Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1911 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1911
Page 9
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8 THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, NGj^DgCEMBER 5, 1911. I MEMIpEDMlllFED? THEN STOP AW) THUOI OP THOSE KOT. WHO AVE mi VMM C «*M of DI»ti «M Tbat th« Uood Proplo of Iota JInit dire Belief. The Associated Charities bare designated next Tuesday, December 12, as "Donation Day," and they ask the Register to Rive notice that on that day they wonld like for every one In Iota -mho has anythln? to spare that would contribute to the comfort or the support of those wbo have nothing, to have tt ready for the collectors who will call for It Everything la -wanted—clothing, bedding, furniture, rugs, carpets, pillows, stoves, kitchen utensils, food, money,—every thing that goes to make a house fit to live In, or that goes to keep a man, -n-oman or child warm, or that will fned those who are hungry. Go over nil the old things that you have about the house that yoa "may need" but can do without, and gather them all togpthnr. Then telephone Dr. Shadwick, the Treasurer of the Associated Charities, or Mrs. E. N. Jones, the JVesident. and tell them about it It will be called for some time during the day next Tuesday, and you will have done sometliing to relieve some worthy poor people who are In very bitter need. Also the Board asks the Register to ^request all who have a buggy or an automobile that they could spare for a part of the day next Tuesday to • Pali up "Dr. Shadwick and let that be known. The vehicles are wanted to gather up the donations and there should bt seven or eight of them at least Some Typical fascR. During the recent cold spell one of the good -*omen who is helping with this work Iheard of a family that was thought to! be In need. When she got (o the house she found a family of j<evRi» living in a house that was practically bare. Not a stove, nor a chair, nor a bed nor a Are, no food. On n jiilo of straw In one corner wore K couple of coverlids^ and these were absolutely all the bedding for that family of seven. The youngest child, a baby of three years, was without underclothing or stockings or shoes, : .nnd was cuddled under the coverlids ' trying to keep warm, and "playing" with an onion! The only thing in all th.nt house for the child to play with) -was an onion". The Test of the family were hardly better clad than the child was. « Over in Rassott last night a tire burned a house and the family escaped with nothing -whatever except the very scanty clothing upon their hacks. They have no money, nor credit nor any place to go. These are only two cases, t'nfor- tnnatelv there are others. But these _ will explain why EVER-yTHlNG Is needed,—furniture, bedding, clothing, food. And if you have none of these at hand, give money. And How Abont Christmas 1 It is perfectly apparent from what has been said that to such families as we are appealing for, as well as for many others where the need may not be BO dire but where every cent "must be used for the barest necessities,of life, there can come no Christmas, as that word is understood In the households of the well-to-do." unless it is brought |in from the outside. _ And so the Associated Charities are arranging to meet that need also. In this they have the co-operation of the W; C. T. U. who have offered their rest room on East Jackson street as -a depository for any gifts that may bp offered. Why y«t Big Brothers? In a great many cities we have noticed that the men have organised themselves Into a band of Big Brothers to look especially after the poor ehndren and see that they have the rlj ^t kind of a Christmas. Why can't that be done in lola? The Register Is 80 sure that It can be done, that If tlte