Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on October 4, 1949 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 4, 1949
Page 4
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16 Oct. 3, 1949 Mason City Globe-Gazelle, Mason City, la. Midwest Livestock (MONDAY'S PRICKS) Albert Lea, Austin, Waterloo Minn. Minn. 25c lower 2> lower 25c lower 140-150 Ibs $1015 150-160 Ibs 512.75 $12'l5 ^0-"0 Ibs $13.75 SIS.15 S 13.75 170-180 Ibs $14.75 SIB 00 Sin.25 180-200 Ibs S17.00 180-190 Ibs $10.50 510.50 100-200 Ibs $17.50 $17.25< 190-220 Ibs $18.25 S18.50 SI8 25 220-240 Ibs $18.25 $18:50 S1H.25 240-270 Ibs $18.00 $18.00 S1S.OO 270-300 Ibs $17.50 $17.50 $17.50 300-330 Ibs $17.25 $17.00 S17.00 330-360 Ibs $16.50 $10.50 $1U.2S Good Packing Sows— 270-300 Ibs 517.25 $17.50 , $17.35 300-330 Ibs $17.25 $17.00 $17.00 330-360 Ibs $16.50 $10.25 $16.50 360-400 Ibs $15.50 $15.50 $1(5.00 400-450 Ibs $14.50 $14.75 S15.25 450-505 Ibs $13.50 $13.75 $14.50 500-550 Ibs $12.50 $12.50 $13.75 Cedar Rapids 2oc lower $16.00 $17.00 $18.25 $18.25 S18.00 $17.50 $17.00 $16.50 $17.25 $17.00 $16.50 S1U.OO $15.25 $14.50 $i:i.50 Hogs Lower; ' Cattle Higher Chicago, (/P)—Hogs started off steady to 50 cents a hundred lower Monday. Cattle were steady to 75 cents higher and sheep generally steady throughout. (USDA)—Salable hogs 10,0'JO; slow; butchers 25-50 cents, mostly 50 cents, lower; weights under 190 Ib. scarce and steady; sows steady to 25 cents lower; good and choice 220-280 Ib. butchers 19.50-20.00; top 20.00 for few loads choice 230-250 Ib. 200-220 Ib. $19.00-19.50; few 170-190 Ib. $18.00-19.00; good and choice sows under 350 Ibs. $18.50-19.25; 350-400 Ibs. $17.75(una.50; 425-500 Ibs. $16.50-17; > few odd heavier sows down to $16; good clearance. Salable cattle 11,000; salable calves 800; . untveri; slaughter steers and heifers steady to 75 cents higher; outlet broadest for steers and heifers grading •verage-good and better; cows steady to 25 cents higher; bulls 25-50 cents higher; vealers steady; top 34.50 for load high-choice 1,115 Ib. steers; several loads 33.75-34.00; bulk good and choice fed steers and yearlings 27.00-33.50; common to low-good kinds 17.00-20.50; load choice 975 Ib. heifers 31.00: 2 loads 30.50; most good and choice heifers 2G.OO-30.00; bulk common and medium rTeef cows 14.2516.50; good eows 17.00-18.50; canners nnd cutters 12.00-14.50; medium and good sausage bulls 17.50-18.25; vealers 28.00 down: stockers and feeders steady to • trong; medium to choice feeding steers *nd yearlings 19.00-24.50. Salable sheep 3,000; generally steady on all classes; top native lambs 23.75; load choice aopproximately 100 Ib. locally fed shorn lambs 24.00; most good and choice native lambs 23.00-23.75; choice Coloradps unsold, held well above 24.00; most slaughter ewes V.00-9.50. Grain Market Shows Strength Chicago, (/I 5 )—A strong market developed in grains on the board of trade Monday. The upturn was led by soybeans, which jumped more than 3 cents at times. Eastern commission houses were good buyers of beans. Wet weather in the midwest influenced both soy'oeans and corn. It was expected to delay completion of the soybean harvest and hinder the drying out of corn. Wheat closed g-2& higher, December $2.14^-2, corn was 1-i—1J higher, December $1.18f-J, oats were }- g higher December 673-J, rye was i-lj higher, December $1.47-1, soybeans were 2A-3A higher, November $2.31 J-J,~ and lard was 5 to 18 cents a hundred pounds higher, October $11.45. Chamber of Commerce to Elect Officers Clear Lake —Election oC officers j for the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce is on the agenda Cor the annual meeting to be held at Witke's cai'e Wednesday evening starting with dinner at 6:30. Present officers are A. W. Schultz, president; William Madsen, vice president, and Armour P u g h, Elmer Luscomb, Arnold Moeller P. E. Frettem and • Dr. George W. G e t z, Jr., directors. The latter, president of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, is a member ex officio. The nominating committee, M. A. Hintzmann, Mr. Pugh and Al Allen, have presented a sjate oL officers for the consideration of the membership. For the first time they are presenting a slate of 12 names for directors, C to be elected. It is -planned to have half of the G elected serve for years and half for one, making the board of directors hereafter a continuous body. The men nominated