The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 13, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1977
Page 6
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FAOK o—NAur.ATticK N-KWS (CONX.). MONDAY. AUG. r,. two CAMERA TOPICS by T. T. Holdcn* Legion To {?female (^mpi^sliip Here Wednesday ^^^r ', i'•.' J'. v '.\ . tL , ' 'K, p'v *' . ' . -v. . i -i'. ~. 1 ^ •"'• • ' '•"/.« " ' ' ' . ' •• . .i i . ' s Locals Rally In Ninth To Win On Saturday, 3-2 Stauffer, Healy, Usakiewicz and Markovic Contest Star m Thl« flito plotOflnl study flould easily have boon lost throuoh poor exposure, Made with a Cra'ln* by John K Zlnllniky and nxpoaod 1/00 sec. at 111, CORRECT EXPOSURE NO MYSTERY With thf wide liitlluclf of tdiliiy'H nirnH. thm'4' In no rouumi why niiy- bo<ly cniinol make properly i'X[>om"l plt'Mircii Tlidrp In MO rnyntcry in It. Juiit ii Illlli' common HCIIIIH • llnlnAH you ur« uri nxrinri (ilifitnir ruptiur. your li*<Ml l,»*i In ''.null 1 Turin of tj'iot Mi|*'<'lrk' t'XpoiMir*' im-ter Ur you cr.i K»l vury xooil cxtifiuiii'f ml vlot 1 from (hi- iiiiiny dirfpi'i'itl lnnx pu/iHlvt> tixpriHiiri' churl* which urt> obtainable I'.'von Hie IlitU' mildi 1 ttuit coiiu'ii with your Him will nlve' yuii uecu rut*' rmuiUx If yuu uai- II propurly Lllt-ldm; liny of thrill' euldl'H. n nriri' lUOtllOl) Of HXpOltlU'e IX 1O UIH' un orUiochi'oiuatlo lllin uiul n iitiuul- urd ti:<[ir>Hiirt' of l/do «ec ul f/ll 'I'liln will /:lvo j:noi| rrmilts Tor any brlKhl Htit>Ji<(>l on n muuiy (lay IT yo'jr mib.lccl IH jturllftlly In the- «liu(!n, or the day In I'loiuly. you (ihoiilil hicreaso "••ur f'Xixjxiii'p by oi"'Mliu: in r/!j HI- uy (lotil)iinj: Ilii' titiiifti'r time to 1/'2b iii'i! If ilio mih.lirci IB In de-op rtlHiUo. or llic llvtl't lii V.M-V diill. you niu.'ic ilcuilili' iKitli I|H> opening <mtl the ulititror tuii-fd uiul uliiinl ul 1/-S BIT.. niiil ill f/x. "'litin- iif! oi' >:(itn'u«> many olln.i viirlalloiui ihiil will ul.HO Klvi- you i;oo(l |ilr.'iure». hill tills "duublifiK" nii-ihoJ In u Klnuili), HUTP oiu- which you cull ri'tiipuibi'i' uaully AnO ii tun In- Kuunti-d on t.o give you Hiitlnfiictury cxijotiUi'O.s uvm-y time. Will) n I'uHH-r. [Jiuu'lironiHtU' Him tin 1 name uicilioi) cuii bi> used, l>iJi your bum- cxDoinirc svlll bv l/!Jii soo, ur f/lfl 'I'lii' v.nim 1 system of clmibl- Ing your shutter niH-i.'d, your ilia- jilirucm u[K>nln,': or both will apply fur tin- ilHTm-nt light conditions. I'bltlsi Dim,v The local American Legion Jun- ioru won the semi-final match agalnut Willimantlc Saturday, 32, In one of the inoa.1 > thrilling garnua ever to bt; ween In this area, nd which put 'them Into tho finals for the state championship, that will be played here Wednesday ;nirii;, B p. m,'the Wlnd- 1 Legion team who took 'the measure of Stratford Loglon y«a- rduy, 1-0. .Cob Stauffer proved tho hero Saturday, sharing honors Jointly with pitcher Vln Healy, who pitched six hit ball. In gaining this vie- i.ory, played a major factor doubling In -the ninth in winning hia awn ball gamo, diet U.saklcwicz, wild started the big ninth; and Bob Markovlc, who was hit by pitched ball, ran although hurt, and then M:cjiud the tying'run of the ball <<t\ i » \\ DUOID DdH On Next Louis Tiff For A Snack, a Sandwich, or a Fii 11 Meal, Try DUFFY'S Restaurant WAT KB MTKKKT l''l,'I.l. I.MjVOU l.KJKXSK A JLj £ M[ PLAYHOUSE It'r; pleasant dancing 1 these sunnnor ovonin,o;.