The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 16, 1977 · Page 7
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 7

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 16, 1977
Page 7
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* 9 Probate Notice plitirlct fif Nniirrnlm-k, nn. Pr< bnlo Court. .', lo-l(!, fCitiito of r.ipiinlH ,1, rinrnmn, hit of NntuMturk. In wilil ni.itrlrt. dp Thn Court of I'robntc for Hi r>l:ili'lot of Xmi/Wirl: hath limit P ( | nml iilli'wrd nix nmiuliH fi (lain hirivii 1 for -Jic crnrlltor.t o mild ml Hi'' f> o.xhitilt tlu.-lr rlalm for unttlenifnt. Thonn who nortec tn pn'iinnt Ihelr iiccumtfi, proimrlv iitliwtctl. within .-mid time, will I,' drliiiiTftd (i rrrovpi-y. All pcr'toii: Indebted to iiiil'l f'l.'itutn M re roriuo'il eel to mul(f Irnmnclluto payment li UKNMY M TITr.KY, 02 Chnrry Htrpot, Nuui:iiini:l<. Conn'. Employment PAGE 7—NAOGATCCK NEWS (CONN.), TUESDAY. AUG. 6, 194* Employment 1 Jli'lp W»iit«<il—Mi U'A.VTMH Nl«ht dr|vi~r" Apply Indr-pcndcnt Cut «o. .Vfnln Nt. for tnxi Co., ion WANTKl) [f(!||,r r | n hrfiHH f (1 , dry. Apply Mlllvlllo r.'.run.M Foundry, M-l Uubhcr Avn. WANT!''..'.)—MUM t(i work nli;hlH In oflKv. (iitlfpuMdont Cut) Co' Kill Ho, M«ln St, ' "AUTOMOTIVE PARTS""' For All Makes of Cars B-M MOTORS INC. HO-K .SOUTH MAJ.V NT. VENETIAN BLINDS i KInoh, ThF Approved G. I, Training MlM'hilM'M, . r.M.I. TI'IIUI lll'K.NH IN l.lnillnl Knn.llMinit THE PERRY. SCHOOL VViiHThiir.v GlI'T SI'KCIAL KI.UUTUK: PKKCOI.ATOKS — with rhroioo trtiy, Hiiciir and i;ri'i»incr, M. WOL1T S.I <. UANn ST.. WTHUY Help \Vlintod—TYniulo Christum* "J'KIZK" Assortment SKI.I.S KAST—si CARDS rou $ YOU mnUc up to (We. |ior ho.\. Sniurf new tlf::ilr;iiN soil thom.-tolVR.-,, Also numn-lm printed ChriMtmiifi CnrclH 2.1 (tml CO for fl. Other pi-oat miikors: Ynur 'Round U'nin.s, C'ir- rnHp'itulcnci- Notf.M, RrllprlniiH, tev. rrj-finy uri«iortmcnt;i. Sumplc.i on ripprrivnl. CIIILTON fiHKKTlNtJS CO. 117 KIHPX. Hopt, Hll!. Hfjst'jn, Mna.i. U'ANTHI)-.\Vf.rn;i lit fi Tci'i'iico Ave. WAN'FI'iiT to fin -i MO? Kcncrnl or trill -\Vomiin rorllKhtl Ueoplnp iil.-irtlnK Sept. ]<tt. thlld, rl".niuint 1'hciiie SS'iri. Ono •MtK YOU A middle-need lifitiwclccfpcivook v.-ho would lihf iv (ilKii linmii In the rnuntry, Smnll fiimJIy—(ID Sundays— no mitrr- tiilnhinc—tivo ivni'lo vjiciitlon tvltli puy, and nn Iniinilry. fstifornncos. Uo.x 0, euro of Ni-WM. Need ? Use A "Help Wanted Ad. For Sale Lund For Sale OVJUK V. PIIILIBEKT Kcal WsUite—General Insurance COG So. Main St., Wutorbury Cull -1-S03-1 or 0-3118 Buildlni; Lot,—r>Ox3C. Desirable locution. Suitable for a 5 room cot- trigc. Write Box %, care Naug- ntiick News, .Lukn Property l p or Sulo 11 Announcements Lost And Found LOST—Eobtuil yellow mulo cat, vicinity Hopkins homestead, Pond Hill. Elderly couple's pnt. Mrs. Emily Turlon. Phone 53-11. . Ilk Help Wnntml—ivlnln or Fonmln VVANTJ'JO—Clork l-,> worlt In Htoro, ? ii. ni.