Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1911 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1911
Page 1
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THE VOLUIVIEXV. NO. 36. lOLA tola Dally Reglsteri the lot - Succeteor to , . _ Ida Dally Recdrd and the lola Dally Index lOLA, KAS., DEC: 5,1911—J TO awE Hn Tn .rr IVAS THE v.\hh wnu n j .vs. ms IN lou eoi PMO CN 1VHK\ TOLP TO no SO KY Ml S. ••. LAR MILITANT JII-TIIO.MST. LfidontI} Drnientcd. tin- M:iii I)ou!)(> less Will He SniJ U: ;iii Asyliiiii. THE WEATIIER, Forcraitt for Kansns; iSencnilljr fair tonltflit Jind Wednesday; not luucb t -hHDBrc In temperature. [ Temperature— HiRhest yesterday at 3 p. ni. 45; lowest today] at 8 a. m. 2G; deficiency in temperature yesterday 3 dngrecs; excess In temperature since January Is-t 10i2 degrees. " Ye;.ter.iay. Today . n p. i:! 4.", ;{ |u. m 31 C p. r.i yT G ja. m 2!) 9 p. IP. :;2 0 ;a. m 3t 12 ni(i£. 32 12 neon V> i'lcnipitiairn for 21 lihurs cnilinR 7 n. m. fod.iy. ('; dfriciencj- in iirccipita- ;n ye.>-teidny .03 incii:i deficiency in p;r'. ipilation siuce January .33 irch. Ko'ativp humidity 7 ii. m. today S3 I'L-r cent; dew point 2."'dcgrocF; barometer rr .ilucod to Ecji level 30.31 incliee. Suur .'Fr' t'.uiay 7:C3 al in.; sun:;pl .•5:02 p. ra. \ IHE MG Willis BEGISTER. Dally Regliter, Established 1307. Weekly Register, EsUbllshed 1867. .;AMI:.S B (JOES VOK LIFE, J«H> J. ran li TEA us. MS'-OFFICE ISV.« LOSS OK COINTY MAY COST HIM I IS AOll. rflnnlle »i of '-'SIXIO iire fun I'nlity Se.r\Iri>x i (•inner of tlie I) Garnctl Ne\vs: Dcc'ain,? !:o wa; sent to this eartli to r, i!i>ein l!:e pi o- plc, and thai he owm-il tli-.» oarth. James B. Cavany. a iilioul 3') years old, i-nme to (iiirinit Suiuliiy inorning and create:! ci'ii-slili'iiihle excitement. He was !iru.';;l('d :ind lockrd up about noon, and Is b,i,;i« held on All InvestigHtion of intinnUy. The Ilrnl xeyn of hlni wan when lie- walked Into the (illlx'll l .iiiise sind lold Mrs). Gilbert he had ( o;iic a:) soon an he got her niessaf;''; lh ;it he liiid walked here from liiiu. Wiliiout an Invitation hi; stepped to the cook Ktove and helped himself to sonic tonsied bread and a crock of Milk setting near. Hp told her he did nor care for anyone Vo w::it upon liira ::t, \w coi :!d hi'lp himself to anytLlr.g. as lie owned the world. .Mrs. Oilb .M -t linally got j y iVo 'i.uia'iio,,' n," out of the house, the knew he was roiumission-- t".i'- bo demented. counties hHVin!;' less i He then wr.keo into t:-.!' .)Mve Cheek ,>j;,,r.,.;,^l ,^ ha-,-!:- t- grocery and begun helping himself, re-| i,^.,^,] , ' INMM ;!>r An liilei -caling niaii^-^ which It In underHtood <he coiiiily i omrnlsidoncrii will soon have to (IIHI>O!< • of is wh <'tt|. er Allen county, with a populiition of less than 2.S,ooo Is leniUly entitled to the luxury nn<l benefit ! sioner for the Poor. Tl ing this oflicn has been eral time.s. the pt>piiI.iT|o» re<|;iiretl before suel> :in ofPcial varyin,^ with each law. on the subject put tl ])eating tliat he came 'to Gariu-tt to redeem the town, and thai he heard this was an awful v.iolied place. He was finally routed frotii tiic .store and taken into custody. When bx'ked up in ilie jail, (\iva:iy proceedPd to tear up. the fnrniihings. He broke a chain from his cot and tied hiw;self in the CPU FO officers could not gel info Iiim. V":ev. he was to be taken from the eoll this morning for b-r.ikfast he balked. He told Mr. Row and I'nder^herii'" WycoCf they had no business ii; hi> cell and lie would not a'low. then" to enter. Ur. Thos. Kirkppf.iek was sent for. •When he arrived raviiny had Row. Wycoff. .