<! in tho | Hotel Elton \ Copper l^oom i- ! No Minimum No Cover Charg-o Delfino and his orchostra playiny your typo of music. Prices Are Roanoiwblc It's Smart It's Top.s IAIMO.IO KA^VM GINOER'R'OCCRS SAM WOOD'S JCAN PIERRE AUMONI i AOOLPHE MENJOU *"• " A5 " :: -i" SECOND "TKIANGLE" TODAY ANii I'ARTNKKS IN SANDY BEACH I.AKK DJCli O(»»i It) limiting 0 (Jb'ASSAI'AL'O I'MNM-JY, Mgr. A, iM. to lit I', M, , lillllllng O J'lrtUc* Electrical Clocks Make Excellent Gifts \ in Town i! j Electric Appliance Co. ^ i k. . ... SWIM AT QUASSY BEACH LAKE QTJASSAPAUG <Mt.AI., lliiH«t><4 Kini Dlri'rl hi HiM <'I. IMS HUT xrnT IN 'I'lli; M-I'.IT AUGUST FUR SALE — Ht/Y .VOW A.NO SAX'K ~ 1)11 N. MAIN STKKMT WutiTluir.v 'r ( .|, ;|-'J I5ICYCL1C SUPPLIES Cl'T-KATK I'KICKS! ' SAVINGS ST. (liiiniiMiinic Di<llviM-y) WEISS' Ben Franklin Store IM C'llIJKCll ST11KKT WiiNlircl, I'oli.Mhcd a) CHAPPIE'S TYDOL GASOLINE SERVICE STATION :MH i'.Kim;i: s'r. TKI,, .Ml-.MII.I.AN MIITIIK (PII.S AT >''•»' "• »viin-, Snvlnii. Hunk l>l,\l. l-'tll'IT JAItS GOOD r,I.'CK JAK K J-ltKSSUK.1'; OOOKKKS A1A, TYI'KN OF IIAIJIO JiKl'/Vlli WOKIC Order Your Hot Point Electric Appliances HAWLEY HARDWARE 102 cwmcu .ST. -IOKO J''Olt I'OHTKAITS OK DISTINCTION I'lidnv -172(1 LYLE & EARL PORTRAIT STUDIO UNo. M;iln St. N:iujfi\tnck PLAY POOL On First Class Tables R & M ALLEYS 1S5 MAl'LK STBKKT C-.iInK Into the laMt of 'the ninth Innlnfr, thu localu were behliul, 20, v.'lLh wluil wns considered th« weaker end of the butting order iriimlciK up. Mo.s-t of tho ttin» and uvon some of the player.4 had giv- • :n up hope, and then 11 happened. PRchcr Olduraliaw, who hnd pitched two-hit I>all up until tho last of thu ninth but luul t;corud both runs for Miildk'tDwn, scoring; tlio ono In th« ninth, tired and threw Uanfjerous Chcl Uaaklewlc:/. ju:it typi- -.if pitch that he wanted. Chet rapped the Wllllmantlc ace':? d jjitch out through the box neconil baso, and ended up, iivichi'd on first bnne with a iiln- ;!t.'. Uob Markovlc, next up, was ill by a wild pitch thrown by Old- MBliuw that hurl Bob sliyhtly, but Iliiturhod the pitcher, more HO, 'or with men on first and second, Vinnie Ht>aly i;ot the host Nanf;a- tick hiL of the Oay, a double pulled •-o extreme right field, w h i c h bi-jupch* Usaklowics across the plate and placed Markovlc on third. With the score 2-] and the poten tin: tying and winning runs on tlu base-paths, Bob Stauffer came uj to bat. Stauffer had been in a bat ting slump and it worried the crow; inoi-i' than slightly to see him u the plate during thin crucial mo mont. but Bob choso the crucial mo nifr.t to come out of hla admltie xlump, for with the count, two •itriki.'H and one' bull, he rapped ti.-Kns league single out into ccntci I'ield, ncorlnp; Markovlc, and on oi!iitor fli'lcler Beaudoin's had throv to the plate, Vln Healy scored U •.vln lil.