Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1911 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1911
Page 2
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<5.. THE lOLA I>AILY REGISTER i /1 The EaaJern Star Chnptcr had a meeting .lB«t>lghl of which tho on• nual'election of o /ni:iTfl was a fi -at-, inc. The corps for the your of 1011 ! will bo ns follows. Worthy Matron. Mra, J. H. Kirk: Worthy Patroir Dr. O, l.. ("ox: A BHOC J- Bte Matron, Mrs. W. K. Starkn; trcas- urftr, MrB. E. T. Wilson; Socrctary, j Mr«. H. n. Chnpln; rondiictrcmi, Mrs. W. Z. BartlflK; Assoclalo Conductress, I Mru. A. R. Kvcrllnc On Mond.ny fvcninp. DiK-i-mlipr cightcpntli, iho odlcfrs will li:; In- atalled The lodgo is oxpccilnp to raalte tho ocraslon a social event and the chapters of HuniboMt and Gar- noil liavp been invito;! to atli-nd llio meeting. . •> •^ •:• I —What wmild lie more approprlaw ; for a Christmas present—nothing un- ' der the sun—than a fine Photo of the latest anjd most up-to-date style.— : Huffman Studio. • • I Mrs. H. U Hondricks will be host- , fssof the Sorosis club on Thursday ; afternoon Mrs. H. C. Foid. who was to have eniertainod is out of town. The program will bo: . Roll Call—Homo Remedies for S!ck | ncss and Accident. Method and Svstem of Caring for the Sick—.Mrs. J. T. Price. Have You Thought of Mirrors W<> thought of tiiei I some tlm>< ago wllh Iho result hat wo arc Nliowin;; tlic finext 1 no of llnnd, Stand anil '^'rl|illrat«' .Wlrrori* ever oxhiliited In ihlH vicliilly. All Hi'aiu.";;. nil .•:lze.'j I nd all HortH of boautlfi'.l, i;ii-io-: ItlRN. .\ nice mirror n;a!| did gift for a lidy select from our si: you'll surely dcligh^ lent. ale UUJUUI- es a splen- and if you Ftork, the rec!j>- BURREirS DRVG STOKE The Ilexall $|fnrc West Side of tte Square —1*11 ulJhe The X. T. T. eiabroiiery club will havo an afternoon part /• on Thursday at the home of .Mrs. Fihtl Freeman. —Dr. Wirt, Os<eoi».iflf, Tel J.S7, 3SS. • • •:•, —FoIloiT fl'o rrowdsi (ifand and sec Cheerfuln-^ss a Good .Aledicin.-—.Mrs. j |!lclnre<; and Vonu's evi W. S. KaufTman. forsref ll;e Mir auiatrnk" riirhfs every Some Points About Invalid Cook- Tnesdaj and Friday. Five rents to ery—Mrs. K. D. Shields. everylioiiy. The t-riird is tl'e only . Discussion—i'repanttion of Cereals, fUifr i;i <o »Tn \«liirh ennijtlys with tin Lender. Mrs. Claude Stewart. I State Ori'Inance with and pro to tl»e the Iiipest n]> cry nlirht. Don't and fresh air. The W. C. r. V. i.< |. Music. <• •> Mr. and Mrs. Charles Xel.«on and daughter, who have bom visisini; Mr.' (.^,jv,, from three until and Mrs. .fames Welsh, have returned , sattird.iv arieriiooa to to their home in Ravonburg. i Adda Zebner. of Dalla *•* : their RDe .it at that tin The Baptist Aid Society will be "u-j ,ion will in r-ality be tertained on Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. T. S. Ball, S12 .North Washington Avenue. •J. .> About twenty-five ladies, uicmbers of tho Violet club, went to iluinboldt f"rtay„t() vl?lt te attend a sp!--.''lonV.\r tho Royal Xeifjhbor lodge, Tliey went down e.