The Anniston Star from ,  on March 17, 1960 · Page 28
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The Anniston Star from , · Page 28

Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1960
Page 28
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- i- ' . ' . ' :. m mm y eg t e , wwm,wm. m I I .' I e n I a, fcWntft W' ',''W' rjyHC ""5.1" .- .. . v.. - ., ;.; ., -A V - . HEROIC- won waved and watched for. tits last Cmtimiti frsra Pags -B.) open new wruca onerea amy neimea were jnarcned : to a placef-f- time. , protat el-a--allf there was talk WVMA lsc, cloth sad tnads fringt for. l 4 10 Barty Snow, J WMT-aaia1 iMrtui And none knew, that' for, their among the troops about the pris Tvm j2$L aUr jSe aMa l:M BoniM Bay :4 Ottawa M PolittcaJ BclatiM. WBBC-TT-haaal Btratrarkaea loved'ones, there"' wodff t "Bv Trtday. Mhv n. fj. Baaiara ttaadard tbaa cd tbs unilontu for tb Red Rov :w rrr iur mnat . oner exenaig and we'fl he home in Lawrence County In time for TtaeUay, Mar. IT. P Ja. txnnecomtng. . . r '..-. Taandart Mae. 11. . tM. ers, except for a coon ikio cap. . the crop gathering tm urn n la kjatjr aatil Wks, fan. the kwjrd af ITS faaght eff tha aUagbi ef set Mextcaa eavalry mea and inore taaa MM hv faatrymea. t.m naeaioairi Bound V. . I:M) Rw :40 Weather :l Baotlay-Brtaklay IUDrl - UBA While preparations for clothinf Jalm Sunday, MardTzT, 1836. Reckon well be headed home Betty Button After a longnd arduous trip, the Red Rovers arrived in Texas, ready to ride1 into battle. And the :M 111 :M I l:tt :U IU l Ill is f:M The Lao Ranger were being made. Captain Jack Shackelford drilled his soldiers by Easter!" some of the' men Rom Bhow 4obD Deir Pol Hrtr Kyl Qonna Law Sparu NW . . tjufney Bow Stort Pared Aanttlea IpmU Careloed with -Must Aj Bee John W. 'Vendercook -Cavalcade ' sum ort During the hours of night plans battle came. It came after the asked one another. IJ0 T.M IN I 00 M 10:00 11:01 l:M each day around the court square. were formulated for the next day's Johnny Bind Zao Qr ThMtr Trackaawn Colonel Plack m Bant Th Alatkan lorn TtMttr Blca Off Red Rovers Joined is with a group During these days an almost I:N MaonuDt B.roor :0) Bat laaJteraan l:M Johns y Staeeaa) : Bachelor Father 1:3 Terneeie Brnla Ford- , 11:00 ' Tou Bet roar Lift 10:30 Lawlest Tear - battle. It was thought that more of Texans who were marching to I 00 festive atmosphere pervaded the American forces would come to ward the Colita, in Mexico The town. Children, playing toldieid 101 11 00 their aid since the group was doe officers and men numbered X7S. Aad m this fateful meraiag Mextcaa sokUera mheti tata the coropMndi where the mea were sleeping. They were waked up and k44 i go onUlde and line up se they could he counted. 11:00 Newtroom ran along behind the marching to rendezvous with other troops Sb 11:11 MOM Late men. It was near the noon hour and the Mexican sun bore down on 105 New However, when day broke it Uniform! ready; farmers, mer was the Mexicans who had new the marching troops. PrMay. Mareh II. A.M. I:M RelWlou Serlea 1:01 Country Boy Body T:N MornlBA Show I'M Farm Mwt 1:04 MomtDg Kewe 1:11 Cap. Kantaroa l:M For Batlar or Wata 1:30 Cl th Oe chants, rfvermen trained, the dav reinforcements. ' The . Texas commander, who A squad of heavily armed men . ... - The Texans and Red Rovers de n irTBWirirBTware rr'' Mi ror leaving lor ,tne Texas battle- outranked Captain Shackelford, was formed behind the Red Rov new arrived. r cided to seek surrender terms and 1 10 Sl-n Off PrMay. Marah II. A.M. 1:30 Sign OB 1:00 Continental Claatroem T.00 Today 1:15 Georgia Newt 7:30 Today 1:3$ Oeorgi New 1:30 Today 1:00 Today In Georgia :30 People choice halted the march for a short rest ers. Some