Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1911 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1911
Page 8
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I JBEJOllUiEM . THEN STOP IHD THDS OF THOSE WHO SOT. / fr PIHM Cuea «t iDbtms That the " Good People of Jel« Host dire i BelleL E r. n SI M n V b_ 0 M DC l( M i I The Associated Charities hare designated; next Taesdajr, December 12, as "Oonatlon Day," and they ask -the Register to give noUce that on that day they woald like for every one in Ida who has anything to spare that would contribute to the comfort or the support of those who hare nothing, to have it ready for the collectors who win call for It. Everything Is wanted—clothing, bedding, furniture, .ruga, carpets, pillows.' stoves, kitchen utensils, food, money,—every thing that goes to make a house fit to live In, or that goes to keep a man, woman o)f child warm, or that will fned tbbsq who are hungry. Go over all the old things that you have about the house; that you "may need" but can do withouti and gather them all togpthnr. IThen telephone Dr. Shad- wlck, the Treasurer of the Associated Charities. !or Mrs. K, N. Jones, the President, and tell them about it It v.-tll be called for some time during the day next Tuesday, and you will hnve done sometbing to relieve some worthy poor people who are In very blttnr need. Also the Board nsks the Rcglstor to request air who have a buggy or nn automobile (bat they could spare for n part of the day next Tuesdoy to rail up ^r. Shodwick and let that be known. The vehlclcfl are wanted to i:ather up the donations and there should be seven or eight of them at leaaL Some TjrpJf"! Cases. During the recent cold spell one of tlip. good women who la helping with this work heard of a family that was thought to be in need. When she got to the house she found a family of fievei* living In a house that was practically bare. Not a stove, nor a chair, nor a bed nor a fire, no food. On a pile of straw In one comer were 1 J couple of coverlids' and' these were absolutely all the bedding for that family of seven. The youngest child, a baby of three years, was without underclothing or stockings or shoes, and was cuddled under the coverlids trying to keep warm, and "playing" with an onion! The only thing in all that house for the child to play with was an onion! The rest of the fara- Sly were hardly better clad than the child was. Over in Bassett last night a fire burned a house and the family escaped with nothing whatever except the very scanty clothing upon their backs. They have no money, nor credit nor any place to go. These are only two cases. Unfortunately there are others. But these will explain why EVERYTHIXG is needed,—furniture, bedding, clothing, food. And if you have none of these at hand, give money. And How Abont Christmas T It Is perfectly apparent from what has been said that to such families as we are ai)pea1ing for. as well as for many others where the need may not be so dire but where every cent must <be used for the barest neccssi- iles of life, there c^^n come no Christinas, as that word is understood in tjie households of the well-to-do, un- jeS|i it-is brought in from the outside. Arid so the Associated Charities ore arranging to meet that need also. In (his they have (he eo-operatlon of (he W. C. T. U. who have offered their rest room on East Jackson street as a depository for any gifts that may b« ottered. Why Xot Rig BrothersT —"Tn a great many cltle^ wo have nqticed that the men have organized themselves into a band of Big Broth- tn- to look especially after the poor tiin^ren and see that they have the ruht kind of a Christmas. Why can't ttat }>e done in Tola? The Register is V> anre that it can be done, that if the Associated Charities will