Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 4, 1911 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1911
Page 9
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5= TmiOL^DAfeY REGISTER, MQKDAY Jrooks, of West effort to secure in the world, r Illinois as ; Chicago. Dec. 3.— BaokPil l).v "UO C.IIZPIJS .\ti.s.s Virginia Hamniotid will invade the noNt Cook County grand jurj- in an asBlBtance In her fight to check \:<e in th «3 "wlcitedost vilhtgi This'move comes at the s^lK ^-l 'stion of Governor Deneen ( result of the conference bctwten Mi?s Brooks and the Governor last week "This move ought to be siicessfnl." .said the girl refoi mer. "We have prepared a list of the divekeniiiTs-- and the village oSiciats wljo are in league with ttiem. We are (lositive tl:nt ilie grand jury will act." TWs Is the cllnia.\ of a rr> against vice in West I^amniond led by Miss Brooks during a period of iwo years. During this tine she has been fighting tooth and nail lin- divpkoeper.s in the village Only recently on Sunday morning the rosldcnt.^ nwdke to Jlnd the n 'nincs ol many iirlnciiial citizens hoisted in flaming colors on the l>lll Iwiards as thos^ In leagui* with vice. The village is divided in'o two factions over the que^llor and a hot ilKht .iB in store for both. ARPt rr^.J^ Halfflrli. D., Oculist Saturday night In the hall occurred one of the moxt iiiir^r- esting wrestling nmtchos ever hclil iii this part of the country. Hi-rl Wright a middleweight of Cliy «on have returned to fnfifopcndence after jin ONtnnded visit with Mr. and Mrs. K. r. Graen. | Chnrl(>s Troxell ofi south of town has purchased a run-about nutonio- bll" J^oiiard Don.Tid drove the car down from GarneH Saturday. Lester Shiivv of KJinsas City nflcr a visit :it the I.. 1'. Miilcom home went to lola yoBterday to ^ nnd family. —BlIOK HOSPITA , able. 1 can fix 'em two straight falls from Ulgcl.iw of j 'Western Kansas, nipclow w-lrilis) -T- H McConnell of 175 pounds. In all Ills other m:.t. ins! b'lsIniHs visitor herje Saturday. city S:ilurd:0" shakin friends. Williiim Purcell o visitin-j his brother fflmll.v. weeks sportir nrnnan credit with tjhe following per- isit D. S. Sarver - -Ml cases cur- E. K. Gates, pro- KIsmore was a F. H. .McCoy of Afbran was in the g hands with old Kansas City is 'etc- Purcell and K news give Add in this section Wr/ghi lia.i < isy "pickln"' hut Salurri:iy ni^ht l;o found a man that made him ivork. .Alter 35^ minutes of fast wrestling Wright finally gotia hcad-scissnr .md barlock hold which put HipiIoWs BlUmMers to the mat. At the end of tim fall both were badly in need of rest. After a fifteen minutes in-, termission they were at work i '-astcm leasnie last It took Wrlgbt 2S minutes to tUwrl-'^l fielding .930; Bigelow in the second bout iiii'l Hio i'l.iycd 2:> games feat was done with the toe bold. This! Mr.-:. A. C. Zehneb will lecture at match -was by far the best held in -his J .M'-thodist church Wedncsdiiy and section of the state for some tin^e. 1 Thursday evenings. The in/ant child of Pavid i;>inn .'i d ) Add Hrenhan weijt to Kansas City Saturday morning at 4 o'clock. 'H.e j yestenlay for a work 's visit. eontago during his play with the season: riatting )itching C3fi. He child lived only a f«w hours h'i.-r birth. Interment was in tlif G;is Ciiv cemetery. 0. L. Evans was in Mildred S.T.ur- day. Mr. Junei Dussan ot •onth of tolvn Were married In the probate court at lola last week. Both are well known in LaHarpe and vicinity and aihoat •f <frienda-are oVcrlng ooagratnla- tlons. Iliey will make their hom« on the Duggan farm. • i Mra. F. a Halm.after a month'to ^fa tt with .relatives in Fort-Worthrand Ualveaton. Texas, returned home'Sat­ urday evening. —JuBt received 1120 rolls of wall paper from the Star-Peerlesa mills. 