The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 13, 1977 · Page 7
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 7

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1977
Page 7
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tu- Th« flrmi lUted below will tolv* your problems quickly and Inexpensively. Reach for your Ulephona and use this 8ERV- ICKSCOJMB for wtty r«Jer«nc». Servicescope T«1U You Where To Reach The Eipertif Building Maintenance Minim Clrnnln* — Hnnil Illiinllnf nr iMillilliurx & inui'liliirrr. j Konf, Olilmciry Ki.[in|rlnK, I'nlnllnir—C'niilkln*—. Wntrrurnntlnt .TACK O'lllllKN bidtifltrlnl HullOIng Mnlntcnunoe 81 fltonnlx Avo. »'*• 4-8418 Wntnrbury von Tine BKHT IN FLAT ROOFING SKB Federal Roofing Co. Tiilrvlow Ht. Wntnrbury Insulation COMI'LKTr, WINDOW nnd DOOJ INSULATION .SI'KClAI.fSTS Aluminum Cninhlrwtlon Scrcon* nnd Sturm Window.* THE KELOSUL CO. D;I» so, MH!FI st, Oil Burners - Electrical Repairs GERALD'S Ap|>llnnc« Siil(t» nnd S" AH Mttlti'H KurrJxorntnrM uniJ WimhorN Krpntrod rlcl«ii|> * Ili'llvory ,JOI1N .IACKWICX 107 Spring St, Union City Dial 2651 Auto Repairs BRIOLIA'S GARAGE Ho, Mnln Wnlcrlxiry Ocncml KrimlrH lUnllntori licpiilrrd C'HPH ItdiiKlit * Hold 1H Hour Towliij; Sprvlcn 1 Call 3-9442 Orrlcllil Shrionl/.ii Stlllliin WATKIintJUY AUTO 1'OMSIIINO CO. I'cillsliltijr, Slinnnl/ln Cur* Culled fur and I't-llvcrc n»B WrNt Mnln St. Wntcrliiiry Cali_3-3256 JOE'S GARAGK OKNKUAI, At'TO Itl'M'AIUlNCJ lU'llulllO ICCIIHIXIIlllIll CnrtlxH Court (Old Sliiln (fitruf>i<) 3942 Reupholatcring - Furniture For /l^nphol.ttrry, Slip CovorH and Now Living Room Furnltur* Shop At Allen's Parlor Furniture Factory 1 G R ANn ST. WATURHURY NAUGATDCK' NEWS (CONN.), MONDAY, A0G. 5, 1040— PAGE Need Help? Use A "Help Wanted Ad." Real Estate Wanted Koomn To Hent FOU R15NT—Room, centrally located for business couple. Kitchen privileges. 1C Interested, Call 3818. Shore And Mountain Kcpairing and Recovering Upholstered Furniture — COVKKS — SWANSDOWN UPHOLSTERY SHOP 2» Spring St, Union City Dial 5221 Radio Repairs - Sales Frank's Radio Service Ex-AAF Radio Tech. TICK III' unil DELIVERY All Work Giimrnntvi:<l n HumoK ST. Union City Trucking-Moving VACATION—At "Shore Roiidez- vous," 507 East Broadway, Myrtle Beach, Mllford, Conn. Rooms by clay or week. Call .Mllford 892J. Announcements lanl And Fonnd FOUND—On Rubber Ave., Bougie hound with Injured ICK. If missed by owner, communicate with C. A', Scucldcr, 340 Cocn St. Dial 3830. fin MONUMKNTS Special Prices On All Memorials W, KICHARDS—260 So. -M/iln St, Nnugatuck—Dial 3487 • Automotive Autos Wanted —WANTK0— USED 'CAR Call Watcrbury "3-8502 TURN IN TOUR CAR NOW MY PRICES ARE TOPS KEN JOHNSON 1803 N. Main St. ','all Waterbury &-1797 LATK MODKL CABS WANTED PACKARD-WATJSRBURT, INC. 482 Wr.tcrtown Ave.. .Dial 4-6109, 17 Rcpalrlng-Servlce Station MAPLE STREET GARAGE 176!ri Maple Street Tel. 5102 John Eimkiifl, Prop. Repair work on all makes or caiu FENDER and BODY WORK Used Cars Bought—Sold, ACCORDION LESSONS—You cnn learn