are A. D. Moeller and R. J. Galloway for president; F. C. Lovell, Jr., and Doctor Edward W. Day, vice president, and G. W. Atkins, Dr. Ecl- ward L. Chappell, Dr. W. H. Crumbaugh, T. J. F a rn a n, B. Dayton Merriman, M. J. "Charlie" Hockaday, C. A. Knutson, Roscoe Miller, Irving R. Morgan, Delbert Owen, Lester B. Schwiel- ert and Joe Weber for directors. Annual reports will be submitted and such other business transacted as comes up. Money (6 Loan 8 ANOTHER FARM LOAN BORROWER MADE HAPPY He phonel us on Saturday We immediately contacted our loan outlet farm was examined and security approved on Monday You can't beat this service Hugh M. Shepard Room 205 Bnctt nnd Tile Bids. 2U4 $20 to $300 Loans ASK MRS. SIMON 25 years friendly service. Hoom 321—Third Floor—First Nail. Bldg. Phone -112 Security Loan Co. Business Opportunities 18 a business Phone 812 or Write Kelly Chapman & Co. "Business Broilers" 31U N. Federal Hotel llanford Bldg. "BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY" It" you have a car and want a BUSINESS OF YOUR OWN no selling, protected territory, full or part time. I can show you how to make up to $50.00 pet 1 day on » .small invest- WRITE, UNIVERSAL . 'J'20 South Seventh St. La Crosse, Wisconsin Help Wtd., Female 21 WANTED—Waitress. Apply In person. Hollywood Cafe, 220 S. Federal. WANTED—Someone to care for elderly invalid lady in her modern home for one month. Write A-l, Globe-Gazette. LIVESTOCK FORECAST Chicago, (;F)— (USDA}— Estimated salable livestock receipts Tuesday: Hogs 10,000, 7,000 cattle and 2,000 sheep. Local Livestock HOGS MASON CITY—For Monday Twenty-five to 50 cents lower. Good light-lights 160-170 $13.00 Good light lights 170-180 S15.00 Good light lights 180-200 $17.00 Good med. weights 200-220 $18.25 Good med. weights 220-240 §18.25 Good med. weights 240-270 318.00 Good med. weights 270-300 $17.50 Good med. weights 300-330 $17.00 Good med. weights 330-360 $16.50 Good sows 270-300 S17.00 Good sows A. 300-330 S17.00 Good sows 330-360 $16.50 Good sows 360-400 $16.50 Good sows 400-450 $14.75 Good sows 450-500 $13.75 No hogs received after 5 p. m.—Jacob E. Decker & Sons. CATTLE MASON CITY—For Monday Choice steers and heifers ... S25.00-27.00 Good to choice steers and heifers $24.00-25.00 Good steers and heifers S23.00-24.00 Medium steers and heifers .. S21.00-23.00 Fair steers and heiiers S15.50-17.00 Plain steers and heifers .... S14.00-15.00 Choice cows $15.00-16.50 Good cows $14.00-15.00 Medium cows 513.00-14.00 Fair cows $13.00-14.00 Good bulls $15.00-17,50 Medium bulls S15.50-I3.00 Bologna bulls SlG.00-19.00 Canners and cutters S10.00-13.00 CALVES MASON CITY—For Monday Good to ch. veal. 160-220 Ibs. $25.00-20.00 Medium S13.00-20.00 Common $15.00-16.00 Culla 514.00 GENUINE SPRING LAMBS Good to choice $21.50 EWES Good to choice lights S7.00-B.OO Medium J5.00-6.00 .•MONDAY GRAIN CLOSE Chicago, (it'} — WHEAT— High Low Close Dec 2.H*u $2.l3'/o 2.Wi- 3 .a Mar 2.15' * 2.m'» 2.14% May ' 2.10 2.077i) 2.09''i- : !' J July l.OS'.a 1.90'i 1.03'a CORK— Dec l.iaTu 1.17',: ( I.WK-'^I Mar 1.21 7 ;. May 1.23 3 u 1.21 : !i 1.23'h July 1.22?« 1.22 1.22 7 a OATS— Dec GR liTa .G7 ; !4-To Mar .60 May G3 r ! « MC .K^s July .57!* RYE— Dec 1.47'i 1.45-'^ 1.47'4 May 1.52»a 1.50'.^ 1.52'^-li July 1.48'i 1.47 1.48>4 SOYBEANS— Nov 2.32!.1> 2.28^ 2.3ni-'i Dec 2.32 2.28'. •! 2.32-31M. Mai- 2.32 2.2B : <4 2.32-3l'/a May 2.29',4 2.26'A 2.29 LARD— Oct 11.47 n.:io 11.45 Nov 10.80 10.BO 10.75-77 Dec 10.1)0 10.67 10.90 Jan 10.85 10.75 10.80 Mar 10.90 New York Stocks By The Associated Tress Final Quotations Monday Am Crystal Sugar IG-i Am Tel & Tel 142J Anaconda Cop 20^ Armour & Co 6g Bendix Aviation 30 \ Bethlehem Steel 27 J Boeing Airplane 20 J Montgomery Ward fil N Y Central R R I Oil Radio Corp 12 Sears Roebuck 415 Sinclair Oil 23i Chrysler Corp 52.! Gen Electric 37 Gen Motors 63 Illinois Central 28S Int Harvester 27 Tnl Tel & Tel 9i Standard OH Jnd 53 Standard Oil N J 70[j U S Steel 23g Quick Service LOANS Furniture Signature AUTO COURTEOUS—CONFIDENTIAL U-N-I-T-E-D Financial Service "Family Finance Counsellors" 5',' 2 North Federal Phone 57 Over Ford Hopkins Drug Store CASH LOANS $25 to $300 On Your Own Signature Secured loans also made. Phone, write or come in. Loans also made to people livin in town? surrounding Mason City State Finance Co. A' Friendly Loan Service 201 Weir Bldg. Corner Federal and Stale 5 West Slate St. Phone 103 ANT TO CONTACT party wishing to enter the feed business or expand resent business to handle a quality nc of feed in Northern Iowa towns. A ood proposition to the right party. Write 1. II. liaines, Charles City, Iowa. GROCERY STORE, FIXTURES . AND STOCK One of the two that carry meats in town. 1400 population. 