Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on October 5, 1949 · Page 22
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 22

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 5, 1949
Page 22
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„ 2 Oct. 4, 1949 Hason City Globe-Gazette, Mason City. la. The original forest area of the United States is estimated at 820,000,000 acres In addition to 100,000,000 acres of non-commercial forest. The present area of forest is estimated at 461,044,000 acres. STRANGLES ON MILK Kcokuk, (/P)—Seven weeks old Dean Otto, son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Curtis of. Keokuk, strangled Saturday while drinking milk. The Storq of the Talking Coffee Pot I Czechs Scrap Fire Destroys Treaty With Yugoslavia THE MORAL- you Get out of Life, or a Coffee Pot Just Mat you put into it/ •JW AFTER PERCHING ON A STORE SHELF FOR SEVERAL MONTHS I FINALLY GOT MARKED DOWN TO $1.98 AND MOVED INTO AMICE HOME THIS IS THE LADY WHO TOOK ME HOMF. AND PUT ME TO WORK. FOR MONTHS I KEPT ON BREWING TROUBLE AND THE MAN OF THE HOUSE BLAMED 'ME EVERY 1 TIME THE COFFEE DIDN'T PLEASE HIM. THEN ONE DAY OUT THE WINDOW I WENT, HEADED OVER THE FENCE INTO A NEIGHBOR'S BACK YARD... Oh You. fopr Thing! THE LADY NEXT DOOR HAD A SOUL-PICKED ME UP AND BROUGHT ME HOME. MARTHA, YOU MUST BE USING THE WRON& KIND OF COFFEE HEAVENS. I'VE [ALREADY TRIED ABOUT TWENTY BRANDS YOU DON'T WANT JUST ANOTHER BRAND YOU WANT A SPECIAL KIND OFCOPhEE' JUST REMEMBER THE NAME FOLGER'S YOU WILL NEVER FORGET THE PLAVOR ] FORGIVE ME PAL/ WITH FOLGER'S THEY SOON DISCOVERED THAT EVEN A BATTERED OLD COFFEE POT COULD PRODUCE A MIRACLE OF COFFEE FLAVOR MOUNTAiN GROWN 5o Extra Rich in Flavor You are urged to 7%y &&/A& & t&& than with lessor -flavored brands! FOLGER'S COFFEE ei.xr«tir<c>, Put YOURSELF in This Picture George, here being congratulated by Bud Suter, has won himself the first week's prize in the KGLO GRID GALLOP contest and has 10 correct predictions toward the grand prize of a trip to the Rose Bowl. Be sure to get your entry in this week, and every week. You may be the one being congratulated for the GRAND PRIZE. KGLO GRID GALLOP CONTEST WEEKLY PRIZE Season Prize of TRIP TO ROSE BOWL GAME Hear the Grid Gallop on KGLO—7:30 P. M. Every Saturday CONTEST 1. Pick the winner and the score of each of the 10 games listed each week. 2. All tic games count as a miss, unless predicted to be a tie. 3. Only one entry per person per week. Print, don't write, your full name and address on your entry. 4. Entries must be postmarked not later than THIS WEEK'S SCHEDULE * lowa Illinois 6. Notre Dame Purdue 2 Michigan '.... Army 7. Ohio State S. California 3' Minnesota Northwestern 8. Oklahoma Texas 4 Indiana ... T. C. U 9. Iowa State Colorado 5* Wisconsin California 10. Navy Duke Entry Blanks May Be Obtained at RAY SENEY JEWELERS KELLUM HOME INTERIORS 19 East State NICHOLS FARM EQUIPMENT 714 South Delaware 16 1st St. S. E. ABEL & SON, Inc. 7 South Federal RULES midnight Thursday each week. 5. In case of a tic the winner will be determined by the accuracy of his predicted score. 6. One winner each week. No duplicate prizes. Decision of judges is final. 7. Grand prize will be awarded to person picking the most winners for the season. Prague, Czechoslovakia, (/P) — Czechoslovakia's communist goy- ernment scrapped its friendship pact with Yugoslavia Tuesday and demanded that the Yugoslav ambassador to Prague be recalled immediately. There was no immediate indication that the demand for the recall of Yugoslav Ambassador Marijan Stilinovic meant a final break in steadily worsening diplomatic relations between the 2 countries. The announcement, read over Prague radio, said the Czech government considered the ambassador's presence in Prague as undesirable, accusing h i s embassy staff of