Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 4, 1911 · Page 11
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 11

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1911
Page 11
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVElfjlNG, DECEMBER 4, 1911. for this tremenidotis' 11-DAYS Store opens on Tuesday. 7:30 a. m., December 5th. ts Tuesdky, Dec. ;TIME 1 jiing in the house—Men's and Boys' Suits, Overcoats, Fi rnishing Goods, Shoes for men and bovs. Hats, irst SIX opening days: Big Tuesday, Dec. 5; Wednesday, Dec. 6; Thursday, Dec. 7; Friday, Dec. Sfand our Ihng of Mens and Boys"Clothing, Shoes and Furnishing Goods Bargains ever put before the public in any dollars. If you value money, act quickly. Buy your CIcthing and Shoes for the entire family. You can't test buits and Overcoats—a wonderful opportunity to stecure the greatest bargains offered! EN'S S I we Carlson in in^^isi- :o n^e ie them I Do you or $18 If you as we of this last, in ISale. ONE LOT OF MEN'S Suits Now see what we are doing with the last fall and winter's Suits in price $20, $22.50 and $25 from our very best line last season. We do not men vou konw inl ion colors, for all our specials color is riglijt in line. Come and see these snaps in honest mercharjdise. As long as only $15 for $25 Suits from last they last at Men's Fine fall's line. $15 SUIT YOUR PURCHASE jn— l)day. ^•ear Srsi'f.VDERS. One lot of the S-c kind IJIo One lot of the 3.'.c kind -5c HEAVY MITTS Wool lint'd. extra heavr calf .«kin; the best $1.0 (i value; 89C (OKIUHOY COATS $3.-0 Coats for $8,00 $4 .(111 Coats for $8.40 Six inch coilar; blanket lined. Ml Sr.c kiml for .')ipc kind for T.^ii- kind for— .J $l.'Ki kind for . kind for. $!..''• kind for.- FKLEKS 20c .1»c ...."JSC S9c ifl.OO ijlU.'i ( MII.DHKWS SriTS Sun« fi $2.50 Suit.s for-i Sa.r.o Siiils for. «/! iHt for. ! fiw) .lf«.»M» , nsi $5.00 Suits forJ W-}- m.iiu teuiis for.j ?.V »0 IE" CA>YAS GLOVES One lot of Gauntlett Gloves; for 11 days they go at four pairs for — tUU UXDEinVEAR A Flore alone In our Underwear Department Cotton, wool and silk— all cut in price. Come! FLANKLIi SHIRTS $1.00 Shirts for S9c $1.2', Shirts for $1.00 $2.00 Shirts for— $iUW $2.50 Shirts for -i *2.10 Its il.65 J.10 .00 J.40 MTS-Thc "1911" $1.25 Hats $1.00 $1.50 Hats $1^0 $2.00 Hats = ...$1.60 $2.50 Hats $2.00 $3.00 Hats .$2.50 $4.00 Hats .$3.40 CAPS. 50c Caps, all kinds 43c 75c Caps, all kinds 59c $1.25 Caps, all kinds.. .$1.00 Look for big "Actual" Sign! sit^'ae 1911 Kind $1.50 Shoes ...$1.25 $1.75 Shoes ..........$1.50 $2.00 Shoes $1.75 $2.50 Shoes $2.20 $3.00 Shoes $255 $3.50 Shoes $3.00 $4.00 Shoes $3.40 $5.00 Shoes $4.35 YOUR CHOIClS OF MY ENTIRE STOCK in this actual sale. I am not making a single restriction in this sale. We offer our immense beautiful line of the hi line^ Blue Serge Suits 1911 models from Alfred Benjamin and Sophomore 1—the Houses of Fashion. J. D. ARNETT PnaMtiit J. F. NIGH T. Praaldent H. HOBART Caaiaer JOE HICINLET A88t Cub. Capital - fSS^ Snrpliu . 12,600 loU. Kai. Every man of integrity and thrift in this conimtinlty requires aatlsfaC- tory banking connections. It does not make so much difference to the officers of this bank HOW MUCH iiioney a man has in our bank.- We want' his NAME on our books. His innuence and friendship are often worth even more to the bank than his money. The strength of our institution and the standing of its officers are such that we have no hesitancy in presenting our advantages' to ^he largest or smallest depositor. Our ways of satisfactorily serving you are niany and we invite your account. « WEEKLY LIVESTOCK BEYIEW « Kansas City Stock Yards, Dec. 1.— Cattle received here this week 28,800, last week 55,900, same week last year 47 800. Some decrease In receipts of cattle was.expected this week on account of the holiday Thursday, bu^ the big drop set buyers to thinking «l)Out the future, and raised some anx iety on their part. Advances In the price have been regular this week, and the total gain is 20 to 35 cents on the killing grades, more than that on stockers and feeders. The future of the market depends upon the size of the offerings next week, for the balance of this year. Some dealers who have customers wanting to buy stockers and fenders have advised them (hot there will be another break in that kind before the first of the year, and to wait for It. It will require a liberal supply of cattle to bring this about. Prime offerings have been extremely scarce, nothing In fact, this week, some near- prime steers the first of the week at $8.25, others at $8, not many natives above $7.50, short fed steers down to $5.50. Colorado has sent in a fair run this week, which has sold 25 to 40 cents above lost week's range, beef steers at $4.S5 to $5.70, including some short fed steers from Lamar, mountain cows at $4 to $4.75. stockers and feeders at $4.00 to $5.25, New Mexico and 'Panhandle stockers and feeders at about the same range, heavy calves $4.75 to $5.25 Old Mexico's $3.80 to $4.10. Quarantine supply has been common in qiiality. One train of meal fed steers was here from Ada today at $4.65, and two trains of Texas cows, vicinity of Hertzon at $3.50 to $3.65. Heavy native cows iring 54.50 to $5.25 and heifers up to $?, stockers and feeders $4 to $5.65. Hogs received this week CG.lOO, last week 36,400, same week last year 45..