2'lxllO brick building, Full basement. with ;i long lease. A Bood ^pot for a super market. JOE MOSBRUCKER AGENCY Belmond, Iowa MAKE EASY MONEY—Spare time. Pin- esl line name imprinted Christmas cards 50 tor $1 and others. 45 bargain assortments—plastic cards, stationery, gifts—up to 1003. profit. Write for 21 card i leader on approval. (Tree otter and free portfolios. Dept. UU. Siiyer Swan Studios. 320 Firth Ave., N Y AMAZING! We guarantee you ¥50 for selling 100 boxes 21 for SI Xmas cards. Also 50 and 25 for SI with name" on. Napkins and stationery. Costs nothing to try. Samples on approval. MERIT, 370 Plane Street, D. 104, Newark 2. N. J. Services Offered 27 Rent Cars, Trucks "DRIVE-'UR-SELF" Lane Bros., Inc. 801 S. Federal Ave. Phone 447 WANTED — Housekeeper; middle aged woman. Call 2C99-J after 0 p. m. WANTED—Woman to care for 2 children. H:30 to 0, 0 days. Phone 1159-W. HOW TO MAKE BIG MONEY AT HOME. $5 hour, spare, full time, Bronzing Baby Shoes. Write K1KTAV1, 2111C W. Manchester, Los Angeles 47. 20 WANTED — Young man with chauffeur's license to drive pickup truck. Apply iiarninKS. 212 So. Fed. WANTED Woman to Work in Our Hardware Dept. Salary plus commission. Sec- Mr. Klopp between 9 and 12. Montgomery Ward Authorized Maytag Sales and Service CALL 162 Pickup and Delivery Service Home Appliance Co 201-03 S. Federal Phone 162 WANTED—Chair caning. Phone 368. MAN with car wanted for route; work. $15 to ?20 in a day. No experience or capital required. Steady. Write today. Mr. Sharp, 120 East Clark Street, Freeport, Illinois. RESPONSIBLE MAN with car wanted by old reliable company to call on fanners in Cerro Gordo county. A real inoney-makint! opportunity — your own s.s—dictate your own hours—permanent. No experience or capital required. Write iMcCONNON & COMPANY, Dcpt. BP 12, Winona, Minnesota. <^ MAKE $20 a day! Sell Staybrlght Brass Name Plates for front doors. Write Ilubstamp, 355-F Congress, Boston, Mass. WANTED WAITRESS Apply in Person at the LEGIONNAIRE CLUB 317 No. Federal WANTED—Housekeeping job. Write W-l Globe-Gazette. Houses for Sol* 35 OR SALE—Good income property. Good location. Write L-27, c/o Globe-Gazette. OR SALE—3 room mod. house, S. Carolina. $2,500.00 down, bal. like rent, ihower, stool In basement. Write B-30, /o Globe-Gazette. NEW 2 BEDROOM FULL BASEMENT 1000.00 down, $45.00 per mo. Vets $400.00 down. Built on your lot or ours. Ready efore Christmas. Order NOW. Balsam vool insulated, 30 gal. wat. hlr., flush birth doors, picture window, screens and tonns, oak firs.; convenient kitch.. dec. o suit. Best construct.—not prefabricated, not precut. Other styles at new reduced prices. Call for free information. STODDARD CONSTRUCTION CO. Phone 5622-W Days or Evenings JUST LISTED! 3 BEDROOM ALL MOD. HOME! Newly decorated, all Insulated, garage and gas heat. This home is ccntralry located. Just 3 blocks west of Hanford Hotel! $10,500. OLESON CO. 211,5853-W Photo Listings 3568-W FOR SALE—By owner, nearly new house. 4 mis. and bath, gas heat, on pavement and in Roosevelt district. Phone 6035-1?. Authorized Packard Service H&H Motors 12 Seventh St. S. E. Help Female 23 Instruction 28 COMPLETE your high school at liome in spare furnished. time. No Diploma. classes. Write All texts American F. H. A. LOANS for house repairs at th United Home Bank & Trust Co. LOCAL opening, energetic man. Sell manufacturers designed farm shoes direct to farmers. Good commission. High earnings. Extensive repeat:;. Give all details first letter, phone number. Write Box B-3, c/o Globe Gazette. Will Be Hiring^Men Next Week ANDREWS CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO. 620 N. Massachusetts Mason City Grain At 10 a. in. Monday Oats, No. 2 56c Corn, No. 2 yellow, 10 days $1.07 Corn, Dec. 15 Soybeans, 10 day "Wesley —Ruth Hauplman began nurse's training at St. Ann's hospital. Algona. She had previous training at Aberdeen, S. Dak. 90c S2.ll SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK South St. Paul, (U.R) — (USDA) — Livestock: • Cattle 10,000. Mostly western grass cattle; stockers, feeders 50 