of the prisoners heard ON TBI MOVB ThU versioa ef a "mobUe desk" was eae ef the add vehicles tatdnr part In a "erasy rally'' held ta Amsterdam ta eeaneetloa with ante show. under a flag of truce officers of j This halt in the open countryside the unirustakeable click of musk 10:00 I Lav Lucy 10;M Pen bar Bride 11:0 Lav at Life the two opposing armies met. ets that were being readied for -"' 11 M Seuch Par drew, an Immediate protest from Captain Shackelford who pointed Out that the Mexicans were not firing.. Tonvorraar ine Mexicans agreed to sur 10:00 Dough Re Ml Private Joseph Fenner, realiz 10:30 It Could Be You 11 45 Culdlat Light 13:00 Amo 'n' Andy 11 M At th World render terms that guaranteed far behind the detachment and 11:00 Price It Right ing what was happening, shouted that all prisoners "would be treat 1 30 Concentration era and sweethearts, being wives, mothers and sweethearts, were incredulous and couldn't help but hope against hope that some of their men would come back home. ' But Caotaln Jack returned to that a few more hour's march to his friends. "Boys,' they're gon ed with the kindness extended to -At first when the troops rrtarchd throngB towa cheers west op and cries si get them Mexicans" rsag eat. Ba whea the mea started U brij the Tnsciunbia, Courtland ui Do eatar Railroad cars, many women . wept as the male draws train palled away from the Sta-tloa. Chlldrea, perched ea fences waved tin they eoold sea the train no longer. 11:00 Newt 11:15 MOM Armchair and ene was his soa. Captala Shackelford wu reraered frem the area the sight before the executloaand heeaiise be was a doctor aad his services were needed, bis life was spared. Be later escaped and eventual would give the group the protec na Kill us. . prisoners by the most cultured na tion of a wooded area on the horizon. Then a volley of rifle balls tore tions or tne world. Pla?houi , 1:00 Queen For A Day 1:30 Lo'Ctta Taunt 3:00 Young Doctor Malone I 30 From Tbeee - RooU into the flesh of every man. Some The terms, also called for a Yet the halt was called and Turns 1:00 Our Mis Brooke 1 30 HoutpartT 3:01 MUllonair , 3:30 Verdict It tour 3:00 Brighter Day 3.11 Secret Storm 3 30 Edge of Night 4:00 The CalUorntan 4:14) San PYaneUaa Beat 5.06 Hlthway Patrol 5:30 Alabama Newtreel 1:45 Dout Bdward New Courtland alone and then those who months before had watched and waved, had watched and waved for the last time. ly made his way to New Orleans prisoner exchange. There was talk among the American forces that exhausted men quickly sprawled on the ground. . . ' 4:00 . Comedy Plajrhoai 4:30 Adventure Tneatr where he wired his, family that fell dead. Others died slowly,' writhing in agony, soon to die in the hot sands of a foreign land. Tws ef the executed mea we will be headed home in eight 1:00 Popey Cluh There hundreds of Mexicans ap The wives, mother and ivmI.! And now they Knew for their loved ones." there would be no days." he was stul alive. News of the massacre preceded peared from three sides and WAGA-TV Channel I Atlanta nearuwho waved andvatched, pinned the Americans down in an Now a march started and the were nephews ef the captala his return home, but wives, moth homecoming. Eastern Standard Tim WAPI-T Channel U Blrmtatham Thartday, Mar. 17, P.M. Thartday, Mar. 11. P.M. 1:00 newt, aporta ana - weather 7:00 Science Fiction Theatr 1:30 To Tell the Truth 1:00 Betty Hutton I K Johnny Rinto 1:00 Ban Orey Theatre 1:10 Ooronado I Friday. Mink IS. A.M. 5 JO Sign OB 5 30 Dawn patrol 00 Te LePeer Trio I IS Win US Tim 23 Newt ( 30 Rise and thin 45 Hymn Tim 100 Newt Around the World 115 Moraine Special 1 30 Anniiton and World Ntwt -T5 TNI -I 25 Newt 130 Loral Newt and Eienta 3.S TNI I IS SioB. Look and Lltterf 100 Breaktast. Club 10:00 Morning Meolta- tlon 1015 Showeaa of Malody 10:30 Bundle of Jot 10:45 Paul Harm 10 M) Coffee Break 11:00 Ladles Come In 1130 Blackwood Bro. 11 i Nl ll 51 Neentim Note . 