-2 p. ni. Uobrrl':i Store, cnr- ntir Qulnn nnd Chestnut Kt.s, Tci, 'IS3I. NICK — All-yenj'-i'ound mode r n hoiuio; 5 rooms, den, jircwnr-bullt o^ik floory, J-J. W. heat, .spticious room with chcc'ry .fireplace, 1 elevation, affording porce- vlctt-, on bus line, Price $11,!S nrrnnpeil. WASHBURNE ^ \Vj\SHI3URNE KKALTORS — IN,* JRANCli: 07 North Main Dial 3-0703—3;^3Sf,- •1-1613. (1 Brnl KM la to Acrrntd oun ,'iOO; For Sale llOUSOH SlllO Olt SAJ.K—Twn-fumlly house off .South Muln St. H ruomx, extra Int upfl 2-r;ir Kani};o. Priced low for f|Ulch mile, KAIM'KK II. IIAHT IXC. JOHN C. KIKRNAN Wthy.|-ai5P,. nftcrC p. m. NailR. Ti707 'OK SAI.K—A t\vo family house cif « rooms, fs'lcn locution. Dial 11117. KOIJ. SAI.K — III room. 4 family houi'p. All Imprfivomontu. In frood coiulitlon. Centrally locntnd. Price JB.r.nn. A Slicplry. Phnne 2'I33. SAI.K IN NAUGA'HJCK rooni f;ou.'ie «nrl jvirnpo. Hou.'ie KOK Ix fiirnlnhfcl prim|ilrl^ly nnd to ho I'old furnished. All modern Im- /il-fivnrnnnlii. C'.'ill Nfiiifc'. 3^05 for appointment. No dealers. 'OH SALK -Kt'Ufifm K;illn, Wolt'n Avc., I family, 7 I'rrim.'i and .sun porch, 1! bnthi;, flro|>lnce, 1 cai i;nruj,'i', Htontii hcnt. t.ot 100 x 12ri. Cull 5DK1. JOHN J1KALY, UK f'hurch St f'Ort SA.Mi;—12 room, duplex liousn. Kciod conditlcin, H. W. H, on both, lni'KC lot, southwest of town. 0 rnom, 1 family hoiwo, nil improvements, linrdwoofl finish, H, W. H. oil, centrally located, 113,- OOn. P. T.,abrlo:a & Son,, 172 Hlpli at. DlrU 3'I58, Real Estate Wanted LOST—Bank Boole No. 8,096 on suvlnflrs department of the Nuusatuck National Bank tins been lost. Any , person ' linvlns claims on said book Is cnjlcd upon to present the same to the ban): within twe months or the same book will be declared ccncclcd and extinguished and a now .one hiaucd in lieu thereof: Dated at Naugatuck Conn., JulJ 23, 19-16. Aug. .6 & 20. LOST—Bank Bool: >"o. 8,147 on Naupatuck National Bank hau been jost. Any person hovlnp claims of said book is called upon to present the same to the hank within two rronth.<; or thn name book will be declared canceled and extinguished, and a now one lauued in lieu thereof. Dated nt Ti'uupatuck, Conn,, July 23, 1!MG. Aug. C & 20. Automotive Merchandise Autos -For :-.iI 19,'M CHEVKOr.E'T 2-docr ecdan For Sale. Good Running condi tion. Phone -13-'8. IB AUCOR ONE THOUSAND CARS WANTT21>—Top prices; spot ra«h. I want 2D'a —30's —31's —S2 - s — 33'a — 34'a — 35'« •— 36's — 37's — 38's — 30'3 — 40's — 41's and 42's. Phone, write or drive In today, BII-LIK FIT2 PATRICK ]flOO Knot Main St, Phono 4-iSll OPEN EVENINGS —WANTKD— USED CAR Call Waterbury 3-S502 TURN IN 7 OUR CAK NOW MY PRICES ARE TOPS KEN