\\f :)anielf. .1. R. f'arris and others stood • off. Kvery time they fried to reach (heir han;!s through the liars to loosen the c^Hin he kicl^pd them on the hand. J'he doctor managed to get hold oflfcp prisoner and loosen the chr.ini When CBvany realized they had him. he pave in. -An elToj-t' is being made to loc.-ile l.'is i)eopie. He a nssmber of letr- ters In his pocket and was fairly well dressed. Pr. Kirkpairlck examined him and iirrnouneed Cavany to be a religious fanatic, if his people can be located !;e will lie sent to them. Cavany is partlallv rational .?t times." He says be walked from lolu to (lurneti .''aTurday nlgl.t. He diiliiis he heard of (be v.-jckedcim here unl came to rede, m the in .'ple. T^^l.s is undieile.'dly DM - value l.i;in who palil ai; iiile: rv .iliig \ It'll lo of lida's It Ini ters laKt Satiiiduy iiiornltii'. He e;iMed (ir:-t at the home of Dr. HIL-iber of t>;i' PreHVylerliJi ch'lrch, and i'l' ri >duei-d himself !>;• saying that 1— baif the inos'. wond ^M- ful mind thai i.i-ii ever been created second only in that of .!«'su^ Christ. He declared that l;e wss In cmstant telepathic eo 'i leiinication with lb" mind of the A'lr.ighty and that he li-id a great Soriali.-tie inr'i.'-aKe to deliver He suggested to nr. Hilseher that '".^ou preacher.'; ougiit to •get up a great union I.owe -il Thai t' Cominis- iMir. )f a Co'iiieis- e law govern chanRed si'v- JMS6.Mll!(ESC0!iF[SSIGK! I)E(I,*I{KS HK I\TKMIEI> OM.Y ! TO S( AKF, XOT TO hlM. Bui Detertlvp Iturns Asks S\;nie I'er !i '!e:if (I 'le-iffons V.i'ea M!t,,-,:i (lie Sialeiiieiit. sinners and t!;e towns^ Al Abr.-'.ms, who is ii piay he hired The las: law <• miniinu!;! :.(i(i0 v.Iiere .i hired. AH ilMilation aT'- e<e matters iuiity eonimis- ip tnisi '-i'S. iiw sir -in^ in the capacity' of Coaiinissioner of the Poor, has i,iveii CACI lie in that office. Hut siiict began the census show in the co-.niy's po;;i!at 2S.000 mark. Tlien fnr I hat this office should h its duties apportioned county commissioners : ship trust.-es. V." tl be disposed of and hov.- day be learned. HINHFU ilKfJETS Windsor ffoT Will lie Sc ' Ilefertnutnr The finale of tl'.e wesf of the river eise of Saturday was te Court has made applii n I >.;-iioii of ihe boy h-y (It saiisfaeiinn his las! t.'rm ; a falling ofl" on bilc'.v the it is argued • \ae.i!":i and bitv.'rii 111" iid Ihe town- 0 m.iiV r will coula not to- .VeXiimaraN ('oiifes>Iiin. "I .(an:es H. MiXuniara having p'er.d .'?iil!iy to murder, deuire to i:i;:Ue t!ii- statement. Tills Is the I •.mil. On Hie niglit of Septdnber ;!rili, nt ."iiJ.'i p. ni. I placed In tin- Ink alliy icitlon of the Tiine- biilldinK a yiilicase conialnliig clxtei'ii iJlleks of ilyp.amite KI In ex )ilM .!e al oni o 'l -'-iek the peM moininK. It wu .s tiiy Iniein 'iin lo Injure Hie building and ;e,i ;i- Hie iiwni yy. I did iiiii Intend to take the life of any one. I >-lnei're!> regn-t lho?e iintorliiiiate n IDS ! their live.--. If tlie g'vin;;- nl my life would bring tl-.iai lack I woii'.d gladly give It. In pb'.-iiini; giillty to fir.-l dmree itMin . r 1 p'acrd my ]'h- in llie iiands ( ; '!;e ^!a.e. S'^-.n,;!. .lA.MlvS I!. Mc.NA.MAKA." EIGHT PAGES lAFT DEFENDS 1»E SHEB PRESIDEXrS MESS.VGE IJEVOTED WHOLLY TO TKUST QUJiSTIOX. POLL TEXT OF THE DOCUMENT tKDEnAL IXtOBPORATIOX AS A HIJIHEB SAFEGUABD. \ SIroHir, Sensible and Kea.ssnrIng .IJe-saue iin the Day's Dominant Isisue. M DRIFdSG'iNIfl GHSOS ll:v 111 • .\S !-i<iltid I'l.;:..! I L^- .\n -eie-:, Caiit.. Pel-, .'i. —Jui''-',e VIM'VI' I, day lenteneed .lame.s Fl. Mc.\.!i::»ia ;n -liie i'!:pii.-dni'iflit ir San Qu-ntin p:i. on and .lohn J Mr- \:;n::r;" v as- -enii e:ed ai li'liu; yrr.!.-, ii: i!-.e s-auie iivti'.ution in .i i ir.inuts. j VIMV IIOVKIIKXT LACKS HM)S, j Fifteen '.housaml peop'.