The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 13, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1977
Page 5
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Now York Office: TKU SKYMOUIt I5U2 270 KAVAYKTTli ST. CAnul 6-7408 BEACON MANUFACTURING CO. SCUUW MACHINK PRODUCTS I 1 . O. Uox Cl> SIQYMOUR, CONN*. PEERLESS LAUNDRY Muy \V«! Servo All Your Nt>edn In Ory GoodH KENNEDY UKV GOODS STORK IHIi Cliur<:h St. — Tel. 3-l!)l Nnueiitiick BU/INE// PER/ONALITIE/ AND DOROTHY Connole's Harness Shop—Waterbury Lord's Servicenter 'Service for Kvnryonft' 1 I,Ul;RICATJON - TIKKS ll« N. Main St. Tol. 4803 EGGS I! FLORA'S VOIJI.TKY KANCH FLORA K, riNKIIAM I'lrici Ilrldyx - Iti'ui'.un Kit DM <--' Duren Roofing Co. ^ Hoofing • Siding - IiiNtilutlim •1H KAMONA AVKNl/K Wutcrlmry — Td. ,'I-7!M,'I LEO'S WELDING Iron Wurlt of All Di!Ni|;iiN "\Vn Go Anywhere" Tel, Wutcrhury 4-l«50 LEO BRITES SI'JKVICK STATION ISIS S, Mliln St. Wutri'Imrv j-*iWi> 4 f*^****** **^*****-*r** BLANKETS NOW 70 CHOiU.'II ST. Sliu Mown r.(K! Weekly (liven you u bluiikcl In .Sfphnnlicr HOST ON STOHK Dry GumlM TMI.. SHSfl Ttillnr ii'iioiTH - Oyrrs )''rce Delivery Auto Body Work DIIMK lly CARL I'.t Rubber Ave. Garage (,'IH Kiili/icr Avit. Ti'l. 4Hd2 D. Thurston's Sons Ice Company OIL BURNERS D. | Lieberman J 21; CIIUKCU ST. Ill A I- :i253 SHAKER'S AUTO Maintenance Complete Auto Service Body Work Day and Night Houd Service IMS SOUTH MAIN STREET Wuti-rlmry J'honu 5-12;)H Culls - I'hoiK. 3-(i7(IX NES5 DUNNE BROTHERS Automotive 'Service !M-llour Komi Service 1. ti I (dcid (UK—\VjiMhlin: Tlrt-n—I lut I'-fl !•••—AriM.HF«iirli>rt flfil* SOUTH MAIN STKKKT Wiiti-rlinrv — Ttil. «-!»!»H2 Shaker's "One Stop Station" Fixes Cars To Run Like New Hardly a car passes along thp street that haen't a dent in its fen- 'Jei'jj, a window crucked or some- j thing' major"or minor ailing it. It ?an be more or less expected what I with most cars having (jone nun- j 'rods ami thousands of extra mile.* I (I'm to new uutos being unattainable. Dented fenders, split window a.-'s and rattles may have been ^paused by some unavoidable mis- 'hap, but it takes such a little time '.T have them repaired, and makes inch a difference in the car's appearance. A*hd car dealers aren't giving too much encouragement these days as to when the new vehicles are going to be plentiful on the market if'i'n.' so that means the old car will have to keep rolling for some time yet. To save the car owner a great deal of unnecessary jumping around fi'jm the mechanic to the body and paint man, und finally gas station for the final check of gas, water. •>:! and other smaller details, one .'qreisighted. man. Joseph Shaker, iwncr .of Shaker's Auto Maintenance, 1333 South Main street, Wa- '.erbury, established the only "one ;'.