Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1911 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1911
Page 4
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INING PECEIMBER 5,riMI. niE leu oai Htbibitii Tha tela Oally f^teont and '•>• loia Daily indtx. .burd^iia. ougbt, tha' I)'i»tforai'''untli-trtttt draatlr statute' which accompUshef effective results: which so long fts It stands on the si atute books must be obeyed, and! which cannot be dlsb- befed without ii cnrrlng far-reacbiBg penalties." In [bla connection the President makei it very clear that the dissolution of the Standard Oil and the Tobacco Company must be a dissociation in fi ct end not merely, ia name. lie shows that the new companies into whi( h the old havo bof-ii divided must have dilTerent mcra- gprs, directors nnd '-purchusing: and sales agents, acd that these otRccrs and agents are anjoined from co-op eration or combination,—a violation of which Injunclions would subject of o demb^kl|ate that ^ ^Vhilp Sjb , la unalterablr opposed, l-trttst^ il^tiilo'-11 a th«n!fore .agf ,tltt'repeal of the Sher- mBiivlBW,-tae beUeVea that there might TUB K£GI8T£K PmiSIIING CO. Entered at tJic lola rostoffice as Second- Cla«« Matter. Advertiiiing Uutcs aiKJc Known on AppU- cntlon. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier In lola. Oai City,' Lanyon- villa, Concreto, CaHarpe Baccett: one Week 10 cents One Month 44 cents One year »5.00 OY MAIU: One Year. In-iidp crumty X2M One Year, OU I M W O ••ouniy M .iiu TELEPHONES: Business Office IJi Society Reporter ".!> Job and Blnder>- l).!pl 141 Official Paper cf City of lola. Official Paper City of Bascett. Official Paper of Allen County. THE PRESIDE\r,S MES.SAGE. The first p.irt of the President's message reads like a lawyer's brief; the second part of it reads like the address of n thoughtful anjj conscientious statesman. First, and last it is devoted exclusively to the trust question, and those who have read Jt through will know what has been done in the way of enforcing tJio Jaws we have and what the President things should bo done in the matter of new laws (o meet new conditions. The lawyer part of the message is made up largely of what seems to ii layman to bo a pretty comp'ete defense of the Supromo Court ugiiinsi the charge that in rending the word "reasonable." Into the Sherman law it has departed materially from previous decisions or from the accepted rules of Inierproiaflon. The President Insists that a "reasonable restraint of trade" is well understood and clearly defined, and that in using the phrase the court does not assume legislative functions or extend judicial discreetion to unusual or dangerous limits. It is pointed out also that if individuals have not beeu those guilty of it to contempt court proceedini s and imprisonment of a summary character. The disinte gration of the gieat companies, there fore, has not be:n n mere ehiinge of garments, as sone linve b°Mevp(i, but a very radical n ul pcn-:inrnl change of character. TJIic ?Tii;i'yin.:T Ii:tel!i- fh (hi!' a.-? a direr xisc.r.a. :• u-mber o Inists, like Co'onpl !e "com-.'' down" with- gence is set fo result of those d other imporWnt Scott's 'ccon, hav out waitlns to ;>H shot, have volun- Rourt, or gone to the istiee, and- put their tarlly couic into Department of J house in order. The Presid-mt deals very frankly wit.h the cry that I K'.S come up from "big business" for ih<" repeal of th( law, now ihnt fo the flrst lime rlnc it was passed it is being co .etive!) enforced. He sU tes willi entire fairness tlie argumejit of those who ar< apprelienslve tluiit the elfecl of (h< law will be to olistruct bu>)in<.'?.