- pail.d [ LEADKKSHII' A.M» rt|in>.H>.\. ' •u-ict.i -ca.'ing to the court biiildin-.; .\ lundioii depu:y slur'ffs were ne.^ii •<: n: -joi.e w!tli ilic crc'vd. The court llauusr Won Their Yiei.iij f!ie Ueli- cls Diin't KMO'.V What) ie do I With li. llUf .'.-AKY. It (o (!ie Slate . Hilseher that ".\ on y get behind me ai'dX Xews ws on meeting for i-^**. tins i^iorni the Hoy's Industrial Scl ool at Hutchinson. Tile hay iii naic -d Sherman Windsor, and he has bi-en the cause of repeated complaints bv ivoplc of the neighborhood. Sa urday W. A. Dawson found the hoy !flping limself to food In the Dawson 'loiii" rfier the family had bii lor low i bin r'turued for .Mome for;;oir'-ii art eh-. I 'l boy is about !*i yi-:irs old, iiiikeiiipt and sullen 111 IIKUIIier. Mil! le hli i ll ';l had a viry pood chaiu-e t i be anylhlng else and his < xplaiiai ii hunger drov.- him lo n-p"ni tin offiiii'- of en- lei-lnn ih.- eaipiy hoi i." wli'-n- he kn^W from expi -rlenci- lb;il In- eniib! g'l .'I iiii-al, cannot fall to bring lo liim the Hymiiathy of all who wi -re ever boys, wlih ih.- gi; iwlng inai bine on tliiir lii;:ide that al! b .iys are borr; with. A short tf-rni jiii the seluiol may prove of great bei'^ilit to biia. Hi.MHOLirr I'IOM|;I;U {.O.VE. It the Pi.-'bate liion for the l3 <-brenker in Father of K. II. Li-ilx taeli. Aged SI, Hied There Lasi Mu'Iif. '.•as received kiorniug of the d roiii Huiiiboldi tath there la.-^t I coufd. use-words." be declared. " t'^at I night of the father oS' IC. H. Leit.-.- ialf the p-^op'e n t!<c audience '-vould i i,aci,^ the well knowd not nnderstaid." It was Dr. Hi!., be. s Miat town. The elder merchant of I .eiizliach h^.d LTi vear.s. r.iiik- busy day and be suggested thet if a I resided in Humboldt union meeting was to be held the; jup- hoiee in reeeiit years at the pre.sident of t '-.e Ministerial I 'n'en must be coR =!iIfed. .tnd dtreete] «he tnan to the study of ReV. .1. U. Price, of the M. E. Church. The interview there lasted hardly as long and ended hardly ai; ati'icably as that at ti ^e Presbyterian n -anse. It had not proceeded far urtil. in res ;>onBe to .somw mildly crilica' comment upon K-^^ial- ism on the part of tb» pestor t!)e visitor out. "Nobody but a fool would F.Tv such a thing." Whereupon Mr. Price, whose hair was ree Mr.-:. Su.-^an Barron „,— ,1*^" ytir.--' died this before it was- gray very promptly p.nd ^ t;,,. ij.iij.p l-on>e of his widowed Wood. He was SI yeiirs old and has been feelde for son-e dition for several days the end was near eaiV THE DEATirOF MKS. UAHKOX. An !I!ne-s of Six .Mon'lis Kesults in the Death of an .' daughter, Mrs. time his con- indicatii.g that ged Lady. .igcd s.-?venty- -.icrnlng at one of iiT grand- ACIDENTALLT SHOT IX ABM. RrtlM-rl p<»i«»T'n»i Wnnnded When dvu Fell on Flo«r^ A Upi ^ister eorreipondpiit reports that Rolwrt Tlatferroan. who Ifvee on one of the Alfred Johnnon fnrmn wu'h of Folrvlew ''aa occldently nhot In the arm Innt Sunday, A gun wne lying; on a rhiilr at the Butt<>rn)nn home and was Vnoelfd off on the floor f<nd .dlBcharRed. ^he bullet strfklnR Bnt- terman In Hie arm and inflicting a severe wound. The ball had not been extracted yet on Monday. (ome co:nplica.pd w The bcdy will bp lakenj toii'-orrow mo.-iiing for ie:i:lt of a six droi».:>. w!;l(-;i week.-: had bell; pneumonia. V) Neo.-^lio Falls burial. with a good deal or -inphasis adiouni-i .Mi.:-" Mae .S -.|it7 .er. 301 \orth ed the ineetJ-.^. -'Tier^ • he said "PAPS ON! .