The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 16, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 16, 1977
Page 4
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*—NAUOATCCK NKWS (CONN.), TUESDAY, AUG. 0, l»«l THE NEW USHER ' Published ffivory ttvonlnj; (tfxoopt Sunday) by TMIC NAUOATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUOATUCK, CONN. M. 1-nCNNICK, Proflidont and l*ubll»he Tvl«phone« 2228 mid ZZW—AH _Uop»rtmonU Kntored n» nocond c>uni> mnttor ut tho pout office lo N«u(f«tuok, Conn, SUBSCRIPTION KATES Payable in Advnnco [ month Sl.OQ 1 Ycor Member: The Amorloun Nowapripar Publlwhent A«« n Tho N. E, Dally N«w»pupor Pub. A«H'n Tho Conn, New«piipor Publnhom AHH'D TUKS«AY, AUGUST 0, 11MU A Serious Charge The nation's Voti-rnux Adminislratov, Gi-ncnil Oiruir Bradley Ims cliar^'cd selfish employers mid employe-i u'illi taking atlvanta.u'u oi' the on-the-joli traiuinj,' pco- ltrnm, the United Press i-i-purls. The program u'/is set up iindei' the 'if Bill ut' Kights to jrivc vets n boos! in learning a trade while they worked al :i ;['>!>,_ Bradley says many persons involved have resorted to what he calls "trick practice*" to .^el. (lie subsistence 1 money provided hy the V'.'V, lie says the w-.olo program may hlow up in a national se.'in- dal involving millions of dollars of federal I'unds. Per.Mons u'ho know (!eaeral Bradley In 1 ' lieve lie svould never have mnde such a statement if he didn't feel certain that it was warranted hy information which he had received. At any rale the General's charge is a very serious one. It. is hoped the matter will he thoroughly investigated and that any facts which may l>e hrmitflit |(i li«flit will he ^iven tlie fullest [Kissihle publicity. Something 1 For Which To Be Thankful Do You Remember? From the Fiiea of the Naugatuck New* 20 Years Ago Fred YVIgtflusworth of Oak street returned from u trip to Bermuda. o—O—o Attorney James P. Swconcy visited Portland, Mulnu, o—o—o 30 Years Ago Jurnos Quinn and family of Cherry street vacationed at Walnut Couch, a—O—o E> J. Gormnn of Cherry street vacationed at Luii'rol Beach. • Around The Clock '[n these days of all too imwcrrnis short- aji'us housewi\'es have heen cheered a little by tin- Agriculture Deiiartnient.'s nniioiineeinent. that there will he more Cdiined vegetables for civilians than ever before. f,ots of canned whole tomatoes will he available^ tlie Department says. And Diere'H lie plenty ol' tomato juice, too. It'you like sjiiii'i'kniiit, there'll be plenty of thai available in wins In buy, I lowevur, the Agriculture Deparlnient .«;iys those of you who like canned corn, asparagus, beets and cnrrots may find Imrdcr to find your 1'nvorite it's ^'ood (o know ffinl file slinrli inniiy kinds ol' c-anned vegetables likely lo last much longer, But here's another announcement (hat is not so rilojisiti^'. The Ol'A has author- ised a lioosl in eoilon textile ci'il- in^'s which will entise JIM increase of six to I'itflit per cent, in l.lie retail prices of cotton clothin,u', The new price order will brin.i;' substantial increases in the ceil" iaK prices of sheets, household linens and other piece .u'oods. It is likely to be quile some time he- I'ore produNion catches up witli C(rnsnm- ers' demands )iml prices lic.u'in to drop a little. i\feanwliih; (here's some comfort in tin-tfrowiiiy assurances that present day shortages will not last forever. it slightly n'and. Bui. Milages in is not Food Packages I The British are tirud of small, dull food ' ratioiij, and they welcome .u'ift packages from American friends. Bui because those packages do moan so much, they want tho persons putting' money and thought into food pure-liases to know what. Ls needed most. Throe thin.irs they value most; (hoy say in letters to o.dilors—fats, cmniod raeal and cliocolntc. All kinds of fats are. important, such as lard, vegetable shoii- OIUIIK. butter or mar.n'urino, Solid canned moiit will ^ivo them substantial moals, and chocolate provides a sweet cm'rgy food they miss. The Kn^'lish have addiiialc supplies of thoir own of