the correct technique of the Accordion. No accordion necessary. At Mocca Music School, 203 Bank St., Wtbry,, 4-1422, CASJI roil F.NTIUK If.STATKfi JACK'S AUTO BODY SHOP 108 South Muln Street Bodies, fenders, atraishtencd, repaired, etc. Also cars pointed. Telephone 63 09— 5812—3264 24 Hour Towing Service Merchandise Clothing WEDDING oritflta—formal govmn, ready-made or made to order White Bunny jackets, black vclve wraps to' rent. RUBY'S BRIDAL 'SHOP, 2nd,floor, 855 N. Main St, Wtbry, 3-1S34. Articles fur Saio FOR SALE—Two domestic hot wa tor boilers'—one hot .water heat ing boiler to heat 5: or 6 rooms Call 2975 or 0895. HAPPY HOORS FOR BABY—Car beds $3,95 up. car" seats $2.49 up THE RADIO BHOF, 180 Grand St., Waterbury. FOR SALE—Six tables and booths Tel. 3314, 30 FEARL BUTTONS —-Rick - rack, braids laces,' bindings In lartro Assortments. Reliable, 87 Scovlll nlreet, Wtbry. AUTOMOBILE— Rubber floor mota —$J.75 and up. JOE'S T.TRE SHOP 241 N. Main, Wtbry. Cor. Cookc St. 17a Auto rulntinjf-Hody Work tVKKKI.V TKII' Illniilr lnlnml, »nd lr«m (Jonn, . Srw Yurk nnd T. W, UOIUI,I,AKI> VAN LINKS MKLliOllUNK'S TltUCKING Sun<l - I.riuiu - Stonr Jump Truck for Hlro Ralph and Giganto Express For Kfflclmit 'J'riifldnc Servlco lins. rhonn.s—IMIOHH . :!-r>snr> Waterbury 4-3569 Welding 1 W« will buy or sell on comrnls- I AUTOMOI1ILK TAINTING—Welding;. CARS 1'AINTKD $SO. Jim's Taint Shop, 1C Autumn St., cor. riedmont. Wtbry. 3-8367. sion Dusl.i anything Irom a room to an entire estate, special IzlnK In raru iintlQuna, Phono or write ORANGE ST, AUCTION Oallerlea, Nesv England's Finest Auction Gnllorlog, 21 Orange St., Now Haven. Tel, 6-C898. \VJ; HAVJi MONEY TO LOAN on ffcond mortgages. JSOCl-up, Waterbury 5-1292. UU Buslnc-Hs Opportunltlns TWICNTY U S. poshiKO ntj<nip m«' clilnca. Three one'. 1 :, air malls. Make ¥'10 weekly. Immediate eo.':L| .f200. Write, fTlvi phone number. Bo.x B, care of News. IJenr Wlienl All/jnlncr-Auto Tainting Body /i Fcndnr Work F.HTflE'S AUTO BODY WORKS 138 Wntertown Ave. Wtbry, 36241 IS Motorcycles, Bicycles FOR SALE — Bicycles, man and woman'.-" with soar shifts. Also, Roper 38 ^as ranpc, rocklnpchnir, electric iron. NaiiKatuclc 6118. LEO'S WELDING SHOP OU.Il I'ORTATJLK WKLDIOR OI1S ANYWUEKK - ANYTIME Oxy. Aci't, — Tunic nnd PIlio Iriivy 1'lntn — Ornanvntiil Iron 315 ,SO, MAIN ST.. n'ATKnuUR Call 3-9442 AT HOMK, etc, Amos L. HotchltlKs. Atnin St., Beacon Fulls. -Dial 43.|t. Tires — Radio Repairs VACATION IS J OVER! ! { r.rt [f.i TnUn fliii'o nf That { PHOTOGRAPHIC { WOItK i NOW! ! CldNi'rl Mcinclnyn Olirlli/r j July mid AUKiiMl * Thibodcau Studio ! Nciiry Mulj;. Ctuii'cli HI. j BARIBAULT'S RADIO & TIRE SERVICE f>2l) So, Main — Wiitrrlinry ,Vc»v-(;.sr(| Tlrn.H Auto Accessories ICndlo Kcpfllrn Ciinrnntecd By Art Hitriltnlilt 4-1879 or 3-8466 Real Estate Wanted "n Wnntrd To Rent WANTKP TO UKNT —Two three riuirn Jipiirtmnnt. ITx-.s vlr.wnnn nnd wife, C;i!l Niiuff. Ti-l itfter r> p. jr». (SOLID BRASS WEATHER VANKS COTTAGE SIGNS, ESTATE SIGNS SEND FOR FREE FOLDER JOHN