<i pre- greas by nitemp I UR tn resJorn oli'i fasliloiieil nielhodi of deBlructlve competition between ; small units, and H make imposnlble tiiose useful combinations of capital that are essential to continued prt .sperlty and nonnai Krowth, and then proceeds to give his reasons for belie ving that such apprehensions are not well founded There is nothing In the statute, ho declares which con'demns combinations tie supplemental . legislation which Would be of adrantage. He would have a^law denouncing unfair methods i of competition, such as the attempt to BUppresB a competitor by underselling hirot or by making exclusive contracts with customers under which they are required to glv ui associi'.tion with other manufacturers, and numerous kindred methods. nut the most izuioriaat measure of new legislation which ho proposes is one thut slial! provide for the Federal incorroration of companiec desiring to tic an interBtate business, —a proposition, it may not be out of place to remark, which this paper suggested and advocated many years ago. He believes that such a statute, witli rigid rules for the organizatloi: and procedure of corporations, elfcct- Ivo publicity, the closest suporvision of the issue of stocks and bonds by an executive bureau 1 or commission, would go far to protect the public from the evils incident to unrestricted r.n dunsupcrvised combinations while nt the same time smoothing the way for the legitimate exercise of any degree of business enterprise. On the whole the message is sc calm and judicial in its tone, it is co obviously dictated by no other consideration than the welfare of thr country and its recommendations an so plausible and full of common sense 'hat it can but produce a favorable rreet upr.n the country. The radical trust busters" will be relieved of heir appndiendon that the Presldcm was Koing to abandon the Riiermun aw; and "big business" will see that I r. H'li not lie awake nights for fear Inli 'ndH (o run amuck In its china lioj). l! If! a »:<;o<l. patriotic, states iinnlike ineKs.'ige, and happy wo;ild he country be if Its council cnuK! I heeded. punished for violations of the law it-' of capital or mejre bigness of plant hA« not been the fault of the law it- organized to secure economy in pro llie choirs of 'JHang hem! Hang tbeml" which Is now going up from the ranks of Union Labod against the McNamaras Is mor i $r a gratifying assurance that th isf fri m whom It comes do not comtenaice lawlessness; but It Is hi rdly (ilculatcd to strengthen whatever reiojutlon Mc.N'atnaras had the names of the .Hnancing and othj lUon who have been oncoiiraging their. And if these two rwlse fynami make up their mihda td talk they 'conld a tale unfd word w&uld harrow up ^ gtjod many souls which arc sbme risht now. Many weeks ago • he fact that Organi:<ed Labor was being appealed to to dollars to old in McNamaras, the- ly spent, that if ra line the pockets o the handling of it gilimnte ways to omc =r the trial. LET THOSE WHO OKDEKED PAV iuct.on and a r<^duction of its cost 'It Is only when the purpose or nec essary effect of the organization ant) maintenance of the combination or th*" aggregation of immense size are th stifling of competition, actual and pc self but has been due to the reluctance of juries to Impose criminal sentences upon men of respectability whose.offense has been regarded as merely statutory. It is well to emphasize this fact for a favorite theme | with_ a certain class of ignorant dera- J tential, and the enhancing of prices agogues has been the denunciation of , and establishing i monopoly that the Congress for not framing a law un-; statute is violated. Merc size is n.' der !which the "criminal rich" could' sin against the ikw. The merging cf be,reached or an attack upon the two or more business tilants ncce? courts for not sending some of thc |3ariiy eliminates competition betueen "liig men" to jail. The President's i the units thus <?ombIned, but this message answers those reckless ignoramuses by showing that Congress has enacted a law which provides jail sentences as one of its penalties, and that the reason courts have not imposed