-jp station" in Waterbury. It was a clever idea designed for convenience and one that has paid •Jividends, particularly when con- -;iderinK the customer's disposition. A member of the ALA operating •i general repair service 24 hours a day, you'll find Shaker's possesses • ihe most modern u.nd outstanding equipment. At Shaker's there is the complicated equipment for diagnosing and correcting • any and all car de- i'icicnciGs, an able crew of J2 fully trained men, body and paint apparatus and Tydol gasoline and otb- •„'>• products. A car may go into Shaker's gasping out its last breath, but it's almost good as new when it leaves :he establishment. RELIABLE GRAIN and FUEL CO. LUIUGJI VAIXliY COAI-r—ATLANTIC FUJiI> and RANGIS ODL Fcrtiliiatrs — 1'uiiltry Equipment — Baby Chicks Field and Garden SnetTji ; 5 Church St., Naugatuck Phone 3076 Fine Wines and Liquors Imported und Domestic LIQUOR STORE 72 CHURCH ST. PHONE 5124 PAIS PivM INC. Telephone 2226 It's Worth a Trip to V&J Market JFor Finest Foods 51 Spring: St. Union City Phone Niiugatuck 4070 PRINTERS SINCE 1889 Bob's Garage 1>0»GE and PLYMOUTH Service und Ports Factory-Trained Mechanics 457 N. Main St. Xuugatuck LEYNARD'S Children's Clothes 170 CHURCH ST. Tel. 5990 i j Quality DYERS and Our Modern Cleaning- Plant Assures You Better Cleaning 5 No. Main St., Naugatuck JACK'S AUTO BODY 100 So. Main St. Tel. 0159 FOR FAST SERVICE ROLLER'S CLEANERS . Pickup and Delivery 427 X. MAIN St. UNION CITY Tel. Niuigratuck 5101 Exterior view of the 1 Harness Shop, 7(; Grand street, Waterbury, .just a short distance east of Bank street, showing John .1, Connote, proprietor, who resides at 377 North Mulii street, Niiugatuck. The shop is ready to assist In needs for vacation ami travel, with lock und, stenmcr trunks, dres.s and wardrobe trunks tvniliilili' at reasonable prlci'S The store also carries a full line of harness and saddlery, luggage and? general luathi-r goods inelinlliu; 1 billfolds, wullets, brief cases and MK'u's hulls'. Choicest Quality Cuts Now At White Meat Market FUEL OIL JtllllllKIt AVKNUK Vic's Smoke Shop C\Knrn, Cljfu Cuntl.v, Ii'n Crciuii, Soft .liU'H, TII.VH I CIIIIKCLI ST. KAT IN' COMifOKT Jn Our Dlnlnj; Uoom TEDDY'SDINER South Mulli St. Tel. •!*. HY-LITE Plating Co. ImlllMlrlnl I'lilllni,— |'"-«'|H|OM IMillllIK Diu'onillVK I'hiilnx Mill UuW'rr NAfllA'ri'CK. f I'. <>. lint 1'JH Buckingham Roller Rink OI'KN KVKIIY KVKN1NG ntiil SL'NDAV AI-'TKH.VOON Speclnl Instruction Clusii-s Mim., Fri., Sun. Ill (iUANIl S Joe's Restaurant I'lNK FOOD un<l LIQV'OH S[M><!liil Attcntllon for Wfdillnc riirtli-M 1«,H MAIN ST., SKYMOim Tel, 2H.H2 George J. Demers KOOKINO OK AM. TYl'KS Chimney* Clfiinml, Ilnpulrnl 147 CITY llirj, HT. Tel. 01)03 DiNAPOLI'S RESTAURANT !)1C BANK ST. , WATJBHBCJKY PHKK PARKING Kiitcrtiiliimmit NlRlitly DANCING Thurs. - Fri. - Sat. ^ Ken Thompson Trio Floor Show Saturday HKST FOOD 0 Stoiiks Dolk'lous IN TOWN • Lobster I'hore must, have been many limes I ilurlnir the past four yours whtn you (|iif:Slionerl the moat that was obtnlnnl'le; But, for the must part you took whnt you could nn\., fou- cause thon. 1 was nohing olse 1.0 ilo and no other meats avail:ibl<!. You counted out your ration stump* and took your buy home hoping that you could disj;'u:.<j'? it it Although meat is ::tii: not avail iljli. 1 in trcmendoujj cjuiiniilii.'s, ;h 'jil:illtv has boon t'oslon.