1.00k our stock over. I. L. Graen, the LaHarpe druggist Mr. Andrews of Chllllcothc. Mo.. vlBlled W. U McKeever Saturday. Will Ward went to KanBas City Friday for n week's visit with friends. Rev. .V. L. Goodrich delivered two very interesting sormons yesterd^ nt tho Christian church, being, his flrst BcrmonH here for n number of weeks. He has been holding meetings at indepondcuco. Tho N. 9. Club will meet Wednesday with Mrs. Jesse Stansbury north of town. Mrs. H. P. llofy Bpent Saturday nnd •Sunday with her mother in MoraiK i Dick Oillam is moving one of the smelter buildings to his farm south of town. • —Alfalfa Molasses Peed, the beat cowtfeed. Sold by Molt & Son. ' ' J. B. Conway of Cherry vale was a business caller here Saturday. CAse Dressed Hof» 8Kc Per Lb. ' When you want meat go to a ineat maiket. We give our undivided attention to our meat business. Fine fresh hams 11c; shoulders 10c; whole sides Uc; nice small hatf hogs 9\4c. Grocery stores sell K. C. lard 15c. Strictly home made in lO-lb. pails 11.25. ROBERTS & BALLARD. vho .T. K Huntrr of 1 Ihinier of Gus visitejd the G. P. Robins f:iii:ily hero Saturd —Our lino of Clij-isfmaa jewelry is completf. Come in Mrs. Bessie Courell and da -Jgi:tor ' and .get your choictj lufTalb and PMwin ;ind look it over Waters & Dan MAJESTkc Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ^fights "The Great Rerfos" THE REAL VAUDEVILLE ARTISTS The Three People Company in Sin ,Grmg, Talking, Dancing, Acrobatic iind Sleight-of-Hand Work Every Night Something New and THE LATEST PICTURES AND Admission Kids 5c; A-dults 10c Nifty! SONGS Best Lump C6al delivered anywhere iij the city. Bran Shortf. OH Meal and/>UaIfa Feeds —iOO tbpersack—^uarantjeed weights. U. S. Pateilt and Fidelity Flour --To Dcalcds ONLY MmlbnlU Jling &E(eyaf6r Co. Phone S 57 Willis Pereku, Agent Mr. and Mrs. Prank O'Donnell w have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. Jackosn returned yesterday to Fort Snelling. .Minn. Mra. Josia Moore accompanied them for an extended visit Miss Ida Kinman entertained following friends at a 6 o'clock din ner Sunday: Misses Lutle Barker, va Foster, Lutle Barker and Mrs. Klaman. and Messrs. Lester Lew man Mora Livingston. Bennett Llv- ngston and A. R. Kinman. Miss Ida Weith spent Thanksgi Ing holidays with her sister In Bar lesville. Miss Helen Glass of Parsona and Mi.«s Martha lllllis of Vates Center, ere the guesU of Miss Lcota Lien ranee ycterday nt dinner. .Mrs. W. H. Webb, after a pleasant Isit at the E. K. Taylor home, returned yesterday to Fort Scott. Mrs. T. D. Summers has been taken !o the Sanltarlutn to undergo treatment. She has been seriously 111 but her condition today 4s slightly im proved. To My I'atrons: In order to have mote room my office will hereafter be in the front rooma (upstairs) of the new lola State Bank Building. En trance on tho east side. Respectfully rederic L. B. Leavell M. D. .Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Ballard of near Colony were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Ttoberts yes.terday. .Vliss Zella Page has returned home after a pleasant visit near Wellington. Mrs. I>on Mitchell and daughter, Leota of Moran, visited Mr. and Mrs Isaac Carl yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Goodnough who iijave been vsiting Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Perry, returned to Chanute Saturday Grandmother Fonsworth of We);t First .street, has' been removed to the sanitarium. Old age and a general break down convinced her friends a'ad relatives that it was best to have her cared for in this way. Miss Dora Duzan after a pleasant visit with Mr. and Mrs, E. E. Wright has returned to Nevada to make her home. Miss Edith Howell has returned to her school work here, after spending Thanksgiving with her parents Emporia. Mrs. Mary Epling and two grand daughters, Thelma and Conna