-i own ball gamo. The crowc went wild. Willlmantlc, who presented one or the best defensive teams evei :if.on In this area, scored In the unvonth and ninth, nicking Hoaly for two hits each of those innings to ncoro tho single markers. Old- fii'Hhnw who pitched five hit ball, but iHstiftd six pauses, starred for the losers, scoring both runs and ','i'lling two of tho six hits gotten off of Hoaly. Ilt'iily Pitches Well Vln Healy, although the dramatic finish overshadowed his pitching job, hurled an excellent gamo, •Uiowlng jilxhlts, and showing mar- volciiH control allowing only one pus;i. to six given up by his •ippositlon on the n.ound. His double with Usnkiowicx on iiiisi- brought buck meitiorloo, as It was .this combination that broke up an Ansonla High school game puiyud heru during the regular season. It was learned today that the :ocal L(!g>jneers would bo ablo to ihow the home-folks once more just the type of toitrn they have' when they play tho finals 'for the state Legion championship, hero on Wednesday, iit 0 p. m. Jt J.s <.>•- peeted that 'the same combination of Honly pitch, and San Angelo catch, will start this Important •,'a:nc. If :i victory in In the of- mg WediiuHduy, the boys will havn their biggest objective yet ahead of them, when they cute,, tho Na- ! ional TieKlonal championships next week, Naugy HriefB: Wo thought Mae Mealy would never calm down .vhen the local boys pulled what .'uomccJ a «uro Ions out of the flru and emerged victorious Bob Markovlc was widely applauded when he ran for himself after bong hit by u pitched ball in the ninth... Chct Usakiewicz led the ocal Loam in batting, getting two ilts for 1'jur trips to the pla/o .vhll.! SUuiffer got on the most liiHKi, getting onohit, and two free laase.'i. Box Hcore below: Wllliniantlu ab r h po a \Vllllnnin, 3b . 1-1. Cirenler, rf Brern, rf . . . , Sriffin. If Mella, Ib Oldershaw, p , Beuudoln, of . Buri'y, ri3 ,,.. Vanderman, c Wanhburn Tola la Cui'tln, s Schuster, cf .. Sun Angolo, c Ib . h 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 13 2 a 1 1 By DEAN C. MILLER United Press Sports Editor The room \vas as smoke-filled aa an opium den straight .out of a. Fu Mnnchii novel. . A half - dozen reporters, fight. managers and hangers-on were holding- court in promoter Mllco Jacobs' new offices just west of Broadway and was dragging on a fat cigar and sending billows of 'smoke circling toward .the 'celling-. The reporter -with his feet on the rti'sk turned to the venerable "Dumb Dan" Morgan and nuked: "Say, Dim, wattya think about Louis saying he's' only going 1 'to train 'a month' 'for' Ills fight with Mfiiricllo?" Dumb Dan, who really Is one of the" smartest fig-Jit 'heads in New York bacausc-'o'f his 50 years in th« game, hnd a ready answer. "The champ's crazy," said Dan. "That's not enough work. Not near enough." That brought a chorus of laughu from Morgan's audience. One reporter suggested — and not facetiously, either — that three weeks wouid be plenty of time for the Brown Bomber to get the raxor- shiLrpnuJBi he showed against Conn. Dumb Dan snorted in disgust. "Huh." hi; grunted, "What makes you think Louis WB.S razor sharp for Billy?" Another big laugh from thn auci- I lence. And ban took the stump again. "Canvas-back Cohen would have looked sharp against Conn that night," arjjued Morgan, "Louis might Juat as