-irly this morning iis au- toraoWles and wore entertained wlili a dinner at noon. The ex-Teachrrs club will be diler- talned tomorrow afternoon ai il\i> home of .Mrs. (MiarleH V. f^<-oi<. .Mrn, A. H. Campbell and .Mrs. Turner '.111 bo the assisting hosies.'i .'S. • • • —Follow the rrouds n««l sn to the (•rand and «pe the lHt«>^l u |i.|<i .date I pIcfni^K and songs every nfaht. Kcin 'l I forget the hig nmuteur nights e>ery ! Tnesdny and Friday. Fhe cents to j eieryhody. The Grand N the only j pinee In town which romplys with the State Ordinance with retrard to fire and fresh air. party which is to oco«t at the asso^ ciatlou rooms tonight * * <* •—Soyer's Paper Cookery Bags at Shannon's. •;• ;:• •:• The Moose lodge will give a dance tomorrow, night for members of the ordi 'r and R UOI M B whom they will i brifii;. The dance will bo givr'n In MiUonic Hall. —Don 't forgtt this U amiMcur night nnind. i .a(e)rf niotfou |ifr (nr4 >«<4 >«n«N. All for Ar, Mltii lOlva UtiKHoll gave n curd party and supper last night for the following frleiids: If.-rjiol Kenthrrlln, Carrie I ivIiiKston, Mary Redmond, Ada Lonicr, William Heylmnn, .Tohn Pru- ift, Ren DeHavoii, freorg" Delgnnio and Ralph Jones. * «> <» 1 —Seye; •;, raner Cookery Bags af fihi'.nndP'.--. ' •:•.<' •> The Golden Mnk club ij having a >\ literary program and il:-; customary,i Inncheon today at the home of Mrs. Sn'ifh .Jackson. •:• •:• •:• —Coneert Grand Opening of the , rimii'' Ore'iestrn Thursday evening.! H P;. T. G. A. R. Hall. Admission ICc. * ••• •:- i '\fiR<? BesR Webb, Of Fort Scott, is visiiinsT hor cousin. Mi.^s Genevieve Taylor, of Gas Citv. V •> • .Tuuior Dauphter"! of t!i-» King, an auxMliary to the Fptscopal c'"i»-.-li j will have an exchanrro sale of fond on the apnroachinK Sat \ird ::y, .it V.-.r Reynolds drug store. •:• Miss Zoo Atchison v.ho 'las beo- t'Tins in lioltrn and towns in BR. TUESDAY EVENim D^. IMBER 5,-1911. An Inlportanf Vfery Special Values at $5-00, pSO, $10.00, $12.50 and Great CLOAK Values. Long Coats in black, grey an.fl brown; leatly trimmed, all si '/.Qi, extra special. .$5.00 • well made, in newest styles; big roll coIUi regard to fire ! '•ortb (^rn ICansaa. came In last rict'i • fc;r a f-'W day .q v'oii vpi, i„.r j.:r"jUs. renariu" to r>- ' .^^"ntezemma nanc^nr Cln^ wi'l five o"c>(ick on '= ''esuiar fortniglifty dance Sntroduee Mr.9 ! '" i."<now evening. stead of an introductioi nor has visited the lohi !imes and hnn an exJe ance an)o;r.: tiie niemli r-hnn lie.*!. .Mrs. Zi bnei H .arpe toniorrow wher^ liver .a Icclur4'. On Sn ner «ill liciure in church here l„Kiniil o'clock The public i« p, who will he 0. Tho receu- a greeting in;>s Mr;-*.'z.'Ii- I'nion jieveral rtsive aciiuaint- | •rs and in the will he in l.a- slie vill ile- iday .Mrs. Z-h- he lip .-11 thr. •• iiivili'il. Zihn'r uill :i'.-o ;idilri>f-' nil a idii !n ilii" I 'resbyii evening. ChrUtiiia- Silencer 's. rian « « o Postal The vdiiim ill' W. (• t, V n<'.<;'. Ill", liim K' (irr.i!ili;:ilIon i-u Tlisrs Iho rest room;;. . M -T- friends 'ire iir il lo Mr. ;iiul Mrs. \V. K. last nf'~'ln fron> a vis and rdaMviK MI i'-.iff.i Imreli in ili' >'>c ilo /.en at brai.ili nl 11''' r..'