-d tli.M'r' i unoiigli to ^'u artiund, and tlierr', no more of this .stamp cour.tinj, tefoi'u you can make a di'ciisitn IH to -.vhat you desire to purchaso There is a .store in the eoir'niiiii ity that has jn*t infonned us that It Is new obtaining enough muiit I'm ItH ctistcrm'J'.s, and nf tin 1 samo quality a.s before the war yenn; •ind that store Is tho White Meat Murkct, 357 Rpbber avenue. John Caspar (H'oprirtor of thn sloru fur the past Might yours, says the pioducls are utjmliiK 1 in food and aie purchasable nt reasona! pricf-'s. \Vitn !i;'s \\ r i;'/' ,'intl three Rhiltlron. tv.o of whom help in Ihn market, he has built up one 'jf tho fiiNtow't trades in the boroujjh. !-(« rerJly knows h!s business too f(M- he has been in It since 1020, tominfr 'icie from Rhofle Lsjand. Ownini; the ontin 1 buildini; in which the stor*. 1 is locatorl, only last fall did he renovate tho premises, nlfieinK a new modernistic front on and c>nl:ir;;'inp; tho left's bar nnCI grill, locsitcd at r>G Hriclj^e street, i <;aent'y W;LS rono- vutud and is no\v ready to serve with gentcr efllcicncy its iai'KC pat- ronuive. Owned by Anthony La- f,'unn, it is one of the favorite spots of Union Ci'.y residents to spend an evening of ccleUration- the structure store :'nto:'ior. j:'.o."idi>s the feature liusinnr.s, which is rmial, thfi-u is :I!KO a la rye | J^-oo Britos Service Station, 1515 stocl< of ffi'oeuri.-.-s. vi?t.',.'taJ:i!e.s and | South Main street. Waterbury, has fruit available, Tfie ;'uai-on i^ now :inil fruits the %vhiU> V. E. GUSTAFSON — iMtcnt McilleliK'M — I.iinchiHiiiottK - Ton Cr<'i»ii 1UO Avo. 1'liono Fred's Grocery Fluent FrultH Hi 37 HIGH ST. Tel. Trl. ROOKWOOD SIGN CO. "HIjTiw tlmt Ttilk" I,, J, WKU'/INOKH, 0«ncr 3B Center Street HKAU Wiitrrbury, Conn, F A* RAIHO SEBVICK . 1TJ.. 2n Yc»r» Kxpc.rloncc I'leUiip iiiul Dcllvory 17r,0 KAST MAIN ST. IlniiilHuii Theater Uulldliifr Wutorhury — T* 1 !, S-M07 HUBBELL'S SERVICE STATION CAS - Oil. -. RKI'AIRINO IDS Kuhlwr AVP. Tt'I. LOG'S BAR and GRILL 5(1 BRIDGE fSTBKKT Natty Appearance In Clothes Obtained At D. Lieberman's That natty can help 'n mjiny ivny.s. First., It may land vou that much wanted position, nnfl secondly, it mijrhl land you Ktraipht Into Iho heart of that fair maiden you KO want to Impress. You don't necessarily h;wn to spt-nd a sroall fortune on n largo wardrobe, but what you Imvn, no ma-ttnr how larjrc or small should be in the best tusio and minlity. There nre really few men who •inn purchase a readv-mnrlc suit •ind get that perfect fit. The only icun.r.inU'0 for a ^'C'Hl fit Is to visit tailor, and Lieborman's at 20 Church slrei't is one of the foremost tailoring establishments in the area. For morn than 30 years the concern ban been catering to a clien- tulo which knows that perfection In attire IB n. foremost asset. Tho majority of -the tailoring is done by Harry Rosen of New Haven, who is one of the most accurate anil conscientious workmen in the trade. To round out the established businosa, the company also has a dependable dry cleaning nnd dyeing scvrice, which is prompt and satisfactory. For the fastidious i woman Llebermans maintains summer storage for fur coats. on when fresh vegetable-; aiv in their prime, nnd Meat Market sells only the highest. grade'ssiiilo. So, M'lii.'i) nnxt you go out to fill your household food li.-a nnd dotsiro the chuiGest cuts in meat and Uu> I'rcshi-si. in vegetable:! stop a!, the Whil.o Market on Rubber ;ivonue. special feature connected with its original business, that of a portable welding servico. The concern doc:; ornamer.