Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 27, 1954 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1954
Page 4
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i MOM IT A*, MOM, A tit AM I At Somrday, Febfuoiy ^ CLASSIFIED ' Ad* Must He In Office Day Before FubUeatUfft „-.. A* Af* foyabt* l« I But Adi WKI 9e Accepted ,U telephone And Aceomo- Atouhti Allowed With Tht **difttf th« Account I* Pay* Wttfi State*** Is Renewed. n« Thi-M m j* .60 Utt MO- *•<» «» ,78 1.60 2.50 7.60 R ™.- M UO 8.00 8.00 i i,(» a.io i.5o, 10.60 I'- 1,20 140 4.00 r 12.00 vw l.M 3.70 4.60 11.80 6 f M 1.60 1.00 1.00 11.00 DISPLAY Tlmt M——— We per Inch ei ................. We per Inch 60c per Inch M quottd obovt era for eon- Insertlont. Irregular or skip, ; wfll take the one-day, rote. II-dolly classified advertising copy (if>Jbe, accepted until 5 p.m. for ttort tho following day. publisher! raserve the right to or edit all advertisement* of' .... fdr publication and to refect S f objectionable advertising eub- nA " *• Inltl'oU' ot en* or more «letter*, Jtips or figure* such ai hbUei f telephone hutnben count a« 6ne TNi'-'Hope Star will not be rwpwv. ' Lfof efror* In Want Ad* unlen J ore-colled to our attention Iff FIRST Jniertlon of ad., and "K for? ONLY the ONE Incorrect "PHONE 7-343) 3 ROOM unfurnished apartment. Private bath & entrance. Apply 412 North Main. 28'3t 2 ROOM unfurnished apartment with all bills paid. 620 East Third Phone t-3644. 25-3t 2 ROOM furnished apartment with private entrance, Electric refrJ* gerator and washing machine. Utilities paid. Phone 7-3193. 25*3t FURNISHED 6 room house. Middlebrooks Grocery Phone 73791. 27-3t 3 EA Gravel, washed, and road gravel. Soil and masonary sand available Phone 7-2959, Jesse Sinclair. Feb. 11-lMo. I0PE STAR Hope 1««9; Pr«. If27 January 18, m» "every Weekday afternoon by AR PUBLISHING CO. fc Palmer, President 'H. Washburn, Secy-Tre*. Ttie S»or Building • . 4' South Walnut Street, . 'rHepe, Arkort»o» * ' *."H Wothburn, Editor & Publlthet ejll'H.' Jonoi, Mar.oglng Editor ;w:"HQ«m«r y M«eh. Supt, avi*. Aav&tiiing Manager nteredat second clan matter at ",Pott~.Office at Hope, Arkansas, e'M-oi Morch 3, 1897. wr '»t the 1 Audit Bureau «t ' Circulation! iihiicrlptlon Rotes (payable ln*ad- r' in Hop* and nelghbor- ' ' ' ,/L'.,,.i J3,00 i i, Hempiteod, Nevada, /araV and Miller coun- ...„. .89 ... 1.60 2.60 .... 4.50 BUY Certified Black Diamond watermelon seed direct from grower. $1.75 per Ib. prepaid. Packed in 1, 5, and 10 Ib. bpgs Bill Boston, Longdale, Oklahoma. Feb. 24.-121 nm rnan — , „ ' 3.25 ijtft., ,„:..,'.., , o.SO wr-fj.,..,..'...r,.. t 13.00 F;Adv»rtl»lng Representatives: i^DaHilet, Inc.; 1602 Sterick B., ' Memphis - 2. Tenn,, £05 Texaj lk .Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; -360' N. tligan Ave.,' Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. •^"''New York 17, N. Y.M763 'Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Bldg;, Oklahoma City, 2, „.„., 'Of\the Asspclated Press: JjiAsioelatod Press is entitled ex- nyejy, to the use for rapublication LjSJ !*i i 4ne- |ocal 1 -news primed in this _ r >apefi as well as all AP news sn^ c : v , JOHNSON Grass Hay. On Allen farm, 5 miles north of Hope. Houle 3. Phone 7-497$, William Schoolpy. 