JOHNSON 3S03 N. Main St. Waterbury 5-1797 LATE MOt»Kl> CARS WANTED PACKABD-WATERBURY, INC, •1R2 Ws.tertown Ave. .Dial -1-8109. tin I*ornonoi« To rAHTICTJI-.AR youns educated couple need apartment. Is veteran. SiiffKGM you write Box F, NaviRa- tucU News. MONUMENTS Special Prices On All Memorials W. RTCHAKDS—2fiO So, Main St. Naufl-atuck—Dial 3-187 Jlouiiehold Articles T'OK SALE — Four -burner clove. Telephone -1123. gas roll SAI.K—1'lnno. -1 burner kitchen pis stove. Also 2 burner oil stove, 2 radios. Bargains! Inquire 27 First avenue, Waterbury, 4-2637. FOR .SALE — Noi-frc flat-lop K£Uv ranRp. Goad condition. Telephone 4702. - outfit*—formal ready-mado or made to order. Whits Bunny jackets, black velvet •vvrnps to rent. UlTBY'S BRIDAL SHOP, 2nd,floor, 855 N. Main St., Wtbry. 3-3831. Business Service 37 BiiK/nctM Services Kenderod Business Service Sfcrvtccn FUBMC ACCOUNTING SPECIAL EOOKKKKPJNO S15IIV1CB EDMUND O. JIKSS r. o. BOX cfi I;NIO.V cixv 1'HONK 3IO-I GOI-DIlfi'S CAMKKA SHOP S & 16 mm. Movicn On Snlc No 17 Grand St. V.'tbry, Phone VIS7S CUSTOM I Spcci.-U 2-j>icce .Suite ., .... J!5! GHIKI-'IN- 'UPHOLSTERING CO. Naugatuck -1G90 1USP/VIRS — AL' makes iimchincs, vacuums, Useo machines bought. Singer Ecwlnj Machine Co. ' Waterbury Article* jror SW) KLECTUICAI, Wiring & n«i>oli. ing-. Wo specialize Jn iatisfao- tlon. AH work insured. Jv r <xoh- Ing machines repaired. Ray Decker. Dial 4000. 17 Kcpolrlnc-Servlce (Station WANTED •- Thrcn or four room'iH f-ir veteran and mother. Furnished or unfurnished. Write Box C, care of News. IVANTKD — Fo'ur or five room apartment or house Cur younp couple without children, References furnlMhuti. Write Box D, c.irp of Nou's. FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or N If II IT Independent Cab Co. JfMI .Smith Main St. WEDDING CAKES And Other S|>p<:liil Mitkluc A Sjprchill.v CITY BAKERY K. I 1 , -STOrl'ANI, I'fop. iniln SLrnr-t Trlfplimip .'III7H CLOSING OUT ALL SUMMER MERCHANDISE SAVE UP TO .'In Wnntnit To Uuy I1AVM IH.'VKKS Cor 1, :i, and ,'.' I'umlly hourn'.i. Cnll or sec Jo- jieph V, r;n,s,\o, ;( Union St. Tel. •lO'JH or 2051.'. Land I'or I7 ACKKS O."' 1 I,A?/n--C'ontalnlr)« li hionl; and n p-intl; stlte piirtl.'i!- ly r.\;r:t-.'/ttp 1 !, roadw on Mirno Mlrles I'.-irt of It iii-olurlfd and woodland nvrr ,1(10 ('<•!•£ nn ,'i blank t-,/p St.-it' lid-. i,"uod HltoH for aumrncr homos anil hunlliiK camp. Two hn.rn.1 Incliidi'd. T'nrt of thn land lllliihli'. Prlco $.