Associated Charities -will take a census and report the number, names and location of the children who are Uk ^ly not to have any Christmas unless somebody outside their own family gjves it to them, this paper will undertake to call a meeting of the men of the town who are willing to seBto it that these little tots are looked after. There are hundreds of men Sp this good town the Register verity believes, who would joyfully undertake to be a Big Brother to at least on© youngster while there are a good many who would take a whole family under their wing If there was need of it It is such a pitiful, heart' breaking thing to think that any* ' where In this rich and happy country^ child should wake up Christmas moroing and find absolutely no gift _ of any kind, no toy, nor bit of bright candy nor new article of clothing,— ail as proof that there Is really a Santa Clans. Think of the sickening disappointment of the childish, heart, and the tears,—«n Christmas Day, tears!—on the childish cheeks, and the quivering childish lips! Let us have none of that in lola on Christmas Day. Let us Halie Your Haor Soft and Fb^ Wok a JAP ROSE Shampoo U «a MP kOSE-lbe truupmat uai TMsUM* eO Sow MiJ« MP«; oaSr tar di* Slumpoe. Teikt aad Bailk. It lath*n fr—lr. eUam* iiutanlfy, aad IMM* ito fdimmt. SUrtmiacJAPROSEtodvl It b Matm'a bert wmrto clnnliBMsaad kMltiu UH UiaC<ridorHol.Hwd or Soft Water. A Large Cake for lOe BEfDSEnOTAnoilS. UMKroRTHEJAP GnLOKmmunrPAcucL At All DrutaM* Cneurt EiUMMtd tsa hig, doublc-flsted men, who never wanted for anything In our lives, that we really needed to have,—let us see lb that. Bring on the list of your little klddloa and tho Big Brothers will do the rest. "DDXEIONNER IN THE RXIO Former loliin .Inionfr Murderers of Albert I 'ndenTaod. lola'a Interest in the hold-up of the MIsiiourl Pacific depot at Kansas City and the shooting of Albert Underwood, afislstant cashier at the freight house, seems to be dual. Yesterday's Rej^ster noted tha'. Underwood was a lirother-ln-law of Guy Taylor formerly of lola. Now it developes that George ("nuke") Bonner one of the negroes arrested for the theft and killing worked at the lola Portland quarries for sou:j time. He was a large Very black man of ugly temper and Marshal Frederickson bad him un der arrest a time or two once for aiding a man named Green in resisting an officer. It was known that a gang of negroes committed the raid, one of their number confessing and implicating the rest. The thieves got $22 each for their work and the shooting of Underwood was wholly wanton murder. This morning's papers intimate that a negro named Arthur Brown did the killing, although Bonner also carried a gun. One or more of the colored men may hang as a result of the murder. «OLD STA1« STILL 0\ JOB. Western States Sale.s Asrent Denle.s Rumor He Is Out. The Register has a letter from Mr. E. R. Stp.pletcn. former, sales agent from the lola Portland, but for two years acting in the same capacity for the Western States cement company of Independnce, taking exception to an article touching him in the Register of November 25. That Item told of a rumor that Mr. Stapleton was no longer stales manager for the West em States, and Itlmated that the trade would rejoice as he had made business pick up for his company, presumably by cutting prices. Mr. Stapleton says that he Is still sales manager for the .Wr .stern States that ho has every assurance of con llnulng In that caiinclty, that he rtever cut prices but has sold with the np- proval of the men over him and that he Is willing to submit the quantity pf his sales as the best evidence whether or not he has made good. Tho statement ttat he was out was a bit of misinformation. That he has sold a lot of cement is testified to by all his competitors, and the Register certainly has