Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 13, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1943
Page 4
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MSSi 192?, 18, 1929. «3CO. Inc. fcSWt ISWWttxj. 2l24l£sotrth. Wdlnut *.8SJ>-_--,. li *»*^*fc •.• u«t*^ Affc PALMER, Prtilawit Mtt*f artd fNNSirff jto-'--S*c6mf 'ttos mtrtfec of th* 'e*: et Hoe*. March 3, 1897. : et Hoe*. Arkansas, Under th« 18 v Associated Press ems Newspop«f S«lis<rtpKon Rot* (Always Poyable in By elfy eorrief, per week 15c; Nevada, Howard, Miller ana Lafayette counties, $3.50 per year; else* M«mb« of the Asioetated Press: The AsSbeldted -Press, IS exclusively entitled to for republicatfon of all news discredited to n or not otherwise credited In this paper and also the local news published herein. A<Jv«rtl*lri9 .Daniel, ln«.; Memphis, Tenn., SttHc* Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich- Xvemre; New York City, 292 Madison Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; dktahoma City, 414 Terminal IBdg.; New "OrC6ans. : 722 Union St.. "Sarge is jotting post-war ideas'.'l GLANCES H0P1 STAR/ ftO. 6w«dl«lc«i««l Diary Bo»»d on the Book-off-the-Month _ Thursday, M?XjltJ_SLL___ sa a & ~ BY RICHARD TRi<5A$K!S ILLUSTRATIONS BY I. E. HAZELTON vegetables from our garden are wonderful, clear, wonderful! But if the war lasts much longer I won- if we'd have room in our yard for a litlle livestock?" ''' ' /*, "Col. Edson called for ammunition . . ." M ONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, Cont.-Wliile the battle on the ridge was at its height, the telephone line to Col. Epson's front was cut. When it was repaired 3 call came through from Col. Edson, warning that the Raiders' ammunition was running low. At 3 A.M. the colonel called again to say that he was "almost out." The ammunition that had been sent to him had not arrived. We were wondering if the Raider line was going to cave. It was a fierce battle all around. The sounds of heavy firing to our left broke out again and Jap planes dropped'fkres. Col. Thomas checked by phone. "It's in "The Japs got into McKelvy's wire." McKelvy's area," he said. "The Japs got into his wire." Snipers were still popping at us from nil sides. We had our hands full. Hut then Col. Edson called back to say that the ammunition had arrived, and our morale soared. As the first light of dawn came, the general was sitting on the side of the ridge, talking to some of his aides. A Jap machine gun opened up, and they high-tailed for the top of the ridge, with me right behind. We were heading for a tent, where we woufd at least have psychological shelter. Just as we reached the tenr, a bullet clanged against a steel plate only two or three feet from us. It was "To our right we saw a wounded man crawling towards us pitifully." amusing to see the rcsr ends of the dignified gentlemen disappearing under the edge of the tent. 1 made an equally undignified entrance. Later, I worked my way out along the ridge to the firing line. 1 lay next to a machine gunner, while the Japs sprayed lead at us. To our right we saw a wounded man crawling towards us—a pitiful sight, like a dog with only three serviceable legs. 1 le had been shot in flic thigh. In the jungle at the foot of the ridge we heard heavy firing. Our troops were pushing through, mopping up. I worked my way back to tiie command post. Col. Edson and Col. Griffith, the guiding powers of the Raiders, came in. The mere fact that they came was a good sign- it meant that the fighting was at least slackening, and perhaps ending. Col. Edson said that a force of between 1,000 and 2,000 Japs had tried to storm the ridge, with lesser forces Infiltrating along the base. His estimate of the Jap casualties at that time was between fiOO and 700 in the ridge area alone. Our own casualties had been heavy, for the hghting, was furious. (Continued tomorrow). FUNNY BUSINESS gx-T "Z--: com. BtA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. u. "It gives my next noor neighbor's chickens a chance to wander into the kitchen as well ns the aarden!" By Roy Crane HWaslrTubbs Just to Make Sure By Walt Disney ; -Donald Duck ^••* - Feather-Brain Bumstead! By Chic Young QUICK, PAGWOOD/ *""" C HELP ME, WHILE I RUM UPSTAIRS AMP SEE WHAT'S HAPPENING «y • \» >v s >' ^ iQt, ^*>. * t.??' t By Edgar Martin Just Like That Boots and Her Buddies OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams NOW DON'T GIT UP.' STAY RloHT THERE- DON'T. MOVE--JIST SALT THIS OMELET PER ME, PLEASE--1 FEEL SO GUILTY TAK.IN' VOU AWAY FROM VOUReRAND CHILDREN FEE. EVEN A SECOND '- MOTHERS GET GRAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople NOVJ MOO 1 RE P\TCHING, M.^DGE.' SOU UMDE.R. VOU'RE AS AS WAKNA BEER, MR. UOOPLE/ C BUT PxT TIMES NOU HPVJE VOTED FOR. 8RNAM, BUT THE- BPsCK IS HIS. 80'S ^OU'D TH\NK HH'O A t>UCK CP\LU UKETU& GAS READIMG A N\ETER C/M.U ME HANNIBAL, STILL TOP HA VMITH CO^AP^M^OM ,ES, MEEDS A PAL- Red Rider Not Funny, Sheriff By Fred Harmon YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF IS "feAMETS UP WHri THE INJUN TRAlrt ROBBERS 1 JUST CAPTURED.' THAI'S A SERIOUS CHARGE, COW&O'Y' HOPE You CAM PROVE IT. HO\sW, SHERIFF SLOr\K* " I'VE GOT A FOR. YOUR ARREST-' S-i* , IT VJOrt'T BE TOO E/XST TO PR.OME IF TH 1 CHIEF il REFUSES TO TALK—BUT COME ON.' Popeye "No Romance in His Soul!" Thimble Theater / < ( CAM'T ( RE*5l«9T k THIS MEO) rteii-o & *m LE'S OPING A 0)INDV AM' AJROUT THE PLACE! Alley Oop Hot Clew By V. T. Hamlin GOT AMVTHIMG I NO, BLAST IT.' OK) OUR LITTLE \7\\7 SEEMS /HEY ROCKET COLLO/TO HAVE [CHIEF VET, CHIEF ? XVAMISHED ' F RIGHT IKiTO TH1M HERE'S A EEPOETFROM Y" PARACHUTE THE FOREST /SAIDTO HAVE SERVICE THAT DROPPED MIGHT BE \ EAST OF INTERESTING (TAMERYILLE.." "...BUT AS NiO PLANES SEEM OR. HEARD AREA.REPORT CONiSIDEITED ERRONEOUS' Freckles and His Friends The Other Bird Flew By Merrill Blosser TMATS JUST IDHE WASTRY- WHAT i J IMG TO FIND You MFAN sue WAS REAUY SNOOPING AROUND ROOW 103? OUT WHAT EXPERIMENTS ARE BEING CONDUCTED THAT ROOM/ s ff YEAH — AND THc GUY WHO WAS HErUPlKIG HER MUST HAVE HEARD IT/ HE <30T GOSH.' we PUT THAT PIECE |N OUR PAPER. JUST To STIB. UP A MYSTERY / We DIONT KNOW THERE WAS A REAL VEILED LADY / IT KINOA LOOKS LIKE WE Buew THE RIGHT HORN/

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