them is because juries have refused to convict The two most recent decisions, that in the Standard Oil case and that in the case of the American Tobacco Company, are discussed at length and the exact terras of the dissolution carefully set out, showing how very effectual the law is in compelling combinations which have resulted in an unreasonable restraint of trade to "unscramble their eggs." In the language of Circuit Judge Noyes. which the President quotes approvingly: "The extent to which It has been necessary to tear apart this ci^mbinatlon and force it into new forms with the attendant elimination is in contravention of th: sfatute only when the combination i made for the pU|Tpose of ending ihl-' particular comp<^tition in order to secure control of,land enhance prices and' create a monopoly." • And he thinks that when it is the purpose cf a given combination the men who make it are mighty apt to know it There has been!a great deal of talk about the repeal' of the Sherman law rnd the substituuon of some measure of constructive legislation that will blaze a clear ^th for honest merchants and to follow, but • he President vjenturcs the opinion that all this talk has been in the no ture of glittering generalities and ha? resulted In no concrete suggestion that offers a rul> of action as detinit<- and as clear as the law Itself, as in- tcrpreted by th« Supreme Court. Essential ta Comfort RrecT^cm . Warmth is es8ea ||tikl to comfort As you snnr older, it is hardly less essent^eJ to health. Get a Pafec&ai ''S noUess Oil Heater,and ytn keqp warm and com' (ortaUe b your home, np matter nvliat tbe ather withooL qiocUf. It is alwajrs teaiif for tae aDdiwDms ajoe naanooa fining—-no more trouUe dian a laiapi. * It can be'-cai|ried mxpitben; .DO pipes, no wres. no fines; 119 smolEe ,'odor or SA TlkC (ester duft g ^VCt COM|]letB|MlBfK&V»' Peffcctioa bUiliedtaddM Uot Tlai year • tnami»t:lMitaBd aaalydeaael AuiamaiicJ a plakilidtMcU oraaiMMiLy<t«lnigaadd«ableas««i^aMaa. AH pMis lomaiicJadtiaf laae Moader Brewaii MstaM. Standard Oil Company tlacorpacataa) in In recent comment upon the proposal to call a special session of th Kansas legislature, the Register has asserted that while otJier reasons might be given in the Governor's proc !amation, the real "emergency" would be the hope of passing a Presidential Primary law which by proper mantp- ulation might be made to result 'aking the Kansas delegation to th Republican national convention away from Taft. That statement has not been criti cised, or the accuracy of it called in question. On the contrary a good •nany things have happened since If was printed to confirm all that was ?aid. And now comes a special dis •atch to the Wichita Beacon which is decidedly illuminating. One para graph of this dispatch is as follows Whether a session of the Kansas legislature is to be held next month depends almost entirely upon the ac iion of the Republican national com mlttee at its meeting in Washington December 12. If the Republican com mittce adopts a call for the national oonvontion providing that presidentipl preference primaries shall be held in states only where h law has been enacted rogulating such primaries. Governor Stubbs will convene the legislature in special session. According- to close friends of Governor Stubb? ho gave.his word to friends of Senator LaFolletto at Mndisoni Wisconsin month ago, that a presidential primary would be held in Kansas, even though a special session of the legie- atore should be found necessary. So it is "the friends of Senator I^- Follctlo nt Madison. Wisconsin" to whom Governor Stubbs gave his word that a special session of the Kansas legislature would be called if it wfr" necessary In order to promote the. Wisconsin Senator's candidacy ^or office? And It Is because he has given his word to these citizens of another state that he can take no account of the wishes of the people of