Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1911 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1911
Page 5
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THIMOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY BVgNING, PiaSEMBER 5; 1911; COMINB BEFORE fidNBBESS we would only improve our profit—'it couldn't injiprove the quality nor the wear. To show Ihc {;ooA fuith of this stittcmci it wc sell yoa Wundcrhicc with the specific unflcn>tandinf; thnt if a siiifr.'c pair |iuiic?j tJirou;:2» sole, Jiccl or tos mthin four i;iu;:ths after }>urchasi', you CTC cutitled to icw huse free v.ilhuut quiUilc or qucsiion It must bo a. scarce of unending satisfaction to every n^othcr to know that darning can be LomjiL-tely Llir .iininted from the hous ihold care:;. Stoclvin^rs ( f Ihc children, tho husband, the daughters r .:id herself can Ix deixinded upon e:u;h week to be as free from holes us on tlie date c? i-urchase. MEW YORK STORE WARRANTE SjOLB HSU. b TO WBAa SHORTAGE IN CHEROKEE CO. AIDIT ((>.>I1'A>Y FOIM) fOXDI- TIONS S.VME AS llEKf. the dotnantls oi liiistne.sii Couiily OiVufTs Mmls- Krrnr In Aniounl iiiid Kind of Fci-s l*i Wiilcli Tlicj- Are hutiilt il. of the growing volume in tlilii county. T;;.> niidl fomimny is tho same on* wbli-h wen' over the books hero and the nndlngj Is similar, IndlcBllng. il iinriH!t. ttiilt county olllcera i;enerBll> err in Into preting tho fee laws. Columbus, Kas., Dec. Ti.—An audit of thfc books of the clerk of the district court, iirobale court and sheriff's office in Cherokee county has resulted in former Sheriff .Jame.s Hatton pay-j ing J739 to the county, and .7. H. Ellis, ih^ present probate judge, turning over ?476. The report shows that C. H. McXay, former clerk of tl." disirici tourt, had l>aid an excess of 42 cents into tho county treasury during his incum- hency. The audit was wade by the Audit and Bond Company of America, through its St. Louis branch, and Its report was subirtltled formally to the comn;issinners tod.'iy. Some days ago Judge Ellis and ex- Sheriff nation gave checks to the commissioners for the full amounts of the discrepancies reported by the auditors. In Hatton's case the bulk of the apparent shortage was due to hi^i following a court decision to the effect that the sheriff Is entitled to keep the monev allowed fcv taking prisoners Ut s:ate institutions and that this is not classified. The auditors acted under a decision of Attorney General Dawson that this is a fee and must be turned in •With the other fees of the office. The discrepancy in the probate judge's account is due to his acting on the theory mat he Is entitled to tlie fees in insanity cases while it 1.-; hoa* held that such is not the case. The flt'djjors atirib'.'ted most of the erroi-s in this oIBie to an inadequate system of book-keeping. Judge Kills had previous to the audit being mpdi- taken steps toward installing a more modern system, which would meet .M.'.>Y FAILrRES. H:!t rurisilct Sapc Orerraiue Miss KruL'.r's Hiilr Troubles. TAUISl^X SAGE is not guaranteed to grow h ilr on baid heads but it if guaranteed ty the well knowni drug- g!!?l. C. 1i. fepencer to klo'j falling hair eratlicate dandruff and stop itching scalp, or liioney back. Sold in every town in America by leading druggisU fr.r 30 cents a bottle. Read Miss Kru- gers letter. -PARISIAN- SAGE is the best hair grower atd Tjeautifier and dandruff cure. I list all my hair.through ty- phol fevei|; I was almost baldbeaded and my scalp was as sore as could be. I tried everything, but in vain. Finally I tried PARISIAN SAGE, and after using one bottle my hair started to grow ^nd has growa three or fou. inches inside of two months. I advise every woman who wants beautiful hair j to use PARISIAN SAGE." Miss Meta M. Kruger, Erowntown .Minn. WOM?X MKECK BiSTlLLERY. Tcnip?rafiro Workers V.i.y I'liint a' Myrtle, 3ro„ to Destroy IL Thayer. Mo.. Dec. —There wa.'' workers of this section yesterda: "'on -Ue fiLoifH^ry of R. il. Roberts fonncrl.v