including spies linked with an unnamed western power. Previously Russia, Poland, Hun- .gary, Bulgaria and Romania had denounced their friendship and mutual air treaties Xvith Tito but they had stopped short of breaking diplomatic ties. The Czech statement announcing the move said it had been definitely established that the Yugoslav ambassador's staff in Prague had included "agents and provocateurs" sent by Yugoslavia into Czechoslovakia for espionage and to create unrest. Similar c h a r g es had been sounded by Russia and other cominform (Communist International Information Bureau) countries. They said that the Budapest treason trial for former Hungarian Foreign Minister Laszlo Rajk, sentenced to be hanged, proved that Tito was conspiring to overthrow the Moscow-backed satellite governments. New Schoolhouse Davenport, (JP) —Fire of undetermined origin early Tuesday morning destroyed the nearly completed $30,000 addition to Green Acres school which was to have been ready for classes within 2 weeks. Green Acres is a small community just north of Davenport. The blaze was reported to have started near the heating plant. Volunteer firemen from Maysville, Dixon, Bettendorf, Walcott and Eldridge kept the flames irom spreading to nearby homes and the old school building. Harold West, secretary of the Davenport township school board, said the building which was fashioned from army barracks, was insured. Hog Supports to Be 11 to 22 Per Cent Below Current Prices Iowa's Farm Price Index Shows Rise DCS Moines, (U.R) — The Iowa Crop and Livestock Reporting service said Tuesday the index of prices received by Iowa farmers advanced 8 points to 274 last month. The prices paid index dropped 7 points to 262 and the index of prices paid to prices received increased 6 points to 105, the service said. The increase in the prices received index was due mainly to a 12 point rise in the livestock market, the service said. The service said the farmers' exchange position improved be- Washhiffton, (/F) — The government announced M9nday it will support producer pi-ices of hogs from October through next March at levels ranging between 11 and 22 per cent below current market prices, The monthly support rates for all hogs, on a national average at the farm, were set by the agriculture department as follows: October $16.40 for 100 pounds; November $15; December $14.20; January $14.90; February $15.50; and March $16.20. These rates are designed to assure producers at least 90 percent of parity. Parity is a farm product price goal designed to keep farmers on a basis of economic equality with non-farmers. Below Current Price Officials said the October support level of $16.40 compares with current average prices of $18.25. In other words current prices are a.bout 11 per cent above the government guarantee. Prices would have to drop about $4.05 or 22 per cent to reach the support level. in December—the lowest figure at which hogs will be supported during the 6 month period. If prices should dip to support levels, the department will move to strengthen them by buying pork and pork products and removing them from regular market channels. The department set up a schedule of so - called price support guides to be used in determining, at any particular time, whether price support buying is necessary. Russia Threatens War, Tito Claims Belgrade, Yugoslavia, (U.R)—Mar- shal Tito has accused the Soviet Union of threatening Yugoslavia with war and served notice the Yugoslav army is prepared to defend the country "until the last breath," it was disclosed Monday night. In a speech to 600 general officers and high ranking officials at a lunch "sometime and somewhere in Yugoslavia" and released Monday night by the information office, Tito declared: "No one had the right, regardless of who he may be, to threaten such a country (Yugoslavia) with war simply because the peo- Sees Early Decline in Polio Cases Des Moines, (/P)—You can look for a further decline pretty soon in the number of polio cases in Iowa, the state health department said Tuesday. "The incidence of the disease is going to drop more from now on," according to Dr. Ralph H. j pie of that country do not want to Heeren, director of the depart- bear silently all kinds of insults preventable diseases. He' added: "Only a few areas.are still running fairly strong. Six counties accounted for 29 of the 56 cases reported last week. Also, no new counties were added to the list last week." The 6 high counties were: Black Hawk, 9 cases compared with 2 the week before; Dubuque, 6 cases compared with 7 the previous and slanders but wanted 'to defend themselves with true facts." . At the same time Tito said that former Hungarian Foreign Minister Laszlo Rajk, who was sentenced to death in Budapest for alleged spying on behalf of Yugoslavia, had been taken to Moscow after his arrest to be prepared for his trial. Nine-tenths of the big gama Agree to Put Off Civil Rights Bill Washington, (/P) — Democratic congressional leaders and President Truman agreed Monday that congress should put off consideration of civil rights measures until the session starting in January. Senator Lucas of Illinois, democratic floor leader, said after a conference with the president that "it seems doubtful that a prolonged discussion of any civil rights bill at this session would be helpful." Lucas said a fair employment practices commission measure probably would be the first to be considered in January. Lucas said he thought this session of congress would be wound up in 2 Hiss Wants 2nd Trial in Vermont New York, (U.R)—Alger Hiss announced Monday that he will attempt to have his 2nd trial on a charge of perjury moved to Vermont. Hiss said in a statement released by his attorneys that the extensive publicity given his first trial "precludes the possibility of an impartial trial in New York." At the same time, Hiss announced he had retained Claude B. Cross of a Boston law firm as trial counsel, replacing Lloyd Paul Stryker, of New York. Hiss is scheduled to go on trial again Oct. 10. His first trial ended last July in a disagreement by the jury* cause of a 7 point drop in the prices paid index. The index period runs from the 15th of one month to the 15th of the following month, so that the latest figures available are as of Sept. 15. On Sept. 15, 1948, the prices received index stood at 348, the prices paid index stood at 275 and the index of prices paid to prices received was 127. 7 Markets These guides are based on the weekly average prices of barrows and gilts at 7 midwestern markets—Chicago, St. Louis National stockyards, South St. Paul, Sioux City, Omaha, Kansas City and k;UlUlJ al Ct * VVlLll I n»«- ff*u**WM.J _ _ — week: Polk, 5 cases against 10 the ammais in the United States are week' before, and Clinton, Des' Moines and Franklin with 3 each. Of the state's 99 counties, only Fremont, Union, Jefferson and Van Buren have not reported any cases of polio this year. The 56 cases reported last week compare with 64 the week before and the record peak of 130 in the last week of August. The 56 new cases ran the total for the year thus far to 939, compared with 750 for the same time in the record year of 1948. The grand total for last year was 1,236 cases reported. South St. Joseph. The guides are the monthly price ures. This reflects higher than support fig- the 2 facts GETS SCHOLARSHIP Iowa City, (/P)—Evan L. Hultman of Waterloo has been awarded a $300 scholarship by Omicron Delta Kappa, national honor society. He was one of 4 students throughout the nation to receive such scholarships. Corn Support to Be $7.40 Per Bushel Washington, (U.R)—The agriculture department has