take a _i ^nsus and report tie number, names qad location of th^ children who are "WfPlT not to have any Christmas nn- lean somebody outside their own family gjves It to them, this paper will Wdertake to call a meeting of the ni(» of the town who are willing to se^ to it that these litUe tots are 1 lotoke^ after. There are hundreds of 'men ip this good town the Register verPy believes, who would ioyfully undertake to be a Big Brother to at least one youngster while there are a -good many who would^ take a whole famfly nnder their wing If there was neM of it It is such a plUful, heart- hC^aUng thing to think that any- wh^ In this rich and happy country a child should wake up Christmas I— morning and find absolutely no gift of cny kind, no toy, nor bit of bright xssaif nor new article of clothing,— all as proof that there is really a Santa Clans. Think of the Bicfceolng dlsappointmfflit of \the childiah heart, and the tears,—on Chrfstmas Day, tears!—on the chlld- ieh cheeks, and the quivering chlld- isfa Ups! Let US have none of that in lola on Christmas Day, Let us Hake Toor Hair Soft aalFhfy Witha JAP ROSE Shunpoo iHHomtty, aad IM*M mo tadlmnO. Surtwiac JAP ROSE today t It b er Soft Watoir. A L.aree Cake for lOe EERBEDOTATIORl UMKFMTHEJAT caLowremiairpAgML. . .V ' supn- ro araAT THBT TALK OF Cattle Slow «ad Ha^ Usder Big Beeelpts, Orap Twi Geata. ' (By the AaaocSated Freas) (By the AnocUtad FrcMt Chicago. Dec. &—With cash wheat In such burdensome anpply that owners were advising bargain sale fashion market showed weakness. Opening, unchanged to % lower. MajT .started 9d% to %, unchanged. - aankv to Close—Dec. 93%; May 98%; July 9396 CORN-^low. May opened a abade to H to K lower at.6S% to itwe to Close-Dec. 61%®%; May 62%; July 62%. OATS—Firm. May started unchang ed to a shade up at 49% to %®%, and kept there. Close—Dec.46%; May 49@%: July 45%. Provisions weak. PORK—Jan. )15.4T%; May |15.92% @1S.9S. LARD—Jan. |8.92%: May 19.17%. Chicago lilrestock. Chicago Doc. 5.—CATTLE. recelpU 7,500. Slow. Beeves f4.80®9.25; stockers and feeders |3.00®5.75; cows and heifers | HOQS—Receipts SS.OOO. Ten cents lower. LigbU i&.ca&6.20; pixed |5.- 80Q«.37%; heavy |5.S0ei6.40: rough IG.90e6.10; pigs |4.25@5.60. big, double-fisted men, who never wanted for anything in our Uvea, that we really needed to have,—^let us see to that Bring on the list of your little kiddles and the Big Brothers «-ill do the rest "OUXE"l)DNNER IN THE MIG Former lolim ^Imong iM^orderers Albert Underwood. of lola'a interest in the hold-up of the Missouri Pacific depot at Kansas City and the shooting of Albert Underwood, assistant cashier at the freigl\t bouse, seems to be dual. Yesterday's Register noted that. Underwood was a brother-in-law of Guy Taylor formerly of lola. Now it developes that George ("Duke") Bonner one of the negroes arrested for the theft and killing worked at the lola Portland quarries for soin^ time. He was a large very black man of ugly temper and Marshal Fredurickson bad him un der arrest a time or two once for aiding a man named Green In resisting an officer. It was known that a gang of negroes committed the raid, one of their number confessing and implicating thf rest The thieves got $22 each foV their work and the shooting of Underwood was wholly wanton murder. This morning's papers Intimate that a negro named Arthur Brown did the killing, although Bonner also carried a gun. One or more of the colored men moy hang as a result of the murder. St. Louis Grain. St. I>oul8, Dec. S.-^WHKAT. close— I Dec. 94%: Ma 98% 0%. CORN—Dec. 63%; Ma 63%. OATS—Dec. 49; May 49%. St. Louis Llrestock. St. Louis, Dec. 6—CATTLE, receipts 4,500. Steady. NaUve steers |4.5@ 9.00; cows and heifers |3.00@7.00; j stockers and feeders $3.25@5.25. > HOGS—Receipts 15 000. Five to ten cents lower. Pigs and lights |4.50@ 6.00; packers i5.50@6.15; butchers $5.3566.30. Kansas City Grain. Kansas City Dec. 5.