located at Ring. Ark., wa: destroyed at fTyrtle. Oregon County ..iiK;ouii. m oiuiM- iQ ret the distillery out! of the neighborhood the temperance ' workers prorosed to buy i and Roberts coasented and made the first donation. Theroi was a parade by rc''oo1 chll dren anld women, and speeches wer' made bjr Judge H. D. Green of We?Plains, jProsecutlng Attorney J. D WrookF. of Oregon County, .md Rev KL C. KJrkpatrlck. Scores of wor^ie- » til lati-iiets and nvos rnired blow after blow, which liri.'ke the apparatus Into pieces. The Peevish phild Needs a Laxative It is natural for a rv:il tn lanrh unu piny and n-tten Jl *ui;,;f Uit-vajly or crien you may depcml ou ll roniotliin.: pliVKiCul <:• the maiurr. If yuu »^<.- no evidi'uf^si of a ncrloud ailincni yo'i v.-iii aot be wrootf if you qulttly k1-.«j !i n. dose of mild laxative tliut evcoin^- j-. pL-ttln«' it lo bed. TiM remedy most Rcccnllv r-fcnn.- mended for this purpo:^' is Dr. C.ti-J- well'a eyrup Pepfla. which n.oi.'i»-rTj tliroushout the couutiy h:'.^c 'jezn i.-i\'n:r tjietr cbildien lor a i;'.ia/tcr oi' u. n-n- tury. To<t.T5' thousan-l." of farellles ur; vaibe It where hundredi> ukisI It tlmn, and there must l>e. i-'oad rension for word ot mouth reconiircnilaMon. It Is a«tniitt«dly the wrfert InxTtlva Xcr ebildren, women, old people ai<i) vti>c>« who aeed a ircntic bowl .u.-b.'u- lant and not a. violent srUt, c.<t»i:i-«Jc pill or doctored w&te.-. Dr. Caldwtlis Eypup Pepsin will act scntly. and whv>ii taMca Ijcxoro ntlHiic vUl brUur com- pU-io Jtl.^fnctlnn In t?io momlnir. ATut r i..n>ii uso sh..-4 remedy all :»ur., <r u-jtsi<:u aW. oiij l<c dispersed as<} r..Xii.n will H^^'-ti act aioac .Ml K .w-.y.; <: 'oo'l AniL-rl7)n people V.i-'i i; il. t;._.'i iv^r- ill* ot the •ion:3i'l . i;\"r a-.d Iiowctn, and amoa? »ho tiK (> \v;.ii !i\\e written ' the d.jetor hai i.\ry will ricxcr be withou' !t aj-e ?Trs. Tin Mcr>..-ov. K3 Iiii^taiw ATP., "Tii'K.jn. Kas.. uml .\Ir«., E. Phijv» •'6C0 AUeh Ae.. Knii*i» City. Kat / 'Vise ot ic has Mvod ouny. a pcn^i .rp'-o ie v-f<-;-^T to rna'-e n tHaJ of t'lS ,ren-.e<}y hcfui-v liujijijf it iu the ie;,-uiu I Ir.i: •» hfitlle ifTtinllv riXH) ci-. eu:i^llt•! (.otiM wnf lo tln' ho3.T chAr»» hy *;r>rl* nd'ii«<->«in.- f*i. , CSii'.vell. 4<!5 '.V».5hhi«r.p. ..'t., tUo. IIL Xvur naixM ndul audrcs: UWinr Jjiava a, tree-nf W. B. Montli ASSOCIATED PRESS FORECASTS WORK OF THE SESSIOSi. •^he Most ImportaDt SessiM Since the CItH Wai" Is the Pre- dlctfoB. ou a p^tal card will do. (By the Associated Press) Washiiigton, Dec. 5.—'The most Im- portajii session since the Civil War." 18 tne prediction made by many Dem- ocraUc leaders for the flrat regular seaaion of the Sixty-second Congress which opened yesterday. "SUrrlng days ahead" are forecast by Republican members,'and on both sides of the big party line members in the House and Senate are drawn up to flglit out weighty problems of legislation in a session that will lead up to the presidential campaign of 1D12. Of ImportancQ as to the bearing It win have on the approaching political contest in the nation; of particular interest because of party differences; regulars and Insurgents on the Re- publicau side; reactionaries and progressives among the Democrats; and of uiiusuia significance because of the heavy legisIaUve program, it Is at icnst certain that this will lie one of the liveliest sessions of Congress In many years. With the gavels falling in the House and Senate at noon yesterday, the tariff and the trusts stood out as the most important subjects for legisla- ion with a big iigl:t assured in both houses. Many other great question.i confronting the Congress, all of them to be BiiproBchcd vigorously^ include monetary reform, ratification of arbitration treaties with Great Britain and France, and the loan treaties with Nicaragua and Honduras; Alaskan legislation, tbe election of Senators by direct vote of tbe people, pension bills and the regular and permanent annual appropriations, to be under the direction