announced it will support producer prices of this year's corn crop at rates averaging $1.40 a bushel, farm basis. Supports averaged $1.44 on the record-breaking 1948 crop. Supports will be available through government loans and purchase agreements. The loan rates on the 1949 crop will vary, by counties, from $1.29 to $1.66 a bushel depending on nearness to markets. The purchase agreement rates will be the same. Support rates on last year's crop ranged from $1.34 to $1.63 for loans and $1.34 to $1.66 for purchase agreements. The supports, as required by law, were set at 90 per cent of the Oct. 1 parity price of $1.55 a bushel. A slight drop in farm production and in living costs 'accounted for the slight dip in support rates in corn. Supports will be available until next June 1. The government will begin taking over corn left under the program next July 31. With a reserve carry over of about 800,000000 bushels from last year's crop on hand, corn generally has been selling below support rates. that (1) The guides are based on prices of top quality hogs, whereas the national monthly support levels are based on prices of all hogs, and (2) the guides reflect prices at markets, which include transportation and other marketing costs while the national average is based on prices at the farm. Weekly Guides The weekly guides included: Week ending Oct. 8, $17.85; Oct. 15, $17.45; Oct. 22, $17.05, and Oct. 29, $16.65. Nov. 5, $16.25; Nov. 12, $14.85; Nov. 19, $15.05. $15.45, and Nov. 26, Dec. 3, $14.75; Dec. 10, $14.75; Dec. 17, $14.75; Dec. 24, $14.75 and Dec. 31, $14.75. Jan. 7, $15.00; Jan. 14, $15.25; Jan. 21, $15.50 and Jan. 28, $15.50. Feb. 4, $15.65; Feb. 11, $15.90: Feb. 18, $16.15, and Feb. 25, $16.40. March 4 through March 31, Peso Devalued by Argentina Buenos Aires, (/P) — Argentina Monday devalued the peso 46 per cent in relation to the dollar. The rate was fixed at 9 pesos to the dollar compared with the old rate of 4.875. The peso was devalued to 25.20 to the British pound instead of the old rate of 19.37. This South American nation also suspended all imports at least temporarily. The central bank put into effect the reshuffled exchange rates. It also issued a 30- page list of items which can be imported but said the method of asking for import permits will be set up later. There was no immediate indication of when this would be done. Curt Massey .... (5:30 p.m.) Baritone Massey and Martha Tilton team up on your favorite early evening song-fest. Scarlet Heart ... (7 p m.) Inspector Hearthstone investigates an unusual murder in which the victim ia marked with a scarlet heart on "Mystery Theater." Home With View . . . (7:30 p.m.) A woman, visiting Mr. and Mrs. North on a survey, finds that the North home provides an excellent view—of a murder going on across the street. M. C. Little Theater ... (8 p.m.) The Mason City Little Theater presents its first radio play of the season "Skin Deep" by Paul Milton, the romantic story of 2 sisters whose lives are changed by a stroke of fate. The director is KGLO'S Dan Palen. Sends in If Pest Card... gets back S 2,279.67 Fred H. Harrison of Sanford, Florida, was in the best of health when he sent a postcard inquiry for information to White Cross. He later enrolled. Just 4 months afterward sudden illness laid him low. Since that time White Cross has sent him checks totaling $2,279.67, with more to follow. What would happen to YOU if you had an accident or took sick today? Would you — or White Cross — pay the bills ? Find out how little this great protection costs! Ask us TODAY. YOU MAY NEED $2,279.67 return the coupon NOW! Dr. Rutledge to Make Band Debut Fort Madison, (U.R)—Dr. Robert Rutledge, Jr., 28, makes his debut with the state prison band Tuesday night at the opening of the prison show, "The Bars and Stripes Revue." Rutledge, serving a 70-year term for 2nd degree murder in the slaying of his wife's admirer, Byron Hattman, plays in the reed section of the band. He was convicted last May of the Hattman slaying in a Cedar Rapids -hotel room last December. The show, written and directed by Lee Sweeney, features several prisoners now serving sentences for spectacular crimes. The 4 night run, open to the public, is out." 