26-61 ;? MATTRESSES UJIt or,Made,Into Innersprlng "\-Work Guaranteed . -•^Ohe Pay'Ser-vlqe —— iHrnirure & Mattress Co, ' ' ~lm Street - Phone-7t32l2 ^fme 8epuplty Ufe Ine. Co. .aaljJfJeserye-Noh-Oancellable Ijfj8SvHpspltallzation - Health L Arkansas Company tor ? Arkansas People"/ ,, p Hamburger Place.' ST ARRIVED tTne Newest Fabrics ,vFrom 90.UP" |n Rayon, Nylon,: Dae- .Orlons, all blended wlttvSllk j Wool for Spring and Sum- '^'StorrB-Senaefer Tailored" PM WARDI.AW ;';Maln street Tailor Sh^p t P|514,VGHTER!NG ~^rpMt'snd wrapped for deep iff-, Blopd for fish bait. 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For Treasurer ' HAftRY HAWTHORN* CLIFFORD BYERS RIDGD1LL For County Clerk ARNOLD J. MIDDLEBR00KS JOLLY (AMONETTE) BYERS ARTHUR ANDERSON For Sheriff and Collector W. B. (Bill) RUGGLES JIMMY COOK IRA T. BROOKS Alderman Ward 3 B. L, RETTIG Wanted to Buy CULTIVATOR for "A" John Dccrc tractor. Quote price. Write • J. R. Reyeriga, Emmet, Route 2. 24-Qt Notice VOTE "Boleyts all new Courts" when guests arrive or, tourists Inquire. 2 people $3.00, 4 people $5.00. Fol}. 17,-1 Mo. We give the best Prices and best Trades for your old Furniture. HOUSTON CITY FURNITURE CO. Phone 7-2261 Feb. 22-lMo, COX'S Cafe at Fulton, will-serve Turkey dinner, Sunday February 28. $1.00 per plate-plus drinks. < , 28-3t SUBSCRIBE Texarkana Gazette. Best-ln-Reading material. Complete sports. KCMC-TV programs. Phone 7-4610.. Dale Hartsfield. Feb. 5-lMo. Income Taxes TWO Accountants to help you. Ml East Front Street.'Farm Bureau Office. Phone 7-3766. 'Feb. 9-lMo. Real Estate Wanted HAVE buyers for all size farms. List today. United Farm Agency. 101 East Front. Phone ,7-3768. ? Feb. 9-lMo. A giraffe usually is' more than 5 feet tall at birth.' > For Sale or Trade model Ford Tractor, cultivator, planters, and diftrJbuto 14" mold board plow'ahd.sprih*. tooth harrow, reasonable; Terms, Elmer May, Bodcaw, Pump Station. 25-61 The Negro Community . Or- brtno itemi to Mitt Turittr at Hlokt Funeral Horn* Friendship club Will meet at the home of Mrs.". Ella' Moss Wednesday, March 3. All member are asked to be present, The Rev. Willard Leakc of Stockton, Calif., will preach at Bethel AME Church Sunday, February 28, at 11 a. m. and Sunday night. The public is invited. Sheppard CME Church 'and Goff Chapel CME Church Will worship with Bc'cBee Memorial CME Church Sunday, February 28, at 3 p.m. The public is invited" to'attend The Rev. J. H. Utscy will do the preaching. Spictual Zion Singers of Magnolia will give a musical ; program >at Rising Star Baptist Church Sunday nigmV February 28, sponsored by the Senior'choir.-The .public: is invited. , The Kings of Harmony Gospel Singers will give a musical pro- firam at, BeeBce Memorial CME Church Sunday night. February 2C. sponsored by Mrs Ma'ftie Sanders and Mrs. Birdie Noble, Twins Head Police Forces of Two Towns LAKE Geneva, Wis. (UP)—Twin boys brought up neseals"' so have twin jobs—they'se both' police chiefs. Melvin and, Marvin ( SwanCe, 31,' became interested in • police work through a • patrolman 'who' lived across the'street from'them in Lake'-Geneva-when they were'boys: •' Now, Melvin is cljief' here "and Marvin heads the 1 > fpjce.. in Harvard, 111., 1 , just'across-the state line. 1 , RoWe Hopkins,' Melviri's 'predecessor as-chief, was the'patrolman who' inspired ** them. 8347 Win Over Stamps The Mope Bobcats set a new sepr ing record here last .nlght In smothering the Stamps Yeuotv- jacKdts, 83-57 The. Cats previous high