this time In the House by a Democratic committee. While the legislative struggles are <n progress; politics is certain not to be overshadowed. With the Democrats looking ahead with sanguine bope for triumph at the polls next November, and insurgent Republicans striking out in earnest to capture their party convention. If possible; every move made in either branch of Congress from now until adjournment will be thoroughly considered from political as well as legislative viewpoints; The political pot in Washington will soon begin to boil, with the Republican national committee meeting here December 12th. to be followed Janu- iry 8th by the Democratic national committee. Selection of convention :;ltle8, choosing of committee chairmen who will manage the big cam- -lalgns and plans for the approaching narty conventions and the subsequent uattle of the ballots will attract as much attention from tho nation's leg (slatora as will the making of the na lion's laws. To enliven the political interest In both Houses there are candidates for the Presidency casting their shadows across the horixon. Champ Clark, tho Speaker of the House, already considered among the Democratic possibilities, may at any time make presidential pronouncement to his colleagues; and Reprcsen- lative Oscar W. Underwood, of Ala- jania,*the Democratic floor leader, al­ io Is talked of throughout the country as presidential timber. In the Senate. Mr. LaFollettc already has been proclaimed by pro- -;reEsive Republicans as their choice o wrest the nomination from pir. raft. In the House the political interest vIU be further complicated by the at- Itude of Aft. Bryan, who has quar- •elled with Mr. Underwood and brand?d him as a reactionary and now crlU- Tlzes Speaker Clark in what many of the Democrats declare is an effort to :ause a breach l»etween the Speaker md the majority leader of the House. The tariff legislative program will 'ollow the long awaited report of the •jirlff board, which is expected to 3ubmlt the result of its investigations in wool and cotton before the holi- Jays. The Ways and Means Com- nlttee of the House, however, under he direction of Chairman Underwood, vill begin at once the preparation of :ew tariff bills; Throughout the recess a force of clerks and experts lave been/ at work preparing for the committee. President Taft has given his pledge hat. when the tariff board submits its report on the woolen and cotton sclie- lules It win be his pleasure to make tariff recommendations to Congress. The subject will be treated in a spe- ::ial message. Meanti:nc. however, the Ways and Means Committee will begin preparation of revised schedules to include wool, cotton, iron and steel products, ^'igar and other ftKxlstufrs. An tm- nortant schedule to come up is the uigar schedule, and in dealing with 'his the House and the Ways and Means committee will be guided somewhat by the report of the special committee of inquiry Into the American Sugar Refining Company, which is expected to report early In the seFtilon. Conspicuous In the records of the rongresB will be the coming vignrflns •rtidt debates. The flaht to emend the Sherman Anti-trust law Is alreadv on. In tbe House the question will be first considered by the Copimittee on .Tudlcinrr. Th's committee has determined also to report hills amend- •ne the intunrtion statutei^ and the contempt statutes, the latter to include provision for trial l)v .liiry In cases of Indirect contempt. These will he presxed' for passage before ad- jo'^nment. The committee »••»; In hn*»d a half tfmev bills nrovl«»lnK nnipndment to »he Shenn"" —•i-»r"'-» i»w. The iro^t rM^(>nt ^i'l •^os «'~'f»ed bv Rpn- ri»p«»fta*lve He'"rv. of T ^xxm. provld- intr for ru>n<teD*<arv ti^rirB •«Hola»ft-n of 'ho tmst I""*! i»»>d deslmed *n p1<rr<1n*«fp from th" flh»mr»n Isw ^ <>,« "rni" of rov'"" as l^tprpreteif, j h" f».«. Rt;nr«|T>A Toifr*. Pnmp iu»rt .ft Km f.«>i.*nfTi to <v>i»'i» frnm thn bMrine on thfs nrnb'ntn. Tn tbe Senate the trust question Is Extra Panama up to price . 