The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 16, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 16, 1977
Page 2
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TACTK H— NAUOATUCK NEWS (CONN.). TTJKSDAY, AUG. « 1MB DREW PEARSON ON WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Secret Sessions Held Behind Scenes At Paris Conference; British Report Russia Sdling Captured German Arms To Sweden For Resale To Argentina; Molotoff Changes Tactics; Italy, Guilty Of Shameful War, Has XT, S. As Friend At Court. 1'nriH, — (by wiroli'Hs). — Despite; .Sec'i'tUny Byrnes' now, laudable policy of opun cove-minis openly Hi'rived at, Homo highly important meotin,u'x have bec-n takiny place Iif.-Iiirul the scenes at the pence cont'ereiioo liore, For ob" vioiis roasons certain tilings have to lie discussed in t. Hero m'e soniu of them: Xo, 1 — Hymen >rot it i'o- KEY FIGURES IN RIOT-TORN GEORGIA ...TOWN. port vln thn Brltlnh P'orolfrn Oflion thnt FtiiMiiln win w.c.rctly «f!lln« captured CJnrmnn nrmti to Swmlon for rmifilo to Arjfontlna. Thl.« by no t?ii>(in« miulo him finppy. Tho United State.-' h/v» followed H strict policy nt konplnsr rvrm.« awny from Fascist Arfrontlnri, uncl only ono month HRO, Al-Knntlno C'hlof or Stuff Gonnrfil C,'iirlo« von cln- flricUo miulo a Mpnclnl ti'lp to won Unnnrnl Bison* hnwei- to i>lmid for nrmo. ISI.iun- nowfir xfilcl no. Now It develops thiit ruifiiln Is wthei'lnjf up tvrmn from cic«iipl"() Onrmany und handing th«rn nvnr to Swodon rot 1 roMiilo to Ai-Knntlmt on tho oxcirju thnt It ni' fni-Glc'n nxchnintri. I'.yi'non, In plnlf-chcokod Mlnlstor Bkl- ault. Byrnes hn« boon trying to pornuado Bldnult to Join tho USA and the United Kingdom In unify Inj; Germany. But tho Frenchman him been stubborn. Llku Attloc, ho IM In a trading mood and has declined to apron to unification of Gnrmany unless— and this IN a big iinlowi— Franco ,dct« two conceti- a formal pi'otnHt In writing riKivlnut this, also planH to take I ho mnttor up with Molotorf per- Honiilly, Kfic.-ilon No. 2— Mololfiff h»^ trylnx in in-;ru(i tmny Jlmrnlo pnt-mnni-nt and into nicojinllnn of Lntvln'n, I/llh- imnla'n nnd Kntonl;i'N Ir.corpoi-Mlon Into tho Hovlct. tn r>ne HeijtMon, Mololnff tfild .Ilmrnlr- thnt Churchill nnd Roosevelt hnth hii(l jrlvnn tho rind to thejiii three [.-fiiltle utiUc.i /isi pni-t of IdiHNln. Thn ?>'Dr{.VVln.Mti-jn OK. he jinlfl, «'r>n ftlvnn nt Tehenin iirul Mitltn. Hyrni'ii, hnwevi-r. didn't want to i-oeoKnUo thn I'.iUtlc HUitpn /in yd. Hncrnt nf-.-itiHlon No. I'.yrni'H and Krnncn'.-i •-f'rtwppr) Some HAMILTON Wotchos Have Arrived! inntty — - l>ut n, I 1 ! n (i H \i li hold f'irth n (iroinliin of morn on (Jin >v ny, to IP you'vii lji;nn wnilitii; for it (liiinill)iii-- il niny Im horn now, 'I'licy'rii morn licni Cut (him uvof mul ns (l(io (i.i only Ifninilton cnn iimhn thpiu, I) Moi'o territory from Italy, i) Complete French control of tho Hnnr Valley, with its rich coal dopoi'ltH plus t.ho Industrially wealthy Uhlnoland. Obviously Jlmmle Byrnes, good a trndcr an hi- may bo, can't tnidn away those points, because they hnvc to bo docldnd by tho rest of tho conference, Tho tragic fact IB that whllo the deloKatex barter and conditions In Germany arc; BEACON FALLS Cormpondcnt, Thoman JFUzpntrlck, Tdcplionn 43«S Crusaders Name Daunis Manager, Cody To Coach \.n Pence Kcturnod to Ntrlfo-torn AthcnH, Gii p , following the elcctloii! four hundred persons, assembled In. tl»c county courtroom, nclectcd a irlninry liuttlo hattvecn vetoruiiH nnrt special deputies, the voters had committcn <>[ three to "set iip itn organization" fon the preservation o: ' choson Ntatlon owner Knox Ilonry (ripht), a veteran of North\ law. \frlca, a» tholr new Hhcrllf. H.N election, ovcrtlirew the 10-ycnr tlio trip wn» t)ic Rev. jjcrnic. Hampton, pastor of thd Mcth ' ' odlest Church' in Athens, wlio is 'shown at right atop an overturned car of 11 dominant office-holding faction. Shortly after the violence, aboutl as ho asked crowds to "return to !your homes." (International) drifting dimKorouHly—so clnngci-- ciu.