was 76 points against Ash- do Wh. The, Bobcats , found their .old lorm of a swift moving offensive and a;dogging defense..It.paid.off in points.from any spat on the floor and numerous.steals frdnVithe Yellowjackets, It Was. Hope's first finest showing of the .season. The Bobcats. of Coach Byron Thompson hit 41 per cent of the shots from the field in gaining their 2Ist victory against two defeats. Garnie Hatch .and Charles Halbert, who hit well from the field, tallied 23 'points apiece for the dats. L. Parker contributed 22 points for. the Yellowjackets. Hope took a 19-13 lead in the initial quarter as they employed a full court: press, and then increased it 6 points, as they; toss'ed in 20 points, to 13 for Stamps in the next period, taking >a 39-26 lead- at halftime. The. third :period. saw v: Hope change:to a tight zone- defense as they held Stamps intact. Both teams scored •••' 18. points in this period..Hope held a 57-44 lead. With Halbert hitting 10 of his--23 points inr the final quarter, the 'Bobcats kept increasing' their. le,ad. At one time Hope held a 33 .polrtt^ lead over-Stamps.' Then- in'the'final minutes Hope pdured 15 .paints to set a new record for the yiea'r. In thet free thro'w 'contact spon. sored \ by KXAR) Spanky 'Mitchell sunk 13: out of 15 to :lakc the trophy. Hatch, Griffin, ahd Russell sunk Ml" out of 15 and Halbert"and Bright sunk 9 and 8. respectively out of IS 1 . The trophy will be placed in th'e high school trophy case. -In the preliminary^ game, the Hope Senior Girls had no,,trouble in subduing' the Stamps'.sextct 49-31 Hope; took an 18-12 lead at the end of 'one then poured •*' 19'- 'points through'the hoop as they'lead 3717 at" halftime.' The; third-period saw •< Hope with' their--largest, lead 46-24.' -Tfhe' last quarter saw .the subs. 1 .take over.for the Lady Cats to-go'on and win.-Patty Rogers with'18 points led the Cagerettes.in LOOK!!! Your old furniture In most cjses rtM* I 5 9J M^J ?P ^^ P ^ J ON A NEW Bedroom ]LivlHg Poom suite, PJJj&t T^fSTBA^K^ODAV. 1 usfpr CttAPTBR THE A.RMES family was old in the comity;' their farm was long established, and well kept.,up, as farms went in that-part of Mia- souri. The'fences and gates were in 'good repair; the barn no more than three times, as i big,, as the , house—and both were painted. The Reverend Arthur Prewett, bom and raised in Itaasachtuetta, had been in this neighborhood long, enough to respect farm dogm and know about gates, ' Leaving his car in the road, he carefully made hia way up the l*4e to the house yard, wen't through the gate, careful to'latch It behind him, and-hoped that the big dog's baric was worse than its bite. , "You, c/w»tsy/" cried a woman from the doorway, "Shet up, can't you?" The dog subsided to •faint whoots and growls, and lay down on the porcb,. The Reverend jprewett removed his hat, wiped his shoes as free as possible ot snow and muck, and extended his hand to the woman. "Axe you Mrs. ArmesT" "I'm Mrs. James Armea," she conceded. "My name la Prewett. I'm rector ot the Episcopal church uv Norfolk," rWe're Saptists," said, the thin woman, defensively, "Yes, i Know. My being a clergy man nas no mguificance. i juai wanted to filenufy myself tc you. May i come m7" The woman stepped hack Into the house, the front door opened directly into tue mam Uving room. It was warm and ciutterea. Mrs, Araieu naa been ironing; ner bowa