|.nOO, r.ociited In Ki'ttlrtown Scctltm of Koulhbury. Inquire of ChiirlR.s S. Snr(»c:mi.. Koiiltnr, Plmnn (121-Seymour. JSt.'II.niNO LOTS In Mlcldlohury. New tlevnlopmnnt on Three Mile .11111. KfiMiKmiible. TONY t'KK- KA.NTK, MUldlebui-y. Phono Wa- tt'thurv -I-.17,13, Lots Tor Sulo BENSON'S lai) MOUTH MAIN ST, Wutnrlmry oll SAI.K'-'t'UM biitldlnf; lot;i on Kli-lnman Avr.. Mldillohury. >.V.ith for J 1,000. TONV FKRJIANTK, \Vthy. -I-37W. SITl':--On Now llnvon IM. rju'Kf pond, fiultiible for htial- nc.'is iTntorprlfff. I^rontiiKo npprox- ImulPly 4-10x1500 ft. Also ohoic'; IntH. NriUK. -IfiOS. WANTKD — Three or four room Apartment in NaufraliicU needed hy ex-Army oHIccr nnd wife. Will tnko cxcnllent. OFiro of property, Will dccornto If ncccsniiry, C:\ll Mnri-, Naufratuck 2.VS-I, nfter G p. m. 2i> RJiWAlin—Offered for infer- motion leading to 2 or 3 furnished or unfurnished rooms. Jiox 'IM,\c:on Fnlla, Conn. ACCOKDION LESSONS— yo"u w»n learn the correct technique of the ,«ccordlon. No nccordlon necen- iiary. At Mecca Music School, 203 Bank St., Wtbry., 4-H22, CASH J;'OU ENTIRE ESTATES Wo will buy or sell on commJ.*- Hlon Duals anything from n single room to an entire estate, spuclal- Mng In raro antiques. Phone or tvrite ORANGE ST. AUCTION Gallerlen, No\, Englnnd's Finest Auction GallerleB, 21 Orange St., Now J^avtn. Tel. 6-0806, \VK HAVJ! MONEY TO LOAN on sncoiirl mrjrtffnfrc.s. SOOC-up. Waterbury !5-120:i. lid Ojiportunitlos VVA.VTKD TO ttK.VT —Two three room jiparpncnt. Kx- viccmnn nnd sviCo. Call Nuujr, H utter ,1 p, m. .). JlIJNJtY Jtl'JALTOH J\ City Ililll S6. Ph. WANTK!>—BY YOUNG ClOI/rLl. 1 (Vl-ri'i, "-I ROOM IlRNT. KElf- KRfiJNCIC.S GIVEN. It IS \VARIJ. Phone fiKSS. -RKi'AJKING AT HOME Soldering, etc. Amos L. Ho'tohkiss. Mnln St., Beacon Fails. Dial •13-1-1. [SOLID BRASS WEATHKR VANES COTTAGE SJCNS, ESTATE SIGNS SEND FO.R FIJEE FOLDER JOHN NORMAN, M12TAL, CRAFT -17 White P.d. MJSRIDEN, CONN. MAPLE STREET GAP-AGE 176',i Maple'Street Tel. 5102 John Kimkus, Prop. Repair tvork on all makes of caio FENDER and BODY WORK Used Cars Bought—Sold JACK'S AUTO BODY SHOP 106 South Main'Street Bodiw, fenders, straightened, repaired, etc. Also cars pnlnted. Telephone 8153—5912—326* 24 Hour Towing Service ALTOMOBILK—Huliber floor nmts —$3,75 and up. JOE'S TIRE SHOP 241 N. Main, Wtbry. Cor. Cookc St. I7» Auto rnlntlnjj-fjody Work AUTOMOBILE .FAINTING— Weld- Ins. CARS TAINTED $30. Jlm'K Fiilnt Shop, 1.1 Autumn St., cor. Piedmont. Wtbry. 3-8S67, Beujr VVhofll AllgdltiR-Auto Tainting Body ft Kenrt.T Work KRNTK'S AUTO KOJDY \VOKKS 128 Watertown Ave. Wthr>'. 3fi2<ll VOK SALE—1 Shipmate oil-burning restaurant range, 1 twin-cylinder, 1-2 h.p. compressor, sturdy restaurant tables, chairs, largo platters nnd numerous other ros- truirnnt items. Paddy Hall's, 10:30 mornfngK. por. s/rr.j'—Whitnev S(cer-o-Ma't- ic baby carriage, scalce, electric anu be scon at 102 Meadow St. FOR SALE—Baby Carriage. Excellent condition."Must sell. Price $10. Call S2SO. FOB. SALE — Storm windows and screens. Inquire 51 Cliff Street. FOR SALE—Two domestic hot water boilers—one hot water hca.t- in£ boiler to heat ,') or 6 rooms. Call 2975 or 5fi9D, HAPPY HOURS FOR BABY—Car beds $3,05 up. car ;.