his own State? It is rather a singular situation,—a Governor of the Great State of Kansas. In a matter of sucb far- -eaching importance as the calling of a special session of the legislature consulting, not the people of his own State but the campaign managers of a political candidate in another State! Of course If the Governor has "given his word," as the Beacon dispatch says lie has, to these campaign managers. It would perhaps be useless to ask him to recall. It. But we submit tbat If the special session is to be held at the dictation of the LaFollette campaign committee it ocght to be held at their expense. Let the legislature when it meets,-pass a resolution directing the auditor of State to send the bill in to "friends of Senator LaFOliette, at Madison. Wis." Every fellow ought to pay for what he orders. A great many years ago China took a notion that she wonid gobble up Japan, and In anticipation of that happy .,^ent, the national flag was altered so as to fihow the dragon in the act of swallowing the rising sun, cm- l!>lcmatic of Japan. As It happened tbe gobble stunt was not pulled off; but tho amendetl flag remains Just as If it bad been. hung. Tlie State's! that he has ample that iiractlcr.lly ev thought to be a had bee napproi|clj money, and he decl ncsses have come 'iioney I hat had b iigi uls for the dcf*' ly evident that th uhlch llie working adc toi the keep secreti aiding and e campaign. men siioiiid really 14" virljose lightest [irobably quiverind commenting upon raise htilf a million I he defense of the |Reglst|r declared BEriKCTIOXS OF A BACRELOB. From the New York Press, What. makes a man proiid of himself is he doesn't realize nobody else is. Boys seem, to go to college to learn all the things that aront In the college course. When you tell a man Jiow pretty his wife looks he acU as If the credit all belonged to him. ' A girl never wants to t>c a boy half as much as she wants to manage dozens of them. When you see a woman tearing around In a state of excitement like a hen with chickens it's a sign she is a new aunt. THE KAXSAS LAXGUAOE. A pathetic story comes from Atchison where George Crothers, of Lawrence, brought habeas corpus proceedings In a vain effort to secure his three children now be|ng cared for at the State Orphan's Home. There was no question of the father's claim nor of his wlllingnes^, but the court decided he could not support five children on his wage of $1.50 a that shch a sum cbuld not be honest- I day as section man. spd It Would either grafters who had or be used in ilie- infiuence the out- The developments At Billy Sunday's revival in Wichita the other night David Riddle aged 74, and his grandchildren, down to a 2-year-old, twenty-four in all, went forward together to " the mourner's bench. —0— A Preston man has it figured out that If, the Kansas laws were exceedingly stringent In prohibiting re-marriage after divorce, people would not only be more careful in making their returned or >|hen the jury was one matrimonial bet. but would be Attorney declares less quick to rush into the divorce cvideneo to show ^oart. Sounds reasonable, too, doesn't it? -0- I As n newspaper that •s' of tne pasit few d:ys a:y amply con-' Ir^nltig these sugg?stions. One juror| :ias confe.^aed that j'rendy raid bim Loadpd Black Pqv^der Shells. " Nublaok " and " New Rival" No black powder shells have so many strong points to recomniend them as "^Winchester the red. W -brand. Thetr stirong; uniform shooting qualities are due to the &ct tiiiat the shells are made of high class, tested materials, and loaded with the best brands of - powder, shot'and wa(|ding. The loading is done by machines, which measiire exactly the powder and shot, scait the wads with proper pressure and crimp the mouth of the shells evenly and firmly. The patented corrugated head, and the solid gas- tight, fire-proof base construction used in Winchester black powder shells, coupled with a system of loading, which ' ^es invariable results, produces a quality of shells that is unsiupassed. Insist upon Having The Red W Brand. in .addition to >400 was to receive |3,."00 when a vertlict of ac(iuittal ry man who was fllxture on the Jury "about to ed with offers of come out for Tnft," the Topeka Capi- p-s that even wit- must consider its fulsome pralsr .