Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 4, 1911 · Page 10
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 10

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1911
Page 10
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10 THE lOLA PAILY REGISTER/ MONDAY EVEmms PJCE^MBEn 4, 1911. IHE lOut m mm Th» JMa. Daily. Raceni and ^He tola Daily THE BEGI8T£B: PUBUSHIXO GO. Bntered at the lola 'jHwtofflce aa Second Claaa llUttcr. Advertlsins Rates Made Known on Application. SUBSCRiPlioN RATES. By Carrier In iola, Qa« City, Lanyon- viiiat Concretb, LaHarpe and Bacutt: One Weelt 10 centa One Month 44 eenU One rear »6.00 BY IWAII.: One Tear, inside county »2.00 One Tear, outside county 13.00 TELEPHONES: Business Office 18 Society Reporter IS Job and Bindery Dept 141 Official l^aper of City of lola. Official Paper City of Basaett. Official Paper of Allen County. THE SIXTl'-SECOSD COXGBESS. The special Bcsslon of Congress which convened last spring and remained in session during most of the summer might have,been designated as the President's session. It vas called by the President, upon his own ' motion, to consider a single subject of legislation, Reciprocity. The,measure was passed and became a law, so far as this country octing alone could make it such, but with the refusal of Canada to concur, that fell to the gfbund. The campaign publicity law was amended and one or two minor bills passed. Three or four bills of great importance,—tariif bills,— got through both houses but were vetoed by the President. So that the net result of the long special session was practically nothing. To all intents and purposes, therefore, the Sixty-second Congress begins its first session today. The Prcs- Jdent will send in his annual message, of course,—although probably not until tomorrow,—but while It will express the opinion of the President on what Congress ought to do on the subjects It may treat, it will not by hint or implication attempt to restrict the action of Congress on other subjects. The whole field of national legislation will lie wide open, and that an enormous program will be undertaken goes without saying. It takes no prophet to tell tljat thousands of bills will be dumped into the legislative hopper; but the seventh son of a seventh son might well be troubled to guess what wpuld come out. Those who have been at all In touch with President Taft know that be regards the trust question as altogether the most Important now be fore the country and the chances aro that his first message will deal exclusively with that, leaving to subsequent special communications the discussion of other matters pertaining to "the state of the Union." I'ndoubt- edly a great deal ol' the time of tho Congress will be taken up wJih tht- varlous measures which will be introduced looking to the Amendment of the Sherman act, or to the passage of other measures dealing with the same subject. Next In order, if indeed not first in point of time consumed, will come the tariff bills, of which the special session gave the country a foretaste. It is expected that the Tariff Board will report upon one or two schedules within a few days, and that report will, of course, enter largely into \he discussions which will follow. It is hardly to be expected however, that the Democratic House will be willing to accept the recommendations of this board, for while it is a bi-|^artisan body, the majority of its members undoubtedly favor a tariff sufficiently high to measure the difference between the cost of production here and abroad. !>c prorcsed, wI2! center in the Senate, where the Insurgents hold the balance of power. Wheth !r they have consigned protection to imerlcan In- dnstrles to the scrap pile along with most of the other Republican principles they once professedj to believe, remain* to be aeen. The pltjr of the .whole situation is that everybody will be ijlaylng politics—everybody but the President. He doesn't know how, sjnd he will m, but for ho cvcry- not let anybody teach h doesn't want to know, body else will be playltig politics. There is undoubtedly wisqom and experience enough among five hundred men in the to frame an interstate commerce law that would give the busiiess of the countr}', big and little, a f rm foundation on which to build, a^d to frame tariff laws which would troublesome problem fojr come. And If these five h the nearly Itwo Houses settle that years to mdrrd men could set themselvp^ sc^foiisly and patriotically and In tcaodj those two tasks, v.lih n.i personal npRrandizrnirnt [.,idvantn;:<', they \vun '.