-dy thnt unification may come too !nte. Scnutoi' l*ii GuardHi'.' Ttio rx-nmyni- of Now Yorlt. otherwise known as Tin; Llttlo Flowcr,- finjojvcl everytl'ilnK about PI.U-I.H whllo stopping hero except the fact thnt tho Pfii-ls fire depurtmonl dkln't Hta^o n fire. Asked whether ho would run for tho V. S. Senate from New York, LiiGiiiu-clln Indicated that, If nominated, ho would run lll<o a fire online. Flym)," ho was toltl, "lit you." "I don't blame him," chuckled riorollo. "Do you?" i MolntolT Cocktnll I Tho hni-tl-hlttlBft, mc-rcurinl Fori oli;n MlnlKtut- of Russia him chnnfr- | cd his tnctlcN a lot nlnco the United I Nations Conference at Snn FYnncIs- I <:c>, AI.MO, Hlncn the Council of For- nlirn Mlnl.-Uer.'i In London last Sep- PIERPONT'S Amcrlonti IHH IIA.NK .I't'lll'IflT At Kan Friincl.sco ho jumped rill over thu Nmallor nutlon.s. Hn was lilMerly sin-castle with Mexico's Fori-U:n Mlnlmer Patlllla, accused him of learning "his little speech wciy In advaiit-i- t,-> .support tho United Htnln«t." r-tc.Hult: All Latin Amei-lc/ui riiitlnn.s wn-n alienated imd lined up with tho 'iiiU-Itu.s.ilHn bloc. At Pin-K Molotoff Is playlnc his nun-o cai-cfully. Poi-haps hi! " that public opinion has I ery.tlnlllvxil HK.-ilnxl Rii.M.sIa, At any i-iiti-. Imitniid of hiit-lli-.K Mnlotoff British Empire. This was when Czechoslovakia's Jan Masaryk proposed two rotating chairman of the niilc.s Committee, one Yugoslav '(pro-nussln'n) and one Belgian Cantl-Runlnn). Promlor Mackc-nxie King supported this straddle, though the U. S., Britain and nil the other members of the British ICnipIro opposed ...This Cy, eoh straddle on the chairmanship Is slgnificiint of the hole tho Czechs are In, They have to go along with On The Air Today <!:()(> p. m. AT.,1. WOR— Easy Aces WBRY — (i:10 p. ni. sebfiil Sooreu (r:in p. m. Russia bociuu-o thulr bread Is but- ! WBKY—-Frontiers nf tei'Cd on that side, but their !n- stinctM nre with the U. S, A. anil lho United Kingdom. After nil, Mas- nryk was raised In England and lho United States. FrloiKlly .One Indication of how bndly this conference was oi'Knnlxod; When the ponce treaties for tho Axis satellite:! finally wore made public only twi.-nty copies were available to Lievernl hundred American newsmen. Some newsmen, .-men ns tho Greeks and Chnese, dkln't >;et a copy. Though tho Konoral content of the treaties was well known to the enemy countries, (.he drat tilings BulK.'irin and Italy di v.-as to lot out a loud S'(Un\vl<. Th real r:ict.. hownvoi-, In that noth no. off batter than tho others, for very siKnUlcnnt reason. They ha two powerful friends at courl Italy's friend wna the U. S. A., Bui (Win's friend wan the USSR. Rut ila. for Instance, naked that Bui pay no reparations, whll .. _____ ,. .._ ..... ^ ..................... , l-i wh»n thlnjr.M wont uftiilnst I from Italy she clcnuincltd $300,000. him, hn hd.x bt-Pn outwardly piitlcnc 000. Thanks to Jimmio Bvrnc^, thi'. Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 find culm, Hf Icfm.i nvni- backward i wn.s scaled down to $100,000,000. to f-xplaln Uussln'.s po.sltlon, VVhnn I ThiiM Italy, one of tho orlglna JIOWCI-.M, svhich atnrterl thr- hf- .vaw tho votes were stacked *Axis world on the path of war in Ethiopia _ovon before Hitler wont on the _ rampafrc pays reparation." thnn him on the t|ue.