- i.U--. .ll si:i<'e llielr lay ev. Miii~ .'it iiers :':id llii'i.' j pl.'Senl. .yniis rituriiid v.'ih frie:"ils o. The si'iv .er v.h'efi ( usiiallv has on Wc'ln The T'nity club will be twelv" years old some time this nion'h and to celebrate ifs birthday ^vill have a p;..rty { -vi'.I be d ::^!ie |.sed with Monday, December. olevi nth. at the horn? of Mrs. Charles F. Peon. Th.' celel)ration will take the forin of a. dinner. /. The/club was entertained at the home of Mrs. J. M. Wood yestonlay afternoon and began "Peer Gynt." the thlr(" play which has been studied this season. Miss Alice Hendricks and ; Mrs. O. T. l.aGrangp played Gri' g \ music as a part of tho program. i * •> • A number of young men who attend Builder's Sunday school met at the home of Mrs. E. .N'. Jones last night •where they organized a club for a'h- letic purposes. The club will have frequent meetings which are exped'd to l)o enjoyable occasions. • • •:• Mr.<!. H. R. Goshorn will give a party Friday afternoon for her card club. [.• \v. r. A sday ••v 'l .in-is hfciv.n'p of th" Mrs. Wil |i :i "i T)in>rman Is snirdiiii7 a few days with relatives in .Vendesin •> •> •> Christmas shonner .'i- are finding the iwn ba '^aars n-lileli are in protiress 'odav convenient places in which to suiiply some of Iheir holiday needs :nul members of 'lie Melliodiat and "sf. lehn 's churches .have lak'n much in- ,' leretfl ill plans for the d;iy. i I The Aid soci -ty of the .M-ihodi-'t j I 'hiirch h dd a bazaar In the Y. \t C I \. hiilldlng. The booths were deeo- I rad'd Willi crepe paper ropen and :< variety of fai ^cy nrtieloH were sold Mrn. Ifanson presided over a (able or ("hlneKO cnrloH which vlHllors enloyed iriKpecMllg. .'siiiiJier will be jiervd le the pillille IhlH evening. • A goodiv iiliinher of pi^iide were s'Tved wllh a chicken dinner by ladh's (if St. .loliu 's etiurch In Ma .'-onlc h '11 today. Their tribloa contained some ':aiid.«ome eipbroidored pleei-s and sev "i-al prellv rpiittp were for sal". Sup- i'cr w!l! be .xervi"! In the nuhllc tonight, also refreshment a durlne the ev <iiji):"r. A mies.sinf; ennletit will he h-'i' and one of tb'» best .looking •^iiilts given as a jirlvo. The diamond i-in?: contest in which Miss Edna Voung and Miss Kalherino Coman ire partideating will bo closed. Long Cloaks— rs, plain or fancy :iii:-iloriali|; a great bar- t .rain at ...J 37.50 Fii ;G lo?r ::.pie-^-.iid q* bioadc'oth, out, :i:':it]v pricr black Coats— ality, ail wool lined through- tiimmod; sale .$10.00 Novelty Coats, also black imported bi'oadcloth; sold all season up to $27.00; reduced to- $17.50 Special Seal Plush Coats,' full length, worth $18..50— while they last -«13.50 ! ;\ w; lulcil-rul collection of C'lii:- of i>laii; and fancy i^.ii .f'i 'i:!!- —C 'oat:^ .v»orth and nil .-u-i .-ioii at $.17.50; re- Men's and Ladies' House Slippers Felt and Icither Everv ctJlor $1.00 lte(-n?e to marrv was issiirl vs- •erday ir. William Powen and Mar- -ietta it. Cornell, both of Gas City, ft is under.stood they were married there last evening. -> • • The Music clnb is preparing an unusually interesting iirogram in cel<- bration of Christmas. A ebor'i? hn<^ been organized which will farniKh ^onie of the music. The first rohrars- •i! will be held tomorrow afternoon at half past two o'clock at the homo of Miss Florence Hobart to select the choruses 10 be used. il .1 f FIRE mmh m .$12.50 Extra special S17.50 hand- Si -tme Silk Seal Plu.'