-tal iron work of al! types and is designed to go anywhere. Almonds c. o ri. t a i n magnesium which counteracts toxins, :ind acid* iTi'HiHud 'by ovcr-oxcitcment and emotional strain. Home Sets Also Serviced By F. M. Radio Appetizing.. hoeaiise it's GOOD hccause it's served RIGHT Jj'.illcs, tcio, en.juy our Business Men's Luncheon "Plenty Good" 11:30 to 2 P. M. I.ohsli-rs mul Kansas City Steaks si;.\i)..\v nINN i-;us ii!:(i(>-(>:on A i->iv sinm i-viiiii 70^ DANCING EVERY NIGHT We C:iter to lI:ini|i]Rts, Wi'ddings, 1'itrtics, Ktc. 2:-)-2.) 1IAHK1SON AVK. Nil U(l% 'l':n In our Ciirliluil I.diinirr l-;\ci-[,i mi Snlurda.v • IJISCUSS YOUH PLANS NOW • KSTIMATES .SOBMITTKD • NEW CONSTKUCTION ANI> KEMOOKt.ING Matty J. Karbowicz Office: !!):) lliihlivr Ave Tel. 38C5 MECCA Where to go for Leading Musical Instruments Also Guaranteed Rebuilt Instruments Sola For Appointment Cull -1-14S2 Open Thurs. & Frl Until 8:30 MUSIC CO. VINNIE'S Highway Restaurant Jlonie-Cookod Meals Beer :in<l Liquors H'l» SOUTH 7HA1N ST. U'alerbury Tel. li-OOSO . RODMAN Convalescent Home Naugatuck Road 159 Meadow St. l.. 335-1 That radio is here to stay was realized by the majority of people several years aso. Although it is still in its infancy compared with many other inventicns, the radio has proRi-esspd by leaps and bounds to the point where it is ai essential. Not only is it a requisite in most homes, but' it pluys an important part in the .commercial world and was a major part of the armed forces during- the recen.f conflict. The greatest part of the populace corne in contact' with radio only through their home sets, nnd jt is known that no set can be used indefinitely without something going wrong 1 . And that's when the F. M. Radio Service. 1750 East Main street, Waterbury, steps in. Laurence E. Roberto proprietor, with two veterans as his working staff, Rives prompt and ctiicien-t service to any type of receiving set. However, Mr. Roberffe docs not confine his business entirely to this type of service, bu't rather features the building of equipment for transmitters and television sc'ts for commercial use. j He does a. tromendous amount of construction of sets for amateur idio operators, and during: his more than 20 years of business he has worked up a large clientele of doctors, lawyers professional an busintssmen, who have taken u imatcur radio operation as a relax ni; hobby. Located in the Hamilton theatc building, he F. M. Radio Servic company also deals in new radi srots manufactured by the leadin rst:io companies in tin country fo home entertainment. Pickup and delivery service maintained by the firm, which can be contacted by telephoning Water bury 3-C-I07. PHONE »ERBV .H489 Walsh's Green Acres Catering: to We,d<lln(js, Banquets, Turtles, Choice Food* and Liquors \ Derby Avenue Seymour SAVE .... As You Buy WE GIVE Green Stamps With livery Purchase ISAACSON'S INC. QUALITY DRY GOODS SEYMOUR . ******** y J For Vacation and Travel JVeeds J Locker and Steamer ^ Trunks, Iron Dress Trunks—30 In $22.50 1 Wardrobe Trunks—3C In. $32.50 plus tax- JOHN J. CONNOLE 70 Grand St. Wtbry. Tel. 4-7383 K,' HOMli COOKED FOODS Boer — Wine — Liquor* Valley Grill IC8 No. Main St. Tel. 4969 01 harlie's 109 So. Main St. Ph. Naug, 4908 MOVING and TRUCKING Moving to All Conn. Points Peter Moruska NACGATtJCK. CONN. PHONE 2580 or 5112 Stoves Moved Kefrlfrerators Moved Clyne Glass Shop Table Lamp» $7.95 up Bod, Boudoir Lamp* SW.Sfl up Gifts of AH Descriptions ; Koalistlc Artificial Flower* • ] JoKcphlnc Monzo, Prop. ] 2D irARKrSON AVE. I Wnterbury Tel.