no wish lior reason to put him in a false light, and gladly prints this explanation. n BECOMES H BURDEN suriL-. "0ar.2ATTHBTTAMOF Cattle Sloir aid Hoci, Vader Bit Beeelpts, Drop Tea Ceata. (By itie AsMcUted PreM) (By the Aaaociatad Fresa) Chicago. Dec. 6;—With cash wheat in such burdensome supply that owners were advising bargain sale fashion market showed weakness. Opening, unchanged to K lower. MaysUrted 9d% to unchanged. - sank to Close—Dec. 939ft; May 98%; July 93% CORN—Slow. May opened a shade to % to K lower at .63% to %. rose to %@%. Close—Dec. 61K@%; May 62%: July 62%. OATS—Firm. May started unchang ed to a shade up at 49% to %@%. and kept there. Close—Dec.46%; May 49®%: July 45%. Provisions weak. PORK—Jan. »15.47V4; May |I5.92% @15.95. LARD—Jan. |8.92%; May |9.17%. Chicago Lhestock. Chicago Dec. 5.—CATTLE, receipts 7,5U0. Slow. Beeves |4.6<)@9.25: stockers and feeders |3.00@5.75; cows and heifers ;2.00&5.90.. HOGS^Recelpts 33,000. Ten cents lower. Lights |5.50@6.20; inlxed |5.80@6.37%: hea\-y $3.90@6.40; rough |5.90@6.10: pigs f4.25@3.60. .St Louis Grain. St. Louis, Dec. 5.—WHEAT. close- Dec. 94 Ma 98% CORN'—Dec. 63%; Ma 63%. OATS—Dec. 49; May 49%. Rt. Lonis Livestock. St. Louis, Dec. 5—CATTLE, receipts 4,500. Steady. Native steers |4.5@ 9.00: cows and heifers |3.00@7.00; stockers and feeders |3.2ii@&,2S. HOGS—rRecelpts 15 000. Five to Un cents lowf>r. Pigs and lights f4 .50@ 6.00; packers |5.50@6.15; butchers 15.35© 6.30. KiinNUH City Grain. Kansas Oily Dec. 5.—WHEAT ' receipts, 24 cars. Cash, wheat unchanged. No. 2~hard, 9g^t).05; No. 3, 97(8) 1.04; No. 2 red 93®96; No. 3. 94@95. Close—Dec. 95%©%; May U8%; July 91B%. CORN—Steady. No. 2 mixed, B."!® 66; No. 3, 60®64; No. 2 white, 65(3> 66; No. 3 61065. Close—Dec. 62%® %: May 63; July 63. OATS—Steady. No. 2 white. 49®%; So. 2 mixed 47%@48. RYE—95o a bushel. HAY—Steady. Choice timothy $19.50@20.00; choice prairie $13.2.5@13.50. BROOM CORy—$80@160 per ton. Kansas City Llrcstock. Kansas City, Dec. 5.—CATTLE, receipts 9 000. Steady to ten^ents higher. Native steers $5.25@9.00; cows and heifers $2.60@7.00; stockers and feeders $4.00i!i>5.75; bulls |3.50@4.75; calves $4.00®7.00. HOGS—Receipts 19.000. Five to ten cents lower. Heavy $6.20@6.30; pack ers and butchers $6.00@6.25; lights $5.60@6.15. Free!! Christmas Voting Contest r YORK imcing Wednesday Morning, Dec. 6, we will give FREE with every purclis^e of 1,0c or over, one coupon, entitling the holder tp cast a vote for hii? itavorite Church. The New York Store will donate the Tree and loan the entire Electrical Display now on exhibition in the north window to thfe church receiving the greatest number of votes. All coui oris t(f be filled out and left at the REGISTER (^ffice. Contest doses Friday, Dee. 22, at 10 a. The Register will post t church from day to day. m. le standing of each On WEDNESDAY. Dec. 6, THURSDAY. Dec. 7. and FRIDAY. Dec 8. we shall give Double Coupons with each purchase: which means 2 couponvS with a 10c purchase, 10 coupons with a 50c purchase. 20 coupons with a $1 purchase, and so on. This is for three days only. See North Window Display DELX'S TROUBLES llTIPir .\AZARK.\E riUKCH RKl THE TOL'KK.l WUUKEK. IJDI.ltES Kansas CHy Produce. Kansas City, Dec. 5.—BUTTER— Creamery 3.ic; firsts 33; seconds 31; packing stock 21. EGGS—Extras 33c; firsts 31; seconds 17c. Laurence Officials .^^re I'uitioR IHm TbrouKh ExnniinilHon unil .