^h Coats, satin lined, worth $22.50; on sale $17.50 50 children's and misses' patin lined Cai'acui and Figured Plush Coats, sold up to $12.00; while thev last $6.95 Extraordinary Tailored Suit Offering. Our entii-e .stock at one- half to one-third lo.-s than true value. Serond IL mil My on Mr. »>f ianil o'.'ii- I Xel-cn Connet; SB, Cecil .McDonald: ixiU sliti''- (! j (.:i laiii|) Il :i was aliji'iit .small liaiet li,ti> iiii.i ud tv decree that sliould be "J. V. .>rerrhant Jenelry Co." • This name w!;eii apiiU^'d to .Icwelry. Watches, Silverware, liiauionds — in fact anything within tiie jeweler'.-i field—Is a stainj) of unijnestionable quality. And comparison will coiifiiiii our reputation for rational prices. The new ChriiMi.a-- ('al:!ii;gi:e of tiift Suggestion.'^ .should be i;i the .hands of every one. If you have r.ot received a copy drop i:;.; card, or better still, call in person and receive your copy. Catakig'.ie sent anywhere on request. Ho,/Faen Santa Fe ani M. K. & T. Watch IntWtora. St. Timothy's .\nnnnl .lleotine. Tho annual jiarish mi ''ling of St Timn'hy's I'lpiacniMi ciuirch was held = ^st evrninc at the church and revorts fro;n 'be vjirio'is soei'.-ties were road. W'hi'" 'he i-hureh has been unfortun- ;ile in losing several f.-'.milios by removal ill iho past year, yet the. in- t.-^rest which is being shown is very ^neo'iraging on the v.-iiol" and the 'Tienii/crs look forward to another ••ear of useful work in tliis comniuni- I 'v. The officers elected on the vestry j for hto'followinc yr^ar are: Senior. Warden, .Mr. T. F. ;^eij;l.^r: funlor Warden. Mr. .Marshall l.amer: Treasurer, Mr. h:dward W. Stanficid; Members of the Vestry, Mr. T. S. Stover. .Mr. W. S. Walker. .AJr. Smith Jeckion, Mr. I-eallo Cnmpboll, Mr. George Walt' Mr. J. B. Goshorn. Ifliiw I'liils O M I and yixs. .Mn 'i I-'lre, wliiili it is I hi from (he e\pI(i.iio !i of an burning while the fainil coiiiplerely <!( .s:royed Iions" in soiMii ita"sei'. The hoiisi' e. ,t ; r.n a i>;ol e.'l by Ih" .\'ei-|l. 11.11 osrii (o iiie owtn r. I'l -J Sii.'tl. for I lie on th. ii'.f. .;. T. .\1 "k :. v>h( l>l;i<. . «.IS ;;. Ill i > fA'A uateher ;ii tli<' !o !;i I Q Mr.«. .Ml eks wa.-; in Hasi;. 'lonie of her son .1. Mocks boy, v.ho liv:; tnts was upIoN^n at a The fire was first disci 9 o'clock btit progresse •;iu: nothing could he si distance from'a fire plug made lire dooiirtmonJ helplossj. Mrs. Mecks had Just ni the funeral of their so Tl! I \v;il. .Il t :::ilK on the Honor llo^ • fi.Mowing is llie U.^^l of lu'.ve received linllorafil" pltllllK luell- Ir.'i. on-- .SA Kaly i-'iidge; ;-:f! i , I,"'"ii-d Kogei.-^; 711. l''.volyn .laci.ilis j ! ': :i jTaylor: CA. .Maude Sheary; fi!!, .M:iriirn Owen; aA, Margaret .MeCIiiia: : ! - l. Klorcnee Kverlinc; 4.\, l.,illlan Col I »'•( nt-'xy: 4U .Muriel Ilolcomb; 3A, Fountain Pens for Christmas •i! >nA the loss of their homo comes u,- a was iastalim^.':! jocciipiiid til.' las boil r ri'iand, a:.'i .visitiiij: ilie iMeeks.j Til" irh hii lar- iqture show, vpred iabout so awiftly vod and the :V,.'