11 00 Paal Harvey 1 II RUln ramllf 11 :M Too Tunes 1:M Local As World "ewi 1:11 Wotnan'i World 1:M M True 1:30 iwio Shw 1:00 Tn Pan Allaw 4:00 Pinal edition 4:01 Road Bhew 1:00 PIT Btar Pinal WBIMA rata a ItM ill (retoa, WIN A PM mriM M IM N aMcaayataa. WCIO-TT Ckaaaal 1 Blraatajrkaai WBIQ-TV Ckaaaal 1 Maafard Tkartdaf. Mar. II, P.M. 1:00 Adolaactnt PjTCh0l0T 1:10 Watch Your Language 1:45 Rom Pact 7:00 Family Counaeltng 1:30 Band Aldl 1:00 Inquiry 1:30 B'hara Headline I 00 Tak 00 Friday. Mareh II. A.M. 11.45 Test Pattern At Slim On 1100 oil Marketing 11:41 brael 12:M Horn Manat. ment :M Cattl Country :J0 Symphony Hiatorjr 1:00 The Loaf Way Horn 1:30 Collet Chemlitry 3 00 Colin Phytic 1:30 Men May Llv - 4:00 Penotofy and OrimlnolMy 4:30 To Be Announced 1:00 Collet French 111 1:30 1:00 1:10 1:00 1:11 :M 1:30 10:00 CBS Reportl 11:00 11th Hour Nw 11:11 Wathr 11:11 Sport 11:90 Big Movie Huntley-Brlnkiey Report Huckleberry Hound Four Just MM Johnny Staccato Bachelor Father . I ml Ford -Ton Bt Tour Life Tom baton Territory (Premier) Bat Maiterton World Oreat Movie Ut Newi '. Sign Oft Friday. Mareh II, A.M. Friday. Mareh 11, A.M 10:00 11:10 so uauy wora taBB" a ut" rBBMaii i BB- 11:01 1111 Farm Itewi and Weather Tril It Your Town Newt Highlight Cartoon Club irAeri you foocf-shop A&e f 1:11 1:M TM 1:31 1:11 Friday, March It, A.M. I 00 Dtilv word boua 1:05 1:00 1:11 1:30 I 15 I 30 1:00 30 MOTHER'S BEST Cant. Kangaroo Ufa af Riley Morning Movie Blue Flame Kitchen I Love Lucy December Bride Love of Life Search For Tomorrow Ouldlnf Light Medio A th World Tumi 1:00 :so 10:30 11:00 11:30 13:00 11 30 11:4a 1:00 1:30 21 c 10:00 10:10 11:00 11:10 11:00 Morning Outlook Today News Today Newt -Tod Dough Re Ml Play Your Hunch Price It Right Concentration Truth or Consequencet It Oauld Be You Hollywood Hit . Pared Lorett Young Show Young Doctor Malone From These Root Comedy Theatre Adventure Theatre Popey . VAXTEX PAPER, 100 Fl. MAYFIELD CORN, Can If A Oreat Lift 1:31 1:00 Houteparty Millionaire Th Verdict It Your Blighter Day Secret Storm Idee of Night Barly Show 4:01 10 LB. CLEAN UP WITH, ILfO Compare GENERAL Q ELECTRIC Values A-1 Tt 200 COUNT CLOCK RADIO 11 C Wakes You Gently, AMrovitaticalry to Music MM 95 XMCRICA'S no. 1 HOUSE-CIEANING AJO S0 Down 50c Weekly sat SPtciAU m ova wimoowi ' PET MILK 3 TALL CANS HondMMoHw tsryltJ In iiwdsHM Ivory cotinarf wnorf loottrtiQ in ony roocn. The deaandaM 6-E etactri riocv con b est te "wake you I snuek" at any time yen dedre. Super tone WjoMy.'v.- tee Oar iarae Stack af VI AapSatai aad TV INSTANT COFFEE 6 0ZS. USCHS HOBCI STRttT r I QUART j 1 C Buy Savings Bonds I C 3) COPF mm (Hi V LEAN TENDER Ufa mm m M PORK Cefgh hi Golden CARROTS I 2 For Cooking I L ONIONS LD" 0 I 0 ROUND STEAK, Lb. XeaewlB CRISP (WINESAP) APPLES A SMOKED c LARGE HEAD LETTUCE W2lr tmrnt kt oteao Wm m, big money aaTfr mtmm k - :'. ' awaJHv CtraM Oottaga Priaaaa frvaa ptuUlu pat; 9mmW ..tM suy odhar food. Law in oaloriaa. Dm, ao aarv tt airWMjy- ar 4ce ehaaaa is 4onblahwlukl Wf' fnuhwm as4 flaTor-tha crnalitiaa yovj want aoat . vary boat. Oat It todej-'anjoy It oneal MORTON OLD DUTCH SWEETHEART LIQUID TREND CLEANSER BEADS 0 BLEACH . 39c TREND 2 f.. 39c 25c 49c 2 f., 29c 39c 22-Ox Both aBaaaaaam aBaajBBaJBajBaaaMRaaaB BLUE PUTE QUALITY CHEKD V DAIRY PRODUCTS Sin Sign of Flavor SUNSHINE CRACKERS OKRA PROTEX Both 39c PROTEX u, 29c SUNSHINE HONEY GRAHAMS 37c BfcUE PLATEy CROVDER PEAS 03 Con 9C 29c ' 30i Can 'if ' Lb.

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