oot'l'oo, soups, canned vegetables and .fruit juices. Kxeopt for single persons living alone, the tea ration is ordinarily enough. Tho puck-ages will he greatly appreciated for containing tho foods paH'icularly Tiooded, and n low surprise extras tucked in HIP (-rucks will clioor a family weary of n limited mid uiiimiitfinaljvo diet. Aluminum rowboats, for stdc in department stores, arc a little startling to okl-timo small bout men. They can't bo- liovo tluit they won't have to paint, the ]>oat every your to keep it from leaking'. Veterans' benefits come out of taxes, and veterans aro now taxpayers. • THK Ol.l) HOME He vlsltrid the old home on the farm; Hl.s «to|j vvus feeble uncl his hair was gray: The house looltod much the uumu. The picket fence Across thu lot had fallen In decay; The Red Juno apple tree out back had grown— Where many blrda had nested and then flown— And spread Its brunches- where the happy children piny Ho .sooint'd al first unmoved and muttered, Just the same, AlmoHt. as it looked many years ago!" But whun IHJ reached the blooming lilac hedge His eyed dlmmud with tears, his footsteps slow At thoughts of her who loved the fragrant flower And wantlnnnl there with him In happy hours, Ho foil a sadness that the aged know. FLORA BROWNLEE WALKER Stanley .Rykowski and Henry ohinski have returned from a visit, to Camp Hayes. . .Fireman Ed Gulvin is enjoying his annual vacation from the Maple street i'irehouso. . . And John Mo- rouey, his sidekick, lias come buck to work jiHor two weeks off, most of -which he spent in Xow York. . .Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. .Edward McDonongh on the .birth of their first, child, a. daughter. . ,Kd is working for the Veterans Administration, with headquarters at Hartford. C'liet "Wojto/ak, and brother Charles, floury Cieslowski and Edward Cichowski will represent the local YMCA Industrial Council in the state golf toimiey to lie hold Aug. IS in New Haven, we leiini- ed today. The boys, representing the IT. S. 'Rubber beat out three other teams with strong margins, to win the right to represent the local council in this important forthcominkr, tournament. Babe Swcuney, high school basketball and baseball star of yesteryear, whose more recent activities of note have concerned combat, submarines and Japs, is back in the United States. . , Babe called home from San Francisco the other day, informing his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Myles Sweeney, 15 Francis street, that he would be attending sonar school for the next few months, and then would bo home on furlough. . , .Recently promoted to radioman, first class, .Babe will complete his first six years bitch in December. . . o()o Arl Fager is hack from a long weekend at Quoaocliontaug, R. I. , . Mrs. F, is still vacationing there (we won't attempt to spell it again, this typewriter is fragile). . . Frit/ Klambt is reportedly the export clarnmer of said beach, where he's vacationing with his family. . . Also at Q. . . are Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Schmit/. and daughter Janet. . . o(.)o The Donald MaeVicars arc currently on vacation. . . John Ostroskie is awaiting delivery of a new Stncicbaker. . . Patrolman Waller Lysknwicx is spending most of his time grading the huvn of his homo. . . Walt would be an asset to any police department and we're glad he's on our team. . . George Lewis is the most rooten-tootin spectator at all baseball games in which his "Post 17" team is participating. . , Poit't forget that story about, the spotters, . . oOo . . Aug. 5, 1946 .Xangfihick .Daily News . J)ear Sir: A ft or spending an evening in vnin trying to enjoy the band concert on the "Green", I think it is time something was clone to eliminate all unnecessary noise by the children who come with out their parents and do nothing but play tag or ride their bicycles on the sidewalks. It must be very discouraging to the band to practice for a concert and then have to compete with a lot of noise. Lots hold them on the "Tnttle Lawn" and allow only children, with their parents to