-,tlon of pub lie rummlttcn mnotlnprs, Molotoff ImiiH-dlately Jumped on the opposition bandwagon. Hn wccondec I'lyrri'-.s' niotlon that the press be admitted. On Important questions ;if course, Molotdfl doesn't budge nn Inch. But at least hu hd.i learned to^b<- nuiro polite about thorn. Tho Chinese Ambassador sits tlur- ItiK Confcrenc!'; sesnionK w.uvlnR a !ni-j!<! JapannHe Tan. It's warm in the Luxcnriboui'i; Palace .Liiiud up on tho V"i-y fi-oiu Conference row 'ire Austrnlla's Kvatt and Amerl'.-«'« Byi-no*, most dynamic of all li'legntOM. They f,-ot thnlr sofit.1 Kl- ihubptlrnlly, though tho French a.retchf-d a point to have Byrnes •"It Ir. front. Strictly speaking, he hmild sit under ISUit.i Unls (Unltud ! •Itates), not Amei-lriun (Amerlcal ., I than '.ixpocted. Vhlo KiidMlfv mUsod Its cue troni ! N'otc—Enemy delepatos are Finlanrl, Humfaiy or Romania. Incidentally, Italy pays no ropn ration; to KthoplR despite tho Jnct that she i-iivl.shrd that counli-y in one of tho mo/jt shnmoful conquests; ir history. The treaty only provide; thtit Italy pay Ehloniii for damaged worlir, of .art. Greece, another country wantonly inwidecl by Mus- Nollni, al.-o gots no statc-d rcpp.ra- tlonsi payments from Italy. Greclt i «-lll hn a matter for con- dnbato. In o!h'r-r words, the United StJitns fought. Italy's battles n swot FJlir Four scxslonK right down tho lino and clcaplf! ng or teeth by tho Italian Prime .Mlnlslnr, she frot off much 'better -lolotoff aiul votod wrrmg on one allot. Ke/non \v/is thnt Whltn <, llmofl a.i J^oloi-uxjila, conio.i PHI- thn top of the roll call tilphn- otlcally, hotel fp/icn and aiitomoblles by the Kronen Government in Pnris as they wait Impatiently to slpn the llnal documents of peace. The only W.JZ—Ethel and Albert WATR—Al Vcstro, Sports WOTl—On The Century WTTC—Glee Club WEAF—American Serenade 6:KQ p. m. WATR—Coclitail Serenade (i:.'10 p. m. WBRY—News WABC—Larry Can- WJK—Allen Prcscott WTIC—Strie.tly Sports WATR—News; Interlude Won—Hews (i;10 li. in. WTTC—Weather WEAF—Sports (i:'!5 p. m. WBRY-WABC- -News Till Now WTIC-\yEAF.—Lowell Thomas VrfZ—Grail' Scott WATR—-Pleasure and Profit \VOR-Stan Lomax 7:00 p. ni. WBTIY-WABC—Patti Clayton W.T55- --I-Jea c ! 1.' n e Ed 11 i o n WATR—Fulton Lewia WTIC-WEAF—Supper 'Club 7:ir. p. m. WBRY-WAKC—Skyline Roof W.T52—Elmer Duvis WOR—Answer Man WATR—Rhythm Adventures WTIC-WEAF—News :25 p. in, WATR—Mews • -.:«) p. m. WBRY-WABC—Melody Hour WTIC-WEAF—Ho)lywc-,;d Theater A-"OR---Arthur Hale WATR—Hunlinff, Fishing 7:'!.") i>. m. \VOR-Inside o£ Sports WATR—Alcoholics Anonymous VEAF—Kaltnnborn H.-UO p. ni. vmiY-WABC—J?ifr Town WTIC-WEAF—Johnny Presents WOR—-Nie.k Carter WAXH-WJZ—Lu.-n >md Abncr n:15 p. ni. W.J%—The O'Neills WATR—I Want a Job fl-,30 p. ni. WBRY-WABC— Romance Theater WTIC-WEAF—Date With Judy WATR-WJ2—S;:,-nmy Kayc WOR—The Falcon 8:40 p. in. WHN—Dodp/ovs vn. Giants n:on p. in. WBRY-WABC—News TttOO p. in. WBRY-WABC—Talent Scouts WTIC-WEAF--Grand Marquee WOn—Gabriel Ileauer WATR-WJZ—Ted Malonc 0:JT» p. in. WOR—Real Stories WATR—-Listen to Ar.n Grcnicr WJ2— Brown Dots 0,-:;o {j. ni. WBRY-.WABC--K11COI-C Theater WATR-W.TZ- Doctors Talk WTIC-WEAF-Fred Waring WOR—American Forum 0:4£ p. ni. WATR-WJ2-UNRRA Pfjm. WATn-WJZ -• V^isnicr's Sports in-.'M p. m. \VDRY-WABC--Nipht Lilfe WATR—Unhnppy Birthday WTIC-WEAF- Mar. Called X 10.'15 p. in. WATR—OPA T.ilk V/OR—Take These Kol.cs J0:30 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Open Hearing WTIC-WEAF—nombcrg- Music WATR—Basic Oi-ch. I WOR— Symphonctto ' WJJi-Hoosiei- Hop 11:00 p. m, WERY-WABC—World News Other Stations—News 11:10 p. in. VVERY—John J. Daly, Local News 11:15 p. in. WERY-WABC—You and the Atom WJZ—Snorts WTJC-WOR—News WATR—Meeker Orch. 11:3fl p. m., WBRY-WABC—Casa Loma. Band WEAF—Blue Ban-on Orch. WTJC—Polish Music WATR-WJZ—Gems; Tucljcr Orch WOR—Weather; Orehcstru n-.K> Mldnipht A.LL Stations—News Commander Lewis West Side Club Guest Speaker Guest speaker of the West Side Community club at .