-Mr. ."nd ttirned fro.n 1 in .N-nada they were ill leaves lie :n on them at a time wlien wrooarod for the blov, antl in distressingly straightj'nod circumstances. !U >\KWKLI, ROW 'kWW. ON. Tiy This Famous ta "Pint of Cflugli Synip" A Family Supply for 50c, Saving $2. The Surest, Quickest Remedy You Ever Used or Money Refunded. A couch remody that RavM you f2, and Is guaranteed to give <]nieker, better re- Kults than nnythim: elfp. is surely worth irying. And one trial will show you why Pinex is used in more homes in the U. U. and Canada than any other cousb remedy. You will bt- pleasantly surprised bj: the . way it takes right bold of a cough, giving j almost instant relief. It will usually iitop the most obstinate, deep-seated cough is 24 hours, and is uneqiinlled for prompt re.«ult8 in whooping cough. A .'lO -crnt l>ottlp of Pinex^ when mixed with home-made sugar gyrop. makra a full pint of the bt^t cough r»!medy ever used. Easily prei>arcd in lii-e miuutea—direc- tiooR in package. The taste is pleasant—children fake It willingly. Stimulates the appetite and Is slightly laiatire—both excellent features. Splendid for croup, hoarseness, asthma, bronchitis and other throat trouble*, and a highly successful remedy for incipient long troubles. Pinex is a special and highly coocen- trated compound of Norway White Pine extract, rich in guaincol and other oatu- tal healing pine elements. Simply mix with siiisar syrup or strained honey, in a pint bottle, and It is ready for use. Pinex has often l>een imitated, but never successfully, for nothing else will produce the same results. The genuine is guanio{ced to give aI>solute satisfaction or money refimded. Certificate of gnar- antee is wrapped in each package. Your druggist has Pioex or will gladly get it for you. If not, send to The Pinex Co., t't. Wayne, tad. Vre (oancil (•{Ills. Ti.i l»?c. n "vlrs. Wii- nnewell. at.d ce las' niir^ii ' !iree last proof !i:e spring Mavores«r tVltson and tin Still at I...Ki.'erl .\rk;;n.^as Citv. Kas.. uaiiai a!tere;iti'.:. !.ef\ve son. ;h: ii.ayoie.'i.- ot lit :';,o 'dty council, took pb •-St the coiiiicil's regulai ^ion. The resignation of ard;-on. one of the eoiinl-!.!. was; :*ent!;d and a <-ei pled, 'he eoiineiliui.n elected -eniain. nichardsoifs -esirrnation W '-s tl'.o '.ige.a! for the cii.stoiii:ii yj clusii. t'onn- elliiian I-anders pres'-titi'd a Is^t oi"l aaires from wlilrli he r'jiiiesfed .Mav- .iress Wlli'.oti to i.eleet ! jvo to 1111 the •oiineil vacancies. Tliii> :,he nfii-ed •o do. I.'iler .Mrs. Wllhni; pri'sotited ;ho list (if city lilllelal.ij. [ whom .>:•'• lias upiioltited, but the (jonncil fi'fiis- ed ctjnflrtnatlon. When Mra. Wilson pn for $."1 for Ktrefit work, cut it to )1 and when Ijindors wanted lo rejiea a city ordinance impiislnd 2A. ilerni'.e Connet; 2B, Cecil Land; ].'.. .-Amanda Xewnian. j V>r.-';ing;(in—T.\. Dewey Donovan; : "r;. l .ee Duntce; 6A, Willie l.>"_n. ! K.ltl i:!;-hardson; tUJ Dora Daniel; .'.A. Uutb Hamilton: ."B Chailes Teal: j 4A .'llarjorie Sinitii: 4B Gladys Bar-; l-cr; :^\. Clarence McDaniel; :'.B, Ster- l-r;: .Iack!--<in; 2A. Burton Adams; 2B. .ia-.Ls Hamilton; 7A. Francis Tindall \C:\ (.oates; IB, Eugene Bush. i.itlr-oln— sn I..lzzie Schutte; 7A, niiodia Sl:p.rp, i.iiey Allen; 7B. Bart T!iay«;r; lioy .fohnson; GB. .Myron .V .o: rs-on: .'A, ftuth lioughton; .