enter. And then keep them qnict so other people can enjoy themselves also. Signed A Music Lover • M<xtwol»d toy FRED O. CLARK Does-America Need a Third Party? Cconomtc Foondotton Ben Daviditon Executive Director, Liberal Parly of Neu> York Stale At debated by J. Kcnncih Bridlrr Republican National Comm man from Connecticut WALTER WINCHELL Coast—To—Coast (Copyright, 1946. by Til's Hearst Corporation) ,ADY DIAMOND JIM BRADY "Death VaJlcy Seotty" used to lather money around, but he had to go back to his desurt "j?old mine" now and then, to replenish the roll. .. .But there's a spender in Hollywood who seems never to run thin—and It's a pretty frirl, still in her twenties, who makes .the By- zuntir.e banquets in the films look like lunch at the automat. Virginia Hill is her name. n. brunette who came from Virginia to Broadway several years ago and took over. She tried to pick up all the tabs, and when she was foiled (not often) .she sent gifts from Cartier's :ind Tiffany's to her hosts. Shu soon found Hollywood calling —oh, not for the usual reason—just because: Broadway began to bore her. Before she turned her attractive face westward, she had become the top Santa Claus New York nightlife. Every night she presided over parties of from 10 to 30, A 51,000 check was commonplace. Dave Wolpcr was then an attorney, with a theatrical clientele. He WASHINGTON &&fc& White House Wedding Soon? Sometime in Autumn—Report Truman May Marry Marvin Coles, Ex-Navy Mon By AU5TINE CASSINI Central Press Correspondent • WASHINGTON—White House wedding-! Whispers that Margaret Truman will announce her engagement to be married this fall, when she returns from Independence, have spread around town like : ,, cellophane afire! . . . For once the story did not start over coffe. ' u cups, quickly skim through thc cabinet, and end up at the Whit. House. . . . This wedding talk started at the White House, has wild-fired in two shakes of a Democratic donkey's tail! suggested Virginia buy a nightclub —and she be her own bust customer. She said she would, if VVol- per would go In with her. So he hooked up with Paul Berney. who knew about such things, and Virginia put up $60.000 for a share of the Hurricane Restaurant. Wolper liked the game and became a nightorie impresario, which he still is. Within a week, Virginia heffan "cheating"—she sneaked around to rival clubs to blow her doueh. Her j partners didn't like that. So she [ told them to keep the Hurricane— • she wasn't going to be tied down. | Since then she's bean burning up Chicago, Jljanii, and mostly Hollywood. During the war, in any place she entered, she sent drinks to all men in uniform. Nisei, who weren't welcome in most places— except when she org.inizeri a dozen and brought them in with her— she gathered in groups. For her all ropes came down. Some of the richest and proudest spenders aro flabbergasted not only when she beats them to the check in their own parties, hut, sealed at other tables, when they ask for tho bad news, hear: "Miss Hill has paid it!" MB, DAVIDSON OPENS: America needs a third party. Both the Democratic and Republican parties have repeatedly demonstrated their incapacity to solve the major problems ot American life. Both have held political power; yet, under boih. large sections ol our population have lacked the food, clothing, housing, medical care, and .economic security people need and this country can provide. The fundamental cleavages within the two Old major parties prevent their effectuating positive programs for achieving full employment, high production levels, and improved living standards. In the Democratic Parly, Senators Wagner and Bilbo arc diametrically opposed in outlook and action, and similarly with Morse and Bricker in the Republican Party. The spread of totalitarianism, the danger of a third and atomic world war, the virus of religion and racial bigotry and persecution that these Party, controlled by reactionary Big Business elements and isolationists and the Democratic ParCy, dominated by Southern Tories, racists, and Big City machines, cannot serve