-pal.s S2.-1P up. TIUC RADIO SHOT, ISO Grand St., Waterbury. FOR SALE—Six tables and booths. Tel. 3814. CESSPOOLS —And septic tanks denned, repaired and installed. All types of suburban t-cwasc dis- posnl work. For prompt and dependable service call The Conn Hydraulic Co., Waterbury -i-OOSS. AL'THOItlZKD 1IOOVKU SKItV ICE by fac'oi-y trained man. ToL 2251, Carlson's Furniture Co, HAVE YOUR ALTERATIONS DOXK AT CARMEN'S CUSTOM TAILORING :!-Day Cleaning Sorvloe 147 So. M:iln' .St.—OIal 201T 3'J Wnnu-d To Kcndor . WK nKtAIK KEFKlO Ail makes, CoJdspot, Apex, Copeland, Gruno, Kclvlna.tor, Cr<x»ley, Stewart-Warner, rtc. Stein- 1;:U ar.d son, 202 Cherry St Waterbury. 4-0710. 4 On SAVK your sjisirincr iipholKlcrcC furniture with "S.-isPrnf." Cb»ir Sfi,7ri; divar., JJS.fiO. Work dono in your home. Dia.l Waterbury 4-3XJ!!. State-wide scrvico. George G. Touponse LANDSCAPING TKEB PRUNING TREliS HEMOVKD Wtn. 1411 31ol \vcatlior is liorc to «t;iy. Protect .your winter garments by having them cleaned and Moth- Proofed now. }•**+***•+ ++** *•**+•* ***+^******+*r \ I/' IEVMAN I IXLEANBRS 1 30 Ml!>ce(TnneoUM 18 Blutorcycles, Bicj'cles Automotive 13 Sales—:x'rvTC<« KOOIIIH To rtt-nt ANNOUNCING Hndio Repair Service All Mnkc.-j Repaired Pick-up And Delivery MEYER'S' RADIO ,S7';J7.VICI!; J.? Cn-rroll St. Di.'tl 00-M I''O7t IlKNT—Larfrn fiirnlnhrd room lor ivfd pooplo. Kitchen privilpfres if de.slrcd, Privnlo family. 11 Hotchkl.-i.s !3t. Dial 3107, Shore And Mountain VACATION—At "Shore Rnttrlrx- vrjciK," no? East Broadway, Myrtle Beach, I/Illfnrd, Conn, KOOIYIH by clay or wenk. Call Mil ford 802J. lOll For Rent FOR IIKNT-- Two able for work Kfiop, nrnai-.K: suit- Phono 3807. Announcements FOUND—TAN TERRIER ABOUT 12 WEEKS OLD. OWNER CALL AT inn GORMAN ST. F-RED'S MOTOR SALES Used Cars—Bought—Sold 379 W. St., Waterbury Dial Wtby, 4-4510. FOR SALE — Bicycles, mrm nnd woman's with shifts. Also, Roper 33 gas rango, rockineohnir, electric iron. Nausatuck G318, FEABL BUTTONS — Ulrk - nu:k, braid? luces, bindings In \arr.-o assortments. Reliable, 87 Seovlll street, Wtbry. JASPER A. SMITH, M.D. announces the opening of his office nt 77 Central Avenue WATERBURY Practice J.iinjlecl to Diseases of tlic Jloart OH'ico Hours by Appointment. Telephone :;-S4o:l aoe Kadlo Contractors 21 Contrnctlns; PAPJSRHANOING and I'ulnUnR. High griulo worUniannliIp. flume 4-OS57 Wthry. Joseph San Angolo. rulnttng Will. F. COTA. 'Jfupiir Jfanjvor nnd Painter. We~ carry compsnrtatlon. 1 Croon St. Dial Mnr; or fill!. 'AINTJNG nnd paperhanpin^ work done, Call 2377. John A. E. Johneon. Truck llealerw-Sfirvlce NEW FI2DJEKAL TRUCKS Now Available AJ1 Sizes from (1 3-2) Tons & Up MODERN GARAGK SALES and SERVICE C2S W.