-t nicotine; scheduled for tonight on il>c American Lesion grounds on Millville ,-n'cnue at 7:30 o'clock will be Cfm- nvindor Harold C. Lewis of or jjost. Veterans of Foreiffn W.-jrs. Mr. Lewis, who is marshal of ;ho V-J DO.V parade which is combined with a Welcome Komo celebration to t.-ike'plac'? Sept. 2 here, will dis- ciu-s for the parade-. As chair- in.-in of ibe Price Control committee bo ;il>o will address the group nn this subject. Prcsidont Joseph will conduct the business session during which lho bus trn.nsportHi.ion problem in th-e borough will bo. discussed, Plans Hearing Completion For Legion-Firemen Carnival August 16 Ollicials of tho St. MJoh.-L^l'N Cru- snHcrs today onnouncod thnt Dom inick Dunls of Hinhbind avenue h.-js bcfn appointed now man.igcr of the -baseball team and that Leo Cody ,of Pines Bridge hns been named the new coach. The two men were appoointcd to fill the positions vacated by Charles Kcvit, Sr., who resigned from the organization recently. Coach Corty had assisted Mr. Kcvit with the club prior to Mr. Kevlt's rcsiK'na- Uon. Papal Appointee Carnival flan* Is'par Completion At a meeting held last Jijjrht by the Bwtcon Falls Hook ,in<) Ladder, final plans were made for the ca.rni val, which they are noinR to present jointiy \vjth the American Legion ,tbc week of A':?. 1G-1M, at Noe's iTiuJd. Committee Meeting Postponed The Democratic Town Committee meeting;, scheduled to he held evening at Center school, was postponed until this Thursday evening at 8 p. m. at which time all members are requested to be present. Plans for the forthcoming elections will be discussed at this meeting. THK VATICAN haw announced the appointment of Monxignor Gerald O'Hara :i» Apostolic Nuncio to Hp- mania. As a citizen of the II S. H' s said that Monslffnor O'Hark win' be nn able and impartial judcc of Catholic problems In the tiuks before him. (International) 'itj-.palrick wns a week-end Crusaders Play Tonijrht _ .. w . .. The St. Michael's Crusndci-s. who of ",ho"Hacl:e'us at their "coUaeT defeated St. Francis of NaUR-atuck , Sundo.y are scheduled to play the Millville A. A. team of Naupauick tonijrht, :it C p. m. The same will plnyed a the athletic field on -opus road. Well Baby Clinic The monthly Well-Baby Clinic ill be beld Wednesday afternoon. August 7. at ihc Recreation Club rcm 3-1 o'clock. All mothers and );ibics arc urged to be 81 tho clinic .t 3 o'clock. Dr. Edwin R. Curran 'f Kauffatuck will make the exam- nations and will be assisted by ;s Sullivan of tho IS": Red Cross, VVeck-end Guests Sirs. Harry Cla-ssey, Miss Maud on and Andrew Rau of Wolfe avenue were week-end guests of Mr. nnri Mrs. Albert Ecglcslon of New Jersey. Returns From Hospital Mrs. Harnld Richter has reiurnM to her homo from St. Mary'* hospital where .-she bad been a patient for one week. Returned Homo Mrs. Clara O'Shea. her daughter Helen, and her sister, Mrs. H. Arnold, all of Bethany road, have r<--j cently returned from a week's vacation at Cedar Beach. )n Lr-frion Toam Chet U=akiew:c7. or Railroad .ivc' ue and Billy JCaiowjch of Main Mrs. Gcorpe Bench of Highland ti-eet play on the XnugatucU Am- avenue is currently visiting her rican Lepion baseball, ih.