The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 17, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1977
Page 2
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TAOK 3—NAlfOATUCK NKW.S (CONN.). WEDNESDAY. AUG. 7. 1IM DREW PEARSON -^ ON ,v •••• : -":' : °The WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Heart Of Peace Conference Centered On Two-Thirds-Or Majority Vote Debate; Under Two--Thirds Rule Russia . Keeps Treaties A 3 They Are; This Might Well Be ' 'War Conference" From Now On. Paris—(By Wire-loss).—Thousands of words huvc been CHlilcd'iicmnH tlio .Atlantic about tlio peace coiifuroncc de- Imto ovur a two-thirds or 11 majority vote. At iirst blush this debate sounds like nrKumtf llow mim >' an ^ cls C!1 " HtMncl on the point oK H needle. You wonder wlmt it has to do with future peace. _______ Tho mill fuel, howovor, In that tho vothiE proeeclur" in Hi' 1 nK [Mt»'**n"* "* w " he*n ol tho police conforoncn, In other words, It l.i thir who ft work*. And tho thousand* of words ,-nKfirdlnj: tho two-lhkdit debate nctimlly c»n bo boiled down to JUHI twnnty-four word*: RUSSIA HAS MANAOTCD TO VVRITK WHAT SHK WANTS 1 VIVO TUB rT-U«L.l.vr.tNArtY TRKA T\ DRAFTS AND TWO-TMirtBH VOTK TMCR TO KKKP WHAT KMrc'H OOT, it'll Juft UH iilmplr n* thiit, Under majority nrtn thr- nntl-Kussltui nii- tlonn could rowrltn tlm potino trout- Ins! under two-lhlrd.i rule RUSSIA thn treaties un thiy arr. infl Thut'« why »om<> of the smaller roimtrln.M nrn HO Irntfl «t putlt-nt Jlmmlo Hyrnow for not hncl(lnK lh»m on majority nrtn, Thny know thul iindPi 1 thn twn-tdluitt rult- I'i»- i-opo will no pnrtlllonpd I ho wny wiintu It, not it« the; bopt r>r pimcft rrqiili 1 " It, nntl thnt thin eonforcnco li:«l linttot 1 tmvn tho word "pmicft" Hlniclt mil nnd tho word "war" Innnrtccl Just uhoiifl of "conforoncf," • flyrnfV Itcocpt'"" Ini|'i'" N " lvr fn 'npclPi- to «ot holtni- ncqiinlntetl with thP nonforoncn doli'Kiitrn ;fruoloiid Hpcrniiry of Stuto [Jyrnra Ht>i(?n<l 11 iMioopllon Insit wonk Ht thn /inrrlcnn omhunny. Tn r-ontrnitt with inn pomp and splendor ft iml- form» find irold tirnid ul the Krpnoh rifllclnl rnonptlnn, fiyrnns' nffalr wiift for llo dlxnlllud nlm- Some ' HAMILTON Watches Have / Arrived! iVrjt inntiv — hull lirjtnn, !•! n o u K li to linlil firth 11 pi*n(iili*n of more nn tho wny. wnltfnK tnr n ffnmiltnn---U niny '['lli'.v'rn ninri' hl'll'lti- fill 'thnn over ntnl u- 1 linn n* only Hnmlltun fftn iniikn thfMn, PIERPONT'S llr«l«l"rril J«n-rlrr«, Amrrlrnii Orni ft or I fly inn IMNK STHWKT pllclty. HP j-cmcmborcd Benjamin Franklin, our drat iimljnssndor to France, who woio homespun amid ho lace nnd roldorol of the French Jlmmln Byrnes tttod In tho vecclv- ln« lino, shnklnft hnnd» with the doloKfttc.4. Cloivn Advisor Ben Cohen, who nnoa Eyrnoti evnry dny, cnmo down thn lino, "I'm not KOlnif to wnMle n hand- >-,hnl<o on you. Bon," mild tho Hocro- tury of State, with n. UlddlnK Rrln, thon shiiklnR huntls Just the snmc. AftrfWHrd, Cyrnos told friend* tfilw wtory tc> llliiMtrntc tho Import- unen of ihftl«lnK hands: "When I «•»« sworn in as Justice of tho Hupromo Court," he suld, "All my frlcndu on the court nhook hnndfl and coniii'htulntcd mo. Wo wiirp dtimdlnp jiml behind tho cilr- talhn Mflpurntlnft 11.1 from Iho courtroom nnd Jimt ns we wore about to KO on tlio bonch Stanley Reed took mo a.ildo and told me that, Jimt hcforo we nut down on tho hcnch, [ iihould »hal«n handti with cvoi'vono HKiiln, "I told Stanley thnt I had Jimt utiiiUon hands with everyone and 1 KHW no rcuHon for .ihakinK huntlM twlcio tint ho that I do It and lulor I found out tho reason why. About llfty yearn lififoro thoro had boon a partkuliirly blttor dls- plllii bntwcBn mumhnra oC hd Court, I'ollowlnf,' whlcti tho Clilot Justice had Insisted that they till shake hands Just tioforu they went, on