>l«y I'rosecnfe. It certainly makes good reading the wnvaiying; expressions of opinion concerning James Helk-who wks givtn the right-about in lola in his tareer of ilevilment under the mask of [religion: son that one of his women victlma is from Tcjnganoxic, Douglas county, and there seems a chance that Dclk, who Is on the lefenslve, may bo prosecuted. The .Joi rnal Thursday gave the following poorly written communication from Dejk who has been Interrogated pretty clnsely by County Attorney RllIUK: \ "in regards to Mrs. Ratliff, Mrs. Mnthews'i and also Capt. Lyman, "I notEcsd last evening in the Laurence daily Journal-World paper, that Mrs. Ratliff still stands by her story witch is p mystery to me. I want to say I have always found there Is two isides to every thing, her Statement is that I indulted her in 0lt.iwa the first night wejleft Laurence, if her state- I/awrence and we are hero lo stay rc- gurdlcis u' all kickers faultfinder-i and perclcuters we never had had any connections with the Salvation Army but there are more religions organizations then one. I'm use to perBicn-' tlons a lie never hurts nobody but the person that tetis it but the truth .scrape.'? to the bone. We will Your.s for falling Iiumanity. [ —This is the last week for free trial ; packnge rif Conkry's L:iylng Tonic and ' IJlg Poultry Book. Call at Morris & Howard. "GENERAL .FAMES L. DELK. "Cnmmandbr-in-Chier, "830 Vermont street." Mr. iind Mrs. F. A. Vogel came in last night from Leavenworth where they were married at the home of the stay 1 bride yesterday. Mrs. Vogel was formerly Miss Anna Heardon, of Leavenworth. Mr. Vogel is a well known f,ig;ir maker of this city. Tlic whole state of Kansas has been mmt is tjnie what mafte her go with ruuy informed of his character and •;,ne to tWo or three different towns unless he can square himself |Ul3 days of easy money and luxury are ended. Delk himself Is In Lawrence \|here hje may be prosecuted unles.4 he makes a better case than he has yet. \ • \ From Hutchinson, head ^of the Church of the Nazarene in Kansas, an, emphatic repudiation ot Delk has j and soUclj been sent forth. Rev. Mr.' Chambers j work, no after thatiT the only thing that I said to Mrs. Ratliff to offend her in any way was of her cutting up on the train, and her conduct was so I had to call her down at several different times. I ibft them in lola with out my breakfast and told them to get out the Intlre town for our the Nazarine Revival mis- —Yon will find that druggists every where speak well ot Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. They know from long experience In the sale of it that in cases of 'coughs and colds it can always be dcepnded upon, and that it Is pleasant and safe to take. For sale by all dealers. C.IPIT.ILIZIXG THIEIl CRI.WES. says Delk once belonged, but "Inr I .<fI<Jn Is no« Delk's mission but a mis- surged" and started a church of his • slon that iW Incorporated and doing a STILL SEEKING SMITH'S KI>'. MOXEr TO LO.VX * on all kinds of household goods 4 or jewelry—anything of value. * BIgUB Pawn Shop. East Side ^ Square. Office In Fruit Store. <• All transactions strictly confi- * denUal. • • MAJESTIC THE GREAT REN05 THE .HEAL TICDEVILLE ABTISTS ALL WEEK ^~ TONIjGHT'S PROGRAM MECHANICAL DOLL (Is it alive?) and COMEDY ACROBATIC ACT BABY DOTTIE—VAUDEVILLE'S YOUNGEST CHILD ARTIST DOUGH MUGGING—BOYS' CONTEST A Big Laughing Show! Don't Miss It! Entire Change of Program Each Night with the Latest Pictures and Songs jA-dmission » - Kids 5c; Adults 10c Sheriff Has Letter RepeaUnfr tlmt the I>ead Hun Was an lolan. Sheriff Hoover Kerr was let dn on the mystery of the Identity of the man found burned to death or murdered and afterward burned to conceal the crime near Lyons, in Rice county. He received a letter .from the Sheriff of Rice county this morning, inquiring if any of the lola Smiths had missed any relatives. The corpse was so badly burned that recognition was almost Impossible, but a number of trinkets and blta of clothing were recovered and from these a man who employed man named William or W. O. Smith thinks he Identmcd tho Corpse. He it was who said he thought the man was Smith and {that he had said that his relatives liv'cd