-n. is i dauRhtcr, Mrs. Thomas Bsrbee of By ELEANOR MITCHEL I'tlcally, vo its delegate didn't, have | courtesy denied them Is fiyinu'' their nio to got thu nod from the flua- country's flu,; on the hotel whie'l Ian delegation. they occupy. Canada aluo voted wrong on one •allot for RiiHiila nml thi; 'Copyright, Syndicate. Tnc.) Ey The Hn; FLOWERS Vot All OocnuloiM FLOWKKS TKT.KOUAl'UKl) EVICUYWUKKE MELBOURNE'S -TLOWER SHOP 180 IIXTBDKR AVKNU15 "* Telephone 8228 EVEN THE OLD MAN CAN'T GET 'EM CLEAN WITHOUT SOAP— . SAVE USED FAT IF YOU WANT MORE SOAP/ NJW York. . , . The Tluntcr Col- Icse hcadquaricrs of UN arc being gradually dismantled for the move to tho more permanent temporary headquarters r.t the Sperry plant out on Long Island, UN expects to bo operating at this Lake Success munitions plant buildini; by Augus" 15, and moving vans arc carting desks, file cabinets an ' important papers to the new lo cation, whore the Security'Coun cil, Economic and Social Counc and the secretariat will be, Th General Assembly, on the othe hand, will meet on September 2 at the remodeled New York'Cit 1 building on the World's Fai' grounds in Flushing. The dread o cool autumn days in the Flushing building no.longer exists bccausi a means has been found of neat ing .the place should the weathe jn, these parts become brisl enough for the delegates from 51 nations. • Meantime, UN activities are eo- !ng on a; 57tli Street at the Henry Hudson hote: in. the ballroom There s no room for dancing there now—the tempo is one' of deliberation and discussion and sometimes jt's walrztime and sometimes it's iive. But whatever the tempo, some things arc being accomplished. One of. the fine humanitarian (.-(Torts is the World Health Organization for which'a Constitution has been drawn up! and -ready for ratification by . 61 •nates. (This includes countries m addition to members of UN such' as Sweden, Switzerland; 'Iceland • etc.. who were -invitou as'-o'b- 1 servers.) U. S.. Surgeon General' Inomas Pai-ran served- as Presi- d 1" t u° t , the Health Conference which.drew up this Constitution and Russian Fcodor Krotkov has been appointed Chairman .of the ^i-esc .Interim Cornmission. .which m^t|i-i 22' plan-the first meeting, of'the'As-'l.on*. scmMy of. .lho World Health Organization and take care of any urgent business which might arise in the meantime. It's- rather wonderful to thin! that this part of the .UN wil strive for the betterment of our fundamental treasure—health. I will seek to make available to pcop^s everywhere the best tha medical knowledge can provide to lessen'the severity of epidemic's, and diseases: to raise nutritions standards: and in general build a healthy world frr-e of- ine'meTital and physical crippling which contributes to unrest and wars. ALSO. . . . Right after the Security Council opened in March Clark Eichelbergcr. Director of the American Association for the United Natip:.s, suggested that the Council crescent-shaped table which 1 placed some delegate* a pod distance from others, sho'uld be changed to a real horseshoe shape in order that the men dis- cussms world problems could literally work close together An announcement now has'been made that the new Long Island headquarters will, nave .a norseshoe able for Counc:! meetings and a noro intimate atmosphere Bv he way. .Mr. Eichclbcrger will be n Luxembourg when vou read his •attending the Congress of the World Federation ot United Nn- IOHS Associations, He went'out to 'QGuardia Airport at 6 a.m. the tner morning, not knowing hls reservation woulS old or not in view of space nortage because of the-grouridjnn I Constellations. We gave him S ox of cigars as bon voyage and ndcrstand he .is now ' Cost Accountants Special Meeting | A special meoin;: nt the Watcr- - hi i ry chapter, National As.sociation . of Cost AccounlnniK 1 Directors has ; I'oen called foi- tonicrht nt fi:00 p. m ]r,t !hc W.iUrbury Club. The moct- in ir will bo preceded by dinner at 6, •• followed by .