tho hpnch to sliow thoro was no hard "It was a wise custom" conclud- i«l Cyrncii, "and it's continued to this day," 'What will happen," ankod a I'rlnnd. "when Justice Jackson ro- lui-n.i If) the Court and In called upon to shako hands with Hugo Ready To Testify At Jap Trial Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C.H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 Oh, I think they'll behave like Krrttltimon," replied the Hocrttary of State. .SOTE—Thft only Justice who didn't follow tills handshaking tradition was MnRoynoldK, who stil In a coinur and cfidn't shako hands iinliiss thn nthrr.M came to lilm, I IS.vniON Drops J'ali'Stlnd HuslnoM Hero Is what's happening behind i thr sncnns In Paris rexnrdlnK tho ' ) irlth-.ti-Anii-rlcan tuir-of-war over Palestine, One v/cok UKO Sunday Jlmrnlc Ryrnos, ;i!'tor dlninf,' with I'rlmr Minlstci Attlro, Kot Trurnan i on tho trans-.'vtlntitlc tnlnphotio and 1 ui'trrd him lei accept tho Brilsh 1 (irfipotnil fur partitioning Palostlno ! Into Jewish and Aral) v.ontM, Tru- inan, liowovur, decided ho couldn't iicccpl and later Informed his Soc- i-dtary of Stato that tho British fnrolKn oltloi tiad a much bettor offer on Palestine thai It wan holdlnfi In rnHorvo and ho Intended to wait until thn Brilsh put all tholr cards on the tiiblii. fjast \Vodnosday ByrnoH had nn- othor talk with Attleo whon he npolOK\xrtl lor tho U, S, fiillurp to arcept and tho next day Jlmmln telephoned Truman that he was wa.shlmr his hands of tho whole Palestine bu.ilno.'m. Ho Indicated he had enouirh to do at the pp:icn con- foronrn and would luavn Palestine entirely up to thn White House. Meanwhile Trumati In considering puttlnK his close frlond, Ed Patiloy, In nhiirRO of Palestine negotiations. Piiulny has nlroady handed In a hllxtnrlnK report on tlio urRont nood of action In. Palodtlnn with thn rc- 'Hilt thnt tho Pronldent has considered tho Idua of dropping amiiibln Kenry Cirncly on bin lop Pulnstlno advisor. Hawnvor, Lay Hondnrson and iithnr Ktuto Dupartmont olll- rial.i aru much opposed to llrln).: Onidy and thorn Is considerable Sliiln Oopnvtmnnt dUit^roomcnt ul'out th" u'liolo tiling; Ilalkiuilr.nd Americans Are Wrnn^ tf this columnist knows tho U. S. A,, onu of the KA'atrnl mlstnkos wo HIT maklnK b: a tondoiipy towr.rtl tialkanl/.atUm -• In other words. Italo-Amorlcans aro huhavlntr a« If (hoy wrrr rtallnns, Jowlsh-Amcri- cnnti as If thoy worn Palent.lnlnns, Polish-Americans, a,i If thny wovo Poles • rather than as If thoy Americana. Thoy seem to forKot that hey look nn rath to uphold Ttnly, Palostlno or Poland nnd that split- InR nf our county l:\lo special ;roitp.i can he dlsaiiU-ou.'.. Some of these allCKcd American ctllnorvi aro throatorilnK to vote FLOWERS Vor All TKLICCKAI-IIKU KVEUYW1U5K1C MELBOURNE'S TLOWER SHOP ISO IVOHDWR AVE ^» Telephone 6»8 Familiu art lmpr»sstd by our thoughiful fi.ervici,. IIOMK —I NO -- ,t.v«-.«. T*I. a- mi a T»l, 3I>1!1' A horoofCwroBldor, Sjft Thomas It. G-Bnct of vim tost hU sight at M,uUdon prison camp, Is shown v th « wlfo »flor »nno«' that he will go to Japan to testify UR»inHt liuencmv officer who robh«,l him of his sight., Mrs. Gaffnct will Horv« » his officially nppolntctl escort during the, trip. (International) ioxt'November according to whcth- r Italy is given n soft peace or ac- oi-dliig to whether Palestine is 'Ivcn to Jews. Personally, 1 havo lone 1 fnvcrcd Jewish homeland in Palosthic and a fair peace for a democratic ttaly but all things can he! cnrrlod Loo fur. And Balknnlzad Amcrlcnns who forget th'cir citl?crishlp ' by fhrcatonlrfg to use the ballot as a club ovor tho head of a President who does not do what they want, should be forced to renounce their citizenship, t hope President Truman tolls them to so Jump in the lake. NOTE—Naturalised Americans, most of them extremely proud oC their cttlxenahlp, received a serious setback when Professor O s c a i- Lnngc of tho University of Chicago renounced his citizenship to become tho Polish nmb-Assador In Washington. To most new Americans the tlnplate glitter of a foreign ambassador would weigh loss than the pure i:okl ot' American citizenship. Decoding tho Diplomatic Pouch Brazilian Foreign Minister For.