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In line w be the deteri We Pay Your MILEAGE th the trust question wllj mlnaiiou of the fat^ of the House biietiul cowuilltee of Inquiry into the Ut ited States Steel Cbrpora- Uon. The stcfel corporation hks protested agalist continuation 6f the to submit to hearing In view of the rullngj of the governmeni against it. The niiesfion is certain to; be ;brought up] In tho House for settlement within] a few days and ii will provoke a llvfly controversy. As a pak of the trust legislative plan Presileot Tnft has suggested a federal in ;orporait]on act He has stated his [belief that a statul^ might be drawn--iiot as an ameudinent tc the antl-ti isi law—to furnlsW protection whic; I would induce cMnpanles engaged c ilefly In Interstate trade to agree • to government supervision of their tram afttion^. j. . Tlie Natiopal Monetary CoijunlflsIoP will siibm t the i%pcrt of its ong and exbnnstlvf Inquiry by .Tantijary .8th. The centi »1 reserve hank plan advo- cntod by former Senator Nelson W. Aldrlcb, 1 as bean, practically unanimously eidorsei} by the American llankers' Associatl.on. Curr^sncy reform, hn\ ever, probably wllll develop many dll ering joplnlons be! ore any legislstloi )b enacted. Of' unu iiial interest In th i Senate will be ihe coTJtlnuance of the In forihulated a report Congress. Lively discussions are expected In both houses on the Immigration laws, the abrogation of the treaty of 1832 Jietween the United States and Russia, canipaign . publicity, and a bill IM-oposing legislative power to pe conferred upon the Territor}- of Alaska. An effort also may be made to abol- I ish the new Court of Commerce. J The personnel of the House and t__A .1... qulry Inti the right of Sena] tor Lorl- mer. of Illinois^ to retain. bis seat Hearings in the case which tave been voing on n Chicago since October will be resum -d herd today. Consen atlon noHcfes are ti he urged on Co igresBJ Included in this are water m> rer. cokl phosphsti. oil and gas and r r])i>r rf^oirrcex. Ea -ly In the session ti e ^fati|)nal Waterw lys Com- irlpsion trill report recomm* nd«itlon8. A TemH f Inn he mnflf hr t^e Peouritle i rofmloiion re' 'ting K» riniFflva nhrt Mtnds. tne.sppc'.l Postw.l C iiTinn'^'jion which 'as hel'' fipaMnns In wiiihlnKfnn. ^ew yorlf «rd 8t yu[»»»'iii«o w«U retort. T^e Employees': UaUlIty Conun^slon' has Senate has changed somewhat, the Democrats of the House having gained one more In their majority. There arc five members of the House. Daniel V. Stephens. (Dem.) of ^febmaka; .Toseph A. Taggart. (Dem.) of Kansas; Kenneth D, McKellar. (Dem) of Tennessee: W. O. B. Ainey, (Rep.) of Pennsyh-ania, and William J. Browning, (Rep.) of New Jersey. There Is one vacancy In the House caused by the death of Represent;ttive E. Madison (Rep.) of Kansas. Obadinb Gardner, of Maine, succeeds the late Senator Frye in tho Senate, and Hoko Smith comes to the f:»T>pte from Georgia. Renewal of the effort to elect a president pro tei». -">re of th" Senate in phice of Mr. Frye will be made.. Senator Bacon was the leading candidate of tho Democrats and Senator Qalllngcr. the leader of the-regular Republicans at the last session. Senator Clapp was the choice of the Insurgent Republicans. In the Hoasa an Interesting teatar" of the session In all probability will he the abolition of the secret caucus by the Democratiti-majority. Economy will continue to ho the Democratic watchword In tbe Honsn In this connection pll the Invcsttea- tions tntoi government denartmenta hr the House Committee on Bxp<>nditiire!> "re to be continued jand recommpTi*'- tlons are to be mp<ie a,Iang lines of economy for each department of the Eovemment Economy l» is said «lso will jfiiM*. •»<*i AntironrtKtlaas Coniralttee, f^o Jirst Democratic ^nmrntttee 1" tt— rears to eet a. "whaclr? at the M" PnnroDrls^'ijn ' ironnlv h'I'o tne'«"'ti"- the so-rali«4 -«vn* h-rrpls." 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