as this progressive instrument. These times demand that liberals in all walks of life unite in a new, nation-wide third party that will challenge the unholy alliance of Reactionary Republicans and Southern Tory Democrats now dominating Congress. What the present Congress has done on price control, F.E.P.C., Wyatfs housing program, the minimum wage bill, and the Case Bill is living proof a new party is needed. MR. BRADLEY CHALLENGES: I challenge Mr, Davidson: (1) To demonstrate that any country has made as much progress on the road to complete individual liberty and economic security as has been made in the United States under the two. party system; (2) to demonstrate that the successful formation and maintenance of a third' party would result in MR. BRADLEV OPENS: Our two party system fixes responsibility and gives the people the fullejl voice in the management of their aflalrt To avoid tyranny and dictatorship 'and to protect individual freedom we hove established a government ot laws, not men, a government of checks and balances. The two-Dartv system is essential to the opcrstion of this type of government. The party in power must either voluntarily assume or be compelled to take full responsibility for the policies it inU tiotcs and for the acts of its indl- officeholders. The successful establishment of 3 third party would result !n the control often restine with o minority and party responsibility would thus be divided and impaired. The successful establishment of a third party would brine down on our heads the curse of.the bloc system as it has flourished in the t aS i fut Marvin Coles, luckiest young man in the country, if it's true he is to be Margaret's bridegroom, has known her for several years, danced, chatted, joked'with her taken her out more than any other beau, and is well-liked by her parents! This young man, whose name Capital Cupidt have been festooning with orange blossoms, left the Navy this year and walked into one of the government's top legal jobs—general counsel for the merchant marine committee of the House of Representatives. And no one thought to criticize or question that "pull" landed him the job, because Marvin is such a dynamic and brilliant young attorney. To those who shake their heads and say "We doubt It!" . . . "Margaret's too inter AuKine Cosiini ln hcr musical career! 1 rested "Too young and too ,., th .. . Cur '°"s about tho world to be thinking seriously of the retirement and responsibility of marria^l" "tr«^» ^ her responsibility of marriage! jred for yea the choir at Independence! who To those skeptics, any old-timers who remember other White House weddings say, "Don't be so sure!" vvnme When Eleanor Wilson, the 14th White House bride s rumore ongagccl to Senator McAdoo, Doubting Thomases pooh-poohedtho was rumored ^ 'Eleanor's only 22 and she'll .never marry a man who's 50 year 3 Tvi £ '^ pooh -P° oh "^ Mls * Wilson announced her en, and Kleanor was married shortly after, in the Blue Room. ** HIS WEDDING DAY comes off, tall slim Marth. WM, w l ° Wa ' k! He Uves r 'e h ' Across the itrert from the White House, m one of Washington's most historic and ha™" some homes, owned by Mr.. Benjamin Buckingham. The mansion Civil Aeronautics B'.irejui may not know this: Wlii-n it approved an rirouji<l-the-ivorld roiife for TWA with NoHhwcsl Air IJno, Hoivnrd Hughes, who owns TWA, luul an option on control of North- 'greater individual liberty and economic security for all of the people; (3) to explain the obvious inconsistency in .his position in saying thai each of thc two major parlies now has in its ranks Senators "diametrically opposed in outlook and action" and, at the same lime, claiming that the Republican Party is "controlled by reactionary elements" and thc Democratic Party dominated by "Southern Tories". MB. DAVIDSON REPLIES: American progress is duo to many factors— not the two-party system. Mr. Bradley's Republican Party was itself 'a third party—against thc Whigs and Democrats. As such it helped preserve the Union and abolish slavery. Even Roosevelt could no: reform his