NORMAN, METAL CRAFT '17 White Rcl, MERIDEN, CONN. Automotive 13 Snleo—Servici- FRED'S MOTOR SALES Uoed Cnra—Bought—Sold 87'J W. Mnln St., Waterbury Dial Wthy. 4-4510. Truck Denlors-Syrvlco NEW FEDERAL TRUCKS 1%'ow Available All Sixes from (1 1-2) Tons & Up MODERN GARAGE SALES, nnd 8EKVICK 028 Wntertoirn Ave. 3-140B Contractors PAI'ERMANOING and FalntJnff. ffrndo workmimBhip. Phone •1-OR57 (,'elo. Wthry. J(ise])h An- SOc Radio IMMEDIATK DELIVERY! Radios in Stock — Fuda, Olympic, Emerson, Scnora, Stewart Warner. Also table model combinations, record players, portables. GERALD'S AITLIANCB. 107 Spring St., Union City. PHILCO, RCA, TAJBLB MODEL RA1>IOS with automatic record changers in stock. THIS RADIO SHOP, 180 Grand St. Waterbury. Education SI Locfii and Private Instructor* MAUTONE SCHOOL, 100 Grand St, 4-3677. Dance, Voice,. Musio, Reducing, Register Mon. Aug. 0. Business Service Professional GOLDIE'8 CAMERA SHOt 8 & 16 mm. Movies On Sale Now. 17 Grand St. Wtbry. Phono 5-1875 11KUPHOI-STJSRINX* Special 2-piecc Suite .......... $5! GRIFFIN UPHOLSTERING CO. Naug-atuck ' .1 Wanted To xtc.nacr Scrvlcon ItcupboiKMrtng WE JIEPAIR All makes. Coldspot, Apux, Cope land, Gruno, Kelvinutor, Crot Icy, Stewart-Warnor, etc. Sttlx nr.d son, 202 Cherry St Wntcrbury. 4-0719. SAVE your furniture with "SaRPruf." Ov»Ir $«.75; divan. (ISM. Work done In your home. Dial Waterbury 4-3319. State-wide servicn. HAVE YOUR ALTERATIONS DONE AT CABMEN'S CUSTOM TAILORIN S-I>ay Cleaning Service 147 So. Main St.—Dial 2017 Animals Docs, Cats And Pets Paluerng WAI. F. C'O'I'A. rnfier Hjmg-or and Painter. We carry compensation. 1 Crono St. Dial IH5C or 8111. FOR. SALE —Old-fashioned blaclt and tan fox hound puppies. Best stock :n town, A T. Booker, The Plnus Bethany road, 35 Poultry And ?AJNT1NG nnd paperhnnfjlnj; work done, Call 2377. John A. E, Johnson. ACT PROMPTLY. 1, Z. 3 family houses painted $100 and up. Skillful workmanship. Ploakl Kroa. Call 5473. PM'KK IVmKlnn « Printing. olulizln^ on Interior Work. Call ^or, Tony Mariano, 83 Oak St. Tel. 20C9. Merchandise Anton 1'or Snlo J. HKNKY KRULIKOSKI K 1C ALTO I { ,(| City HUH St. Ph, fil70 WANTKf>—HY YOUNG CO1IPLK (VfilTi, K--I ROOM .RENT. REF- Krj'JNCES GIVEN. REWARD. I'Mono To r'OIJ HI'INT-- T-;ir«e furtiliihptl room I'nr twn people. KlU.'lirn pi'lvilpffnji IT dr.Mlrrtl. Prlv/ite fiuuily. 11 rit. Dial 3107. l''OU SAI^K — 1937 CMC (inn-ton nit:It body •trurlc. S;icrirlcc! Dial •1803. 1934 CHEVROLET 2-door neda'n For Sale. Good Runnlnj.; condition. Phone -1323. 10 Atlton ONE THOUSAND CARS WANTKO—Top prk«w; upot I want 29'a—30's — 31's — 32'a — 33's — 34'8 — 3n'« — 3G's — 37's — 38'a —39'B —40'a —41'3 and <12's. Phono, write or drive In today. BTLL.I.E Ii'ITZPATRICK 1CCO East Main St. Phono 4-4S41 OPEN EVENINGS BUV ,t ROOMS of proocl furniture, reasonable. Inclurlor, livinf? room, bedroom, kitchen Eetn, with numerous accessorie.s. Albert's, 2SS So. Main St., Waterbury. Phone 4-31-14. Artlcleit FOR SALE —Bert, Simmons coil aprinfr, Beauty Rest mattress. Call 51913 aftar noon. FOR SAT.r;—Piyno, 4 burner kitchen gas stove. Also 2 burner oi! stovo, 2 radios. Bargains! Inquire 27 First avenue, Watcrbury.