ana a "horse" full of freaniy-ironed garmenw suxxi at the tw side pi the room. There were several worn and comfortaole chairs, a unotauot rug on the floor, with, b,an4-br«uded rag rugs scattered tvere an4 there, A litter of papers ana magwunes covered a rpund oaJ? table, "it's good and me^y," «&14 the farm wife. "1 can't seem to catch up since Ma/a death. Ttoa* waa jest last week." ' "Yes,-i |mow. Thaed w*»y I came, cd like to talk to your tun- band—her *on—If 1 could." H We'» je*t M) the ahe^, J'U git him. You set down," Arthur Prewett took off bU overcoat wd selected. 099,, of ,mo rocker*. A child of seven came and peered at htm aroviftO tft« corr ner of tfte djwrway; the ^oy Had # cold. With % praettced jwjp« of her bflfld. jh|a mottow wiped hta noae both on leaving, and return,' ing to, $*» iroonj, M I m W J*WP aim hojttie^Fonj iteGtfa* §h«.w» pWned, «&» new K QXiiitt « H ' _do W^W "Please don't -let me bother you." Jim came in then, a big man, with a weatner-roUghened face, arid the light-seeming eyes characteristic of farmer* and sailors. £U could haye been sixty, but wa» sot aged. He worn overalls, and a denim Jacket open over .-a plaid shirt: 'in the heat from the attrt he exuded a fiae^aronui ot 'chaff aud barn and milkiag,ah*d. ^Tou want ti aee •», airt" he •eked directly, sitting down in the platform rocker which groaned 'a little under hia weight. , • M Ye*,'l do^ w Again Mr, Prefrett identified hims«Jf . "t came on bual* nesa connected with the death of your mother last week. I am afraid your grief ts- still so fresh that you may resent my Interference, but I hope not." "Ma, was o(d," said Jim Annea, heavily. - M l figure when your time comes, tt cornea." "1 am glad you are so able to accept God'* wtll." The Reverend Prewett took. out hia handkerchief and mopped his forehead, "t have no way of knowing your feeling about /this, Mr, Armes, mrt there seema to be a great deal of talk In town because your mother died with the doctor you had called piled up in * car wreck," "FolKs'll make talk about any* thing!" said Mrs. Amies briskly. -Yea, they will, I'm afraid," agreed the minister. "But to this case, 'since there waa a doctor involved—and a death—certatn responsible citizens in Norfolk would like to get to the truth of the mat* ter, A doctor has Obligations to hia patient*, Mid U there has been wilful neglect or carelessness—" •There wasn't no neglect!" said jlm, frowning. *A»d I don't aee how Dr. Xalboy cowld-a had any* thing off* Mat" "The cojaplaiot* and talk arowu} town wasn't mtt( *« W usl " ** id ^ wife sharply. "LUce Jim started to say—we got nothln' «gin the doo- tor. He'd peea put Mr«j once «*- fpre-^8eem«(f % right Rice te.Ha, O(C course, the night «?• called hun fat Ma— well, »w »«ver got here," Arthur frewett Je«n«d forward, Uat'i Why > own* out^ fW^ group of clttz«<w i menttoned feels IV etPongly »!««»* » doctor 1 ! ob«. gatlOM that W» *t»«l rtsdy «>-«• weU^-help you tf you'd be incljned to fli« a suit aga^nat that dx»tpr, fop drunkWMJeas and neglect ieid|< tag Wttif teatti gf your wo.tfetp,«.' Jlnj Armw PUfted «owjy upon tti? bjpf « * he tht« »w»y frow the court*, « iw W, and j don't JM ' I wish, he'd twen hew with «•— K ek46s things for tho taiaUy^lto b»w a doctor in 'the hptlsje. Bat,,,**!. we managed lt,.jei*ftA« filWM we've managed other thinf" ttaC ha»e cqme to «»." , v - , 1 The Eeveteni JPrewett, rubtad his Jaw. The Aa«istr*terftlUjr eon- vtnced by ^hefly-a evidence, tart • pointed cArt that he vu heifiiew to do amyttilng for Craig Tcjbo? dlhleaa sonie *ort of mitt jr** «M legal 'flh«iB«.; made., M«w ett leaned forward,, eagerly. see, our Idea—, Maybe youTe tight abotlt your mother 'dy$n« whether the doctor 'had come; or ifot. But in^othe^leahea, a doctor* failure to come hot caused death; ih4t'» why we thought if, yotl'd bring mtfjt.