~ of IjiFollette in the nature of obit- to him bringing notices, the fervid praise not to •en i;nld Uiem by be questioned. ISO. It lo perfect- —0— enormous fund The Democrats are planning a state men wrro asked .T?.".*:!!! ^!}J''r^''^r..'!,".'}. , , , J among the siipjikers will be Judge •o eoiiirlbule was Ijtlng lavishly used |,\vnilam H. Thompson of Garden City I) .suborn perjury i^id to bribe jurors, jand nossibly Woodrow Wilson of New o the end that just ee might be avert- Jersey, •ed from men who how-stand self- : ,i,he Topeka Capital announces that confessed murder* ra. Somebody is ^ has "added Elbert Hubbard to its responsible for all ihat and that some galaxy of special writers headed by bodv ought to be ci lied to account. Laura Joan Llbby. —0— A bit of Emporia paving which in sists on bulging up and tosslnr > •! > AS OTHERS SEE TQIXCIS. > A .^ .> .> •> ^. ,;..;. 4,.}. ,{.'.;. IXUKiESTIO.X WILL VAM.SH. '>i Out-of-order Stoniuclis l{e!;ulated In Five .VInules With a Little DIa- pep.<dn. In his reminiscehces Senator .La- jbricks, imperiling traffic and aggra Follctte tells a to President McKinley Henry C. Payne, of ber of his Cabinet, had told him that erook. The fact that Mr. Roosevelt subsequently called into hia Cabinet isi't emphasized In the I^Follette sto y; but the contributing editor of Wisconsin, a mem because LaFollette jMr. Payne was a probably be remin(|ed of U when he reads the article. jichlng story of ivatlng the nuiet citizens of the tov^r s refusal to make |wlthout conferring any corresponding benefit, is called "Insurgent pav ing" by William Allen White's Ga zette. --0— An old man from Arkansas, enrontr with his wife to Pittsburg, foreot hl.- better half at the depot in Joplin, bu' stopped the train he had hurricdi.v boarded and walked back a mile ant" a half. She forgave him. —0— Circumstantial evidence would ir T'nmaskina: the Star. Yates Center .News: The Saturday Take your Four, out-of-order stom- acli—or iimylie you calJ it Indigestion, this same Payne ' ....V^ K /'Ei _„'^'''T ^!.^',j"^ ' f^ysj>e .i)sia Ga.stritis or Catarrh of> Set Lf if an d ^^^efouf i ^at'^T.n ! ^^—^ ' ^l^ul'':;^^^'^^^ IcUo^ ' T,^^:^;^'lit ^^tl^r nf ! y-^aiSSt a^l^k^lm orthe"naSzfnes. ^^S. T-b^e ' ^ ''-r^h^lT^i:^ ?SuS aSJ l^aiv^n^^HHoiL „r l-I^^.?" h.f; ^ i*?" ^ny trace of your former misery. Many Republicans of Kansas h.-ye.; ' t^^^ble been mislead by magt! articles In ^^ Pemientaiion-food souring; the past few years and are now awak- —-X. the Outlook will Congressman Vi the eighth congressional district, says the recall of hublic officers and | dicate that tramps caused the wrec; of two Santa Fe trains at Mulvanr where the wreckage was strewn wit! i;tor Murdock, of | ham and eggs from the Wichita pack ing plants. —0— Roscoe Stubbs, son of the Governor ?ning to the fact that saCh articles were written for the purpose of undermining the party. The Kansas City 'tar has been parading as a Reputli- rvin Organ in Kansas, and realizing hat its influence in tho party v,as fast waning has retired to its first the presidential prlfnarj- are two dom- j (g fifteen years old, 6 f?.ot 2 inchef tall and weichs 225 pounds. The ol' man probably had this lad in min- inant domands I nthe I'nited States. They may be the "c^ominant demands" on the part of poliitlclans hunting an issue. But If put people both of theWi would be overwhelmingly defeatcjd. The dispatches s Taft will open the with a speech on Kinley Day," at The Topeka On gloom over what broniised to be an unusually