per cent of run; cows 35 per cent. Not more than 2 per cent good-choice grainfed slaughter steers, heifers. Market active all slaughter steers, heifers, strong to 50c higher than last week close. Load choice 1,129 Ib. steers 31, choice 1,309 Ibs. 30.50. Good-choice steers, yearlings 26-30, few medium shortfeds 23-25, medium grass slaughter steers 19-22.50, common 16-18. Good-choice heifers 25.50-28, medium shortfeds 22.50-24, medium grassers 1821.50, common 15.50-17.50, canner-cutter- cutters. Bulk good cows 1G-1G.50. good westerns 17, common-medium 14-15.50, canners-cutters 11-13.50. Bulls steady, food beef and sausage bulls 17-17.50, medium 1C-10.50, cutter-common 13-15.50. Stocker-feeders active, SOc higher. Choice yearling steers 23.50, good 21-22, medium stockers 18.50-20.50, common 16-17. Good- choice stock heifers 18.50-21, medium 1718. Dairy cows steady. Calves 2,000. Vealers $1 lower, slaughter calves steady. Good-choice vealers •>3-->6 common-medium lfi-22, culls J3-15. cood-choice slaughter calves 18-20, common-medium 15-17, culls 11-14. Hogs 9,000. Good-choice 200-270 Ib. barrows, gilts 18.75-19 were 15-25c lower Good-choice sows 330 Ibs. down 25c lower at 17.75. Average cost, weight, Friday Barrows, gilts 18.80, 209 Ibs.; sows 17 24 307 Ibs; Saturday: Barrows, gilts 18 81 198 Ibs, sows 17, 397 Ibs.; for week: Barrows, gilts 19-11, 209 Ibs., sows 17.40, 375 Ibs.; for month: Barrows, gilts 20.11, •Z07 Ibs., so%vs 18.13, 372 Ibs. Sheep 5,500. Salable supply around C.- 200 mixed, including 1.600 carryover. Receipts Include about 8 ears western ewes, about 3,000 killers. Market not established. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Monday's" Market) Chicago, (ff-j—Wheat: No. 3 red $2.00: No. 4, $2.04 1 /i'S'05 1 /;!: No. 2 yellow hard $2.10. Corn: No. 1 yellow $1.35@3G',i; No. 2. $1.33Vi<S3G; No. 3, $1.32 1 /a@35; No. 4, $l.2Gfi33; No. 5, $1.25«i30; sample grade $1.15ft | 22. Oats: Sample grade medium heavy mixed 6G^i No. 1 heavy white 70 1 /2<3 : 5'i: No. 2 heavy white 71: No. 2 white 67'/.i©60'/a: No. 3 medium heavy white 6G 3 ,4; sample grade heavy white Gft. Barley, nominal: Malting $l.20«:62; feed 90 cents to $1.22. Soybeans, none. Stock Prices Edge Higher New York, (fP) — Prices edged higher Monday in a moderately active stock market. Trading was at the rate oL around 800,000 shares. The upturn came late in the day after the market had ambled along quietly in a narrow range. Gains were around a point a the most among the leaders, anc at the same time there were some losses of an equal amount. Mos of the movement was in a fractional range. Death Notices 1 •CIBE, O. A., 72. o£ 320 3rd N. W.. died at a local hospital Monday morning, ollowing a severe heart attack. Funeral ervices will be held at the Major Mc- norial chapel Wednesday at 2:30 p. m., vith Doctor Lloyd A. Gustafson. pastor of the First Methodist church, officiating. The Major funeral home in charge. Funeral Director COLONIAL Funeral Home. Formerly Meyer's. "The Home pE Thoughtful Service." Ambulance service. Ph. 1503. MAJOR FUNERAL Home. Phone 511. "Major Service Meets Your Need." Ambulance. McAULEY & SON Funeral Home. A distinguished, dignified funeral service. Ambulance. 8 South Adams. Call 051. PATTERSON-J A M F, S Funeral Home. Known for service. Ambulance oxygen equipped. 322 N. Washington. Ph. 1140. Cemeteries A3 See MID-WEST MEMORIAL CO. tor Rainbow Granites Mausoleums, Monuments, Markers Display nnd office rooms at 1B09 South Federal Ave. Phone 1450. A C. "AL" KLUCK BERT LIEUWEN CASH LOANS available now No delay. Lowest rates. INSTALLMENT LOAN DEPT. First National Bank MASON CITY, IOWA •HELP WANTED POULTRY AND EGG ROUTE • MAN EGG CANDLERS and CHICKEN PICKERS Apply in person. No phone calls. ZANIOS PRODUCE CO. 621 Sixth S. W. NEEDED! Man or woman at once to take care of established customers in city of Mason City for famous Watkins products. Average $45 weekly incoine. No investment. Write J. K. Watkins Co., D-52, Winona. Minn. Schools. Box 205. Sioux Falls, S. Dak. Business Locations 30 FOR SALE — Building with 4 lots on Central Ave.. Nortnwood. T. W. Gilpin, Northwood, Iowa. .