'oo of Bachelor of Secretarial ' Science Cum Laude. I'ATTKHN No, KS487 You'll S-a-y . . . "Our laundry bundle Is superb" Dial Waterbury 4-4100 So Mltnplu and eutty to make, u'llh Uiti downy duckling 1 pocket, " '" want to gut right at 7 .((: |>i I that you w It. Piitturn envelope contains hot- for one deniRn und full directions, plua tlH-suo pattern for I, 1' and ,'t ymirn. Just Out! Our now CO-pngo mul- ticoliin.d "Book of Nuucllo Arta" contulnlntr flvu fi-uu putturnn, and ninny other .siigKnatlona for drosH- j Inn up your horno and yourself, I lu.-'.t ott UH- IJI-UMM. Sontl your |t|ii"Mf for thin bc-jlc to tho Mr. McCann charged from Coi'ps, recently WO.H dis- thu U. S. Marine Our Complete Services Carefree Vacation Driving'! ! P O V S T ' S SKKVICK STATION Ml IMliliiT Avi'. Ti-l. .I!),'!. I''«KI>'S HI-WAV (J HI I.I. 14 151)1 Smith Muln St. l(«t;iiliir Dully Dlnnrr ri(Ki up A fji rui-lo Mi-nil Simnlii'ttl To Tul<r> Out ItuiH(iirl uoniii, <.'i)ck(ull l 1'u 1 1|ii(ir I.U'iMisi bulow, oncloMlnj,- twenty contH '-Oq.i In coln.'i to covur thu cost and rmillliifr charges. S«n<l IScontM (coin) for Pattern No. RM37 to Niiuwtuck Dally i s fowN, Neetllu Arts Dopt,, P.O. Box !!!>, Sltiitlon G, Nu\v York 19, N, Y, lumioor. , Includu your ponta! by The Bull Syntll- Itii:il»iii luiil iili ii'/itcrji In 10'jo, 50,000 movie Touring N&w England States Mrs, George Barlow, Mr. and Mrs, Murton Lyon und son, of Mill street, are touring the New Eng- stutes for several days. AJU-MJNUliD AT THE ROCK Salem, N. H., Au>.'. 7—Turf history will he written next week at b'hnm Park when the science or aeronautics,' for the first time In the annals of the sport, will be employed to supervise the running of the races. The nmch-dlKcussed helicopter, Jn other words, will put in its ap- penranci; at the old Rock on Friday and Saturday,' the 10th and! 17th of August, after several wenks of experimentation at the Sikorsky division of the United Aircraft Corporation in Bridgeport, Conn. The ' helicopter has boon re-deslgntd to; Include space for a movie camera, which will record on film the running of each race, and the experiment will be watched ongcrly by racing commissioners and track operators the world over. Miscellaneous Shower Held ' A miscellaneous shower'was held recently by Mists Lillian Carlson and Mi-s. Edmund Daikus at the formers home on Ward street, in honor, of Miss Phyllis Wolfe, who.. will bocome .the bride of Dr. James ?.. Gailun of. West Hartford, 'Monday, Sept. 9. Guests who were present from. Wutcrbury and Naugatuck, included: Margaret Rabbott, Helen Su- Lor, Virginia Claffey, Helen Yo- c-ius, Edna Yocius, Lillian Mar.tln- aitiK, Mary Pawlowski, Mrs. Frank Walsh, Mrs, Plelen Lusas, Mrs. John Barna, Mrs. Raymond Erlck- son, Mrs. Edwin Carlson, Mrs/Felix Wolfe, Helen Mai, Dorothy Fer- run and Mrs. John Koris. What's Doing In Naugatuck A calendar of events foi today, tomorrow and every flay , TONIGHT American Legion Meeting. Fish and Game Aasn,, Town Hall Welcome Home Committee, Town Hull. Committee in charge of arrangements includes; Mrs. Bea Maclcin, Mrs. Lorson, Mrs. Elizabeth Joyce .and Mrs. Rose Flanagan. All 'members and their friends are invitee! r,o attend the outing. In the event of inclement weather the party, will be held indoors. Spent Vacation At Virginia Beach 1 MT. and Mrs. Conrad Ham, 27 George street, huve returned from a vacation spen'L' at.Virginia Beach, Va. . Health Talks By MERMAN BCNDESEN, M.D. PAGE S—VIAVGATVCK STEWS M2ONN.), WEDNBS&AY, AtJO. 7, lfti« Patrolman-Mrs. Smith. Parents Of Daughter Patrolman and Mrs. George Smith ol aGlpin street, announce the birth of a daughter Saturday, Aug. 3 at St. Mary',* hospital. I' STRANGELY enough rheumatic heart disease dreaded everywhere as a killer and heart-crippler of children, begins Its attack with deceptive mildness. There-is nothing to alarm or to put the family of the victim on guard, simply a slight infection usually of the throat, which is apparently over