Epling, visited her daughter, Mrs. Laura Knapp In Moran last week. Mrs. L. A. DeXeen was a guest of Mrs. Isabelle Aten In La Harpe Saturday. Mrs. Rob Hunt and children have Joined Mr. Hunt here, where they ex pect to spend the winter. I. O. Furneaux of Moran. was a busi ness visitor here Saturday. . Ben McBride, of Lone Elm visited his mother Mrs. E. McBrlde yester day. Mrs. McBride continues to Improve. J. E. Hunter returned to Buffalo yesterday. Walter Faddls spent last week with bis sister in Bartlcsvllle. Mr. and Mr*. Otis Pitts have moved here from Guthrie, OUa. They spent yesterday with relatives in Moran. Rev. Cnllison delivered an interesting sermon last evening, after which Jesse Osbom made a very nice talk. . MlBS Sophia Shawver spent the Thanksgiving holidays in Kincald. Floyd Carmain visited friends in Moran yeseterday. Mr. and Mrs. Cheney arrived yesterday from Caney, Kas., called here on account of Mrs.-Summers' illness. Miss Frankie Forrester of Kincaid is visiting her parenta In Gas. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. McClellan, of lola. are moving into the Walker property in the East Lawn addition. Philip CoblenU and family of La Harpe spent yesterday with Mr. a&d M'rs. John Remsburg. Mrs. Ida BroWnrlgg of Welda, visited Mr. and Mrs. E. McBride yesterday. . . Messrs. Oakee and Eddy of Oswego, were In Gas Saturday on business. > DECEIIBER 4,19it 9 To My Patrons. Wri soon leave lola permanently, and kindly ask al) who are indebted to me or to the firm of Coffman A Walker to please call and settle at once. DR. S. A. COFFBCAN. —W. C. Teats Realty Company has moved to the Kress Bnildlng. Office rooms SO to 24. Phone 409. FW tlie {wfcTune in the ^kory<^ Car Mandif^^ Real ^Fai^^ in^, Car isO^pT^- for less tl^n ilJDlf^^^ The (amtlyintan is ihc real back>bonb hi tljc nation, a id a car suitably for bim mus: bo the pobultr ot die ^car. In the MbxwcU Mascottc, the leading i^ritor bar builders in AoiencB havcj supplied iust the car recfaired by the fa mily man and|at.a rea^onaMe pripe. Many maketjs have tried; some have offered low pi^'ccs, h\it poor'djesigh andmatei ial— but this is jthe first time that a real familfcai* of''dignity> character and rcputaucn, has beed 0ffer^ for less jthan $1(KK). It has bedn close fifurinj^, but greet purc:;..:,.'r.j power, Uncqualed manufacturing facilities and qucr:iiiy productibn make it possil )le. The aHstdcrat of moi Icratc-priccd cars in the tvclj deserved hanie given to Maxwell'cars, because even at comparadvely low prices diey wear longest, arc easy to qperate] and ihiuntain, jaod have given universal sat> isfaotion to 47i00O owners, •. Th°e MasQOttc modcjl bristles with new features, all of which add to the comfort and satisfaction of the buyer. : We have ears reatly^ mediate delivery.. Call • to show you and some Icc'm' and sec them. RiUc in the Mascotte*. ask our comr utitors what they think of it; talk to a Maxwell owner and then compare the well with any other cor selling within ?200 of ils-rr ^-Ji. Maxwell leadership in tourinji is proven by it': c :> traordinary victory in the recent Ghddcn Tour, wi '-n it won theGliddunTrophy with arcwird never CQI::.. .J ^fote Thasc Faaturas Motor^pplyinr Ml 15 hp,.Body.-»entJ4sted (or»; •i1iilorf =-]in <Ilkg'l«ar.