woll been out there In Yankee Stadium, shadow boxing as far as opposition was concerned. Conn had nothing." "I suppose now," said Morgan's heckler, "that you'll be telling- us next that Joe Louis still is a ques- •Jon mark," Tliat'ij when Dumb Dan reaally opened all -the conversational valves. He admitted that Louis seemed to have the same terrific fist speeil that made him ;i champion — a great ohampion — before the war. And Dan was ready to admit .that Joe's liming a n d accuracy in throwing punches in the Conn fight made him :-ioi< like the Jou or old. But Dumb Dan stoppo'd right thorn — he wouldn't co.ncede. the chuir.p another nickel's worth. Dan honnstly believes that there are two big question marks hang- Ing over Joe Louis' heavyweight crown — nutations Joo didn't clear up In (.'ight-rou.-id wait/, with Conn. First of all Dan wants to know whether the 32- year-old Louis has been softened up by four years of war life. Whether he still can take punishment. Even as a pre-war champion in his prinifi Louis was easy to hurt with a head punch. But,' then, ,Joc had youh on his .side. He wa.s able to recover and come buck punching. Morgan -rurdcrs whether he can recuperate, CfH.-'.inly he didn't get the answer in the Conn fight. Billy dkln't hit Louis, let :ilonn hurt him. Morgan also wants lo know whether Louis still has the Stamina that made him a groat 'fighter dur- ng his prime. Before Louis WP\H off to the •\rrny ho could come out in a late •ound and take an opponent into camp with n barrage of punches. It leomud that, he never even tired. That his kayo punch wns just as Jharp, just as power-packed in the 5th as In tho 1st. round. But the lueslion now is—"can Joe do it on eptembcr 18th if Tami Mauricllo "mils the unexpected and stays with ilm over the championship di:j- ance?" Dumb -Dan ended his discourse i the mysteries surrounding j Champion JOP Louis by adding, "And dnn't you boys forget that Joe Is defending and 'Mauriello challenging." Dan's friend the reporter asked what he meant by that rather naive statement. Crusaders Upset St. Francis; Rangers Trounce Highlander Allen-Men Launch 17-Hit 18-Run Attack in Rout of Weissmen Array Grays Defeat Sandy Hook 8-7 In Thrilling Contest St. Francis Juniors Defeat Millville . The St. Francis Juniors, in a [irelimirmry game |)iayed j-ns'.ci-- day at Recre^ion Field, defeated the Millvi'.lo Cubs. -1-2, in a. thrilling conltst. Dowlinj; hurled for St. Francis while ErOiulrick pitched for the. Millville boys. Both teams play in Pete Fo'ley's Junior T--.>op. • Rangers To Play Washington Hills • The Niiugattir-k Rangers, who routed the Highlanders, ig-0, yesterday, will play the soong Washington Hilln o!' the' Waterbury 2ity league here Wednesday in a '•em:itch, at G p. m. The locals dnrentcd tho Hills, 2!, last Friday night, when Paul hur.'ed three hit ball for tho victory. Local Aggregation in First Place in Pomperaug Valley Loop The Ka-agatuck Grays who are now in first place in the Pompevaug Le.