- we might jeatabUsh, that this wasn't one of > those ca»w>— «f er— criminal neglect." Jtin Armea wrinkled nis brow perplexity. "Jest awme,- tfd mean callin', a man dninlk In court — polntirt' that kind-a finger at him." ' i . "Trials are supposed td estab- ah~a man'a innocence as weH a« his guttt," Arthur Brewett tnaUted, with aa much exasperation aa waa possible to his gentle nature. (Us scheme, and the magistrate/a, was falling through. The Ames family .would not make *ny chars*. W«y wouldn't harm (he doctor, but they wouldn't help him, eitheiv-not if tt meaht legal> action. < "1 got nuOHn' agto ^hat doctor," said the big farmer again, as he tyaJJced out to W« car w»tt the minister. "J'<* e«J» hjw agi»> if I needed a doctor, but don't count on me for no lawsuit, Reverend, l ijon't plan on a tangle with the courts," » '*, * Qralg WM discharge*} from the hospnal on »fonday. On Wednes- 'da* evening th*w would be the rseuliir meeting of the County •Medical society, with two Import* ant Items on the agenda, Obe, the indorsement of , the nlgfet emerr gency service; two, the member* ship of Or. Talboy, • v ,Th« Reverend I^fewe^t and Mag. {strat* Cornneld, » bpuhoy UtUe man in hia seventies, a^ced Rr. gfwser it they Wight attend U>« meeting. The dpoior agreed that ft'e public should more often, sharf ac4r meetings, an^ |it»t $»WMd« opinions would probaw be valu- i We to the profession. MedlOf «re4 too muoh in Hitlr own jujce, thought. Tea, Owmen w^re to ae, by pUmeanj!}.. ^y w«uJ4 fee ' •lir M. «. over, not would lilted a eft- l»r ^a^a^ ^^r" ^»** i^M*T^^^ ^^^ !ev Al Mc6lart*i.' " •". • '" Frthk Sausef J is/'a man likely ' to meet at • Harwi Montauk, Brielle, Ocean i City, • of West ?alm Beach. Jtsfs * chartar Boat captain, and like tti* fish the hunts, Captain Saufer' follows the sun. this is the part of the Jfear Whcrt bitj garrio fish Head south with the Gulf Stream, so the skipper came home to West t»alm Beach and thft ship he left in dry d6ck. ' ' . ^It was a fine. day for -a shakedown run, pcacK-tdlored clouds marched over the- Stream, and where blue waWr-.meet3, : the green a pod ol sail/Jsh lay in wait for the Okeh. Wo didn't .'know When We • started, ' about the fish, and how important it. would. be that We catch one. Wo \vcre ,to give (orm and ritual)jo Okchrs Iif6." It is bad to lose;,a' fish -first .time out. It is WDM*i../;than, walking \ under a ladder, or. breaking a mirror, and with ifour.j light-tackl* anglers on board, Captain Frack waa worried because: this was his first day in the Palm Beach sailfish sector. Forty minutes, offshore w» slammed into' ,i - triple-header Throe sailfish ( boiled up behind our baist I'w.o ' of them making frenzied leaps directly off the stern, and the third racirrg 200 yards straight aw&y before jackknifing high over-the blue Water Except for ' the throb of Okeh's eficmes. 