bright day season by anh to a vote of the I when he found courage to urge th •rearing of large families." There will be a i^ectlng at Topeka, Kansas, that same ly to be something ener. There is talk of farming out th- trusties" at tho penitentiary tr -counties desiring to build rock roads The counties would be asked to pp the expenses of the men while a work and return them safely. —0— At the Thnnkseiving dinner at th- home of .L W. Silvers near Dextc Mrs. J. W.. while lifting a ponerou- niece of mince jdo to her mouth cu' day which is like- her tongue deeply an Inch from th' of a campaign op- end with a shoroe case knife she wa- using and nearly bled to death. Maybo she had visions of thin easteri Jeers over this event and the rush o" blood to her face added to the dan ger. the Diffcstlve organs become weak, 'here IS' lac kof- gastric juice; yoiir food is -pnly- half digested and you become affected with less of appetite i .To -ssure and fnllae.'.-: after eating; vomiting, nausea, heartburn gripUig :n bowels, tenderness in the pit of •ove, the Democratic party, and is „n-i V°"«'^^ constlpa- lea^ring to take with it all of ihe ['o"- '^^^ sleep essness ^o-called Progressives. Tho Rr^puLii- i '^''Ic!""?^ of ^as, biliousneES, sick head •an party in has .ilway.s bren : nervousness, dizziness or ma^y •he progressive party and as such la.- ' symF|toms. been successful in ita government of If your appetite is fickle andnoth- he State nnd as such will continue in :ng tempts you, or you belch gas. or If power. The general election i« Irss you fee! bloated after eating, or your ban a year from this time and it is food lies like a luinp of lead on your the duty of the Republican Commit- stomach, j-cu can make up your mind 6cm.en to see that their party is h .tr- th^t at the bottom ;of all this thCte Is ate that President campaign of 1912 January 29, "Mc- Massillon, Ohio. monized. in so far as possible and to -ee that outside intlucnces do not -:ount for more than their own j^vo.-k. —Farmers Attention! High grrde listillate for .'^ale. Telephone 72.") lola. )r Humboldt Refine.ry. M. ilunger- ord, 301 West street. lital has cast n but one cause—fermentation of iested focd. Prove to yourself in five minutes'' '.hr.t your stomach is as good as 'any; that there is nothing really wrong. Stop thi.s fermentation and begin eating what yc-a want Without fear of discomfort or misery. , Almost Instant relief is waiting for you. It is merely a matter of how Aocn you take a little Diapepsin. nd cheerful holl- ounclng -Uint LaFollette will probhBly- choose that ime to speak In K insas. Life Is just one thing after another! This paper Is vc^ fond of Oifford Plnchot personallyi; • but It cannot help wondering if He would now be dc daring for LaFollette for President William McGtiire, of near Ilutchin sonwns provided with funds to tnk' his son to a Kansas Citv hospital t' have a club foot remedied, but rr turned without an operation, sayin* that "God made tho boy that way, dnt' I don't believe we ought to change it.' The Ivord never Intended anyone t' have club feet and such clubs as H- did provide were doubtless Intended" for use on such noodles as McGuire's •0- Orvllle Harrold. a tenor who 1 Hood Sarsaparilia Eratiicatcs scrofula and ajl Other humors, cures all thtir effects, mP.kcs the blooti ruh j ley's Iloney*" and Tar Compound and abundant, strengthens tn\l >rougbt relief at once and lesa thlin ., V t • T 1 „ 'bree bottles effected a complete the vital oilman.'?. 1 akc it. ^ure." j. D. Mundis & Co. :. Get it imV.iy \v. li.iiinl li.iuid form -ir, i . ,'' ' •". chocolated ui^ieu; culled Sarsatafcs.; ji^gUter Want Ads Get the nis. i t "Ilcst on Enrtli? —Tills Is the verdict of R. .1. Howell, Tracy O., who bought Foley's Honey and Tar Compound for his wife. "Her ease was the worst I have ever seen, :>nd looked like a sure case of con- •sumption. Her lungs were sore and .