^r>d roallv. vo-i , ,,,„ntv.s' il'no=5 w:-.h Jvnow. when a ii;=in who is stx feet or | during the i .a<: few more high md s'?!i-,efl-.lng like thr"e feet across shou'ders. mid whosp hair was re)l l-"fore It was gray, rises and suggests that you "nass on."" you are mighty ••••>t tn do it no matter how cra7v -re .i are. This man evidently did 'el wj'it for the irain. but passed rir'il. '-n to Garrett—for its sins. Seriously ef course. Die uon' fellow is cip-/- "'nd he <«i'ft''t lo te' in nn nsyluii' v 'i "re he ear do no harm to hlinscif (••: anyone else. DKATH OF .MI5S. 4TrTIYILLE. Yountr Woman of SoAth of <J»s Died Thi» .Morning After Mrs. Delia Fi-tel'.a iwent.\-n!ae y.'ar<. di at fou." o"eli;ck after ness wi!ii periteniils snd a half miles s-oij Tlie dee .at -ed Is survived by her hu.'-:- band and two chlldnj will «.<—ur tonioiro'v o'clock from the lioim will occur In the .\io Hrief Illness. StutiviUe, aged (I tills morning ^ery brief 111- t her home four th of Ga:i City. II. T le funeral morn ne at ten and Interment an cemeteiy. The annual nessloil of th" Kannas Horticultural soi-lcty will convene In Toneka tomorrow and continue until Friday. J. T. Tn>d\juy of I.HHurpe. vlce-presldmt of ilif nine to attend and S. H. Welth and J. going. • K. I. Crowelll delegate, but it was whether he could at| society. Is plan- n. F. Pancoast. |;. Fergus intend was another uncertain today- end. Kacb day n of 111-' into poliii- iipdamentr.; <•.:•; :v t'.e hall of justice adioiiiin .E: as:: Mi .-apt, thi- judg.^- swung t:,r ' r .:;l into i; niah -^ng i! pes^rible l" , ll:-.- pri ?nr,( r.< into the couiii •1 •.'•:ti;.:-jt their beins; .-cen. The ! , :!.:iin pait of the crowd lienrd of the J (My ii.o .^s >•...-i .lt.•l^ pii .-li.-;ir,'e ino late. j •'-"hanehal. China. D.e. .5 Twr, I'.ouif before Judge Uordwel!'? ' brings k." ii. r appr.-hensb <.un opened and i.repnred for V.n- r,:. | j..^., ,],.,;, eiiina is dririinr tii'.ee of the McNamara^-. hundred; of i , ..,:ea and «.:men crowded the coi li-: '•'""•^" Although the f d. rs. eager wir a fli-al .:.:limp.'-e of ;lie j aims of the pres"nt revf.lutlonaiy " " - - . . Wioy are if cohesion, r.-al [>!ti]- •f'a the mosi j inpar- | DEAD AT T!IE WHEEI )>ieliii.i Hii»iness .Man Dies While Driiing His Autu. |. |:.v ill:' .\s ,-.t .-i:il. .1 IV.-^-^t Wichita, Dec. —Benjamin A. -Mai:i real estate ri.aier :>r"d til. •hi: .I!"<l •'{ . :'(.!.;%• IMTO to.Iay. rsliall's lifeless ihe sleeiin-: wheel ri" his aut' ELEGTieSBAyiNLOSiBELES ;MI; YOTE iiEiXf.- I'OI.I.ED: MOBE W0 .nEX THAN 3IEX. !s .-:e .l |i ;v;-.' ]jpd tiu' v.";:eel as the car o\.-;- t!." ntv.vor";-: of track-, at iiM Sii.v .A i'e Lro<:y.^.i' on the city's U'ain ilrtet. A I: an Who rode with !l .'^lop^ed t'-.f- c:..r aa it b .:ii '.p- Tbe issue in the EJerilon is Socialism and INith Sid<-s Claim the "Victory. ed intd a f.-lephnne pole. MeoSEo ey hmi mm ."•iin .1 prit 'oner?-. The McNam.-iras f.-.ced the I moveiuf lit are worthy. profti ;r.-t of sentence with ni.ire Uinn ! i.rouglit lo Tiaucht b\ lack ) e.iuanimity. They were in good '^I'ir-| „f f„,„i« ..„„, u-rk of . tis end made short workT of the big i s'-u-io-i '"-idreii i .reakfa .t of ham rggs "«V" I •-simi^.i" f:;-'^^^^ • .nuntry saur-age. Jnii:. IV, hinlllnu-- nbr -i -ver? Th>> rdvoluliona; • P' . .!!'if"";;;::! Inil- !:;.' now m ;!^i.ng1 .n ;!:!';:tai. i .\.-'.v Ing the arrival of Dr. SiJn. Yat S.n. Is expi'cted at any iliqmeiii. It IK lu);>ed that he may projve the man .ihile John J. uiipeared to be more iir.cni'cd 111 ciiii Ills p< TMmal appenr- anie, the crcafcs in his troubcr.s und ^••;i than usual. i , , • , The court room wua chieHv llg'iH d . "f "I' "•"'o"^ '".•v?;y a huee ckyllght bearing the woid^ ' '•'•'''f'' "»-.^' •I.uw. i'eaee, Jii.-;i:e. Covernment. I TntUi." It lo chanced that the scat.- | T"' <-u'larf"' "f i'" Inn--r';;il giiv-ii for the McNnmaia's were rcerved ill- 1 -'i-rl-d li-re ajs ImnJie-.i cctly under the word "I-aw." i "I'-'e is a-^ y.i nmh^i^: :4iab'. ti. • h. 