-i business mectinir at ; 7:30. President Arnold O. Wolf has called the mcclinff i:i order to complete lasr. minute niT.-msremcnts fo the st.ijr party to be held at the Ohipanoe Country Club in BrNto on Aug-iist 20th. It is also expected thnt the group "'ill discuss now trends in jndus l.rif-1 accoDntins-, pnrticulnrly the problems ai-isins- oul of the postwar competitive market. This subject as well a s the new rale of the accountant in (he rislnp cost structure will be analyzed. John J. Wn'nn, Control Manager of the NaugnUick Footwear Division ir the U. S. .Rubber On. j s U'e vicc- .. ,_ . of . -i- oinpr to play the Windsor, Co7in., •-am for the slate championship to- lorrow, in N'aupatuck. The frame tomorrow will begin at p. m. and will ho hold .-u the Recreation Field in the Borough. Returns Homo Miss Margery Brennan has re- lumed to her home on Wolfe avenue, after a month's trip to Bermuda. Valley Stream, Long Island. legion Meeting Wednesday Night Preparations for the nomination and election of officers of Nnufin- tuck American Legion post, Nn. 17 will he made tomorrow evening at a. meeting of the post in the Memorial Home, 21 Cedar street. Commander Georpe B. Lewis requests all members to attend tltr nclc, William L. Brennan of Wolfe'; scssion in order thnt plans may be Visits UneJo J-Joward Klippcl Jr., of Larch- mom, N. Y.. has been visiting his u formulated for the nominntion, which will lake place Aujr. 21 and the election to ho held Sept. 4. avenue, for the pnst few days. Vncatfon In \Voodburv Mr. ,-ind Mrs. .«-thu:- Kach'clt and | ' family ofHishland ave.-n.c nrej Indians in Wisconsin n,-e' divid- ^pondinp a weeks vacation at a e <3 into eight tribes and occupy in woodbury. .Miss Anne 60-!,000 acres of land. * w. . — " ,' '-'•fn'fitif. Wnlci-bui-y Chfiptoi-, A\ A. c. A. Norman E. Bovay Awarded Patent Norman E. Bovay h,is „„„-., nwfli-dcd a design patent for n. shoe j-o.n, according to n. list prepared by Harold G. Manning 24 Central •ic, ^ Wiuerbury. Riphte have Cincinnati, Ohio. been STYLE VENETIAN" BLIND SHOPPE «C Spring St., Union City TC(. Xnugr. 6tn _ Wat 4-0026 FELIX NAKHEtto' Mirr. 1-nll rttnpk of ntfft *-r^ mi rniiilrcd. r(--lai>nl, de. Introducing "Bill" Leuchars Noted Marine Corps Photographer REGISTER NOW 1"AM. TKU.M I1KOINS SKI'T n POST •1 Central Avo. COLLEGE Wiitcrbury Bill will have charge of our commercial department handling: such assignments as: CANDID \VKDDINGS BANQVJ-"l>i LODGE OK FRATERNAL GKOCPS FAMILY GBOIJT.S INDUSTRIAL THOTOG- Vonr house - or your garden or slorn - or your show window - - or nnylhlng else you want, photogniphod for that matter. Making- photographs is our business and while most of our work has been portraitures remember that this is photographic headquarters. If it's a photographic job let us quote prices. Neary Bldg-. 203 Church St. Tel. 2342 Chrome CABINET HARDWARE Large Metal WASTE BASKETS GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAJPLE STREET -.. * r om City Bakery) *reo Delivery Telephone 0044 THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson Neary Building Ncugatuck. Conn. VACATION IS OVER! ! Let Us Take Care of Thnt PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK • NOW! ! Closed Mondays During July and August Thibodeau Stu«dip Neary. ElUj:. Church St; j Noary. EiOg. Vr+***A>***'***^

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