<!hc coughed almost incessantly and 'ler voice was hoarse and weak. F6- 'f he were still a] Forest Service. th -3* head of the | making London sit up and notice hi grand onera singing, lived for year.' at Xewton. —0— , . , When has a better sentence sermor "Granddaughter |of old Jay Gould. jj,een pronounced than the followinr by the Bellvillo Telescope? "A man'; biggest job In this country is not tf make money, which he can't tak' who used to peddfc mouse traps" Is the way the Wichita Beacon calls down Vivien Gould the snobbery she hks acquired during a few months In England. ' grand prize at the bile races. "Them| Lady Decles, for It was a millionaire who won the Savannah automo- as has, gite." Billy Sunday Is tj> attack^ewton as soon as Wlchltx'capltniates. POINTED P.' riAGRAPHS. From tho Chicago I^ews. { Too many "eye upenefs" will close man's eyes. ; f There isn't mncl jiope jfor the man who has no self-t espect.; Only a good man .can (believe that womn Is better l^n he la Some men who i i^ry la baste liavc plenty of time to j4y albiony.- The beauty of 1 etng a! young widow is that she ci n act ias her own chaperon. ', } , Every thne a wi man eats sick she wonders if she wUl |ook patural as a corpiM. • -j 'UBLiC SALEI I will .<ipll at Public Ancllon 1 rallc'cast and I ?2 miles sontli of Carlrle, ilz niiie.s north and 1 mile cunt of lola, on Thursday, DDC, 7, 19.11, . Beginning; at 10 o'clock a. the folloirincr property, fowit: along with him, but to make a char acter which he must take along wit! him." Anna Carlson: Before marriage r bride is tbe recipient of showers. After marriage it frequently happens that she catches thunder. • • * The truth or falsity of tbe old saying that figures don't He all depends on whetfc er you are studying mathematics or women. 7 HEAD OF HOR.SES. Consisting of mares; 1 iron griy 'ercheron. in fc;.:, C years old, weiebt i550 lbs.; 1 blacit mare. S years old, veight 1200 ibs.; 1 bay mare, .7 years *ld weight 1030 lbs.; 1 black filley, 3 /ears old. weight It 'tJO lbs.; 1 bay mare .14 years old, weight 1100 lbs.; 1 spring :oU and 1 spring mule. ' 9 HEAD OF CATTLE. Consisting of S milk cows, 4 to be .'resh soon and rest will be fresh in spring; 1 coming 2-year-old heifer, iill be fresh In spring, fat. ••Jl HEAD OF HOG'S. CoTisi-ting of 2 brcoj FOWS will f;r- 'ow M.'.rch 1. VJVZ; 29 h?ad of shoa'.s. ••.-i-l weigh from 100 to 150 lbs. C doK?.-! chickens; 20 hcad'of sheep. FAKXIXG I3IPIEMEXTS. ^fnred Jn Her Own Borne Town. Wichita Kas. Mrs. C. L. Grounds tells the way for her fellow townsmen to be cured of their kidney and bladder ailments, •as she was cured. "Some time ago I suffered with Kidney trouble. I had a severe pain in my back .end side and when I -laid down l< I »eemed as If I could not straighten up Ij Mother told me what good results my ' father was getting from Foley Kidney TEBMS OF SALE—All iums c sio anri : Pills, so I went to the. drug store and over »10 a credit of 12 ,nonM"^will be Sven n^^^^ AU'sums 1 good farm wagon; 1 new top buggy, only been hitched three times; 1 ouggy without top; 2 riding cultivators; 1 14-iach stirring plow;;, 1' 16- inch stirring, plow; 1 mower; '] rake; I harrow; 2.Sets work hameir/ j 2 sets ' liuggy harness, 1 now; hooa fjrakes, scythes, etc.; 1 wagon box manure., spreader; 1 DeHavcn sepija1tcir.;^l grindstone. FEED—100 shocks com fcddek:! W6 ' shorfis cane and kaffir com fodder;.^7 tons alfalfa hay In bam. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. . 1 organ, 1 leather conch, 3 ^ressers;, 12 dining chairs, 4 rockers, iJVihen 'L-ablnet 2 dining tables, 2 8tan_ bles, 1 heating stove, 1 Iron bedstl and, four sets of springs, 1 safe," and* ; many other articles too numerous! to r mention. cured of all my kidney trouble." J. D ^OL. f, 8. D18H0P, Ancllouecr. Mundis & Co. 0. B. BOffLUS, Cierlu • A. W- WILSON

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