'V I [irs of Xew Vor'ii Fire .\(taek Ihe .Men KesponsHilt-. take It.s Place. I'oth sId. » are close to bankruptcy that I'.i-ir lirs" nved Is toi Iliiai'Cially I 19TH neHTION DONGRESS Exiierts in B« rSnimin 'J Di 'M-rt Land^Assemble 1" Cliieutro. l.i! rr.".') Kxpent.';' it! irriJia- . i!iv V:^t.;rnl Sia'c .J ::ei' snd sire full name. The court then began a formal statement reciting the . , , , . indictment for the murder of Charles i Congees.-. I. liai,'fier!y upon which McNamara | had pleaded guilty and atkcd if l:e had any statement to make. Attorney Fredericks faid: "The defendant m ;.;o2d'.ng guilty has settled for all time •1 -e (juestion which otherwi-^e would always have been In doubt. He .«aies the state great expenditure and has rcrvrd the state in other way;." "Tne judge commented upon .Mc.Na- .iiara's dtclaratlon that he did not in- ;puu I') des.roy. life. "Tiie eircuin- -tan;-cs ate against that statement,"' .e pa;d. "The man who will place six rr-en siicks of dynan:ite in a place •vhere you as a printer knew gas was i;urnlng in many place.s and know niacy v.-ero tolling, must liave had ino r. ;;ard for life. He must i^ieen a mi'rdcrer a: heart and undeservin.g of clenuniy." For reapons other than tuch plea of non-Intent the judge de- •'ared he would impose a penalty of ;in,)ri£oninent for life. .loiin J. Mc.Vamara'.; ca; e come next. Kiidcrlcks. as In the othrr case said the plea Gt guilty permitted no con- .slderatlon. btit pleaded that the de- I 'eni'anl be given "a few years of freedom at the end of his life." Clemency the Jurlge declared, could not be exercised be(-auM« of merit as to intent. He ,:-.rn Inipored a fifteen year wntenee. > <:;tr; ailj<iurned and the Judge left UL once. L .OF. . Angel.rfi. Dee. .'«. —Penned ID his nv .-n hand with a fountain {len on ing (/idav ».f the Ninet^|nth Apnurl :-iept'ng of fie Nalion^l' Irriit-tior; and real/' i .;-rl.l|sli The cnnrt conveni.l i-.. ten 'win'^- ihree. The Mc.Nainnras intttrd K.nn , The sentence was pr.-.noiinct d |,e. i eredit. fore a c <ir .rt ri:om fuli of cheery faced I < jiiting spee'r.iors. The extreme jien I .•iliy for James l(. was death, tiial for .lo! 11 ij. life liiiprlsonnient. I>istr::-t Ati'jincy Kredei'cks urged :-':"niLncy for both for ".-'ervices rendered the state." The judge scouted James D's. state-! ii '.ent tliat lie intended to kill no one ] .-nd .-aid !:e reall>^ deserved the ex- 1 ,;• 'r;-:i:.' i:< nalty. j Ch .eae-. Hrtiniiing with Jr.nies U's. case iion fr' .i- ••.my v lu > .. • li 'dp',' I'.ord well faid: "Tiie court fin;'.;; I rro'u a dizen f :Trigii (-iuntries ia- i'.a.. he degiJe of guilt of defendant j i'ii:.iiTif: .^lexieo a ;il Ciuanii. iiHf.-<:-t- It mnr.Ic r in the first degree." j o-l in tb^ reclr-.t-iaiion or ,ari'I and James ll. .Mc.Vamara was told to rise ! swr-np 'aridE. aie filtendi^g tlie i .per.- ;f!y the .\»socIatea l-ressl Yorii, l'"c. .">.—.\ mcU of 300 . >-i:.-. !• (.1 . cf i!:c Triangle ;ir.' in '.vlii .-li HC girls lost •..-.•. at'. .i-:i"il Is.LIU- Harris and ..-.lieh. pnipii.ior.-i of the Waist I •(ii::p;kiiv, nlieii Mie men appeared In ity.iit !(i.|;i_y i(i ri:iuil trial for uHeged iiian>!-fugbli-i-. All the court cllu-er:! ill the |lii.|idln/ and the pollci' re;ier\'-s .>ei.- failed i,i el .i -ck the asiall- I •. j \»'lt!i ii.ri: el.-ibiiii; and dls- .' I. jl ;..ilr liie <.'ef «.-iidaiitH v.ere lln- ally i!.-!'-:i?-pd a'i'l escorted under I.eavy. i )".lice p.-ot •ctii .ii In the cniirt 1 'i:':i. I The -..o:'ie;! l -ad l»'en siim- i; .'M '"( ns v,-iille ;-e.s fur tlie pro.'.eeu- ii->li. I n :^ii .F ••• i?