parly. The Jast Democratic Congress elected with him has demonstrated its reactionary character. Talmadaes, Mays, Hauges continue as Democratic chieftains. Thc Republican Party didn't invite Willkic, 1940 candidate, to its 1944 convention. Big Business, isolationists thought him too progressive. The two parties represent reaction and privilege. America needs a new party—with a positive liberal program—for freedom —for all. with security political trading would , _ . Politicians and jhind the claim ^f some minorities that brought about the adoption of bad legislation. The American syj. A tern of government and our liberties « would soon be lost. The American ~ form of government has succeeded better than any other in preserving individual freedom and protectin£ minority rights. The two-party system is a basic and essential part of this form of government It must be preserved. MR. DAVIDSON CHALLENGES: Real political responsibility is impossible Lecause the major party platforms are meaningless. Is it Willkie Republicanism or Taft Republicanism the citizen is voting for? A Roosevelt Democratic Party or « nankin Parly? The reactionary winji- of both major parties work together. Tweedledum nnd Tweedledee afford no opportunity for positive choice. This defeats tho democratic process Why not work toward o realignment of political forces that will briiif clarity, honesty and genuine respoo-'i sibiliiy? Why not a third party of »11 liberals? This will force the ultraconservatives of both major partiei- to coalesce. Tho picture will be clear —voting will then be meaningful. MR. ISRADLEV REPLIES: My opponent errs in condemning tlie system because he does not like the way it works. Limiting ourselves to our present major political parlies flxoi thc responsibility with certainty. The confusion of which Mr. Davidson speaks arises, .insofar as jt exists «l all, from the fact that the P.A.C. and allies have eapiured thc Democratic hiah command without subjugating the rank and Hie of thc membership. No third parly is needed to clear up this situation. Thc two-party system definitely fixes responsibility; but a party in power, divided as the Democratic Party is, flnds it impossible So accept such responsibility. Th<! difficulty is not. with the system but with the party. f woman" in the matrimonial bust-up, of a top naval commander is o. I Southern beaut he met in Washington, and, latc-r, in'London. .Henry Hull was summoned lo fly to Holly- wost TWA is to fly V. Y, to wood to act. in support of Charles Shanghai, via Europe; Northwest j Laushton, iuid pressure was turned is to pick ilp there, flying In Alaska | on to get him u reservation across •incl Snrutle. .. .Hughes' option was the map. The "part" was six min- to become e/Tective If, as and when utes of lying in bed, while Laughton Northwest got Government pr.rmis- j read him the story of David und sion to fly the Pacific So it ap.' Gc]i:ith—out of the Bible ... Juno pears Hughes, who hroko tho' Haver's sister, tall, brunette, :iround-the-world air reoord, has In charming Evelyn, to N. Y. hand the around-the-world route he 10 be a model . The Harry Stock- laid out on that famous four-day wells, parents of Dean Siockwell, the boy who scored in "The Green Years," will lake it all to Reno. SOS from Our 'Off' —Check London on report that Laurence Oliver wil get .1 knighthood! And with announcement of the globe-circline: license, plus the approval of the Constellations with changes that will tnke only three weeks, TWA stock leaped so that Hughes' holdings have been rising at a rate 1 of about $1,000,000 a day —as he lies and listens to his ribs knitting. Reported Romancing—r.ylo Stu- •\rt, muimgfng editor of "Music Business," ami Mni-.v Louise Buckler, model, to wed tomorrow... .George Scheck, television tycoon, nnd June Stewart, hciress-landsctipc artist, In Ine and tune... .Monte Kay. producer, and Rutty Reagan, pin-up _... __, irctty Jot McDonnld, of 'Annie,' j charged from the 'Army, hut will re- •nd Ray Murray, the serious nome- enlist Rose.'Mare, who's been a Rose Marie sends