and done with In a few days. But recovery is apparent only, because after a week or two, this wolf In sheep's clothing pounces in dead earnest, causing acute rheumatic fever, with swelling of the joints, pain, fatigue, loss of weight, poor appetite and, in all top-many instances, permanent damage to .the heart. Gathers Strength Just why this disease should url off so innocently, lie quiet in the body for seven to fourteen days, as if gathering strength, and then spring into explosive vio- ence,' is not known, and this Is only a part of its mystery. Even us cause is uncertain though, according to Dr. Arthur G. Wedum of Denver, a germ called ,thc beta icmolytic streptococcus seems defl- nitetly associated with rheumatic 'ever. It's a common - enough germ. Many people harbor it with no nore ihan a slight inflammation of the throat and yet, in certain individuals, it seems to bring about his delayed and disastrous illness. Why? , Well, that's still another unan- wered question, but Dr. Wedum .nd most other experts on the sub- ect believe thjit certain people nay be oversensitive to this pur- icular germ or to some substance ormed by the germ after It enters he body. It has been found that in chD- ren with rheumatic infection icre is a one out of two chances iat the disorder will recur after s-treptococcal infection of the iroat. A cold may cause a recur-, ente in one out of three instances. :ence, the prevention of colds among rheumatic children is extremely important. It has been found that tills possibly can be done by giving a small dose of one of the sulfonnmidc drugs daily. Of course, this should be done only under the directions of the pbysician. It has also been r.otcd that recurrent attacks may follow removal of the tonsils or the appendix, or even after smallpox vaccination. There is also come evidence that the disease tends to run in families, according to Dr. Wedum. For this reason he thinks it important that the brothers a;id sisters of patients be .examined regularly several times a year so that early signs of rheumatic fever may be detected and proper treatment ca rled out. Rheumatic fever 'starts mos often at about the agu of seven Since persons who live in a warm dry climate tend to have fewer respiratory infections, the rhoum.iti fever patient may get along better in such surroundings. Rheumatic fever Ig an Important cause of death among: youngsters from G -to 19 years of age, fourth most important hi the country. Even though in tho present state of medical knowledge, it Is impossible to prevent its occur- rance, many of these lives can still be saved by early treatment and good after-care under the supervision of a doctor. . (Copyright, is-tc. King Features Syndicate, Inc.) PLACE MATS +^*^++++++>++-f^r+**+*fv PAPER PLATES NAPKINS - CUPS TABLE COVERS Gifts and Cards For All Occasions SWEENEY'S ART and STATIONERY STORE Nenry Building Church St. Hot Dog Roast Held Last Night Members of the .refreshment committee for the Mor.tano.ri-Rado post and auxiliary held ;i hot ilog- roast last evening at Hifjh Jtock. Groi'p gins »ntl dancing featured the night's events. Chrome CABINET HARDWARE Large Metal WASTE BASKETS GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAFLE STREET (AcroM from City Bakery) Free Delivery Telephone 5M4 M. Barry Keegran WKDD1XG PHOTOGKAPJIY f 108 Bank St. Wutcrbury JoiifiH Morgan Bide. Tel. 4-5384 ;: For A Snack, a Sandwich» or a Full Meal, Try DUFFY'S Restaurant WATER STREET FULL LIQUOR LICENSE Keeps radiator cooling; free of scale and rust. 533 NORTH MAIN ST. Union City - Tel. 2683 CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY Tel. 2219 24 SOUTH MAIN STKEET <Oiim>nIt<v Nuucnttiek Furniture Co.) J'lirtor.v Krpulr feHirvic« oa All M*kM or Ku<Uo S«'|K. rrotnpt S«rrloo it for Kudlu lirtmlr Wiirk. PMlco Car Radios . Immediate -Delivery Automatic Phonographs and Record Vacuum Cleaners I * r • *. ilJS SMOKRSHOP^ ll« Mill ii Ml. (Iiiliin (Jltj J (illl KIIUIIIN'/mVMUl, l'l*ll|l, S