-iturtov/n' Avo. 3-140B Auto« For Sale 14 FOR SAI..K — jK\i> Eulck Sedan — R & H. Call NaUK. 187G after 6:M p. m. FOR SAMfi —1037 CMC one-ton rack body 'truek. Sac-rifice! Dial -1803. ACT rKOMPTLY. J, 2. .T family houses pa.intnd $100 nnd up. Skillful workmanship. Ploski Bros. Call 5-173. PAJTOSK Wiuijfliiy * ciallzinfr on Interior Work. Cull tor Estimates. Tony Mariano, 93 Oak St Tnl. 2068. Merchandise JSEVIJ'iDIATJB DEI J VERY! Radios in Stock — Fad a, Olympic, Emerson, Scnora, Stewart Warner. Also 'table model combination:;, record players, portables. GERALD'S APPLIANCE. 107 Spring St., Union City. I'HILCO, liCA, TABLE JVIODKL 11A1"VIOS with automatic record changers in stock. TIHI K.A11IO SIIO1', ISO Grand St. Walcrbury. Education and Private Instructor* MABTONK SCI1OOI-, WO Ornnil St, 4-3077. Dnnce, Voice, Music, Reducing. r_C|.;!stor Mon. Aug. 0. Animals Dops, Cats And 1'cts SALK —Old-fashiDncd black anil tan fox hound puppies. Best stock in town. A T. Booker, The Pines Bethany road, Nnupratuck. 35 Poultry And ERSfS . !3ousf,ni)Id Article* BUY 3 ROOMS of ffood furniture, reasonable. Includes living room, bedroom, kitchen sots, with numerous ucccsnorios. Albert's, 26S So, Main St., Walerbui-y, - Phone WANTKIJ — Turltcys — Geese. — i Guinajis— Roasters— Fowl. Hip;h- | est prices. Whitlock Farm, Spcr- ry Rd., Bethany. VOIJNG DOCKS I-"OU SAJJC. Alive and dressed 4-5 Ihs. LeRoy ii. Baummor. Telephone 50 HEEL PRESS OPERATORS ROTATING SHIFTS MILL ROOM WORKERS ROTATING OR STEADY 2ND OR 3RD SHIFTS AVAILABLE APPLY AT UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. NAUGATUCK FOOTWEAR PLANT CORNER OF RUBBER AVE. and WATER ST IfcXRNIOY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH Hy ET7.LY DK BKC» "V£P»! IT'S etue SHORe ENUFF IF we UNS oo WIN FOUR WUNN€RT DULLGRS Apiece UOY CR.ANE NOW, L£'S fiLL BE FA'R AN' SQUARE, JG8' CAUSE 8£T ON BLUE 8LA7ES HAIN'T NO REASON TO LIE AN'CHEAT AND KOW FOR THE UNVEILING. CURIOUS TO SEE WHAT THIS BUSTED NOSE tOOKS LIKE. WE HAVE SEVERAL RADIO MESSA&ES,MR SAV/YER, ONE INSTRUCTS U5 TO TURN OvERT«E GERMAN GIRL TO AUTHORITIES IN GOOTUAAB RE TO CATCU A, PLANE THERE FOR NEW YORK SLEEP is HOURS. THEN: WHO sez CENTIPEDE WON •? BAH !! IT OIN'T OFFICIAL Y£T!' TH' JUDGES ARE STILL PHOTO FINISH '! ANYTHING SUITS IUXURY. AI-'TtR SIX DAYS ON AN 1CEBJR&, COULD BE MOKU WONPE«PLIL THAN A KHAVIi, /s HOT SHOWGR, HOT I-OOO ANO A WARM By MJ-:L HH» SEN*E9 REEL • H\Z \£t& BUCKLE HE 4LJMP* TO THE FLOOR — MUGOS AND SKKK'TlvH PHIL OEEP DRAPT* HANDKERCHIEF. PAUL ROBINSON ETTA KETT HIT IT,FELLAHS.' HI GLOCIA.' DID YOU MEETJ Miss icerr AWO HEG GISL f_ YOU» SEC ,S FRIEND AT • /-- C^A*"L^ - t— WHEM I LEFT THBV VJER.E OEDEF2ING f DINNEG SERVED IN THEIR A PMONE CALL FROM COUPLE OF cure f STGWAI2DS THEY MET! ON THE PLANE.' ft ALLTUCKED IM THE TOWEQ SUITE

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