In or near lola. No trace had been found here ly) to today of any Smiths who might be relatives of the dead man. own. The Fort Scott papers say he held meetings on tlie street there' and alternately b«gged aria abusdd = the public. He has talked there seteral times and each time there ha!s beeii talk of running him out of toin. The Lawrence Journal has b^en de! voting a lot of space to, Delk fir >ea- IT PAYS TO BE S.VAfiT. Here Is the Anstier to a "Life" Poz>Ie Thai Won $100. The arrival of the Christmas number of Life today ended an agony ot suspense among those who had puzzled their brains over a puzzle picture printed some weeks ago. Life printed a picture of a New England winter scene. In the foreground was a good young Puritan, Bible under his arm, presumably enroute to or from church. Before hini. seated on a rock, was a dance hall jfairy arrayed In ja, filmy gown and tights. She Is looking perUy at him and the good brother, hands knotted about his Bible, stands gazing straight at her. feet paralyzed and a smile that lacks much of proper stem rebuke. $100 was offered for the best title to the picture and lolans, together with people from every city, fagged their brains for a solution. A man named Smith in San Francisco von the prize, his tiUe being: Ah, Brother Piety, which shall It be— "Onward, Christian Soldier," or "Abide With Me"? UirLtCKT ©AY TOB "PEG." locked la Jail on 0>ld Chuigfe and House Banted. Peg Butler sboald Write down the fonrth day of December in the year 1911 a« more mlachl^roai In bia affair* than any combination of Fridays and ttalrteens. Yesterday he was lock ed up in the coonty Jafl to begin aerr- Ing ma sentence. Imposed nearly a year ago and held up by an appeal to the supreme coart on a technicality. And last night, on tho evening ot bis flrst duMn prison, bis borne In Has* •ett WW boraed to the grotud. HORLICK Orif bial and 6tnuint MALTED MiLK Tht FMd-drinlc fo^iUI kg%%. More healthy than Tea or Agrees with the weakest d Dcjiaous. bvigoradng and ni legitimate jbuslness and as far as me or any of I my members believing in mormonlsrit or practicing it In any way Is a n^w thing to me. And as for free love'^he people that is roasting me might know something about free love but it Is some thing new to us. In regard to Capt Lyman's statement about Delk and the Nazarine Revival mission I Want to say that I had .Tames Lyman of Fort Scott Kans to help In thelmeeting here while I was Rona we bad him here just on trial befor we wjould grant him comission papers. I ^ent to Fort Scott to investigate his character and on arrival I found he had deserted has family and according to his wife's statement iher and the childrep were in a dcstl- jtute condition and was told By the po- illce officers and Capt. Teetera of the Salvation Army that Lyman was not any accounl^and owed debts all ox-er the city. I ^ame back here Saturday night about 31 o'clock and didn't get I to have a talk with Lyman until Sun- I day aftemoop and I told him the I news from Fort Scott he then got Dulton and Younger Start Out on a *«trlctly Moral" Lecture Tour. Tulsa Okla. Dec. 5.—haimett Dalj- ton ex-convict and sole survivor of the Dalton gang famous in the Cof- feyvllle bank robbery, and Scout Younger of Tulsa, neiihew of Cole Younger, of Xorthfield Minn., bank robbery fame, started on a lecture tour of the country this week. They opened their engagement in Memphis, Tenn.. today and will cover practically every state in the union. Their lecture will be strictly moral, impressing the coming generation with the "follies of criminal life," and will he Illustrated with slides of prison life, and the famous "Scout Younger on the Texas border" uioving pic- I tures. —Most disease comes from germs. Kill the germs and you kill disease. Conkey'B Xox-l-clde jnixes with water and kills the germs. For Poultrymen, Stockmen and Housekeepers. Guaran teed by Morris & Howard. Rich mflk, malted grain. powJcr fi n qoiw niica Pnpuea m a mntefc^ t,,,. salvation] Army. I also want to ..