Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1911 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1911
Page 3
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A whole storiB full of Christmas Goods<fead^ for you. Goods and prices like these demand immediate! aeticjn. - ilreJdy'the throngs that mi'li^^^^ that the spirit of Christmas is in the air. Assortments will never be more complete thaiifhev are now, irid irlore value could not be crowded into the ebods Every item stands for the b est in quality and st^ New Scarfs, new Ribbons, all kinds of new THE ELEGANT LINE OF PRETTY MILLINERY Vz MARKED PRICE 2 pallcM -ns an SfK- and $!.(!> le at the price. Neckwear, new Jabots, new Jew elry, Furs, Hand Bags, Be Choice line of New Dress Goods—all wool materials; 25c, 50c, 7i><, $1.00 and up to $1.45 per yard, marked special for Chiistmas selling. Pretty N BW Silks—choice \ IJi«: Lin(! of Underwear . For Christmas Selling$3.00 Ladiey' Hats... .$1.50 $4.00 Ladies HaLs... .$2.00 .S5.00 Ladies' Hats... .$2.50 $7.00 Ladies' Hats... .$3.50 $10.00 Ladies' Hats...$5.00 Ladies' Vc- Ladies' D'w Is. .25c, :J5 C , 50 C CIS 25c, .'i5c, 50 C at Ladies' fine ion Suits 1 colors ;50c, 75c, Opcr yard. Indies' all jvool Vests.$1.00 Ladies' all wool Drawers— at ; $1.00 Ladies' Union Suits, priced ..65r, 7.5c, $1.00 lamlifs' wool Un- .$:i.oo BIG REDUCTIONS iON LADIES', MISSES AND CHILDREN'S COA^S For Christmas Selling $10.00 Coats S7.50 $17.50 Coats ...$jl2.50 $22.50 Coats ^. .^7.50 $25.00 Coats .$!l9.75 $30.00 Coats $^4.75 $35.00 Coats $J29.75 $10.00 Coats ....... .$p .75 Misses' and r'hildWm's Coats at a l)ig rc^lucti(in in price. NEW TAILOREl For Christmas m— A big shipment every Skirt marked:special. $7.50 Skirts, elegantly j tailored, now .$5.00 $7.50 Skirts for i rosi^y occasions $5.00 $10.00 Skirls—.spL'tulid; values V... $7.50 ts, Gloves—ev] eiything new in Christmas Novelties. SKIJRTS Selling just RICHARDTO 11.3 EAST MADISON PEBSONAIS I W. v.. Lyons came in last niglit ' from Wt'slurn Kansas \vIi<;ro has 1). i-n for si>viTaI days on business. .Mi -K. .1. V.'. jMiIJrr JK fXi»x?I «><I - j l(,morrow from a visit Willi Mf. and Iv \V. Whitmi-r is in .loiilin on Inisi- -tfss. IJcoiTc Aliifr.i.i.nn of i:h;inr)ri hi- tliv on l)usln<'Srt. IS 111 Tli.^ lioily of Koli.Tt Walls yuiMiK colori'd man wlio died >ji I il.'v aft>-rnooii at tin- liosiiital, vy sliippid in llic morninj; lo Asli ({jrovp, Mo., for burial. liomo the slor- 111 b<< . r. .1 I '.i.isiiii 1 it ;ur r>roii!Siiii on luihiiK ll:i:< ail'-iiintni .,F_.('. Nli-liolson w.iit I'l .Mti)i)n:i "his morning' lor a liri-l bu-im.:- \isil j Tliomi- l'!i.I|is is co:..=ii..l lo (,is ("'"*'''•"> ''"''"""•'J- "f"'"'^' Tlic l;.di.-.'< of III.- Firh-f K. rliurrli IK hi a ba/aar al tlic Y. M. C. A. today and will 8 <'rvi' a oliiokcn iilji BUII- |H r to ihf public lonijilit. - Till- \V. C. Teals ni'ally Ch. linR r • ' T. •\Vilsiin n Mini'd lasi iiirlit 22 lo 24. Tl)o ri '.milar n'.o:iili!y ni- lioard of dircrtors nl ih Vill orcnr toniijlit in li.- lip associaiion buildiii;:. f "'. T. •Wilson r. Mini'd bisi iiii -'.it | .-nltb and r.arbc.-. who n jMi a Kliort bu.s !iM .si. !<, K .iiisM,-,-I l""<-li"-'-•! i'>" I'a'ar.> (Jarajrr jy. morninj: rt'ccivcd from Kansa; a new Ford, fivf pas .si -nsv >r t( TIic ri'L 'iilar n-.(i:iili!v m.-tinu' of Ihn w'lifli is fo bo ns<'l for M. ('. .\. ' I 'lirposfS. liarli.vs of I , I -P '.Tin Wliitc China for ; SLi'Dnoirs. Mr.«.'S. .TolinFon of Yai-s ('• iii r is ) — 1 ib.> <ify today vi.-.i!inL- iri. nds ahd . ,„ ...r;,,., of fivo gampg oiM.i; som.! Oiin.sima.s .>lioM.ini;. | „p u.