-i.guo. came through victorious in a close game played yesterday against Sandy Hook, winning the contest S-? "n .12 hits. The local team, paced by Murpliy and Dominick with three and four hiu rcspcciivcly, scored their final run in the seventh inning and managed to stag off a late drive on the part of Sandy \i»olc, to emerge from the contest with a victory. A tutu'l of 13 players were used by the locals in winning this contest. Box score below: Naugatuclc Grnys ab Milk and its var'-'iis products comprise more than 25 per cent of me j,500 pounds or principal foods consumed each year by an average American family. Morgan elaborated by pointing out that this is Louis' 22nd title defense. It's an old, old story to him by now. And Dan figures he might be growing careless. "It'r different with Mauricllo," explains Morgan. "This is his big- chance. Mnybn he'll never get another. So. he'll be out there training for all he's worth." That's why Dumb Dan Morgan, one O!' the smartest pebbles on Jacobs' thinks Joe Louis is •citing s-ol't in tho head when ho decides to spend only one month training for Mauricllo. Maybe Dan's right. Rut it's tho consensus around Gotham that Louis could train tho Jast week in n night «h!b and still bent Mauriello \vihout breaking intn a sweat. McC.inn, 3b ... Frjir,, cf . .. . . . Mui-phy, s.s-p .. Massu. c . . . , Sullivan, ]l> Dominick rt' Edmonds, 2b-ss Burke, 2b DC Carlo, If . . . JJybu-Kki, p Caulllold, p . . . . L:i Fcntnine, 2b ji 3 I •1 , •) 0.1 210 200 001 Totals -12 IS Sandy Hoolc ab J, Barchi, ss .. Liiclniof, 3b ., lf-]j F. Barchi, 2b J, C.-iv.inau;;)i, Walsh, c Beai-d.-'ley Ib J. Cav;inaugh, Duda. cf Totals . . . . Naugaturk . Sandy Hook h po 3 1 n 2 rf -13 38 27 •( 032200100—8 J2 -1 001 320 001--7 11 4 1'IJSHKS BONUS Hartford, Aug. 5—(UP)—Representative Thormis J Siipina is Still battling for a. state bonus to ex- servicemen . The legislator has asked Attorney General William L, Hadden for a formal opinion on tho constitutionality of the proposal, Vessels In Tragic Mishaps On High Seas ELEVEN 35 2 6 27 10 DEAD AFTSR TIRE SWEEPS THROUGH HIRST CLASS CABINS OF BRAZILIAN VESSEL ub 4 Markovlc, rf 3 V, Healy. p 3 Stnuffor, If 2 J. .l-Iualy, 3b 2 h po a 0 1 1 1 •0 3 0 17 Totals ............ 28 Score by innings; Willimarilic ..... 000000101—2 Nu.uigu.iuck •• ---- 000000003—3 27 15 enacted the first compulsory milk pasteurization ordinance In 1908,. New York city followed in 1812. Paced by Vko .Sl)iliiis!:a.«;' five him the- Nau^atuck P.:inKer.s yrs- i.ei-day sl.aslifid n 17 hit altack. IS- C' viclory, over th« Highlanders, to remove any douht any persons may linvft had us to their ability to beat 1he Welssman nggrejjation. The hitting of Hunger squ;id yesterday ovi>rsh:i.dov.'i;d the splendid four hit pitching job turned in by Rudy SKCKGUIU! who only participated one hit to th(t attack, but whose hurling v.-ys cxccllen'.. He •.v:u3 in complete control at nil liMi'H hurlinj.; nui.rveloii.s ball tin: two times the Highlanders threatened. • ShilinKlras v/as the story, though, yslerday. a« hft >;uined vengeance Tor the Hijj-hlander's protesting of Hie rj^nn; over a pl:iy made by him. lie came through with t\vo triples, a double and t\vo singles for five | tirnc-R ,-it bat. SHinnay KUI-H also excelled. Retlini; three hits for four oflicial at Ija-ts, While the It.-injrers were )ioldin;j thi»ir free-for-all at the K^cruution fieM, the St. Micli.