- 4-2637. YOUNG DUCKS FOR SALE. Alive ' and dressed 4-5 !bs. LnRoy H. Baummcr. Telephone 4145. Business Service S7 BusineM Services Rendered PUBLIC ACCOUNTING SPECIAL BOOKKEEPING SERVICE EDMUND O. HESS P. O. BOX 06-UNION- CITY PHONE 3404 TREE EXPERT — Pruning and spraying' of fruit and shade trees. Treos removed. Veteran of World War. II, Gordon- Phelan, Wtby. G-22G1. GUARANTEED REPAIRS — AL' makes machines, vacuums. Uaeo machines bought. Singer Sewlny Machine Co. Waterbury 4-4305- ELECTRICAL Wlrlnp &: R«paU- Inp. Wo specia\lze In jatlsfao- tlon. All work .nsured. SVash- Ingr machines repaired. Ray Deck er. Dial 4000. FOR SALE — No-ftc flat-top pas- rnnpre. Good cohdition. Telephone -1702, ADDITIONAL CLASSIFIED ADS ON PAGE 1CIGMT CESSPOOLS —And septic tanks, cleaned, repaired nnd installed. All types of suburban sewage disposal work. For prompt and dependable service-call Tho Conn- Hydraulic Co., Walerbury 4-3038, AUTHORIZED HOOVEH SEItV ICE by f/tc'.ory trained man. Tel. 2251, Carlson's- Furniture Co. A Message to the Gooc People of Naugatuck and Vicinity about New Furniture And Housewares And Electrical Appliance In June 1944, \vc opened our new store with one purpose in mind.' To give tlie people of jtliis vicinity GUARANTEED CUT KATE PRICES now you can assure yourself that rcg-nrd- less at u;hat you buy here, you xvill pay less for J» timn some-, where else. No, we are not millionaires or magicians. All we do is sell you brand new poods at| u small profit^ either lor cash! or on time payments. We don't wunt you to take our word for; It, but we would be ha-ppy to| Imve you come in, corapjirc and] prove to yourself that what we say is true. We -want to prow in this business and we can't un- css you buy from us. And whrni vou buy from us we'll shotv you; our apprcchitlon in better prices uid service. Tr>' "s once, andlj ii occonic ,1 permanent, ens- I toiucr. The following Items • picked at random will plvc yo; s>o;no idea of what we sell :uid ;helr prices: 'orcclain, ij-iilecx 1 . Breakfast sets $55.00 Fultup Chairs S13.95 Unpalnted chest of drawers $13.95 Table lamps with silk shades $8,95 Outdoor charcoal $1.98 n x 13 Linoleum $4.87 nfapif- S:nolcers $1.79 . Beautiful Boney Maple Beds S17.50 50.00 allowance for your old •i'vin/r iUion> set towards the urchaso of a new one. See our taptiiy of really iecc.'i. OPA or not, our prices re still the lowest. American Furniture Co. 83 S. MAIN ST. WATERBURY PHONE 8-3787 TORE OPEN DAILY 0 A. M OOP. M. FOR YOUR SHOP- ING CONVENIENCE, OOK FOB THE ORANG1: OLOR FRONT. George G.,Touponse LANDSCAPING TREE PRUNING TREKS REMOVED Wtn. 1411 Hot »vp:ithnr Is here to stay. Vro- toct your winter Kiirniants by Iwvirijj thnni denned nnd Moth- Proofed now. K lEVMAN LEANERS Dispersal AUCTION of Cattle and Farm Equipment AT ROLLING RIDGE FARM Earl K. S\viMius, Owner l>ro] A. J-ril), HAMDEN CONN. (Turn off JDbswcll Avc., which, is Route 10, on to Shcpal'd Avc.. rind the farm is at Xo. 2S1) THURSDAY, AUGUST 8, 1946 30:30 A. M , D. S. T. , 24 — DAIRY CATTLE — 24 !