>0. Packers started to break the market and succeeded in putting the rrlces down about thirty cents. The "•arket was stronger today at the start, but barely steady at the finish, top $r..30, bulk $6.10 to $6.30 for weights above 200 pounds, light hogs at $6.75 to $6.10. pigs $4 to $5.25. November receipts here totaled 331,000 head, an increase of 165,000 head over last November and not so very far below the record for November here, in 190S when 370,000 head arrived. J. A. RICKART, Correspondent. THE DEXAXD FOB YOUJTG ME-\. Are you a young man Just starting out in life? Have you decided upon a business career? Are you looking for an opening? Then a word of advice. The best equipment In the world today for a young man Is a knowledge of shorthand and typewriting. 'V'oung men trained In this line are scarce—very scarce. They are in demand everywhere. Prem the Remington managers in every city in America comes this message: "We have two calls for young men for every one we can fill— and they are •tSe'Best jiositlons in the world." A young man who has a practical knowledge of stenography and typewriting can startAnywhere at double the salary of one who lacks this knowl edge. But that Is pot alL ,lt is.only the beginning. He rises faster from the start. ""^ Do yon know that bank presidents, railroad presidents, jcabljiet officers, and "captains of industry" by the score began lUe as stenographers? .lohn Weaver, the maypr of Philadelphia; Edward Bok, who has made his fortune as editor of the Ladies' Home Journal; .lohn Hayes, the well known railroad president; Frank Van- derllp vice president of the New York city National Rank; Cortolyou, of Roosevelt's cabinet, and Loeb, his private secretary. These and hundreds of others with similar records, will tell you that stenography gave them their start In life. —Remington Typewriter Co. T!nth Night and Day Classes In the above branches at the lOlJV BUSINESS COLLEGE. Fhonc 405. DOES SURELY BRE.VK A COLD. Also Ends All Mf.sery From tbc Grippo In Jnst a Feir Honrs. There Is hot one grain of quinine in Pajje's Cold Compound which, when taken every two hours until three consecutive doses are taken, will surely end the grippe and break up the most severe cold, either In the head, chest back, stomach or limbs. It promptly relieves the most miserable headache, dullness, head and nose sttiffed up, feverlshness, sneezing, sore throat running of the nose, catarrhal affections, soreness, stiffness and rheumatic twinges. Pape's Cold" Compound is the result of three years' research at a cost of. more than fifty thousand dollars, and contains no quinine, which we have onclusively demonstrated Is not effective in the treatment of colds or grippe. Take this harmless Compound as directed with the ^owledge that there is no other medicine made any•where else in the world which will cure your cold or end grippe misery as promptly and without any other assistance or bad after-effects as a 25- cent package of iPape'a . Cold Com- potind, which any druggist in the world pan supply. Humboldt Union: Harry Heath who has-been'm'for quite A while and but lately got able to be about again, moved his family to lola this week. Houses rent cheaper there he says. He saya that in lola houses can be rented for two or three dotlars a month that would cost seven or eight in Humboldt. All of which goes to show that houses are In more demand here than In lolB and also that, renta are either too low there or top high here/. —To My Patronsi- .i» drderlo have more room' my o{flic« ^'w.ill hereafter be In the front roomi Cum^Ii*^) new lola State Bank Rnilddng. En- tranl:e on the east tide.' Rf »specttuUy. FrederickiL. B. I^tell.Jt D. —Come in and look over our line t)i— ALUlipNUM Coo^g t^Asfls : We carry a complete stocL I Brigham Har^dware Co. ^- ---- rthrnp National Bonk | OTSS FOBTT> ^ABS OP 0058KBTATITE ^^^^?„^r^^l!^ D ^sMttoirfor tk« Halted States, Mate •! Kuuat, and AUea Coiatr OEFICEBSl' '-^^-'AI U ti HOKTHRUP, President . ; ^D. P. NORraRmP. ^djT^Pre*. BV'-lk M0B«HB1IP; Vic»«e8^nt MELVIN FBONK. CnAl«r. 'ITIL 850.000.00 ' SUB7LIJS S20.do6.oo

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