-iiix<;TOA X<»TES. I I i i ;;-m(»iii -ais Will Siart Work on TariiY I . tit One.--. ; I P .v Itip .-\Kwci .it' .1 Pre .-i.^^ j l-os Angeles, D"c. .'"..—An unusually hepvy vote is being polled in the 1 innnicipal r-loction. Because of the heavy rc.cistration of women m.iny iirccinets arp divided info thr. e votitig ;)Iacc3. The proportion of men and I women voting seemed abou' enua|. . The good government forces pr- dici- j' ed an easy victory for Alexander. The S:>f.-ialisis say that Job Iiarriinan will win liy ten thousand, basing their hopes on the !ar.g<- registra.tion of Working women. ."We ha-»'e more women n gistered than the Alexambv fori es," said one leader, "and .ve h.ive only to iii :ike up a riilTerenee of ilj'j.i tho-iiiaiid votes :a shown by l!ie p .--|i .iary lo win." Ilolll .sfdrs were bliiiy geiting till' Vote In yiitomobli'-.s. It was b.-l|eved that elyh.v )ii r ceiii of th' reghitered vote would be cast. .Neither side wim 'vllllng lo ailmlt that tin;- oiile.mie of the .McNamara case v,-ould 1!/Tiire in till- election of mutili ipal oirn'-rs. Tli<? U'onien's Progressive Ix-.-igue. allied with the gdod government forces, v, ,:\ e ;it enir.isse and worked with a will in dozens of autoinobib's. Slrikiiig Sentences from tlie«ffe. ".Mere sl::e Is no sin against the !::w. "Tiie act Is the ex- pre; '11)11 of I'le effort of a freedom loving people to (ircserve ((laa'ily of opportunity. "II 1 1 not the purpose of. the ftaiii'e lo conflacnle the prop- I ly ;ii:d c;ipi;aJ of the oftcndios tiiiit.-i.' "Tiie atteui))i to find a line wit^iln w!?l(-li monopolies and Illegal combinations might exercise !i:(;i'( rate power and be supported by Hie courts hns failed." ".As tlur rffense (against the Sherman law) becomes better understood and the committing of it iia:takes more of studied and (•[•liberate defiance of the law we cm be confident that juries will ,c.;nvic£ individuals and that Jail .-entences will be imposed." 'This statute as construed by i;ie Supreme Court must Continue ;o be t!:e line of distinction for ;c:--i;imate business. . It must be enforced unless we are to banish individualism from all buiness." ".Mi:ch is .said of the repeal of this .statute and r.f constructive leuiyla'.ion intended to accomi>lish ;i;c pi'.r;)c ?p and blaze a clear paUV for honest merchants and business men "j fc'Iow. Ji may be t'aa'. iue',1 plan'will be evolved J-nt I sabmit that the discussions v:\v.i". have been brought in recent 'Jr .ys by th" fear of continued execution of tiic- rntl-trust law lisve f.roriueed nothins but glit- ttrii;.? gcncralitieE. writ, r or his brrt !:i >r. The text of the confession appears alove.l What Burns Tliinki oi It. C'rve':.nd O . Drc. Vhen Shown Janie-- P. .M;.Vamara's c< nfes.':ion today. I)'tefii\e I^urns- de;I irin! it Is r.n- 'v p..r:"y iji .e. • WUy din't Jim -Vc-N.-.n:,,.-.". ter !;o.v h. kn. eked off t!ie t-B:-^ cfr.ks an'! f!c; ded 'vlth gas the plate 'I'in^f i;:e ::u:'.-as filled v.-itl: •'ynafnite wa . j -iT" i:e afked. "!f '.if i:sd fo:-; ih .-'t ti'cn rfr .i!< be conv'n.r anyone that lie did no intend tiie rnt're dt-tructlrn of t"i. Times building rnd It:-: occupEUth?" Bid I' e .Money Came 1 rom 1 UNI In(:ijnni.oIl.s. Ind.. lee. .=>.—That Frank .M. Ryan, pi-esldrr fiif tie Iron Wo.'-kr:;- ..\.«ycciatlnn. iia ; ft fi.<- Iri:- dred tUoiis.-.nd dollar fatid continually repleni.-l.od and tliat li.' Ifi privileged 'o .iif!:i!i!-(> >t :;' he without mak^ni; a (V-;alIid ac <iunt was the Hateriient of l.te .M. HaipApori counsel for t'.ie association t iday. .New York. Dee. " <ot lpf« than fifty thoucjnd I'.iAU'.in-" yas t;h.^ fee" received by Clarcnr" I 'trrow for his ier\lee.