| 4-4S4S < BANQUETS WEDT>INGS I'RIVATE PAKTIKS Wines — Beers — Liqu Riverview Inn — Seymour C88 UlilillY 11T). — Anxoliiu ;j490 — Derby 340S The V & H Trucking- Company Excavating — Trucking — Driveways _-K, )a( i Construction The Seymour Sand & Stone Company Washed Screened S:ind — Washed Crushed Grnvcl Quurrind Gninito Building Sfonc 482 NO. MAIN ST. — TEL. SEYMOUR 2531 Dutch Door I sin ~cfiiiM"Lin«Hr« manmrn STEAK — CHOPS — SEA FOOD 7 BROAD STREET SEYMOUR Kennedy's Leads Borough's Dry Goods Stores No questions ever need to. be iked when one thinks of Nauga- Luck's leading drv goods store. Everyone knows it's the Kenned* Store. 186 Church street, and its reliability during the past years serves as its good will sign. Ideally located In the prominent part of the borough's shopping district, the roomy store has 'its varied stock displayed conspicuously. but always neatly. Besides carrying goods needed for the more practical household duties, the store has a large stock of fancy and delicate gift items. There is almost any article that you might desire at Kennedy's. Delightful lingerie, hosiery, handkerchiefs, scarfs, handbag-s, umbrellas, sewing implements and hundreds of other things. Table cloths and napkins are included in the stock as well as sheets, pillow cases, blankets, bedspreads, towels, bath sets and scatter rugs. The store even carries a lovely | line of dresses, housecoats, and children's wear, from infants •through adolescent ages, Proprietress Is Miss Anna K. Warren, who is ably assisted by an experienced staff of saleswomen. THE White Meat Market and GROCERY FRUITS — VEGETABLES .Tolm Caspar, 1'rop. 157 RUBBER AVE. DIAt 3MO AIRPORT DINER At Bethany Airport Operated by Kx-G.I. MAURICE J. JOLLY Amity Road, B<>tlmiiv • Glcnwood Ranges • Ostcrmoor and Red Cross Mattresses • Emerson and Sonora Radio* • Kelvlnator Refrigerator*! • ABC Washers und Ironers • Bcndlx and Maytag Washer* Agents for All the Belter Types of Furniture SEYMOUR FURNITURE COMPANY 26 BANK ST. TEI^. 2307 — Seymour ~ RndtutorH Flushed Oil - Greasing Tiro Repair Washing- tO BRIDGE ST. UNION CITY IS'aujtatuck 4928 SELRITE Juvenile Furniture Co. TOYS - GIFTS 470-472 South Main Street Wutcrbury, Conn. Tel. 4-4724 i BANQUETS WEDDINGS i Phone 3458 t PARADISE INN > Wm. PottlM-cknr, Prop. > FINEST FOODS J Choice Wine - Liquor* > Wako.Ieo Terrace, Ansonla, Conn. ] '---rreTt-fTrrctttSfssmmr****^**** HORNBECKER'S Buck's Hill Tel. 4-8420 Wtby. HOME COOKED FOOD We Cater to Family Dinners Office rartlex, BanquetN, Showcro, Etc, Prospect St. Garage At Prospect St. nnd Locust PARSONS SCREW PRODUCTS CO. Quality Headed and. Automatic Screw Machine, froducts RUBBER AVK - NAUGATUCK VALLEY WELDING and Fabrication Works The Portable Welding Service Tel. 5492 *********** Darra-James Corp. MILL SUPPLIES POWER TOOLS 22 Savings St. Waterbury Tel. 5-2241 i

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