'sold Winter Babes More Apt to Be Famous New York, (U.R)—Research by an Ohio scientist disclosed Tuesday that babies conceived in the winter or cool months have a better chance to become famous. The report comes from Dr. Clarence A. Mills, professor of experimental medicine at the University of Cincinnati, in the magazine Science, official publication of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Mills said that temperature bears "an importance to man far beyond the mere matter of his hour-to- hour comfort." "In some places," he said, "it lays a heavy hand, stagnating hand over his life and holds him to a vegetative existence; in others, it generates an energy and progressiveness which drives him forward with irresistible impetus." The hot months of July and August—even in the temperature zone—can effect the future of the child, according to Mills. He said that babies "planned" in those 2 hot months have a "low likelihood" of ever making "Who's Who," or becoming president. It's because hot temperature causes physiological changes in the parents that affect their offspring, according to Mills. On the Radio Beam TUESDAY NIGHT NETIVORK HIGHLIGHTS ABC — 7:00 Carnegie Hall; 7:3« Town Meeting; 8:30 Views of the News; 8:43 We Care; 0:30 It's In the Family; U:45 Let Freedom Ring. CBS — (i::*0 Club 15: 0:45 News, Edward 1_. Murrow: 7:00 Mystery Theater; 1:30 Mr. and Mrs. North; 8:110 We the People; 8:30 Life With !>:00 Hit the Jackpot; 0:SO Carmen Cavallaro. MBS— 7:00 Gregory Hood; 7:30 yfflclal Detective; 8:00 John Steel, Adventurer; S:30 Mysterious Traveler; 0:00 Korn's-a-Krackin'; a:30 Mutual Newsrccl; 0:45 Concert Notebook. NBC — 7:UO Cavalcade of America; TtUO Me and Jane; 8:00 Bob Hope; 8:31) Fibber McGee and Molly; 0:00 Big; Town; 0:30 People Are Funny, Hit The Jackpot ... (9 p.m.) Emcee Bill Cullen starts over with a new jackpot after an Illinois man came up with the correct secret saying last week. Grid Gallop Contest . . . Don't forget to get in your predictions for this Saturday's games, as chosen by Bud Suter, for your chance at the weekly Grid Gallop prize and the trip to the Rose Bowl. Daily Schedule For KGLO + KGLO-FM Bubble Bath Snarls Traffic Charlotte, N. Car., OJ.R) — A bubble bath disrupted traffic for nearly 2 hours here Monday. When a drum of liquid shampoo toppled from a truck onto a busy street, firemen were called to hose the slippery pavement. The result was a huge bubble bath, with the suds piling 9 feet high. Police rerouted traffic for 2 hours. KICM Whttn Crom Plan, Depl. MOO-104 I Bnnkrr* 1,1 fe it Cast)ullly Co. 801-300 Securities net Moines. Iowa. Without obligation, send me full Information: Name Address Ci;/ Zone State KSMN 1000 WATTS 1010 DIAL Your First Choice In Daytime Listening Pleasure From 6:15a.m. to 5:30p.m, • 8:30 A.M., Musical TNT Presented By YOUNKERS Steel Walkout- Guts Production at Maytag Plant Newton, (U.R)—The steel strike has forced elimination of overtime work at the Maytag company plant, I. R. Rose, vice president of the firm, said Tuesday. Rose said the step took effect Tuesday because of the uncertainty of steel supplies resulting from the strike. He added overtime was eliminated to "insure employment in all departments." Workers will be placed on a 40- hour work week. Most employes have been working 53 hours a week. The firm makes washing machines. Mason City Boy Caught After Eldora Escape Toledo, (/P) — Norman Allison, 17, of Mason City, was apprehended by the highway patrol here Monday less than a day after he had escaped from the boys' training school at Eldora. Robert Olson, 18, of Jewell, who escaped with Allison, still was being sought. ON yoim DIAL Tuesday P.M. 4:00 News 4:05 News 4:10 Your Homo Town 4:30 "1490" Club 5:00 Straight Arrow 5:30 CnptHin MIdnicht 6:00 Fulton Lewis <!:1i> News 11:30 B vid B Temperature Quiz fi:.