-cord alleys last i 111" Uerord tc -.m easily defeat rooms intly I Ills City urinK illviry r^nl at (jif l.-n d the , —P.'ain \\"!:iti' shannon 's. ("lina fa- rfut at ; Y;:ros Cntor bowling team by the sroro of 3477 to 3245. After the| tho local team entertained the . Attorn.-y G. R. Card tills :,i-.r-! f'liter team and their wives wjth an con for ToiM'ka WIKT • li- m ^nd ihc supreme court. s to oyster supper ai the Ridge cane. J. H. Rupard of Rich Hill. Mo., i.- in le-c.ity today on and for a Jisit with friends. Max McCool, who formerly resided in lola, but who has been wi h the C'.inenl plant at Chanute for some tii >-i' came in last night for a brief visit with friends here before 1 -aving for Omaha where he has acce|)ted a position. game Yates R. .1. .Mount, nr ("enter Colo., is in the! city looking after iiroperiy iuter- u.'ti hero. [ —Raii 'f fortrH llils i.s :iiii)ili-iir iii>;hl a{ ihc Craiid. I.iitest iiiitlioii jtirlures. Tua >oni:s. .Ml for ,"»»•. There is an old saying lo tin- offrct that ihi! wi -atlicr during the llrsi IIiriH- days of Ufcember is an luifail- Ing forecast of the gfiiiTuI wcatlier conditions wliicdi may be <'.\p<'cled duriiiK till- next iliri-e nionilis. Ifi flt< n- IH any iriilli In ilils .fiJiiirsiKlon th< n- should b>< a spell of rini- wi 'atli- er in tliiH si 'ctlon. Folrj Kidney Pills. • -Tonic In action, <iiilck In rcKiilK:. Wl!leuro any case of kidney or blad-j der <llsorder not beyond Hie reach of' nieiMeine. No need to say more. J, D. Mundls & Co. Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Dorsey. who have been here for a honeymoon visit Willi Mr. Dorsey'.s daughter, Mrs. W. A and family, have left for Kansas City to continue iliulr honeymoon for several days before going lo ih«.ir home in Paola. —^Without opiates or harmful drugs of nny kind Foley*.^ Honey and Tar Compound stops cough.s and cures coldfe. no not accept any substitute. J. IJ. Mundls & Co. Savonburg's basket ball team defeated the Erie High school team Friday night by a score of 29 to 24. Tho game was played in Erie. Ti>e score in the first half was 17 to 12 in favor of Savonburg. Try the Register Want ad way. 113 EAST MADISON LADIES' SUITS Fcr Xnias Selling $17.50,'$20, $25 and up to $35 Suits for. .$14.95 THE ens HELD INDPm Nothing of Couticquence \brth Here, Itoys ilairorth. of Prof. Erasmus Haworth, who re- ,cebtl£ made an exhaustive and un- plsasant report on the probable life •?bf the natural gas fiela, refuses to • '•ba:k np from his first statements be- ise of the general denial which has . ji Iss^ucd iroHi ine gas Dcit. Referring to these critics, he said that no consideration need be given • to the gas fields north of an imagin- .ary line drawn east and west five . miles north of lola, Kas.; that ijls conclusions in abstracting those fields ' WBji -e not tiurried, but were made af- i tei] proper consideration and study. In >l speaking of the Chanute complaints, l^e said that the person objecting to 'hii^ statement made a mistake by con- sidjering the gas piped into Chanute ;fro|m the west, while he said in his rei ort that the Chanute pool as de- sgijibed Is limited on the west by the county line between Neosho and Wil- sorj counties. Further, he said, that bla report showed that he believed a considernble amount of gas may still be lhad from the Vilas jiool nor north- eri! consuiiiera, winch makes, he sa .va, fhi.'i (!hanute objector coincide with his !'\leks. V -IA I). )es MoiiuiK man lirifi an nttjick T»f iiiusciilar rl>eumnlism in hia shoul- iXi^. A friend advised hini to go to Hot j KlitlngH. That meant an expense of l?l.'fij.