<i lished. and I ho comiiry enormously tlip uiUnrr. .'can't do thnt. Thi* cnmijiii^n Is ton near at hand, and tnrro liijmnn nature cannot resist the temptation to play pollMns. The Democrats Ud Insurgents will study to "put ^nft in faith tl'.oiijrht |nr partisan aironu- woii'.il bi' llJt thi'y Begulaii to throw up, their hats for LaFoUette and cheer for the Initiative, Referendum and Recall. In other wprda— "There was a young lady in Niger Who went out to ride with a tiger. They returned from their ride With the lady Inside.— And a smile on the face of the tiger." If you really want a Job, there is the penitentiary coal mine, which is running short handed for lack of convicts. So if you are husky and able bodied and willing to work. Just go and steal a horse or. something, and the State will do the rest The Billy Sunday meetings at Wichita continue to be crowded and there have been In the neighborhood of 700 conversions up to date. Sunday's methods are queer; but there are a lot of queer people in the world. hole," by passing bills know ho will veto, but which make "good talk" on Ihe stump nrxt summer. The Ropubllciins, being in the minority In both bodes, will b<' on the defensive taking a Ivnntage of every opening to oxi>lod? dynamite where It will do' the mos good, and likewiso making up a record, both for themselves and for the fnemy, that will make good talk on i the stump next summer. The outlook, therefore, for roal, constructive siatcsmanlil e. legislation, is not of the brightest. The country can wait and hopol but It will save disappointment if it docs not exr pcct. ^ khich they will |Sen. J. Brady: Th^ Journal- World Is called reactlonaty by some of Its friends because It doubts the .ibvlsability of calling a Special ses- f ion of the legislature to enact a presidential primary. Now Ijt happens that the editor of the Journal-World knows something of what was done at the last session. He knows that Senator Potter tried his best to get n presidential primary considered and could not do so. Is there any reason to believe there is a change in sentiment? If there is the law can be enacted but we ^ail to find any hugr sentiment. The writer siipported the presidential primary moriths before the present bunch ever thought of ii and he has little patienjo with the follows who are talking now purely fvir political effect. Again the story comes cut from the executive office at Topeki that the Oovrrnor Is being delugtd with let- trrs demanding an extra lession. And cgain, with all deference and humility, we suggest that the (.ovcrnor let us have a list of the writers of those letters and a few sample) of the letters themselves. In this golden era of {lolitical publicity the people have a right to know who is pjutting them up against an expense of and dollars. After pondering the two weeks' Editor Kelley ronto Republican, is of that Editor White's ^ editorial In the Emporia Gazette on the a mighty fine piece of Writing; but he has not yet been able and that Is not Democratic doctrine. ^j^^ whether it was fntended for Having a majority of sixty in the | ^ j^^^ a boost House, that body will pass i»ibatever measure the Democratic caucus may agree upon. The real interest, therefore, in any tariff legislation that may fifty thous- lubject for of the To- Ithe opinion Governor is to make up In spite of the fact that there is but one political partir in Georgia there spoms to be some pretty lively politics down there Just now where the three gubernatorial candidates ai'o elassifled as "Russell for rye. Brown for beer, and Pope for pure water." Considering what happens to him the American eagle is doubtless quite willing thnt the turkey should be the .ViitionnI bi(d on Thanksgiving Day. HOME CURE: RHEU It is perfectly simple aiid easy to have the good will of • everybody, at least to avoid their active ill will .Tust say nothing and do nothing. The trouble with a "town slogan is that after ft has been selected th town too often expects it to go ahead .