< In di^fending li c :McXBmnras accfirdlng to the dec'an tlon of Frank n. .MoirUon secretary jf.' the American Federation of Label. (iovemment (ietlisii' Busk. Angeles, Dec. .'•.--|0«car |>awler. Wadhinsioii, Dec. .">. — Tiio Demo- 1 I i,'.-i .. re.r i ::t' Hoiise Ways and .Sleaii.s Coiiiii'ittee. it was announced today, iirobably would begin i.i.iiv )t: lie- I 'Moii and .voolen tariff i'"-.i-i ;!i t,iii;: •..itlioiit waiting for the i • irti el i:>e farirf 1 oard and the President's n;esi-age accompanying it. 'i ( tiiiiiii...rte Court today denied ;i moiiion to dismi-ss further proceed- iaes in the famous tr.nnsrconlinental and tntcr-mountain loa'g and short haul Cases. Kpe a.iii'j' •I .1 'in th.! petition for the impeacii- nis nv.^n iiacu wiiu n luiiuiuui iiru ..u formerly nr.d ."IaBt ITnited Stales-.Alone side of a Bheet of paper showing torncy General a protn nent flpiro In evidence of a ' man unskl'Ied in Jet- the Balllnger-Plnchol liJveEtigatlon, ^o lers James D. McNamara'a confession v .'a.< made public today. This prot- sbly will l»e the caly written state- ^in.sia- . ..KCVUIUI J... . nient of the case ever made by the i tiie alleged dynamiting day received word of h a appo ntniant by .Mtcrney Gpnernl \ "i-^kertpm as siiccSai rroiccutor for t le inqiaiy Into cooEpiracy: ••eat of lit --.•^io: •h- ed noji iness \U iker Clark, of the House, todr-y need that be would take no ac- and expulsion from the House presentative Littleton. The de- of the .s|ieaker is based upon r-jnrd tliat the p-etition contaln- hing of pertinent matter of bus- for the Hoas?!. ,,.,.-iie-.' C»>-i:-r.'l V."i"!-:ers:-am was takeri suddenly ill while attending ;'abi Taff !-. ;ioi C ACKLE SHOW I> JAMABY. 'jt se- ion today. President , iihy.-ic an was f.air.moned and ied his oi :nditlon not serious. Ponliry Association Derides to Hold h.iw lirnt or .Second Week. Tilt- Allen County Poultry Assoeln- tloii pield a specinl meeting last night In tlJ"^ olJIce of lis see.rtitary Carl Pr-!- r rsoji, for the purpose of making pre- llmliiary arrangements for the si-t-ond anhi u\ poultry show of tlie nssochi- It was deeld.^d lo hold Ihe show )ig lb - first or second week In mrv, and If possible to secure Mr. tlon duri .lani _ _ _ Rho lea, the well known poultry jiMge •vho hi now olUclailiig In the Chanuli- poultry show, lo pass on the poultry displayed here. Tho followhlR eoiii- inlt' e was apMoiiiied to sccur:- a hnl! for the show, and to make oiher ar•an reinei:i»: Melvln, C. T. 'vVii is and A. f. Tiiompson. The reg. iilai meeting of 'Ihe association will be leld n xi Monday niglit, at which tlin- the eommlttee will tnake its re- iKjr . and the final arrangements for the!show will be completed. ' .Notwiiitslanding the derision of both sides that the outeom? of the .'.Ic.Naiiiara cases will have nothing to do •with the result of the election it is i-egarded as significant that on thr morning after the confession, the street swee],-ers found so ivany Harriman buttons (Harrlman is the Socialist candidate for Mayor) in the gutters that they reported it to the police. AX OrtULTATIOX OK MABS. yiost IntereslinK of Planets Seen to Pass Bel-.ind ."ffcon Last Msjht. Last night between 8:45 and ,9:30 tJiere occurred an astronomical phe- loir.enon which denizens of this earth may have the privilege of seeing not 1 '.o.c than, once, perhaps. In a life tiwc —an dceultation by the moon of the planet Mars. So fr.r as is known the ),l-.enomenon cnire wholly uniier- alded. The orbit of the moon, in its ca:ir:;e across the heavens last night, and the apparent orbit of Mars.'resulting from the rote.tlon of the earth impinged at an angle of about Zti de- erers. the pa'.hs of the two bodies in- terseeting at about f;:4.'