^ slon Is In Tojeka and has been there VWierS are mxtanovtZ, \ tor four yearfe. And we are here In state that tbi Nazarine Revival mission Is In Toi^eka and has been there $100 Reward. SIOO. Tha mden ot tlito piDrr will be pin»^ to lawn that then ti at lout one Crcaiird QbictiM tliat M-iraee bu txwi »t>)» to can' la Ml l» .tiuin, and iiui t> Cklarrti. lioll'J Cktarrb Cure W Uic only r«<l:lvo cure iioir known to tin ma;ic»l (rutfmliy. i'ni'iirli tH-liui a cwnitutional dbnw. rrquU:'* a raoliiu- iioMl tnainwnt. il-,ir» CiiUn;s f-irali ta»(n ir,-1 trrnallr. actliil <Jlnnll.v uiwn tire t.-ufi nml tnjcciii.'. ! lurticfj 01 tno Uiriclry ilcsU'.yLii^ ijo roundttCInn ot dlwiwe. i\nU slTtna rai.<>n'<. strroith by liUlltliK L :> t;ic co:itrtliuilon iind uia-M' mx njtlure In dufiis Jlr work. TUf pft'pri^IcTs i-nvt a> nurh r.iBh Ja Iw eiirativ- p^.win: tr-i tli-y «Ccf One Ili:r.JrT<l Ivilinn fur iiry t.'ut tt bUla t. ciui. Srna lor il". nl !jftl..<r.- .*tWtr.3 K. J. CItr.M.V .<c '. O.. Iil.v!;. O SoiJ 'y»;iD) ip'iii.i "T— SurnedandltcfiedSoH^Cou dHardfy Staud It. Tried WedtcinesrElc.,. Nearly3 Years. Inlfcrnal Misery. Started Using Cuticiira Remedies., New Has NoSignof Skin Disease. . "My troubles bopan alan^ in tho soTnnttT. in tbe hotte.<t weatlicT and took tlie form of small erupliuns and itctung and a kind of smarting pain. It took me mostly aU over roy back and kept getting worse until finally my tiack nas covcrw! v.'i(it a raoas o( pimples v.'bich u-uul'I burn and itch st night so that I could hardly stand it. This eonditioa kept getting worse and worse until my back was a solid mass ot big sores which would break .open - and n'n. My underrlothing would be a clot of blood. ' "1 tried various blood medicines and other, remedies and salves for nearly three years and I was not gM'mg any benefit. It seemed I v.cs in ctimal misery and could not sleep on my bark or lean back on a chair. I was given a sc^t of tlio Cutlcura Remedies Ijy my brother who recommended them to mu very highly. I started using tho Cuth'iira Uiimulles and inside .of two weeks I could aeo and feci a great relief. I Icept on asliig Cuticuro Soap, Ointment and also the lit-sxlvcnt, and in aliout thrw or (out ir.-;ntiis' time my lia<;k was nearly cured and iU.:lt like a tif.r Ulng. Nov/ I am In good h:'s:ili and no si'.:n of any skin dlatum and I am fully HatU:'.«:d that Cutlcura Rem> I'.'.ii* are tlu- IK'SI ever made (or Kkln diseases. I «i!l Elwayj recommend them to anybody uhu v.'ill use according to directions. I •.40i!!<l not be wlllwut tbcia." (Signed) V.'. A. Arnmrnng, CofUln. Kan.. May 28.1011. lor mure than a generation Cutlcura Soap [ and OIntini'iit have afforded the most eco- itoinlral ireatmi-nt for aftections ot tbe akin, and scalp ot Infants, children and adults. Although sold by druggists and dealers throughout the world, a liberal sample of- each, with 32-p. Iwink on the skin, will be . si^iit free, on apidlcation to Potter I>nig & CJiem. Corp.. IXpt^^V, Boston, Overcoats and Suits i In all the new and correct styles of the season. All we ask is to give us a look. . Don't be deceived by someone telling you they will sell you goods at HALF WHAT THEY ARE WORTH, AT COST PRICE AND LESS. Now really, do think they will? Think it over! • We iSbow you good honest Dependable Suits at $7.50 to $30 Splendid Overcoats at $7.50 to $25 I'verythiiig in is sold at close prices, and you ge\ a dollai^'s worth ft>r a dollar spent We want your business — we also want your friendship Barclay-i-^aields Clothing Co. "The Honce of QuOltr.*

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