—WHEAT're­ ceipts, 24 cars. Cash, wheat unchanged. No. 2~hard. 99@.05: No. 3, 97® 1.04; No. 2 red 95@96: No. 3, 94@95. Close—Dec. 95%@%; May 98%; July \n@%. CORN—Steady. No. 2 mixed. 65® 66; No. 3, 60@64; No. 2 white, 65® 66; No. 3 61@65. Close—Dec. 62%® %: May 63; July 63. OATS—Steady. No. 2 white, 49@%: No. 2 mixed 47%@48. RYE—95c a bushel. HAY—Steady. Choice Umothy $19.|50@20.00; choice prairie $13.25@13.50. BROOM COR^'—$80@160 per ton. Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City, Dec. 5.—CATTLE, receipts 9 000. Steady to ten>cents higher. Native steers $5.25@9.00; cows and heifers $2.60@7.00; stockers and feeders $4.00@5.75; bulls $3.50@4.75; calves $4.00®7.00. HOGS—Receipts 19,000. Five to ten cents lower. Heavy $6.20@6.30; pack ers and butchers $6.00@6.25; lights $5.60@6.15. f reeir Frae!!! Oiri Contest :AT THE: 3a: V YORK L^nbing Wednesday Morning, Dec. 6, we ^11 give FREE with every, puirbhase of 10c or over, one coupon, entitling the holder t<) cast a vote for his Favorite Church. The New York Store will donate the Tree and idan th^ entire Electrical Display now on exhibition in the north wiilidolv to tljie church receiving the greatest number of votes. All coupons tp be fi REGISTEF offic^. led out and left at the Contest elcises Friday, Dee. 22, atlOa. m. The Re jisteij will pos< the standing of each church fron i day! to day. DELirS TRODBLES On WEDNESDAY. Dec. 6. THURSDAY. Dec. 7, and FRIDAY. Dec 8. we shall give Double Coupons with each purchase; which means 2 coupons with a lOc purchase. 10 coupons with a 50c purchase. 20 coupons with a $1 purchase, and so on. This is for three days only. mmm XAZARE>E CHURCH KEPUBIATES THE TOPEKA WORKER. linn.sns City Prodnce. Kansas City, Dec. 5.—BUTTER— Creamery 3i"c; firsts 33; seconds 31; packing stock 21. KGGS—Extras 33c; firsts 31; seconds ITc. STILL SEEKIXi SMITH'S KIN. "OLD STAl"' STILL OS JOR. Western Slntes Sales Airent Denies Itamor lie Is OnL The Register has a letter from Mr. E. R. Sinpletcn. former sales agent from the Tola Portland, but for two years actluR In the same capacity for Lcounty. Lairrence Officials Arc Pattln >7 IHm Thron^h EsafliinitHoi and lluy Prosctfnte. It certainly makes gooil reading the unvarying: expressions ofl ceming James Detk-.wlJo was given opinion con- tbe right-about In lola in his career of North Display son I that one of his vomen victims is from Tonganbxie, Douglas county, and t!beiie seems a chance that Delk, who is on the defensive, may be prosecuted. The Journal Thursday gave the follow! ig poorly written communication from Delk who has been Interrogated pretly closely by County Attorney Riling:! "In regards to Mrs. Ratliff. Mrs. Matliews and also Capt. Lyman, "I I noticed last evening In the Laurence dally Journal-World paper, that Mrs.'Ratliff still stands by her story witch Is a mystery to me. I want to say i have always found there Is two sides to every thing, her Statement Is that I Insulted her in Ottawa the first night we left Laurence., If her stated Lawrence and we are here to stay re-! —This is the last week for free trial gardless of all kickers faultfinders package of Conkey's Laying Tonic and and percicuters we never had had any connections with the Salvation Army but there are more religious organizations then one. I'm use to persicu Big Poultry Book. Howard. Call at Morris & Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Vogel came in tions a lie never hurts nobody but the I last night from Leavenworth where person that tells It but. the truth t they were married at the home of the scrapes to the bone. We will stay Yours for falling Immanity. "GE.N'ERAL .lAMES L. DELK, "Comraander-in-Chier, "830 Vermont street." devilment under the mast of religion. „^ ^„.