ft>ll),'il/llU-t - IVl-llHllrtltH S All Ni<\v>r|iii|i<-rM - TuiKly s AT SWAN'S GET A JEEP IMATICOIATK nBMVKHV. Viiui- H'Jl.J.VS.oVIIIU.ANf) rifllll'l- LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. " I HitrrlMim Avt'initi NAUGATUCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY "KUSS" WKAVING, Prop. •tVln.slow Court Tol, S304 j II n nl To Got "T" SIIIKTS LINCOLN EQUIPMENT CO. INC. if i 15 Lcavenworth Street — Tel 5-0177 WATERBURY 32, CONNECTICUT SAK* SHARPENING SERVICE Our now automatic electric machine will quickly sharpen any kind of saw:— HAND SAWS « CIUCUI.AIl SAWS « CAKl'ENTKR'S NAVVS « m;Tf!MEtt'S SAWS • BUCK SAWS • 1'OWEIl SAWS • ONK und TWO MAN SAWS Band Saws Made to Order On Our Now Electric Welding- Machine! Any Size ! Quick Service! Low Prices! THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomiinson ffeiuy Ilulldlnir Conn. VACATION IS OVER! ! Let Us Tftko Cnro of That PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK NOW!! Cloaod Mondays During ;. July and August i Thibodeau Studio ! Nouvy EWtf. Church St. Tho increase alona In the world's population during the pust TO years him been oqual to its entice population 200 years ago, or about 5<15 million. School Board Meeting Marine Corps League AUGUST 10 Mlllville Athletic Association dance. John Wesley class of Methodist cliurch outing at Kettlemoyer residence Hillside u venue. It Is estimated that from 1920 .to in.SO, the proportion o!.' population GO yoni'K nld oi-over will he increased ; from 8.C to 19.9 pe ci?nt. Vegetable-Cheese Casserole— \ A Way To Use Leftover Bread Rich in proteins is Vegetable Chocs c Fondue, a golden brown luncheon casserole. Kile Ihis recipe under food conservation, /or it makes use of tho I o C t o v o r, dry bread that must not be thrown away. It is most important in these days of food shortages that we utilize; every laat crumb of bread and other wheat products. A single dura- glau jar of mixed vegetables K' vt 'S six ample servings when com- garment Where Its Cool and Comfortable" the SENSATIONAL ONE DOLLAR A combination of .glassed vctretables and dairy '" products, Vegetable "Cheese Fondue makes a bi'ned in this wholesome and hearty luncheon dish. way with milk, .cngs, cheese and bread cubes. .Vegetable Fondue is delicious Iscrvcd with a tomato salad. ' i Remember that, to bo at its 'best, a fondue must be brought 'to the table immediately when it 'is taken from the oven, Vegetable Cheese Fondue <C servings) l'/4 cups mixed vcficlnblcs 2 tablespoons table fat I tablespoon chopped ercert pepper : tablespoons chopped onion 1 tablespoon chopped cdot'y 2 cups bottled milk (scalded) >; pound cheese (crated) ','j teaspoon salt !'• teaspoon pepper 1 tablespoon minced parslfiy 3 cups bread cubes 4 CBBS Drain vcfip'tables from jar and measure, Melt table fat and to it add green pepper, -onion and celery. Simmer until tender (about 5 minutes.) Gradually add the scalded milk, cheese, salt, pepper, parsley and mixed vegetables, stirring constantly until, well blended. Put the bread cubes in a creased casserole. Add the well-beaten eggs and then the sauce. Bake at 325 deg. F. for 40 to 45 minutes or until gojden' browu.- Steady, interesting work making our famous Keds, Gaytees, and other quality footwear Now Available . FOR WOMEN Apply at our Employment Office Rubber Ave. at Water St. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. .. Footwear Plant Naugatuck OomL Here's All You Do! . Pick any garment from the sales racks, note the price. . . then pick any other garment of equal price and just pay an extra dollar. That's all there is to it. . . Its just that • simple. ' __ .^.^1 Starts Tomorrow Dresses-Play Suits-Slack Sets Pedal Pusher Sets, Etc. $Q9X $1A98 $1798 ^BHH H^^HI .. .any other sale garment of like price for only $1 more. .. Zeigfield" Compacts Reg. $3.00 Only * 1.2 each 2 for $2 00 Always Cool . . . Shop in Comfort/

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