•ind do the work. mil Allen \Mjile '8 idea la the Republican party! of harmony is for the TISIT OUK STORE. We will gladly reserve any purchase you may make until called for. Christmas will soon be here. Don't procrastinate your holiday buying. Our holiday stock this year has been selected with special care. It includes the latest and best articles for gift giving in the Jewelry line. We also have a full line of bcuuiiful pure gold plated China—this baa a glass flazo that is burnt on over the gold and can't wear off. Will last a llfe-tiiue. HICKS & SON EAST SIDE SQUASE IOLA, KAK8AS • •< ii .M '«jrn>smaB »r mm* I as — THE KANSAS LAXUAGE. While making his case apjilnst dogs Rill White should ndd the peril of drowning. Herbert Johnson, a Lawrence lad, walked onto thin ice in the river to save his dog and was drowned. —0— An Eldorado woman told her husband that she would never, never, tell him a fib. He agreed, adding that If she did he would cut a notch in the piano. "Xo you won't," she indignantly replied. "I'm not going to have my piano ruined." —0— By the first of April Sallna will possess a $15,000 country club. —0— The Chase county Leader relates (hat a farmer near there while cutting a ten-acre field of cnnc chopped up several rabbits, five coons and onr skunk In the mower. Numerous skunks were seen In the field and th yield was five tons to the acre. Watt this cause and effect? —0— The Salina Journal admits that "LnFollette Is a politician" and then seeks to make the fact one of hlH strong points. Yet the Journal Is always willing to howl against "thi politicians." —0— Herbert Porter, while attending si dance at Wichita slipped on ihv waxed floor and landed on his nose which broke, and probably ran. Some wonder was felt over thf' use of Brass Bands in the Good RoadK convention at Osage City, when the route of the National rock road was being considered. Topeka and I.,aw- rence had a delegation advocating the north route, while Ottawa and Olathe wanted a south route. Each crowd had a band which played in the hall when an opposition speaker tried to talk. The convention became a bedlam and resulted in the endorsement of a branch along other routes. —0— Sedgwick county school marms have served notice on school boards that unless teachers are allowed to .ittend parties and not "become old maids" there will be riots and strikes. When Game Warden Dyche's fish pond plans are put into effect, it is predicted that "Go Feed the Fish" will be added to the chore order given the farm boy. On Thanksgiving day five football teams from Haskell Indian Institute at Lawrence played on five different fields. The readiness with which the Red Brother becomes civilized along some lines is amazing. Ft Scott Tribune: Notice is hereby served that the upper plate of false teeth that was found and left af this office for the owner, and that has startled us everytime we have opened the money drawer since, will be thrown away if the owner doesn't call for it by tomorrow night He needn't pay for the notice if he'll Just como and take it away, away. —0— Emporia Gazette: This is the season when the thrifty housewife insists upon burning up |10 worth of coal to save 16 cents worth of plants. OLD TIME CRUELTY. Is OMen One Time Wbrn Rinrcrjr JiredlcRR ToriWT. Many operations for piles are simply needless torture, for when it's all over the piles comp back. The one fine way to be rid of piles for good is to use Dr. Leonhardt's HEM-ROID. It cures piles by doing away with the cause—poor drcula- Uon. $1 for 24 days' treatment at C. B. Spencer & Cos., lola. Kansas, and all druggists. Satiffaction guaranteed. Dr. Leonhardt Co. Station B, Buffalo, K. Y. Prop. Write for free booklet AB not iMsfc IDM Mr fait efcokcf cfheeomHga^^ hdpkts sufftnr fnM MnoMb kf trying to dtn the £$jm «tt extermd t^pBeatkau atomt, Sidt trtatmad umeUma gmk[ teEef from Ae teoere pan, or'fU(y.T^ imce the inBammatkm of mkwolum joiMt or matd4 hat the dStd oak- act he more Am temporary^ Eack day the cause is aUowed to