- toura got together with Secretary of Sta'tc Byrnes during fi buck- stage lull at the conforence nnd tiff reed to hold tho lo:g-postponcd Rio DC Janeiro conference November art. Admission of Argentina Into tho Pan-American Security Pact will be the big question discussed. (Copyright, 194C, Ey Tho Bell Syndicate, Inc.) Given Citizenship; TRUMAl* him signed a bill grunting American citizenship t,o Mrs. JSdlth de Becker S<!l»ild (alMivc), wife of Annapolis ^radu- alc and attorney William Scluild of San rr:inclsco, Cnllf. Danffhtor of n British father and Japanese mother, sties miirriud Schnld in Japan, 1!) years ago. (International) Acquaint Disabled Veterans With Public Law 16 Disabled veterans taking', institutional OT ow-the-job training under Public Law' 346 (GI Bill) arevad- vised by Henry L.. Quite, Veterans Administration 1 ' chief of vocational rehabilitation : ft'na education for Connecticut, r -t'or'-apply for training under Public Law 10 which Is foi^ tho rehabilitations' of disabled ' vct- craiiR. " ' . ... ' Quite pointed- out that srtbplst- ; nco allowances and benefits under PL, 16 aro greater, and trnlninR-may bo granted 'for a period of four jears or 1 more' regardless of the period of active service, 1C a veteran enters training under PL 348 : -and It' Is- later ; dotermrned that 1ie- ; has a compcnsiiblc dlsabil- ly, ho shoUld"immedlately"f11c Form 1900 ^•ItK'th'o VA for the beheflts of training u'nddr'PL-!«,' Guito rtftt'ed. If'h'o'-foills to-apply or'ttOR'irliht!- self of ti'ainfn'y under PL 16'withlh a' reasonable length.'of tiirte^-which has been determined' a3 one' year, he may' lose 'h'is 1 rights' 'and • privileges for trijl'nln'g- under 1 this-law, us it will be determined' that ho has made an''election 'by coMtlnnlng in training''under the GT Bill. ''Our 'VA' training 1 olTl'cers and advisors' always advise the disabled veteran' who is receiving 1 a.pension to apply' for training under PLH3-," Gultc' coritlnued. -..•-..; "In'"th'e' casios of those-'vel'erans whb"arc'anxious 'to'get ihto'traln- inff Immtidlatijly, but who's* 'pension claims have- riot becrf ndjUd'lcated, w c ad'vla'cd' 1 them to enter training under he' GI Bill so as riot to' lose the oportunity-to enter training, 'If, aftor their claims have been adjudicated and they aro found to have a pensionable disability and th'e need for training has been • established, they arc eligible for the prf-ntcr benefits of AL 16 and should apply." . . ., PLANE CR'ASICKD Branford, Aug. 7—(UP)—A young man has escaped injury when his plane crashed on a farm in Branford. Robert F, Fcnnclly, 21. of Ham'den was piloting his air coupe plane, practicing forced landings. On one of hia practice runs he came In too tow, the undcr-carriagc and' wlngr hitting -the top-of a tree. MINUET and f ^j** j , *2£&l£tVl& *•'•* 1 ' 'X can Jbe yours too . . . You've dreamed of setting your table with solid silver. You've dreamed of its timeless beauty. But sterling con be yours — even on a modest income. Tlio Place Setting Plan enables you to acquire your sterling gradually until— surprisingly soon— the day comes when your silver service is complete. . Of course it will .be ^Vti/l/i£/(illu5trntcd),hns the simplicity of perfect beauty. A six-piece place set- Jing i§ 322.17 including federal lax. DIVIDED PAYMZNTS IP YOU PBEFEE, AT.JTO EXTRA COST JEWELERS SUVE'RSMITHS SINCE 1900 38 BANK STREET AT CENTEE STREET Street Dept Report Payroll of the street department