=„^^ „ Tlie whole state of Kan sajs has been njcnt; Is true what made her go with fully Informed of hjs character and • nie to two or three different towns unless he can square, binisclf his days of easy money and luxuiU- are ended. Delk himself Is In I^awreiice where he may be prosecuted unless be makes a better case than he has y( t; From Hutchinson, h«ad of the Church of the Nazarene in Kansas, an emphatic repudiation oD Delk \ has been sent forth. Rev. Mr. ChBinbers says Delk once belongeil, but; "tn- aftpr|that» the only thing that I said to Mrs. Ratliff to offend her In any way was of her cutting up on the train, and her conduct was so I had to call her down at several different tlmesj I left them In lola with out my breakJTast and told them to get out and solicit the intire town for our work, now the Nazarine Revival mission is not Delk's mission but a mls- —You will find that druggists every where speak well of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. They know from long experience in the sale of it that in cases of 'coughs and colds it can always be deepnded upon, and that It Is pleasant and safe to take. For sale by all dealers. CAPITALIZI.>G THIEU CKI.VES. surged" and started a cHurch of his j slon that Is Incorporated and doing a the Western States cement company of Independnce. taking exception to an article toochlofr hJm In the Register of November 25. That Item told of a rumor that Mr. Stapleton was no Sheriff HRS Letter Repeating that the Dead Man WM an lolwi. Sheriff Hoover Kerr was let In on | the mystery of the Identity of the man found burned to death or murdered and afterward burned to conceal the crime near Lyons, In Rice Hft received a letter /from the Sheriff of Rice county this morning, inquiring if any of the lola Smiths had missed any relatives. The corpse was so badly burned that recognition was almost impos- longer stales manager for the West-j.slble, but a number of trinkets and em States, and Itlmated that the trade would rejoice as he had made business pick up for his company, presumably by cutting prices. Mr. Stapleton says that be is still { sales manager for the-Western States that he has every assurance <A continuing in that capacity, that he never cut priced but has sold with the approval of the men over him and that he is 'Willing to submit the quantity pf his sales as the best evidence whether or not he has made good. The statement that he-was'out wasj a bit of misinformation. That be has sold a lot of cement is testified to by all his competitors, and the Register bits of clothing were recovered and from these a man who employed man natned William or W. O. Smith thinks he identified the corpse. He It was who said he thought the man was Smith and that he had said that his relatives lived In or near lola. No trace had been found here up to today of any Smiths who might lie relatives of the dead man.' own. The Fort Scott papers say he held meetings on tSie street there and alternately -bfgged Wila nhused.' the public. He has talked tHere seyeral times and each time there, has been talk of running him out erf town. The I.awrence Journal had been devoting a lot of 3pace to, Delk for jrea* IT PAYS TO BE SX.VBT. Here Is the Anavrer to a •^Me» Pnx- xle That Won $100. The arrival of the Christmas num- _ _ , her of Life today ended an agony of certainly has no wish %or reason to I suspense among those who had puz- pnt him in a false light, and gladly I zled their brains over a puszle picture prints this explanation. MO\ET TO LOAX on all kinds of household goods or jewelry—anything of value. Bigus Pawn Shop. East Side Square. Office in Fruit Store. All transactions strictly confi- dentlaL • • MAJESTIC THE GREAT REN 6.