remam in the syOem /tteniiafitiji ^ja kmer hofi on its vicfm.! tPanfy your Nood of die infUaaauftory a^k adi and then you will atrk ease pemaaaUy. The $yaan unB respond more qmehfy and farely to 5.5.5. Aan any other tteatmaf. lh$ great blood puriSer paueetes &e penetrating gnalXts ^eeeemry to drive oat every trace of uratt matter from the dradc&m mi hold the blood up to anoamhing and healthfttl eonditiott. Only pare bhtod cm overcome Rheumatiunt Thousands have curcd.tlicinsclves of Khcuniatisiu by usin^^ S .j .S. S.,; a medicine made entirely oi roots, herbs and barks; no harmful mineral enters into its composition, and S. S. S. is therefore safe for, any one to use. Boole on Rheumatism and medical advice free. S, S, S; is sold at drug stores. \ THESWJFTSPrr.'Fir -a, Atliitla. Go. '> "ir * -if + 1r * 4f '> * <• •> * 4- * * + ' ' + * AS 01 HERS SEE tlliXGS. •> A nn ->'athlnp rongres-j. . Washington Post: Mi'u in business, big *.Tnd lldle, are worried over the prospect as the day approaches for the convening of Congress. They have heard so much about propose^! legislation on the tariff, the trusts, and other matters affecting them tHat they arc holding off to see what Will happen and fearing^ the worst ; ~ But there are some factors In thn situation that ought to bo reassuring to business men—to the men who ask only that tbcy may go nheiid with their dally work, honestly tryfng to make a living. i' Several years ago It was'held b.v many intelligent men that the best thing that could happen to thi^'coun­ try would be a divided Congress—a Democratic House and a Republican Senate. They thought such a ^pondi- tlon would pr ^vjnt the cna<^tnicnt of revolutionary loflslatlon, and put » stop to the modern habit oficlubblng business over the head for' political advantage. Congrpss divldprt and-in spit<of all lh.-« noise and threatening, no radical legislation was enacted. At tempts to cut the tariff to pieces wpr<' thwarted, in spite of the Democratic- Insurgent coalition. The aanip roiAllllon exists now witl. the additional slgniflrant fac: tha;/ the parties are keenly alive to th'- proximity of a"i >rP9ldpntlnl • election The rlviilry in politics is the strongest iwsKible Influence against .radioa' legislation. The ppmocratlc Hous<' will not permit Prpsldent Tnft to gain crpdil if It can prevent it., The Re- imhllcan Senate will not ihelp thi- Mouse push through legislation that will help the. Democrats to win thr Presidency. E\cn the Insurgents who oppose President Taft are stil' Republicans who have nothing to gain by placing their party at a disadvantage. "This will be a do-nothing session," remarked Representative Mann the other day. Evidently he referred tc legislation, and not to politiiis. In political maneuvering therei will b<' something doing, but the very Intensity of the partisan scrap will neutralize attempts to enact path -breaking legislation. Mr. Mann's forecast is a. shrewd yoiineiiiiyiiis omcKir iisii \ HaiTTiless Remedy, iMade from Garden Sage, Restores Color to Gray Hair, A fcclioB of sadncs-s aeeompaftips thp •liscovcry of the first sray hairs' which, iiiifortunatoly. . are l<><>'.;i 'd upon 'as hiT .nlils of adrancing a.:t: Gray h .iir!-. howcTor, arc not always an llntlicatioii of advancing npe, for iii.any p^ple have gray hairs «ii;ite i-arly inlitc. Of- courw, it It nnnati :r :il, an <l inlioatps ibhnt tlK^rc is something wrong with the Inilirlilunl. and fbut Nature nec 'Ii aHK ^tuiiPc in porrcfting the truuble. The Hnrnif in true of hoir tliiu i« constntitly falliiii: mu oml Ix'cf.miiig thlnnrr evpry d.ny. 1 If everj- thiii;: Ix riuht with Nature, i M>c hair, uvon in rtiiiiimratixily clilprl;^ jieoiile. shotiM l »c lotia, thli-1; nml glojiHy, wllh^ •lit pvon a MlrcnU «t g.ny. ; ; T!)" Mcil nnNi>t;iiit I" .Vatiiro in re- fctDii 'tg onil prrwrviiiK ihp 'i hoIr in Wjplh 's Hage nii>l Siili-liiir llaif llcin- <-<1y, » rtvun aiut ivIioUNomcj drpxKing for <!;illy u»e. It not oalyj K-IBOVP* ilandruff. but j-trtnslhi -ns n-i'aft. thin nml falling hitir nn<l prouunes |L« growth. A few ai'pli.'atioii* *ill restore faded or gray hair to its natural »t!or. > /• , I Get a bottle to-ilny. and let It do fior you what it has done