<;0 or more. Hn Kought for a (jufcker and cheaper way lo cure It ^ari^: found it in Chamberlnin's I.lni- ' nient.. Three days after the first ap- plli-atlon of tills llplment ho was well. For sale by all dealers. t ^ IIOIWK .MK>'S .MEETING. jTiie Ci!y Coiinmissioners this lifter- • iKtm ascendcil to the top floor of tlie ciiy hall for jhclr wiM 'kly cgiisjdora- tirii of aiTairKJon hanil. The session, st.-.rted III 2 (('clock and at; ihi-y. us-i iiJlly last aboMt t>>'o hours, it is im-| li.jiisilite today to give any information \ :r.^ to llir- business tran:;artcd. , i llarry Sims,-colored, v'"' H^'c -i at i SOT .Vorlli llii(lk".>ye, was ancsted last j . , iiiVlit ali(!ii( li-.'M on complaint of his I wife, Mrs. Te^iny Sin.s. who charged ' ili.L lie Ileal ller, and tlireaicneil her . • ' w)ih a razor, j Sims was broiiplit into: I ji ^lif e conn tids iii 'irnlng uiiil iliij' ease iiji'lnsi liini Aas dismissed, it jbi-iug Thiirsday, December 7tt It tai — r v..;:' W.ilfh to catch the correct i;:V.c v.-!ien ll;e Worses are crossinr t .0 v.!].' Yon mr .y always agree v .fv r oiii-ial tiine carrj- o:.o uf Watches. if h-oii You'll also find this store headquarters for Toilet Sets. Siherw Cut Glass, VYatch Ch;iin.«. Foun Pens. .Me?h Kag-^, CnlT Itutlons, many otiier haudsome and us orticl'-.s. . Idi'd Ihiil. the ruati' r more suit | eil to the divoh'e court. Hiigh Hrrw. r, who came in .Sunday nJ;;ht from lie liany. \vU>re lie is study iiii; vocal .-^n^ insiriim''nial niiiHlc,, f()r a visit wiih his parents, Mr. and j yiUn. Uanlel lirewer, lias returned to lib; studies. "A follow f wiis mentally eling makes tlie whole world kin," you know. The Register 'calculating what news This Combustion Range will surely do the wo 'k. The gas has never been too low for this rangt^— because you can birn coal and wood in it. It ' is a regular coal rai ge with removable gas s ,ar burners under the fdur back lids and in the oven, i the Dozens We've Slold I Attest Their Merit G. A. LEFFLER JEWELER 7 We .st Jfadisou Telci^lionc Probate Judge Smith yesterday ternoon united in marriage Ha\l H. Hraucher, of Humboldt, and H R. Stewart, of Chanute. The grnom la a son of William Braucher and the bride a daughter of Jim Stewart. iKJth well known families in the sc nth part of the county and th« yojn^ folks have hundreds of friends vhp .will extend congratulations and aU kinds of good wishes. pre, afn land ful 125 paper offices iii this end of the stat» if, i/iight ask for a loan of print pallor, iiending t le arrival of a car from the iWisconsin mills. The car landed tliisi morning. At noon a call from F6rt Scott soliMt'.'d the loan of several rolls of jirint, their car being a week orerdue. The lo.m was made, for only by such h dpfulness are newspapers possible. iliinior creeis into solemn matters iitiav.-ares. f>n|e of the. bills before the co :i !;i:!ssioncr.'i today was for fees for tlie ail-ndancij of a county officer at a ifuicide easel inth.e country. Itemized the bill seemed to say that the ofjicial for visiitlng .lohn Smith "13 miles each way" charged so much and for "one shoti in the forehead" so nnich. The ijoard allowed the bill without investigating the indication af ley uth —Ilon't forget this Is nmatoar n at the (irnntl. Latmt motion plrtii Two fongs.' .Ill for 5r. .Mr. P. U. Young, of Kan.nns (TKy. has been here for several davs. Kuc."