°,0 Gems of Melody fi:15 Sports HI-LItes 7:00 Reflection)! in Melody 7:30 Gabriel Heatter 7:-IS Melody Time 7:55 Bill Henry 8:00 John Steelc. Adventurer 8:30 Mysterious Traveler 9:00 News Commentator 9: IS Mutual Ncwsrecl 9:30 Sammy Watklns Orchestra 10:00 News 10:15 "14Sm" Cli'b 10:55 News 11:00 "I4DG" Club 11:55 News 12:00 Sign Off Wednesday A.M. G:00 Jerry Smith Show 6:30 Farm Frolic Time 7:0fi News 7: IS Reveille Rhythm 7:15 Sports Scores CAN'T CHARGE RENT Ottawa, Ont., (U.R)—The army ruled Tuesday that a married soldier may keep his mother-in-law in government-owned "married quarters" but he can't charge her rent. B:l5 Tell Your NelRhbor 8:30 Your Home Town !>:30 n and B Temperature Quit 9:35 Mid-Morning Melodies 9:45 Do You Remember 10:00 Boyer'* nilltioard 10:15 Your Marriage 10:30 Against the Storm 11:00 Kate Smith Speaks 11:15 Church Notes o£ the Air 11:30 News 11:45 World Scries, N. Y. vs. Brooklyn Wednesday P.M. 3:30 Hndlo Farm Journal 4:00 LISTEN LADIES 4:15 Farmers Grain Reporter Tuesday P.M. 5:00 Accents on Music 6:15 Clear Lako Show, Clear Lake y Merchants 5:30 Curt Massey and Martha Tilton, Miles Laboratories, CBS 5:45 Franklin County Rural Women'! Chorus G:00 News, P. G. & E. (MInshall) i):lii Sports Camera (Suter) 0:30 Clab 15, Campbell's Soup, CBS 0:45 Edward R. Murrow, Campbell's Soup, CBS 7:00 Mystery Theater, Sterling Drug C»., CBS 7:30 Mr. and Mrs. North, Colgate, CBi 8:00 Barnyard Follies, CBS C:30 Life With Lulgi, CBS 0:00 Hit thr Jackpot, Chrysler, CBS 9:30 Henry Busse's Orchestra, CBS 10:00 News, Vance Music Company (Mlnsnoll) 10:15 Something Old—Something New 10:30 Moonlight Memoirs 11:00 News, CBS 11:05 Hugo Malin Orchestra 11:30 Bob Chester Orchestra, CBS 12:00 News, CBS Wednesday A.M. 6:00 Sign on and News 6:05 Morning Rouser 0:30 Farm Reporter, S t u te Brant Creameries, Inc. (Randolph) (5:45 News. Carroll Sales (MInshall) 7:00 Rhythm Roundup, Zenor Motor Co, 7:15 On the Farm, Allis-Chalmers Co. 7:30 News (Kew) 7:3ft Fun at Breakfast, Sweetheart Bread 7:40 Sports Scoreboard 7:45 Top of the Morning 8:00 Keep Time \Vlth Damons B:lfl Holsnm Headlines, Holsum Bread (Hilton) 8:30 Yesterday*!: Music, Cool S p r I n r Canning Co. 8:45 Bin* Sings, Mason City Globe-Gazette 9:00 Today in Osnge, Osage Merohanti 0:30 Bible Broadcast. Radio Chapel f>:4.% Kitchen Club, Perfex 10:00 News Digest, Jacob E. Decker * Sons (Kew> 10:15 "Tater" Quiz, Hlland Potato Chips 10:30 Grand Slam, Wonder Bread 111:4.% Bob Clausen Show, General Electric Dealers 11:00 Wendy Warren, General Foods, CBS 11:15 Betsy Rosa Serenade, Pfaff Baking Company 11:30 Helen Trent, American llome Products 11:13 O::r Gal Sunday, American Horn* Products Wednesday P.M. 13:00 Markets, Nutrcna 13:0,1 The Man On the Street, Frltchar* Motor Co. 12:15 Noon Roundup, Curries 13:30.News, Lyons Laundry (Hilton) 12:45 Farm and Home Toplo Time, St. Paul Livestock Co. 1:00 The Second Mrs. Burton, General Foods, CBS 1:15 Home Town News (Palen) I:3u This Is Nora Drake, The Tonl C»« CBS 1:4S Mystery Melody Game 2:00 Arthur Godfrey Time, CheiterfleU Clgarcts, CBS 2:30 Aunt Jenny, Lever Bros., CBS 2:43 Hilltop House, Mile* Laboratories, CBS 3:00 News, IToljnm Bread 3:05 The Friendly Philosopher 3:1S The Bob Clausen Show 4:00 Arthur Godfrey Time, Gold Be*! Wax. CBS 4:1« Arthur Godfrey Time, N»bl«co, CBS 4:30 Arthur Godfrey Time, CBS 4:45 KGLO Forum 4:55 Baseball scores

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