4n "empty beet can 'that rolled on the de'ckl ahd.i' 'fishlesd lines being -cranked.,, in,. •, theri wasn't- a! sound. It' was, *» 'bad fie» first, time out', t t -' •'' ' ' Ca'pt.ain-,'Frank madfc ; . *<jd» sweeps through" bluei watqr and just about the - tir^le^wfr .to.ok' a homeward bearing • my ' line- snapped from the ",outrigger >>and a charging, wild-eydd ' 'purple,1, .. - LITTLE ROCK Iff) — The Arkan* sas Game and Fish Commission said today that fishing for the weekend is good in these counties: Baxter — • Lake Norfork, black 33SS. . Boone — Bull shoals —all fish* ing- Conway —River cutoff south of Plummerville, crappie. Crew — Lake Wallace, bass and crappie. ' ' .£> Fulton — Upper Spring River, bass; bream good in Spring RiVei' lake. Garland — Lake .Hamilton" all fishing; Lake Ouachita, black bass. Lonoke — Clear Lake, crappie. Marian — Bull Shoals, bass. Montgomery — Upper Laka Ouachila, all fishing. Phillips — Storm Creek, bass. Saline — Bass and bream. - ;. scoring. Berlic 'Allen contributed 14. Davis tallied •'' 15 , points for Stamps. ' i Hope • '•' ' G F TP Hatch . , . "'. .11 1 23 Griffin , ... ; 30-6 Halbert . ,' ; 9 5 23 MHchell . ."« 0 12 Stanley . .:' • ";., 022 Russell • '.' ;..... ,''3^2 '8 Huddleston .-..,... 3 2 8 Bruce '." '..' ,VO> 1 1 Totals ., Stamps Russell Parker, L. Burke Parker,: Jr. Totals '.-85 13 «3 G F TP • i 4 .,10 ,2 ,.,. 8 4 . 1 3 . 3 2 12 22 10 5 8 . .1. .-'..' 21 IS 87 finned sallfish rose against the peach-colored coulds. I struck arid, with the clutches out WP drifted, and for a helf-hour I felt like.a man walking to the guillotine. My arms were leaden when Captain Frank finally grabbed the sailfish's great bill and snapped thie • leader wire. The fish was free., the Okeh had her first red pennant. (Distributed by NEA Service) Little Wiggle Can Do Some Strange Things By BOB HO MAS • HOLLYWOOD — UP) It's strange jyhat a little wiggle can do. It was just such a thing tha started Lana Turner and Marilyn Monroe on the roat to stardom Now the same • thing is happening to: a .luscious blonde charmer who .Calls herscll Seree North. (The doll" appeared on Bing Cros by's 'first TV show and played an Irma-like role with Bing and Jack Benny towards the end of the show she flung off her -'skirt and wen through a dance routine that siz zlsd the cables. Also the sponsor arid some pirate TV viewers. ''The dance was criticized as a burlesque routing," she recalls. "It wasn't. A girl who was only X- Burlesque dancer wouldn't have been 'able to do it. '' ''Actually, the routine was no as bad as some people made it otr to-be. It's just that it seemed wild after the easy pace of the show People are used to a leisurely pace from Bing. When a girl throws Good Fishing in PcirtOf State Annual fur sales in the United States have reached half a billion dollars in some modern years, far larger than sales in the explorer- trader era, says the National Geo graphic Society. off her skirt and does a fast dance number after he has been on i^ something of a shock. ,.., ™ "I realized this, and'that's why I picked the most conservative choreographer I knew. The trouble was that I didn't have .time to learn the routine. I had been laid up for two months with, a broken arch. I had only a couple of hours to rehearse the dance. Then .they shot it mostly from'the waist ,,UP- When'you have a girl jutterbugging to the 'One O'clock Jump,' ;,;U's bound to look a bit sensational,'.Mfc That's putting