-ujl'.s Cru.saiJ-T.s were m.ildnfr Amateur League liis- •iry <lown at lieacon P:xlls, when (hoy defeated SI. Franci.'i by a C-4 score. Tl,e rejuvenated Crusaders, led by liieir UL-W pitpju-r, Jlayjnond Wi.s- nlcv.-slii. played h.->ad:>up ball, in taking tliiti K:IITIP away from the strong St. Francis nine. Wisniev.-t:ki, in his second start, proved himself to be one- of the better piichiirs of the league, striking out 13 of the St. Francis boys that fueed him and limiting then? to six hits. Only two of the four runs garnered off of Wianiewaki were earned. Curran started for St. Francis and gave up all six runs gotten by the Beacon Falls boys. Robert "Red" Mariano, who relieved him, pitched Crusaders for -the remainder of the game, but the damage hod already been done. Mariano's showing prtili- fied Manager Jim Kennedy of St. Francis as he had been out with a knee injury, and the St. Francis mentor did not know how this had affected his pitching abilKy. Score by innings: Rangers .. 3 0 0 •! 0 0 2 4 5--1S 17 3 Highlanders 0000000000— 0-1 7 Batteries: (winning team first),, Szczpsiul. Allen; Mahaffcy. Owens and Swan. Standing of Teams AMERICAN- LKAGUK Clilcago 3, V/.-jshinirion 1 (1st) ChicaRO ]. Washington O'j2d) St. I.ouis C, PbiJ;icJi;]]]}>i.-i r, nxl) Si. I^uuis 7, Phll:.d<'lphi:i 4 (2d) Boston H. IDoiroil •). Nr-w Yol-|{ 2, Cli-vcland 0 (1st) Second name-- ruin. Koston New York Betroil Washington CWcl.-uvl St. Louis Chicago Philadelphia W. L. T-ct. • 72 31 .CSS . 59 -12 .584 • r '7 43 .070 . 01 51 ,r,CO . -If* 53 .480 . -15 50 .434 •I." .V9 .422 30 71 .398 No camos Melii-duled i->dny. St. I.ouis 7. Philadi.-iphi.-i o <]sl> Philadelphia 3. St. Loi:i:; 2 <2d> Ko:ilo;> C, Chicago 5 (l.-tl) Boston C, Oik-njro •; CM> Ne\v Yoik 4, I'itt-iburgh u (1st) Mr -X..-W Yurk 10. i'iuiiburj'h ] {i d ', rf? Brooklyn o, Cincimi.M;j'' 4. Tho standing St. Louis Chioauo Hoslon Cincinnati . *•'•"•• V-n-U . Philadelphia W. L. Pol. .CIO ,G90 .531 .495 .•190 IS 49 •!S 50 -iO 55 42 55 35 09 Todays Cai,i<><s Pi Brooklyn at Boston • -') vs. Cooper (9-S). Only game sclieduled. ,455 .433 .392 Hatten (6- sura no 2nd BZC WEEK Esther WILLIAMS Van JOHNSON Lucille BALL Keenan WYNN EHSV 70 Uf ED 'lamonda /OP color, quo ]ity ... « your (Juaraiiliio of Lon» riao quality V your nsjuranco of WILLIAM SCHPERO 180 CHORCII ST. Naupntuck, Conn. 8RUCE CAEOr ESTHER DALE ROY ROBtRTS A 1ATF WITH I^VBEY CLEW "IT SHOULDN'T HAPPEN TO A DOG" with Carole Landjs, Allyn Joslyn - Henry Morgan TFNTFNNIAL SUMMER COHMOI. WII.UE In ^C.1^ lE-i^l'l-r**- OUIVIlTlt.IV In 'IVrh»li-»l<ir—!>lun "DK.iDLI.VR KOrt MtllDKIl" WED. - Orizaba.;which caupht fire 100 miles north .„. „,„ uc \r.^t, t- •,,,»• , S<?ld t0 Brnz " after tll e wn ', was currying 1,087 passoneerH —. »«S"Hr" r * S? r ; =°- s "—= -•"""=carried a crew, ot Xorty raen, were rescueU J,y.the Bldaie ut the scene. ((Internatlo^Dr-, " _MIIL SUPPUES'POWERTOOLS ?Z SAVINGS ST. TEL. 5-2241 STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18-20 Park Place Open I>;iily Until 1 A. M. • DAILY LUNCHEONS • AND DINNERS • A LA CARTJS MBNC lnlnR Room, Food Bar and Booth Service Full Liquor License

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