^t of Ills brotbf-r, John Yoiind the Portland Hotel. gbt icet the pean-Up Price ,0K SECO.M) HAND STOVijS GenHlRf I'rrfrrtlon OH llenti-^s Sew Cook StotcH CASH OR EASY PAmEX"^ lEd Henningejr Faraltare Htorta miles eaclJ jMrs. K. J. nunfee bar: gone to nen- ili-on. Texas, to spend tlie winter with her daughter, Jfrs. M. J. Leabo. Irndorsheriff Piinfee looped the loop td Humboldt and back via Petrolia to- liy serving iilapers and attending to jthor legal nutters. WKE.STI.i: ri-ed Blsler a| ^I'l ISert tyrlcbf to En. gn^c In It mil. Arrangements are being made for a '.\irestllng mat KJcturc show t^ccn Fred B| s. and HiT» <!6nie fame an McCoy, niglflr has engaged In nuni- l.S AT THE GRAND. :h at the Grand after a )on Thursday night, he- gler. of Solomon. Kan- Wrlght a wrestler of ll sup|)o.«ed fo be named nd recently won a dc- agalnst Young Gotch, be r.ome kin to the ich. The bout promises foils bouts I sive contestj Who claims 1 dbaniplon Goi , ti> bt i:;leres(|lng and clever. „ [iili-ro<itfMK Program for the AHSOtla- J. (iiHi lit .>Iauliattun l»ee. 27. ] Manhattan Ka.s., Dec .">.—Here's the Q *piy>gram of the Kansas Horse Breeders' Association for tlie meeting at-tlie '.Kansas Agricultural (.'oUege We<lnes I day. Uecenitier 27: ' Tlu! riiFt paper ,it S:.30 o'clock, will 1 be Dr. F. S. Hchoenleber, state veter- • iniirian at tlie college. It will deal (with ;nrecli4)us disorders of one kind , or anotlier of interest to horsemen. The Dil.-er numbers are: i !i:l(i Diseases 'of the Horse Caused liy Corn Smut Moulds etc., H. V. Ilaslam. 0:.".O Uaiform ('las;.ification of Horses at County Fairs T. G. Paterson. 1 ^10:."!<J Revifew.of the Work of the Stal- j lion Ilegistry Board, Dr. C. W. i McQjmpbell. !ll:ir, Future of the Horse Registry association, H. "W. Avery. Afternoon Session. 2": 00 Demonstrations of Unsoundness cf the Horse, Dr. C. W. McCampbell. r,:(iO Shoeing, and care of the Foot. Dr. K. \V. Stouder. 1 :1 .Siiecial Work in the Study of Tyjies and Breeds Dr. C. W. .VfcCampbell. .Mght Ses.slon. f;:.'',0 Dinner. S:t;i) Report of Horse Feeding Experiment at K't. Riley,Ur. C. W. McCampbcU.- ;i:i',0 IhisineEs 'Session. —Mr. Poultry man: When yon eeo your chickens . moping wheezing, swollen-headed and sneezing, wo recommend C!onkey 'H Houp Remedy. For sale and guaranteed by. Morris & Howard. —The Register Publish!.?.'' Co. turns nut first claKs printing and bookbinding. A trial solicited. iter liefjyfo^cin picture Show .a Wfdstling'MJIitch between F. H.BIGLER and BERT WRIGHT Finish Match —Two Falls Out of Three Will wear full tights and shirts. Either contestant agrees to throw any local man in 15 minutes or foi^ felt %10. p Admission 2a; Ladies Free ulalbome's M C. H. DeCluto artived In lola this morhlng from the east haying made a. detour so as to siirprfse his friends but a Register reporter nailed bini between the- lime, hn ordered brcak- fast at a restaurant and hia cfttlng his first bite. In spite of that and the fact that ho has been on the road sinca Thursday when he left Oakland .Cal-> iforiila, be seemed glad to b^ beie. Is living In Oakland anil likes It, his io.<3-in-l3w .Merritt Esse runnings gr ^l eery there which makes Ik possible for {Frandfather DeClute.anil Granddangh ! ter Beth Esse to be toj^ether, .which WANTED-JGRIMES BALEn llAY. makes life worth while. He expecte 9IIIE M WJIIITS the 10c Feed II. Phone 195." . to be In lola a week or so. WA.VTED-fGUNNY SACfCS Yard. AT —Fred BoHden,. Period Seconitor. PUoBe.78fi. Cieautifullij finisnbd. Hois puriry of tone, TX'delicare yet firm touch. DuraDle In me exlreme, . ruily warrarirccl and is directly wimin yoiir purchasing reach on convenient terms ar J.VJ it Plain^white Dishes RENTED to Lodges, Fraternal Societies, etc.

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