$250 INCOME PROPERTY FOR SALE Contains C-apts. 5 baths, priv. entrances. Gas heat. Fireplace in own apt. Located on N. Carolina. Bus, store and school are close. . . . $16,500. . . . Terms available. OLESON CO. 211,5853-W Photo Listings 35(ja-W $6850 Here is a bargain in a 2 bedroom modern bungalow, N. E. section. Convenient dinette off kitchen, hardwood firs, throughout; garage. J. B. YOUNGBLOOD & SON Realtors . FOR RENT Warehouse and Storage ON TRACKAGE 4,000 SQ. FT. Phone 1335 Rooms tor Rent 32 FOR SALE—Purebred Brown Swiss bull. Victor Vansleenburg. IVa mi. so. Manly. FOR RENT — Slpe. room, gentleman. Auto, heat, hot, soft water. 1142 N. Jef. FOR RENT—2 rm. turn. apt. for 2 working girls, or will share with working Kirl. 227 4th St. N. W. LOANS LOANS Need Quick Cash. Special invitation to you. We Invite You to Borrow "Money in Minutes" at Federal Discount Corporation 19i N. Federal Ave. Phone 516 Confidential Service in Our Private Consultation Room WANTED—Service salesman and shop supervisor for auto parts, accessories and tire store. Prefer man between 30 and 45 years of age. Must be good salesman and be capable of supervising shop operations. Very good starting salary and a good -future for the right man. Apply by letter, giving full details, to Frank J. En- 309 1st Nat'l. Bank Salesmen 25 FOR RENT—Small, newly turn. Klpg. rm Gentleman. Forest Park. 812 First N. W TAILORING salesmen to sell Made-to- Mensure shirts at popular prices. 100% "Square Deal" Guarantee. You'll sell more suits. Established 1924. Write today. Brohard "Good Shirts," Dcpt. K, Cincinnati, Ohio. LOND NEEDED INVENTION. Established Company. Every home, factory, store, farm a prospect. Low price, long profit. Exclusive. Fine outfit. No deposit. Information sent airmail. Write: Red Comet, Inc., Dept. 119, Littleton, Colo. Seeds, Feeds 17 NEW YORK PRODUCE New York, (/PJ—Butter (2 days receipts) 464.195, steady. Wholesale prices on bulk cartons. Creamery higher than 92 score (AA> 62'/2 cents. 92 score (A) Gl^i-GZ; 90 score (Bi 59Vi; 89 score (C) 55!b. Cheese (2 days receipts) 291.G4G. steady. Wholesale sales, fresh American cheese (whole milk): Cheddars 34" < -34',b cents. Cheddars (grass 1948) 4G-50. Cheddars (grass 1948) shelf cured 51-52. Single daisies 3G',j-37',i. Single daisies (grass 1948) 40-50. Single dairies (grass 1948) shelf cured 51-52. Single daisies (June 1949) 40. Flats 3G-27. Flats Uune 1949) 38-39. Flats (grass 1948 48-55. Flats (grass 1948) shelf cured 49-55. Midgets (June 1949) 41. Midgets (grass 19481 50. Midgets (grass 1940) shelf cured 50-53. Processed 5 Ibs. 35-:fl','i. Domestic Swiss (single tubs) best 47 1 i-49 others 42-45. Eggs (2 days receipta) 20.172. easy. New York spot quotations follow: Midwestern: .. Mixed Fancy heavywieghts GO-fil; extra 1 large 58-59; extra 1 medium 47; extra 2 medium 4G-4G'/2: current receipts 51-52; dirties 47',i: checks 44; pullets 39'/j-40',i. Personals REST HOME for the ill or aged. Also can arrange for elderly couple's care. 104 Gth St. S. W. Phone 4632. HAVEN'T you tried it? Get a thrill! Clean that soiled rug with Finn Foam. Damon's. FOR SALE—Master Line all Bteel corn cribs or bins. See them at 508 S Federal. Iowa Master Breeders. Business Opportunities 18 FOR SALE In downtown Rochester, Minn., CAFE AND 3.2 BEER PLACE Doing a large volume of business. Open 7 days per week. Write > FRATZKE 'REALTY CO. 114 North Broadway Rochester, Minnesota Sales Opportunity An interesting, profitable career is open to the right young man selling Norge Homo Appliances and other top lines we handle. Must be of good character, able to meet the public and have car. Mason City and near vicinity territory. Attractive compensation, nationally and locally advertised products, thorough training program, sales helps and plenty of lends. Consistent worker is assured a good income. Sec Mr. Makeevcr DAMON'S APPLIANCE CENTER BUILD YOUR OWN BUSINESS—Sell nationally known cushioned sole CHARLES CHESTER shoes direct from our factory established 1876. Complete lino for entire family. Full time or side line. Advance commission up to S2.50 per pair plus generous monthly cash bonus. Samples and equipment free lo producers. CHAS. CHESTER SHOE CO. 142 Chester Bldg.. Brockton, Mass. Produce {Q«8t»tion» by E. G. Worst) At 10 a. m. Monday 40C 25o 22c 18c 12c ' Oc Eggs, No. 1 EggS, NO, 2 ........ •:•; Eggs, pullet ... r .Heavy hens Leghorn hens Springs, heavy breeds Springs, Leghorns Old cocks, heavy breeds ... Leghorn cocks :«• • Eggs, at retail Butter, Corn Country Butter, Iowa State Brand. CHICAGO POTATOES rhte»i» (/n—(USDA)—Potatoes: Arrival* 384 on track 512; total U. S. shipJnenti: Friday C/48. Saturday 341, and Sunday 27. Supplies moderate, demand light market firm for best stock; Colorado Red McClure 83.25: Idaho Russet Burbanks •363-75: ftlnncsota-North Dakota Red fit'vcr Valley Bliss Triumphs and Red Warbaa 13.40-60, washed. Washing" iu«et Burbanks $3.