during- the past month totaled $31,7(50.60 as flubmittnil by Supt.rinton- dcnt of StrccU Harold Murtha. The payroll was Itemized as follows: St'-eot repair, $193.46; »ti-c«t repair NftURaluolc W'atcr Co., $]-28.2-l; street cleaning. S33S.31: oiling (town old), $331.31: K™dlnK Fern Btrccl (town aid), ?2M,f)l; collect rubbish, $8(1-1.18: sanitary sewer maintenance, $203.24; storm sewer malTitcnnnw, -$107.35: fminUttK Jay lines], $6-1.08; " repair Union street brldfi-c, ,$3G4'.33; parking meters, $14.21; atop siKnti, SK.21; sanitary sewer construction, Field street, $301.!>2; cutting brush, $<8.Gfi; on.ulp- ment repair, J18.T3; vacations, .$!,- 2<i9.»14-; compensation, S5G.43. The number of telephones in Argentina doubled between the years of 1029 and 1943. Legal Notices This 'is" to £ivo notice that I, Francis L. Burns of 185 Cherry St., NauRatuck,' have filed an application dated Aug. 6, 19-lfi, with the Liquor Control Commission for a package Store Ec'or for- the Rale of alcoholic liquor on the provnlxcs, Mlllvllle Market, Newman St. (Miil- villc), NaiiRatuck. Tho business is owned by -'Francis !-<. Burns nnd Charles' A, Brcnnan,- of 18? Chorry and 60 Ward Sts., Nauprntuck, snd will ho conducted by Francis L. Burns of 185 Cherry St., Naupatuck, as pc'rmittcc. FRANCIS L. BTJRNS Dated Aug. 6, 1946. NOTICE Alleged Income Tax Violations Investigated Boston, AUK. 7—(UP)—An \nvr.x- caljon Is bcintf pressed In alleged extensive income tax violn-tlonK in the Now Knprland shoe and leather nduslry. The probe ia directed by apents of the Treasury department's intelligence unit. Officials estimated thait some C'O companion were involved. The al- llcpcd violations—of separate or In- tcpraled -type—total about $B.OOO.- 000. Authorities said books or some flrma have bocn seized and firm accountants questioned. Although there arc only 92 ch«ro- leal element.!) in nature, scientific experiments niiv* produced «lmo*t 500 unstable '(rndloactlve) IVB.« in the fat-oratory. P * NATIONALLY KNOWN Silverware 36 Pieces! Complete df-jj Q S5 Service For 6 *"-I.O*- Service for 8 Available CCHNEERC **CBFDIT JfWFIfP;^ Sou»h Moln Every continent has been found to contain petroleum.. District of Naugatuck KH. Probate Court, August 6th, 19-16. Estate of Andrew Gustfiv Anderson aka Andrew G. Anderson, late of Mnugatuck, in said District, deceased. • The' Court of Probate for the Dls- j trict of Nauffatuck hath limited and I allowed six months from date here- \ Of for the creditors of sai'd estate lo exhibit their claims for settlement. Those who neglect -to prc- Kcnt their accounts, properly attested, within said time, will be debarred a recovery. All persons indebted -to said Estate are requested to make immediate payment to ANNA LEVTNA ANDERSON, 325 Walnut Street • Naugatuck, Conn. Executrix. Introducing "Bill" Leuchars » Noted Marine Corps Photographer Bill will have charge ; of our commercial depart, ment handling- such assignments as: CANDID WEDDING* BANQUETS LODGE OK FRATERNAL GROUPS FAMILY GROUPS INDUSTRIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Your house - or your garden or store - or your nhow window - - or anything rtii« yo« want photographed for that matter. Making photographs is our "business and while most of our work has been portraitures remember that this is photographic headquarters. If it's a photographic job let us quote prices. ; £tu<j/c 203 Church St. Neary Bldg. Tel. 2342 w I STILL IN PROGRESS BIRTHDAY CLEARANCE DRESSES 120 Dresses 258 Dresses 285 Dresses 174 Dresses n wcre 7 - 95 to 19 - 95 were 12.95 to 22.95 Sizes! ^5. 7 were 14.95 to 25.00 were 16:95 to 29.95 12. .Salon Dresses were $29.95 to 59.95 . . . $14—$16- $19—$25 NO RETURNS NO EXCHANGES <.".- '" ja^'J^LL MUSTER LIEBESKIND 33-35 EAST MAIN ST. 4-4I9I

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