->B,, Due' .lohnson; 4A, I.oulse Barnes: 4r. j V rna Carr; 3A Ralph Fowler; I'lanf^ Tylei; 2A Harry Heath;-2B i Boy Kintiiid; lA, Dudley Henderson,' Ora "•.•:>Fn:atv^ •% \ Gai-field— l ':rnia Harrison, Har- 1 ry Bass; 6B Eiila Shavirs; 5A, Royal' Geery; i")B, Dania Calvest; 4A, Hazel SuliiW; 4B Rita Calvert; aA. Thomas i j Smith; SB. Kenneth Houk; 2A,Anhur j cniian ^Ideal Fot3i Pen The Pen iwith the Clip-Ca] We have a fine : ir.'!ilt o.r (Ke fHJ/iOUi: Foiili- taiti I'ens made by the Wat- l-'en Co. in .Si 11-fillers tho r.-.Milav style. Tlu- l;est on iCai-iJ'. An Idol i hrf-tmas Gift McNIEL BROS. The Jewelers -Velson; 2B, iCdlth Slocnnr. lA. Bhr- dslia Smith, Wayne Smitii; II! Beu.'ah .V.ari le. .MckinUy.-r,B. Claude Wright: 4 A. Viola, .Nicholson; 4» .1. T. Klingln- -iniih; :; A Mildred Button: :aj .Mary iivontbly '^'"-\ iUf^i -.ysf -x; 2A. Ola .Matnev; 2n, .liidd •Doc • Ricli-i {-jo,,j^j.,jn Dottle Skinner: lA, Albert Snvdbr. The.'ma Khcary; IB I.#o Jcck. Ba^sett-^3B. Uu.ssell Enfield; 2A, Dillirin Hill; lA. Uen'nle ilorton. . We Have tiie genuine Welsbach Mantles At 3 for 25c, either inverted cr upright .si;nled a bill jhe (•(iiir'll Councilman n section of a llcelise fur show.s. .Mr.". V.'ilson refiL-f-fl to nut the IjDiirii. h 'lw- niotlon. Tho vote to ever, was unaiiimoi; >•. TO rrnE A r«!,i> IN — Take LAXATIVE BHOMO Quinine Tablets. Druggists refuind money if it falls to ctire. E W. nature is on each box. MrST STICK Til THl'Tir. to s; Liable rinry.! (iankriupt, is oerjurj; ifjhe Conrl Says Biinkrii|>i ProM'riitlon for I' Washington, Dec. '•>.—> liable to prosecution for ..„.,_... swears falsely at the tint meeting of his creditors to inijuire into hia biisi- iiess. according to a do( iaion jteater- day by the Supreme Couf-f "f the United States. Morris GHcksteIn of fjt.. Augustine. ONE nvT. ROVE'S slg- asc. Fla., was Hidicted lU ISu of perjury, it being all^ swore the total number goods sent by him froiiil to St. Augmnine on a ccftain day was tv,o, whereas it was a her. GHckstein claimed ecutlon was not proper. The (United Sutes ciri appeals for the Fifth CiTciiit was uncertain a^iit it and a preme court If Immunity eciition for perjury was the bankruptcy act. Tb J answered thl» fn^the nsfutive. ^n a charge ged tliat he of tru (ik8 of .iacksonviUe |;reater! nijn»- 6i/ch a' pros- Lnit court of kied tie BU- againsi pros- contained In «ourtl today Brigham Hardware Co. For the quickest results—The Register Want Column! A Few of Our Special Bargains in WATCHES AM bnin new an I frevb tioiii Iho ra< KM y (his f-ill. C.Kie in and '^'.ds 1' '111 "vii- jiiid he c m- viiicel tl:at wi- i'ave by r »• tse larnebt slork u' Wrtclu;.-; in thi.s ci'y.!! 2f> year i-cfd (illed ease with 7-jev/.?;ed Klgiii or Wal- thaiii laoveinent *10.."iO S HIHO case, ir .-jev.el .>V2..'>» Gen's* 20 year gold tilled open f H-e case with 7-jewel K!!;in or Walthaiii nioveTiieiii ifil.fM^ San.e (itted with l."<-jewe! .$11.00 17-jewel for ?I2..»l) Wo also have a complete line of cheaper Watches ranging in price from %\ to !=7.."iO .\lso 2I-jewe' Watches in the follov;ing make.':: Hamilton, Howard. Itocln'ord. Illiiiois and Hampden. We carry tiie, Crescent and Crown HICKS & SON £nst Side Square. r..

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