>. .Mars ap- l-earrd to strike the disc of the moon at such a point that !-ts orbit cut off rn arc of about SO d'-grees from the earth's satellite. .-Vt 0:30 .-'clock the I'lanet beer.iae visible on the other side of t'lp moon, having emerged fron> behind It. Mirrs ii; about 1 JO 000 ooji miles dls- • int frni" llie «>i:rfh. '-biie th-; moon U but 23S'i('0 miles dl-tni-i. JUwr.. considfiablv over 1 ;i•)/((••/> ono miV-; sepnn.fed .Mnrs and the moon during \iAt nlirhfs occiiltati 'i 'i. The nimepr- anee of n star or a pIniiPt jii'-f es II Is on th.'» po'nt of pafplni; behind the vonti IH n'ade t-yv of by s«tro"fiiiiprs. to detenidne wheibor or not there W an nfiiio/iphere on the moon. Ff. foul:.- I>"e r, —f-nlted Ffales District .Judge Trleber Ifela.'- ifafhed • |pdlctr'"nt !>iTilitii\ r G, I.»w'- ei,-»rg|pg hi'e with H ^inr the innlls ti> itefrnnd and upheld the i<b--(s of nbnlemer' fi'i^d for 'f.-^'TV end of er (|-.\- ihe .\.s..<>cl.ited Pre.-s.-;! V-i-.i-hins.Ra, Dee. .5. — President Taffs ti .ird annual message to Con- (;;c .-y (".?-. o .ed exclusively to the .Si.oiu .an anti-truEt act. and the trust (jur .^'tieTi in fieneral was read in Con- ••.rrs-i today. Till. P ;e?ii !<-n': drfended the Sher- aei a.s ir.t.-rpreted ly the Supreme' ('on; of the L'i:!'.<d StntoH, Indicated .)';Iiily !:l.-. oppoi -iii n to the repeal or ili;e:;..'iiii n: of il:l.< >latiite, . but fcUg- :.-red tiiat Cor.KntA jiairs a federal in<-o: pnratloii l ::w and ciipplcmcnta' ie^b'-ition ilsat '•would dencilbo and '•luri. lueihods cf competition that II • Ill -fair." 'i 'i •• f I t Hint It ileait with only one •lijj'it; tiiat ll was comiiarntlvely '.jriof and that accompanying It was ;<;>pen';ix s.howlnn trust prosecu- licns ini :t ;tuted by all administrations since Ihe enactmect of the Shermcn .Vet in IS;>0, made the message unu- :.-:u;il According to this appendix seven siiiis were brought under this act in the ad:nic;.-tration of President H.-.rii.-cn; eLght cf Mr. Cleveland's .ncmd t 'rni; three under President .'.h-Kinl'.-v; lorty-four under Mr. Roosc v-ei;, in ai;cul seven and one-half years .-•i.d 37 to far in the Taft adminlstra- -ion. j O'her ine=.-age.'-: on various siibjects, lie President said, would be Sent to ! :oc,:;re.--:s from time to time before the usual holiday recess. The full text of the message will be found on page 6 of thia paper. TAUt.AKT -VOW COXCiBESSJIAX. Second District Memficr Was Sworn In Yesterday. V.'ashington, D. C, Dec. .">.—Every member of the Kansas delegation but one was in attendance upon the opening session of Congress yesterday, the Seventh district only being unrepre­ sented. Joseph Taggart. the new con- grcEsmsn from the Second Kansas district, presented his credentials and was sworn in. being escorted to the speaker's desk by Representatives W. P. Holland, of Kansas City. Mo., and I). U. .\iithonv. of Kansas. A .'r. Taggart was warmly welcomed by his Democratic colleagues, many of- whom crowded around .him on the! floor of the House before and after the tps.sion to offer congratulatious.j K(rw biUa were offered by the Kansas coiigreHstiien today, most of them hav-i lag Introduced their billa during the! ••"fra peKfilon last'sunimiJr. PACKKBS ABE Tl'BXED DOW.V. SnpremeCoiirt Befoseii to Stay Their ('aye \nj Longer. U!y the .\Hsriclu (c <l PTVIIH) Washington, Dec. 5. —The Supreme i'ourt today refused to grant a atay of the beef packers' trial in Chicago until <he Court would be able to pass ri ^nieii'iM.' 11.-.1 i.ji —.. ...... ...on the constitutional. question r&lsad 'lofcnf'.'H.s In the I 'vin Ip=arancf ens-] !:v the packers in their habeas corpus es. ex( CP* Harry Gardner. | proceedinss.

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