us word that she did not run out on her family o any contracts when she started on a honeymoon with Bobby That her 1'amily opposed the mar riage because of Bobby's business— he's a trumpeter with Kay Kyscr. That she wired and triert to phone her family, but calls were refusec ar.d letters she wrote were returned unopened. .. ."We're so happy, it's unbelievable.'" she assures me— and them. .. .Guy-was recently R&P METAL WORKS 99 SO. MAIN STREET (Real-) Expert Welding of All Type* forging. Sheet Metal and Ornamental Steel Work Telephone 6STT has hardly gone out of her house for the last 30 years. Se'whl'to H 1 " £' n ' S fUnCnUl and thC first tlme she Grandson Hh*" C3C °^ d ^^ th ° Street by en orants son. . . . Her house was at. one time lived in bv the British '' "" t 1 ™* 0 ' Undcr thc P»aud<my m of Owen Mer wrote "Lucilc" in the mansion's garden. After thc first World War, the Veterans Administration bought property surrounding Mrs. Eliciting- ham's home. Soon she received'a letter from them asking If she would consider selling part of her garden to the United States government, what would her price? Mrs, Buckingham replied that she the United States Uncle Sam, Buyer or Sell.r? j «>, was delighted to hear from • WEDDINGS may be in the wind, but other storms are brewing- RENO?n Ka , uffman Hosklnaon,. daughter of the local newsclon is RENOuncmg her wedding vows to Lt. Comdr. J. Henry Hoskinaon some Ume Ut T 3 "^ JCSSiC ' S Smart 3Ct ^"^ h ^ knovvn for b°™V f , '' y Wefe raiS ' n& sparka ' and that fire might ?£m » a . T moment ' Wci1 ' «•* b»keiy. Jessie ahould. be bfck from Reno in the next few weeks, free. bloSd and very eligible' dian. quietly betrothed Abncr Silver, who wrote "All Women Are Wolves," isn't afraid of Lucille | Grant's hark or bite ..Venus "Miss America" Ramey and Tony Craig, the singer Milt Haney and Connie Ifalnes And Adele Je»gcn» and Ru.v Rossbach, related to Hanlc Greenberg by marriage. Wore than 3(H) U. S. Treasury men have moved in on Boston, taken over an entire building. .. .It's n. tremendous probe ot tax returns from some couple of hundred New England shoe factories. .Reports to Washington were t.hat, before the war, the standard wholesale profit on shoes was about four cents a pair; that this was multi- pled to $1 a pair by some m^nufac- turers in wartime, much of the difference being handled under the table. ..Many of the factories are in another dilemma, besides. Their books have been subpoenaed and are frozen, so they can't close their accounts as of their fiscal year-end, June 30. Corn Off tho Cob—Larnlne Day furiously hunting an apartment In the Sutton"'Place sector—she's interested in a legit show and wants to park here a while....The "other performer almost all her life, says "I'm 23, and old enough to know what I want—and I got it!" Marianne O'Brien, rfcd - headed step-daughter of. ex-chanip Abe Atte/1, and Dick Reynolds, $30,000,000 tobacco heir, were to get a. marriage license yesterday, .City Clerk Murray Stand was asked to stand by and waited In all day — didn't, even go to lunch... .But no radiant | couple showed up... .Reynolds, recently divorced, has hecn devoted to the girl, the Broadway gang will tell you. NOW is the time to have your BLANKETS . AND COUNTERPANES Expertly Laundered Dial Wat 44106 A MERICA /. t / > /' JM WHITE FISH MAEKET JOSEPH CABKAI., Prop. 8 South Muln St Choicest selection of snlt and fresh water prices. fish ut lowest I STRISIK'S ! 10 Center St. Waterbury, Conn.; ROYAU GOUDA POTBRY j Imported From Holland BOUGHT SOLD Kent a Trailer and Do That Job Yourself! ORANGE TRAILER RENTAL SERVICE TKCKI'IIONK NmiEiiturk 806* Onto* lu Union Cltr Uurdwui-e Bide. Little Hof Brau 406 NORTH BIAIN ST. "Al- and Vera Budrin, Prop*. ; I Daily Luncheons, Dinners I and A La Carte Menu V Full Uquor License RODEO RAMBLERS Here Friday, Saturday "IRISH" SHKEHAN Special Entertainment Thursday and Sunday . Open Daily Until 1 A. M. AH Kinds of Trucking—Anhe* Etc. Removed > McNamara Trucking Co SI West Xuugatuck TeL S95t

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