for thousnnds bt tht -rs. • '•,. I Thiii preparation is offered to the pnbUe at fifty ccnb a bottl^-^d lis recoouaended and sold by all Qrosps^ Property Owners, Attention! From now until December 20th, wo will make a complete abstract of title from- the United Slates Government to date for $5.00 to{ any of the following additions and subdivisions of lola: Highland Place. Boughton's Subdivision, Deleplalne's Add.. Stewart's Sub.,.Evans' Sub., Brewster's Sdb., Surveyor's Tract No. 1, Boyce Tract. WWtaker'a Add., Vannuys Sub., Strickland's Sub., Wilson's Ac d., Taylor's Sub.. Pearce's Add., K. P. I. Add., Keyser's Sub., Baird's Suli. Harmon's Sub., Caughron's Sib., Gllmore's Sub. and Layton's Subdivision. We will e.\tend any old abstract of either of the above subdivisions down to date for $2.00, or We will give a written cpinlon of the title from any abstract furnished to either of the above additions, free Of charge. Our reason for making this offer is that the above additions and subdivisions comprise what was or ginally the SE% of Seer 26, Twp. 24, Range 18. and now bounded by Funston street on the north, EJ St street on the south. Cottonwood street on the west and Kentucky street on the east Many of the ea -Her descriptions were irregular, vague or erroneous. We are making a complete tract index to this quarter section and embracing all of the above subdivisions. ~ It will take about 30 days to complete this Index and while we are working on these titles, we ca 1 make or extend an abstract much easier and cheaper than at any other time. If you own property In any of those additions listed, now is the thuo to see if your title is in good shape, as this offer wlllwclose Dcccmbiir 20th after which thiie the usual prices will prevail. Iola Abstract Company Ifonded Abatrcictora Frank Wood, Manaf^er s * is low This Combustion Range will surely do the work. The gas has never been too low for this range -r- because you can burn ^. coal and wood in it. It * is a regular coal rar/ge with removable gas star burners under the four J back lids and in the oven. The Dozens We've Sold Attest Their Merit The lola Furniture Store (SB Dcccnil)cr 5ili tlic January issue of the Bell Telephone Directory will go lo prcsb. If not— I'.avc yoii n Bell Telephone? 9 a .1 t fertile n n <1 ^x;•l!n ^iv'; and prici-i visthrtini; fi->m :ik-!atrtiin (.'.•^I^boma cr Ti -.v ;-.j a!!il se" r-3;joilunitylicr. A ;: yi^i:r rtoi ;(».-ivlJw? TEKAS II „ Y"»» \v :iTit to g-j g S'Hilliv .i '-itand I "1 ivja your r.iiil Kivc yc i laionnatir I tlie fai i y frf.m j-r.ur 'auxnn t"v.-n frlivdulo.i't.'. I '.viMul r.FcBiIj-0-.i O'.ir /ii::fttebook% cn S ut li v.- est oi'prr- tiu-.itiw!. Write KKlar. ».'.S.S;.C£OKC£. C.P.A..n. K. t T. 3t ;!°<?*--<'r -rktBUr. one and there is comfort in it for the man wh ise everyday work and plans are internipted by the threat of political is tcrference with business. Xodern Woodman Election. —ThelM. W. A. will hold their annual meeting for the election of officers Mj)nday. Dec. 4th. Let us have a full atitendance. J. H. .M'MURRAY. V. C. W. A. COWA.N Clerk. Call 561 and have a telephone installed ir.unecliately in order to insure your name appearing in this is:nc of the directory. Every issue of the lola D'rectory shows a substantial increase in the number of subscribers. A Bell Telephone IS a positive economy, tone to the home. Then, too, it adds dignity and WE NEED THE BUS NESS And \ ill make II Interesting and to yo ir advantage to give It to us. 'ry us and BP' W« write ln»;irante, write Sure! "Bonds, write Uurglnr In- Hiiranie, draw I>>gal Papers, take Vcknowledgemcuts, make I.onnB on Farm I,ands — and make them at as low a rale as those fellows who. advertise to make loans at C%; so don't forget te come and let UB prove it to yo I. And perhaps we may have ome trading propositions, thnt V III Interest you. Come in and I )ok them over, and let's get bi sy on something. ALLiiNCO. REALTY CO. I:. L. Thompwv, Mgr. OFFIt ES EJVANS BLDO- IOLA The Missouri and Kansas Telephone Company Ice, CoM Storage, Coal, Distilled Water -FOB.SAI.E- lOi A ICE, COLO STORAGE & f UEL CO., Phone 116 COLE HARDWARE

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