(»; Wisconsin Bliss Triumphs $340-65. CHICAGO PRODUCE (Monday's Market) Chicago, (if)— (USDA)— Live poultry: steady; Receipts 20 trucks: prices unchanged; i"OB: Fowi 24-2G; Leghorn fowl 22; •oasters 23-20; fryers 2G-30; broilers ">~27; old roosters 20; FOB wholesale mnrcet: Ducklings 34. Butter steady; receipts 12 days) 915,981; prices unchanged; 33 score A A 01.75; 02 A B1.5; 90 B 50; 80 C 54; cars: 90 B 59.75; 8D C 55. Rgs weak: receipts (2 days) 9.550: prices unchanged except a cent n dozen lower on top grade; U. S. extras 57; U. standards 4R-50: current receipts 47: dirties 40; checks 30.r>. Nu 49-55c 67-68c 68-69C LEAVING for Calif. Sat. morning. Oct. a. Room Cor 2. Call the Will Tinkcy residence, Alexander, Iowa. ARMY OFFICER wants ride or will drive your car to San Francisco. To arrive no later than Oct. 25. Ph. 291-W, Clear Luke. Lost, Found LOST — Small white and black Wire Hnired Terrier. Reward. Ph. 2375-W. LOST—Bunch of keys near Congregational church. Reward. Phone 404. LOST—Model airplane with fia.s motor, Forest park vicinity. Reward. 11:10 4th S. W. Phone 414,'i. LOST — Saturday, on hi-way 6f>, B miles north of M.-iK-n, City, near junction or Plymouth rnad. Runny sack containing few potatoes, 1 dark grey jacket and 1 leather jacket with D. F. L.. Il.uvaii Alaska, painted. on back. Cnl. Donald F Lcc. Nashua, Inwa. LOST— Between Rlh St. S. K. and Stanloi hotel, man's ^rcen jacket, si/.c 41!. Ke- ward. Call 2449- W or 24B3-W. Protection Compulsory Boston, (U.R)—Compulsory accident insurance with coverage xtp lo $500 will be effective at Boston College in 1950. The cost, $12 a year, will be added to each student's tuition bill. Rhode Island Unique Providence, R. L. (U.R)—Rhode Island is the only stale in the nation that celebrates Victory Day as a legal holiday to commemorate the ending of World war II on Aug. 14. LOST—Sat. night, set of keys in leather key holder between llanford hole and Cecil theater. If found call 2900. Money to Loan MONEY When You Need 20 to $300 t Apply at Household Finance for a loan on your salary, car or furniture without endorsers. Repay in convenient monthly instalments HFC's service is prompt . . there's no delay. Phone or come in today. Household Finance Corporation 117.J N. Federal Avo. Ovor Green Mill Cufc PHONE 541 GROCERIES lave two business buys, each in 00 pop. town, one 40 mi. east VI. C,. the other 40 mi west. Both re doing over $70,000 a year, 'riced $4000 and $5500 and inv. vith terms. CAFE S T car M. C. in 1000 pop. town, •cally well equipped and doing ;ood business, swell mod. apart- nent to live in, rent is reasonable, jricccl at $5000—only $3000 down. TAVERNS -lave several in good N. C. Iowa owns, from $4000 to $14,000. Better look these over before you buy. IT PAYS TO SEE FLANAGAN REALTY TO BUY OR SELL On East Main St., Belmond, Iowa Phone 263 WANTED—Cnrpcntci-s. Kopoi't to Lahor temple office, 13»,' a N. Federal. Ph. 1)39. WANTED—Young man for clerking. No exp. nee. Apply in person, Engler Drug. MECHANIC 44 hour week with opportunity for advancement, g r o u p insurance, paid vacation. Apply in person to Joe Poustcr INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CO. Salesman Wanted To contact established retail ac- counls selling Drug Sundries from new truck. $200 month guarantee. Splendid opportunity for man thai can qualify. •" Contact at once. FORT DODGE PAPER CO. Third Central Fort Dodge, Iowa FOR RENT—Sleeping rooms, single anc twin beds. 22 N. Jefferson. TOR RENT—Nicely furn. slpg. room fo: employed couple or 2 girls. Cooking privileges if desired. Phone 4324-J. FOR RENT—2 sleeping rooms and on stall garage. 812 N. Wash. Ph. 973. $5800.00—Terms Cozy little three room modern bungalow, double corner lot, Southeast. C. I. SNYDER CO. 18 First St. S. E. Phone 404 FOR SALE FINE 2 Bedrm. Bungalow Cleverly planned, beautifully decorated. jas forced air furnace, full dry basement, high lot, located close to school. Price §12,500. JIM ANDERSON South Fourth Clear Lake FOR SALE $2500—New 2 rm. bungalow, insulated, lights, $400 down, bal. $25 a month. N. E., section. $2800—One 2 rm. cottage and one 4 rm. cottage on 4 lots, S. E. sect. 20 room hotel, gas heat, all new equipment, fine business, selling on account of sickness. DAVE RYAN, Realtor Phone 827 FOR RENT — Pleasant slpg. rm., part. Hot water. Phone 1772- W. S. E. FOR RENT — Pleasant sleeping room, close in, gents, pref. Ph. 5259-J FOR RENT—Room for 1 or 2. 