it mildly. ;..But while the protests • poured in,- , so did the offers. The biggest was;the possibility of filling out Monroe's • PinK Fights." She was given''the most extensive test in recent years -in Cinemascope yet. Two - days ago 20th Century-Fox signed her to a contract. "I was really lucky," she remarked. "With both 'Pink Tights" and 'The Egyptian' postponed, PCfti pie had nothing to do on the loS I was given the top director, cameraman and everything ." She gets another lucky'-break this Sunday. She'll star in the-N'BC Comedy Hour version of 'Anything Goes," along with,Ethel Merman, Frank Sinatra and Bert Laha. 'The show is getting the; red-carpet treatment with Leland Hayward doing his first producing job in TV since .his-sensational Ford anniversary show. v . W "I don't know whether I'm going to dance on the show," said Slicr- ee. "I'm almost afraid to. I don't want to offend the mothers and fathers of America." DR. BOlR Wa^ure that fouling won-l<J ,fake,#a<& wj»*n Sheny Carr ap»i*Hd tha t eyerijAg, cloae behiwl the Vpfo meji,;bnt not Wlth.tnenu,"' , , ,' '. .-••( •Shelly had dressed; caretutty for the occaatokL, . dtfe'*lo«ta* < exactly ' ,, woman, honor. l tors detected -' the -casual eye; tt r was.»*V apparent. She jawe h. der, dr<s«,e and wrts&.with a»--'eii»bjroidery of goft? Ihread aid^ee^w**-!*. ' *«, - •ni.'doeto why, she, had rti^MSWtt had' asked h<£ tdrW*»eiit.,Wr 4 Bight service plan; tney r taK>k«J • Uttle befuddled when,'*** eaplained to each pae who cw»«f to Wfak to her that she .was present ''to Stephen's " ' '•• - *' ' ' ' interest. ,o . ,. - sponded in-her soft voJCB, and searched the gr6*p..f«*«0tatg, tj« nad vroMte* to ^endl, That was all he would .ppfeiiM, bA* Me Ji»d e«d he would b» ttfair*., ' ; . , And-juw- <&&*, ^BfTHT cabled the meeting, to order^ M did into the of all e tar ,edg- , cat«dta*t aW*wl<« 6 «* tnere, Wa but ,,. .M a sroa^I t*blf "gainst one wall «itt tN welded t silggwted, i „ ^^ things when'a/w#« cawe W , oxeeting htateadot.-t** 1 Doctor. • jqti^lftti- •_•_.-. il -»**«J4 ^wA.le-ltM Bn^j w*»vWy HU«». S^J^itr^^^^ gBft .Wijrm^^'i of mteht," said Dr. Bowser unhap- >iiy; "but as yet no motion directly hade which could lead to action, io'wever I think it will be neces- «ry to place into discussion the events of Tuesday night, February tfoehty-first." (The night of Mrs. Armes' death.) Dr. Taiboy reached into his pocket, drew out clgarets and lit tae, the match flame steady in nis btgerft. "He's , got Indian blood, all right," Dr. Appleman said in a loud whisper, Craig's black eyes turned .oward him. "Cherokee," he said quietly. •Great-grandfather." , And half of the men m the room laughed. Shelly looked down at her white glqve*. 'She wished Craig would Ht!would not. He smoked his ctgaret and listened inscrutably to Jy, Bowser's fumbling attempts to condemn him and be tactful all in Jj« sauie breath. Bowser was en- ieavoring to be fair; one had to £iv« him B for effort. H« made a nice little speech updn the subject of gossip. It was 'un to gossip, said he, and all were jujlty ot indulging in the practice often forgetting to give a UtUe thought—or a lot—to the dividing me between harmlessness and ma- iciouSness. ' "There are two schools o thought about gossip," he con ;lnued. "One Is that it is better to ignore the talk, and hope it will die from lack of nourishment," Somebody laughed. '(The