$ THE.REAL TAVDEVILLE ABTIiSlTR-r-ALL WEEK ^- TONICHTS PROGRAM " MECHANICAL DOLL (Is it alive?) and COMEDY ACROBATIC ACT -.BABY DOTTIE-VAUDEVILLE'S YOUNGEST CHILD ARTIOT DOUGH MUGGING—BOYS' CONTEST A Big Laughing Show! Don't Miss It! ...... ^ _ ^ - - ^ 11 I I II :£Qtu-e Change of Program Each Night with the Ditest Pictures and Songs Admission ' * 1 - Kids 5c; Adults 10c printed some weeks ago. Life printed a picture of a New England winter 8cen& In the foreground was a good young Puritan, Bible under bis arm, presumably enroute to or from church. Before him, seated on a rock, was a dance hall fairy arrayed in A filmy gown and tights. She is looking pertly at him and the good brother, hands knotted about his Bible, stands gazing straight at her. feet paralyzed and a smile that lacks much of proper stem rebuke. $100 was offered for the best title to the picture and lolans. together with people from every city, fagged their brains for a solution. A man named Smith in San Francisco won the prize, bis Utle being: Ah, Brother Piety, which shall ltb«— "Onward, Christian Soldier," or "Abide With Me"? HORLIC Origiaal and fiin MALTED Thi Fotd-drink foriUI More beaUtfuI than Tea oil Coffee. Agnees with the weakest digotian. Dc&ioas. ioTigontmg and iiubitiou& Ridindk, malted gram, powder fonn. A qndc bach psepared la a mmulfe- aaivunuu Muiy. * aiso wam. xo TakeMldiriilate.ibklirHOKLICK'S. state that the Nazarine Revival mis- , . I • • sion Is in Topeka and has been there Ufnera tare nmifUtoniU. tor four| years. And we are here in legltltnate business and as far as me or an^ of my members believing In roorroonlsm or practicing it in any way Isl^ a new thing to me. And as for free Ipve the peojile that Is roasting me ml|;ht know something about free love but it Is some thing new to us. In regard to Capt Lyman's statement about Delk and the Nazarine Revival mission 1 want to say that 1 had James jLyman of Fort Scott Kans to help in,! the meeting here while I was gone we had him here Just on trial befor we would grant him comission papers.. I went to Fort Scott to Investigate his character and on arrival I found he had deserted has family and according to his wife's statement her and the chlldreu were in a destitute condition and was told By the police officers and Capt Teeters of the Salvation Army that Lyman was not any account and owed debts all over the cityl I came back here Saturday night about 11 o'clock and didnt get to have a. talk with Lyman until Sun- 'day afternoon and I told him the news from Fort Scott he then got mad an4 said he was going to Join the Salvation Army. I also want to UKIVCKT DAY FOB -PEG." lacked fa Jail 01 Old- Charge aad HouM Baraed. Peg Butler abonld write.down the (osrtb day of Deeember in the year ISll aa more mlachlevont In hla affairs than any eombinatlan of Fridayi and thirteen*. Teaterday he wai lock ed ap in the cotmty iatl to begin aerr- Ing lila sentence. Imposed nearly a year ago aad held np by an appeal to the inpreme coart on a technicality. And last night, on the evealng of his first day in prison, bis home in Bassett vas boned to the ground. Dulton ani Youniccr Start Out on ii •strictly Mornl" Lecture Tour. Tulsa Okla. Dec. 5.