805 N. Fed. FOR RENT—Light hskpg. rm., elderly lady only. Phone 2366-W. Apts. for Rent 33 FOR RENT—Nicely £urn. 4 rm. apt. to May 1st. Adults. Refs. required. See J. B. Youngblood. Ph. 1247. FOR RENT— Rm. and kitchenette city heat. 203 2nd S. E. apt., Houses for Rent OPEN FOR INSPECTION 712 Sixteenth St. N. E. New2Bedrm. Home Low rambling type, forced air gas heat. ASSOCIATED BUILDERS 309 First National.Bank Bldg. 34 TERMS Close in. partly modem 4 room house, paving, $3500. Close in. partly modern 5 room house, paving. Part can be rented out. $4500. 4 room partly modern house $2,500. TERMS GUILD REAL ESTATE 34 Second N. E. < Phone 867 or 1589 Services Offered 27 WANTED — Washings, ironings. 3195-W. Specials every week. Call HAND LAUNDERING and stretching curtains. 35c pnnel. Will pick up and deliver. Ph. 5521-W. WILT, do all :!125-LW. types of sewing. Phone MAN wants shrubbery trimming, lawn raking or odd jobs. Ph. 3214-J. MIRRORS resllverefl. Guaranteed. Mack- els. 417 2nd St. N W Ph 792. WILL care for small children by the week. Phone (5039-W, FOR SALE WELL ESTABLISHED -IMPLEMENT BUSINESS In n Rood Northon*'. Iowa county scat town. Have three of the best lines of arm machinery. Stock and equipment •it net inventory. Buildings and lots can be purchased or leased. Reason for selling, owner retirlnc. WRITE B-27, GLOBE-GAZETTE WANTED—Steady man, on farm willing to work. Mod. separate house. Atzbaugh Poultry Farm, Ph. 310-J. Hampton. WE HAVE POSITION OPEN FOR A MAN IN Tire Service Dept. Musi, have sales ability and tire service experience. Above average .salary- Paid vacations. Apply in person. Firestone Store MASON CITY, FOWA SEWING machine repairing and rebuilding—all makes, parts and supplies Mnson City Appliance store. 21 1 S. Federal. Phone 1 103. WALLPAPER hanging Phone 3441-W. is our business. ASHES and rubbish nauled: basements cleaned, Call 3125-R. Help Wtd., Female 21 GET into America's fastest growing and healthiest industry. In 2 days tiinc, our experts set-up your route of 20 new multiple hot. nut coin-operated" merchandisers. Earn a family-si/e Income in <> hours weekly, light, pleasant spare time work. Imnicdlnu? cash investment of $1.7!H).flO required. Investment can Ue retired in a inntter of months. Large scale expansion clc-flnitely possible out nf profits. This is n business with n positive future, regardless of conditions. Write Immediately for personal interview with factory representative lo VEND-RITE SALES, 11)52 W. Division St., Chicago 22, III., giving phone number. ro BUY OR SELL A BUSINESS CALL KAASON CITY 2128 r.roi-cvics, Tavn'its. Taverns-pool. fiuUc Oil. Cnfos Ten Cream Bjir. Dnirlr---. Creameries, Hotels. Auto A«i'i>eifs, others. PHILLIPS-GRAY CO. WANTED—Dictaphone operator. -Steady employment. Pleasant surrounding. Fle- plics strictly confidential. Write F-:iO. c/o Globc-Ga7.cttc. WANTED Experienced Bookkeeper WINDOW GLASS Get ready for cold weather now Sec Cook's for glass replacements. WINDOW GLASS PLATE GLASS Cook Paint & Varnish FOR RENT—MODERN INSULATED SO. LAKESHORE COTTAGE Gas heat. Fireplace. Hot water. Garage. PHONE 5181, MANLY FOR RENT—2 bedrm. mod. furn. house. S. Shore, C. Lake. Immediate j>oss. Phone 1335. s FOR RENT — Working lady will share home. Write N-l, Globe-Gazette. WILL SHARE small house on farm with couple for winter. Write L-l, Globe- Gazette. Houses tot Safe 35 FOR SALE — Income properties. Guild Real Estate. Ph. fiS7 or 1589. Cottages A35 SALE—Desirable 2 bedroom cottage. Nice view of lake, and easy access across large public approach. L shape living room and dining room. Kitchen. Gas heat. Nicely furnished. Immediate possession. $3.150. Stuart Realtors, C. L,, FOR RENT—Mod., nicely furn. winterized cottage. No. Shore. Ph. 751-W, Clear Lake. 711 Walnut St. FOR SALE—Attractive Lakeshore bungalow, deep lot. Completely furnished. This recently built 2 bedroom cottage is located on an ideal sand beach. Buy now at a savings. Stuart Realtors, Clear Lake, Iowa. Lots for Sale 36 FOR SALE—3 lots in N. W. part. Call at 1G09 N. Delaware. FOR SALE—5 rms.. 1 slory mod. except tub. Paving $4,200 cash. Guild Henl Estate. Ph. 8G7 or 1580. FOR SALE—House trailer. Look it over. Make an offer. Sec Alvln Nelson, 2nd house W. of Clear Lake football field. FOR REAL estate consult C. R. Brown, realtor. Selling homes is our specialty. FOR SALE—4 room gas heated bungalow. Price, 58,000. See Guild or Phono 867 or 1589. FOR SALE—Very well built 2-story Clear Lake home on an excellent close-in corner lot. Ideal for family or could easily be convened to income use. Call for Appointment. Stuart Realtors, Clear Lake, Iowa. FOR SALE—Small bungalow in Oak wood Park, Z fine lots, on highway, pas heat, year round. $4,730. Stuart Realtors. Clear Lake, Iowa. Farms for Sale 39 FOR SALE—Several good farms that small down payments will handle. March 1st poss. Jim Anderson, C. L. FOR SALE—At a bargain to settle estate. Two well improved farms consisting of 200 and 240 A. Both close to town on good roads. See George Kllcn or Melvin Thompson, Lake Mills, Iowa. FOR SALE—138 acre farm, 7 room house, large barn, R. E. A. $130.00 per acre. T. W. Gilpin, Northwood, Iowa. 118 S. Federal Phone 1017 OEGEN hordwood floor service Laying sanding Ph 1672. OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service ZENOR'S Over Wholesale 35 Mouse WRITE P. O. BOX 224 Sou'.!; Federal J\!.v,on Ci'y Wanted-Cashier & Coat Check Gir Apply in person only. Positively no phone calls. Legionnaire Club, 317 N. Federal WANTED -- Ifoiisckn-prr In mothcrrli^s modern f.'inn home; only father nnd son. Wonderful plare fm 1 ^onu'uno. For Interview see Mrs. Henry Hull, 3(H 1st N. K. WANTED—Houscket'piiij :?<), Globe Gazette. work. Write W- WANTED—Spray painting, farm and commercial bldfis. No job too small or large. All work euar. Ralph Wnchsman, Ph. 4455-M. WANTED. Carpenter Work New Construction KemoclehnR. Cnmnei Work Let uj< hptp vi>u olan vour hnm»> Prop "il Imnte* FLOVD V BKUCIi lii'O S t j ic>l<leni t'hone itllh-l,VV REMODELING—All kinds. F. II. A. fl- nanclnR. Free ostimntcs. Sloddnrd Construction Co, Cull 5G22-W days or ovcs. KOR SALE—Attrncrrve 24x30 ft, bungalow, $2,833, erected on your foundation Also other sizes. Free del. 100 miles. Exceed F.H.A. and city codes. Not n prefab, Good dry lumber. For complete information on what these houses are and what they include, write for our folder or call the Fahning Supply Co.. Watorvilic, Minn. Open « lo f>. No Sunday SPECIAL Central Wisconsin FARM BARGAINS Beautiful 30 A. farm all equipped with personal property. Large hip roof basement barn. Electricity. Far-mail tractor and other equipment. school. once. Only H miles from high Only $11,000 if taken at FOR SALE—New 1949 23 ft. Roger trailer coach. S2(H) discount for quick sale. Come—no phone. Greyhound Service, Clarion. Iowa. FOR SALE—Mod. 3 bedrm. home. Close in, S. E. Stoker heal. Dbl. gar. Auto, water heater. Corner lot. §8,000.00. W. L. Patlon, 10!) E. State Street. FOR SALE—3 bedrm. Forest Park home. Gas hot water heat. Tiled kitchen. Breakfast rm. Gar. W. L. Patlon, Jv." E. State Street. i FOR SALE—7 rm. mod. home. Near Holy Family school. Conl furnace. Fire place. Onk firs, downstairs. $11,000.00. W. L. Patton. 109 E. State Street. FOR SALE—Duplex in good location. Ensy terms, smnll down payment to right party. Gazette. Write A-30, c/o Globe- 1GO acre farm for only $1G,000 with nice line of personal property. Must be sold at once because of sickness. Other good farm bargains in Central Wisconsin's Dairyland. For more information write or call PALMER VINGER AGENCY Greenwood, Wisconsin FOR SALE—New and used house trailers. S. Broadway Trailer Sales. 'Albert Lea. VET'S RESALE Owner coins to Now Jersey. Someone Is tfolng 1o buy this •2 YEAR OLD BUNGALOW for only $11100, with Irrms of PlflrlO down nnd S45.0U per mondi. GH* hv:\\, .nil mod., closn to Highland M'hool, 2 bcrlronnv-. innncdlnluly. OLESON CO. 2:t, 58S3-W Pholo Listing* SJCiH-W FARMS for sale by owner Reasonably priced Easy terms Sam Raizes. GOOD LIVING This nice 80 acres is 5 mi SE of Meservey; has good 6 room house, full basement, elec, and water in all bldgs., 32x36 barn with 12 ft. lean, 24x25 crib, 24x28 henhouse, double garage, hoghouse 16x24, cement feed floors, all -buildings arc in best' of repair, soil is the best, 2 school buses by door. Priced lo sell. TO BUY OR SELL IT PAYS TO SEE FLANAGAN REALTY On East Mnin St., Belmond, Iowa Phone 263

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