second Is to take full notice of it, examine the elements within it and establish such truth, or falsehood, as eposts. This most fre- quen(Jy, and completely, is donr through ths medium of the civi courts, Jfou know, some sor? o: »uit is filed, evidence is secured and given—the court> decision ' And publicly accepted." t speak, sir?" asked Mr Cotnfeld, "Certainly," ''Wp have to get a suit Sled be iftWi can try It, and establish a :an'» Inflocenee, Jtfow, there's no vrfl Deln' evasive here tonight, We'll gain time by namin' names So'I'll point out to you that if th Arises family had been wuiuv tc havi an autopsy performed o,n the '*§y/tt might nave been estab i0' ftftce an4 tor all tha,t the br!i failure to get to her, bed 'ft«$ n'atfiin' to do with he U, i,UBj4ef8tRn4 » clot of a cer -iMW In the coronary arterj rantees^leath. put In this cas i we had » coroner who ?ald l (4 like ft Rftturaj death, froii t fl4}virf,'a»(| that was that. tow. jtfee.seqon.^ thto§, folk jjo.c$or waj drunk Mift " suit's wJ>y he «i*»'t f e "Well— yes," said Dr. Bowser. . "All right. Then you're goto' to <• have to do one of two things. • Prove he was drunk, or prove he was not. Dependln' naturally, OB, whether you're on the defense or (jj the offense." "I'm neutral, Mr. Cornfeld. 1 * "You are, eh? All right, then, • you should be ready to take proof on both sides. I'd recommend that you start by askin' for proof that Dr. Talboy was drunk." He sat down, and Dr. Bowser tried to juggle the ball which had been tossed into his bands. He dropped it. • ' "Weil, gosh sakes!" said Mr.$ Cornfeld. "The man was brought into your hospital, hurt— who handled him? Did that doctor < smell liquor on him? Arent there medicines given for alcoholism In such cases ? Black coffee or some* thing more scientific. Were ' those given?" Craig Talboy's.eyes were shining like coals. His head was tipped upon one shoulder and he quizzical? ly waited for the answer. fa It was finally established thaP^ Dr. Ward had cared for the injured man, and — "1 never said he was drunk!" he growled. "Did you hear somebody say ?» f • Ward tried to think. "Maybe tfee ambulance driver did— .yes, I think he said that it looked like the doc* tor had one top many; he couldn't figure why else he'd wreck his car on that straight stretch of road." "And you accepted that Idle re«® mark as evidence!" said Cornfeld. "Now, look here, -sir!" choke*] Dr. Ward. • ' • The harassed chairman pointed his gavel at Mr, Cornfeld. "Do you have something you want to present to this meeting as evidence that Dr. Talboy was wo* drunk-? 1 * • Mr. Cornfelcl beamed, w Tft<i£f the question 1 want!" he declared. happily, and everyone laughed. «'I don't know that it's in order*,. . . ," protested Dr. Appleman, - 'TO* "Look, boy," saw the magistrate, "Some day you may sit on a hot seat, gnd ypu'l] be good and g}»d if somebody comes along— (n or^ef or not— to help e_ool th? thin|; down. If you've got 3 personal grudge against Dr. TaJbpy— »" "Oh, I haven't. Of course," "All right, theri} Let's proceej, Now, let me see. Pr. Bowser wanta to know if i have evidence, I d& Jfs simple, I've brought to meeting a, list of {he night «„ which Dr. Talboy anjwerecj pn three nights pr<?c,edAng Ws dent, We won't BMk about days- « cw be fstebjljsfe^ ^ h held ofiice hours, 414 flye put

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