•) HOLSTE1NS: All but one with papers. They include 5 cows, 7 heifers from nine months to two years, nnd bull three months old. They nrc richly bred nnd splendidly grown. Also the .'iKCd sire (which, Ijy-iho-way. is one ut the greatest, bulls for his years I li.'ive ever seen, E. M. G, Jr.), 11 son of the great; Osbornditlc Xtinc Ormshy G7G023. 30 JERSEYS: Six i-CRistcred nnd 1 Krndo cows, some 1 heavy iii c.-ilf.. The herd is D i H. I. A.. accredited for T. B.,mastitis tested and the young- stock is calfhood vaccinated. 10-J2 Model A Fnrmnll tnxctoi- on rubber nnd the . following) equipment for same: cultivator with extensions, two-row corn planter :ind mower which nlso fit .in H. or M. Three tr.ictoi" disc harrows 5', G' nnd 7', J. Deere nnd I, K. C. 2-botlom 12": plows, International manure spreader, land roller, culliv.-itor for H or M, tractor bo,T harrow, Papoi: cnsilojje cutter, scoop scraper, J. Deere stationary hay baler, New Idea preen crop loader, New Idea side delivery rak'o, plntform scnles, 2 belts 2<I ft,, 3300 ft, Oali 2" x (5" and JO' to 31' lonj;, now portable, litter carrier with- truck ;.\nd track, new C-section dairy sink. G. E. twelve-can cooler, silo 32' x 24', Vnn Brunt fertilizer sower, etc. There is much good equipment in this Gale. LUNCH SICRVED. Tho farm is to become a building development thus this sale. GRANGER SALES COMPANY E, M. GRANGER, JR., Sale MsT. . OlTicc Plionc 4057 Tliompsonville, Conn: WANTED 50 MEN AT ONCE HEEL PRESS OPERATORS ROTATING SHIFTS MILL ROOM WORKERS ROTATING OR STEADY 2ND OR 3RD SHIFTS AVAILABLE APPLY AT UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. CORNER OF RUBBER AVE. and WATER ST r.rj.i.y T>F, BABNKY GOOGLE \ND SNUFFY .SMITH Bv IlOY CRANK HU« SAWYKR ftHH. JULIET !! THE P1ZGN-TAILED CENTIPSDE JUST ROMEO!! VOOO-H00 0oo /LONG ENOUGH TO BUILD OP < I^APPETITE, BUDDY. 080Y A SHIP! A SHIP! OU1CK! SHOOT O ROMEO, ROMEO!! ) ART.THOU. / LISTEN POCiHOPM! FORSOOTH!! A NOW CRftCKS N08L6 By \VALLY EI8I1OJ :_1TIS NOVJ POSSIBLE TO EXPRESS WILL POWER /AATHEMWIC&LLY IN TERMS OF SOUAR MUGGS AND SKEETER MEL GBAFF PHIL eNTER6...«TORE5>f TWE ONTVE FlOO/.,-. BEHIND HW, JO«R WHIPS OUT A &MALL S/IAL - AUKNT X» I- I'M 00 VOU MEASURING!! JUST /wre IMPORTANT '—{ SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY! HE JUST THIS MINUTE BE JOKER CflRRli 6UAU6HTER! WENT AROUND THE ..IS MUGGS AROUND? HOUSE TD START [ WAMTTOTELL MOWING THE FRONT _:_ By WILLIAM; RITT anrt CLARENCE UKAT LUMCW ? \ I'D UOVE IF,." I MEAM Wl IF W MOF CITED TO , BBING BACK /A FLOCK OF ,> A:rtrv^DADI IT COULD BE WORSE.MAY8E, A-PAKTHER OR SOMETHING TBIED TO 5HARE THISllfi 'AND I DON'T DARE SHOOT, FOR FEAR'SOME NATIVE WILL HEAR ME. THIS 15 CUTE -SAVAGES HW/6 CARRIED OFF THEfilRL*. 6ANDY HA6 VANISHED AND I'M COOPED UP WE RE BY AN OVERGROWN MUST 6EA DREiK n?> "1 t-'-USH, AMO • ALLFOSFCSE

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