—fcinniett Dalton ex-convict and sole survivor of the Dalton gang famous In the Cof- feyvllle bank robbery, and Scout Younger of Tulsa, nephew of Cole Younger, of Northfleld .Vllnn., bank robbery fame, started on a lecture tour of the country tills week. They opened their engageraoiit In Memphis, Tenn.. today and will cover practically every state In the union. Their lecture will be strictly moral, Impressing the coming generation with the "follies of criminal life," and will be Illustrated with slides of prison life, and the famous "Scout Younger on the Texas border" moving pictures. bride yesterday. Mrs. Vogel was for- rnerly Miss Anna Reardon, of Leavenworth. Mr. Vogel Is a well known cigar maker of this city. idSdK^uld Hardly fed Me'dfcinesrEic.,. —^Most disease comes from germs. Kill the germs and you kill disease. Conkey's Nox-I-clde 4nlxes with water and kills the germs. For Poultrymen, Stockmen and Housekeepers. Guaran teed by Morris & Howard. $100 Reward. SIOO. Tba TMden o( tUs paper -wm te j/ttxa^ to team that Uura t> >t ieut one cUewini aisaue that tetcaee bMB been able to eon In «U Iw ttasea, and tlist (3 CManb. Ball's Catanb Cure la Uic only positive cure noT known to tbe meiilcal fntcmlly. Oiurrb > bdag a consUtoUoaal dbmse. r^uuea a carttlto- i iioaal ticalnwst. HiU's Utturl: r.V.ra .l3 taken It:- 1 tcraay. actios dlivtlly uixn tbe b>c >i4 aal raucous eurJacea o( the s:^ni, llx-tcby drstmyinc ijc i foundatlan of liw disease, and Rlrbisr »•<• pat.<oi. Btmvnh by bull^mc <-P tAe constitution and assmt- mte nature tn doluT He 'wnrlc Tli? pn>prl <.tor3 ^are so nach faith Jn Its curatlTe pr.Kcrc lP.^t tliey nCa One Ilcndnd Dollars tor nr.y exx tto: It lalla U eun. Send for ik» of t!a>tl.,.<>~ir.l!< -Artdrris K. J. ClfE.vt V Ac Li.':. Tj.jdi. O- SoU •r»'.iri,.e,.lsta.7.'«. 3urned and Itched Stand It. Tried Nearly3 Years. rn -E^mal Misery. Started Using Cutictjra Remedies. Now Has No Sign of Skin Disease. - . "Jfy troubles brjran afanj In tho ninuRfr. tn tho huiipxi wcatliur |in<l took the fonn' of small vruplWins an<l Itctihiff and s kind of smartinir pain. It took me mostly sU over my back snil kept Rftlin^ woraa until flnslly my back tvan covcrul witli n mans of pimples which wuulil burn and itch st nli;ht BO that I could hardly stand I(J This conilltioa kept getting worse and worse until my bscic was a solid mass of big lores which notUd break open and nil. ity tindeiclothlng would be a clot of blood. •' "I tritid vartous blood medicines and other, remedies and salves for. nearly three yetn ' and I was not gcttlni; any beneflt. It seemed I v.'Bs in eternal misery and could nof sleep ' on my bock 01 Icon back on a chair. I was ' Cna'.ly glrcn' a set of the Cuticura Remedies by my brother who recommended them to mc very bigblj. I started using tho Ci:ticura Remedies and inside of two weeks ' I could see and feel a great relief. I kept on using Cuticura Soap, Ointment and also • the Resolvent, and in about three or four rco:itus' time my back was nearly.cured and.'. I fslt like a nevr being. Now I am in good health and no sigii of any skin diseases and I am fully satisHed that Cuticura Bent-. cUies are the best ever made for skin diseases. I will always recommend them to anybody who will USD according to directions. I would not be without them." (Signed) AV.A. Armstrong,Corbm.Kan..May20,1911. For more than a gencratkm Cuticura Soap- and Ointment have afforded the most economical treatment for affections of the skin; and scalp of infants, children and adults. 1. Although gold by druggists and dealers throughout the world, a liberal sample ot- each, with 32-p. bcr.k on the sUn, wOl be . . sejit free, on application to Potter Drug A Chem. Corp., Dept. CT.\, BoatoiL In Qfll the new and correct styles of the season. AH we ask is to give us a look. Don't be deceived by someone telling you they will sell you goods at HALF WHAT THEY ARE WORTH, AT COST PRICE AND LESS. Now really, do thihH they will? Think it over! We show you good honest Dependable Suits at $7.50 to $30 Splendid Overcoats at . . . $7.50 to $25 t'veijything in this house is sold at close prices, and you ge\, a dollar's worth !|—' fl)r ai dollar spent We want your business — we also want your friendship 'Vi0 Home of Qwdltf.* •r-

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