- Ispiiiaa-Tdust mmta •Dfl bntinh*. WIIMK baM^i94JnelWB. Clnuli,. aeiituf «B i«K wliMlsi,- mapt—matttieto,. ireaenir tor; two aras Uunpii, thiee: oU la«j»H».;l>ora, tool Wt,, J«ck. ptimti. tire repritltff- rails.' •' These Books FREE Adviince 1912 Catal(^;''Story of Glidden Tour;"^ "HowLtoludgean A.u~to in o hi "^-^ iust MAXWELL MASCOTTE $980 Ui>Pirx /ru). Roadster Tvpe, $950. f. • ]frde Monihl^ Inspection Service Special Touring • Mercury Roadater MftBCoite T^naring Car Abscotte Rbadf^ear . Messenger Runaliiout 45 Branches and 1800 Dealers—Everywhere Maxwell-Briscoe Motor Company ^ S'SSIili^ New York Division of jJNITEP gTATES ]\|OTOR (^OMPANY . , . . • • SEND FOR NAME OF NEAREST DEALER STOMACH TIEDilJf KSOTS. Awfnl Sntterln? of »« Jersey Wom- BD—Lasted Fire Tears. When you don't wjant your breakfast, your stomach Id f>ut ot order. Stomach trouble Is either caused by wealcened rundown iss^tenii or will certainly be followed m that condition. ! Mrs. L. D. Cook Vinelaiid. X. J. saya: 'I was sick flvelyears with in- disestion. sfy stomacli seemed to have a heavy load ini It and at other times it seemed to be - Ued I In knots. Nobody knows how I; suffered. T tried a great many doctors and a great many kinds ot -medicine but nothtns did any good unUI I jtook Vin. It has helped me wonderfully. I am improving fast, feel belter and am getting my nesb back asain. Vinol has done me a world of good." We know the greai .power of vlnol curing chronic stomach trouble and building np all weakened 'mn-down jpersons: and- that Is .Why wf guarantee It as we do. S. l^:Bnn*ll, Dmg- glst, tela, Kansas.. Doga Bring rilgh Prices. It is nbt only in England and Amer- Icja that fantastic prices are paid for dogs, but In Germany fanclera will ptqr Ugh prioes. At tiie recent exhibition od doga: at Caasd a Freochman ottered ir .000 marks, about £600, for « poll » dog. Th« dog relolcas in the name of Tell, and the sum offered might be !dered as concInsiTe • erfdenea Ten Is -worthy of-his famoies njuna. bntthia la not alL The ioi be- iditga to Setgeant Decker, who [refused the tonpting offer, obserrinjg ti^t his dog should.not quit Germany at any price. " • D >nyer Named for General Denver. Denver was foonded br roviag pros- p «tora. .ther-flrst of these pioneer mine • asttling to the site of the city and e eettng their mde. cabins in 1858. So rpld^waa the grpw;th of the settle- n eat thaC&l the following year it wa^ i eorporated-aa a clty-by the-Ftari*- i ^nsLlI /HEialKtlUfl. Bni.n«sied DenTe> In~ honor oTCien. J. W. Denver, then goveraor of Kansas, and a man identified with the early growth of the great west The dty was 1861 by the first territorial Legislature, and 'in 1867 It became the capital of the Territory of Colorado. Did His Share. "Dr. DeeiDsearch la a wonderful man, He has discovered over thirty new diseases." "Can he cure them all?" "Oh. no. He leaves thAt for some one else to dol"—Boston Evening Transcript —Farmers Attention! High grade distillate for sale. Telephone 725 lola, or Humboldt Refinery. M. Hunger-' ford. 304 West street —W. C. Teats.Realty Company has moved to the Kress'Building. Office rooms 24 to 24. Phone 409. —finishing as the only per> feet score team aniong o4 6E America's best known motor cars after gruelling 14Sf milo i^iimey from New York to Jacksonville. Goyemor Hoke Smith's persoti^: :«|lltiiT- of « Maxwell carrying Georgia's chief execotiye on the lontf- trip, won Ae Andersba trophy. with a perfect score—all stamp* ihg Maxwell as the Ainerican - Tourhig Chamjpion!-arid-Mao^ v.-e'ii design and constnietion 'ias idc^ for tourifitf- purposes. ••- Mexwckl cars have made history by originating many improvements. Maxwell originated three-point suspension. Ma-xwell origuiitted-thermo<syphoa cdoling.- Maxwell origina{e.d'muldple-diSc cliifch. Maxwell made the first metal body. Maxwell cars ran 10,000 miles without a single stop of i the motor. • Maxwell ciars are indorsed by 47,000 users, including 15,550 physicians. Maxwell ears had 768 registrations in New York State in 1905 and 1906 with the official record^ showiYig 702 of fhcm registered again this year, 91 per cent all in active use, : : ' " '.' I '^»* • -a JO ha »-11 i. DOUGO-CARTS 1. The fuU CoBapable Kind. $2.75. •These will surely please the little folks. -:^Fired, B^irdea, Perlail Deemtev Phone 786. ^ : —. .

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